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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 25, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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get your tickets because it will be so fun. greg: it will be. thanks. i love mike: day two of the g-7 summit in france wraps up. i'm mike emanuel in four jon scott. this is "the fox report." the president held bilateral meetings with the leaders of britain, japan and australia before attending the g-7 dinner. uncertainty among the administration's economic policies continues to fuel recession fears. the president tactics have gonerred praise from fellow world leaders. >> the single biggest thing
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everybody is talking about is the u.s. economy, the bright spot of the world. we have growth. people are talking about doing tax cuts and cutting regulations. we'll are looking at the trump economic policies and wanting to replicate them. that's the reason we have all this growth. john: good morning, mike. it's just turned midnight on the western coast of france. the g-7 leaders still having dinner at the opulent hotel in biarritz. the body language between president trump and president macron seem to be fine, even though he blind sided the g7
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leaders by inviting the iranian minister. the president did not know about it before he left for france. asked during a bilateral meeting about zarif's presence at the g-7, he said no comment. his former ambassador nikki haley was vocal and twitter saying this is completely disrespectful to donald trump. it's very insincere. the president did have an more to say about the trade deal. the president saying the deal with see japan increase imports
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of u.s. agricultural products like corn, beef and wine. here is the president. >> we are very far down the line. we agreed to every point. now we are papering it and we'll be signing it at a formal ceremony. i want to thank prime minister abe and the japanese people. you have been a fantastic friend and we appreciate it. this is a tremendous deal for the united states. >> president trump got the trade agreement he was looking for with japan. a trade deal with china remains elusive. the escalating trade war between the u.s. and china causing a tremendous amount of anxiety at the g-7 over its potential effects on the global economy. this morning having breakfast with boris johnson, he said he would talk to the president about dialing back on the trade
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war. the president insisting no ally asked him to back off. listen here. >> i think i respect the trade war. presidents have allowed them to get away with hundreds of billions of dollars. the answer is nobody has told me that. john: at that breakfast the president was asked if he had second thoughts about escalating the trade war with china. the president answered in the affirmative. saying i have second thoughts about everything. the story started circulating that the president was expressing regret over the escalating trade war. the white house was quick to come out and say the only thing the president regretted was not raising tariffs even higher. >> i can tell you with 100%
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confidence the only second thoughts the president was having was whether to be tougher and more aggressive. this comes straight from him when i tell you the president was saying maybe we should have gone even tougher on china. >> one other big issue that was rumbling around here at the g-7 which when may see manifest itself. president trump talking with the other leaders of the g-7 bringing vladimir putin and russia back into the fold, and making it the g-8 again. don't forget, next year the g-7 is in the united states. when you host the g-7 as president trump will, you are allowed to invite other leaders beside members of the g-7. it is possible. i don't know if he would do this in an election year. it is possible you could invite -- he could invite vladimir putin. mike: secretary of state mike
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pompeo tweeting support for israel after they took out iranian drone sites. reporter: israel struck a target in syria accused of planning a major attack against the country. a wing of iran's revolutionary guard was going to target israelis, according to israeli defense forces. benjamin netanyahu tweeted quote iran has no immunity anywhere. our forces operate in every sector against the iranian aggression. if someone rises up to kill you, kill him first. iran die -- iran denies any of its forces were hit last night.
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today hezbollah leadership in lebanon is warning of a military response. and two israeli drones crashed overnight. one causing damage to a hezbollah office. a multi-front war with iran and its proxies could erupt at any moment. >> i want to emphasize this is iran's initiative, it's iran's command and mission. i want to stress that we'll not tolerate attacks on israel from any country in the region. any state that will allow the use of it territory for attacks against israel will bear the consequences. and i stress the state will bear the consequences. reporter: the leader of hezbollah has vowed to respond to the attack. we are getting confirmation of
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another drone attack near the iranian border. mike: a powerful explosion rocks a shopping center. the blast decimated an office complex in southern maryland. you could hear the explosion and smell it for more than a mile away. >> we smell gals at our house. and where is that coming from? we were down wind and we could smell the gas here at our house. it's probably about a mile and a half maybe. when you think about it. that's a big distance to smell gas to travel. if it's the smell of gas, it is gas. so that's frightening. reporter: the images of destruction are incredible. even more incredible, at this point it appears nobody was injured. take a look at some of the
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images of the destruction the explosion left behind. fire officials say they just finished evacuating the area this morning. when the building explode, sending a shock wave miles away. here is how a couple people nearby described it. >> a sonic boom. it sounded like literally at first i thought was that a gun shot in it was too loud to be a gunshot. it shook the whole building. >> it was a big bang. it was so loud and hard it shook the house. and it was so loud i was sure something hit the house or a plane hit the house or something like that. reporter: this two-story strip mall is home to two dozen businesses. the worst of the damage appears to be a family-owned coffee shop.
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the ceiling is now on the floor. knot it every day at 8:00 in the morning that shop would have been filled with customers. but sundays is the one day a week they are closed. >> none of the businesses were open. the building was evacuated. the area was evacuated before the explosion happened. could it have been a normal workday the evacuation and clearing of the area would have been harder and we would have had different circumstances. reporter: the fire chief said the building is likely a total loss and could collapse any moment. investigators are going through the scene trying to figure out what happened. mike: the next democratic primary debates just weeks away. kamala harris wrapping up in greensboro, north carolina and elizabeth warren is in seattle.
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the field of democratic candidate is shrinking. so far only 10 have made the cut. >> i just made the debates for the fall. it's like make the playoffs. it's a long-haul. many of our presidents were at single digits in the summer. reporter: the next democratic debates are a little more than two weeks away. several of the 2020 cats are focusing their campaign message on criticizing president trump's message with the economy. >> let's say the current pattern of poking china in the eye with tariffs and seeing what will happen isn't working. it's crushing soybean farmers and american consumers.
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reporter: joe biden attacks kentucky senior center mitch mcconnell. >> enough is enough. stop the obstruction. stop blocking the senate from taking action to raise the minimum wage. to some gun violence in america. to improve the integrity of our elections. reporter: the frontrunner and former vice president joe biden spent part of his weekend in new hampshire. he says he will hold off criticizing president trump's foreign policy until the president returns from the g-7 summit in france. >> never criticize a president's foreign policy when he is abroad. omission by intention. i don't think it's appropriate for me to criticize an american president when they are abroad engaging in foreign policy.
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reporter: kamala harris had plenty to say about president trump. here she is speaking about the president in north carolina. >> jesus told us about the good samaritan. we have so many forces in our country including the one in the white house trying to sow hate and division among us. reporter: she wrapped up her rally in greenboro, north carolina. mike: mark, thanks a lot. another republican candidate has thrown his hat into the race for the white house. former illinois congressman joe walsh announced he's challenging donald trump in the race for president. he blasted the president for his character, qualifications and social media behavior. >> it stuns me that nobody
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stepped up, nobody the republican party stepped up. because i will tell you what, george. everybody believes in the republican party, everybody believes he's unfit. he lies every time he opens his mouth. he's income tent. he has no freaking clue what he's doing. bigger case is this. he's not capable of being decent. he's cruel, he's bigoted and he's a narcissist. everything is about him. mike: the former massachusetts governor has been campaigning against trump ahead of the gop primaries. democratic candidate amy klobuchar sits down with chris wallace. that's all coming up at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on fox news. a stunning announcement from an nfl star weeks before the
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mike: andrew love said good-bye to the national football league retiring after only 29. he cited injuries, constant pain and mental fatigue as the reasons for his decision. >> it's a sad day in the football world. espn called this the most of shocking sports retirement since michael jordan. the colts played their third preseason game. luck out of the game because of an ankle injury spent the evening on the sidelines. he planned to make that announcement today, but news broke during the day and he had top address it, ebb apologizing forward it, he had to warm a t-shirt. he said because of the cycle of
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injuries he lost his love for the game. he won back to back afc titles. he missed 26 games in the entire season. earlier this year he missed off season activities in part of training camp due to an ankle injury. >> it's been the honor of a lifetime'. my friends, thank you. to my wife nicole. thank you. i love you. >> luck is walking away from $31 million in annual salaries over the next three seasons. the colts in a generous move will not be asking for any of that money back. luck would owe the team between
3:21 pm
his signing and roster bonuses. it would loaf open the option. after the game and just before luck confirmed his retirement, fans booed him and he made his way off the field and luck later said that hurt. >> you are starting to hear the reaction of some of the fans. some of these fans are booing. reporter: now the colts are turn to colby bursett. mike: colts fans were hoping he would come back healthy. but when you are in pain as much as he was, it's time to walk away. he was emotional over it. mike: play of resuming today. police say six spectators were
3:22 pm
injured when lightning struck a 60-foot pine tree. the thunderstorm postponed the third round. authorities say injured spec day toarts were treated and released. rory macle roy went on to win -- rory mcllroy went on to win the tournament. police say the deputy made up an alleged sniper attack. and he could be charged with a crime. >> the mass shootings in dayton, el paso, and gilroy that killed 30 people have had communities on edge. it didn't stop a rookie deputy from coming up with a big lie about a sniper on the loose. there were no gunshot injuries
3:23 pm
sustained to his shoulder. completely fabricated. >> no one knows why the deputy made up this story. authorities said he confessed to cutting two holes in his shirt with a knife to make it look like he was shot. he claimed he was shot in the chest while walking to his car at the sheriff's station. listen to the dramatic 911 call as he reports the phoney shooting. he tries to blame the shooting on a nearby apartment building. >> i took a shot from the north. i was hit in the right shoulder. it might have got through. >> the massive manhunt did not turn up a suspect because pass we all know, a suspect did not exist. there were no witnesses and no
3:24 pm
one heard any gun sthoments because there were none. he was reportedly treated for a briewfts but showed no signs of injury. deputies heavily armed and wearing tactical gear were out in triple digit heat. >> we are incredibly disappointed to have to report to you that reported sniper assault was fabricated by our deputy. the investigation is ongoing. and a criminal investigation has been launched. >> he has been relieved of his duties and he will be charged for filing a false report. mike: a major announcement and a surprise visitor as the g-7 summit continues in southern france.
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president trump: do you know what this is? he will be a very good prime minister. we are on the same page. >> i think as long as he's prime minister and i'm president, i think we are owes and the same page. we should save the congratulations for when they vote. but hopefully that will be put to a vote. mike: president trump meeting with his counterparts. it marked g2 of the summit in france. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. if you are just joining us, president trump insists he's getting along well with other world leaders. the escalating trade war with china and the president's push
3:30 pm
to admit russia became the g-8 again. a lot of focus on trade, president trump announces an agreement in principle with japan that japan would bievment s. surplus corn, tariffs cut on american beef and pork and tariffs on japanese cars would remain unchanged. might that calm the markets tomorrow? >> probably not. expect a turbulent week if you are somebody who religiously checks their 401k balance. it will be the japan neighbor across the sea a little bit to the west and that's china. all eyes will be on china the next couple days. that's where the real saber rattling has been taking place. we are talking tens and tens of
3:31 pm
billions of dollars in the balance that could be tariffs going both ways. an escalate that's been ratcheting up pretty much since president trump has taken the presidency, but as of late to a very, very significant degree. donald trump not all the time even knows where he stands based on his actions. to say nothing of his word. he pulled back a little bit. talking about how he doesn't want to necessarily dampen the christmas spirit but taking a hard line on what he considers unfair trade practices and monetary practices. >> it looks like it could be a bumpy ride on wall street. the iran foreign minister showing up to meet with french president man well ma charleston. is that the host leader flexing some muscle? >> you would say so. it is the prerogative of the
3:32 pm
host leader to bring in people who are not members of the g-7. it should be noted the g-7 next year will be in the united states. so that will be up to president trump. we have seen that in other g-8s before. gamesmanship going on there. and something i don't think it president appreciated. but he will have to deal with in a situation like that when he's not playing the game on home turf. >> let's play what mnuchin said and i will ask you to respond. >> the president said before, since iran wants to sit down without preconditions to nose negotiations. i'm not going to make any more comments about who is here and who is not here and what conversations may or may not be going on.
3:33 pm
mike: should we expect a president trump summit with the iranians soon? >> he hasn't given iran wiggle room and the deference he has given the iran why regime. for years trump has been anti-iran in terms of their government and that spilled over in fact has been enhanced during the trump administration. so for a comparison to be made between north korea and iran, there is not a parallel to be had. it's a hard line with iran. there is nothing really in the offing that one can see that would change that from taking place. >> then there is president trump's push to bring russia back. >> i think there is a work in progress. president trump: we have people who would like to see russia back. it would be advantageous to many things in the world. it would be a positive.
3:34 pm
it's something we are discussing. mike: if the president can convince the 60so -- convince the six other leaders to bring russia back, would that and positive? >> with everything going on with russia vis-a-vis u.s. elections, it will be a negotiation. it will take lots of convincing for the other members of the g-7, be that canada, the u.k. again, though, as we talked before, if president trump wanted to do something by being the host of the g-7 and bring in russian involvement or vladimir putin himself, that would be his prerogative at that point even if russia didn't become a g-7/g-8 member in a full bona fide way. mike: it would be a little
3:35 pm
drama. tensions escalate between police and protesters in hong kong after officers pulled their guns on demonstrators who were chasing them with sticks and poles. make it the first time life ammunition has been used since the protests began back in june. this weekend's clashes marked the end of a brief lull in the violence. the city's leader called for peace, pledging better communication with the public. hydroelectric tough in the united states is currently responsible for 7% of the nation's power. the wind power is catching up fast. however, hydro power is now at a crossroad. reporter: it's the largest dam in north america and the 6th biggest in the world.
3:36 pm
>> our power goes all the way from canada down to california and we have sent ours all the way to chicago. reporter: built during the great depression, it became a symbol of the new deal. but now hydro power is at crossroads. stuck between the labels last century energy. >> hydro power is a great, great form of power. we don't even talk about it. reporter: the united states gets 7% of its power from water, thanks largely to government subsidies and some countries not counting hydro in its portfolio. >> hydro power was taken for granted. that was understandable when we are trying to get solar and wind off the ground.
3:37 pm
reporter: the goal is to add turbines on some of the thousands of dams without them and building more pump storage systems. but environmental groups are tapping the brakes. >> we would be supportive of hydro power as long as it doesn't damage american rivers. they oppose the trump plan to streamline dam licensing and support advantages given to tree newables. >> those are investments of taxpayer money. like any investment you try to invest in the tellings with the greatest upside. >> hydro power will play a role in meeting the country's energy needs. but to maximize and grow it, congress would have to put hydro
3:38 pm
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nationwide crisis. schools across america are scrambling to fill teacher vacancies. >> several spots we used to be able to fill very quickly have been a challenge to fill. mike: one published report find that hundreds of vacancies have been filled and claims of teacher short ands are not uncon in late summer. >> a hundred years ago teachers unions were saying there was a teacher shortage when there were 33 children to a classroom. today the number is half that and they are still saying we have a shortage. reporter: low pay in a time of abundant jobs and a strong economy may contribute. so does so much standardized testing. administrative growth may also
3:44 pm
contribute to a teacher's scarce resources. soap half or more of the entire education profession is non-instructional. reporter: burnout is a factor when teachers find important time to be interrupted. reporter: kentucky is budgeting a million dollars to forgive teacher candidate loans. administrators readily acknowledge they need to do a better job of partnering with colleges and college students not only top attract new teachers, but top retain them in the often difficult department of today's classroom. mike: paris celebrating 75 years
3:45 pm
since its liberation from nazi occupation. here is an american veteran recalling his time in paris after it was liberated. >> we had to stay there for a few days and we wanted to see paris. we just left and came into paris. stayed in paris for a few days. and we were awol. without leave. some officer found us and sent us back. mike: paris was occupied by germany for four years during world war ii. paris sustained little damage during the war but its citizens' suffered terribly. hold my pouch.
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mike: the tropical storm in the atlantic could become a hurricane. adam: we continue to see dorian strengthen as it's getting closer and closer to the caribbean. the first thing this will hit is
3:50 pm
the lesser antilles. that's includes barbados, martinique. this on the move, it strengthens, getting up to 75 miles an hour. we'll be right at that level before eventually passing to puerto rico and quickly weakening. as soon as you touch land you can see these things weaken you a bit. pretty good agreement. several forecasts and models running just south of puerto rico. that will give them an impact. but not a landfall. weakening very significantly and not becoming too much of an issue as far as anne a hurricane goes getting into the united states. low pressure system off the coast of florida, this has a 70% chance of becoming a named storm. there is good news with this
3:51 pm
one. it will run right up along the coast. not a big danger what this is going to do damagewise. staying just far enough off the shore that you could see choppy conditions. not expecting a lot of rain. this is the system, the center of circulation. a couple isolated areas. but the heavy rain, the stormy conditions, those stay out to sea. we are just now getting into the heart of this. we are starting to see tropical activity pick up and we'll the next couple weeks. mike: several florida communities are still in recovery. one scientist is hoping to be or prepared by developing a technique to help prevent future hurricanes. reporter: months after hurricane michael bruised the florida
3:52 pm
panhandle and irma slammed into the florida keys. the state is bracing for what comes next. one scientists is digging for those answers under water. florida gulf coast university uses long tubes to pull samples from the muck and dirt of the sea floor. >> we are look for an organic bottom. a lot of dark fluffy sediment we can get a core through. >> it's called coring to uncover information about hurricanes from thousands of years ago. that can help predict how strong future hurricanes will be. she matches up hurricane record with sea surface temperatures to predict the chaos these massive storms will create as sea
3:53 pm
temperatures continue to rise. >> we are projecting we'll see more intense hurricanes in the future. the geologic record we are uncovering are showing the same thing. reporter: her predictions match up with noaa's forecasts. with the possibility of five to nine hurricanes. at least two could be major hurricanes. >> it's the thing i love so much about geology. it's important that we understand them as best as we can so that we can make more accurate predictions going forward. hurricane season lasts until late november. people here can only prepare for the possibility. >> a hoax turns into a headache by law enforcement. officials are taking the storming of area 51 very
3:54 pm
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>> what started out as a joke on social media has led to more than 2 million people signing up to potentially storm area 51 the top-secret military vase in nevada. -- base in nevada. local law makers have already declared a state of emergency because the gag has raised so much concern. william la jeunesse has the story. >> i don't think anybody could ever prepare for anything like this. we're doing our absolute best. >> in rural nevada it is not
3:58 pm
good enough. >> i'm so scared of fire. >> the event that may or may not happen next month is indeed one of a kind. storm area 51 began as an internet joke, an invitation to break into a top-secret air force facility rumored to hold aliens and government secrets about ufos, but more than 2 million rsvped, entrepreneurs like connie west owning a restaurant and hotel sees a goldmine. >> not quite sure where we're going to put the vendors >> we're only planning for the worst and hoping for the best. >> lincoyn lincoln county approa festival but a neighboring county turned it down. >> public safety is more important. >> a single two lane highway supports the area along with a handful of gas stations and 184 hotel rooms. both counties signed state of
3:59 pm
emergencies fearing a traffic cell phone sanitation and public safety nightmare. >> they say this is a non-drug -- no drugs, no alcohol -- >> event supporters predict thousands whether officials like it or not giving them a concert location is better than the alternative. >> what are you going to do with these people wandering around in the desert? going everywhere, setting fires. >> the pentagon says it will defend its base with road blocks and personnel so the truth could be out there but on this trip they are unlikely to find it. in los angeles, william la jeunesse fox news. >> many children enjoy small backyard playhouses some are lucky enough to have a tree house. a couple in canada waved a magic wand and built their grand kids the ultimate harry potter themed playhouse, two stories high and features hog warts castle, platform nine and three quarters
4:00 pm
just as they were written in jk rowling's books. the price tag is unknown. and that is how fox reports this sunday, august 25th. i'm mike emmanuel. thanks for watching. we will see you next weexd. -- next weekend. >> the trade war with china escalates dramatically as beijing imposes new tariffs and president trump fires back. with the president attacking both the chinese and the federal reserve, he meets with world leaders at the g7 amid a global economic slow down. we'll discuss the economy, trade , and new fears of a recession with treasury secretary steven mnuchin, whose traveling with the president. it's a fox news sunday exclusive . >> this is about him not keeping his promises to the middle class with his


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