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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  August 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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reported. >> he claimed to have been forced to sign the autopsy report. >> death was with her all the time. steve: welcome to the next revolution. it's my birthday so the gift to myself. we'll be hitting some of my favorite themes and i will tell you what i think about president trump's latest move on china. hint, i like it a lot. let's start with a big argument at the heart of positive populism. president trump: after years and years building up other countries, we are finally building up our country, standing up for our jobs, our workers, and standing up for our dignity.
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the forgotten men and women of america will never ever be forgotten again. you were forgotten. steve: exactly. what is interesting is donald trump so completely reshaped politics that the 2020 democrats are trying to copy him by claiming the mantel of populism. they are the real populists they said in their last debate. trump only helped the rich. >> donald trump is part of a corrupt rigged system that help the wealthy and the well-connected and kicked dirt in the faces of everyone else. >> we watched donald trump pit hard working people against each other. black versus white and citizen versus immigrant so the america he represents can hold the american dream hostage from everybody else. >> the top 1% of corporations
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were helped when he said he would help working families. steve: this is the claim. that his policies only helped the rich. these are lies, lies, lies. between 2016 and 2018. corporate profits rose by $22 billion while worker earnings went up four times more. democrats say trump is continuing what obama started. but this is a completely. workers' earning increased by 42% more during president trump's first two years in office than barack obama last two. it's a perfect test case of what pro growth, pro end prize economics can do. it's true corporate tax cuts and
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deregulation helped businesses. but who do you think actually creates jobs and pays wages? helping businesses is the way you help workers. let me explain how it works. lower taxes and less regulation gives businesses the confidence to invest. that means more innovation and higher worker productivity. that means more jobs are created and workers are paid more because they are producing more. on job the latest report shows 164,000 jobs were added, bringing the labor forward to 163 million. a new all-time record. with president trump we have seen the lowest unemployment in 50 years and the lowest on record. the latest data on employee compensation shows earnings rose
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even higher than previously reported. and way ahead of inflation. but the best news is on low income workers. president trump is specifically delivering on the promises he made to the forgotten men and women who revolted against an establishment that punished them with free trade, open borders and globalization. incomes are rising fastest for the lowest paid. hourly pay growth for the bottom 25% has outpaced that of higher earners every month of the trump presidency. in blue collar industries like mining, construction and transportation. it far exceeds what we saw under obama's second term. which all the establishment experts said was impossible by the way. jobs are coming back in numbers we haven't seem for decades. last year's gain of 264,000
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manufacturing jobs was the highest since 1997. the facts demonstrate conclusively that working americans are the winners in the trump economy. yes, he is the real populist and it's the democrats who are fake. they want to reverse the tax cuts and deregulation. they want to make energy more expensive. ask president macron in france what working people think of that. he still has protests in the streets over green policies that are mild compared to what the democrats want here. and all of them want a massive expansion in government paid for by you. that's not just a tax grab, it's a power grab. populism is about power to the people. the left are about taking power away from people and giving it to their government. there is one more argument.
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we need to demolish that be too. this comes not from the left, but from the never trumpers and the republican establishment. they say donald trump may have a good economy. but that's just because of traditional conservative policies. where he moved away from republican orthodoxy its been a disaster. this is total b.s. as we have been telling you, tariffs work. they worked on the border with mexico and they are working with china. the way the critics talk you wha --you would think our entire economy is dependent on china. there is no doubt that the trade war with china has introduced economic uncertainty and that's never a good thing. the democrat fake media is hyping up a recession.
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they think it' the best way to get rid of trump. here is what anthony scaramucci has been saying. somewhat he has done on the trade situation has destabilized the world economy. it's hurting them and it's hurting the entire cap hallmark the system. steve: he just gave the game away. he actually wrote a book called the blue collar president and came on this show to promote it. but now we see which side he's really on, the wall street wheeler dealers, he called it the capital market system that has screwed workers to make themselves rich. they are dumping on trump just at the moment when his populist trade policies are starting to work.
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for 50 years china was moving toward its stated aim of toppling america as the world's economic and military super power. not least by cheating on trade rules and steeling technology. now thanks to president trump china is reeling as a direct resultl result of the trump tariffs, manufacturers are moving supply chains out of china. china's economic growth has slumped to the lowest in nearly 30 years. establishment critics say our growth is down, too. but it was higher than anyone expected. each u. growth was less than half as much. and their unemployment rates were 7.5%. they thought that was good. it was down slightly. but it's more than twice as high as ours. the establishment loves to
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regurgitate the tired talking points about consumers paying for the trade war. that they are idiotically short-sighted. they don't take account of the cost to our society and our economy of shipping jobs to china so they can ship cheap products back here. we had a fantastic debate on this. it's worth signing up to foxnation. the market price of that cheap t-shirt and tv did not include the devastation of that town in iowa. welfare payment or dealing opioid. so you have got that going on. there is a huge set of social and economic costs that are not included in the price of that cheap t-shirt. all i can saying is you include it in the real price by putting a mass tough tariff on any t-shirt made outside the country so it's equal and you might as well make it here because it won't be any cheaper if you
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import it. that would be my policy. if you want to sell it in america, you can damn well make it in america. it's time for a complete economic boycott of china. all u.s. companies in china should pull out and no new investment should be made. the establishment just don't get the historic geostrategic turn our * trump tariffs are -- turn around trump tariffs are bringing. what is your plan to stop china cheating us. what's your plan to stop china beating us? these trump tariffs are the first thing in 50 years that have got china's attention and they are reshaping the global economy to america's advantage. all that would be put at risk by this man.
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on the defining issue of our age, the democrats seem hell bent on nominating someone for president who is totally compromised by our greatest enemy china. joe biden took over a billion dollars in prescribes from the chinese regime in the form of payments to biden family businesses. in 2016 we saw the true genius of this country. america elected as president the only person who was prepared to confront th the greatest challe. president trump is not just the real populist. he's the successful populist. where he followed con economics and tax cuts and deregulation, the results have been great, especially for working americans. but where he has followed his own instincts on trade and china, the results have been
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transformational and historic. that's positive populism in action. tell me what you think. we have an amazing group of friends around the table here. raymond arroyo for the first time on the show, and sean duffy. they will weigh in next. don't go away. (woman) banjo! sorry, it won't happen again. come on, let's go home. after 10 years, we've covered a lot of miles. good thing i got a subaru. (avo) love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. (avo) get 0% during the subaru a lot to love event. thanks to priceline working with top airlines to turn their unsold seats into amazing deals, sports fans are seeing more away games. various: yeah-h-h!
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>> congressman sean duffy, tomi lahren, and fox news contributor, raymond arroyo. you were literally trumped. we had that great interview of the president. sorry, make way. so a lot to talk about there. ladies first. tomi. >> i identify as a woman. we are in california so you have to be careful on that one. everything you said is true. if you want unconventional results, meaning you want big changes, you have to do things
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in unconventional ways. the stabment on both side are threatened bid donald trump because he doesn't do business as usual. that threatens their ecosystem. that's why they don't like this. i think the establishment on either side couldn't care less about the american workers or farmers and manufacturing jobs. they care about their career and donald trump is threatening to that and his brand of politics is threatening to that. steve: when you see the wall street types, scaramucci, they care about the wall street trading, not the american workers. >> you look at bernie sanders. where is he on trade? in 2016 him and donald trump actually agreed on trade. steve: bernies message on i
6:18 pm
am -- bernie's message on immigration is essentially the same as trump's. >> it's disappointing to cheer america losing on any front is disappointing to me. there is a lot of talk about democrats cheering him on. i hope that's not the case. >> watching your open, i was thinking, this man is truly an outsider. we have had two decades of bush-obama approaches, a globalist approach. it didn't work. this guy comes in and he takes on both parties. he's making gains. it's slow. but with mexico, canada, the e.u., nato. these tough stances, unorthodoxed, yes, but they have borne fruit. i was talking to a filmmaker
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here in l.a. these are people who voted for hillary clinton and one even held and fundraiser for her. they are saying whatever you say about donald trump, he's the first president who fought for our rights, our intellectual property rights where china has been ripping our intellectual property. and i might vote for him the next time. i think there is a huge opening for the president. you could see a lot of democrats show up. >> if you lower taxes, let people keep more of their money and streamline regulations, amazing things happen. the economy grows and creates jobs and with more jobs you have more competition for labor. in wisconsin we have more jobs available than people to fill the jobs. when you compete for labor, the salaries rise.
6:20 pm
communists want to take over the world economically and militarily. president trump said no more. we are going to fight back. not for globalists, but for the american worker. he's fighting for the average man and woman in america. >> i think it many difficult for the left to admit, it's difficult for elizabeth warren or joe biden -- i'm not sure he remembers where or what shanghai is at this point. but -- steve: his resume on gun violence -- >> it's difficult for them to claim the mantel of populism. there are no new innovative strategies they are proposing for china or anywhere else. let's go back to what we were
6:21 pm
doing. it gave us malaise and the broken hearted people who delivered the ferment. steve: that combination of traditional conservatives and with that populism that's so different from the republican establishment. >> his instincts are right. we were talking about for workers as well. immigration is such an important point to bring into this. he actually wants to crack down on illegal immigration and putting an end to the suppression of wages. which is what the democrats campaign on. but everything they are proposing is going to work through the problem. the reason they are not talking about china or putting forth those plans, they are appealing to low-there voters who want free things. they are not concerned about complex issues like canada.
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>> there is a great link to what we talk about next. the open borders crowd go on and on and on how we need to import workers to do the jobs americans won't. we have a fact check after the break. hottest taqueria? and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? and this is the averys wondering if eating out is eating into saving for their first home. this is jc... (team member) welcome to wells fargo, how may i help? (vo) who's here to help with a free financial health conversation, no strings attached. this is the averys with the support they needed to get back on track. well done guys. (team member) this is wells fargo.
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steve: almost every time the democrats and the state media criticize president trump's plans to control immigration. they say we need to import workers to do the jobs americans won't do. we heard that from beto o'rourke after i.c.e. raided several meat plants in mississippi. >> i saw in mississippi, in canton where nearly 700 people working in chicken processing plants, one of the toughest jobs in mayor car. they were taken from their kids, humiliated, hogtied, for the crime of being in this country doing a job nobody else will do. steve: raymond is laughing. but what happened after the i.c.e. raid. the following monday the food
6:27 pm
plarnlts that had the most of employees detained by i.c.e. held a job fair to fill their newly vacant position. guess who showed up? americans, at least 350 people applied. this is what one of them said about why. >> it's a better paying job. steve: even with historically low unemployment. there are americans in part time jobs. and 5 million want and are available tore work but have become disheartened and stopped looking. that's 11 million americans who want to do the jobs. the job participation rate plummeted after the grease
6:28 pm
recession. thankfully president trump is fighting for the american worker. not just by boosting the economy. but with ivanka trump massively under appreciated workforce initiative boosting workforce training so americans can get jobs and training. if anyone tries to give you that elitist nonsense about jobs americans won't do, tell them about that jab fair in mississippi, the week -- that job fair in mississippi. it's a flat out lie and cruel and damaging one, it guarantees millions of americans will find it that much harder to find the work they are looking for. >> you know how i feel on this situation. i'm not even sure i'm supporting senator sanders this time
6:29 pm
around. he has gone on record time and time again saying americans want to work. he said this is a lie saying americans don't want the job. it bothers me he's not speaking up on this issue. i have 300 employees. i'm not a socialist. i seen it front of the check. we are not talking about people picking oranges. we are talking about american warehouse jobs where individuals go to work. steve: even that, total 11 million roughly not working who want to work could work. >> he sounds like a but noon. you are going to -- he sounds like a buffoon. i would like to sit next to a liberal democrat instead of a
6:30 pm
socialist democrat who says i want to fight for the american people. on our farms or tv studios or manufacturing and construction. we are having a labor shortage problem. we have to secure or borders and have a work visa system in regions of the country where we don't have enough workers. then the e-verify system, it's broken. steve: there is a labor shortage. they want to train workers. that's why she is trying to get the skills so they can do the jobs. >> i called statistics from the bureau of labor. park workers told no one will do these jobs actually only 4% of those jobs in the farm field are illegals. 2% are legal citizens.
6:31 pm
74.5% of discuss told yabs, native born americans. we have to protect first of all that americans are being hired in a tight labor market and the illegal immigrants coming here are not being abused. their human dignity taken advantage of. they are being abused by lower wages and poor work conditions. >> i have an idea, too which president trump has talked about. reforming our entitlement system. maybe some americans would take those jobs if they didn't have the cushy entitlement system. apparently there is a short and of the labor force. we need to address the immigration system and entitlement system.
6:32 pm
>> we want to pay the illegal worker wage. and you have got to pay the american wage. you can't pay the $8 an hour and take advantage of the illegal. >> it's wane extraordinary thing. you can hear the republicans start with a working wage. but for donald trump we could not be having some of these conversations because it breaks the barriers in both party's orthodoxy. >> the top of the show, it's pro work. that means something and the president takes that seriously as well. honestly it doesn't feel like that. >> once we narrow crown the field and get into the meat of it all. i am angst to see if elizabeth our be will talk about this. she claims to be a capitalist.
6:33 pm
it will be a challenge for her to talk about small and medium businesses which is different than corporate greed. what does it mean to train people up, not just free college for everybody. w force training as well. steve: i am sorry we are out of time object this. but there is something going on in this country led by ivanka trump and it's making a difference. coming up, you won't believe what religious leaders in our nation's capital have to say about president trump. don't go away. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you >> tech: at safelite autoglass, to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ steve: faith leaders at washington national cathedral. we feel compelled to ask after
6:38 pm
two years of trump's word and actions, when will we have enough. >> the country has become accustomed to wake up each day to a daily barrage of communications from president trump on social media often abusive, slanderous and dishonest. the president of late and throughout his presidency has done almost everything in his power to divide the country. it's my responsibility and the responsibility of others to acknowledge the damage that has been done and not just with the rhetoric but with the policies themselves. you see the rise of white supremacist groups who have complete freedom in their own mind to do what they say because of the president's actions. steve: i wanted to talk about this, knowing you would be here. >> the washington cathedral, if
6:39 pm
anyone has been to the national cathedral. they have outside along with certain saints of darth vader. that puts it in perspective of the kind of spirituality that comes from the national cathedral. but here is my problem. we are elevating partisanship in place of revelation. the church exists primarily to save souls. religious leaders have an opportunity and obligation to speak out on issues of moral import, marriage and family, even the environment and a living wage. but to take a side and to say we are with this party and this is the evil party it strikes me as reduction tough. d it strikes me as, reductive. i have salvation, why would you cut off half the american people.
6:40 pm
save them. bring them around to your way of thinking. this is not the way to do it. god is first and somehow that gotten lost here. this feels very partisan. steve: she specifically is talking about president trump's policies are boosting white supremacy. i thought it was so over the top. >> that's also the big lie. that's what democrats are trying to push that we have the crisis of white supremacy. different versions of how much they hate donald trump. but this is the case of the loudest voice in the room. we have seen overwhelmingly seen fate leaders come out and say they support president trump.
6:41 pm
this president has has fought for christians and jews. i feel this is one person who doesn't like donald trump using her platform to generalize. >> donald trump stood up for the unborn. religious freedom and liberty, he student for families. when you make statements like this. we don't have any issues unless you have life. he stood up to the governor in north carolina. you would think they would stand up on those issues first. i think this is utter hatred for the president. let the politicians and the pundits debate it and save souls. bring everybody together. let's not divide the country. if the media and trump are all divisive. why don't you bring people together. this doesn't do any of that. >> i can't talk about the white
6:42 pm
evangelicals. but what's going on in the black church where a lot of black pastors became multi millionaires off the faith based initiative. the pastors have been silent. there has been inconsistency where one minute you are talking about one thing where you are able to benefit and get the apartment home built or charter school built. but the bishop in houston said it best. our pastors pick cruise ships instead of battleships. either you are going to be by the or you are not going to be about it. in our world in the black church it is a real issue. i compare pastors to politicians. they have a lot of similarities. >> the largest amount of federal
6:43 pm
income to the bishops conference is for migration and refugee service. that's why you see them raising their voices. steve: we'll be talking more about this on deep dive on foxnation tomorrow. coming up, a very special looney left monopoly edition. don't go away. banjo? (man) go home. (woman) banjo! sorry, it won't happen again. come on, let's go home. after 10 years, we've covered a lot of miles. good thing i got a subaru. (avo) love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. (avo) get 0% during the subaru a lot to love event. ♪
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steve: we have a special board game edition of looney left for you tonight. i was in target and i saw something i couldn't quite believe. the makers of monopoly put this out. a socialism edition. at first i night was -- at first i thought it was hasbro trying to be woke. but it turns out it's a funny spoof. tom to hurricanes, we'll start with you. >> you seem to be doing well for
6:48 pm
yourself. choose one player to take back your chips. >> socialism doesn't come cheap. pay the bank $100 from the community fund. >> don't have kid, pay the bank $20 from the community fund. >> mine is actually happened in real life. minimum wage increase. pay the bank $100 from the community fund. >> your neighbor's son is going into college. pay the bank $20 from the community fund. >> your account has been uncovered. guess what we do with greedy capitalists. pay the bank $100. >> is it the character that is
6:49 pm
the most of inert on the board that wins? steve: together we rise. if you have no property, you can probably win the game. >> cooking grease from the restaurant does power the community shuttle. pay $10 to the project manager. >> you catch your neighbor drinking with a plastic cup and non-disposability cup. >> everyone loves quinoa. i worked on that before i read it. pay that person $10.
6:50 pm
steve: i have got one here. i think this is going over the edge. everyone loves a tofu chip cookie made on car d on karl max birthday. >> sean duffy and i did not know we were going to be on the show together. i said we have to get steve something. so we poodle a few dollars together. this is a hair roller kit. what do you get the man who has everything. steve: i love the looney left version. >> it even has hair on it. >> we put that on extra.
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only for a limited time. ♪ mark: beto o'rourke dropped out from the presidential race for a couple of weeks the last week he was back. take a look. >> monday amy and i took ulysses and molly and henry to school, big part of me that wants to stay here and be with my family
6:56 pm
and be with my community. there have even been some who have suggested i stay in texas and run for senate. that would not be good enough for this community. steve: oh no, it would not be good enough. why would it not be good enough? fortunately beto himself told us later that same day. >> to take the fight directly to him and to defeat them and be the leader of this country needs and does not have right now. someone who will not inflame but someone who will heal that the leader that el paso has taught me to be. steve: on monday he took the kids to school and on tuesday what will he do next? this guy is so vain and self absorbed and ridiculous and he's phony and fake and shallow. i'm sorry, i did not attack them
6:57 pm
all he was on the campaign trail but he's back. i think he's ridiculous. >> as i watch this i've always been disturbed by the visuals of beto. when beto talks there is a disconnection between his physicality in the words coming out. i want to tell you that we together will bring - that speak something deep in psychological reality. look, he's a media created candidate. >> when he represented here the media skateboarding and he thought he was the coolest thing but now he's running for president and they like maybe you are not so cool and we have other media darlings we want to know but it's not you. then he doesn't get it and he says i thought you loved me you want it's amazing how fast they fall when the media propped them up. when people the judge came and
6:58 pm
went up to the olympics and beto could no longer - he was apologizing for his white privilege and apologizing for being straight an apology to h her. pete took the wind out of his sails. >> wouldn't you say, congressman, they propped them up and did the vanity fair rollout and it's hard to keep the momentum we have 20 plus candidates coming every different direction. it's a smorgasbord of our ideas. it's hard for him to compete with the substance. most of the people in texas do want him to jump out of the race. he can make texas more competitive state. steve: but that is not good enough for beto. you have to have it. >> if you have it the media doesn't matter you will deliver. donald trump was the same thing. he had it, delivered and people loved him for. steve: let say something very important. president trump had the presence and was a policy driven campaign. it was his positions on the
6:59 pm
policy. >> i will be someone who will not inflame but heal. he can't inflame anybody. that's a problem. the man has no true passion that you can graft onto. the man is a dud. god bless them but . steve: yeah, i just can't stand it. i don't want to hear. there's a phoniness. >> how long did he dropped out? steve: well, it's true that he seems insubstantial and it feels such a waste of time because - >> he won't be there very long. steve: he's not a serious candidate frankly maybe for running with either before or some weird blog somewhere. >> i thought he had it avocado shop for the wife and kids. [laughter]
7:00 pm
>> i think beto is a national leader and he'll run for senate and . steve: well, we'll see. that's it. were out of time. happy birthday to me. >> happy birthday! steve: the next revolution will be televised next week. ♪ mark: hello america, i mark women and this is "life, liberty and levin". tonight is a important program. socialism versus capitalism. tierney versus liberty. robert lawson and professor edmund powell, professor of economics texas tech. hello, how are you. good to see you. >> good to be here. mark: i read your book "socialism sucks". two economists


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