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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 27, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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we have more on tomorrow's podcast, make sure to go to and raymond will have his report from venice beach and i've seen a little bit of it, it's wild. shannon bream has all the latest and we will take it from here. >> shannon: we begin with the fox news alert. the war against the opioid epidemic heats up as a on other company is reportedly in the midst of negotiating a multibillion dollar settlement. but what billions solve the problem? we are to gettin digging in. china is using the addiction epidemic as a weapon against america. also tonight puerto rico facing another major challenge. residents are breaking for tropical storm dorian, it's been almost two years since category four hurricane maria devastated the island. plus, one of the nation's
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largest districts, there are too many whites and asian students in them. we will save that. hello and welcome to "fox news at night," i'm shannon bream. media reports, >> it's pretty clear the viewer in chief president trump is not happy with some of the coverage of the weekend. and yet when i came back and read the corruption fake news, it was not even recognizable from what actually took place of the great g-7 event. joe biden says the president was missing in action on a critical issue but not attending the climate change meeting, and he's
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not alone. >> the president not only failed to lead on the climate crisis, he also embarrassed himself in our country by turning into a used car salesman. >> still plenty of buzz about this weekend summit. >> another issue firing at the president, the federal reserve and also china. >> the president continues taking aim at a familiar target, the federal reserve loves watching her manufacturer's struggle with their exports to the benefit of other parts of the world. has anyone looked at what almost all of the countries are doing to take advantage of the good old usa? our fed has been calling it too wrong for too long. but some critics say it's a presidents causing the pain. >> it's a comic and erratic trade policy, terrorists in the country and by china to levy tariffs on america which raises the cost of our goods that we
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consume me here this country. >> get the key white house ally is demanding being tough on china. >> i think the president knows that if you surrender to china's cheating it would devastate our economy and the world economy over time. so the price of standing up to china is a lot less then giving up to china. >> other presidents didn't bother to make any deal. >> the president said china has taken a hard hit with a trade war over the past few months suggesting he thinks beijing may be looking for a deal. >> we are also getting some information tonight some plans that the administration has for some fema funding.
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for more migrant detention space and temporary hearing sites for those seeking asylum. leaving democrats like speaker nancy pelosi and senate democrat leader and that's bearing down on puerto rico. >> puerto rico is a very tropical storm warning and hurricane watch. it looks like tropical storm dorian is a gathering power and taking aim at the beleaguered island less than two years after it was devastated by hurricane maria. senior correspondent rick leventhal is an puerto rico tracking this. good evening. >> president trump has just declared -- from the national hurricane center which suggested the storm is moving across the
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caribbean sea at 13 miles per hour. that's headed right for the island of puerto rico, which is expected to strengthen overnight and be at or near hurricane strength when it passes near or over this island. an a state of emergency has already been declared here on this island of people, which hit here two years ago in september of 2017. there are still 30,000 homes here with blue tarps on the roofs. the power grid is also still fragile outages and regular rain storms. so that could happen again if dorian comes this way. the governor says they have learned lessons from maria and they are urging calm. they close schools today and they did open 160 shelters. today residents were lining up at gas stations and topping off their tanks and filling cans, long lines at some of them and making runs on grocery and box stores. we went to a sam's club and we
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saw a cart after cart loaded, many of them with three cases of water which was the store limits and over at costco they actually ran out of small bottles of water so people were buying cases of the gallon jugs inside along with food and other supplies. there are also boots on the ground here tonight to back up the local first responders including 45 members of the miami-dade fire departments urban search and rescue team. they flew out of miami this morning with gear, supplies and boats and other equipment to help find missing people and provide medical assistance and more if needed. dorian has made its way across winword and leeward islands and also martinique where they had flooding of roads and it actually knocked out some bridges there. the storm is packing a punch, not like maria packed but it could do some damage if they wound up hitting the island. >> especially when there is so
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much recovery still involved. following monday's landmark ruling by an oklahoma judge finding johnson & johnson more than a half billion dollars, another pharmaceutical company is working on hammering out potential multimillion dollar settlement. rather than facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits on its own. >> today they will defend themselves vigorously but they see little good coming from years of litigation and appeals. the drugmaker is reportedly in talks to spend 10-12000000000 to settle lawsuits out-of-court to settle out of state and some 2,000 local and tribal governments. purdue already settled with the state of oklahoma as did teva pharmaceuticals which is why they never went to trial. johnson & johnson decided to
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fight it and lost so they are appealing. >> we showed the court and arguably that johnson & johnson was responsible, that they were part of the cause for the epidemic. >> the decision violates well-established provisions including due process of law. >> some analysts warn it could set a dangerous precedent because others are to blame. >> when people use these prescription drugs in the way that it is intended to come up very few casualties develop. >> johnson & johnson argued in court that the company followed the fda's own guidelines on how to market the substance in 2009. the company makes 1% of all opioids currently on the market and some worry about the impact possible future high dollar settlements could have on the pharma industry, asking that judges look at all parties involved. >> nobody who is a patient deals
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directly with johnson & johnson or one of the other companies. they deal with the doctors. >> but for those who like gail box who lost her son to an opioid overdose, yesterday's ruling meant her sons death wasn't totally in vain. >> nothing will bring my son back but this victory allows his death to stand for something and i know he is tearing right now. >> according to the national institute on drug abuse, 137 or more americans die every single day from opioid overdoses. >> according to the attorney general, the big part of the reason that governor ron desantis sent up a drug abuse task force in april. florida senator rick scott joins us now to discuss the battle
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against the opioid epidemic and what monday's ruling in oklahoma means to that fight. great to have you with us tonight. >> shannon, your heart just goes out to these families. i have a family member that struggles with drug addiction and you feel so sorry for these families, there are so many people that we've all meant that have lost their loved ones. so when i was governor we put a lot of money and to deal with it and we also restricted the amount of days you could be prescribed. we have to figure this out, we are losing too many people. >> so essentially a half billion dollar ruling against johnson & johnson yesterday out of oklahoma. he said they have half then less than 1% of the legal opioid prescriptions in that state. at "the wall street journal" had an editorial board piece and they called this an opioid stickup. they said the opioid addiction problem is varied and complex.
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it won't be eased by bankrupting america's pharmaceutical companies. do you think it's the right strategy or not to go after these companies? >> i think anybody that has been part of getting people addicted needs to be held accountable. the right thing to happen or what would happen here is these companies would step up and figure out how to help stop the abuse. they figure out how to put money in for rehabilitation and figure out how to compensate families who lost their loved ones. that's what ought to happen here. that's what i would like to see happen. in my eight years, we worked with pam monty, put a lot of money into stopping pill mills and other things, it's hard. >> i know the president talked about the fact that they put pressure on fentanyl, and a spokesperson said when it comes to reducing demand for fentanyl,
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the united states should respect the fact and stop pinning the blame on others. what do you make of that part of this equation? >> well let's look at this. there is always more that everybody can do. there's always more that the government can do and every family can do. let's look at china for a second. they sit there and they have a social media -- they monitor your social media. they have facial recognition but they can't figure out where fentanyl is coming from. they know exactly where it's coming from as part of their plan to hurt our country. this is the chinese government that is not to be trusted. at >> so do you think in the a broader spectrum of trade talks with them, i know you've been very vocal about trying to stand with the protesters in hong kong. i know you've spoken out as well
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for venezuela, but they still have nicolas maduro as the president. people are fighting for democracy around the country, or around the world, now look at the u.s. and say we will have support there. we will back this. >> i think everybody in the world that cares about freedom and democracy ought to be helping and doing everything they can to support the protesters in hong kong. but let's look at the chinese government. they can't be and trusted. they joined the wto. they didn't comply, they said they wouldn't militarize the south china sea but they did. they have against children every day. there is no human rights. so they don't support anything that is good for the world ord order. >> shannon: it is a difficult situation and millions continued to watch.
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>> nice to see you, shannon. >> shannon: knew tonight, there still is up petition for the equality act. at that now has half a million signatures, which is five times the amount it would need to warrant a response from the white house. >> critics say at contains what they call disturbing elements that would violate religious freedom and rights for devout americans. the white house says the trump administration absolutely dip opposes discrimination of any kind and supports the equal treatment of all. however the house passed a bill in its current form is still
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>> shannon: academic programs for gifted students here in new york city may be in danger following a recommendation to phase out the program. mayor bill de blasio commission the group and now it is weighing their recommendations. trace gallagher is on the case for us, good evening. >> good evening. considering new york mayor bill de blasio created the school diversity panel, some believe he will lean towards accepting the recommendation to get rid of the public schools gifted and talented programs. the argument the panel makes is
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these types of programs perpetuate racial inequality because they are composed of mostly white and asian students and those students come from families who can afford to get their kids tutored in hopes of getting a converted seat. that reflects privilege more than intellect. bill de blasio was pressed on that issue but somewhat skirted the question. >> the panel was put together to address an issue that's facing american education. how do i diversify our classrooms, how do we address historic segregation. a community that also affects our schools. at the same time i always say the central mission that we have to keep front and center is to keep improving public education. >> but even the diversity panel acknowledges that you could end up hurting public education because if you ditch gifted and talented programs you could very well lose gifted and talented
8:21 pm
students with the school system lacking in talent and diversity. the mayor is also calling for new york public schools to no longer use academic criteria to screen students for public middle schools. in other words, they would look at dual language programs and programs designed to help at-risk kids. academic screening standards can keep low income, black and hispanic students from entering desirable schools. about 73% of new york public school students are in poverty. >> shannon: thank you very much for summing that up for us. so in an effort to make schools more inclusive or an ill-advised decision that could result in top students find ways to lay public school systems altogeth altogether. good to have you both with us tonight.
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"wall street journal" reporting from these recommendations, and that's in hopes of and having a coveted seat. at the school chancellors of the scores often reflect privilege rather than exceptional intellectual ability. as soon as you invoke the term privilege and as soon as you call it a diversity panel, i'm out. it is absolutely obvious that politics have little to do with caring about standards. to me, de blasio is probably the worst mayor in the history of the city. i went to the schools in this city, and this will harm minority people who go to the
8:23 pm
schools. >> shannon: they want the city to scrap gifted program said that because both the current system counter it rewards diligence and accommodates families of advanced kids who would otherwise abandon the public school system altogether. another account i read had a local guy saying, listen, they are going to pull their money or do whatever they can to send them to great schools which leaves the schools and even more danger. >> you could have a meritocratic system and promote diversity. they report a huge level of interest from a highly qualified minority kids who want to compete fairly. i should say a personal word, i
8:24 pm
took that test in 1959. i got into hunter elementary school. i'm here today and look at me now. >> that's white privilege sitting next to me. it's so unfair. >> "the new york times" is taking this on as well. 75 of the roughly 16,000 schools -- 75%. even though black and hispanic students make up nearly 70% of the city's public school population as a whole. no way these numbers can be fa fair. >> i would say the more you look at the color of somebody's skin, the more you are not looking at the problem. there have been very, very poor groups of immigrants that have come to this country that have certain work ethic. the idea that we are going to say, you are not going to be able to get your kids tutors,
8:25 pm
and if anybody does it some unfair advantage. that's the same ingenuity to get their kids tutors so they could get into these programs to figure out a way to pay for private school, which is what my parents did. and those were some very bad times for the city. to send your kid to a public school at that time, it was bad news. that's what will happen and that will harm those left in the public school system. >> you get good test scores, additions, punctuality and attendance. >> you can also promote diversity. the problem is now you can't have a school system that doesn't have a fair representation of minorities,
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so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. ♪ the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ because the future only happens with people who really know how to deliver it. >> shannon: iran is backing away tonight from the prospect of talking with the united states about the standoff over its nuclear program and at the crippling sanctions it's enduring. we have the very latest developments for us this evening. >> good evening. these help from negotiations went from something to nothing in less than 24 hours. iran's president now so there won't be any meetings with president trump until the u.s. removes all economic sanctions againstehran. the president said today he's
8:31 pm
not interested in a photo op and it's up to washington to decide what happens next. >> without america withdrawing from sanctions and abandoning the wrong path that is chosen, we will not witness in a positive development. >> he also said iran will continue to ste scale back its agreement. this is after the iranian president indicated he was open to negotiations and after emmanuel macron and president trump said they were open to negotiations. this will stay in place until iran changes its aggressive and destabilizing behavior and the region. with that long-standing impasse unresolved, the foreign minister ruled out the possibility of a summit calling it "unimaginable." president trump is also getting a lot of heat for pushing world leaders of the g7 to allow russia back into that group.
8:32 pm
russia was kicked out after it annexed crimea from the ukraine. today's senate democrats hold a white house that under no circumstances should president putin be invited to the g7 meetings that the u.s. is hosting next year. in a letter, chuck schumer and three of his colleagues warned, if president putin's regime is willing to play like flagrantly violate, the russian government should not be trusted with a leadership position on the world stage. it's not just democrats who are uncomfortable with inviting russia into the g8, republicans and even members have reportedly expressed strong reservations about it as well. >> shannon: garrett tenney in washington. so how likely is president trump willing to take his foot off the pedal? general jack keane joins us now. great to have you. what do you think of the premise
8:33 pm
here? iran is saying we will come to the table but you have to take all the sanctions. >> that's foolishness and it's not going to happen. president trump is in the driver's seat here, no one is put so much pressure on him in 39 years. what the iranians have been trying to do is put pressure on president trump to back off of the sanction. that's why they provoked a crisis of shooting drones down, sever ties, sabotage and seasoned tankers and all of that is designed to pressure the united states. what happened? president trump increase the sanctions. i also think, i think the leader does call the shots here.
8:34 pm
and, that's taken a very hard line which i think is pretty typical of the supreme leader. i don't believe they played out all of their options yet and they have some pretty serious ones still on the table, not the least of which is attacking u.s. troops and facilities. as an option to create a crisis, again, that would put pressure on the trump regime to pull back on the sanctions. that is unlikely. i think we would respond very strongly to any attack on our troops or our facilities. >> it's not like iran is trying to drive a wedge between the u.s., they say we are all on the same page. they may disagree about how to enforce that or how to get there about iran is looking for some daylight between the two. some of this is also rallying the israelis. yesterday in axios, top
8:35 pm
officials -- why it matters. the pressure against iran has been the main point of collaboration between the trump administration and listening up trump's maximum pressure campaign on iran which could increase. there was a tweet that went out that made it unequivocal, that u.s. stands with israel. there has been some chatter that made them a little bit nervous. >> you can understand the israeli position. just this weekend, the israelis conducted three attacks between that has hezbollah, lebanon, that has bully in syria and the iraq in shiite militia in iraq. all of them were conducting attacks in israel. so when you are sitting where netanyahu is, he sees a very aggressive regime is trying to open up a second front by putting, and that's why it's
8:36 pm
taken such a strong stand here. stick with us, have resolve and don't negotiate away what you have already established. >> shannon: we always appreciate your insights. thank you, sir. an australian school is locking up its garbage cans. that leads tonight's "where in the world." melbourne's girls college is telling students to take their trash home with them in order to move the effort for the school to be zero waste. the school encourages families to think about sustainability when packing lunches for the students. and take a look at this dramatic video from spain. a resident capturing footage of floods raging in carrying parked cars down city streets. a massive storm unleashed torrential rain and hail forcing numerous rescues throughout that region. and get this, german officials are offering a million euros to
8:37 pm
anyone who can prove the city does not exist. it has long been the subject of conspiracy claiming it's not real. officials are taking matters into their own hands and offering a large sum of money if you can prove the conspiracy was legit and the city doesn't exist. according to alice that's correct, the city has more than 300,000 residents, a university and castle. the front runner is now facing a tsunami of criticism for being manipulative and cynical. what's it all about? details are next. run with us in the unstoppable john deere gator xuv835, because when others take rain checks... we take the wheel. run with us.
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>> shannon: joe biden is in virginia tonight as the democratic presidential front runner tries to reverse slippage in one key pole. where biden is keeping his distance from top democratic leaders. peter doocy explains why. >> when democrats need help
8:42 pm
getting elected they call joe biden. >> we are huge admirers of yours. >> >> that's what you have done. you spent your whole life. but since then a lot has chang changed. >> you cannot get shoe polish off. >> he admits he wore black face but to look more like michael jackson and a dance contest in san antonio. >> so it was a dance competition we dance the moonwalk. >> that's right. >> are you able to still dance the moonwalk? >> my wife says in appropriate circumstances. >> biden talks about an ugly incident. >> neo-nazis came out with
8:43 pm
torches. >> justin fairfax is the leader for now. neither man resigne and when you can't have a governor go around and hold cocktail parties and events and shake hands with everyone and take one of those glamorous photos for the wall with the donors, you're not going to get as much money. >> president trump says the state's 13 electoral votes are up for grabs because of northam. >> control of virginia state house will be decided first and fall of 2019. >> republicans have something to
8:44 pm
run against now, they can point to the scandals and suggests of the lieutenant governor need some balance. >> virginia governor 's are limited to one term. so if he ends up being such dragon that democratic ticket that the estate breaks the three democratic nominee in the row streak, it won't affect him. >> shannon: thank you. a montana judge hands down a riding assignment, that leads tonight's western round up. two men in prison who falsely claimed to be military veterans won't be eligible for parole until they write the names of all americans killed in iraq and afghanistan. they also have to write out the obituaries of the 40 montana soldiers included in that number and send written apology letters to several veterans groups. once they are out on probation the judges ordering them on both memorial and veterans day to wear signs that say, i am a liar.
8:45 pm
i'm not a veteran. i stole valor and i've dishonored all veterans. their attorneys are challenging the final requirement. in california san francisco restaurant owner said it bernie sanders with both cranky and rude to staff members. they claimed that senator sanders refused to shake hands or take pictures with them. the owner telling the san francisco gate he will not be voting for sanders after that visit. also in california the state assembly approving a bill that left school boards decide whether or not parents can give their children a nonsmoking form of medical marijuana on k-12 school campuses. the nation's cyber security is under siege. new warnings from u.s. officials about threats in the 2020 election. and former acting u.s. attorney general whitaker will tell us why we should all be concerned to come after the musicabreak.
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>> shannon: the federal government is trying to prevent hackers from taking control of the 2020 election with ransom where and other intrusion methods. one senior official says state election issues are at high risk. >> that's a big target is the 2020 election. at >> homeland security several official christopher kruk's morning is going a step further
8:50 pm
with the new program to block grants to more attacks on voter registration databases. >> this mary would be someone registers to vote but this rent somewhere or other malicious code removes their name from the voting polls, the registration list. >> over the last decade rent somewhere attacks where hackers lock down computer networks for many have hit multiple states with the damage causing a ripple effect. in baltimore, three months after a ransom or attack the city is still struggling to issue water bills. earlier this month in texas nearly two dozen government networks were hit forcing officials to manually process basic paperwork, throwing them back into the digital dark ages. and in georgia, hospitals, state and local courts as well as police departments were forced to dump and reconfigure laptops and ipads. homeland security says the department's "raising awareness of the risk and providing
8:51 pm
targeted cyber security services to provide voter registration databases to stay one step ahead and make sure 2020 elections are secure and resilient. >> it's getting harder to stop. at a minimum you have to have a good operating system that's totally up to date and patched, all your applications need to be up-to-date and patched, all your networks need to be monitored. >> shannon: during recent testimony, a federal election official said perfect security is impossible so there option is good offense. >> catherine herridge, thank you so much. the warning signals were flashing. the threats, what can our law enforcement agencies do to shut them down? matt whitaker is here to talk about that. >> good evening, great to be back with you. >> shannon: so you've written about this, you've heard of rent somewhere going after cities and hospitals and organizations, how does it potentially relate then
8:52 pm
to election threats? >> the big threat is we saw in 2016 the illinois database was compromised and i think the fear is that in 2020 if we don't do anything we can to combat this threat that we could have a similar compromise. it ran somewhere first came on the scene in 2016 as a ever increasing threat. but i'm glad to see dh as being proactive on this and going out and providing states with the services and service providers. i think it's a really good, that's a cyber attack threat matrix. it is eye-opening to see that the assault on all of our systems both private and public systems were underway. >> shannon: intelligence officials have challenged that
8:53 pm
russia and other foreign actors have attempted to discord the upcoming cycle. but republican officials have appeared slow or reluctant to respond to the threat, is that fair? >> i was in this administration for 16 months including the acting attorney general. what i saw both in 2018 and heading into 2020 is that we were doing so much more than the obama administration. and our systems and voting systems will be very secure and people shouldn't worry about that. >> shannon: new strategic intent, a paper that was put out within a secure agency of dhs, the directors priorities say that china presents the most pressing strategic risk.
8:54 pm
>> china is investing a lot of money. we see iran, russia, and that's our best interest at heart. i think china has the most sophisticated plan to go after the united states and they have a culture where they have stolen american trade secrets in the past. i think there are a lot of threats coming from china and i would agree with that paper that suggests that long-term, china is the biggest threat in the cybersecurity manner. >> shannon: also is part of that strategic intent paper, election security as part of the highest profile threats, to maliciously interfere in our democratic elections. we talked about what could be done. what can we take notice of? >> i think we need to sometimes
8:55 pm
be skeptical especially with issues that try to divide us, instead of one candidate, giving a vision for the future versus the other, and so i think we need to be really sophisticated political connoisseurs. i'm so glad that especially the social media companies are deleting accounts and are a lot more on top of it in 2016. in this administration is right more on top of it. >> matt whitaker, we all need to be on our toes and be on top of it as well. i have to warn you, get some tissues. after watching their coach battled cancer the entire arkansas lions at football team decided they would shave their heads in solidarity and support, quite the surprise for coach suite. one by one they came in to hug their fearless leader. the coach moved to tears. tonight, you all are the whole
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team of midnight heroes stepping in and sharing the burden after being so inspired by his courage in the middle of his battle with cancer. great news. it's watched, most trusted and most graceful, you spent the evening with us. a good night from new york, i'm shannon bream. ♪ not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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9:00 pm
in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo. ♪ >> brian: hope you're having a tonight."ht. i'm brian kilmeade, once again filling in for the great tucker carlson, but he will be making his special appearance later on in the show, i checked the rundown. meanwhile, when joe biden first entered the presidential race back in april, the press competed to see who could fake the most enthusiasm for his candidacy. remember? >> he just decided to bypass the primaries and go to right to the main event and consign everybody else to the kiddie table. >> that is joe biden at his best. that is someone who is authentic and it's the reason he connects with people. >> today, the man has been a senator, a vice president, and a big fan of aviators.
9:01 pm
he is joining the race.


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