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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 28, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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their constituents wanted. >> all right. that's going to wrap it up for us today. we are going to be on fox nation. in about five seconds five seconds. >> see you on the radio. >> sandra: good morning, everyone, the trump administration under fire after announcing millions to expand border detention facilities, bracing for a direct hit from tropical storm dorian. i am sandra smith, reporting live from our nation's capital. >> and i am jon scott in four bill hemmer. now today, tropical storm dorian is expected to strengthen. prompting many to question the decision. >> sandra: saying it is ludicrous. here is how the former acting ice director takes it on.
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>> along with the emergency that is going on, it requires the agency, the department to reprogram funding. it is a common thing to happen. if you don't have bed space for adults, they will wait in custody for too long, or they get released like their families do, and that would effectively give you an opening order. >> the department of homeland security notified congress about its plans last month he is a 30 day notification. back is set to end on sunday. they say that they intend to reprogram and transfer $116 million to fund i.c.e. single adult attention beth, and millions of dollars to establish and operate temporary hearing facilities along the southwest border. that's $271 million in all. $155 million coming from fema disaster relief funds. this is a major storm heads
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towards puerto rico, still dealing with the damage from hurricane maria. they claim that this is necessary. they say more single adults are crossing the border, and without additional funding for transportation and bets, i.c.e. will not be able to handle the influx of migrants. democrats are not buying it. they say that the administration lacks necessary justification under the law. has bigger nancy pelosi is accusing president trump and his administration of stealing money from disaster relief to pay for an inhumane family incarceration plan. chuck schumer says it is an effort to undermine the constitutional authority. he said "taking these critical funds from disaster preparedness and recovery efforts threatens lives and weekends the government's ability to help americans in the wake of natural disasters. congress appropriated these funds to meet the american people's priorities." the white house is calling the
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pushback hysteria. >> in reality, this is something about they do constantly, reprogram dollars. you do that, you some of the reprogramming to congress. so this is pretty much standard with other administrations as well. we have a national security crisis on our border. >> they are often transferred between agencies under the same department when a fiscal year some funds were transferred last year for immigration enforceme enforcement, including some from fema, but it was a much less significant number. $10 million. democrats were critical of that as well. jon. >> jon: ellison barber at the white house. thank you. >> sandra: we are going to have a whole lot more coming up. hogan gidley will be joining us. i will be at 10:30 a.m. eastern, about one hour and a half from now. big, big day for 2020 democrats.
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only a few hours left to qualify for the third primary debate. individual donor requirements. among those on the outside looking in, kirsten gillibrand, tulsi gabbard, and tom steyer. meanwhile, president trump lashing out at his potential republican primary challenges, labeling them "the three stooges." let's bring in matt schlapp, joining live onset here in washington. >> that's an offense to the stooges, i just want you to know. >> sandra: he did not name them by name, but he did give them nicknames. the former south carolina governor and the governor from massachusetts. what is his strategy here as a growing number of republicans potentially take on the president? >> the president is at his best when he is punching and he is on offense. most republican -- it is a death
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sentence. you look at those who have had primaries like george herbert walker bush, they went on to lose the general election. it get sets up in a whole different way. taking these folks on, they are actually pretty weak candidates. they have been pretty unsuccessful recently in politics. >> sandra: meanwhile, we are waiting on the latest polling on who exactly is going to be end, and who will be out, but the field is narrowing. what are your thoughts? >> that is kind of secondary to the real question of what is happening in the race, right, center? and what is happening is that if you look at the numbers, it is increasingly a socialist party. it is increasingly radicalized. if you look at the numbers of sanders and warren and those candidates that are running,
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basically it is an overwhelming number. joe biden, the one guy standing up there against that. maybe senator harris. but let me tell you, joe biden's time has come and gone. they keep telling it is joe biden's to lose. he is doing a great job that. speak to one poll, as an outli outlier, but she is not a self-proclaimed socialist, but certainly some of her policies would indicate -- >> the marketing of her policies, they are socialist. really, most of these candidates have the same positions. even joe biden has moved to the radical left, but at the end of the day, those who are not socialist are helping stomach hoping that he hangs in there. >> sandra: even within his own team, there are concerns. that they responded with this message about those gaffs and find them quite endearing.
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>> everyone is going to slip up. it happens all the time. people know who he is, they know that this is part of his charm. >> sandra: so i guess they are making the case that these gaffs are charming. >> they are good. they are top-notch. they are earning every penny of what they're getting paid. let's be honest. joe biden is not up to the job. joe biden can't get through a speech. joe biden can't remember what state he's in. he can't remember the topic he's talking about. it's a sad thing to say because he has been a hero for a long time for liberals. i just don't see how he gets his nomination if he can't read his cue cards. >> sandra: when you look at the national polling, the latest average, he is still -- >> i am making a real prediction. >> sandra: if you had to say today, who do you think it will be? >> i would put my money on elizabeth warren. i think she combines being a
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socialist was still breaking the glass ceiling, being a historic candidate, a no woman. she is also appealing more to the african-american voters, which are a huge block, especially when you get to super tuesday. much more appeal than bernie sanders. >> sandra: questions over just how far those who oppose the president will go in trying to secure democratic win, come 2020. a former fed official has spoken out. this one is william dudley. he is in the business world. he came out and said urging the central bank to not bail out the trump economy. the headline "we should not enable donald trump you" he says his ongoing attacks on your own power and on the institution have made that untenable. they face a choice. enable him and continue down the disastrous house and a clear
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signal that if he does so, the president, not the fed, will bear the risks." so he is basically suggesting that the fed should consider its actions, based on the president's policy. this is an independent body. so they have hit back, rejecting that there is any of the federal reserve. but that is really something. >> of cou seeps into everything. the idea that the fed is so divorced from politics is probably not accurate. the fact that there are people working at the fed -- unfortunately, i hate to say it, but it is very believable to me. i think that there are people in elite circles, not only in corporate america, other bureaucracies, that hate the president so much, that they actually do work overtime to try to make sure that he's not
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successful. i think that is the very thing that makes them strong because the american people realized -- >> sandra: jay powell has vowed to be independent, despite these criticisms from the president. jon. >> jon: more than a dozen of jeffrey epstein's alleged victims sharing their stories of abuse in court yesterday. some calling for the prosecution of his coconspirators in the wake of his death. >> it makes me sick to my stomach that there are perpetrators out there that obviously helps him in many ways, and they are still out there with no good morning. jeffrey epstein robbed of these women of the trial that they so desperately believed would finally bring them justice. richard berman assured these women had their day in court to get 16 women, one by one, some trembling, others crying, stood
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up and share their stories for the record about how they were allegedly sexually abused by epstein, some as young as 14 years old. for some, this was the first time that they spoke publicly about their trauma. she told the world how she was violently raped by epstein so this is about the hearing. >> it was infuriating to know that the person who i needed to hear those words is not here to hear them. fighting back tears. "i feel very angry and sad that justice has never been here. he robbed me of a day in court, and for that, he is a coward." at least four women named epstein's ex-girlfriend and alleged madam in court yesterday, identifying her as a coconspirator. also accusing him of sexually molesting her. she had a message for him and for the prosecutors. >> he knows exactly what he has
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done, and i hope he comes clean about it. it is not the lies, but how he lives. we need to get to the bottom of this. everybody who was involved in this, starting with ghislaine maxwell. >> ensuring that women in court that inquiries into coconspirators are ongoing and will continue. this as epstein's defense attorneys asked the court to open up their own investigation into the circumstances surrounding epstein's death because they have a profound problem with the medical examiner's conclusion that he died by suicide, noting that epstein probably died hours before the official time of death and that his injuries were more consistent with an assault. >> jon: bryan llenas, thank you. and we will have much more on this in the third hour of "america's newsroom." stan pottinger represents several of epstein's accusers. he joins us later in the progr
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program. >> sandra: "new york times" columnist getting mocked by president trump and even congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez on twitter over his reaction to being called "a bed bug you." sound absurd? will explain. howard kurtz will join us straight ahead. plus after blow of the college board, we are going to tell you what they are now replacing it with. plus, former obama campaign operative taking democrats to task over a lack of ground game, saying president trump has the upper hand. the dnc will be here live to respond. when you're not able to smile, you become closed off. i felt withdrawn, alone... having to live with bad teeth for so long was extremely depressing. now, i know how happy i am. there was all the feeling good about myself that i missed.
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>> sandra: new satellite pictures of a north korean shipyard reportedly showing that the country could be building a
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summary and capable of launching nuclear missiles. the images seem to confirm reports put out by north korea's state media last month. this coming just days after president trump said he is not happy about the kim regime continuing with those tests. >> jon: we are now learning democrats on the house judiciary committee wasted no time and beginning an impeachment investigation into president trump. a recent court filings address it all began before robert mueller's report was even submitted. let's bring in andy biggs, a member of the house to do judiciary committee. does it surprise you that democrats were already looking for impeachment before the report was officially released? >> no, jon, it doesn't. they have been talked about this for literally at least six months, maybe longer than that. it is kind of surprising that if they are indicating that this
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was official, they have done nothing to make this official, but they have been looking for that peg to hang an impeachment hat on b6 for at least six months. >> jon: let me read to you from the court filing, and the timeline here is what is important. on march 4th of 2019, the judiciary committee opened an investigation into threats to the rule of law, encompassing a legit obstruction of justice, public corruption, and other abuses of power by president trump to his associates and members of his administration. one critical purpose is to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment against the president. now, this came out in march. that is well before the mueller report was released. and it contradicts what the chairman of your committee, jerrold nadler, said about the timing of all of this. he said that they are going to wait until the mueller report came out until they were going to decide. >> that is part of the whole
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thing, the chairman has been garbled on messaging. he has -- don't forget that we have had multiple resolutions in congress to do that. jerry nadler has supported all of those. but he needed to get this investigation going, and he basically started that in january when he became chairman. so we interviewed witnesses and what have you, and they were really hanging their hat on the mueller investigation even though you had members of the committee saying we are doing an impeachment inquiry. that's what they kept saying. and then you have mr. nadler basically coming out and saying no, we're not really doing that. so it has been a mishmash of messaging. their real intention all along has been to try to find a way to impeach this president. >> jon: i want to talk to you about another issue in washington right now. the president would like to divert some 250 million or so
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dollars in fema funds to help with all of the problems going on at the southern border right now, which, being from arizona, you know well. here's what nancy pelosi says about that. she says "stealing from appropriated funds is always unacceptable, but to pick the pockets of disaster relief funding in order to fund an appalling and humane family incarceration plan is staggeri staggering, and to do so on the eve of hurricane season is stunningly reckless. this quotes your thoughts on that? >> i find that remarkable. quite frankly, there is lots of money in fema. this is a normal practice. don't forget about the humanitarian bill that we just passed in july, specifically prohibiting the use by i.c.e. to add beds when we had a 15,000 shortage. it is not going to be used for families but single adult males. we have a surplus of men, and we have a shortage of beds.
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so they would be otherwise released into the country, it is appalling that she would be so wrong on the facts, number one, and number two, so hypocritical, because there is going to be money for disaster and hurricane victims, the way that there always is in congress. but this is ridiculous. >> jon: we are watching that hurricane as it brews in the caribbean. congressman andy biggs of arizona. thanks for being on. >> sandra: police and one state chasing a triple murder suspect he was finally caught, completely naked. what led to his arrest, and the story behind that stunning vid video. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum. we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you >> tech: at safelite autoglass, to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there.
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bedbug on twitter. sending an angry email to the professor who posted the joke and also alerting the school's provost. among those also mocking him for his thin skin is the president who took to twitter this morning. he is now quitting twitter after being called "a bedbug." tough guy. alexandria ocasio-cortez chiming in. "my own friends burst me harder than that." howie kurtz is here. great to see you in washington. i am not sure how to handle this. i can't believe how much "bedbug" is in the news right now if you let's go to the original tweet that set all of this off. "the bedbugs are metaphor. the bedbugs are brett stevens." then all chaos ensued. >> this is a tweet from a
6:26 am
professor at george washington university here. he was playing off of the news. so first of all, i have been called much worse than a bedbug. second of all, this was an amazingly thin-skinned reaction on the part of brett stevens. nobody would have heard of this thing except for the letter that he sent to the professor and to his boss. there is now a piece in esquire, saying he is trying to squelch free speech. he is getting it from president trump, aoc. >> sandra: we know if you are on twitter, you see that there are not so friendly people out there, so you have to have some thin skin. they are suggesting that he doesn't. he went on msnbc to respond. >> a professor at george washington university described me as a bedbug or a metaphorical bedbug. just the context of the near times having a bedbug problem. and i think that kind of rhetoric is dehumanizing and
6:27 am
totally unacceptable, no matter where it comes from. speak to his words. >> the letter that he wrote actually was not bad, and what she says why don't you come to my house, me and my wife and kids, and see if you were to calm me up bedbug to my face. it does look like an attempt to get him in trouble at work. that is given the prominence that he is a pulitzer prize winner, a very good writer. given his prominence, it looks like using an elephant gun to attack a flea. that's why this has blown up here and now you mentioned, deleting his twitter account. >> sandra: it just feels like we are bordering on the absurd a little bit, don't you think? this is where we are today. i will move on from that, and i will talk about bernie sanders. going after corporate media. here he is in his own words. "after decades of consolidation and deregulation, just a small handful of companies control almost everything you want, read, and download.
6:28 am
we should not want even more of the free press to be put dirt sucked control of the benevolent billionaires who can use their 80 empires to punish their critics and show themselves from scrutiny." so bernie sanders wants to save the free press. >> i'm very impressed that any presidential candidate has that as a goal. but what you just read about "benevolent billionaires," with a couple of possible exception, he doesn't have any evidence of it. rich guys who bought "the washington post," the "l.a. times,," they are revitalizing those rivers. it just reads to me like an anticorporate thing. he doesn't like big media mergers. he thinks that they should disclose layoffs. >> sandra: that is something that works for him. >> yeah, sure. he goes after the tech companies, saying they are cannibalizing the news organizations. every news organization wants to promote their stuff in places
6:29 am
like facebook. so i think what's really going on here, sender, is that bernie sanders is not happy with this coverage, particularly from "the washington post," owned by jeff bezos. he has made charges about that. this is the back story to what he has suddenly issued this. >> sandra: great to see you here, howard kurtz. jon. >> jon: police department nationwide it trying to replenish their ranks among crippling shortage of officers. so what is being done to help with this growing problem? and it is deadline day for 2020 democrats hoping to join the next round of debates. will there only be ten candidates on the debate stage, come september? the dnc communications director joins us to respond. it's the one inspired by dentists... with the round brush head. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gumline... for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. oral-b. brush like a pro.
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6:33 am
cut are blessing the democratic national committee for tightening the rules. xochitl hinojosa is the dnc's communications director. nice to see you here in our nation's capital. you have been taking some heat for these rule changes and some of the candidates not making it in are not happy at how do you respond? >> that's to be expected. we had a very low threshold when we came to the first few debates of what percent. 65,000 unique donors. we raise the threshold to 2%. it is not a high number. if you look at past history in the last 40 years, anyone who has been under 2% in the fall before a primary has not gone on to be the democratic nominee, so this is following with history. 2% is not high. we give them the opportunity of reaching 2%, and there have been 21 polls already. so they have had plenty of opportunity to do that, and we
6:34 am
are really excited about the next debate in future ones. >> sandra: there are ten that have met the qualifications go. hours to go for others to potentially qualify. right now, it looks like one night of debates. >> that's right. right now, based on what the campaigns have said that they have reached, which we will verify tomorrow, all the materials are due by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. then we will see. but if it is that ten people, we will be on one stage. i will be the first time that you will have all of the top polling candidates on one stage. if one more person gets in, we will go to two stages, which is similar to what has happened, but it will be a smaller stage. you are looking at more like five or six people on a stage. >> sandra: we'll see how that goes. a few hours left to meet their requirements. that being said, polling right now has become very interesting. it is what we have to go on, although a lot of people like to say that the polls don't actually predict things, when
6:35 am
you look back at the 2016 election. here's a "usa today" poll. it does show joe biden as the clear front runner pure large margin of error. 4.76%. keep that in mind. joe biden's clearly lead there. this is coming after a poll yesterday got a lot of attention, showing bernie sanders and elizabeth warren polling ahead of what has been your front runner, joe biden. bernie had 20, that was that monmouth university poll. it nearly a 6% margin of error. what is going on with the race for 2020 and you polling, but i can't. ere just out the dncge crowd meeting this last week, where they talked about their vision for america and for the future. what you heard from dnc members
6:36 am
at that meeting was that they were excited, and they felt that no matter what happens, our values will bring us together, and they will support whoever is the democratic nominee. we came out of that meeting, feeling very positive. i think that any one of these candidates will be a better president than donald trump. >> sandra: who do you think has the best chance of beating him? >> i have no idea. >> sandra: you always have that answer. you must get together behind closed doors and say this is our best shot. >> i don't know who the nominee is going to be, but what i will tell you is looking at reasons been then, of the top polling candidates would beat donald trump, especially in those battleground states. what is really important is that for the first time, the democratic party has started organizing and those battleground states. it will be about a candidates message. it will be about who can be donald trump, but we can't forget that it is about who is
6:37 am
organizing on the ground and he was reaching out. >> sandra: great point. there is a new piece in "the new york times." "the trump campaign knows why obama won." it is really about what they learn the last time around, and it is an op-ed from a former obama campaigner, suggesting that the trump campaign knows how to organize a early. how are you learning from past mistakes? what changes are you making? >> i just want to point out to you about the trump campaign, they were necessarily organizing. he didn't know he was going to be the nominee. what put him over the top was, frankly, the rnc, organizing for him. he was able to gain that infrastructure when he became the nominee. what we are seeing here, we are focusing o on the stateside donald trump won. we understand those battleground states. the midwest. michigan, wisconsin. places like that.
6:38 am
we believe that if we organize now and put people on the ground, talking to voters about democratic values, that is why we will win. that is why we are organizing so early on. they have that infrastructure that they will inherit as soon as they become the nominee. >> sandra: all right. we will see how that turns out for you. final question. he was talking to a small group of reporters. 90 minute interview, and he clearly makes the case for racism in this country, he says it is a white man's problem. why are we seeing this more and more a strategy on the part of joe biden to take that on in that way? >> from the beginning of his campaign, he has -- there is a lot of hatred going on in our country right now. there is a president in this white house who wants to divide us and bring us together, and a lot of our democratic
6:39 am
candidates, including joe biden, have talked about how this is how we are going to bring people together. we want to make sure we are representing all americans, that we are dividing our country, that we are necessarily doing mass deportations. that we are saying you know what? we need to do something about gun violence. things like that. this has been a focal point of his campaign, and it will be many people's. >> sandra: i wanted to get your response to that. xochitl hinojosa. great to get your response to all of that. thank you. >> jon: former google engineer is in the hot seat now, accused of stealing self-driving car technology. he quit the tech giant and worked for uber. william la jeunesse with more on that. >> painting him as a genius and a thief. a pioneer in robotics you helped
6:40 am
found the self-driving car, but despite signing a confidentiality agreement, the government claims he secretly worked for a competitor, downloading to his personal laptop some 14,000 pages of google schematics, circuitboard drawings, how to -- made him once of the most wanted and richest men in silicon valley, and the alleged theft of those that got him in trouble. >> what i would say is that all of the are free to move from job to job, but what we cannot do this stuff our pockets on our way out the door. >> what is unusual here, google already sued and settled a case against uber for stealing their technology. he referred the case for criminal charges. >> silicon valley is not the wild west.
6:41 am
the fast-paced and competitive environment does not mean federal laws don't apply or that they can be ignored. the fbi will not tolerate this. >> he pled not guilty and left court after putting a $300,000 and his parents house as collateral. the 39-year-old engineer claims that he did nothing illegal. >> anthony lewandowski is innocent of these charges. he never stole or attempted to steal anything. >> he faces life in prison and an $8 million fine. jon if this was a story. william la jeunesse, thank you. >> sandra: offering 10 10-12000000002 settle opioid lawsuits. we will have the details on that straight-ahead. plus, major blowback after the college board on science of socioeconomic score to the
6:42 am
s.a.t. test. wait until we tell you the new score that they are applying on the road to higher education. ♪ when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. downy helps prevent stretching by conditioning fibers, so clothes look newer, longer. downy and it's done.
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>> sandra: the maker of oxycontin, plaintiff's accuse them of starting the nationwide opioid crisis. prepare to defend itself, but it does little good in years of wasteful litigation pure johnson & johnson saying that they plan to appeal the judge's order to pay out half of a billion dollars after losing its over your case. >> jon: the college board's reversing course on plans to assign an adversity score to every student who takes the s.a.t. "the wall street journal" editorial board applauding that move, calling it the right
6:46 am
decision. bill mcgurn is mainstreet's columnist at the journal, former speechwriter for george w. bush, and a fox news contributor. so this 5-month-old experiment in the adversity score is being dropped. we will get to the replacement in a moment. what do you think about ditching that? >> we applause them. it is seldom that they admit to making a mistake. the college admissions board, it is so opaque already, and that opaqueness lends itself to manipulation, as we have seen in the case is not loughlin and so forth. so i think it is a good thing that they have not tried to come up with this new score. the factors that they are considering, emily offering it here and so forth, that is already considered in the admissions process in most schools in other ways. >> jon: let me take a look at what they call landscape data that they are using now. the high school, this is, rural, suburban, or urban.
6:47 am
the size of the senior class, the number of kids eligible for free or reduced lunches. that gives them a feel for the poverty level. test score comparison. so they are trying to level the landscape. is that a good thing? >> i think that they do this already and the regular college admissions practice. as a parent, we are giving them a lot of information for two of my kids that have applied. and you know, what i am afraid of is i want math and english scores to be what math and english scores are. they shouldn't be affected by these other scores. there are plenty of other ways to take that into consideration. what i don't want is a lot of subjective criteria that may or may not work, depending on people manipulating the zip code for a school that will do better. we see that this can happen, and
6:48 am
asian students get lower ratings on personality. really? is that what we want? because they are not the desired racial component that they need. they have plenty of asians. >> jon: let's talk about another story that is bubbling up in new york city. he is saying that bill de blasio, the mayor here, has essentially given up on educating minority students. the point is that he is not allowing charter schools to floors, and they go a long way towards helping the underprivileged. >> yes, he is absolutely right. we have been following the story for a long time. my former boss, george w. bush, one spoke of the soft bigotry of low expectations. that is bill de blasio's progressivism. he had a plan to turn around failing schools. it flopped. they spent $773 million. didn't improve any schools. so his advisor say we are never going to educate these black and latino kids, so instead of
6:49 am
lifting them up, we are going to bring others down by attacking the gifted and talented programs. that's what they want to phase out. and he spends him time packing these programs or that charter schools that work. they have the passage rates for english, reading, and math. and then 90% range. very integrated schools. their public schools too, they should be applauded, but they're not. this is what happens when you obsess over race and you emphasize that over merit. and the really stinky part of it is the cynical assumption that these black kids can learn. but charter schools have proof of that is false. >> jon: pointing out that they are not occupied by the teachers union. >> exactly. that's where the mayor doesn't like them. >> jon: bill mcgurn. we are going to have much more on the future of the s.a.t.s and college admissions when we speak with david pullman.
6:50 am
president and ceo of the college board. that is coming up in the third hour of "america's newsroom." >> sandra: police department is meanwhile across the nation battling a shortage of officers. how cities dealing with this growing problem and what it means for the safety of all americans. a live report from one of those cities coming up next. memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. was in an accident. when i called usaa, it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family and we plan to be with usaa for life. see how much you can save with usaa insurance.
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>> jon: one police in virginia go to make an arrest, they find their suspect naked. now, he is suspected of murdering the family of a minor league baseball player. this after an hour long manhunt and chase through the streets. the chaos forcing several schools to go on lockdown. the 18 euros suspect now identified as the brother-in-law of minor league baseball player, blake bivens.
6:54 am
the victims have been identified as his wife, child, and mother-in-law. >> sandra: police departments nationwide face during staggering a shortage of police officers, that some emergency calls are going unanswered. please say about the shortage is so dire that they were delayed in getting to more than 6,000 top priority calls for help in just the last year. >> they tell fox news that since the year 2000, there has been a shortage of 150,000 officers nationwide. here in minneapolis, the situation really has become critical. the police chief here is asking for 400 new officers by 2025 to keep up with the recent increase in population and crime. however, proposing adding only 14 officers. the shortage here has resulted
6:55 am
in the department being unable to immediately send a squad car to 6,776 priority one emergencies in the last year. those are considered imminent threats, including shots fired, stabbings, sexual assaults. they were also unable to respond to -- actually worse than priority one. a baby not breathing and a fellow officer facing the threat of death. we spoke to the president of the minnesota police chief's union, and here's what he had to say. >> to have to look someone in the eye and tell them that we were unable to get there because we do not have enough resources, it's unacceptable. >> minneapolis councilwoman and chair of the public safety commission tells fox news that she appreciates the 14 new officers, and that the city is investing in the department. >> we are thankful that the information is out on the open. we would rather have a truthful conversation then pretend like
6:56 am
this isn't happening. >> the police union says part of a nationwide union against policing is causing people not to apply. speak to you matt finn in minneapolis. >> jon: the state of ohio is preparing to enhance background checks in the wake of the deadly mass shooting in dayton, ohio, earlier this month. the governors set to release his new plan in moments. we will take you there. plus, tropical storm dorian bearing down for puerto rico, as the president's plan to divert funds from disaster relief is facing criticism. hogan gidley, our headliner, joined us next hour. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this. i found cosentyx. now, watch me.
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7:00 am
jon tropical storm dorian intensifying in the caribbean, now threatening puerto rico with a direct hit, packing heavy winds and rain at 60 miles per hour, as residents there brace for impact. warning that dorian could then become a category two hurricane before heading towards the florida coast. meanwhile, the trump administration facing criticism after removing $271 million in disaster funding to immigration enforcement at our southern border. we are going to speak about this just a bit later in the hours with our headliner this morning. white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley will join us. but, first, we have brand-new reaction from the dnc yesterday
7:01 am
marks the deadline for 2020 presidential candidates to qualify for the third debate, happening next month in houston. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith, reporting live from our nation's capital. >> jon: good morning, sandra. there is controversy over who may be left off the state altogether. dnc communications director xochitl hinojosa spoke to us last hour. >> we had a very low threshold when it came to the first two debates of 1%, 65,000 unique donors. and we raised it to 2%. it is not a high number. it is -- if you look at past history in the last 40 years, anyone who has been under 2% in the fall before a primary house i'm gone on to be the democratic nominee. so this is following with history. 2% is not high. the one peter doocy has more
7:02 am
from washington. peter. >> jon, it looks like the dnc is getting what they want. i feel that fits on one stage. ten candidates are qualified right now ahead of tonight's deadline to meet requirements. tom steyer is really close. he just needs 2% support in one more dnc sanction poll, but according to the last two pull my car less that we have been expecting out of tonight's deadline, he did not get it. neither did kirsten gillibrand, tulsi gabbard, or marianne williamson, whose campaign -- the dnc has been picking the right pul pull my playlist to se who gets to debate. her communications director tells us that if the dnc helped follow the process they announced in february and cap to the promise of 17 qualifying polls, the lineup of the upcoming third debate might be very different. the dnc decided that the most important way to whittle down the field was by requiring candidates to earn at least 130,000 individual donations and
7:03 am
at least 2% support nationally in four different goals. some candidates reached one threshold but not the other, and they will be watching the debate on tv. joe biden says he expects to continue being targeted by lower polling candidates who are hoping to raise their own profiles. but his preference is this more limited format. he is quoted this morning saying "it has taken me and i assume some other some time to figure out how to engage in a nondebate debate because there has been no debate. just because there is only one stage in september doesn't mean that there can't be two stages in october because the thresholds are going to remain the same pew some candidates like tim ryan are out there saying that it is just making them a little bit longer to do it. they are out there campaigning, and they will be back. jon. >> jon: we will see. >> sandra: we will take it from there. we have our a-team joining us. mollie hemingway, and fox news contributor.
7:04 am
former deputy and national press secretary, is a artist in minot, and bradley blakeman, deputy to george w. bush. a.b. stoddard. for those democrats to make the cut. do we have the list? is it going to be those ten? >> it seems likely that it will not be more than that. i do think there is a legitimate angst that people have. the rules were set forward, and they do have some questions about whether the dnc cap to the original polls that they set in february. it does seem like there is good reason that the debates need to keep happening with a wide range of people because people don't seem to be settling on a particular candidate. >> sandra: hosea. >> i am with molly about the debates need to keep happening. we started this whole idea with over 20 candidates, so it is
7:05 am
time that we start narrowing down the election for the american people. and i am with xochitl. people who are a polling under 2%, they don't make it. >> sandra: mollie, you have obviously seen him have front runner status for quite some time. recent polling popping up this week that might indicate that bernie sanders and elizabeth warren may have a little bit of momentum behind them. joe biden's team, there have been reports, some concerns about some of the gaffs that he has been making. they have recently responded, trying to embrace those in. >> everybody's going to slip up and misstate a name or a date or location. it happens all the time. people know who he is. they know that this is part of his term, that they understand that they are getting it straight from him. it is not overly packaged. he is always speaking from the heart.
7:06 am
sure, i mean sometimes he's going to misstate a couple of things. the two so, jose, does it behoove them to just embrace those? >> joe biden will be joe biden. that is who he has always been. i don't think that that will affect our primaries. >> sandra: meanwhile, do you want to -- >> i do think that this is why you are seeing weakness. he seems like a very likable guy. they know him very well. he actually has been this way for decades. he has verbal cognition problems. they do seem to be getting wor worse. the number one thing that democrats want is someone that can defeat donald trump. when they see him slip up, it might be who he is, but it might not be enough. >> he has been leading the palm eichler less from the beginning. would you say that he is weakening? he continues to lead. >> warren is definitely rising. she does seem to be generating
7:07 am
some excitement that we are not seeing from joe biden. >> sandra: meanwhile, he took them on on twitter not by name, but did offer some new nicknames for them. "can you believe it? i'm at 94% approval in the republican party, and have three stooges running against me. one is "mr. appalachian trail," who was actually in argentina for bad reasons. another is a one-time bad congressman from illinois who lost in his second term by a landslide, then failed in radio. the third is a man who couldn't stand up straight while receiving an award. i should be able to take them!" so he says it is very unlikely that this will be a problem for him, but he felt compelled to respond with that tweet. >> i think you might enjoy responding to it just because it does speak to the complete and utter failure of the "never trumper" movement, which has had one goal, come up with a legitimate candidate to run against him. very difficult because he has complete support of his party, and nobody wants to actually run, but even by the standards,
7:08 am
these are particularly weak people to have run against him. >> sandra: the former congressman from illinois, he also put out a response. here he is in his own words, responding to the president. >> he is our nominee in 2020, the republican party is going to get because young people don't like tron. women don't like drum. and people who love in the suburbs don't like trump. >> sandra: you can make cases against all of that. >> none of his challengers, taking on the president, eating him to be the nominee, from a symbolic point of view and objects, it just doesn't luck good. >> sandra: new that are being diverted. here is the former i.c.e. director on the democrats push back on the funding that has been diverted in this controversy. >> i think it is one of those
7:09 am
things where they disagreed to try to secure the border and have an immigration system. so they write the checks. congress writes the checks. they give the administration the authority in a situation like this, and i am sure the needs that fema has. i think all of that is going to work out just fine. >> sandra: they are moving $271 million to the border. puerto rico is now bracing for this storm to become a category two hurricane. it is in the middle of a lot of controversy. mollie, what you think? >> the big problem with everything puerto rico is not funding. it is actually about the corruption of the government there, which has had trouble administering funds for a very long. lack of time, and i hope they're working on dealing with that program. the hurricane is bearing down. but we are in the middle of hurricane season, where there is a lot of potential for that. in general, we have a lot of
7:10 am
issues, a lot of emergencies, and one of them is a humanitarian crisis on the border, so these are both very important projects. it is not just money. it is about the administration and making sure that the money has been wisely. >> sandra: what do you think about that back and forth? >> i think it is not the time to be moving the funds around. if we learned anything from hurricane maria, american citizens were without electricity for over a year. that is happening in the continental united states, i don't know that we would have had that sort of problem. number one and number two, he is moving these to the border, i don't think because of national security. it is a political strategy. he is trying to rile up his ba base. >> sandra: saying that this is a national security issue, of course. i'm going to take it over to jon because the conversation will continue in new york.
7:11 am
>> jon: that's right, sandra. frontrunner joe biden with a wide lead at 32% to elizabeth warren's 14% and bernie sanders 12%. the rest of the democratic field in single digits. let's bring it bradley blakeman and a.b. stoddard. her eyes were drawn to this poll because of the numbers that came out from monmouth university yesterday. that is up on the screen right now. those showed that bernie sanders held the lead. actually tied with elizabeth warren. and the biden at 19%, all within the margin of error, but it was a surprising list for those first two candidates. surprising drought for biden. so which poll is to believe? >> that is the only poll that has ever shown joe biden's lift from first place. a small sample and an outlier. we should be watching trends, which everybody should. you should never allow one poll. we were all supposed to learn
7:12 am
this after the 2020 election, that you loo look at the trend,t specific polls. warren has reason to be happy with all of these. the real question is what is the bernie sanders coalition going to do? she is searching in iowa. it is a very wide state where she got win back caucus and change the direction of this race. that is why she is happy with her trend line, not specific polling. then you see biden clinging to his frontrunner status where he is actually not looking so great if iowa were to be held tomorrow. warren could throw him off. the question is the bernie sanders coalition, and elizabeth warren, it is different. what is going to happen to the so-called progressive vote? she doesn't have a lot of black support. biden has the most. where was i going to go? i coalition of noncollege ways, it usually determines the nomination. we are obviously watching the free, but i am the most interested in where the bernie crowd ends up.
7:13 am
>> jon: bernie sanders seems to be underperforming in his last race when he challenged hillary clinton so successfully. >> search you. as ab pointed out, there is a fickleness. remember to get the nomination, you have to rely on state polls. it is certainly going to help me in the press i receive as well as fund-raising, but it shows you how fickle the poem i put have been and how they will continue to be. biden is up by 34%. if you add bernie and warren, probably not doing so well. so as a.b. stoddard pointed out, where do they go? >> jon: they have not really taken each other around in the debates at this point. >> warren and sanders either. no one is really -- that is what we are waiting to see.
7:14 am
>> jon: i guess the far left wing of the party, the sanders sanders-warren wayne, that is divided by those two candidatesg to gel and pick one or the oth other? >> when you talk to party establishment types who really fear warren or sanders nomination because they don't feel that they could beat president trump, they would be seen as radicals, they are interested in the fact that people have interesting second choices. a lot of biden second choices pick sanders. it is very confusing. and they don't think that that has yet become clear. we will know more maybe by december. maybe not sure if there is a weird potential for andrew yang, for people to rise up into that. because of the second choices they are, they don't think that people have picked only one horse. >> jon: let's talk about news
7:15 am
coverage related to all of this, taking hits from all sides. that is one of the pieces that we just saw. and here is a quote from that piece. "it is the single most influential news outlet in the nation and has been accused of anti-trump bias by the right. it has come under fire for being too slow to defend itself from president trump's fe fake news s and overly sensitive." your take on where the times finds itself? >> i love to see the fact that "the new york times" is being hit. but it is tough to teach an old dog new tricks. there is no question of anti-trump bias at "the new york times." it just isn't as aggressive perhaps as the left would like it to be.
7:16 am
nothing is going to change systemically in this election cycle, i can assure you of that. b>> coming after journalist at that time. most of them will be in other places. they have had some treats in the past revealing some sort of bias or anti-semitism. i do think that "the new york times," the most alarming thing that we have learned comes from "the new york times." it turned out to be true. do they have a problem -- we see new problems with journalists who have bad tweets, they need to be held accountable for those. those. everyone has to be held to account for the things that they have said. presidents will come and go, and "the new york times" will still be there and be a punching bag, but that doesn't mean that they continue to do really essential reporting. >> jon: we could talk about
7:17 am
this for the rest of the morning, but we will move on to some other things. a.b. and bradley. >> sandra: that conditions in the middle east, video showing what intelligent sources tell us are members of hazlitt terrorist group attacking you on patrol. we are going to have the details on that just ahead. plus, 2020 democrats setting their sights on a new tax credit. everything from the wealthy. how this could change the game. and what it could mean for everyone else. charles payne has something to say about that. he joins us next. >> in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, we can have a nation where all of our people live with security and dignity. this is the couple who wanted to get away
7:18 am
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and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. >> jon: on the presidential campaign trail, some democratic hopefuls are proposing to redistribute money from the port -- i'm sorry, from the rich to the poor. so how might the system change in this country if democrats when my pulse ox white house and senate while keeping control of the house? that's bring in our money men, charles payne, cohost of "making money" on the fox business
7:22 am
network. got you a little bit choked up there. >> the prospect of your art collection being taxed, it is unnerving. i mean, really. if you think about some of the ideas that are being floated out there, and the costs, we have independent analysis, whether it is climate change, medicare for all, forgiving all student debt, all of these numbers are well into the trillions. even if one of the socialist leaning democrats were to win, they couldn't raise regular taxes. they couldn't raise business taxes enough to really feel that, so now they are eyeing the potential of these assets. not the things that are throwing off cash, but just assets. if you have of kosovo, how about we tax it at its value every year? you can imagine the kind of damage that i would have on
7:23 am
households, how it could even slow the economy even more even more. >> jon: bernie sanders earlier this week was campaigning on this very issue. take a listen to what bernie had to say. >> we can have a nation which does not have a huge gap between the very rich and everybody el else. income and wealth in economy is growing. it is not acceptable. >> jon: so you can have in america that does not have a huge gap between the very rich and everybody else. >> right. there is a big difference between the income gap and the wealth gap. listen. some people are offended that generation after generation after generation of the waltons will be fabulously wealthy. billionaires, no matter what. that may be -- the great, great,
7:24 am
great grandfather started with his five enzyme, but should his family still have billions of dollars? should it be taken away and put back into the public? that is a debate that i think is going to continue to grow in this country, particularly as these candidates become more popular. >> jon: richard rubin has a piece on all of this. he quotes the orc on senator who said "the whole thing is stacked in favor of the tax avoidance crowd. you have one system for a cop and a nurse, and another for high flyers to face what they want when they want to, everybody nuts." >> we have a progressive tax system, going back to 2016, the average of all returns was just about 13%, but if you took the top 0.1%, if you took the top 1%, they pay close to 20% on
7:25 am
average. it is a progressive tax system. there are some loopholes that some folks take advantage of, but for the most part, the ultra-wealthy are paying the largest share. the top 1% is paying like 40% of the whole thing. you have a lot of people who pay no federal taxes in this country. some people think that is a problem as well. >> jon: we have huge issues with student debt in this country. putting up the statistics here, the total number of outstanding student loans, $1.6 trillion in 2019. the average student debt, about 27,000 in public institutions, and 33,000 for those who went to private institutions. typical monthly payments are $200 or $300. how do we fix it, charles? >> i think it got broken, really broken under the obama administration when they took out the middleman.
7:26 am
before, you would go to a bank, and they would say that's crazy, we won't lend you this kind of money to get a degree in pottery. but once the bank was cut out of the process, the government stamped it, tuition went up. i think you have got to say no, curb some of these things, and as far as it goes, if you have a college degree in this country, the unemployment rates were college graduates in this country is extraordinarily low. they have the greatest participation of anybody in this country. what i am really worried about are the people who get these loans who don't get that degree. they are suffering mightily because they've got to pay it back, and they don't have the sheepskin to get into these big corporations and get the big paychecks. >> jon: there's a lot of good paying jobs out there that don't require college degrees. >> a lot of them.
7:27 am
not blue-collar. a new color. they pay good money. you don't have to sell your soul for it. >> jon: sandra. >> sandra: meanwhile, fox news alert. queen elizabeth has just approved the government's request to suspend parliament amid a growing crisis over brexit. boris johnson spoke to the queen on wednesday to request an end to the current parliament session in september. opposition lawmakers arguing that he wants to limit the ability of lawmakers to come up with legislation to block a new deal brexit. the queen is the head of state and is politically neutral on this. she asked on the advice of her government and political matte matters. meanwhile, millions of people bracing for tropical storm dorian strengthening, taking aim at florida. we are tracking it all next. plus, as the storm moves in, the
7:28 am
trump administration criticized for diverting fema funds to pay for immigration enforcement of the border. we will have fresh reaction coming up your white house deputy secretary hogan gidley is our headliner this morning. he will join us next. >> if you don't have both space for single adults, they are waiting for too long, which is not a good scenario, where they get released, and that would effectively give you an open border. about 50% of people with severe asthma have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs. eosinophils are a key cause of severe asthma. fasenra is designed to target and remove these cells. fasenra is an add-on injection for people 12 and up with asthma driven by eosinophils. fasenra is not a rescue medicine or for other eosinophilic conditions. fasenra is proven to help prevent severe asthma attacks, improve breathing, and can lower oral steroid use.
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i can't believe it. that sophie opened up a wormhole through time?
7:32 am
(speaking japanese) where am i? (woman speaking french) are you crazy/nuts? cyclist: pip! pip! (woman speaking french) i'm here, look at me. it's completely your fault. (man speaking french) ok? it's me. it's my fault? no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. (pterodactyl screech) believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> bill: fox news alert puerto rico bracing for a potential direct hit from tropical storm dorian. the radar shows dorian barreling towards the island as it intensifies, winds up to 65 miles per hour right now. then it looks like it's sights are set on florida. let's begin meteorologist adam, what's the latest? it's because this continues to be trending for the worst especially if you live in the southeastern united states. here's what we are currently looking at, winds at six to
7:33 am
5 miles per hour, likely hitting puerto rico this afternoon into the evening hours and then you are back out over a very warm water and you see it jump up to it category one storm come up to a category two storm, this is still getting to probably monday morning but the time you talk about landfall. maybe enough time for this to become a category three storm. as of right now, we are looking at the islands getting closer and closer to some of the heaviest rain beginning to hit it. puerto rico likely within the next couple of hours, the virgin islands already seeing heavy rain. there is your center of circulation and by the time we get to 6:00 p.m. we likely already run over the eastern portion of the islands. i think wins 40-50 miles per hour. at times some pretty hot end. perhaps as little as 3-4 inches if we run right up the eastern coast come if you drift further inland we could see as much as eight or 10 inches of rain. then you are back out open water
7:34 am
and that changes everything. 85 degrees running up to 86, 87 degrees. that's when this thing really starts to intensify. you start to see the winds pick up and this becomes a very powerful storm. these are tropical storm models, again we are talking about a monday morning to come up out perhaps even slower. this is a big difference from miami would be stretching all the way up the portions of the carolinas. first, john, puerto rico later today. it's because that's one thing they do not need is another storm like this. >> sandra: mu while as we watched dorian and it continues to barrel towards puerto rico the trump administration is diverting $271 million of nafta relief fund to immigration enforcement on our southern border. the move is sparking backlash from democrats. the press secretary joins me on set in our nation's capital. nice to have you here this
7:35 am
morning. so the president is taking a lot of heat for this decision to divert these funds to the border at the beginning of hurricane season. is this a good move? speak of the democrats know that this money isn't being diverted from anything that can be used for recovery efforts or preparedness efforts. they know this so this is a flat out lied. if the media is reporting it and continues to do so this way, they either haven't gotten to the conclusion of the fact that this pot of money can't be used for recovery effort or they know it and they are misrepresenting it intentionally. that obviously is problematic. this president has given billions of dollars to puerto rico, florida, texas, south carolina, anywhere that's faced one of these damaging storms he wants the american people to be back in the feet and that's what he does it. >> i know he asked will it ever end if he talked about those funds going to puerto rico, the democrats are calling this cruel, chuck schumer took this on in the statement about the money getting deported and wrote that the trump administration's
7:36 am
plan to divert money away from fema at the beginning of hurricane season is backwards and cruel. taking these critical funds from disaster preparedness and recovery efforts threaten the lives and weakens the government's ability to help americans in the wake of natural disaster. your response that? >> i will tell you what's cruel, when local politicians and put a rico misuse taxpayer funds. the most money we sent down there we now know several on the ground have been indicted for misusing that money, giving it a politicians as bonuses, watching that food wrought in the ports, the water went bad. the president has done everything in his power to make sure that the people of puerto rico are prepared for this next storm and they are still rebuilding from the last one because of the billion dollars we sent down there. his heart goes out to them, back-to-back hurricane's just a year ago it was a very horrific situation down there. the president moved heaven and earth to try and help them rebuild, the democrats are
7:37 am
playing politics couldn't chuck schumer knows this pot of money can't be used for hurricane recovery or preparedness come he's telling us flat out lies. >> here is the san juan mayor . >> we are not going to be concerned by frankly his behavior, his lack of understanding. it is ludicrous. 3,000 puerto ricans did not open their eyes this morning because this racist man did not have it within him to do his job. to get out of the way, president trump come and let the people who can do the job to get done. >> sandra: these two have been engaged in a war of words for quite some time. now saying to get out of the way to president trump. what role does he see that he can play, especially when it comes to accountability of those funds to continue to flow there? >> listen, that's a local issue as you know. federal dollars that went other
7:38 am
were misused and abused. the territory was in serious trouble because of the local politicians and what they've done. propping up their own bank accounts as opposed to helping the people of puerto rico. the fact is we have fema officials on the ground they are in the u.s. virgin islands, we are in constant contact with them at the local level to prepare them for this storm and anything that follows it. again, they'll know that this money can't be used for preparedness or recovery and they are lying about it, they know that. this president wants to protect the people. >> i will conclude this with the president in his own room, give them a big thank you, not like last time, that includes from the incompetent mayor of san juan. that feud continues and we're going to continue to watch the path of that storm looking very serious and could develop into a hurricane. speak of the resources we deliver need to get to the people of puerto rico and that's what this is about. >> meanwhile you are fresh back from the g7 summit in france, i
7:39 am
know you are traveling with the president. there are reportedly some trade insiders who are talking about the president harsh negotiating tactics when it comes to getting a deal done with china and thought it could work against the president. our his negotiation tactics working? >> they are working. he has incredible relationships with leaders around the globe i don't understand his narrative at all. the president was clear this is the way he negotiates with its the mexico deal with it sent troops to their border. this president deals with leaders of four nations in a very good way to to protect the american people first. he wants other people to succeed as well, but this is about protecting american getting the best deals for us a new sublet at the g7 because the media wanted to focus on the amount of calls between our administration and china. there was confusion, but they wanted to talk about that as opposed to the deal that was
7:40 am
actually on the table that this president secured because of his great relationship with the prime minister. $7 billion with our farmers, japan is not buying the court warned that china said it wouldn't. this was a massive deal between the united states and japan and the only reason we can make that is because of the relationships and the respect of that the president of this country and prime minister abe have with each other. >> rewind to monday, here is the president in his words on taking on the chinese president and raising the stakes. >> when i raise and he raises, we can never catch up what we have to balance our trading relationship at least to an extent. they were unwilling to do that and will never have a deal if that happens but is going to happen. because they have to have a deal. it's because i have to have a deal. talking with the weakening economy they are and how that's
7:41 am
going to focus their hand here. finally what should we know today about ongoing phone calls, negotiations, are we making progress without that g7 summit? >> we are in the only way we can have this conversation with china is because our economy is so strong in others around the globe are struggling. the president does have a good relationship with xi jinping, that's pretty obvious with their dealings with each other. >> i just take question whether or not that he is an enemy. >> they have a report, they respect each other and the president understands this isn't china's fault as to why the american worker, american industries, , and american corporations have been taking in the teeth for the last 30 years, it's the politicians of the past who loved the status quo and didn't want anything to get done. this president wants to protect the american people and what the deal. but the deal has to be good for this country first. >> sandra: the president also spoken length giving a news
7:42 am
conference to reporters talking about chyron. he seemed to such an optimistic tone, what is next? >> listen come he has been clear that he wants to have conversations with leaders of iran without preconditions. is been very clear about that and he was clear in the g7 as well. at the fact that iran is under a maximum pressure campaign by this president because of its decades worth of malign behavior. its largest state-sponsored source of terror on the globe and it used billions of dollars in cash that obama gave them to prop up their terrorist networks globally. that's can't happen anymore and it's why we are holding their feet to the fire. >> president micron suggested that there should be a meeting to happen in the next couple of weeks. >> he wants a meeting to happen and that's fine. he's always willing to talk to people but sanctions are not going to be lifted this time because we have to make sure that they come to the table understanding their economies crippling come of their potential is great but they have to stop what they are doing
7:43 am
across the globe. >> sandra: it's great to see you hit in person here in washington. >> singer taylor swift calling out president trump over equality. how the white house is responded next. billions of mouths.
7:44 am
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tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. >> the white house is responding to taylor swift to call the president trump at the mtv video awards on monday ninth. the singer's claim to the administration for not getting behind the equality act.
7:48 am
>> hello, on monday taylor swift asked the trump administration to back the equality act. on tuesday at the trump administration issued a response saying that trump administration actually opposes discrimination of any kind and supports the equal treatment of all, however the house passed bill in its current form is filled with poison pills that threaten to undermine parental and conscience rights. as for what is in this bill, it would make it illegal on a national level to discriminate against somebody based on their sexual orientation. but critics are concerned that it would stifle religious freedoms and do things like force parents to give their children hormone therapy if they want to change their gender at a young age. that's the political side of things and republicans, things are going to have to be worked out a little bit if the senate really does want to pass this
7:49 am
and republicans need to get on board. it's because she is a very popular singer with about a zillion twitter followers. even kellyanne conway seems to be a fan. >> i actually liked the new taylor swift song called we need to calm down, i could sing it from view. if you say it on the street, that's a knockout, if you put in a tweet, it's a cop-out. i loved that. that's basically washington in a nutshell. i think when hollywood and sinkers go political it sounds in the moment like it's very popular and we've seen so many times where it backfires and blows up. >> kellyanne conway has a lot of guts to sing on national television. taylor swift of course does have a lot of power, this one is her petition was a petition so the white house didn't even need to respond to this, but she clearly has a lot
7:50 am
of sway as for the xenium down like a vm a come of the ratings were down for the third straight year. >> carley shimkus, thank you. >> major new developments in britain as the queen approves the plan does spend parliament for a month amid crisis on on e brexit deal. we are going to have a live update on this just ahead
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> attentions on the rise in the middle east fox news has obtained exclusive video showing just how the iranian funded terror group, has blood, stop u.s. peacekeepers from doing their job in southern lebanon. david lee miller joining us now with this never before seen video showing what happened during a regular patrol. it david. >> sandra, as the uss security council this week decides on what role, u.n. peacekeepers should have in south lebanon, fox news has obtained exclusive video that shows peacekeeping patrol under attack. an intelligence source familiar with the video and analysts say that has below was responsible. the embers happen when your echo about 5 miles from the israel border, the peacekeepers were from the u.n. interim force in lebanon, their mandate is to
7:55 am
help keep the peace that had ended the 2006 israel lebanon war. the video supports the finding of a u.n. report about that incident but now nothing is left to the imagination, a group of about 20 organized attackers you can see in the video smashed vehicle windows, one was set on fire, peacekeepers were beaten, punched, kicked, weapons were confiscated and pointed at the peacekeepers. there were no serious injuries. they are branded a terrorist group of the u.s. and has a history of violence and intimidation, the u.n. has not implicated has been a lot but experts say it's obvious who was behind the attack. >> this is clearly not a spontaneous act by local civilians, this is clearly hezbollah coordinated operation and they tracked it down and they surrounded it in order to make sure that they understand it. the fact that they did it right outside headquarters is all you
7:56 am
need to know. it's because tomorrow the u.n. security council bookstore decide whether additional authority they will be provided with in order to keep peace in the region. >> sandra: david miller, thank you. >> another fox news alert we are just getting word that republican georgia senator senator commit johnny isakson, will resign at the end of this year. he says he is leaving the senate because of health concerns. he is diagnosed with parkinson's disease in 2013. he also suffered a bad fault last month. johnny isakson will resign plus a college entrance exams dropping the so-called adversity score after heavy pushback from critics s >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am.
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or insulin may cause low blood sugar. lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attack? on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. speedy fox news alert, queen elizabeth are proving short boris johnson's call to suspend parliament for about a month amid the growing crisis over the brexit deal. the move setting off outrage amongst opposition leaders because it gives them less time now to block a note brexit deal before the scheduled withdrawal october 31st. were going to have a whole lot more on this breaking news in the live report from london just a few moments from now. meanwhile another fox news alert this morning as we await an update on the track of tropical storm dorian, amid a storm of another kind in washington. over fema funds and border security. welcome back to "america;s newsroom" come our three come i'm sandra smith fly from
8:01 am
washington. >> and i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer in new york. any moment we will get new information from the national hurricane center on tropical storm dorian. it could hit florida laid up as a hurricane but now it's expected that make landfall in puerto rico where president trump has declared a state of emergency. disputed this as he is under fire for diverting millions of dollars from fema disaster relief funds for immigration reinforcement. here's what has deborah terry press secretary moments ago on "america's newsroom." to speak of the president has done everything in his power to make sure that the people of puerto rico are prepared for this next storm and they are still rebuilding from the last one commits because of the billions of dollars we sent down there. the fact is we have fema officials on the ground there in the u.s. islands that we are in constant contact with at the local level to prepare them for this storm and anything that follows it. >> sandra: we've got fox news coverage with john roberts at the white house, first to
8:02 am
rick leventhal in san juan, rick? >> on the northeast side of the island and we've set up the fox nor del micah storm cam that will provide live hd streaming video as well as weather data throughout the course of the storm, which could have an impact on the island but the good news is that this is a tropical storm, they are not expecting it to get much stronger than that until after it passes through or around puerto rico. were going to give you a quick look at the beach which is pretty quiet today and you can see over here at that hotel where the workers are putting up tarps, this is a scene pretty much across the city right now where they have set up can sellers amongst another of businesses which have closed in anticipation of the bad weather. they have boarded up other storefronts in the airport is virtually shut down with most major airlines canceling all their flights. we are still waiting on those numbers for the national hurricane center which i believe the storm is around 70 miles per hour and headed right for this area before it's expected to
8:03 am
head out to sea and then on the path possibly towards the floor to close this course it's only been two years since puerto rico was slammed by maria, which was a category four inch devastated the island. the givenness of lessons have been learned, she's urging calm. first responders have three position, period of this storm has been passing over islands it has been bringing a lot of rain causing heavy flooding of roads, washed out some bridges come in that's a big concern here as well, sandra with flash floods possible and a lot of folks come in fact 30,000 homes still have blue tarps on their roofs it could cause some more problems for this island that is already still recovering from maria. >> all right, rick leventhal we will continue to watch that storm passed.
8:04 am
thank you. >> meanwhile criticism is coming in. top democrats are attacking the trump administration move, chief white house correspondent john roberts live from the north lawn. >> john, good morning to you the department of homeland security informed congress last month its intent to move some money around. 30 day waiting period for moving that money around ends on sunday so it could happen soon after that. here's what dhs is planning to do chimeric program hundred $16 million from its current budget to single adult det and r temporary immigration hearings to try and expedite immigration adjudication and removal process. it comes to $271 million in total, 155 million of that total will come from the fema disaster relief fund. given the rise of single adults
8:05 am
crossing the border, ice has already had increased a number of detention beds above what congress funded with that additional funding for single adult detention beds in the u.s. ice will not be able to support the influx of migrants from u.s. customs and border protection apprehension. money is moved around or reprogrammed within departments all the time and is happen over successive administrations but congressional democrats who want to keep a firm hand of the purse strings are livid about this, particularly as the snow storm is headed towards puerto rico. house speaker nancy pelosi with a statement saying stealing from appropriated funds is always an acceptable. but the pick the pockets of disaster relief to fund an appalling incarceration plan is staggering and to do so on the irv of parking sees in the stomach where reckless. this from the senate majority leader chuck schumer taking these critical funds from disaster preparedness and recovery efforts threatens lives and weakens the government's
8:06 am
ability to help americans in the wake of natural disasters. congress appropriated these funds to meet the american people's priorities. at the white house is saying this morning that if democrats are not going to move any legislation to deal with the crisis on the border, the white house is going to have to find other ways to deal with it. he is the vice president chief of staff this morning. >> the reality is that this is something that republican and democrat administration do constantly to re-appropriate dollars. this is pretty much standard have other administrations as well. the president has said we have a national security crisis on our border. >> what this all boils down to is a fundamental disagreement between the president and democrats in congress as to what should happen to illegal migrants while their cases are being adjudicated. should they be held in detention or should they come as a lot of democrats want, be released into the united states to await those hearings where dhs says many of
8:07 am
them never show up for their immigration hearings and simply disappear. >> jon: john roberts comparing that from the white house. his musical speeding meanwhile major polls are now putting a brand-new statement on the 2020 pulled it made a lot of news earlier this week. i'm at the university putting in a pool that did show the known front runner, joe biden, dropping behind both senator bernie sanders and senator elizabeth warren. it was a double digit drop according to the statement. they are now saying as other national polls of 2020 democratic presidential race have been released this week it is clear that the poll published monday is an outlier. this is a product of the uncertainty that is inherent in the polling process. joining us now. so, the biden team responded to that poll that showed him slipping 13 points and put them in a virtual three-way tie with
8:08 am
bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, the cow with an outlier. now monmouth think it looks like it is one. >> we seen a series of poll that show that biden's where he has been the top. what we know about this race is that biden, even if he is that weaker front-runner than past front runners, and we don't necessarily know it to be true but we know that there are some doubts about his candidacy even among democrats who really like joe biden they may be ideological they might have to do with his age committee definitely did not have to deal with his gaffes. he is to prove that he's strong enough to handle an national campaign. we know where he is in this race, what is the other thing that all the polling shows us is that elizabeth warren continues to rise. his campaign is growing, support for her is growing to, i was with her last week in simple minnesota and then i drove down to iowa and spend a few days with joe biden and one of the things i found very interesting
8:09 am
about support for a warrant is that her supporters are beginning to believe that she is electable. they are beginning to believe that she can beat donald trump, they are beginning to believe that support for her isn't just some impassioned enthusiasm, but it that it's logical and practical and the other thing i learned is that joe biden's message is selling to a lot of democrats. he focuses on national unity, he focuses on getting things back to normal. the only problem is trump and even for a lot of progressives and for the twitter crowd, they sort of dismissed that around. there are a lot of democratic voters showing up to joe biden's events and the crowds aren't too bad and they like what they hear. >> interesting. backing up what you initially set about her electability, the polling does indicate that the front runners in the race right now do have a good chance of beating the president. again according to this bullet shows that the front-runner, joe biden, would beat the president in a general election match up. also was sanders, warren, all
8:10 am
pulling above the president and general election matchup. i want to look generally speaking at the polls that we've seen released this week just to dig into the trends that you are talking about here. again, noting that what we just saw earlier in the week with an outlier. joe biden clearly still the front-runner according to usa today but still that virtual tie with warren and sanders. let's put a lot of them earlier this week in the biden camp but seems that that might not be the case moving forward. >> i think what's really interesting about this race so far is hot stable it's been. you've had a top tier of joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, and kamala harris to a large degree and then you've had to lower tier of candidates, cory booker, beto o'rourke, pete buttigieg somewhere in between second-tier and top-tier and not much of that has changed. so it will be interesting to see in the upcoming debate, which
8:11 am
appears that it will have every buddy and states together biden, warren, sanders, booker, all of these candidates no more split evenings. if that will shake up the race. i think it's also important to understand that i think the key months and this is not rocket science but we seen this in past primaries, the key month is going to be january leading into the february. voters are going to start making decisions, candidates will start to make decision or prove a lot of the doubters wrong and so we will see this race unfold but it's been relatively stable. >> they still a few hours left for those lower tier candidates to make the threshold make that debate but right now it's pretty solidified at ten. she said historically that this is the way it's gone but democrats that are qualified for that september debate, they are on your screen. sanders, biden, booker, but a judge.
8:12 am
if one more is added it will have to be added split into two nights. final thoughts on the trends we're seeing for 2020 question why >> it's important for voters to remember that polling is a snapshot in time. it's not intended to be predictive, it's intended to tell candidates and voters were things stand today. for candidates it can tell them where they stand so they can figure out what kind of adjustments to make. i can let a front runner know where their weaknesses aren't so you don't have to look at a pulley don't like and disagree with that commute just have to take it for what it is today. things can change and i bet things are going to change. >> david drucker, the giver recommend. >> jon: new course filing suggest house democrats began impeachment process meetings even before the mueller report was made public. bret baier weighs in. also facing a backlash from the college board will no longer go forward with that so-called adversity score on the s.a.t. but it will replace that score with something else. we'll talk to the head of the college board, david coleman.
8:13 am
plus dozens of jeffrey epstein's accusers share their stories of abuse in court, demanding justice. where is the case can now question we will talk with a attorney representing several of epstein's accusers. >> do i feel his death is an appropriate punishment? absolutely not. he gives nobody justice and it leaves a lot of unanswered questions. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this. i found cosentyx. now, watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are getting real relief with cosentyx. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain of psoriatic arthritis. it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur.
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gmortgage rates have dropped to near record lows. stay and be a booker that could save you tens of thousands over the life of the loan, starting right away. with the newday's va streamline refi there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no points. you could lower your payment before you write your next month's check. make the most of your va mortgage benefits. refinance to a lower rate now at newday usa. refi now at >> i want to start by saying it's not how jeffrey died, but it's how he lived.
8:17 am
we need to get to the bottom of every but he was involved with that. it makes me sick to my stomach that there's perpetrators out there that obviously helped him in many ways for a very long time and they are still out there was no punishment. >> alleged victims of jeffrey epstein's picking out at a court hearing yesterday as the defense team for the disgraced financier calls for a probe into his deat death. stan pottinger is an attorney representing 20 epstein's accusers, some of them had their moment in court, their opportunity to speak out and say what they wanted, but it doesn't seem that his death is bringing anybody any satisfaction. >> think that's true. not only death itself but the manner in which it happened. it's left some of our clients in the state of conflict. they are happy that he can't hurt them anymore but they think it was unfair for any human being to be treated the way he wasn't to die the way he did. >> you are not one of them that believed this was a murder?
8:18 am
>> i don't think so i still believe the report that comes out that suicide is accurate. however as have to say that the attorneys for epstein and his estate yesterday in court raised some very fair questions about what happened and they really need to be investigated as they requested. >> here is what part of his defense team said, they say we did not see a despairing despondent suicidal person, we have a profound problem with the conclusions of the medical examiner. they are suspicious. >> they are suspicious and they are entitled to be. i think at the end of the date the prevailing evidence will say that he killed himself, hanged himself. these are questions, look what happened to the bureau of prisons should never have happened, and scandalous, it's horrible. the conditions that were there and how he was treated in the failure to watch what he was doing become inexcusable. >> jon: why prosecutors drop the case against him come obviously he's dead but would it not give the plaintiffs, the
8:19 am
victims some satisfaction if you could somehow move forward with a case like this without the accused present? >> i think so that's probably going to have to happen in the civil side. the criminal case almost half of all has to be dismissed because it's an against individual who is dead. >> you are allowed constitutionally to face your accusers in court and he can do that. it's because that's exactly right but on the civil side where the estate he left behind is still an amnesty, it will be sued and that there will be some satisfaction from that. >> see your clients, and you have about 20 of them, they are hoping to collect from that trust that he set up? >> some of them settled sometime back and some of them have not settled so there will be live cases and they will become as all civil cases are against an estate for money. the only thing they can now get because he's debt in the can even satisfy themselves with the
8:20 am
confrontation in court. the only thing they can get a damages so we will see if the courts give them damages. >> do you understand their frustration with not being able to get their moment in court? >> absolutely. i think they were very clear about that yesterday emotionally clear impact fully clear. they had hoped to be able to confront mr. epstein and tell him directly here's what you did to us that hurt us and here's what we want to acknowledge. you can't get that he's gone, so there is that level of frustration. >> jon: what about coconspirators? the kind of things he is accused of doing required a lot of help. >> that's exactly right. there is no way he could have done what he did without some key help including people around him. were going after them. >> jon: you are expecting there will be more indictments
8:21 am
even though jeffrey epstein's con? >> i think so. i think it's not easy to build a case. the southern district is notorious, they are notorious about building cases very carefully. everybody's going to have to be a little patient but they are going to build it. >> sandra: shocking details of a triple homicide in virginia. minor league baseball player murdered, the bart rest of the suspect and his reported link to the victims. plus new evidence north korea might be building a submarine capable of launching a nuclear missile. we are alive at the pentagon just ahead. >> i have confidence that in the end kim jong un, who if i gotten to know very well, will do the right thing. i feel he will do the right thing. i think it's in his advantage to do the right thing and i think north korea has put potential or to carry on a legacy?
8:22 am
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simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> jon: an update on tropical storm dorian is a perils towards puerto rico puerto rico. forecasters are think it could become a category three hurricane by the time it reaches the u.s. mainland. hurricane conditions are also expected in southern caribbean islands, also a risk of storm surge and heavy rainfall throughout the region. risks could remain high in florida into next week. >> sandra: and onto another fox news alert, queen elizabeth approving boris johnson's call to suspend parliament for a month amid growing concerns over brexit. amy kellogg is live in london with the latest on that breaking story. amy. >> high, sandra, this is causing a huge stir of it here and it's the only thing that tv commentators are talking about right now. there have been claims that the
8:26 am
queen is being unnecessarily dragged into politics and that she is being dragged into the midst of a constitutional crisis even. others are saying she has done just what she is supposed to do, grant permission for a parliamentary break when the head of her government, that is the prime minister, requests that the h that is just what she did in the last hour or so. element is supposed to reconvene on the 3rd of september, brexit is supposed to happen at this point on the 31st of october. the prime minister prime minister, boris johnson, called today for parliament to be suspended amid september 9th or so until the 14th of october. he says he's doing the so that he can prepare and veil his new legislative agenda for taking britain forward including everything from health care to education. the opposition and even some members of his very own party are saying that this is a less than veiled move to maximally disrupt parliament and the crucial weeks leading up to the current date set for brexit. again that's october 31st. johnson wants out at that point,
8:27 am
even if the u.k. has not agreed. there are lots of mps who don't want that scenario is the consequences could be very costly and disruptive. by limiting parliament's ability to meet up until this 31st of october come he is also parliament's ability to block a no deal brexit. the house speaker is calling johnson's move a constitutional outrage, as has the opposition leader, jeremy corbyn, who is also called that smash and grab move. sandra, the opposition has been said it is keeping its next move very quiet for now but is planning to block boris johnson in this to thwart his plan to somehow push the snow deal brexit through. in the meantime president trump tweeted out that he thinks there's very little little chance that he could get a vote of no confidence against the prime minister saying that boris johnson is what the british people want. back to your. >> sandra: a developing story for sure. thank you.
8:28 am
>> jon: the college board reverses course and that controversial essay to adversity score but there is still another change in the works. what makes the college board change its mind? the ceo joins >> the factors they are considering that's already considered wayfair's got your perfect mattress.
8:29 am
8:30 am
whether you're looking for a top-brand at a great price. ready to upgrade. moving in.
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8:32 am
seeing running naked near a short church in keeling, a police officer tried to subdue him with pepper spray but the suspect ran to a groundskeeper and placed her hands around the groundskeeper's neck us sir push the suspect away with a baton and then he fled to a wooded area where police apprehended them with the assistance of a canine. the suspect is reportedly the brother-in-law of minor league baseball player for the montgomery biscuits. espn's jeff passing was the first to report the three murder victims include his wife, child, and mother-in-law. over nice week tweeted like vivian suffered unimaginable loss. thoughts and prayers are with him and all the people that have been impacted with this tragedy. setting a tragic event the team
8:33 am
also urging the public to respect the team's privacy. >> the college admission process is so opaque already in that opaqueness lends itself to manipulation as we've seen in the cases of lori locklin and so forth so i think it's a good thing that they've not tried to come up with this news score. >> the college decision to drop the s.a.t. adversity score. that's because you probably know came under fire but the college board still has some changes in the works joining us now david coleman, he is ceo of the college board. you took a lot of heat when you guys brought out this adversity score. people thought you were trying to level the playing field or maybe worse given advantage to people who maybe didn't deserve
8:34 am
it. >> i learned a lot about what america trusts us to do and what america trusts us to do is to score achievement is to give you a sense of what you've achieved. we want to do that better and better. we do it with the s.a.t., we do it with advanced placement, we are trying to understand. you have something else called landscape, is it just a new name for the same product? >> there are three different things about it. the first as it eliminates that overall score and it gives general consistent administration for admissions officers because we found 25% of them while they look at background information don't have consistent information. 25% of students come from schools where they have no record of those schools in the admissions officers so we want to give them consistent information but we got rid of the overall score. the other commitment we make is to share that information with the public. people were concerned they
8:35 am
didn't get to see this neighborhood and school information and we are going to share it with every family incident within a year. >> out to play with you another comment from bill mcgurn, we spoke to them in the first hour, i'm sorry this is a quote from "the wall street journal" editorial board american culture is grappling with difficult questions of merit and higher education. the s.a.t. helps determine college readiness on the college board will best maintain its legitimacy by defending it on the meritstake that on is that e criticism that forster goes into this change? >> i think with the journal says is actually the principle of criticism. they think there is some principal criticisms of the exam and i won't get into that but we felt people were right when they said you shouldn't be scoring this. they are comfortable with us giving general consistent
8:36 am
information and you can equal it because that's fair. what we score is achievement. i believe that most important thing a public institution is listen to the public, listen to our members, and listen to the change when were right. >> jon: i guess the overall argument is that wealthy kids or people who come from school districts that are wealthy just have built-in advantages. maybe their parents can hire tutors and that sort of thing. the poor kid is not necessarily going to have come is that part of what you're going to try and equalize here? >> no test can equalize what is even equal in our society. those forces are strong. here's what we can do, what landscape does is when you come from a rural neighborhood that is unknown to the admissions officer they will have information about it as if you came from someone they knew. that's we can do and that is fair. they are in now three as many
8:37 am
students studying we are trying the forces of inequality a very strong and they will be reflected in student achievement and we all have to be careful about that. >> how do you ensure parents and educators that the system you are employing is not going to somehow give a leg up to somebody who for one reason or another doesn't deserve it. >> i think all we are trying to do is create a fair measure of treatment and give the tools of practice for free but the real work left a family and home to motivate kids to then practice and do their best. that's really all we can do. at the same time we helped give consistent information. if the kid grows up in a rural school where they may not be as many advanced placement classes should not be held accountable because they didn't take so many because they weren't even there. all we can do is share general background information that's fair and give every student
8:38 am
their best chance to succeed. >> david coleman the ceo of the college board, good of you to come in. >> think it's much. speak to our recent court filing revealing house judicial committee democrats wants no time watching an impeachment probe into president trump before robert mueller even submitted his report. we are going to dig in deeper on next. >> it's been a mismatch of messaging for the real intention all along school been to find a way to impeach this president making it easy for you prn to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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8:42 am
setting the grounding of boeing 737 max chats both causes leading to hundreds of flight cancellations and long delays the summer. the airline offering some customers compensation in the form of frequent flyer miles. >> sandra: sometimes sorry goes a long way but when your travel is disturbed it's an issue. >> jon: especially the grounding of the 737 max has really messed up their flight schedules during the busiest travel season of the summer. speed is something i know you know a lot about. thank you. all right, meanwhile new york city police searching process up to spec they say attacked a jewish man in brookland yesterday morning. this cell phone video capturing the suspect who allegedly shouted an anti-semitic slur and then bashed a man in the head with this paving stone. the victim's family describing the damage caused by the vicious attack.
8:43 am
>> he has a broken nose and is missing two front teeth. from his description he said he was sure that the man was trying to kill him. >> sandra: police if the suspect is about 6 feet tall wearing a lot white shirt and black shorts. law enforcement's have not officially classify the incident as a biased crime, but we will be following that for you. meanwhile, a major poll now putting out a brand-new statement on that 2020 poll that made a lot of news earlier this week. monmouth university putting out a poll that didn't show front-runner joe biden flipping 13 points, falling into a virtual tie with bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. according to this new statement from the pollster, as other national polls of 2020 democratic presidential race have been released this week it is clear it from there right, that the monmouth poll published monday is an outlier. this is a product of the uncertainty that is inherent in the polling process.
8:44 am
chris stirewalt joins us now on washington. hello chris. i'm in your town now sir. all right so this is big news because if biden can't commit immediately when the whole released of the cut everybody root attention. they called it an outlier. now monmouth itself was saying this poll looks to be an outlier. >> this thing hit like a horseshoe in a barrel when it landed. >> i know you were going to come up with something. >> everybody in the politics in our universe were texting each other to say this doesn't look right. this is so different from what's out there, something's wrong. then you have to say maybe they are just first and maybe what comes next is what's going to show that they were ahead of the curve. in fact other polls and i want to just give a word of encouragement to monmouth here, that was an adult grown-up thing
8:45 am
to do. it is inherent in the process, i know the pain when foxes had a poll that's out there that looks different than one of these kids is not like the others. it's not a fun feeling to be outstanding in the field. i credit them for owning up to the fact that it was an outlier in talking about the process in a forthright way and i think that's a good thing. >> they released a very lengthy statement in that announcing that they do believe that it's an outlier in the end they said we must put up the numbers that we have. that is what they did. when you do look at the most recent polling as we've been discussing this week, chris, still has joe biden clearly the front burner when he looked at the real clear politics average. some are pointing to these more recent acts. looking at a potential general election matchup between top democratic candidates the president. right now it has all of the top tier democratic primary candidates beating the president and a potential match up. here the pulling across the
8:46 am
board. monmouth, which is been pretty steady if you remove that outlier that they are talking about. >> look, biden's success is contrary to the narrative of the political press which is that he was too old commit to moderate, too white to capture the democratic nomination. as it turns out it's okay and after a little dip that he had over the first debate when kamala harris roughed him up, he has not only regained the points that his loss but is actually regained some ground and is doing pretty well. he doesn't satisfy the narrative but he doesn't satisfy the primary concern among democratic voters, which is that they believe that he can be donald trump in head-to-head matchup. speak a very interesting to much in the debate with scott round three coming up in the dnc joined us earlier talking about the very low threshold when it came to the first two debates. we raised the threshold, they have been criticized for that right now it looks to be ten candidates that will be on that stage although we still have a few hours to go until the official deadline here with
8:47 am
xochitl hinojosa from the dnc earlier. >> we had a very low threshold when it came to the first two debates of one to to 5% and 65,000 unique voters and we raised the threshold to 2% if you look at past history in the last 40 years, anyone who has been below 2% in the fall before primary hasn't gone on to be the democratic nominee. >> so it is what it is in the field narrows. >> the democrats made a mistake, which was date tried to set the rules is a party for what television networks were going to do in debates. the lesson is clear, they erred. because the tickly flexibility. they don't doesn't need to be ten people in these debates anymore, beto o'rourke is not adding to the national conversation. andrew yang has two or 3% of devoted followers who are out there but he's not really in contention for the presidential nomination. we say that it's early, it's not that early. february is closer than you think, democrats have to get serious, these national rules
8:48 am
that they thought were keeping things open really what they've done is they've kept the door open for things that aren't helpful for them getting to where they need to be. >> david drucker was here earlier and we were digging through these pull together and he was making the case that you really haven't had a lot of movement. the study once have been study in the top tier. the lower tier candidates have stayed lower tier. you haven't had anybody make a really big move whether it was up or down. >> pocket square is more impressive, it's like a bird of paradise. but i will revise and extend on his remarks a little bit. if you look at the second tier, if you look at also second choices. if it's not going to be this person, there is a lot of movement underneath about if this iceberg breaks up if joe biden somehow breaks up, who's in contention? that's when you look at harris, that's when you look at what else is out there that might have been. to speak a very interesting. it's great to chat with you here in washington. thank you sir.
8:49 am
>> more evidence north korea may be developing its nuclear capability as new photos appear to show that nation might be building a submarine able to launch a nuclear missile. live report from the pentagon that up next. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today.
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8:53 am
in front of what u.s. intelligence officials size is a modified 1960s era submarine which could some day fire a ballistic missile. one north korea has tested a long great missile since 2007 income at several recent short range tests have worried allies within range. there is more north korea continues to build out its nuclear weapons platforms. experts at sea i essay the submarine is more than likely a year away from deployment but it's missile systems could be tested in the coming weeks. three years ago to ago north korea tested a submarine launched missile from a barge at sea. the concern about any submarine is its ability to go undetected among its waves. president trump of the g7 summit did not appear worried. >> i think north korea has tremendous economic potential and i think kim jong un sees
8:54 am
that he would be the leader and i think he sees the tremendous potential that it scott. >> the u.s. navy operates 14 ballistic missile submarines, each one capable of destroying 200 cities around the world at a moments lead us down like notice. we should hear more about this submarine later today at 1:30 p.m. eastern time went to defense secretary mark esper and the chairman joint chiefs of staff breached the media here at the pentagon. >> we look forward to hearing more on that. thank you. >> sandra: there are growing concerns over a mystery breathing illness for nearly 200 people leaking to activate bank. now the ceo of a company making e-cigarettes is speaking out what his company plans to do about it, we will have that next newday va guaranteed cash out loan. it lets you take out an average of over 50,000 dollars. i called and got 51,300 dollars. i called and got 54,200 dollars.
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8:58 am
talked about the centers for disease >> for us, if we contributed to it. cdc is leading the investigations. we are obviously in close contact with them. >> you are? >> yeah, we are working with him. they are in charge of the investigation we want all the specifics we can. we want to make sure we have access to the information, so if there is any issue that was associated with us, we can get to the root cause and understand that. >> jon: despite his concerns, burns says his products will stay on the market "until we see some facts." >> sandra: a quick check of the market, the dow is currently up 185 points. it has been a wild ride on wall street as the market watchers try to gauge the impact of the trade battle with china. what is next with all of that? we spoke to the white house earlier, saying that the
8:59 am
president is continuing with negotiations and calls with china. meanwhile, the dow up triple to zits, just under 26,000. >> jon: and a royal split becomes official in the newsroom vaulter, with prince charles and princess diana divorcing on this date in 1996. this, about 15 years after nearly 1 billion tv british air to the throne tied the knot with then-lady diana spencer. they had to cope children in the three years that followed, than their marriage began to unravel with the couple announcing the separation in 1992. their marriage officially came to an end 23 years ago today. >> sandra: a very interesting stuff. jon scott, a split show. new york city and washington. i think we took everybody through three hours. >> jon: i hope we did, yes. >> sandra: 's great working with you this week. i will be back in new york city tomorrow i will sit right next to you.
9:00 am
>> jon: have a safe trip back. >> sandra: thank you. i will see in the morning. thank you for joining us on "america's newsroom." "outnumbered" starts now. >> shannon: and we begin with a fox news alert. tropical storm dorian taking aim at puerto rico today. forecasters say the storm could not become a dangerous category 3 hurricane before slamming into florida or the south east coast as early as this weekend. chief meteorologist is live in the extreme weather center for the very latest. rick? >> our models are most reliablea significant strength in the storm. the national oregon center, they go through all of the data we have out there. this is a look at the storm. it's up to about a 70-mile-an-hour storm. that's the sustained winds. one thing it has continued to do over the last 36 hours is the center of the storm keeps on kind of re-centering further toward the north and east.


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