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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 29, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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surfaced online of a punching bag taking a jab at him. this is great. rob: it is good. jillian: good way to take an embarrassing moment and have fun with it. have a good day. brian: all right. here we go again. straight to a fox news alert. hurricane dorian gaining strength as it heads towards the united states of america on a path to slam florida. the category 1 storm bypassing puerto rico, thankfully but slamming several caribbean islands. katie: in st. thomas you can see -- island of saint john also getting hammered by heavy rain and intense wind. steve: now it's headed our way. we have live team coverage this morning. meteorologist adam klotz is tracking dorian's storm. but first we turn to rick leventhal live in puerto rico where, rick, that palm tree is not moving. that's a good sign. rick: yeah, absolutely, guys. puerto rico waking up with a huge sigh of relief this
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morning after it was forecast to be right in dorian's crosshairs. 3 million residents of this u.s. territory spent days preparing for the worst. instead, the schools are going to reopen here today. the airports and ports will be back to normal operations as the storm makes its way out to sea. the u.s. virgin islands thought so lucky. dorian wiped out power to st. thomas and saint croix and st. john. curfew was put into effect in the virgin islands last night. should be lifted some time this morning. too soon to say the extent of the damages there from the cat 1 storm. it is strengthening and heading towards florida. residents are finding long gas lines and empty store shelves as they stock up and prepare. >> getting ready for the hurricane. >> getting prepared before the storm comes. >> just want to protect against what's coming potentially. >> governor ron desantis declared a state of emergency yesterday and tweeted last night that he had spoken with the president to give him an update and he reassured the
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governor that florida has the full support of the federal government as residents prepare for the storm. again, puerto rico really dodged a bullet on this one. they were wiped out by maria just two years ago and the residents were still shell shocked and worried about what dorian might do here, guys. steve: all right. rick on the beach there in san juan. let's go now to adam klotz. i have been reading a lot about it one of forecasters in orlando suggesting this could be the worst storm to hit florida in decades. adam: it's going to run over a lot of fuel. this is going to get really big, really quickly. yesterday talking about hitting the caribbean ilsdz. category 1 storm right now sitting 150 miles north of puerto rico. going to run right over warm water while it does so only going to strengthen and getting bigger and picturing up more moisture winds will intensify. a category 1 storm. by the time we get into this afternoon likely jumping up to category 2 storm.
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that means winds up to 100. jumping up to category 3 storm and leave it florida coast line. this is monday morning at 2:00 a.m. we are thinking a sunday night into monday morning landfall at this point. this continues to change a little bit because that is still several days off. winds at 125 miles per hour. a very powerful storm. notice just how wide this possible path is. you see it running as far as south as miami, as far as north as jacksonville. this is a large area. when we talk about monday morning, it's a pretty good stretch of time. time for this to move farther north or farther south. these are our tropical models and shows the same story. most of them running in the center of the state that could still change. the thing that i really think is going to be certain. this is going to be a powerful storm. the water is just so warm. currently sitting over 85-degree waters. the atmosphere is perfect to set up a really big hurricane, guys. that's going to be the case. where exactly it's going to go that's going to continue
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to make itself known over the next couple of days. steve: exactly. you are showing the size of the storm and talking about how dangerous. there could actually be hurricane force winds across the entire east coast of florida. adam: by the time we get going with this you start to see a category 3 storm it gets bigger and bigger and winds spread out yeah, this is going to be bad. indicate indicated adam, thank you for the update. brian: katie, let's talk about 2020. katie: let's talk about it. i hear there is a presidential race going on. brian: sounds like kirsten gillibrand is not going to be part of it. almost one of the worst run candidates. to the surprise of few she boughs out. let's listen. >> i know this i this isn't the result we wanted. we wanted to win the race. it's important to know when it's not your time and important to know how you can best serve your community and country. i believe i can best serve by helping to unite us to help us beat donald trump in 2020. steve: that's her message. she could not crack 2%.
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and, in fact, i think it was monday she sat down with her family and they decided, you know what? if i don't hit 2% in these two polls that are coming out tomorrow, i'm going to jump out. the polls came out. she got 0% after spending $7 million. katie: she mentioned wanting to beat president donald trump. and the president certainly is paying close attention to the 2020 field and responded to her leaving the race with a tweet, of course. he said a sad day for the democrats. kirsten gillibrand has dropped out of the presidential primary. i'm glad they never found out that she was the one i was really afraid of. sticking it to her. brian: it's amazing though. she originally was a hillary clinton supported and bill clinton supported moderate democrat who was rated high by the nra. she quickly flipped to the exact inverse of anybody everybody thought she was. and she just ended up screaming at people for eight months saying the
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worst things possible. coming up with the most ridiculous ideas for the border and for the country. while vilifying just about every man. therefore, she leaves and she is going to even have a hard time, i imagine, holding on to her senate seat if she gets a democratic rival. meanwhile, let's look at who made the finalist on the third debate for the democrats to the no surprise joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, the top 3. kamala harris is fading quick but still enough to get involved. pete buttigieg, mayor pete of south bend. cory booker, amy klobuchar this weekend. bourque has been terrible since the launch. you can't run a worse campaign than him. and julio castro got in. steve: he has a unique message, how would everybody like a thousand bucks? everybody would like a thousand bucks. katie: he doesn't wear a tie either. he seems like the cool guy.
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brian: don't you drop out if you don't get in this debate? why stay in? katie: kirsten gillibrand was going to pay people money to donated money that was going to cost her $130,000. at some point the minimizing returns. brian: you got ryan and steyer and others who just don't even qualify. how do they. katie: not necessarily for the presidency. some of these people are in it for other opportunities, senate races or governor's races or getting their name i.d. higher for the next race. steve: speaking of governor ththe governor of new york state would not get behind her because is he behind joe biden. nonetheless byron you're welcombye bye.>> it's been pastr people to get out. this was the democratic party all along have two debates very inclusive. two nights of 10 people on each night. but, when september arrived,
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to start cutting this field. and now it looks like you are going to have a 10-person debate which is a lot at least it's one night. brian: still, in but not qualifying is delayne, bennett, de blasio, ryan, and bullock. they have not dropped out. tulsi gabbard got a tough break. last two weeks qualifying she got called back because she is in national guard for hawaii. i think she had to go to malaysia for two weeks. her campaign went on hold. katie: there is controversy over that because she of course took out kamala harris in the last debate. that's the reason kamala harris has been tamped down in a lot of polling since thenget one thing on the next debates fewer people. more people drop out between now and then to actually have a debate. until this point it's been two nights of debates people just introducing themselves rather than debating each other on the issues. and that's where frontrunner status joe biden will have to start defending some of his policies.
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steve: right. he is way out in front. let's talk a little bit about this. if you were watching msnbc you saw lawrence o'donnell have to apologize yesterday and retract a story saying they had made a lot of mistakes in investigated it or not vetting it. anyway, it all comes from an interchange with rachel maddow. he was talking to her, discussing how president trump was able to get loans when nobody else in the world would loan money to him. that's when lawrence o'donnell said this that got him in trouble. >> this single source, close to deutsche bank, has told me that the trump -- donald trump's loan documents there show that he has cosigners. that's how he was able to obtain those loans. and that the cosigners are russian a oligarchs. >> what? really? >> would explain, it seems to me, every kind word
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donald trump has ever said about russia and vladimir putin, if true. and i stress the if true. katie: stressing if true. brian: rachel maddow looked as shocked as donald trump's lawyers because we have to wonder where that story came from. and so in a tweet he apologized then last night he fully retracts the story as demanded by the president's attorneys. listen. >> last night on this show i discussed information that wasn't ready for reporting. i repeated statements, a single source told me about the president's finances and loan documents with deutsche bank. saying "if true" as i discussed the information was simply not good enough. did i not go through the rigorous verification and standards process here at members before repeating what i heard from my source. had it gone through that process, i would not have been permitted to report it. i should not have said it on air or posted it on twitter. i was wrong to do so.
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steve: so there is his apology and retraction under threat of legal action by the trump administration. now, eric trump is saying, look, he tweeted this out. this was a reckless attempt to slander our family and smear a great company. apologies are not enough when the true intent was solely to damage and cause harm. as a company, we will be taking legal action. this unethical behavior has got to stop. katie: this is what happens when people allow their bias, their confirmation bias. steve: what bias? katie: to get in front of the facts. lawrence o'donnell wanted that to be true. that's why he said it. i'm sorry, if robert mueller didn't dig this up after two years of investigation, thousands of interviews. you know, they indicted a bunch of russian assets, i don't think that the one source that lawrence o'donnell has is necessarily telling the truth. brian: i thought that rachel maddow's reaction really told the whole story. even she didn't believe it.
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steve: what? katie: lots of drama on the set. brian: lives the life of media bias. he is also a crisis manager. listen to this. and said this is out of control. >> it's important to get along with the press if you are the press secretary. it's part of the job. what i regret is the press is so biased they don't even know it. they were so soft on president obama for 8 years. so brutal to president obama prp for four years. they don't even know it. the public, press is overwhelmingly liberal. there is little fairness left in the media. steve: okay. so they apologized. the big question is how many other news outlets are going to pick up the apology and say that members walked it msnb. so w we will have to see what they do moving forward. if you look at the way dan rather went out.
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this seems like a very similar case in terms of what was reported not true. steve: texas international guard? katie: yes. brian: with president bush 43. meanwhile you rarely see eric get that emotional. sometimes he is on the couch and you will see him get emotional. for him to weigh in that quickly as one of the chief executives of the trump administration you know how bothersome that is. that is one of the questions i will ask the president of the united states at 9:34 when he joins me on the brian kilmeade radio show which you can get on just click on radio or sirius. steve: fox nation, too. brian: fox nation will be showing it so we will have it on television. katie: are you going to ask him about this? brian: i will. katie: have a strong response. brian: if he watches us, he will know exactly how much we are talking about. i'm not sure how much he watches mbz. msnbc. >> we begin with a fox news
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alert now. a dog walker is stabbed to death in an apparent random attack. marjorie mcgill found seriously hurt on a sidewalk in washington, d.c. shortly before she died at the hospital. magill was living in the city to work for a nonprofit. suspect i will i can't say allegheny is charged with first degree murder. police say they were strangers and this was not a robbery or sexual assault. urgent manhunt for armed and dangerous couple. blaine and susan barksdale being extradited from new york to arizona when they overpowered security guards and stole a prison transport car in utah. warning signs posted on an arizona highway say the couple is now driving a red g.m.c. pickup truck. they are wanted in the murder of an arizona man in april. there is $20,000 reward for their capture. congresswoman ilhan omar hit with fec complaint over her alleged lover's travel expenses. conservative group accuses the minnesota democrat of using campaign funds to
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reimburse consultant tim my minenet. this comes one day after will divorce was filed. lawyers call the k4r5eu78 absolutely false and political ploy. the national museum of the united states army will open near washington, d.c. on june 4th. you are looking at a virtual tour of what it will look like. admission will be free. but tickets will need to be reserved in advance. this will be the first museum to cover the army's entire 244 year history. send it back to you. steve: that will be amazing. all right. jillian, thank you. meanwhile, as you know, hurricane is a top issue in the 2020 election. next guest has strategy to give president trump a big win. >> healthcare plan by the people and for the people. they will explain how it works.
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how you watch it does too. tv just keeps getting better. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. brian: it's often said that defense wins championships in life and sports how
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president trump can avoid a fumble on the issue like what happened in 2018 for republicans. so don't play defense. our next guest could hold the answer though. a healthcare plan for the people, by the people. a practicing orthopedic surgeon and fred or tease, together they are crafting a healthcare plan just like the way apple built their iphone franchise. doctor, to you, how does apple gives clues to success in 2020? >> well, apple has been a very productive company for a long time. but what we are looking at is how to reform healthcare and i can tell you as a practicing physician for over 20 years, my patients and i have learned what works and what doesn't work. what we have found over the last decade is that the unaffordable care act has created a system that doesn't work. the premiums have more than doubled, deductibles are high so many people have
3:21 am
elected to forego their health insurance. people who are receiving suck is i did is when they try to access the healthcare system, their deductibles are so high that they can't afford to get it, and we saw millions of people that were displaced from traditional health insurance on to medicaid. we need to make a system that puts the decision-making back in the hands of patients and doctors. >> and brian if i can chime in on this. brian: yeah, alfredo, tell me your plan. >> up until now frankly what has been miss something this forgotten piece. the healthcare system which frankly, since obamacare, has become extremely complex and more monster russ than ever has really kind of forgotten about the american people. the system talks about and you hear references about providers. you hear about, you know, policy holders, but it's about people. we are here to reintroduce that notion that this is about the american people. and so we are developing a plan that is of the people, by the people, but most importantly for the people
3:22 am
with input from doctors across the country. it's really a simple three-step plan effectively. we are taking unbelievable market research which is sophisticated and probably the most sophisticated that d.c. has seen in a while to develop a simple product that makes sense that's really around the patient. brian: i get it, doctor, we only have so much time. get some specifics so people have some tyk take away here. doctor, what should we know about your plan. >> right now the insurer, hospital collective is controlling the system. and so patients and doctors don't have the ability to make their own healthcare decisions. we are increasingly seeing bureaucrats making the decisions for us. and they are rationing our care. and what we are doing is moving it back towards a patient centered plan that promotes affordability, that promotes access, maintains quality and choice. and most importantly, it protects people with pre-existing conditions. those are the things that we have been failing at for the past decade.
3:23 am
at the end of the day, we need to hear from doctors and patients. it's been far too long. brian: i hear you guys. let's hear of the three points in your program. alfredo? >> yes. so, again, it's bringing back as the doctor mentioned, the center-based in terms of affordability overall one of the biggest things we are going to do, pre-existing conditions is going to be a exongts of that for sure, coverage from that perspective. but, again, it has to be a patient center based plan. we are in the process of finalizing these components. we are going to be announcing it and coming back on fox hopefully to be able to talk about that plan and then also drive this message across to the public. so, again, i think what we are going to be able to do is address many of the things that haven't been addressed in the past through some very solid market research to be able to drive exactly the wants and needs of what the american people want, not what politicians want, and not what insurance companies want. not what hospitals want. but really what the american people want. and again with input of folks, hundreds of doctors
3:24 am
across the country like dr. barbour we will be able to develop that plan. we will come back with you on the specifics on that as soon as we are finalized with that plan. brian: real quick, 30 seconds, what is apple. you said apple built the cell phone franchise. what's the link? >> big part there is market research. some very sophisticated market research. if i went into the specifics free choice modeling the basics of that your audience would have hopes they hit the snooze button. i won't bore the audience with that it is very sophisticated market research very similar to what market 500 companies use. brian: thank you so much. >> thank you very much, brian. brian: this pastor's daughter was killed in the shouldesoutersutherlandchurch s. and remember his daughter. there is she. that story next. for my baby brother
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brian: all right. some quick headlines. meanwhile a boat involving owe lehry. killed after boat collided on a lake on canada. o'leary's agent says his wife was driving at the time and is that she passed a breathalyzer test. he says video will clear them both of any of wrongdoing. and this story, jumen jumentd je smollett says every claim of his hate crime claim is true. the city of chicago sues to recoup the cost of the investigation claiming it was all a publicity stunt. smollett says he was the just a minute of a racist and homophobic attack in january. a special prosecutor is investigating. now to kate and steve. katie: well in 2017 a gunman stormed the first baptist church in sutherland springs, texas killing 27
3:29 am
people most deadliest shooting at a house of worship. steve: one of the victims was anna bell pomeroy. the church's pastor frank pomeroy was out of town that day. now he is running as a republican for a texas state senate seat. and, the new candidate, pastor frank pomeroy joins us right now from austin, texas. pastor, good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. thanks for having me. steve: pastor, why do you want to run for senate in texas? >> you know, there is many reasons why i would run. i think the catalyst that really put me into the race. after our el paso shooting and the dayton shooting, the humanity access of that situation was lost, i think. when i was watching what was transpiring. rather than those who had a voice to be able to go in and set a foundation of healing, such as we did in sutherland springs for those victims and the families of
3:30 am
victims and the community, rather than going in and touching and loving on those people it was immediately politicized. and talking points were brought up that i should have been put to the side for a week or two and concentrate on the people rather than being reelected or elected as some of those with that voice was trying to do. >> i thought we need to make government be for the people again. the people need to realize that they're important to us not just for votes but that we care about you and we want you to grow up in a society where you don't have to be living from fear. there is more to life than just existing. we should be able to live with joy and have fun. katie: mr. pomeroy you mentioned talking points that you thought should be left aside for at least a couple of weeks back to a community that is -- was a victim of shootings. can you talk a little bit about what you are referring to in terms of those talking points? >> well, such as immediately
3:31 am
thereafter, rather than going in and speaking mercy and grace and loving on these people, it immediately went to the talking point of the inanimate object we have to have gun control. they went to speaking about the guns in america rather than healing the local people of that area. now, there are people there who are going in and trying to help, but that first couple weeks was imperative to set a foundation of healing. and those with the loudest voice and the most authority immediately just took it to their platform of trying to regulate gun control. steve: pastor, i know that before the shooting at your church, your church had a plan. and there were a number of regular parishioners who carry guns in church. you carried a gun in church. but neither you nor any of those people with a gun were in the church that day two years ago. and sadly, so many people died, including your daughter, anna bell. tell us a little bit about
3:32 am
anna bell and what happened that day that we have not heard. >> well, i'm not exactly sure what you haven't heard yet since it has been out in so many different media sites, however, the thing that i do point out is bottom line is that, in my opinion, god is the corographer of things. even though that day there are those who normally would have had conceal carries. there are those that would have been a part of the plan to keep that from happening, possibly, god choreographed it where weigh wasn't there that day. now, we also need to remember that the shooter shot over 400 rounds from the outside in. steve: right. >> therefore the people within there, anna bell included, never knew or it was a while before they realized what was going on and by then they were so incapacitated our shooter was able to go inside and carry out more of his plan that he had devised.
3:33 am
steve: we are looking at images of your daughter. tell us a little bit about her. >> well, belle, anyone who knew her would tell you whether it was at school, whether it was at home, or church, she loved fiercely. when she met somebody, she immediately cataloged them as a friend and the next time she would see them, she would run up and hug them and lo on them and let them know that she missed them. she was just a -- she just loved everyone. especially children. when all the grand babies were over, she couldn't wait to be put in charge, if you will, outside watch the kids. okay, great. that's just the kind of person she was. katie: well, mr. pomeroy, we appreciate you sharing your perspective and your daughter with us this morning. best of luck with your race in texas. >> thank you very much, ma'am. i appreciate that. steve: 6:33 now in new york city. less than a month away now from storm area 51 and now
3:34 am
more communities are declaring an emergency. what exactly does that mean? we will try to explain it coming up. katie: plus it's friends at the fair. this week pete hegseth minnesota state fair. he joins us live from the fairgrounds in saint paul. pete? pete: good morning, guys. we have been on "fox & friends" with wisconsin and kennel ken state fair. i choose truth over fact. i will tell you the best state fair is the minnesota state fair and we will bring it to you on the other side of the break. ♪ my mom washes the dishes...
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♪ your cheating heart ♪ will make you. >> i swear i will never do this again. only time i will ever do this. >> look at that, with that music this is a delicious shot of the morning. governor greg abbott of texas caught red handed cheating on chick-fil-a, which he has promoted extensively. he has a box of popeye's there. brian: trying to take it out of airports in texas. the governor posting this it's a one time fling. the fast food chain went viral over argument who makes the best chicken sand witch. katie: peace offering in the fast food feud this
3:39 am
chick-fil-a manager caught bringing sand witches at popeye's after they store ran out. they could go chick-fil-a across the street for a free meal there. steve: no kidding. that's what everybody is talking about. they both look delicious. katie: chicken for breakfast. steve: let's tell you about this. yesterday we were talking about the pantaleo effect ever since officer pantaleo here in new york city was fired by the police commissioner about 10 days ago, the number of arrests arres in new york city has gone down because the number of police officers simply feel that the commissioner and particularly the mayor of new york city, mayor bill de blasio who is polling at about 1% across the country for president, simply do not have their back. and yesterday they took a no confidence vote and both of them lost. katie: yeah, well, bill de blasio has had a long and difficult relationship with the new york police. let's not forget whether they turned their backs on him. he has done nothing in the
3:40 am
interim to actually give them any confidence that they can trust him when it comes to very tough issues. this was a tough case, obviously. but, it's a long history, i think, makes it harder for them to have a good relationship with the mayor and the leadership in new york city. brian: the slow down is real and arrests have virtually stopped. for years mayor de blasio has demonized police officers and undermined our efforts to protect the city. for years commissioner o'neil has cravenly acquiesced to the mayor and his anti-cop allies. the daniel pantaleo was the final straw. both men have displayed an appalling pattern of malfeasance and non-feigns that disqualifies them to continue to serve in their current offices. steve: they are calling on the mayor or police commissioner to resign or be removed. they want them out. we will keep you posted on that. big story today is, of course, a fox news alert.
3:41 am
and hurricane dorian is gaining strength as it heads towards the u.s. over open, warm water. katie: now it's on a path to hit florida. brian: it is erratic. we have team coverage this morning. adam klotz is tracking the storm right here. first amanda kenzi is in our affiliate in orlando explaining the preparations now underway. amanda, you think it's coming your direction, right? >> well, right nau the cone of uncertainty is still quite wide for the state of florida. that course could still change but now what is most important is floridians get prepared. i'm standing at a costco in orlando where drivers were lined up well before it even opened. it's been a steady stream since then of cars waiting in line just to fuel up. now, there is a concern always that these stations could run out of gas. the stated of emergency made by our governor lifts a lot of those regulations when it concerns workers' hours and the weight limits for these
3:42 am
gas tanks. that means that we will have plenty of access to gasoline up until this storm hits. now, what we have also been told is that the category 1 hurricane is making its way through the caribbean. but as we mentioned the cone of uncertainty is still quite wide. so, the importance now is to get ready. we have seen store shelves empty. the top items right now are water, batteries, flashlights, bread, snacks, so folks around here are definitely getting ready because they have been through this before. we have seen hurricanes and tropical storms. that's what everyone says. right now i talk to a few people in line and they say while they are not panicked, there is a sense of urgency since there are so many gas pumps and people in this state. steve: amanda, reporting live in orlando, thank you very much. the problem with gas stations and hurricanes as we saw in new jersey after super storm sandy it knocked out the electricity and nobody could pump the gas so everybody was running out of
3:43 am
gas for a week. brian: right. and then there is the problem of the gas stations getting refilled because a lot of the times the roads aren't passable and a lot of people filled up early and depletes the reserves. meanwhile, 17 minutes before the top of the hour. adam klotz is following the entire storm as it's in between land masses. adam: yeah, guys, there still is time if you need to get somebody to get supplies. there is still time. this storm sits 150 miles north of puerto rico. a long ways away from hitting the florida coast. the thing we are certain of no matter where this ultimately goes it. does look like it will land on the florida coast. it's running over warm water and will intensify. category 1 storm will run up to a category 2 storm. by the time we get going into the weekend friday and saturday this jumps into a category 3 stormy. and there you see where the sun certainty comes. in likely making landfall sunday, monday morning.
3:44 am
miami to jacksonville. we will keep watching this one as it gets closer and closer over the course of the holiday weekend. katie: adam, thank you very much. we appreciate it. the minnesota state fair is officially in full swing. brian: with more than 2 million people expected it's a busy week and a half at the fairgrounds. steve: pete hegseth joins us from his home state of minnesota where the fair is the land of 10,000 snacks, isn't it, pete? pete: oh, you better believe it. new ones every year. it's also the great minnesota get together. listen, here in minnesota we slog through long grueling winters. what do we do? we make sure the end of our summer is the best america has to offer at our state fair. i had a chance yesterday. i got three kids here in minnesota. two are in school because school started labor day. through an easy process of elimination rex my preschooler came with me to the state fair yesterday. take a look. >> you are here at the
3:45 am
minnesota state fair. i went here as a kid for years and years and years. now i'm taking one of my little guys rex. rex, if we're starting at the state fair for a big day of rides what's the first thing we are going to eat. >> cheese curds. >> every time we come here got to get them first. all right. let's do it. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. all right, rex. grab one, bud. give it a try. can you give it a thumbs up? we are at the hamlin church dining hall which is one of the longest here at the fair. >> respecialize in radical hospitality and delicious foods. pete: radical hospitality. why do you come to the dining hall. >> for the food. >> for the special. >> wants to try some? come on. elaine, what do you have for me here? >> here is our snow cap mini
3:46 am
waffle sundae. >> famous ham loaf. special made. ham loaf is fantastic. >> it's wonderful. >> what are we going to get now? >> here we have our mixing station. >> how many cookies does this make. this makes 5,000 cookies. >> 5,000 cookies? >> yeah. >> cookies? >> okay. rex, you just ate a bunch ever cookies at sweet martha. now it's time to get in shape. look what's right across the street over there. it's the u.s. army. okay. rex, it's time to go to boot camp. you march for me right over to the army camp. go. hut 2, 3, 4. hut 2, 3, 4. let's go. all right. three more pushups. the price we pay for rides. >> 1, 2, 3. what's the favorite part of the fair? >> i like to people watch. >> i like to each cheese curds and puffs. >> all the yummy food. >> i like the lights. > -- ilike the rides.
3:47 am
>> which are we going to do first. >> the slide. pete: rex are you ready to go? rex, let's go. how about i spin you? [cheers] rex, good job, buddy. >> now we can go on the wheel. >> all right. >> that's so cool. pete: hey, rex. how are you doing? you want to go on some more rides? it appears we have a man down. state fair 1, rex 0. actually he won the day. at the end of the day it was a little much for him so it's bedtime. pete: that was a fun day here at the fair. guys, we met sweet martha herself of the sweet martha cookie jar. i hope you got special delivery overnight. steve: we have them here. katie: they smell wonderful.
3:48 am
pete: excellent. steve: invincible. pete: they make 3 million cookies a day. you get -- a day. you get a bucket. cold milk. what's better than that? katie: pete, we wants to know if the spinning came before or after all the snacks. pete: the spinning came after all the snacks. katie: bold move. >> and then there were more snacks. pete: it was. and still so overwhelmed the sugar couldn't get the best of him and he was out like a light while i was interviewing people about politics because he doesn't care about that right now. we will bring that to you next hour. katie: we will see that next hour. a great little interview. little helper. thank you for bringing that to us. steve: looks like a lot of fun state fair in minnesota. brian: 12 minutes before the top of the hour. get our motors running in many ways. $3.5 million worth of cars on fox square. including the world's most
3:49 am
expensive new ride we are going behind the wheel, i believe ♪ baby you can drive my car ♪ if i'm going to be a star ♪ baby you can drive my car ♪ and baby, i love you ♪ [tires squealing] -i'm sorry? -what teach here isn't telling you is that snapshot rewards safe drivers with discounts on car insurance. -what? ♪ -or maybe he didn't know. ♪ [ chuckles ] i'm done with this class. -you're not even enrolled in this class. -i know. i'm supposed to be in ceramics. do you know -- -room 303. -oh. thank you. -yeah. -good luck, everybody.
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steve: well, start your engines for motor trend's top-a-thon this weekend. coolest cars from the show right here. joining us ed lowe. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: what is top tier. >> amazing show on for several reaches out of the u.k. it's now coming to the motor trend app. steve: download it right now. >> download it right now. 170 episodes. some specials. all of these cool cars you see here will be on this app. steve: perfect for people who love cars. >> yeah. steve: how much are all these cars worth. >> looking at $3.5 million worth of cars. >> steve: unbelievable. tell me about the mclaren spider tell me why love this thing. >> amazing. convertible. goes 212 miles per hour with the top up. 202 with the top down. twin turbo v 8 made in england, beautiful car. steve: unbelievable. katie is behind a gray car. tell us about that. katie: what kind of car is
3:54 am
this lamborghini. beautiful. how fast can this one go. >> this one goes 217 miles per hour if i'm not correct. katie: making me nervous standing next to it. >> you should be it's very expensive. it's about $500,000. beautiful gray color. katie: it is a nice car. >> also has very cool doors. katie: all right, steve. >> check it out. brian: this is the astin martin. this comes with a driver. >> the driver is one of the stars of top gear. he only likes to drive. he won't talk. this is all he does. he is in a very fantastic -- from astin martin. this is amazing sports car. v 12. >> cost about. >> $300,000 equipped probably closer to $400,000. brian: people drive or just sit in it? >> can you do both. brian: he will not talk. >> exactly.
3:55 am
>> looking like, feeling like smelling like money. >> this is the pagoni -- amazing you got the door open. most expensive car here. it's running about $2 million. adam: $2 million. also the fastest, 230 miles per hour. everything. it's appeared in top gear, had the record -- version of this had the top speed around the racetrack on top gear. amazing car. brian: am and fm. >> can you speck it to your heart's content. ainsley: i would have thought the rolls royce would have been the most expensive thing. i have never seen this before. >> this is the rolls royce -- this is also featured in top gear. named after the world's largest uncut diamond and it's obviously an suv different from the sports cars. you are meant to get in and relax. tvs in the back. watch top gear on motor
3:56 am
trend. on your phone. steve: do they still call these suicide doors? >> coach doors. pc. look at all the room in there leather, wood. adam: a family car. katie: yes. >> 170 episodes over 200 hours. we have all the specialties. we will have new continuity coming as well. steve: do you have the keys and the title? >> absolutely for you. whatever you like. adam: the guy in charge rides in the back. >> you can have the family. there is proof. >> free trial. steve: check it out. top trend th. mollie hemingway is going to be talking about lawrence o'donnell. congressman doug collins what's going on on our southern border and dana loesch. you are watching "fox &
3:57 am
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♪ brian: all right. straight to a fox news alert. here we go again. hurricane dorian gaining strength now as it heads towards the u.s. on a path looks like it's going to slam florida. >> it's a category 1 storm now bypassing puerto rico thankfully. katie: the island of saint gone also getting hammered by heavy rain and intense winds. steve: we have fox news team coverage this morning. meteorologist adam klotz is tracking dorian's path as it amplifies but first we turn to rick leventhal live in puerto rico where rick this morning they are breathing a sigh of relief. it could have been much worse. rick: yeah, no better sign that san juan is getting back to normal. they are putting the lawn chairs back back out on the
4:01 am
beach. residents so shell sharkd with maria tarps on the roof and power issues really concerned that dorian would make a direct hit here as forecasters had predicted. instead to the east and spared this island the worst of it. today they are saying reopen the ports, reopen the airport and schools are also opening. the virgin islands were not as lucky. st. john's, st. thomas got slammed by the category 1 storm last night. the island lost power. curfew put in effect expected to lift 6:00 this morning. too soon to say what the damages were in the virgin islands hit badly in the past. now this storm take as turn into the atlantic where it is fast strengthening and heading right for the u.s. mainland and the florida coast. residents there are already making long lines at gas stations to top off their tanks and emptying store shelves as they stock up on supplies. >> getting ready for the hurricane. >> getting prepared before
4:02 am
the storm combings. >> just want to protect against what's come potentially. >> governor ron decan sis has declared a state of emergency in florida. he tweeted last night that he spoke with the president to give him an update and that the president reassured the governor that the full support of the government as it prepares for the storm. forecasters are suggesting that this storm could hit florida and start feeling the effects there some time over the weekend, guys. again, puerto rico really did well in this particular storm. steve: you are right about the lounge chairs that says a lot. rick, thank you very much. brian: meanwhile the president just tweeted, katie. katie: he did just tweet. he is talking about puerto rico. paying attention to the storm. puerto rico is in great shape with hurricane dorian taking a largely different route than anticipated. thank you fema first responders and all for working so hard and being so well prepared. a great rut. the bad news, florida get
4:03 am
ready storm is building and will be big. adam: the president is right this is going to be a very big storm and now sitting over puerto rico 150 miles north of the island continuing to spin. we are tracking that moving still to the north at about 13 miles per hour. there it is. 150 miles now north of the island. this is the forecast tracking. before the day is over today, jumping up to a category 2 storm. only going to intensify as it gets closer to florida. this is taking a while though. i'm taking you all the way now to monday morning, 125 miles per hour a category 3 storm. still a large area though where this could potentially hit a couple forecast models i wanted to show you that there is still indecision on where exactly this storm will go. one is the euro. another is american model called the gfs. do you see them ultimately running into several different locations. both taking it in to florida just where in florida we are still not sure. the thing we are more certain about is the strength of this storm. sea waters 85 degrees. that's more than enough to
4:04 am
really intensify a storm. you see that rung all the way to the coast. guys, i do think this is going to be a very big one. it's likely going to happen some time monday morning or later. exactly where it pinpoints though, that's something we are still going to have to waited and see. steve: that's the big key. adam, according to models, it looks like it's going to be a category 3 when it hits somewhere in the florida coast, presumably. although i read this morning 31% category 4. category 2 when it gets to orlando if it goes straight into florida, you know, the model suggests it is going to go through florida and into the gulf and impact somebody on the coast. adam: threes true i'm trying not to square people in new orleans. models suggest run across florida and later this next week strengthened again and somewhere along the florida panhandle and maybe new orleans. steve: gulf water is warmer than the atlantic dam damp
4:05 am
or just as warm. get back over water land destroys it. shoot back over water it can continue spinning. katie: all right. everyone should be prepared. thanks for watching. brian: if you are going to do a story on the president of the united states probably have a source and anchor with some type of facts. lawrence o'donnell was missing both. he came out and basically accused the president of having his loans cosigned for major purchases by oligarchs in russia. i'm not kidding. listen this single course close to deutsche bank has told me donald trump's loan documents there show that he has cosigners, that's how he was able to obtain those loans. and that the cosigners are russian oligarchs. >> what? really? >> that would explain, it seems to me, every kind word donald trump has ever said
4:06 am
about russia and vladimir putin, if true. and i stress the if true. katie: stressing if true is pretty important. just 24 hours later, lawrence o'donnell somewhat apologized and said that he was wrong to report the unvetted story. >> last night on this show i discussed information that wasn't ready for reporting. i repeated statements, a single source told me about the president's finances and loan documents with deutsche bank saying "if true" as i discussed the information was simply not good enough. i did not go through the rigorous verification and standards process here at msnbc before repeating what i heard from my source. had it gone through that process, i would not have been permitted to report it i should not have said it on air or posted it on twitter. i was wrong to do so. steve: there he is apologizing and msnbc is retracting that let's bring
4:07 am
in molli mollie hemingway author of justice on trial. the kavanaugh and future of the supreme court. apparently the trump administration threatened legal action unless within 24 hours they got apology and retraction and they did. what are your observations about what we just saw over on that other channel? >> just kind of he a minored of whareminderseveral years. blockbuster stories were promised show definitive live that donald trump was a traitor who had colluded with russia to steal the 2016 election. based on anonymous sources. very thin sourcing. stories always fell apart under scrutiny mueller probe concluded not only with no information about donald trump colluding with russia to steal the 2016 election but not a single american. there is no evidence of any american doing. this and, yet, this is what the narrative was. it was so sad to see it for
4:08 am
years, this daily drum beat before the mueller report ended to see that some people are still doing it months after is embarrassing and sad. brian: mollie, the amazing thing is the momentum was so great this would have been part of the blizzard of information. unverified, rumored, battered around, experts brought in. what if, next thing you know the approval rating goes down and major distraction for the white house. no one is talking about policy. this has been the story for two and a half years. now it's standing out very few people are big the russia narrative. >> well, i wish that were true actually polls have shown that a majority of democrats believe false things about russia's involvement with the u.s. election. not that russia doesn't meddle they do that and have done that for a very long time. specific stories alleging treason on the part of the trump administration or donald trump or people close to him. there is not evidence to support this and yet the stories have been happening and it's not just msnbc. you had multiple failures at
4:09 am
multiple media outlets and rather than seeing any self-examination or looking at why they were able to fall for such a ridiculous story, people got awards for their routeing. and the main story, which is how this treasonous collusion narrative got started how it was weaponized and fed throughout the government is a story every media outlet. katie: lawrence o'donnell talks about the vigorous vetting process that they have russia went around that process. based on everything you just said, it doesn't seem like a number of these media outlets who run with the story have a investigated system at all and will anonymous sources as you said with a alaska evidence. >> not just the russia narrative. i think back. i just this book on the kavanaugh confirmation. during that process you had people again at msnbc reading unverified allegations against justice
4:10 am
kavanaugh for which there was no evidence in support, just reading them on the air. as if it doesn't cause people harm to smear someone's reputation. that is a real harm. and, again, no one held accountable for doing. this. brian: right. >> it's across many different stories. and there seems to be a pattern. these errors always seem to go one way. that can't be coincidence. steve: it's across a number of outlets as well as you said earlier. stephanie grisham the white house press secretary tweeted this out i believe it was yesterday. cnn is so biased and dishonest they just used one of my quotes out of context from another story to try and further their own partisan political agenda. weaponizing journalism in an effort to undermine this president and those who work for the administration, and country, must stop. you know, we should point out there are people on television who are journalists and then there are people on television who are pundits or commentators and stuff like that. but, these days it's kind of hard to tell the difference in many cases. >> it's incredibly hard to
4:11 am
tell. whether that's print media or television media because so many reporters are so open about their extreme bias. but using quotes out of context is just one of the many tools that journalists have used in a way that is obvious to people is unfair. the way they frame stories their selective use or misuse of information. taking quotes outs of context or sniping them to say one thing. this is why polls indicate that credibility is just very bad for the media that so many people do not trust them because they have seen what they have been doing for a long time. it is not a healthy situation. brian: by the way, two stories out there the president has pushed back on right away. that he wants to nuke hurricanes. he said never once said i was going to send a nuclear missile into a hurricane. and the number two story that he was going to say is anybody who builds a wall on private property, don't worry about it, i'm going to pardon you. so if you build that wall, don't worry about it. he said i never said that next thing you know six hours worth of debates and
4:12 am
pundits weighing in on why the president is such an outlaw president. no one even asked me if this was true or not. >> it seems it's getting worse instead of better over time. this is a president who sex extremely different than previous presidents. there should be more than enough real things to talk about if people want to highlight how is he different or operates differently than previous administrations. there is no make things up. it is very damaging and harmful and, again, it makes people unable to trust their media figures. brian: i do ask the president if he is going to shoot off a nuclear missile do it before it hits florida to stop the hurricane. katie: not going to use nukes against hurricanes. steve: not going to do it. katie: mollie hemmingway thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. katie: be sure to catch president trump on brian's radio show at 9:34 not 9:35. 9:34. they have a lot of things to talk about. brian: get early and hear a
4:13 am
commercial and think okay not today. streaming on fox nation. it's like a television show. so if you don't get the stream on the radio. you could actually watch it on your app. steve: download the app. immediately. 7:13 in new york city. jillian joins us right now with a story about a college freshman. jillian: that's right. let's get started on this. a college freshman is under arrest accused of plotting a school shooting. students reported paul steefer to police for having gun and ammunition inside his dorm room at high point university in north carolina. he reportedly admits to having a timeline to kill people. police say his plan hinged on whether or not he got into a fraternity and that the boston teen went to school in north carolina because it was easier to get guns there. a maryland man accused of plotting an isis inspired terror attack is officially indicted. federal prosecutors say ron dale henry stole this van and drove it to maryland where he planned to plow
4:14 am
into people at the national harbor. he also told investigators he wanted to carry out an operation like the deadly 2016 terror attack on bastille day in nice, france. he faced up to 30 years behind bars. a major city is urging residents to sto vaping immediately. milwaukee issuing health alert over possible connection between ecigarettes and lung disease. 16 people in wisconsin hospitalized with chemical pneumonia. all vaping in the weeks or months before getting sick. investigating 193 cases in 22 states where vaping and lungs disease may be connected. okay. so here's a question. what would you say to matthew mcconaughey if he was your college professor? >> all right, all right, all right. how are you doing? >> the academy award winner landing a new role at the university of texas in austin. he will be a professor of practice for a film class that meets once a week.
4:15 am
mcconaughey granted from ut from 1993. katie, can you imagine if he was a professor at your school? katie: no comment, jillian. brian: by the way i'm not going to take attendance show up if you want to. jillian: i would be the first person registered. katie: camping out hours and hours ahead of time to sign up for that class. steve: all right, all right, all right. brian: he is on the sideline of every football game. katie: good for him. that's really cool. brian: they pay for that, right? he gets paid. steve: he does a car ad. brian: two forms of income. steve: meanwhile, banned at the border. the department of homeland security now won't allow democratic staff members from congress in border facilities. katie: republican congressman doug collins visited the border this summer and is he here to react. that's next ♪ ♪ great presentation, tim.
4:16 am
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steve: fox news exclusively learning the department of homeland security is apparently barring some democratic staff members from visiting border facilities at the u.s. mexican border.
4:20 am
dhs telling fox news due to the operational burden placed on the field by their refusal to comply with instruction during last week's staff delegation visit, cbp pulled the trip in which more site visits were to take place at cbp and ice facilities this week. dhs communicated to the committee that due to their conduct cbp could not support visits from the committee this week. well, republican congressman doug collins has visited the border this summer. is he representing a district in the great state of georgia. and he joins us right now from phoenix. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve, how are you today? steve: i'm doing okay. it seems extraordinary that the dhs is barring these democratic staff members from going down to take a look at what's going on. why would they do that? >> well, the one thing you go down is you go down to learn. you don't go down with your mind made up. you don't go down and have a determination that the border patrol agents are the
4:21 am
villains in this. and that's what we are seeing. they are simply reflective of members of the democratic party who refuse to actually look what's going on on the border. refuse to see how these heroes who are working down there are doing overtime and busting their own lives up to fix what is down there. they would rather go down and complain. they would rather go down and question. they would question the motive. i have heard reports of staff members questioning the motive of border patrol agents when they're simply trying to help the folks who have come across the border. it's not surprising to me. they are simply reflecting members who don't want to solve a problem. they seem to enjoy having the issue much more than they would like to solve it. it's a distraction to what's going on down there. steve: congressman, the reports are reportedly that these members of congress, on the democratic side, staff members, they were disruptive, they interfered with law enforcement. some were rude and dismissive of the officers who are actually doing their job. is that enough to say, hey, look, we are trying to do our job, you can't come back? >> i there it sends a
4:22 am
message to say look, you want to come down here and do the role that you are supposed, to that is to learn and find out how we fix this problem and not simply demagogue this problem there is a way to make sure it's open and we need to have oversight down there. if you go down down there to interrupt what is actually happening, when you become the distraction. when you become the problem, then that's over the line and i think they did -- they took the steps at this point to say we are not going to have this. we have a job to do. you are here to observe the job. ask proper questions. do what you need to do. but, also, don't try to interfere what's going on here either. steve: all right. meanwhile, let's move on. you know you are the ranking member on the house judiciary committee. it sounds like the inspector general at the department of justice is about to drop his report. you know, if you know something, i'm sure you can't reveal too much. but, what can you tell us about how close we are? >> well, i think we are very close. i think the inspector general has been doing a thorough look at this. i think at the end of the day, there is going to be some people who are not going to be happy. there is going to be, you know, that corrupt little
4:23 am
kabul we have always talked about mccabe and comey and page and strzok and all these folks having to deal with the actions account for something. having to deal with the reality amazingly enough the department of justice does not like folks who are dishonest with what they are talking about, how they lied about different things. so i think it's going to be an interesting day for the american people to see what we have been talking about for a long time is that under mccabe and comey and these folks there,s with a corruption of truth. there is a politicization of what they are supposed to be doing. and they simply wanted to get at a president and a president-elect and then a president who is doing a good job that they can't stand. that has to stop. these reports are going to continue i think to shine the light on that. steve: there are so many people who have heard these stories for so long it will be good to finally see somebody connect the dots. before you go, you represent a district in the great state of georgia. one of the senators there from your state, johnny isakson, a republican, is resigning. citing health issues. just curious if you might be
4:24 am
interested in that job. >> well, first and foremost, georgia has suffered an amazing loss. johnny isakson a man of start temperature. one of the politics who came forward and what statesmanship is like. georgia is suffering right now from that loss. and we in georgia 1257bsd on his shoulders because he was provided republican leadership for so long. to be considered for that, i'm humbled by folks are considering me for that. that is something that i would look at. right now we are focused on the fact that johnny is such a leader in georgia and how we go forward with what he -- the groundwork he has laid has made georgia, much, much better. steve: all right. well we will see what happens. doug collins ranking member of the house judiciary. thank you very much. >> steve, good to be with you. take care. steve: you as well. university medical center forcing a nurse to perform an abortion. well now the trump administration is putting them on notice. attorney jordan sekulow represents that nurse and he
4:25 am
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brian: time now for news by the numbers. please get dressed. first 190,000 that's how many cars toyota is recalling over faulty takata airbags. the passenger side airbag may not inflate properly it effects 2003 and 2008 carollas and 2005 and 2008 matrix models. no reported injuries. that is good news. 0. that is what is up now. that's how much you can spend on a starbucks drink today after 3:00 p.m. we are going to reward members they are anyway to take advantage of a buy one get one free happy hour deal and yes you can get a
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pumpkin spice latte much publicized on our show. finally, that's 2. that's how many days a new jersey cop was on the job before delivering a baby in the parking lot. you are seeing some of that baby there in the sonogram not before seen on television. officer mark pepper had no training in this area. he credits adrenaline for handling that breaking news as katie will credit preparation for this fine interview that's my prediction. katie: yes, of course. thank you, brian. the university of vermont medical center put on notice after a catholic nurse says she was forced to assist in performing an abortion. in a statement the department of health and human services said the medical center maintained the staffing policy that spatially violates the church admits because the policy admits to policies uvmmc can and will force staff, on pain of adverse action or discipline, to participate in abortions against their moral or religious objections. the attorney representing the nurse jordan sekulow
4:30 am
joins us now the executive director of aclj and author of forthcoming book the next red wave. jordan, give us background on what's going on here. >> so in 2017, the university of vermont medical center divided to start performing elective abortions. so not just abortions that would save the life of the mother but abortions just for abortion sake, elective abortions as we call them. interestingly enough, that policy change happened, surprise, surprise, when a new chairman of the board of trustees come in. guess who that chairman was? the former ceo of planned parenthood new england. so someone who definitely had. anna: must to pro-life nurses, medical professionals, even doctors. so, in 2017, this nurse who made it clear she had an objection, a conscious objection, which is protected by federal law since 1973, the church amendment is actually named after a former senator,
4:31 am
senator church who was a liberal democrat from idaho who passed it in congress right after roe v. wade in 1973. so she has the conscious conscie protection. she is pulled into a procedure, not told what the procedure was. in fact, she tol thought it was unfortunately a miscarriage and that would be the procedure that the baby had already passed away. that's unfortunate. but she wouldn't have an objection to being part of that procedure. she gets into the operating room. she has got her scrubs on. the doctor turns to her, and this is in the record and says don't hate me. and it's an elective abortion. right there, she has got to decide do i walk out, which causes a lot of issues. or do i go along with this procedure. she felt like she was forced to do this and, again, it violated federal law. katie: so your client has asked to remain anonymous, correct? >> yes. >> katie: and she felt she had to participate n elective abortion for fear of losing
4:32 am
her job? >> that's right. that's right. and it was made very clear at this specific university of vermont hospital. this was not the only case. we now have four other nurses who are filing similar complaints with hhs. let me tell you why this is important. katie: okay. >> the law has been on the books since 1973 like i said. this is the first time the trump administration, president trump and secretary azar at hhs is the first administration to actually enforce it against these hospitals to actually enforce conscience protections so that nurses and doctors and medical professionals aren't forced to perform abortions against their religious or deeply held beliefs. so this is key that the trump administration is finally, republican and democrat administrations in the past. they both had this law on the books. republicans didn't enforce it. democrats didn't enforce it. president trump and secretary azar did. katie: you mentioned enforcement and also
4:33 am
mentioned hhs. hhs has also given this hospital in the past more than a million dollars in granted funding. as you know, taxpayer fund something not supposed to go towards abortions so i'm sure those grants will come under scrutiny. we want to get in a statement here from the university of vermont medical center. the university of vermont medical center says this. it says is t. has robust formal protections that safeguard our employees religious, ethical and cultural beliefs and our patients' rights to access safe and legal abortion. we do not will discriminate against any employees who exercise their rights to opt out of procedures to which they object. these procedures cover initiation cessation of life support, organ transplant sterilization and transof pregnancy. every day of uvm medical center works hard to protect the rights of thousands of patients who seek our services and the many employees who assist in providing them. >> they ignore all of the
4:34 am
clients' rights there. it's all about patients rights and what they want to perform. the truth is if you really read that statement, it says well, if we can accommodate you. and that's what hhs found. that's not the rule -- that's not the federal law that was passed by congress. that's not what hhs enforces. it's not if we can accommodate. we will accommodate you. you must accommodate the objector. and this is not the end for the university of vermont. nor for many other medical institutions. we are launching a campaign asking nurses, doctors, medical professionals to come to us. and let us know if this is happening to them. we believe it is. katie: great. jordan sekulow, thank you so much for explaining that to us and for your time today. >> thank you. katie: all right. well this video of bernie sanders hitting a punching bag is going viral. now he is using that clip to take another kind of jab and it's "fox & friends" at the fair. pete hegseth is live at the minnesota state fair. hey, pete. pete: that's right. hey, good morning, katie.
4:35 am
bernie sanders the topic of conversation as well. think iowa state fair and politics. plenty of politics at the minnesota state fair. we will bring it to you on the other side. copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪ go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma. it contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. the risk is unknown in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure, glaucoma, prostate, bladder or urinary problems. these may worsen with anoro. call your doctor if you have worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes or eye pain while taking anoro. ask your doctor about once-daily anoro
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steve: :38 in florida. right now back with a fox news alert. hurricane dorian gaining strength as it heads towards right now it looks like florida. brian: moments ago president trump tweeting this: hurricane dorian looks like it will be hitting florida late sunday night be prepared and please follow
4:39 am
state and federal instructions. it will be a very big hurricane, perhaps one of the biggest. katie: the state is preparing for the worst after the storm slammed several caribbean islands. waves st. thomas, saint john getting hammered by heavy rain and intense wind. steve: lettening bring in pete gain nor acting administrator of fema. pete, good morning to you, we know you are really really busy. right now it looks like when it hits florida it could be a category 3, although i read this morning there is a 31% chance it could be a cat 4. what do you know about the storm so far. >> first of all the amount of the category now is the time to get prepared. if you look at the current forecast. the cone of uncertainty is as far as south as key west and as far as north as jacksonville even into georgia. so, if you are a florida resident, south georgia resident, now is the time to prepare to make sure no matter where it lands you and your family are prepared. katie: mr. gaynor, as we go
4:40 am
into hurricane season what can things people can do before the hurricane is announced. >> first of all, now is the time make sure you and your family are prepared. listen to local and state officials for things that they want you to do. get tuned into that. one other thing can you do today right from the comfort of your house is download the fema app. you can put in your zip code. you can understand what the threats are to your local community. and you can sign up for alerts. that really is the best thing can you do today. don't waste time. brian: so, pete, you are the acting commissioner of fema. we have a brand new governor of florida. are you -- how are you attacking the lack of experience in this situatio situation? >> i have a call to the governor later today. my team has been on the ground well before this doing recovery for irma and michael. we have a great relationship with the state emergency manager. i don't think there is any gaps right now. the governor did declare a safety emergency last night. we will continue to coordinate to make sure that we understand what our needs are. what his needs are. and we will work our way
4:41 am
through it. steve: yeah. pete, yesterday, we did a story about how the administration and the department of homeland security was reprogramming hundreds of millions of dollars from different agencies, including some money from fema to help secure our southern border. there was some suggestion that that could actually strap fema in the time of big disaster or something like that. is that a problem? >> well, first of all, we are all one dhs and myself as the acting administrator of fema and my other component heads want to make sure that the secretary is successful in dealing with the emergency on the border. the 155 million, you know, it is a lot of money, but when you look at how much money we have for disasters this year, $27 billion and so that money is about 1% of that. there is a slight small risk that it will impact us; however, we have enough money for recovery from the 2017 and '18 disaster seasons and enough resources for this season. we are not worried about it
4:42 am
here at fema. steve: all right. good to know. pete gaynor acting acting fema administrator. >> thank you very much. brian: they are good at it. steve: sadly good at it because they have had to do it so many times. brian: 18 minutes now before the want to hour. katie: jillian has headline headlines. jillian: woman fastest woman on four wheels killed trying to break a world record jessi died in a crash while driving jet car in oregon. police are investigating the computers to see what happened. she was trying to hit 619 miles per hour to break her own land speed record. she posted this photo just days before the crash. in an interview from 2013, she said her mom always worried about her need for speed. >> she is like is there anything i can do. really mom, there is not anything can you do. what you can do is help me
4:43 am
get my will ready it is definitely scary. but it doesn't slow me down. jillian: jessi colmes 39 years old. lake tahoe undergoing testing for toxic algae. testing water samples in california after a dog died shortly after swimming in the lake. blue green algae naturally occur news fresh water and has been appearing in several states around the country this summer. at least four dogs have died after swimming in contaminated water in north carolina and georgia. a second county declares an emergency ahead of the storm area 51 event. an official in nye county nevada says he is preparing for the worst. >> mass casualty, serious traffic accident, large fire. anything along those lines we want to be prepared for the best of our ability. jillian: more than 3 million people on facebook say they will attend the event slated for september 20th. county officials now urging residents to stock up on food, water, and gas. and how about this? climate change is feeling the burn.
4:44 am
2020 hopeful bernie sanders turning this viral video into a teachable moment on instagram. see him throwing punches at the climate crisis. even fighting fossil fuels. sanders taking a jab at himself after this video surfaced online of a punching bag taking a jab at him. i like when you can kind of have fun with your own somewhat embarrassing situation. steve: it is it shows it hitting him right in the kisser. elections day is 14 months away. there is definitely a political buzz nut air. katie: "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth has been talking to voters firsthand. he joins us live from the fair in saint paul, minnesota. pete? pete: that's right. good morning, guys. well, the sun is coming up. folks are coming. in gates are open. so another big day at the minnesota state fair. i will say this. there is a longer history of politics at the minnesota state fair than i was aware
4:45 am
of. back in 1901 teddy roosevelt speak softly and carry a big state at this minnesota state fair two weeks later he was president of the united states. we were talking to folks yesterday about who wants to be president in 20206789 what do they think of donald trump and the whole crew of candidates on the democrat side of the aisle. here's what they had to say. ♪ ♪ >> what issues are most important to you? >> the freedom to do what -- what we do in the united states. >> the border is a big thing for me. and i think the whole philosophy of america first. >> it's tough in rural america. >> have you seen short-term pain because of the tariffs and the showdown but you believe it's the right thing to do in the long term? >> correct. pete: do you think there could ever be a great american get together? are we so divided we can't come together? >> i'm hoping that's not the
4:46 am
case. >> i would like to think we can have an american get together. but the way things are going right now. i don't see it happening. i would say it's got to hit rock bottom before it gets better. pete: when you look at the 2020 democratic field, is there a candidate you like? >> i will just wait -- i really can't say that 100 percent because there is such a large field, i'm going to let it come together. >> i don't like radical left wing. if i had to vote for a democrat, it would probably be -- i don't know, donald trump. [laughter] pete: well, we spent a lot of time in the democrat booth in minnesota it's called the democrat farm labor party the dfl. a couple things stuck out to us. think we have got some video. they have did the bean counter of the democratic candidates who would you support informal poll. amy klobuchar is the senator from minnesota she came in second higher than she normally does.
4:47 am
number one was elizabeth warren. then bernie sanders and kamala harris and joe biden. pretty low for the so-called frontrunner. and bill de blasio, guys, you will get this. he had three beans in his tube. so few you could count them one by one. i also had a lot of republicans coming up to me in the democratic booth and whispering go trump. we support trump. a lot of support for the president here. even if they are not wearing it on their clothing. the president's campaign thinks this is a state they could win. we will see. brian: he felt as though if he had one more trip to minnesota he would have delivered it in 2016. brad parscale really pushing hard to flip that state his way. katie: i can't believe they let you in by the way to their booth. pete: they did. they were actually pretty nice to us. we walked in there one thing in the state of minnesota we can all agree on right now. minnesota, this is our years. 87 in '91. minnesota twins going to the world series this year. that's how you make friends at the minnesota state fair.
4:48 am
brian: having a great year. remember where you live. they are also having a great year. pete: the yankees are having a great year. going to break the curse finally this year. we are going to break the major league record for home runs nit a season. the little twinkies. so the yankees are going to have to look out this year. katie: all right. enjoy the fair. brian: flow right through jfk with that attitude. steve: report from the fair and oddly suddenly a sports report. katie: yeah. there you go. steve: pete, thanks. meanwhile, our next guest showed his all-american products to president trump a couple weeks ago at the white house. now is he bringing them to our studio. brian: the founder of snake bite is here for more of our made in america week. ♪ they come to america ♪ there's no looking back again ♪ they coming it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
4:49 am
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4:52 am
jillian: guests of motel 6 will be allowed to sue after their private information was leaked to ice. more than 100,000 people can file claims to get a cut of a $12 million settlement between motel 6 and washington state. the agency is accuse of using guest lists to investigate people with latino sounding names leading to some deportations. and the world's largest hotel chain is getting rid
4:53 am
of tiny shampoo bottles, you know the ones you usually take home with you not anymore. replace travel size larger bottles or wall mounted dispensers on an effort to cut barack on plastic waste. iag and disney vowed to eliminate the small bottles. steve? steve: jillian, thank you. day four of week long series made in america keep their products, people and profits inside the nation. katie: and this morning we introduce tout man behind the missouri based snake bite company. after the company's visit to the white house. brian: look at the company's founders here with the best kevin kelly, founder of snake bite. steve: you haven't changed clothes from the white house. >> not yet, no. it's been a month since i have been there. i have been sleeping in this. steve: tell us a little bit about this particular beer can opener. >> for sure flagship snake bite bottle opener.
4:54 am
came up with that random night of hanging out with friends. bite the can of beer twice snake bite after our grandfathers. they would pour out smoother into a glass and also kind of a make your mark kind of thing. that's our slogan. katie: all of these have leather around them to keep it protected? key chain? >> yes. katie: this is the one you gave president trump. >> that's right with the 45 on the back. brass plated. katie: are all these customizable? >> they are. we have the ability to put any logo or artwork on the front of the leather, depending on your organization. brian: started in 2014, right? how have you grown. >> grown fantastically. we have another kick starter for our bartender tool three years after that. we got invited to the white house. i think things are going pretty well so far. katie: everything here is made in america. >> 100 percent made in america. katie: why was it important to you make things in america when it could be cheaper for you to do to t. overseas. >> sure aside from the
4:55 am
obvious things manufacturing oversight. it's cool to give my friends jobs and support the community and keep everything in the local area to kind of support local. steve: what was it like when you were at the white house surrounded by people from all 50 states who make their products in the united states. >> it was surreal. obviously i wasn't making anything as impressive with lockheed martin with the massive missile defense system. steve: if you need to open a beer. >> have you got to celebrate somehow. we had tabasco behind us. buck knives. great to be in the league with those kind of companies. brian: it would have been cheaper if you went outside the country, right? >> totally. leather is not a cheap good to buy in mass when you are buyinbuying hides, steel especially. we have manufacturers in new york. katie: you are employing one of your friends. is one of your friends a leather worker? how did you find people to get this all together for you. >> serendiply.
4:56 am
we tried to do it in our own studio it was a mishap. we happened to meet the right people in st. louis really talented. south out to darren and ben for assembling all these goods. steve: thank you very much for making "fox & friends" snake bite openers as well. you popped the back. >> did i subconsciously. you bite the back of a can of beer like that or whatever beverage you are drinking. and then pours into the glass a little bit smoother, these might be fizzy though because it is soda. brian: big openers, leather. >> all of our apparel and leather goods or coasters, bar tender tools. everything we do is just with enjoying life and having fun whether it's the happy hours or the weekend. >> what's your website. >> snake bite steve: kevin, thank you very much. good luck to you. >> thanks, guys. appreciate it. steve: can we keep these the "fox & friends" ones? >> sure. thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: straight ahead lawrence o'donnell has retracted a story about president trump's finances
4:57 am
and those oligarchs. now the president is getting the last word. a tweet just came out. ♪ ♪ . . erred
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
katie: hurricane dorian as i bypasses puerto rico and heads towards the u.s. steve: where is it hing? the president tweeting hurricane dorian looks like it will be hitting florida late sunday night. be prepared, the president warns. please follow, state and federal instructions. it will be a very big hurricane, perhaps, one of the biggest. katie: fema now encouraging residents to prepare for the worst. >> the cone of uncertainty is as far as south as key woes and as far north as jacksonville, even georgia. if you're a florida resident, south georgia resident, time to prepare, make sure no matter where it lands that you are prepared. brian: several caribbean islands. you can see boats right there on
5:01 am
the screen, turned around by huge waves. that happened in st. tomas. steve: st. john heavy rain and intense winds. look at that. what a day. katie: meteorologist adam klotz is tracking dorian. what is going on? >> the islands took the brunt of the storm. it was a tropical storm. it is now a hurricane. that is behind the system. winds at 85 mile-an-hour. that is enough to make it a category 1. this storm sits 150 miles north of puerto rico at this point. you look out nothing but open water. that it will allow the storm to intensify next several days and hours as the storm tracking itself up along the waters there, only getting bigger, getting stronger, as we eventually run out over the water. i'm having issues with my graphics. we are jumping ahead. i think we're on the wrong setup.
5:02 am
category 1 storm. here is where this moves, by this afternoon, jumping up to category 2, we're over such warm water, 100 mile-an-hour winds. by the time saturday, this is looking like category 3 storm, which bumps up it into 125 mile-an-hour winds. it looks like hitting center of florida, the cone of uncertainty to jacksonville, south georgia. the timing. this is monday morning 2:00 a.m., sunday night into early monday morning. real question, isn't going to be strength, guys, where along this track ultimately makes landfall. i think this will be a powerful store. a category 3, maybe category 4, which means strong winds. it is about location, when we finally get to it. steve: we had congressman doug collins from georgia, talking about with us at the break, if it wobble as bit to the north,
5:03 am
georgia could be impacted. this is not just a east coast problem for florida, with a storm that big, going as fast as category 3, kind of probably shoot across the peninsula, next stop, we don't know, somewhere along the gulf. >> that is one of the possibilities. we looked at several forecast models. i can run through them right now. a couple go in at such a direct angle, if you run them out a little farther, i looked at those it, dumped into the gulf. the gulf is very warm. this could reorganize, talking about running up into the panhandle, maybe towards new orleans. a couple models show more of a turn, maybe into portions of georgia. that is getting into sometime next week. these are possibilities. brian: you can't legislate personal responsibility. you have two or three days. there is plenty of time to do everything you're supposed to do, board up your has, gas up your car, to making sure there is a place to get too.
5:04 am
there has to be personal responsibility there. florida knows how to do it with shelters, places to go. steve: they have gotten good at it. one of the things warning folks in florida, you need a one week supply of everything, whether water or food or candles or batteries. you name it. get it. >> i would reiterate. definitely on the east coast right now is in the game, two or three days. you should be prepared. if you're sitting on gulf of mexico side, especially gulf states, portions of south georgia, you probably have a little more time getting into the week before you make the decisions. on east coast of florida, time to start making action, making those plans. steve: looks like it will impact florida on labor day, right? >> early monday morning, late sunday night. that is what we're looking at. katie: we'll be watching. brian: other big story next week, third debate for the democrats. criteria a little higher.
5:05 am
more donors. 2% in three polls. that eliminates a whole bunch. we know about seth moulton dropped out last week. kirsten gillibrand got almost no traction. flip-flopped on every issue, turning on clintons. she has no foundation, no clear message. she got no votes. steve: she wound up in the senate because hillary clinton became secretary of state. kirsten gillibrand was appointed to take her place. she sat down with her family, if i don't get 2% two polls, i will have to drop out. she waited for the two polls, wound up with 0% in both. she went to twitter. >> i know this is the results we wanted, but we wanted to win the race. important to know when it is not your time. to know how you can best serve
5:06 am
your community and country. i believe i can best serve but helping to unite us to beat donald trump in 2020. brian: there you go. highly produced exit package. now should go back to being in the senate. didn't really help with democrats the way she went after al franken. a lot of people fault her for that. katie: in the age of authenticity, kirsten gillibrand was certainly not one of those people. don't forget her race for the senate was fronted by clinton money machine. who bill clinton she decided to turn on when it was convenient to turn in the age of me too. this is the man who democrats want to defeat in the white house, president trump. gillibrand tweeted, a sad day for democrats. kirsten gillibrand dropped out of the presidential primary. i'm glad they never found out she was the one i was really afraid of. going after her on the way out. i'm sure she won't be less vocal. she surely involved in the presidential campaign, even not
5:07 am
as a candidate. steve: now rather than two nights. will be one event. we know about 10 people. we have a screen that shows all the familiar faces. these are the people who did qualify. joe, bernie, elizabeth, kamala, amy klobuchar, beto, andrew yang and julian castro. tulsi gabbard did not make the list. she was on the tucker show last night with this observation. >> there is whole bunch of different polls have come out. the dnc only recognized some of them as being qualifying polls for the debate. the whole thing gets a little bit confusing. you have got to jump way down into the weeds with numbers and statistics. i think the bigger problem is the whole process really lax transparency. >> right. >> people deserve having that transparency ultimately the people who will decide who our democratic nominee will be. ultimately who our next president, commander-in-chief
5:08 am
will be and when you see that lack of transparency. it creates, lack of faith and trust in the process. brian: looks like there is big three. it is biden, warren and sanders. steve: biden is way ahead. brian: in the actual debate itself, tulsi gabbard made a big impact, taking down kamala harris. the people don't step side. >> michael bennet, mayor de blasio and bullock. they say enough we're fine with it. they have another month to get into the october debate. who would donate to people that didn't make the top 10? katie: apparently people are. they're not donating enough to get to the threshold. bab guard, before we move on, dnc had a huge problem with 2016 transparency and rigging the election for hillary clinton against bernie sanders. seems like they have another problem when tulsi gabbard is accusing them for lack of transparency for the debate
5:09 am
rules. steve: stay tuned for that. democratic staff members from congress have ban aned going down to the southern border visiting facilities there. according to dhs they were rude and disruptive, apparently, sources told fox news, certain members of the congressional staff were interfered with law enforcement. they were rude, dismissive and they put out this statement to fox. katie: they said due to the operational burden placed on the field by their refusal to comply with instruction during last week's staff delegation visit, cpb pulled the trip in which more site visits were to take place at cpb and i.c.e. facilities this week. dhs communicated to the committee, due to their conduct cpb could not support visits from the committee this week. essentially because democratic staffers could not behave themselves, pulling resources away from the mission of border patrol, they are no longer
5:10 am
welcome to see what is going on. brian: like a carnival. aoc felt threatened. no one knows what she was talking about. elijah cummings, first time ever was going to the border. we don't want this to be a show. we have a serious job. congressman collins was on our show, need to go for the border, you can actually see things for yourself. >> it sends a message, look if you want to come down here to do the role you're supposed to be, to learn, find out how we fix the problem, not simply demagogue the problem. it is way to make sure it is open. we need to have oversight. if you go down to interrupt actually what happens, you become the distraction, you become the problem. that is over the line. they took the steps at this point to say we're not going to have this. we have a job to do. you're here to observe the job. ask proper questions, do what you need to do. don't try to interfere what is going on either. steve: certain democratic staff members who worked on capitol hill will not be allowed their
5:11 am
upcoming visit. they pulled the plug, not going to happen. brian: one of the big stories to emerge yesterday, was a report out, the wall is being built at a record pace. the president said, i don't want to hear anymore excuses. put the wall up. a lot of times if it is, if it is property, you can't find out who owns the property, put it up, i will pardon you if they try to sue you. i never said that. president said why are you running with this story. no one checked with me. i was one of the things i hoped to talk about at 9:34 through the top of the hour when we talk to him on the "brian kilmeade show." "brian kilmeade show".com we'll talk to the president. katie: streaming on "fox nation." you become a member of that. meantime, jillian over to you for headlines. jillian: good morning. we begin with a fox news alert. a doug walker is stabbed to death in an apparent attack. marjorie mcgill found seriously hurt on a sidewalk in washington, d.c. she died later in the hospital. she was working for a
5:12 am
non-profit. a suspect is charged with first-degree murder. police say they were strangers. this was not a robbery or sexual assault. police union is sounding off after a officer is shot overnight. the unidentify cop was hit in the leg trying to arrest a suspect who was on the run after attempting to run over an officer and shoot another cop earlier this week. the baltimore police union tweeting in part, saying quote, more needs to be said about this incident and the current condition about our city. for now be proud of our baltimore police department heroes. #city in crisis. the officer is out of the hospital. police shot and killed the suspect. a major city is urging residents to stop vape immediately. milwaukee issuing a health alert with possible connection between e-cigarettes and lung disease. 16 people in wisconsin including teenagers are in the hospital after using devices. the company is working to implement i.d. verification
5:13 am
system, to stop vendors from selling to underage customers. they say good things come to those who wait. how about this. canadian man wins $16 million, playing same lottery numbers for over 20 years. he says the numbers were a combination of important dates and family birthdays. he plans on buying his family a new home, taking a vacation, and saving up the rest. katie: good pour him. good plan to me. steve: 60 million and two dollars according to the check? jillian: i didn't see it. you looked at it. i will believe you. brian: postage and processing, build it into the price. steve: jillian, thank you. msnbc's lawrence o'donnell made some explosive claims about president trump and russian oligarchs. he is taking it all back. dana loesch joins us with her reaction to the retraction next. brian: kicking off college football week. which one of us can win the
5:14 am
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♪ >> donald trump's loan documents there show that he has cosigners. that is how he was able to obtain those loans. and that the cosigners are russian oligarchs. steve: what? what? msnbc host lawrence o'donnell making those explosives claims, less than 24 hours after the what, he was forced to walk them back under threat of a lawsuit. >> last night on this show i discussed information that wasn't ready for reported. i repeated statement as single source told me about the president's finances and loan documents. i should not have said it on air or posted it on twitter. i was wrong to do so. we are retracting the story. katie: okay. so joining us to react is nationally syndicated radio show host dana loesch. what is your response to lawrence o'donnell, not saying
5:19 am
it was not true but saying he was going to retract it. >> good morning, katie and gentlemen. there is a little nuance, keep trying to justify the fact he ever mentioned it in the first place, saying we don't know if it is inaccurate, we don't know if we have all the information. clearly you don't, you had one single source that didn't even see the documents in question and, but it was good enough for their confirmation bias. so lawrence o'donnell in his editors, they decided to run with this story. it is reckless. this is the kind of stuff, why the whole phrase fake news was created. what is even worse with all of this, this is the isn't the first time legacy media has done this or other cable news networks have done something like this, when they do, whether "the new york times" or some other outlet, when they do publish stories about the lanny davis trump tower thing that is another example, the president responds he is accused of having a war against the media which
5:20 am
seems to be unfair. steve: the president has responded to this particular story. he tweeted out not long ago, moments ago, actually, totally inaccurate reporting by lawrence o'donnell for which he has been forced by nbc to apologize is no different than the horrible, corrupt, fraudulent fake news that i and many millions of great supporters have had to put up with for years. so bad for the usa. and he makes, he following up on the point you were making. if you wrote down, dana loesch, the crazy stories we have heard over the last couple years about this president and, you know, all sorts of things that have never been proven to be true, the average person would go, wow, they said that on tv, we never heard where that went. >> yeah, exactly. but they like to call conservatives conspiracy theorists, accuse us of engaging in some sort of malpractice when these individuals are making a mockery of journalism. these individuals are the ones who are engaged in the war on
5:21 am
journalists, the war on media because of the malpractice which they engage every single day. they're living on legacy of journalists in the past who have been greater than them, who were able to practice impartiality, which people like lawrence o'donnell, so many others we could mention, they simply don't do. that is the war on media. what these people are doing against their own profession, that is the war. brian: right. when rachel maddow can't stomach it, you know it's a conspiracy theory that -- steve: what? she's right. >> exactly. brian: dana loesch. >> it wasn't true. he shouldn't have run it. katie: thanks, dana. appreciate it. thank you. california businesses struggling to survive as the homeless crisis grows right on their doorsteps. steve: coming up will you hear from a business owner is begging for his community to take action. he has a warning from california next. y, "go this way."
5:22 am
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♪ brian: here are quick headlines. take note. apple is vowing to stove eavesdropping on siri users. do you believe this? the tech giant is apologizing for listening to recorded conversations in a practice meant to improve the quality of the app. going forward, apple will only keep the recordings if the user grants permission. only apple employees will have access. thanks. doorbell camera company ring joining forces with police department to share surveillance videos. more than 400 departments nationwide will have access to the neighbors app which allows police to request videos to use in investigations. the app also allows people to people to send real time crime and safety alerts. everybody is looking everywhere and listening. now to you guys. steve: brian, thank you. last week on this program we
5:26 am
brought you the story of a frustrated sacramento hair salon owner forced to relocate over california's awful homeless crisis. >> i've been broken into. i've had my glass broken. i clean up human excrement off my doorstep every week. cups of urine, things like that. and i do have compassion for these people, but you know, they're sleeping in front of your door, leaving trash, turning over garbage cans. i can't do that anymore. >> our next guest can relate. he owns a business right across the street. he says he is also forced to confront the crisis head on with no solution in sight. joining us in sacramento, is sacramento antique own steve sylvester. tell us about why you're deciding to stay, what you think the solution to this problem is? >> well, good morning. i think i'm going to stay because i've been there 20 years and this is not putting me off. it is a problem that has
5:27 am
escalated. it has now reached the press. i think something will be done with it soon. it has certainly gotten worse last six months to a year. steve: we understand you sustained some damage. you feel it is not just a homeless problem, it is also a drug problem, because some mostly naked guy came in, vandalized your shop in front of you. >> yeah, that was fun. he was wearing very little clothes. what he was wearing wasn't covering up the necessary bits. so, i asked him to leave because there were customers in the store. then he got real crazy. on the way out, there is a big, huge table with a big china dinner service, he just wiped it off, ran out into the street. katie: i want to pull up stats we have in 2019 homeless stats in sacramento county. more than 5500 people living on the streets. homelessness is up 19% since 2017. how did we get here and does the city government need to take a
5:28 am
different approach to what they're doing to solve the crisis? >> yeah. i think, bless the city, road to hell is paved with good intentions, and throwing a lot of money at a very temporary solution. in fact a couple nights ago they approved 7.8 million allowance to build two tents that will house 200 people in total. it will last about two years. that is a lot of money. that works out to $39,000 per person for the two years. you know, a hotel is cheaper than that. so, the money has not been spent in the right way. if that, that is the main problem. steve: let me ask you this. we look at images, steve. they're desperate to look at. after the naked guy broke all the china, i'm sure you called the police. what did they say? >> well, a, they couldn't find him after he ran out of the store. the police, they're doing their
5:29 am
best, again their hands are tied. unless there is somewhere to send a homeless person, they can't actually arrest them. so, they could have been done for vandalism. obviously he is gone. we've lost store windows and, the trouble is, because it is mainly a drug problem on the streets now, people will come into the store, grab a handful of something, and then quickly go out sell it to get the next fix. katie: right. >> that is the big problem last six months to a year. katie: a push for a lot of compassion for people in front of your store. maybe there needs to be more compassion for business owners. we have a number of photos, not just from sacramento, also from san francisco, cities around california. sacramento mayor's office is saying this, releasing a statement, saying in part the courts ruled cities cannot enforce their anti-camping ordinances without sufficient shelter to offer people a bed. we are focused on bringing to scale a system of shelters that
5:30 am
focus on getting people the rehabilitation, health and other services they need, then placing them in permanent housing. do you think that is a good solution? >> well it's a good solution if there was lots of money in the kitty. as you said it is 5600 people on the streets. at the moment they have just funded enough for 200 people. that is a drop in the bucket. but i would say, i mean, sacramento is a fabulous city. where i'm located is close to a street called brook which has the most wonderful selection of restaurants. outside the restaurants people will be begging, begging for money. please don't give these people money. it is not for food. it is for drugs. if you feel, if you feel sorry for them give them food, not money. katie: steve, thank you very much for sharing your story. we wish you luck getting the crisis under control. thank you very much. >> thank you, you're welcome. bye-bye. katie: friends at the fair. this week pete hegseth is
5:31 am
getting a taste of the minnesota state fair. steve: a taste? he eight 75 different -- he will join us live from the fairgrounds, he is turning into a lumberjack. ♪ when you're not able to smile, you become closed off. i felt withdrawn, alone... having to live with bad teeth for so long was extremely depressing. now, i know how happy i am. there was all the feeling good about myself that i missed. i wish that i had gone to aspen dental on day one and not waited three years. at aspen dental, we're all about yes. like yes to flexible hours and payment options. yes to free exams and x-rays for new patients without insurance. and yes, whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. call now at 1-800-aspendental.
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♪ steve: welcome back to "fox & friends" for this thursday. taking a look at satellite images. that is hurricane dorian, gaining strength as it heads out of the caribbean. looks like it is on a collision course with florida. currently category 1 storm, brushing with puerto rico, last couple hours. slamming into a number of caribbean islands. brian: st. thomas, boats are thrown around in massive waves. katie: turn to meteorologist adam klotz who is tracking dorian's path. >> good news, the storm is mostly out of the path of caribbean islands. bahamas to see it next couple days. the storm is 150 miles north of puerto rico. it is a category 1 storm with winds at 85 miles an hour, gusting up to 100 miles-an-hour. the story where is it headed next? it is head right into florida.
5:36 am
this is the forecast track. this is later today, jumps up to category 1 storm. winds gusts up 100 miles an hour. it is running up to category 3 storm, making its way to the florida coast. very wide area. it could run as low as florida keys, as far as north as jacksonville. all spots where this eventually could move in late sunday night, early monday morning, taking you farther along the path, goes from category 3, then moves inland, stay as powerful storm. current model suggesting still a category 1 hurricane by the time in the center of the state. some models take it into the gulf of mexico. it could reform. others run it north into georgia. this will be a powerful category 3, or 4. we're looking sunday night into monday morning. steve: on labor day. pardon the pun, almost a perfect storm, you have got the warm water of the caribbean, it is in
5:37 am
the mid 80s, and you have very little wind sheer would push storm to go to the north and east but there isn't much? >> the thing i really want to reiterate, we know this will be a big, strong storm, for reasons you likely said. category 3, maybe stronger. the question where it ultimately will land. that is something we'll see next couple days. steve: that is what everybody along the florida coast wants to know. thank you, sir. brian: jillian will not cover the storm in florida. she will be ready for the football season. hey, jillian. >> [inaudible]. steve: i think we're having a problem with your microphone. brian: yeah, i think so. steve: tell you what. we'll help you with the headlines. first story, second person has died in a boat crash involving "shark tank" star kevin o'leary. police say gary pot lash and suzanne brito were killed after the boat collided with o'leary es a on a lake in canada.
5:38 am
the reality show stars claim the navigation lights were turned off. his agent that his wife was driving at time. she passed a breathalyzer. he insists video will clear them of any wrongdoing. katie: a grandfather stops a burglar in his tracks, holding him at gun point until police arrived. >> he picked the wrong house. i pointed the pistol at him, said, if you don't move i won't shoot you. katie: he says he grabbed his pistol from under his pillow after hearing from someone yelling inside of the house in ohio. he found a burglar standing in the living room. he said he was burglarized a few days later. police arrested a suspect. they are investigating to see if he is linked to the first burglary. brian: i have to tell you this. a volcano erupts sending smoke and ash a mile high. high-intensity, it happened on the island of stromboli in
5:39 am
italy. a gigantic plume of dark smoke and ash billowing in the sky. was it pompeii? didn't that get overwhelmed by lava? katie: i did. brian: no lava. 5000 tourists were in the island off of italy. no one is reported injured. this is the second eruption in summer. everyone we know is going to italy this summer. >> a hot summer vacation spot. hotter with the volcano. glad the people are okay. steve: a lot of people are going to the land of 10,000 lakes in minnesota. katie: including our own pete hegseth because the minnesota state fair is officially in full swing. one of the highlights, logrolling. pete hegseth, giving it a try. show us what happened. pete: yeah, you better believe it, brian, with you, i would like to go to italy. i have never been. i will join folks that have gone there. more importantly we're here in minnesota, at the minnesota
5:40 am
state fair. there is a log, lumberjack show. includes logrolling, a lot of things. you run the show. tell us this is packed attraction here at the fair. >> absolutely is. we have a bunch of different disciplines involving lumberjacks and lumberjills. springboard chopping, speed climbing, logrolling, boom running. all kinds of great stuff. pete: i'm not allowed to do axe throwing. we'll talk about that later. we have one demonstration. what is the gentleman's name. >> andrew connell. speed!ing. go all the way up and back down in 10 or 12 seconds. pete: 10 or 12 seconds? >> yeah. pete: how long would that take me? >> maybe 15 seconds. pete: there he is going. he is using a rob. >> climbing gaffe, similar to utility lineman. a little bit different so they don't stick as well. pete: they compete. >> head-to-head competition in all the different disciplines.
5:41 am
pete: i took a vacation in hayward, wisconsin, saw the lumberjack show. >> we're from hayward. port. pete: you have a couple ladies do a demo logrolling. >> they're in a bucking match spacing opposite directions. concentrating on opponent's feet. feeling the other out, taking control of the log. it is one of the most difficult disciplines. years of practice, tons of a gillty. pete: i prefer to try things very difficult. >> wheel get you out there. pete: can i try it now? >> sure. pete: give it my best shot. they will make it easy for me. >> we'll get meredith out there. ellie will role with you. they will get you up on the log. give you a little lesson. pete: take it ease on me. >> roll this out. >> we'll get him out on that log. pete: this is not going to go
5:42 am
well. you will get wet. we know that for sure. get him out there. meredith is hanging on for a second. we'll get ellie out there. [laughter]. pete: we'll try it again. that wasn't even half a step. come on, he will my. >> we'll see if we get him out there again. brian: i don't know if he can hear us. steve: he have can't hear us. brian: this is beyond difficult. katie: yes, very hard. steve: first time in the water within two seconds. second time, three seconds. katie: third time is a charm. brian: admire you pete. i don't know if you brought a change of clothes. i imagine this is time to switch. katie: warm enough in minnesota to do that. steve: last time swimming across the hudson he took off his shift. brian: absolutely. i heard reports he has tattoos. steve: unfamiliar with that.
5:43 am
pete, good job. remember the former college instructor heckled while saying the pledge of allegiance. watch this. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands -- steve: now she is suing the school. she is going to join us with the story and fallout coming up next. ♪ when you brush, you may have gingivitis. and the clock could be ticking towards bad breath, receding gums, and possibly... tooth loss. help turn back the clock on gingivitis with parodontax. leave bleeding gums behind. parodontax.
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brian: update on story we brought you earlier this year. former santa barbara city college professor heckled while defending the pledge of allegiance. remember this? >> he. i pledge allegiance to the flag. >> gavel her. >> to the republic for which it stands. >> point of order. come on. ridiculous. brian: yeah it is ridiculous. now that professor is taking legal action, suing the college's board of trustees violating california's brown act, allows members to speak without interruption, as well as first amendment. she joins us now.
5:48 am
barbara, celeste basher, thank you for joining us -- >> thank you for inviting me to come back on "fox & friends." i'm grateful to that. what brought us to this point the college thus far refused to acknowledge that myself rights were violated that day and that nobody stood up to defend me and more importantly, to defend the first amendment of the constitution. brian: right the brown act says, should remove individuals if they're doing that. one of these individuals another professor? >> yes, she was. i don't know her personally. she is a professor in the chemistry department. she just started yelling, screaming within about 30 minutes of me standing up there, simply explaining why i wanted the pledge of allegiance reinstated. i wanted the right to say the pledge at a public meeting. brian: you did. people started sounding off. guess what. there was so much uproar they put the pledge back, right?
5:49 am
>> yes, they did. one of the things i learned about my community in santa barbara is there is a very vocal group of folks, veterans, ordinary citizens, retired people, who came out who were incensed that the pledge of allegiance and an individual person would be assaulted in this way. they came out and they spoke out, and they have been reciting the pledge of allegiance ever since because i do regularly attend those trustees meetings. it is just a joy to see. brian: now your lawyer familiar to "fox & friends" viewers. harmeet dylan is your it attorney. what are you looking to do for this case? are you looking tore money? what are you looking for? >> actually, primarily what we're looking for is for the court to acknowledge that the first amendment, the brown act, were violated that day at a public community college. and we want acknowledgement of that so that this will never happen again.
5:50 am
remember, this is an institution of higher learning where the free exchange of ideas is, is a foundation for our educational system. brian: right. >> in a public meeting, to not permit someone to speak openly during a public comment, goes against everything this country stands for. brian: right. especially -- >> that is what we're primary hoping for. brian: i remember talking before, how much the pledge means to you, you stood upholding the flag, taking verbal barbs. now you done tin to fight. celeste barber, nice for you to get up with us. >> thank you so much. brian: best luck with your case. ten minutes we've we're done. finally college football season. to celebrate we're facing off in the annual, college relay, with mascots from around the country. we've been doing it since the early '50s. we'll continue the tradition.
5:51 am
we go to sandra smith. >> who happens to be a lsu tiger, dons the purple and gold. the president declaring a national emergency. we'll have latest on storm's path. live report at the top of the hour. plus a fox news exclusive. dhs barring democratic staffers from visiting the border facilities this week after their disruptive behavior. new reaction to that. and kirsten gillibrand is now out. the latest on the race for 2020. join us live from "america's newsroom." top of a brand new hour. i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico,
5:52 am
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♪ steve: we're gearing up to celebrate college football kicking off this week. tomorrow you can celebrate the school spirit. you can tell what mine is, it is 15th annual college colors day. here to tell us about that is
5:55 am
nicole trout. >> nicole armatrout. yes, tomorrow is the 15th annual college colors day. steve: what does that mean? >> it is a holiday, a kickoff of the college football season where fans can unite, show their spirit and passion and pride for their favorite school. we hope all of the college fans out there show their pride, using #college colors day. steve: any mass cots left in america? >> they're all here, wonderful, yes. steve: some of the games on fox throughout the weekend. >> absolutely. it's a big weekend. steve: explain how we'll celebrate tomorrow's holiday today? >> yes. so today we hope everybody is gearing up. that they're getting their favorite gear. they're looking for other products to show their gear, whether cookware, drinkware,
5:56 am
jewelry. steve: anything with a logo. >> anything with a logo show pride and passion. brian: my school went to division one and changed name and colors. we used to be pipe nears. now sharks as of today i think. now carolina blue. steve: competing with college football. we'll have a little fun. we've got mascots. we have obstacle courses. we've got bean bags. it is start, brian, question. brian: i will need a mascot to do my relay. steve: where is the mascot for brian. who does brian have. brian: i have ainsley's mascot. i have a gamecock. steve: who do you have. from the university of arizona. brian: demanding my queue leaders support me. >> my cheerleaders have to support me. steve: idea, run down there, pat
5:57 am
hand of the mascot. the mascot run down here. we have mascots, to get the cornhole into the hole. brian: get the bag, after we hand football off. don't slap the hand. the goal is to win. steve: jillian, your mascot there. >> cheerleaders there. brian: get in place. steve: 3, 2, go. [cheering] steve: here you go. this is it. i run? i do? brian: look at you. ♪ >> cornhole. steve: first one to get the hole-in-one. [cheering] steve: big day for kansas
5:58 am
jayhawk. fantastic. big jay gave this to me. pete hegseth, couple days ago for winning grilling contest. brian: this is somewhat of a scandal. steve: come on over here. this is a lot of fun today. for people who are watching today, what should they be thinking about how to observe college colors day tomorrow? >> first of all, please go to college colors check out you neat stories. enter for a chance to win football playoff national championship. show off #clerk colors day. . .
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> sandra: it could make landfall as a dangerous category 3 hurricane. i'm sandra smith. >> jon: i'm jon scott. puerto rico and virgin islands avoided a direct hit from dorian. folks in florida are bracing for the worst. the storm is expected to make landfall over the holiday weekend. >> i've been through andrew, wilma, irma. i don't want to go through this one. >> you would like to think not. nothing wrong with preparation. >> regardless of dorian's path we're entering the bus yift part of the hurricane season. everyone must prepare


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