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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 29, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> sandra: good stuff. we'll see you tomorrow morning. thank you, everybody, for joining us, and now "outnumbered" begins. >> jon: bye-bye. we won this fox news alert, hurricane dorian taking aim at the u.s. east coast, and out florida looks like it will take the brunt of that storm. forecasters now say that dorian could hit the sunshine state as a monster category 4 hurricane over labor day weekend. this comes after the storm battered the u.s. virgin islands overnight, knocking out power across the islands of st. john and st. thomas. we continue to monitor the storm's path and we will get you an update from senior chief meteorologist rick reichmuth in just a bit. this fox news alert, the doj et cetera general releasing a scathing report unfired fbi director james comey, saying comey violated doj policies and said "dangerous example" for the ovei
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employees. this is "outnumbered." i'm dagen mcdowell, and here today, town hall editor and fox news contributor, katie pavlich. fox news headlines 24/7 reporte reporter, carley shimkus. former ohio senate mechanic minority leader, capri cafaro. joining us on the couch, "fox & friends" coanchor and radio talk show host, brian kilmeade. you are "outnumbered." "outnumbered." >> brian: yes. >> dagen: hold your reaction. i can't wait. >> brian: this whole move with offices has really hurt our relationship. we used to be next to each other. now we have different floors. i guess i should have stayed that story for the break, go ahead. >> dagen: that i miss you like no one else in the building! [laughter] >> brian: thank you! great to see on television. >> dagen: the ig reaching blistering conclusions on james comey's decision-making, specifically his drafting, leaking, and retaining memos of private talks with president trump. the ig finding "by not
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safeguarding sensitive information obtained during the course of his fbi employment, and by using it to create public pressure for official action, comey set a dangerous example for fbi employees who similarly have access or knowledge of nonpublic information. "the comey dumpling it in a tweet ready to social media. "doj ig found no evidence that comey or his attorneys released any of the classified information retained in any of the memos to members of the media. i don't need a public apology from those who defamed me, but a quick message with a sorry be light about you would be nice." "and to all those who spent two years talking about me going to jail or being a liar or a leaguer, ask yourselves why you still trust people who give you bad info for so long, including the president." a short while ago, as the news was breaking, republican senator john kennedy had this
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reaction. >> i believe for a long time, and this report concern dominic confirms that, mr. comey is a meathead. he is a political act. he hurts the fbi badly. two fbi agents and fbi directors have political beliefs? sure they do. but they are not supposed to act on them. the fbi should not be a political body. >> dagen: in spite of a criminal referral by the ig, the department of justice declining to prosecute jim comey. brian? >> brian: a couple of things. did jim comey read this report? no one who don't act out his intelligence. i don't think he's a meathead. but his sick devonian's inability to any self-examination, it's embarrassing. that tweet is such an embarrassment. members of the comey leadership team are cited as "shaken, stunned, disappointed" when they found out of his leaking to a
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professor in "the new york times." he failed to surrender seven memos he wrote. he kept some in his home safe. after he got fired, they had to come to his house and get them back. he still sits there, all 6'9" of him, and sends that tweet as though he's been exonerated. democrats don't like him. republicans are disgusted by hi him. most law enforcement people will be disgusted by this report. >> katie: should i follow up on that? >> dagen: yes, you should. >> katie: he is still a leaker leaker. the long inspector general report repeatedly verifies that. it verifies that james comey claimed these memos he wrote about his conversations with president trump were in fact fbi government property, not personal property that belonged to james comey. it was written on an fbi computer. he did it in his capacity as fbi director. and i would open up additional questions about james comey's role in launching the special
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counsel investigation. how he was working with people like andy mccabe at the bureau, and the insurance policy, whether this is revenge for aspiring and the question of, it did james comey go into the meeting with president trump to ask about the dossier as not a briefing to warn the president that this is out there, but as an interview and intelligence-gathering operation to see if the president would verify any of the facts from the dossier that could be using the special special counsel investigation against him? one more point -- the idea that there's no accountability here is an raging. there's going to be big questions about that when the ig report on the russian investigation comes out. whether they will be prosecution. as has been noted, if anybody in the fbi did what james comey did, they would be fired and prosecuted. here we are again with some of the leadership getting away with it. >> dagen: i want to add one thing -- again, the ig report states that comey violated policies and his employment agreement by sharing these memos. i was curious about the
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implement agreement part. if the department of justice will not prosecute him, catherine herridge tells us that -- i said, "what about taking his pension away? what punishment would there be?" and she said it's unlikely he will get further punishment because he no longer works there and has been fired. and kudos to catherine on that. >> carley: and everything catherine said that i thought was interesting, he was being investigated under the same statute he investigated hillary clinton. so he obviously knew that what he was doing was not right. brian, my big take away was similar to yours. his reaction to this was stunning. he's doing a victory lap on twitter when he should be so embarrassed. he has this "aw, shucks" personality when he set a holier-than-thou approached every single decision he's made. this is embarrassing, especially because the report used his own words against him. this is in the report. it points out that during his 2070 testimony he said the fbi
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is very careful in how we handle information about the people we are investigating. our ability to share details of the congress and the people is limited." that's what he said. he went to katie's point, you said no prosecution here. where's the punishment connect we have another ig report coming out on the speech of warrant of use. have john durham investigating,e investigators. and lindsey graham, of course. >> capri: there's a lot going on here. i have long said that james comey does not have a lot of credibility because of how he was all over the place in 2016. as a democrat, i certainly admit that jim comey is not the most, i guess, ethical individual. i guess what he did here, none of this has surprised me.
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it seemed from the get that he made a distinction, knowing that what he does was an ethical, possibly violating some internal rules. but he thought that the greater good was worth taking that risk. that was his judgment. okay? none of this, frankly, surprises me. but one thing i will say, though -- jim comey and has lack of credibility aside, what i see happening right now from republicans in reaction to this is very similar to what democrats said in the outcome of the mueller report. what do i mean by that? i am a stickler for consistency. there are so many democrats that basically said, "trump is guilty," just because he wasn't actually charged doesn't mean he's not guilty, "anyone else in his position would have been charged with a crime," -- >> katie: it there's a big difference between that and the inspector general report that came out today distinctly saying
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in black-and-white that james comey violated one, two, three, four, five, six policies. and therefore he is responsible for that. and he was setting a dangerous precedent in terms of how the fbi operates. >> capri: i think you can make a stronger admit that volume 2 of the mueller report had some underling evidence that there was some evidence of obstruction -- >> carley: how about both people acted appropriately to >> capri: that's the thing, i want to see people be consistent about this. >> katie: i think they are two different situations. the >> brian: just know what's coming next. there could be an indictment of the former deputy director of the fbi. that could be coming any day. andy mccabe. the way he leaked to the press, he said, "james comey said i could." comey says, "i don't remember that." can you believe this? our two top cops in the country. >> dagen: something i said long ago -- "the wall street journal" editorial page warned obama not to point this guy is
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as head of the fbi. and they won president trump not to keep them on the job in early january of 2017. they wrote, "mr. comey is nothing if not political, especially when it comes to opportunities to burnish his personal reputation going after the objects of his liberal wrath." he went after frank quattrone, scooter libby indirectly, and he botched the hillary clinton email investigation for the left in the right. for the liberals and the conservatives. to your point. >> brian: guess what gets launched after the schematic robert mueller , his good buddy, when he stood up with john ashcroft, hid behind a curtain in order to renew extreme interrogation tactics. he put himself there. him and robert mueller, they threaten to resign in front of george bush, and it just mysteriously -- it's very conspicuous that in james comey's book he talks about kind of an indifferent
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relationship with bob mueller because he knew there was a conflict. but in real life there for guest thieves. >> dagen: we know this, the sasquatch of sanctimony is finally out of a position of power. [laughter] unless you are sitting in front of a tv camera. good luck with that. the third democratic debate stage is set, and for the first time, the leading contenders will face off on one night. will the candidates choose to go after one another? or after the president? plus, dorian gaining strength as florida prepares for impact. forecasters say this could be a major life-threatening category 4 hurricane when it makes landfall. we go live to the fox extreme weather center for an update, next. ♪ ♪ dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this.
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how you watch it does too. tv just keeps getting better. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> katie: this is a fox news alert, florida is bracing us
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forecasters warned dorian could make landfall as a category 4 hurricane. governor ron desantis declaring a state of emergency and more than two dozen counties that of a possible direct hits this labor day. our own brian kilmeade spoke to the president this morning, to president trump, on his radio show. he said he has spoken with the governor. >> i called him up, and we were talking, and unfortunately the bad news is it looks like it's going to be making a turn into florida. i don't know with certainty, but according to the folks over at weather, they seem to think it's going to be making a pretty decisive turn into florida. >> katie: chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is live in the extreme weather center. ricky? >> katie, here's an interesting things for us. this is the latest radar image. you notice you start to not see anything there? it's not because the storm is in there, it's the radar beam is centered here where it goes out from. puerto rico. it's running out of distance. you are not seeing it anymore. when it's over water,
9:17 am
hard-pressed to get information. we can only get it from satellite image down to the earth or from flying in and out of the storm, which they are doing a lot of. we want to point out one other thing, there is the last rain band still moving to puerto rico. you can see some flooded concern still from the storm even as it pulls away from puerto rico. here's a satellite image, it continues to get better organized. the pressure has dropped it into. that means in theory it should be getting a little stronger. but the winds have not in turn lowered or strengthened. we will continue to see that probably happened once that wind catches up to the pressure drop that we are seeing. i want to show you a couple things. our two most reliable models, once we go into the latter part of the week, perry getting a little bit and bitter agreement here. that means we start to have a better idea of when our two most reliable ones are getting a different solution in the end. we have less confidence but we are going to see. what we saw with the latest run coming in, even a little bit better in alignment. here's the official forecast,
9:18 am
brings it up to a category 3 by tomorrow morning. so that is the official forecast. the official forecast from the national hurricane center, gets into a category 4 storm sometime on sunday. i will tell you, these numbers that are there, these categories, they will fluctuate up and down a little bit. not as much focus on that. it looks like by all indications we will have a really strong storm. it certainly looks like it will go towards florida. one last thing, things move pretty fast. once he gets toward sunday, mono move slowly. marin fall, the impact for a lot of florida being very big. katie? is >> katie: thank you very much. >> you bet. >> katie: next month's 2020 democratic debate is set. ten candidates met the threshold, which means the field will not be split between two nights. with the dnc announcement came some griping from those who did not qualify, as well as some campaign casualties. new york senator kirsten gillibrand is the latest candidate to call it
9:19 am
quits, and those contenders do square off -- that to square off, will marks the first time l leading candidates will share te national spotlight. they will be particular interest between joe biden and elizabeth warren as the two have yet to face off directly. warren has been rising in the polls. brian, i'm looking forward to hearing some real debate rather than just statements as a result of the field being narrowed down. >> brian: i don't think it'll be much different. the only thing we don't have his second night. we see bernie sanders and elizabeth warren together, they are buddies. evidently they don't like to contradict each other. for the most part, it's going to be up to one candidate in particular who sees this third debate is there a chance to somehow make some noise. maybe it's beto o'rourke. >> carley: andrew yang? [laughter] >> brian: is on a slight rise, believe it or not! it's amazing we can do we pay people. that's his philosophy, it's fascinating. the president also took umbrage
9:20 am
with us on the radio show, talking about elizabeth warren's coats. "her crowds aren't as big as they say, i get big crowds, nobody talks about mike rounds! >> katie: who do you think will drop out next >> capri: i think bill de blasio is the next one to go. we are probably going to see sadly a few more moderates drop out, as well. i think what is noticeably absent from this -- i am in favor of the fact we need more stringent criteria. so we are able to tighten up the field for the next debate. amy klobuchar and joe biden, we don't really see some of the more moderate voices like tim ryan, steve bullock, delaney. to have an opportunity to mix it up. >> brian: terrible for democrats. there's no moderates. >> capri: it is, to be honest. where we are the most competitive is when we have an opportunity to bridge those gaps. we will see is not a bunch of candidates attacking trump come but we will see these candidates
9:21 am
, unfortunately for the democrats, attack each other each other. >> dagen: who's going to step up with those moderates not on the stage and tell the truth? or even a partial truth, about medicare for all? >> capri: amy klobuchar. >> dagen: that you lose your private health insurance and medicare as it exists gets ripped up. that fossil fuels, a cheap and easy way for us to commute, that goes away. that hurts americans. >> capri: to consolidate to give a -- >> dagen: to say it's not okay to give health care to illegal immigrants in this country. >> brian: nobody. >> dagen: nobody is going to say that. again, was even the purpose of having the debate? >> carley: i'm just glad the field is narrowing overall. i think a lot of people now run for president for personal, self-serving reasons. have you ever ask yourself, "why is this person running? they are never going to win." the answer is usually they want to increase their name recognition. a presidential race is not an appropriate place to do that. so i'm glad -- >> katie: in the last debate,
9:22 am
kamala harris got tamped down by tulsi gabbard. but she hasn't made it. the big headlines that come out of these events, it's interesting. it doesn't guarantee it will get a spot in the next debate. >> dagen: can i .1 thing out to max and philip talking about money. tom steyer did not make the debate stage. he spent $25,000 a day and campaign advertising, so much for the big liberal lie that money dominates politics. because it got him nowhere. >> brian: they did make the cut. one thing about jose gabbard, she served in military. those last two weeks, she was in uniform. so i think you should have an exemption. >> katie: the dnc is getting lots of calls, that's for sure. some confusion after an update to policy for citizenship of certain children of service members and government building board overseas. they want it's designed to chip away at birthright citizenship. this is the case? we will debate it up next. >> all it does is put our
9:23 am
policy, the same as the department of state policy, which by the way is consistent with the law. it requires residency in the united states as part of the process that already exists for these kids to become citizens.
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>> dagen: fox news alert, the trump administration clarifying a policy change on citizenship that sparked much confusion. immigration activists quickly protesting after the initial announcement that children of certain government employees and members of the military born abroad would no longer automatically be considered u.s. citizens. the change not denying citizenship, but requiring certain parents to apply. immigration services says there's been a lot of misinformation. >> the only people this affects
9:28 am
are those who are not u.s. citizens when they are born. for instance, the children -- say the child of a mother who marries a service member who is a citizen. for instance. well, for that person to become a citizen, they need to establish some residency in the united states with their u.s. citizen -- you know, stepparent. that happens in the united states. >> dagen: but democratic congressman val demings saying this -- "this move by the of administration will make it harder for americans serving our country overseas to have families. this also appears to be an initial step toward ending birthright citizenship. something which the president has threatened to do, and we should be unconstitutional." the president just days ago did told reporters he was working toward steps to end birthright citizenship. >> we are looking up at very seriously, birthright
9:29 am
citizenship. you have a baby in our land, walk over the border, have a baby, "congratulations, the baby is a u.s. citizen." we are looking at a very, very seriously. it's frankly ridiculous. the agency this morning on a conference call reportedly saying the change has nothing to do with birthright citizenship, and will only affect a handful of individuals each year. brian, part of the blame is the rollout of this rule and then not communicate it. it was upside down and sideways confusing, and it is still not being messaged properly. >> brian: ken cuccinelli and mark morgan, great communicators, trying to settle everybody down. ken cuccinelli will go on any network and explain it. if you are overseas and you have a kid, like john mccain was born overseas as a young man to his daddy was an officer. it's not going to apply to you. but if you are an illegal immigrant, if you don't have papers to belong here and your kid is born somewhere else, that's the issue. >> capri: that has nothing to
9:30 am
do with this most recent thing, for my understanding. it has nothing to do with people who are illegal. it's two categories of service people. one that may adopt -- that are serving abroad and may adopt a foreign-born baby, but that couple is naturally-born american. they would have to apply for that baby to become an american citizen. the other group -- >> brian: but are the american citizens? it will be no problem. >> capri: my understanding is they stop to apply. >> dagen: that proves my point. >> capri: the second part has to do with individuals who are green card holders that are serving in the american military abroad, that have a baby overseas while serving in the military. those individuals with green cards, even though they are legal citizens, would still have to apply for that baby to be citizen. >> carley: i believe they also said if you live in the country for less than five years -- and i'm smiling because you're absolutely right, this was so confusing. i know there were a bunch of
9:31 am
military spouses going back and forth on facebook freaking out. "we don't know what's happening, who is this affecting?" and that's the last group of people that we should be bothering. also, this is going to affect such a small group of people, i'm wondering why even do it? >> capri: i was thinking the same thing. >> dagen: there's always, "why now?" when he talks about birthright citizenship, it raises the issue that you better have your ducks in a row when you roll out something like this pizza people are clear and it doesn't cause panic among people serving this country. >> katie: this is from "the hill." i want to clarify the three categories of people affected. children of non-u.s. citizens adopted by u.s. citizen government employees or service members, children of non-u.s. citizen government employees or service members who are naturalized after the child's brief, and children of u.s. citizens who do not meet residency requirements. they rolled this out is sending out horrible nesting, very confusing bureaucratic language,
9:32 am
no executive summary saying what it will and will not do. the media took that and used it as their narrative, that the president is anti-immigration. the >> brian: anti-kids >> capri: the context, the fact we do hear president trump talking about four to commitment. we hear them talking about the potential of ending birthright citizenship, because of the reasons you said, brian. that there is this concern you're just going to come over to the border, have a baby, that baby is american. you know? because of the 14th amendment, we accept birthright citizenship as part of who we are as americans. but that backdrop -- >> katie: so its confirmation bias, is what you are saying? the confirmation bias excuses the idea -- >> capri: i'm not saying excuses the idea that the facts are the facts. but that conclusions were drawn. >> katie: that is confirmation bias. unassuming he's anti-immigrant, doesn't want people to come here and have children, to get rid birthright citizenship. assuming those are the facts instead of actual -- >> capri: the rollout -- >> katie: it causes more
9:33 am
confusion. >> capri: the rollout was clumsy, it didn't help. >> brian: i'm fascinated to see this is one time there's pushback against russia and china, taking advantage of the birthright citizenship thing. >> dagen: i will say, few people talk about this -- president obama, when he was the president, cracked down on those birther hotels in the united states where women were coming in from russia and china and having kids here. and it continues. just to be clear, this simply changes the way some children receive their citizenship. >> capri: it does not stop them. >> katie: b figured it out! >> carley: wow! >> katie: good job from everybody. >> dagen: fierce backlash continues over the firing of new york city police officer daniel pantaleo for the role in his the choke hold death of air going. unanimous vote of no confidence in the police commissioner and the mayor, bill de blasio. do they have to go, or can they
9:34 am
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♪ >> carley: tensions continuing to boil over after the firing of nypd officer david pantaleo. new york city's police union to liberty don't like delivering a vote of no confidence and james o'neill and mayor de blasio after o'neill lit and go after the choke hold death of eric garner. the police benevolent association union calling for commissioner wheel to resign and for governor andrew cuomo to remove de blasio from office. patrick lynch saying, "for years, bill de blasio has demonized police unions undermined our efforts to protect our city. both men have displayed an appalling pattern of malfeasance
9:39 am
and nonmalfeasance that disqualifies them from continuing to serve in their current offices." a spokesman for the mayor firing back with this, saying "this is another attempt by the pba to fight our city, and we won't stand for it. our officers and the community they serve are closer than ever, and the city is the safest it has ever been. that isn't changing." brian, you live nearby. what do you think? >> brian: as far as safety, i would say that i don't feel as though the city is going south for safety reasons. i would say in terms of cleanliness, in terms of responsibility, quality of life, it is falling through the floorboards. there is something going on right now. the arrests have stopped. this is the boil back from this ruling. keep in mind, going back on the case, they found him not guilty and they said, "let's take a look at your situation about your employment." they had a deal up until the last hour on the table where he kept his benefits. that would have maybe diffuse
9:40 am
the situation of the same time reducing him from his position. seriously they pull it all back, nothing, you get absolute and i income get out the door. that's on the bad message to the rest of the men and women in blue because they already feel this mayor does not understand or appreciate their job. and the arrests are way down. this is not just in new york. it's happening across the country. >> carley: mayor de blasio was heckled, even during the debate, because of the situation and because of -- >> brian: during his town hall another network. >> carley: katie, do you think that's one of the reasons he came to the conclusion? >> katie: when these situations occur, there tends to be a lot of judgment in the political public space rather than the facts of the situation. bill de blasio, based on his record with police doesn't have a lot of credibility when it comes to treating police fairly. in this situation, the police disagree with the union disagrees with the decision made. there is a balance between holding cops accountable for their behavior if it's wrong --
9:41 am
in this case, he was found not guilty. there are other facts of the case that made provides information about why he should have been fired. balancing that out with being not handcuffing police and making it difficult to do their jobs. when they have to make split life or death decisions, that they have to handle feeling like they don't want to hesitate because their union or the mayor or whoever it is, the media, is going to destroy them, their lives, their families, over the decision that was made. >> carley: you often see this in major cities. chicago, as well. where there's a rift between the mayor and the police, dalian. these are usually cities or you need the support from the mayor of the most. >> dagen: in new york, crime is down. violent crime is down. the mayor likes to crow how safe the city is. safer than ever. >> brian: when he wakes about 10:00. >> dagen: exactly. by the way, he has failed on almost every other element of protecting those most in need in
9:42 am
the city. with its public housing, whether it's children, homelessness. >> brian: subway riders. >> dagen: people suffering from mental illness. so he has failed on everything but he loves to brag about crime being down on how safe the city is. guess who is responsible back? it's the police department, and he doesn't have their backs. i understand -- >> capri: this is a labor-management issue in my opinion. >> dagen: just really quickly, as a resident of the city, it bothers me. you want the cops on the beat to be there at every turn. when the mayor is not standing up for them, and they step back, that creates a dangerous environment. >> capri: i think we are running out of time but that's all it would have to say. that this is a labor-management issue. when you see the union here advocating for their members, because of the issue of the benefits being pulled back, in my opinion. >> brian: these are the same forces slammed with water around the city. there's a disrespect there, it's agonizing. defeat "the new york times" once again succumbing to pressure and changing its content.
9:43 am
this time it's a story about this tea party movement. it's the latest in a string of embarrassments for the paper. the president loves to hate. we will break it down next. ♪ doctor bob, what should i take for back pain? before you take anything, i recommend applying topical relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu. our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy.
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>> katie: "the new york times" once again changing a story after pushback from social media. twitter users criticize the paper for a story about the tea party, saying it left out details on the movement's alleged racist undertones. the "times" wheaton, "we have updated the story of testing the policy failures of the tea party movement ten years after its rise to include context about attacks on barack obama and racist a place at some tea party rallies." someone this could backfire. mark hemingway treating, "repeating the wedding itself get bullied into changing its coverage for the left is not a good look for "the new york times"." brian, the smear gives a tea party that it was a reese's movement continues to live on thinks of social media telling "the new york times" they need to change their headline. when the tea party was about pushing back on barack obama's policy. but they made about race to distract from that. >> brian: a couple things -- the thing that hurt the tea party most of all was the irs
9:48 am
investigation that kept them on the sidelines and helped allow barack obama to win another four years in office. because there was such a potent force in the midterms. the thing to keep in mind, as a business decision, this is the stupidest thing ever. you've already got the left. writing fair articles about president trump, and put the zinger in there if you choose to. so you can keep your sanity in your world. if someone calls up and says, "change this headline or we will unsubscribe," where are they going to go? >> capri: isn't news supposed to be just that can make news, and reporting the facts? i guess they'll not get that is about business , but it shouldn't be about being selective. if they wanted to right an article specifically with examples about this, they should've started there rather than going back. news organizations should not buckle to external pressure. they need to stand by their reporting. >> katie: "new york times" calls itself the paper of record but it is in the first time they've changed a
9:49 am
headline. early this month they changed headline about president trump's comments after the shootings in el paso and dayton. the first edition bore the headline, " " unity than the second edition was changed to "a seething hate but not guns." the website also showed a similar headline, "trump doesn't call for major new gun laws." the print version has the original headline. but they changed online. >> carley: social media has become such a mob. it's so sickening. for that headline, trump did urge unity over racism when he condemned the two mass shootings. so they were right. could you imagine working for and getting a bunch of tweets after he read an article and then changing it? i mean, twitter is not a place you should go for any sort of guidance at all. [laughter] that's letter a number one.
9:50 am
these are factual institutions and for them to his buckle to this pressure is really sad. >> katie: dagen? >> dagen: they've got 4.7 million pains of scrapers. i think that's the most recent quarter. they are aiming for 10 million total subscriptions by 2025. if you keep icing out a large part of the country, you ain't never getting there. >> brian: president trump is right. when he leaves office in two or 6 years, they will never be the same. >> dagen: we have to point out the whole trump-russia collusion narrative. that's why they are so sensitive and, quite frankly, embarrassed. >> brian: whatever happened without? i haven't been following it. [laughter] >> katie: it seems like the why about the tea party being a racist movement will die paid they continue to push it. >> brian: recessions and racism. >> dagen: we will move onto another another topic. congresswoman excel
9:51 am
alexandria katsu court has no suggesting the greatest generation is really the greatest. will debate her reasoning cap next. >> brian: exactly. >> i think this new generation is very profound and very strong, because they are going to go to the streets. how about that? previous generations have just assumed that government has got it. let me tell you something -- you are the government. ♪ my joints... they hurt.
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9:56 am
world war ii, the greatest generation that saved the world from authoritarian rule because of the sacrifice of teenagers. here is ocasio-cortez. >> i think they are bad ass. i think young people are more informed and dynamic than their predecessors. i think they are profoundly courageous, because they are willing to puncture taboos and have conversations that, frankly, older generation sometimes struggle to have. >> dagen: hello, brian. [laughter] >> brian: they took to the streets to celebrate victory against fascism and nazism. same thing preach up to the streets fighting to our freedom. and they did take to the streets during the depression to get food. so that was lining up in soup lines and bread lines. so it's unbelievable that the people at boston university must be just cringing, holding their heads under the desk right now. she graduated and feels she's
9:57 am
part of the greatest generation? are military as good as it ever has been. but right now as a society there is a reason, if you watch the d day celebration and you saw who fought and what was at stake, i think you'd be embarrassed by i it. >> katie: i can't believe you're dissing the millennials, brian! i'm so offended right now! [laughs] >> brian: i think they should stand up and defend the greatest generation. >> katie: i completely agree. there is plenty in their in our generation who have done amazing things. people in the tech industry, mark zuckerberg, green facebook. there's a lot of questions and problems with facebook but it change the world. but this idea that we are going to say that we are better than the greatest generation that saved the world from authoritarianism, nazism, communism, is quite disrespectful and ironic considering she is saying that previous generations don't know about american history when they are the ones who set it up so we have a free future. >> capri: i think part of what has happened here, this aoc
9:58 am
instagram live in and of itself is reflective of the self-absorbed culture that we currently live in. i hate to do is millennials i cling to my gen x status. present company excluded. >> katie: thank you! >> capri: honest to god, what i see is a self absorbed generation that thinks because they treat and because they march with funny hats that somehow they have some sort of moral superiority that is going to change the world. my grandfather who served in world war ii would beg to diffe differ. >> katie: they did that so she could instagram in her kitchen. >> dagen: with full face of makeup, i want to point out. and we left out all the completely off the charts discussion about climate change. >> carley: the one she also does not instagram. i use instagram all the time, too. in terms of
9:59 am
alexandria ocasio-cortez, she was trying to -- you know, cheer on her supporters. i don't really think there's anything necessarily wrong with that. being a millennial, i don't know that in 80 years people will say we are the greatest generation. you know connect there is something very special about talking to a world war ii veteran and it said we are losing them. >> dagen: my uncle gordon who joined the navy lied about his age to go and fight for this country and the freedom of the world. by the way, can i just ask this? where we also deeply narcissistic and nobody knew it? and social media triggered it? we were all just sitting around preening in the mirror at home and nobody knew how self-involved we were? >> brian: i think social media together has prompted this "look at me first." >> dagen: look at you first, brian kilmeade! [laughter] >> brian: fox news streams a radio show. that is posted. but also fox nation is kind enough to ask me to do "what made america great." when i go on the stage, it's "america great from the start." we talk about history and what
10:00 am
allows us to be here. i will see an antonio november november 16th. >> dagen: my office door is always open. [laughter] >> brian: wherever it is! i have no idea where you are! >> dagen: thank you, brian kilmeade. molly line is in for harris. >> molly: fox news alert, new reaction is the justice department inspector general releases a blistering report on former fbi director james comey. this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm molly line in for harris faulkner. the inspector general says company violated fbi policies with his handling of memos detailing his private conversations with president trump, and that comey set a dangerous example for fbi employees with his actions. but comey downplaying the findings, tweeting, "doj ig found no evidence that comey or his attorneys released any of the classified information contained in any of the memos to members of the media." i don't need


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