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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 29, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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reporting it. no injuries. alex trebek has finished chemotherapy and back at work and getting ready for the 36th season of the game show. he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in march. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 on the east coast where forecasters say hurricane dorian could become a powerful category four storm by the time it hits somewhere on the east coast of florida or georgia. the fox extreme weather center tracking the very latest. i'll ask the mayor of miami how his team is getting ready. also, a justice department watch dog says james comey violated the fbi policies on his memos about private conversations with president trump. but the former fbi director will not face criminal charges. and he says an apology would be nice. plus, we're hearing the military has ruled yet another death of a veteran at a v.a. hospital is a
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homicide. the numbers grow. reporting begins now. hurricane dorian update. the southeast u.s. braces for what the national hurricane center calls a possible catastrophic category four storm this labor day. from the florida keys to south georgoverno georgia, they're stocking up with four days left before the storm is projected to hit, the cone of uncertainty stretches about 500 miles. the center puts it south of orlando along florida's east coast. but they caution at the national hurricane center that the storm could hit anywhere inside that cone of uncertainty. right now dorian is churning in the atlantic ocean, a category one storm at last check. that said, the pressure has dropped. we haven't had an update since
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11:00 a.m. east coast time. next update in two hours. it's likely the storm strengthened with nothing out there to break it down and hot water to give it life. forecasters say they expect dorian will bulk up to that potential category four system with maximum sustained winds at 130 miles an hour and higher gusts before it takes aim on the u.s. mainland likely on labor day monday. this hour, we're expecting to hear from officials in broward county in south florida and we'll give you an update from puerto rico and the virgin islands, largely spared widespread damage as the storm missed a direct hit and wasn't that strong as it passed by. lots of variables with this hurricane. uncertain landfall area and a possibility of a turn to the north at some point. upper level shear or competing systems, the kinds of things that would weaken a storm are nowhere to be found. instead, an i enormous body of very hot water fuelling it as it strengthens and heads this way.
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our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth tracking the storm. t weaken a storm is dry air gets in there. that does happen and it's hard to forecast. that could be one thing. if that did happen, it might inhibit some of the strengthening. the official forecast at the national hurricane center center right now is for that category four. the other thing that could happen is fluctuation in that strength that happens once you get the strong storms. they go through eye wall replacement cycles and that can make the sustained wind fluctuate 20 to 30 miles an hour. we could be on one of the down sides when it makes landfall. this is the center of the storm. this is the visible satellite. this is exactly what the sat looks looks down on the earth and sees. you can see the darker red colors. they're the colder cloud tops and ends up spinning up this kind of an image for us. the center looking strong. earlier today there were two kind of eyes with it.
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that's one of the reasons that they it has strengthened. should be a category three by tomorrow. yesterday we had all kinds of disagreement within our models. this right now looks like oh, we're getting better agreement here. all the models eventually pull it off to the north. we're starting to fee better about things. then take a look at what happened. the european model, one of those that we like a lot came out and now things just got wonky again on us. the last model ron, these two got into alignment. you think they agree. we have more agreement on it. this is monday. the american model puts it off the shore of central florida. the european model here across the bahamas. watch what happens then. tuesday, wednesday, american model pulls it up to the north, this is a wednesday just off the shore here of south florida. so my point is, there's a lot of variability on what can happen with this on that location, where it makes landfall, how strong it is, how long of a
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duration we're talking about. probably will be talking about a slowing system, slowing down in its forward movement when it's make landfall that would mean we're talking about a prolonged period of heavy rain and winds. as of 11:00 a.m., this is what the track looks like. the category four happening by sunday. then we get this category four somewhere here mondayish across the coastline. and then there's tuesday. doesn't really move much at all. we might see big adjustments to this in the 5:00 advisory. sometimes we get a good handle of where the storms are going. this is here in south georgia, down including keys. let's watch this, all right? >> do you feel like once we hit 5:00 and moving forward you get more clarity here? >> no. we'll get more clarity by tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow afternoon we'll have a better idea how strong the ridge of high pressure will be above it, blocking it. if there is a little weakness in that, that allows this
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right-hand turn, maybe a little sooner or a little bit later. i think it's probably tomorrow afternoon before we get that fully nailed down. >> we'll stay with it and watch you. thank you, rick. folks in puerto rico relieved after hurricane dorian passed by them. the early forecast, remember, predicted the storm would hit the american island nearly two years after hurricane maria devastated the place. this satellite image shows hurricane dorian just missed puerto rico. the storm caused minor damage last night. officials say one person died, an 80-year-old man fell off a roof while preparing for the storm. the u.s. virgin islands took more of a hit from the hurricane. look. that was yesterday. minimal category 1 hurricane running into the area. government officials reported islandwide power outages on st. thomas and st. john. you can see flooding there.
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and this is on the french island of martinique. a road collapsing. flash flooding hitting throughout the caribbean. no other major damage reported. folks up and down the state of florida preparing for dorian to come ashore as a major hurricane. you have to prepare. the governor there declared a state of emergency for all the counties in the potential path. he's warning people to have seven days of supplies ready to go. people season to be listening this time. storm shelves empties out ahead of the storm and the center is not set to hit on monday. forecasters say it's too early to know exactly where dorian will make landfall. you heard rick reichmuth explaining that. officials are telling everybody to get ready. francis suarez joins us, mayor of the city of miami. how is it going? >> appreciate the invitation and the opportunity to talk about this. >> shepard: that's the first time i've seen this new european
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model. we can hope it's not the european model. that looks -- we have long memories. that looks like andrew's path. >> yeah. eerily similar to andrew. andrew was a category five storm with sustained winds in excess of 200 miles an hour. the good news is that after 1992, we updated our building codes and the city of miami is incredibly wind resilient. we have storm shutters or impact windows on most buildings. the challenge is an event like irma, which was an incredibly wet event. slow-moving. it had a six to eight foot storm surge. we saw some areas three feet under water. we installed some pumps since then that can pump 50,000 gallons of water a minute in the mary brickle area. there's still areas of vulnerability. now it's king tide that we have to contend with. so we have portable pumps
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throughout the city to pick up the need that we'll have to deal with flooding. we're hoping obviously that this takes a northerly track and avoids the city of miami completely. >> we hope so mr. mayor, a new world in south florida, especially along miami beach and other plays. now you get flooding on a sunny day because of rising seas. a storm surge is a world of hurt for you people. >> yes. we're updating the storm water master plan to increase their capacity. a normal rainfall during this time of the year, king tide, if we have a high -- if we have a high tide in combination with the hurricane coming at the same time in a storm surge, it could be very difficult for us to deal with. the good news is we have a porous subsoil. we see the water recede quickly. >> shepard: and a new moon with
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this storm. the tides are higher with the new moon. with andrew, it was supposed to hit in the dade-broward line. people hunkered down and and drew never made the turn and came in there. if it's headed that way that people get it and have to go? >> i think i so. we're so traumatized by so many storms, so many different kinds of storms. last time when we had irma, we had the largest evacuation in miami-dade county. we evacuated 100,000 people. people take it seriously what is a variable that we don't know until the storm hits, our energy infrastructure. we're 80% without power during irma. we were up to 95% with power between 10 and 14 days. that leaves a lot of people vulnerable without food and of course we have to step up and do what we can delivering ice water and food to those in need. >> shepard: a live look from earth cam on miami beach today.
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looks gorgeous. spotty showers. we'll know tomorrow. all the best. thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: ahead, one of the stars of the tv show "shark tank" involved in a deadly boat crash. now is he giving cops the whole story? that and continuing coverage of hurricane dorian as the news continues on this thursday afternoon. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> shepard: you may have heard the shark tank star kevin o'leary involved in a boat crash in canada that left two people dead. now the brother of a victim said this wasn't an accident at all. somebody needs to do time. it happened late saturday night at lake joseph in ontario. about 125 miles north of toronto. canadian authorities say a boat owned by o'leary, known as
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mr. wonderful on the show, crashed into another boat and killed a man from florida. a few days later, police say a woman injured in that crash died in the hospital, a spokesperson for o'leary told tmz that o'leary's wife was at the helm of the boat when the crash happened. he said she took and passed a sobriety test that night. trace gallagher with the rest of the story live. trace? >> shep, kevin o'leary and his wife and another friend were in a wake boarding boat which was about 21 feet long. investigators say o'leary's boat is the smaller one. the accident happened at 11:30 at night. a big part of the investigation is whether the boat that was hit halve its navigation lights on. o'leary said it did not telling tmz, late saturday night, i was in a passenger in abode that had a tragic collision with another crash that had no navigation lights on and fled the scene of the accident. now o'leary also tells tmz
12:17 pm
there's video that proves the other boat did not have its lights on. so far nobody has confirmed that video exists and the owner of the other boat says it's hog wash because he had his lights on. as for o'leary's accusation that the other boat left the seen that is still being investigated by police. >> shepard: to be clear, trace, and i should have been. the victim's relatives says if there was not an accident, something needs to do time. kevin o'leary has a house on that very lake, right? >> correct on both friends. yes, he posted about it on social media calling the lake a natural phenomenon of nature. op ontario police say there were eight people on board. the boat's owner says he's trying to get to the bottom of what happened. if somebody on o'leary's boat is
12:18 pm
guilty of wrong doing, they should do jail time. the woman that died at the hospital is now identify as 48-year-old susanne bridow. three other passengers were seriously injured. neither kevin o'leary or his wife were hurt in the crash. a third person got stitches because of a minor cut. shep. >> shepard: thanks, trace. live in los angeles. mexico has had plenty of gruesome killings because of turf wars. officials say 28 people are confirmed dead after a gunman stormed a nightclub, blocked the exits and set the place on fire. they burned to death. it happened in southern mexico on the gulf coast where rival cartels and gangs are fighting each other right now for control of the city. the motive here? the governor there says the
12:19 pm
owner may have refused to let a gang sell drugs in his club. mexico's homicide rate has reached its highest level ever with an average of 90 people killed every day. a watch dog says james comey set a dangerous example when he gave a friend a memo about conversations with the president. but the justice department will not be prosecuting james comey. more from the inspector general's report and comey's reaction just ahead. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis,
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indictment him for it. he violated policies when he gave a memo to a friend to share to the reporter. james comey documented private conversations that he had with president trump weeks before the president fired him. the inspector general said comey did not release any classified information but that he did set a dangerous example by using "sensitive investigative information obtained during the course of fbi employment in order to achieve a personally desired outcome." the former fbi director responded to the report tweeting a quote from the report, doj o.g. first no end that attorney released classified information and released it to the media. comey said a sorry we lied about you would be nice. catherine herridge reporting live from washington.
12:25 pm
catherine? >> the justin department's internal watch dog found that he took matters into his own and. michael horowitz found comey went beyond his authorities in the clinton e-mail case. the new report reads in part, we had previously faulted comey for acting unilaterally an inconsistent with department policy but was not permitted to release sensitive information in order to achieve a personally desired outcome. the inspector general said comey was wrong to claim that the memos were like a personal journal or diary. to get the contents of one memo to "the new york times" about a 2017 meeting with the president over the russia investigation, comey passed the government record to a columbia law school
12:26 pm
professor, daniel rickman, who he had given a special status as a special government employee. the report found that comey took home government records and what is known as memo 2. that contains classified information but only at the lowest level. comey shared those memos broadly with his legal team, which he was not authorized to do. the report continues "on may 14, 2014, comey used his personal scanner to provide electronic copies to 4, 6 and 7 to one of his personal attorneys. three days later, that attorney provided via personal e-mail accounts copies of the four memos to two other attorneys that were part of comey's legal team. so what we now know is that one memo had classified information. fox news pressed comey on the
12:27 pm
specific issue. >> once there's classified information and there's shared memos -- >> i'm not going to talk about it one way or another. >> the report also provides some new detail about what is the critical may 2017 timeline before the appointment of the special counsel and "the new york times" story that really kick-started the probe. some of the timeline frankly is a little murky and doesn't add up. but what you can see is the critical days are between may 14 and may 16, shep. >> shepard: thanks, catherine. alex little, criminal defense attorney, form area six about the attorney. big picture, your take-away? >> i mean, this is a pretty slight slap on the risk for the former fbi director. what they said, we had some rules and you broke them. the classified information, i'll use the quotations is the most mundane-type of information in the intelligence community. i don't think this is the sort of thing that comey is going to
12:28 pm
lose sleep over. >> shepard: here's what he said in his hearing on this matter. listen. >> so i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons. i asked him to. i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. >> he said the context of things from his perspective was, i found out this information, i didn't trust the people around me, i felt like the people needed to know about it. i did it this way. >> yeah, the context here is what is critical. if you're speeding down the interstate and somebody pulls you over, it's one thing. if you're trying to get to a party, it's another thing. comey what he said the situation to him seemed dire. what the i.g. seems to say is that is not your call to make, not your job to tell us what you think is important. you have to follow the rules.
12:29 pm
>> shepard: there's other levels of classification that would have produced criminal charges. >> absolutely. >> shepard: he didn't do any of that. >> no. the sort of stuff we're talking about is a foot note in the report that said the classified portion is the president mentioned some countries that he had taken calls from or going to return calls from and talk about who he wanted to call back first. that's not the sort of information that the russians or the chinese governments are particularly interested in finding out about our government. >> shepard: there's a little bit for everybody if there's one side against the other but only a little bit. >> there's all sorts of language how he didn't follow the rules and fulfilling his personal objective, which goes back to the conclusion that the i.g. drew when he got in trouble for the hillary clinton press conference about her investigation. people that don't like comey will find plenty here. people say that comey did the right thing says this vindicates him. >> shepard: those that don't like him are looking forward to investigations in the fisa court stuff. >> yes. there's investigations by john durham, the special prosecutor, looking at the fisa issues.
12:30 pm
so there's more to come. >> shepard: have a great weekend. show your gold. >> thank you. >> shepard: thanks. tracking hurricane dorian now. forecasters say life threatening conditions are possible if and when it happens what they believe will happen and that is that this storm will come ashore as a category four. we'll go live to south florida as people stock up and get ready. plus, first plastic pollution and now toxic algae. the new and serious concerns over what is in the water in lake tahoe as we're at the bottom of the hour. the top of the news is next.
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>> shepard: bottom of the hour, top of the news. hurricane dorian is churning in the atlantic ocean. this is where it was the last time we got an update from the hurricane center at 11:00 right here. you can see since then, the storm has been moving i think 14
12:35 pm
miles an hour to the northwest. it's gotten to here so far and we believe it's strengthening because the pressure has dropped. this is the cone of where they think it's going to go. this is the american model. so this would be friday morning and then saturday morning. these are 2:00 a.m. spots. sunday morning and then by monday, over there along the coast. there's two different models of how this thing may play out. so that cone of uncertainty, this looks like it's going to head into the space coast of florida right around cape canaveral or something. it could be anywhere from the florida keys all the way up to really georgia. there's always a possibility that it could take that turn to the north earlier than predicted. we'll know a lot more tomorrow according to our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth and the people at the national hurricane center. the real point is people need to get prepared. in broward county, the ft. lauderdale area, they're having a news conference that's being broadcast on live television all over south florida. the headline from that is no
12:36 pm
evacuation orders at all, a warning for people to be prepared. a good warning for people up and down the coast from the keys up through miami-dade, broward, up the coast to the space coast, volusia and brevard counties and jacksonville and into south georgia as well. here's the other part of this storm. the current model has it coming ashore going across the peninsula of florida, slowing down, eventually turning to the north. the question is, does it make its way out to the gulf of mexico? then find a new path? that we don't know yet. likely won't know till tomorrow or the next day. they're getting ready. phil keating is in north miami where gas lines are likely a problem. hello, phil. >> they are a problem up and down the state at every gas station. this is what you see. crunch time for florida to prepare for this monster hurricane. as the stress levels rise, the
12:37 pm
horns are honking and the tensions rise and the urgency is now. right here, james over there, he is a hero. he's a fuel truck driver. he has brought in relief to this gas station because there's reports especially in brevard county that gas stations have already run out of fuel. here's the gas pumps. people are fuelling up the cars and trucks and the generators. everyone expects millions will lose electricity and power during the storm. that could last for days, even weeks. inside every grocery store, you can see shoppers are depleting shelves of bottled water, canned foods, baby food, tapers. anything that would last three to seven days. because after the storm, you may not be able to go anywhere because things are not open because there's no power. so you have to then survive on your own inside your house. the governor flew in to the
12:38 pm
national hurricane center center this morning for an in-person up-to-date briefing on this potentially category four storm slamming in. the governor said if you're not planning, you need to do so immediately. here he is. >> the time to act is now. if you haven't acted, act to make preparations. don't wait until it's too late. if you prepared and don't get affected, no harm no foul. if you don't prepare and you are affected, that may be something that is difficult to recover from. >> not only are there super long lines at gas stations blocking traffic. at every single bank and atm, you have multiple people in line to get cash. because again, after the hurricane, there could be no banks that are working, no power. so cash is king. shep? >> shepard: you mentioned the governor. is he going to activate the national guard? do we know? >> we are certainly expecting
12:39 pm
him to do so at any time. he explained this morning that he has declared states of emergency in 32 counties. these are up and down the east coast of florida. he said that would make it easier to activate the national guard. they were activated last year the last time a category four slammed into the state in the florida panhandle, hurricane michael. that decimated mexico beach and tyndall air force base and heavily damaged panama city. hopefully everybody remembers that as well. because somewhere it is going to be a natural disaster, shep. >> shepard: thanks, phil keating, live in north miami. thank you. the toxic algae blamed for the death of dogs may be in lake tahoe. this is after scientists said they discovered micro plastics. environmentalists said they tested the shoreline after someone reported the death of a damage that swam there earlier this month. officials say they expect the
12:40 pm
results this week. according to our researchers, this summer the algae turned up in half of u.s. states. some visitors at lake tahoe said they're not concerned. others say they'll keep their pets away if the tests come back positive. an iranian rocket apparently exploding on the launch pad. we know that from satellite images showing smoke billowing from the launch site. the test would be iran's third failure this year that we know about. jennifer griffin has more. >> shep, fox news has obtained satellite imagery that shows an iranian rocket that appears to have exploded on the launch pad earlier today at the space center in the northern part of the country. the commercial satellite company planet says its images show smoke billowing from the launch pad which looks like it was being readied in preparation for a launch. it's the third time as you mentioned that iranian rocket has failed to launch this year
12:41 pm
alone and reminiscent of similar troubles that north korea was having with some of its rocket test as few years ago. some suspected at the time u.s. interference. experts suspect the iranians were trying to test a two-stage liquid fuel rocket. the rocket is used to launch satellites, which use the same technology as ballistic missiles, some of which are banned by current u.n. sanctions. >> what have you lerntd -- learned about the u.s. cyber attack first reported by "the new york times"? >> there's opinion about whether the alleged use of this cyber weapon was worth it. some say that now the u.s. has lost access to crucial insight to iran's revolutionary network in the strait of hormuz. the cyber strike undertaken came
12:42 pm
exactly seven days after iranian forces attacked that japanese and norwegian oil tanker placing those mines on their hull. on the very same day that iranian forces shut down a high-priced u.s. surveillance drone that the u.s. military says was operating in international airspace. president trump called off at the last minute a retaliatory tomahawk strike in response to the iranian attack and now we're learning u.s. cyber command did respond allegedly wiping out a key database used by iran's irgc wing. the details were first reported by "the new york times" which says that iran has not been able to bring those military communications networks back online, shep. >> shepard: jennifer griffin, from the pentagon for us. a second homicide now reportedly confirmed at a west virginia v.a. hospital. investigators there say they're
12:43 pm
looking into more suspicious deaths. the details after a break. and there's now a reward for this couple accused of being killers on the run. where investigators say this husband and wife murder duo may be now.
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>> shepard: another suspicious death at a veteran's hospital in west virginia has been ruled a homicide. the family of an air force veteran that died last year told "usa today" that federal investigators dug up his body and found something had injected him several times with insulin even though he wasn't diabetic. he died a day after this army vet. same story. feds exhumed his body and found out something injected him with insulin. a shot of insulin when someone doesn't have diabetes can kill someone. the v.a. is looking to the same deaths. laura ingle has more. >> hi, shep. the daughter of retired fair force veteran of george nelson shaw sr. says when she learned how her father really died, she was in a daze adding that they had taken her dad to this
12:48 pm
hospital putting all of their truth and faith that he would be taken care of. now they're dealing with a homicide investigation that closely mirrors what happened to another patient at the same hospital as you mentioned. i just spoke with the attorney representing shaw's family that tells me the family had no idea there was foul play in shaw's death until they got a knock at the door a month after he died by federal investigators who wanted to exhume his body. the attorney says they feel betrayed by the v.a., which never shared autopsy results with the family adding all of this feels like a gut punch. he was given fluid and responded well. a few days later, everything changed. his blood sugar kept crashing and he diet. both shaw and felix kirk
12:49 pm
mcdermott had their bodies exhumed. neither men were diabetic. both had dementia. investigators say they have identified a person of interest that worked at the hospital and that person no longer is working there as we reported. the attorney from the shaw family says that is not good enough. they want answers. shep? >> did you get a new statement from that hospital? >> they gave us an update today. a spokesperson said they hope the inspector general in charge will shed light on this very soon. he said the v.a.'s inspector general, which is independent from the v.a., has known about this issue since june 27 of 2018 when lewis a. johnson v.a. medical center officials reported it to them. for the sake of all of west virginia and their families, we hope the investigation will yield detailed findings soon. earlier on fox today, veteran's affairs secretary robert wilkey said it's time to speed up the criminal inquiry so that these families have the answers that
12:50 pm
they deserve. shep? >> shepard: laura ingle live in new york. u.s. marshalls are now offering a $20,000 reward in the search for a husband and wife accused of murder. police say blaine and susan barksdale overpowered a security guard in southern utah while on the way from new york to a prison in arizona. now the marshalls say the pair may be driving through arizona and that they are expected to be armed and dangerous. the couple accused of killing a man and burning down his house in tucson back in april. william la jeunesse has more. >> here's what happened. rather than fly a few deputies back to new york to pick up these two alleged killers, pima county arizona hired a private company out of kansas to pick up the barksdales for a 2,202 four-day drive with two inmates and three unarmed guards. in so the couple faked a medical
12:51 pm
emergency. when the van pulls up, the barksdale sources said overpowered the guards, tied them up and locked them in the van. a friend nearby gives the couple his truck to get away. they did not, we're told, find a firearm hidden in the glove box. now they're on the lam. they're probably somewhere in arizona but may be broke and could commit another crime to get christmas or gas money. shepard? >> shepard: thanks, william. ahead, stop vaping right now. that is the new warning in one city. plus, for some boaters that got close to an active volcano, a moment of truth. but first, squirrel news, day 2. a squirrel in missouri pulling off a food heist. the scene of the crime, a parked car in branson south and east of kansas city. the squirrel scoping things out, casting the joint a little and casing it. making sure nobody was around. then there he goes.
12:52 pm
sliding through an open window. second later, he's back. treats safely secure. back out the window. the squirrel pulling off this caper a couple of times. hello, squirrel. once having trouble getting back out the window, this time dropping off his prize on the ground by quickly snatching it back up. the man that shot this video says he caught up with the car owners the next day. they said they could tell that somebody had been in the car but were shocked to see it wasn't a body but a squirrel. the squirrel long gone from the scene of the crime. no reward offered. great news for veterans with va loans. mortgage rates have dropped to near record lows. refi now at newday usa with no income verification, no appraisal, and no points.
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12:57 pm
a mile up. happened in stromboli island off of the southern italian coast between naples and sicily. tourists say they heard a roar and then came the smoke and streams of lava. stromboli is one of the most active volcanos erupting so frequently it's earned the nickname light house of the mediterranean. in milwaukee, people are warned to stop vaping right now. this comes as the feds say an outbreak of lung disease could be linked to e cigarette use. health officials say there's around 200 potential cases in two dozen states. mike tobin has more. >> the city of milwaukee is the first to get out front and say put that e cigarette down. citing 16 cases of severe
12:58 pm
respiratory illnesses linked to vaping. 200 case of vape-related illnesses are reported nationwide. most are linked to the use of thc oil. thc is the active ingredient in marijuana, shep. >> shepard: the feds are looking to some of the big name e cigarette mike pompeoers. >> and putting pressure, especially juul labs. the ftc is investigating juul labs particularly if they're marketing to kids. stuart varney was told at the fox business channel that youth vaping is an epidemic with an 80% increase of use with high schoolers, 50% use at the junior high level. alex azar says they will use every tool available to get it away from kids. >> nicotine is incredibly dangerous to use.
12:59 pm
they become addicted and rewires the brain in terms of addictive values. >> kevin burns, ceo of juul labs said there's a billion people in this country already hooked on nicotine. that's the market they're going for. they don't target kids and don't need to. >> shepard: mike tobin live. a live event is coming up at the white house just moments from now. the president set to speak. they set up the pomp and circumstances for space command and the details will be coming. of course, neil cavuto will have details of that throughout the next news hour here on fox news channel. he's also watching the markets which are all green today. the dow has had a fantastic day. it's up about 1.25% or 317 points. the nasdaq, the s&p also in the green. 28 of the 30 dow industrials are now above water on the day,
1:00 pm
which caterpillar leading the way along with home depot. home depot is up $5 on the session. that often happens when a hurricane is on the way. "your world" is next. have a great labor day. i'll see you after that. >> neil: you're looking live at the rose garden. president trump set to make remarks about the establishment of a u.s. space command. we'll get to it. i'm neil cavuto. john roberts is at the white house on what we can expect minutes from now. john? >> neil, good afternoon. this is a ceremony that launched the space command, which is short of a space force. general john raymond will be taking the reins here. the mission is war-fighting in space. yes, this is the next frontier where the space command will be looking at monitoring missile launches, satellite surveillance, space command,


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