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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 29, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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hard as it is to fathom, mr. president, just because you're the leader of the free world, doesn't entitle you to a free pass. unfortunately just a free press. good night. ♪ >> juan: hello, everyone. i'm juan williams with emily compagno, jason chaffetz, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." james comey broke fbi rules but the justice department, they will not prosecute him. a scathing new doj inspector general report details how the former fbi director handled memos about president trump. they report laying out numerous violations by james comey, among them violating policy by giving a memo to a friend with instructions to share it with "the new york times." he also kept copies of the memos in a safe at his home. the inspector general same the
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former head of the fbi sent a "dangerous example" for the bureau but comey is insisting he's been cleared and even totting his critics." "although spent two years talking to be going to jail or being a liar and a leaker, ask yourself why you still trust people who gave you that info for so long including the president. "president trump is responding by saying comey should be ashamed of himself. as someone who's been in congress, i'm going to ask, do you agree with what the inspector general found and the decision not to prosecute? well, the inspector general perko recommended he be prosecu. the department of justice operating a different level has decided not to do this. i find it very troubling there are multiple times the inspector general has made her recommendations to prosecute including the deputy assistant director and others. they haven't prosecuted.
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i think that's a problem and i think it's at that terrible precedent. michael horowitz who was confirmed unanimously as an obama point he did a very thorough job. if james comey thinks he's won the day, are you kidding? the first report said he act is as insubordinate. it is as damning as any report you will ever see from inspector general. i do think they should have prosecuted. james comey is not out of the woods. you have two places of vulnerability. one is the chief justice of the supreme court because once the inspector general does the fisa report, they could very well hold people in contempt and james comey's autograph is on one of those things and the supreme court should actually hold them accountable for misleading on the fisa abuse. the second one is the report on the fisa abuse. james comey is not out of the woods on that. >> juan: we haven't seen anything about all the talk about fisa warrant and the like
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to this point. dana, in asking about this, what do you think should be the penalty? he did, according to the report, violate policy but they are saying he didn't break the law. apparently these memos were not classified. >> dana: it feels a lot to me like something that happened back in 2015 an '16 when he was the fbi director. he's doing a victory lap sort of like hillary clinton did a victory lap after james comey declined to officially charge her for having the private email server, and a lot of these things are very similar. the retention and handling of government documents. it's almost as if it's kind of a mirror image because it's the same statute or the same policy guideline that he decided not to officially charge, now the justice department is saying we are not going to prosecute but nobody is saying this is a good thing to do. i have a feeling that if somebody that worked for jim comey at the fbi had done this very thing and jim comey found out about it, that person
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probably would've been fired or at least put on the suspension. but his tweets, i have to say, it's good to be on offense view can be. even when it looks like you should be on defense, he's just on offense and he learned that from our recent politics. it works. >> juan: he learned it from president trump. >> dana: not only bad. if you look at hillary clinton, she walked -- jim comey basically said she did all these terrible things and she walked out and said i'm good. how dare anybody say i did something wrong? >> juan: i was thinking democrats are angry and jim comey because ten days before the election he came out and sent a letter to congress saying i'm going to reopen this investigation, never mentioning there was an ongoing probe into trump's campaign. do you think right now when you look at this and you say you know, he was talking to the president and the president was asking him to go light on mike flynn, do you see any way to justify his behavior? >> greg: i will always give
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comey credit for having both sides hate him. he has managed to piss off everybody. there is something redeeming about someone everybody hates. i have to go back to this victory lap. it was a one-man -- it was a one-man fist bump. he went up like this. there's nobody there. there's nobody there to fist bump. he's doing a one-man high five. it reminds me of me claiming victory when my wife finds only four empty beer bottles and not eight. only got me for leaking phony stuff to the press and i'm not going to jail. i win. my worry is i hope it is in hinder his chances in becoming a cnn contributor because i think he proved them right. what did we learn from what he did wrong? he designated a buddy to leak info to "the new york times." this was a guy who's always
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interested in the media piece. more than anything he was always into the spotlight and he always used to cover it up in this aw shucks mentality. it camouflages a narcissistic man and he should go to jail for life. if there was a death penalty, i would push for it. it is double deep state. double deep state. or maybe deep double state. either way, its deep dish double state. [laughter] deep dish. >> emily: can i piggyback -- >> greg: piggyback on my deep state? >> emily: i don't think that. the hubris, the narcissism. the ig report, you're right, it is as damning as they come. one big "what were you thinking?" first of all, no, it's not your personal diary. it still classified information. the ig says literally wholly
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unsubstantiated as well as plainly stated in the code. you would think an acting director would understand that. in terms of disseminating the classified information, his defense in the interviews during the investigation was i did it because i love my country. meanwhile all of the other actors went on the record saying they were shocked and stunned and disappointed and surprised. the ig was like, you're not a whistle-blower. you are just straight up breaking the law and you broke policy. the fbi learned about him giving the memos to his attorneys literally during his congressional testimonies and all those guys, they were calling during the testimony to try to get that classified information. >> juan: let me interrupt you for a second. his argument was and i think what the report says, these were not classified documents. >> emily: and the answer was yes, they were. >> juan: they were subsequently may be classified but not when he -- >> greg: that usually what happens. >> dana: it's not like he was writing down his to-do list of
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things he needed to do around the house. he was writing information that had to do with his government, his president. you can't just say those are not government documents. the press secretary, you take down notes in a meeting, those notes have to go into the file. you don't get to throw them away. >> juan: here's my point to u.this is a trump justice department that just made this decision that in fact he is not to be prosecuted. >> emily: i will say they declined to prosecute this but presently we have the ig investigating the fbi for their conduct during the entire investigation and we also have two separate investigations by the doj, u.s. attorney for connecticut and top intelligence officials into the origins of the mueller probe. he is not out of the clear -- whatever it is, >> juan: it sounds like you are wishing they caught him but they didn't. andrew mccabe, where it that's it. there's been no prosecution.
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>> jason: two things real quickly. by separating out james comey, there are a lot of people who have the scenes they believe that that is really bad news for mccabe, strzok, page, ohr. if they are going to give comey a pass, these others have a great deal of vulnerability ahead of them and the second point, i think the obama-biden legacy is going to be the politicization of putting politics into the worst of the worst. you're supposed to have an fbi, a department of justice, the irs, federal reserve, they are all supposed to be above and beyond politics. and yet where we are eight years later, nine years later, they have politicized some of the institutions that should be on politics. if there is nothing else from james comey and what you saw in the first and second report from the ig, it's that they use this for their own personal gratification, their own personal political agenda and
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they politicize these departments and agencies and that's important what's tearing up this country because they don't believe there is an of justice under the law. >> greg: to summarize that, thanks, obama. >> juan: there you go. you realize jim comey is a republican. >> jason: right. what did he donate, $20,000 to democrats? >> juan: i don't know. >> jason: he has been disingenuous. he's no republican, no conservative. >> juan: i think the record says he's a conservative and republican in the same thing -- you stop and look at robert mueller. he's a republican. >> jason: to greg's point, we both are absent and hillary clinton, he screwed over hillary clinton and he screwed over the department of justice. he's made that situation worse no matter how you look at it. >> juan: president trump slamming lawrence o'donnell and the media after the msnbc host is forced to retract an unverified report. we will show you that next on "the five."
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♪ >> jason: they approve the music. thank you! i had taylor swift yesterday. this is much better. new fallout after msnbc's russia bomb self-report completely implodes. lawrence o'donnell forced apologize and retract an unverified report claiming president trump had loans cosigned by russian oligarchs. watch. >> i did not go through the rigorous verification of standards process here in msnbc.
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had i gone through that process, i would not been permitted to report it. i should not have set it on air or posted on twitter. i was wrong to do so. tonight we are retracting the story. >> jason: after o'donnell's embarrassing correction, trump blasting the and msnbc host. >> lawrence o'donnell has been selling stuff for four years. it's just as wrong. he was forced by nbc to apologize and what they say is just msnbc and cnn and all of them for the most part but they are just really despicable people. it's horrible. it's fake news and it's a shame. >> jason: it's a shame, that's right. greg, did he really apologize. >> greg: yes, he did and i will say at least he admitted he was wrong, unlike the entire cnn who has been doing the story line nonstop and never admitted they were wrong. i would argue that lawrence is a victim of the media's own
2:17 pm
narrative, right? he wanted it to be true because they all wanted it to be true. the best things always rachel maddow's response, like i don't even believe this. the media sees fit in a different way. they don't bum on the carelessness or bias that fueled the mistake. they worry that it put a cloud on all the future accusations that they are priming against trump because you know they are working for some other -- they haven't learned from this. the g7, they were saying that trump was in putin's pocket. they're not going to give up the russian thing. >> juan: not giving up on blowing up hurricanes even though trump is denied it, not given up on trump saying he's willing to pardon people who break the law. >> greg: what is that have to do with russia? >> juan: i think trump is use this to say that all media reports are all wrong as a
2:18 pm
opposed to saying lawrence o'donnell, she retracted -- she retracted the story. he is an opinion guy. i think there is confirmation and his using a single source in the way he did. he was wrong. but trump says all media reports -- again, he just goes too far. >> dana: lawrence o'donnell apologizing. if i ever make a mistake like that -- >> greg: you never will. you are perfect. >> dana: i am worried every day that i'm going to make a mistake like that. >> greg: it will be a bad picture of jasper. >> dana: that will never happen. what i was going to say, lawrence o'donnell was taking the fall but it's not as if there aren't a lot of people that saw that it knew about it, heard about it. you know many people it takes to put on a -- >> greg: fire the teleprompter operator is what you're saying. >> dana: it's not as if you
2:19 pm
just are on live tv and you said something that turns out not to be true. it was planned for a whole day. they teased it with rachel maddow. they knew it was coming. there was a whole plan. there's a lot of people that are culpable. >> jason: it's like when you make a mistake, the mistake is misspelling something or at costco, something falls down. >> emily: it was such a huge endeavor. with a huge production it ended up being built on sand and to your point, for people who are waiting for there to be proof of that, the russian connection, they are like maybe not this one but it will happen next time. in the apology, we got "we don't know if it's wholly inaccurate" yet. there was definitely a qualifier that was the whole point of trumps personal attorneys which is that this was a single source and it was totally verifiable and it you ignored it, created the production, teased it to the detriment of us and meanwhile there is a ripple effect of so many effects.
2:20 pm
we talked about this before. deutsche bank and the federal investigation into that. house financial services committee investigating trump. it didn't just stop with a couple viewers having to be corrected in their intake of the information. it goes way deeper than that. legally because of the retraction, they are covered. >> jason: we saw multiple times and you've seen it in congress, suddenly a story gets planted in the media and then congress uses the media report as justification to do an investigation. they have been seeking to take down donald trump before he was even sworn in. they have presupposed the outcomes on all of these things. they know he did something wrong supposedly and they want to go back and now find the evidence evans and i think it's just another chip of trying to do that but i don't think -- >> juan: if you are talking about an opinion journalist which he is, i think you're right. do i also think it's true the donald trump refuses to release his tax returns for some reason, something is hidden in there.
2:21 pm
>> jason: is it against the law? you know what, and if congress wants to actually change the rules of the road and make that illegal, then go ahead and do that. they don't introduce that. >> juan: then you can't just say all the press is just waiting, looking. they should be looking. they should ask questions about a president that won't release his tax returns. >> greg: greatest president that ever lived, juan. >> juan: thank you. i sometimes forget and greg is here to remind me. [laughter] >> jason: good. mothers say they are driving the 2020 election. greg breaks down how the media may be to blame. that's next. ♪ limu emu & doug hour 36 in the stakeout. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ]
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2:26 pm
apparently the candidate of water supports loses, then roughly 40% of those voters wouldn't be confident that the election was actually fair. many of the election may be over on that first tuesday in november but come wednesday, the debate over its legitimacy begins. who's fault is that? the media. they spent three years chasing the flame of russian collusion only to turn up with empty, charred hands. you think that didn't mess with america's mind? cnn and embed bc did more that are her minor election system then the russian simile by exaggerating the narrative in order to incite the orange monster they despise. putin must be thinking about the upside of a free press. look what it did for him in america. he achieved more than a farm of russian bots spending 100 grand on facebook ads ever could. that story collapsed on the obsessed media are still seeing russians in their sleep. the media, out of bitterness over defeat, they could not move
2:27 pm
fast and left us with a country questioning whether any election could be legitimate. not because the russians might collude with trump because the media always colludes with the dams. emily , can you blame americans serving skeptical. >> emily: i agree, it makes sense. most voters view it as a civil war and the results are going to be catastrophic if their side loses which is perpetuated by the media and also i think there's a measure of fatigue. the first democratic debate was held in june, 16 months before the election and that's literally an elephant pregnancy. >> greg: is it really? i'm glad you look that up. it is an elephant's pregnancy. that's a way to measure a lot of things. we want to mortgage, what's he going to? four elephant pregnancies.
2:28 pm
juan, when trump wins the election by a landslide, will we be able to have a congenial show? >> juan: yes, because i'll be gone. [laughter] i will have buried myself. do i get a free pass to canada? >> greg: yes. >> juan: i think this -- people anticipated it's going to be a dirty election because trump needs to dirty up democrats. the democrats will be fine. it's a lot of nastiness. the second thing is i think this poll is not good news for trump. people are so highly engaged. people are paying attention right now. people have strong feelings right now. >> greg: you agree that trump has made america smarter. >> juan: were political because things were so polarized. i think you get tired of the fact that people are so upset daily about trump's behavior and tweets. >> greg: i say this to my driver every night. >> juan: i must be driving.
2:29 pm
hillary clinton, emily, hillary clinton accepted the results, the person who said i don't know if i will accept the results, that was donald trump. >> greg: jason, juan talks about a dirty campaign but how can you get dirtier than it is already when you say trump is worse than hitler, mao, stalin. where'd you go? >> juan: i have an idea. the devil. >> greg: the devil, antichrist. we can put them together. >> juan: you have deep state. you're taking them all. >> jason: deep dish. >> greg: doubled the dish. >> jason: wait till he gets space command up and running. >> juan: oh, no. you didn't tell me, jason. >> jason: they have a press conference. these things are way too long.
2:30 pm
it's august. we have until next august before the campaign really starts to ramp up. i do think there's a great disservice, a lot of people on the left to felt like bernie sanders really got taken to the cleaners. he had the energy and 2016, he was taken out of the process. i think the democrats have a problem right now disengaging a lot of people believe they are dealing with the debate. here's our top, and here's the rest. they are self eliminating a lot of people and now they have all these candidates saying this isn't fair. you have people like tulsi gabbard who have a real message that may not make the threshold. i think it's disengaging to a lot of people. >> greg: to jason's point, three people. tulsi gabbard. maryanne. >> dana: if you are not at 2% -- everyone knew what the rules were. they might disagree with the rules but one of the reasons, why do they have these rules? bernie sanders. he complained the system is
2:31 pm
rigged against him so now it's more open and transparent and if you are polling at two in the september 23 weeks before the first vote in iowa, you're probably not going to be president unless something catastrophic happens on these poll numbers are happening before the onslaught of ads. imagine if you're in an early battleground state like iowa, they are already seeing ads to i think it's one of the reasons these numbers need to be like this because of you had to deal with that all the time, see it in your social media feed. >> jason: nobody is at 30%. >> dana: you think tulsi gabbard could win the democratic nomination? she's been running for president for eight months. >> greg: she could event a vpp. >> dana: she could still be a dp possibility. >> jason: the republicans, 18 different debates. we have a lot to look at. democrats. >> dana: they are self narrowing. they don't have money left. >> greg: i don't think the media is going to believe if trump wins. >> juan: one last point, with all the democrats on one stage,
2:32 pm
we are finally going to see elizabeth warren versus joe biden. >> greg: that's true. new hysteria about vaping. details when we come back. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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♪ >> dana: a new warning about a trend. milwaukee urging residents to stop vaping amid an outbreak of lung disease cases possibly linked to e-cigarettes. wisconsin is among 22 states were nearly 200 people have been hospitalized with respiratory problems. one person in illinois died after reporting similar symptoms. the cdc is investigating. they have yet to release the conclusion. now we discussed. i'm not going to go to you first. >> greg: you know i have 17 pages. >> dana: respond to somebody who's going to possibly disagree. jason. >> jason: i've got a libertarian streak in my blood and i've got to tell you i think
2:37 pm
if you're an adult, if you can make this type of decision, there's a degree of personal responsibility that they often take on. i think you need to have the proper warnings, but if you -- my mom had breast cancer. she was addicted to smoking even at the height of her cancer, she couldn't give it up. if there are people who can benefit from coming down off cigarettes, i think that's good. i'm worried about youths who think it's not as addictive as cigarettes. >> dana: also emily, some of the youth are adding things to their vape that they shouldn't. >> emily: 100%. the recent surge either indicate something changed in vaping or new product was introduced. something different has happened. i agree with the argument or the assertion that the cdc is being unnecessarily vague right now. they are talking about vaping in general when most of those illnesses and deaths have to do with thc. the question becomes is it
2:38 pm
unlicensed? synthetic? butane? hash oil? what causes that he pneumonia? the alcohol-based nicotine product doesn't cause. as viewers and citizens we need to look for specificity and facts because right now we don't know what exactly the cause of it is. >> dana: what do we know, greg? >> greg: i have no palms with what they are saying. i have a qualm with how the media deals with it. this story needs to be taken seriously and scientifically. you are delivering nicotine through vapor, not smoking. 50 years ago people were vaping. a lot of relatives will be alive right now if they had this nicotine delivery system which wasn't wrapped in tar. to the victims, to your point, there was a study in minnesota where they were mixing nicotine and pot. that could've played a role.
2:39 pm
in wisconsin, and i don't know if this pertains to new patients but all of them were vaping thc oil. it has an uncertain purity. it's not about the nicotine vaping. it's about street drugs. what are they buying and what are they putting in there? what we do know is that it is an independent review that if you switch from cigarettes to e-cigs, it leads to risk reduction of 95% in lung disease, that's an independent review. these stories need to be taken seriously but if the hype reduces the use of this and people go back to smoking, that will cost lives and you could argue they can be held accountable. i don't like this whole thing about targeting kids. kids find stuff on their own. >> dana: the companies that produce these things, are they to be held responsible for kids finding ways? >> greg: kids like what adults alike. >> juan: check out their marketing. they were marketing flavors like
2:40 pm
bubblegum and candy. >> greg: i like that. i'm a kid at heart. >> juan: it's not playing fair with young people because it's introducing -- >> greg: you have alcohol flavors. what you think a pina colada is? >> juan: i don't know. >> greg: the flavors. >> juan: here's the thing, you have the head of juul saying if you haven't been dealing with nicotine, you should not take up vaping because it could have a negative effect. his words make me think that he knows there's a connection between people who have not been taking nicotine. just one pod for vaping equals about two packs of cigarettes in terms of nicotine delivery, and i think it makes some people think it could be causing some of this lung inflammation that we are seeing. the larger point is this is nicotine. nicotine is highly addictive. >> greg: it's not nicotine. it's something else. >> juan: people didn't smoke pot and then also have a
2:41 pm
cigarette? >> dana: people, the nicotine piece has been there for years. >> greg: people chew packets of gum. >> greg: >> juan: it's the delif nicotine that the leader of juul is saying we think it's a problem. if you don't have relationship with nicotine, don't start vaping. >> dana: the government is on the case, jason. parents finding a new way to keep tabs on the college aged kids. the new ghost video the internet won't stop talking about. it's all coming up on the fastest 7. to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich! it only gets better when you switch and save with geico.
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♪ >> emily: time for the fastest . there's nothing like finally getting the freedom that comes with going off to college but imagine your parents still being able to watch her every move. more and more, worried moms and dads are reportedly using location tracking apps to monitor their college aged kids. juan, you have kids. would you have done this? >> juan: i am no helicopter parents. you go to college. call me if there's trouble. otherwise, have a good time. >> dana: good job, juan. >> jason: i hate this story. don't talk about it. we watch. we pay attention.
2:46 pm
>> emily: were your kids are located? >> jason: the outcome if we want to find them and we want to match up with them and they have our stuff so we can communicate. i like it. she doesn't watch fox. she doesn't have cable television. >> juan: i thought you objected to the fbi surveillance. [laughter] >> jason: off limits. >> dana: i am very surprised. >> jason: let's find out where she is right now. >> dana: i would not do that. your job as a parent is to help raise productive citizens who will be able to make good decisions on their own and you can't do that if you're always being watched. kids will figure out a way to get out of it. they will be like yeah, looks like i'm in the library but i'm really down buying thc oil. [laughter] >> greg: it's hard for me to comment because i'm not allowed to watch college kids anymore. i remember in 1974 i was 10 years old. i could be gone all day. if i didn't come home, they wouldn't phone until the next day because you were just
2:47 pm
assumed that everything would turn out okay sweet enough to monitor. nowadays afternoon where everybody is every, you can't be a teenager. that's kind of depressing. remember when you can run away. now you have a choice, should i run away or post something on instagram? then they will know where i am. maybe if i don't post for an hour then i get worried. running out of teenage runaways. >> dana: you wonder why you have children on their parents health insurance until they are 26. the next thing you know, it will be 36. >> juan: huck finn, tom sawyer. how many american stories wouldn't happen if we had helicopter parents. >> emily: i came up from a family with three girls my always put safety first for us in certain ways that allowed us, they had an 800 number. it was back with pay phones. we can always go to a pay phone and dialing 800 number and could always reach them. we had a car phone.
2:48 pm
>> greg: see you guys were really rich. [laughter] >> emily: no. for weeks, chick-fil-a and popeyes have been locked in an epic chicken war over who has the better sandwich. it's been a serious twitter battle. chick-fil-a manager in north carolina, bringing sandwiches to popeyes after their store ran out. he told people waiting in line they could go to chick-fil-a across the street for a premium. >> dana: chick-fil-a is always giving the best p.r. you can take any story. the best p.r. >> juan: i've been puzzled. i thought somebody had a really good p.r. agent for popeyes but i tell you people say have you tried that popeye sandwich and now i hear they are sold out. you can't buy one. >> emily: we only have the chick-fil-a. >> juan: p.r. or reality? >> greg: it's a good sign that
2:49 pm
popeye's and chick-fil-a could get along because the rest of us could get along. it's where the people take sides with fast food. usually it's corn on the cob and mashed potatoes. [laughter] >> emily: the third topic. >> jason: the one left out is kfc. they have to figure out how to -- you don't get up body like mine bypassing up on chicken. >> emily: possible paren paranormal activity. home security camera. let's take a closer look so we can tell what it really isn't come to to a conclusion. >> greg: what are we looking for? >> emily: the ghost. >> dana: what? >> emily: i had a discussion where everyone was sharing ghost stories. >> dana: i have no ghost stories. >> juan: you can look at dana's face. that's to be as dana. >> greg: the spirit world, of
2:50 pm
ghost is not going to shop on any camera. >> emily: they have been caught on camera since the beginning of photographs. jason or juan, back me up. >> jason: when you put chicken in front of me. totally distracted. >> greg: he is ghosting you. >> emily: juan, was it real? >> dana: it was a light. >> juan: could be dust. could be dead people. >> dana: no, i'm sorry. >> juan: i don't know what that is. >> greg: i see a large red circle. >> emily: likely surges and energy. i think it's egotistical for us to say definitively whether something or not is yes or no. could be something we can't understand or explain which means it could be paranormal. >> juan: you are hungry. the homeowner said his dad or granddad lived in the house, had
2:51 pm
a dog and he died and it was his birthday. >> emily: you're right. there was that element. >> jason: it's what happens when you vape. [laughter] >> dana: and then you eat chicken. >> emily: "one more thing" is up next. company out there. they give us excellent customer service, every time. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today.
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2:56 pm
my hat is off to you, who would think a woman of 103 would be robbing the cradle with a guy who is 100. they are looking good. >> greg: 100 is the new 80. >> dana: a 4-year-old boy with disabilities is heartbroken because his therapy dog went missing. this little boy has a rare genetic disorder -- the dog disappeared on may 13th and the family is frantically looking for it and they had almost given up hope but a family put up a reward offer and they were contacted and they are reunited and you can see how important it is. if you think about the canine companions, all of these dogs that are helping people, i'm glad they are reunited. >> juan: make us happy. >> greg: animals are great.
2:57 pm
no elderly or kids in this one but you know what we are going to get here? to check out little fella. getting some green fiber in raw broccoli. broccoli in australia is considered a meet and hamsters are considered as a vegetable, did you know that? why would i lie about something like that? isn't that great, it's a reason to look at it this little nibble away. i think that's a hamster, it could be a gerbil. that is why animals are great. >> jason: i've actually got to follow that. i want you to go to
2:58 pm, i got more about james comey but i have a heartwarming story to cover. coach chris sweet is the offensive coordinator for the lions college football team and he is cancer. he was diagnosed with cancer and his players wanted to surprise him with a stunning new show of solidarity, check this out. >> you better slow down, i got to breathe. >> for every one of those players shaved their heads for their dear coach who in typical football guy fashion he tried not to get choked up about it, even though he doesn't like the attention, this is the most touching an emotional thing he has been through. >> juan: i've seen stories like that about cancer survivors going through treatment.
2:59 pm
>> jason: those kids will learn more about that at that moment. >> greg: that's what you were thinking, is my hair okay? >> emily: i'm going to end on a totally violent note tonight, if anyone had any questions about what species in this planet are really strong, take a look here. that is an enraged rino, this was released out of germany today flipping a zookeepers car three times. the zoo is like we have no what provoked him but then they admitted he was just brought there as part of a breeding program and he has had trouble adjusting. people were in the car. >> jason: the car is dressed as a zebra, what did they expec
3:00 pm
expect? >> greg: are they okay? you should add that part. >> juan: stop the madness, set your dvrs, never miss an episode of "special report" ." >> bret: the congressman dressed as a zebra car, i like that. if breaking tonight the fbi's watchdog says a fire to director james comey broke justice department rules and set a dangerous example by drafting, leaking, and retaining memos about his discussions with president trump. the attorney general is declining to prosecute and comey was quick to point out to the report found he did not leaked classified information directly to the media. we'll get a live reaction shortly from the top republican on the house judiciary committe committee. john roberts from the white house with reaction from the president. we


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