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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 29, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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we will have continuing coverage and update you as the storm gets closer. that is "the story" but as always, "the story" goes on. have a good night. ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," after months of waiting, the office of inspector general has released its report on the behavior of fire director jim comey. for years we've been hearing rumors of what he was up to in the opening days of the trump administration and now we know. if catherine herridge is fox chief intelligence correspondent and she joins us tonight. >> this is the second time they found he went beyond his authority, the first was in his handling of the clinton's email case. the inspector general said he and violated guidelines and his
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employment agreement. what was not permitted was the authorized disclosure of sensitive investigative information obtained during the course of fbi employment, in order to achieve a personally desired outcome. michael horowitz said the memos were not his to share with his lawyers or the media. after he was fired, he used a columbia law school professor to get the memo to "the new york times." he said he was the source for another "new york times" story about trump asking at comey for loyalty. on twitter, comey claimed vindication because no classified information was shared with the media. the justice department declined to prosecute and today the ig also released a report about a senior justice department official who viewed pornography on government computers and lied about it, no prosecution there either.
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>> tucker: no surprise. you'll know it for two years since donald trump fired him, he has maintained he did absolutely nothing wrong at any level, he said donald trump is a deranged mat band likely a foreign agent and that he jim comey is the embodiment of moral rectitude, the last honest man in washington. if you are paying attention to twitter, you saw him making the case even today. with the release, we can say definitively it is a lie, the report proves that. it is a devastating. at the report shows from the very beginning of his administration, he is showing a partisan political agenda and he did it in the most sleazy and feline possible way. publicly he claimed he met with a newly elected president in january of 2017 in order to give him as much information as he could. according to several witnesses, that account is false.
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he treated the interview with the president as an intelligence gathering operation, he stashed a secure fbi laptop so he could immediately begin writing a memo after it concluded. in other words, the whole thing was a set up and it was one of many. in the end, he wrote seven memos like this, at least two of them contain information the government later classified as secret but he leaked the information nonetheless. in the words of the inspector general, by not safeguarding sensitive information obtained during the course of its fbi employment and by using it to create a blood pressure for official action, he set a dangerous example for the over 30, 35,000 for many former fbi employees who similarly had access and knowledge of public information," all of which is putting it mildly. he was the most powerful law enforcement official in the country, there was nothing he couldn't do.
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he used his power for political ends and there's nothing more corrupt than that. if we suspected that already. more than a year ago, he announced it to the world in fact. in an april 2018 interview with george stephanopoulos, he admitted he hid the origins of the steele dossier from his boss, the president. >> did you tell him the dossier had been financed by his political opponents. >> i didn't think i use the term steele dossier, i just talked about additional material. >> did he have a right to know that? >> that it had been financed by his political opponents? it wasn't necessary for my goal which was to alert him that we had this information. >> tucker: it wasn't necessary for my goal, it would cut against his goal. in that same interview he suggested the most sensational and least likely parts of the dossier might in fact be real. >> i never thought these words would come out of my mouth but i don't know whether the current
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president of the united states has peeing on each other in moscow in 2013, i don't know. >> tucker: that was slandered unintentionally for political effect -- think about it. that man once led an agency is terrifyingly powerful as the fbi but if you think about it, who can really be shocked by that? john brennan once ran the cia, james clapper was director of national intelligence. like comey, both men are proven liars with a weakness for conspiracy theories and yet in washington, all three of them are still considered impressive, that might be the most scary fact of all. charlie hurt is the author of the fantastic book "still winning" and he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. what does this report revealed that his new? to some extent it confirms to what a lot of us long believed about jim comey that he's a
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partisan. what does it add to the story? >> one of the most shocking aspects that is new is to look at these similarities between the coordinated effort to thwart all of the rules of proper investigation, investigation ie conduct, how similar the crimes he committed were to the crimes he was supposedly investigating committed by hillary clinton and we all know at the end of that, he decided despite the fact she had broken all of the rules, he decided that he would file no charges. i have a hard time seeing how you can make any argument other than that he believed there are certain people who are above the law and those people are people like jim comey and hillary clinton. you bet if a lower level fbi -- by the time this thing is over
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with, we will probably see this come to fruition. a lower level fbi agent or a regular american citizen or another government employee committed this level of crimes, they would go to jail. >> tucker: that's exactly right, some are facing jail now because it's the starkest example of the double standard -- roger stone is facing life. you've covered washington for a long time, is it in general true that the people in charge never face the consequence, that's what i'm starting to conclude. >> i've always tried to avoid conspiracy theories but when you step back and look at the people like john brennan, like jim comey who were in positions of unquestionable authority and the degree to which so many people in the media blithely wave away a lot of these accusations, it's terrifying to think these were the most powerful people in our country.
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they had the most access to the most and penetrating information that you could find but fellow american citizens. there is no doubt in my mind that he was weaponizing the department to go after a duly elected president to try to get him removed. the most shocking part of all of this is to look through his twitter feed and he's spiking the ball today because he's not going to jail -- that's really strange. i think the tell that is revealed by that is the fact that he did lie about the purposes of his meeting at the oval office and he said that he was just there to inform the president of what was out there. i've never heard of an fbi director needing to do that. that is his claim.
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the point is this is part of the investigation into the origins of the russia probe and that is still on concluded and he could still get into a lot of trouble for that. >> and his response suggests a man with no shame and no integrity. great to see you tonight. kimberley strassel is on "the wall street journal" editorial board, she has covered the russia story, she has a new book called "resistance at all costs." does it surprise you, it's dispiriting for the rest of us, the double standard is so obvious here that it makes you wonder if the system itself is disintegrating. >> i'm a half glass full kind of girl, i'm thrilled to see this
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report. we've been waiting for years for someone to come up to the position of authority who was neutral and tell it like it is which is not the way jim told y has told it. the inspector general said the lies he's been spinning for years to the nation and to the fbi, it's a bunch of who -- hee the rules and it was inappropriate. it's an important thing for americans to hear. >> tucker: you make a good point, thank you for snapping me back to reality, more information is better and the people who had their suspicions have been vindicated tonight. the picture that i took away from this is that this is a guy who from the very first day was attempting to entrap his boss. >> the fbi has maintained from the beginning and you know that
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there was two reasons he gave that briefing to the president-elect in january, one was to inform about russia's attempt to interfere in our election and the other was to tell about the damaging allegation in the steele dossier. no the those of us who watched w it didn't stand a scrutiny, how do you give a briefing to the president and not tell him you had a counterintelligence investigation opened against his campaign? it had to be for other reasons, one of them we think -- it was a hook for the news media to get the dossier out in the public and have a reason to publish it and we find from the ig report that in fact the entire team met before he went in there with hopes the president would say something incriminating in that meeting and he immediately rushes off back to his car and the first thing he does is hold the meetings with his investigation team. >> tucker: the idea that
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someone this dishonest, someone who's not straightforward at all could run the fbi, it's terrifying. >> do you remember one of those memos he said to the president, i promise you i don't do sneaky things, i don't leak and i don't do illegal moves. i think the entire ig report would beg to differ. >> tucker: people always denied being exactly what they are. i've noticed a trend. >> we will have more on the reports just ahead, why did the department of justice take further action against him? many other questions remaining, that is next.
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>> tucker: we've been telling you the department of justice released the inspector general's report today on what jim comey was doing during the brief period he worked for donald trump, the report shows flagrant misconduct including but not limited to an effort to ensnare the president during various meetings. thanks very much for coming on. as someone who spent an awful lot of time at that agency, what is your response to this? >> i think it's very clear the fbi simply lost its compass under told me, every time a generation leaves, we try our very best to leave it in good hands and with people who are going to carry on the tradition
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of the fbi and we are reminded of that when you are in the hallways -- those three words, fidelity, bravery, i'm integrity, comey left all that in shambles. i'm not sure and washington d.. knows how to face this. the fbi has never had a time were so many people, people like myself are suspicious of how much we can still trust whatever is left. i have to say, there are thousands of dedicated fbi employees and they are the same as they have always been. they watched as the seventh floor sent double standards and another set of standards for the people who worked in the fbi, that is why we have the mess we have today.
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>> tucker: here you have the inspector general's office which nobody is claiming is politically biased, they aren't right-wing ideologues, they do a straight report and they find that comey lied and behaved in a reprehensible way, he responds with maximum self-righteousness and admits nothing, what do you of that. >> one of these days he will turn over the dictionary and the definition of narcissist will be comey. i think what is very sad here is that deny, defend, counterattack, that's the way of bureaucrats in washington, d.c., and that's exactly what these people were. they weren't real fbi agents or real fbi employees and about the best thing i can say to people about this is please keep remembering that because we will have to count on those real
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employees, real fbi agents to try to figure out how to straighten this out. >> tucker: thanks for that reminder, thank you. the report exposes plenty of misconduct, doj prosecutors have decided not to take further action against him, will they reach the same decision with andrew mccabe? a former to spokesman at joins us tonight. what is the fallout? this report comes out, a lot of us feel vindicated, there's also a lot of shouting on cable news, what are the real life implications? >> if i'm andy mccabe, i'm shaking right now because this has been the second or third inspector general report where somebody has been referred over to doj and they have to decide on prosecution. i think they looked at the case and said this is probably not the slam-dunk case we want but
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andy mccabe is a slam-dunk case, he lied to the fbi in an investigation. now you have horowitz say what he did here was a terrible example for the 35,000 employees of the fbi, what do you think if you look at the next issue you have to deal with? what kind of example what it set if you let mccabe off the hook for lying in an fbi investigation, that is a terrible precedent. >> tucker: it sounds like they are letting comey off the hook here. >> there are two things to think about, one is the federal records act, federal records you had to return to the fbi were not taken the first place -- there's no criminal sentencing for that, there's no criminal charge for that. the classified piece is more complex because he gave the memos not to richmond that he gave them to his lawyers and they were small bits of classified information but there were marked classified later. the question is did he know --
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we've done this before with clinton. did he know those sort of been classified at the time? it's possible they looked at that and said it's a toss-up and you could make the argument that they shouldn't be classified. i'm not sure we can get a conviction, do we want to go after james comey on this issue as opposed to something down the road when you might not be able to get a convention conviction? >> tucker: you're saying with andrew mccabe it's not a close call. >> he lied. he's rationalized it with his new gig and going out there and doing his media circuit. >> tucker: let me pause and alert our audience, it's paid cnn. >> he goes out on cnn and he gets prosecuted to say look, one of the reasons why they prosecute me as i'm on cnn and the president hate cnn. everything he's doing, i think he's lining up a defense, a political prosecution.
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>> tucker: i know it's hard to make a question nonpartisan in washington because it's a charged atmosphere, this is not political. the guy lied in the course of business. >> you look at all the people who went down in the trunk orbit for that exact reason, you're going to apply that standard to people who were in the trump orbit like michael flynn or george papadopoulos -- i think given the report here i think that spells doom for andy mccabe. >> tucker: victor davis hanson is a senior fellow at the hoover institution and a better man than we know it putting the news and context. you assess all of this in your
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conclusion is what? >> they keep seeing they classified -- who is they? the answer is disturbing because jim comey is high-fiving because he says he wasn't indicted or who wasn't going to be referred for indictment? why wasn't he given that report by the inspector general. of the seven memos he memorialized, these are private conversations with the president, he took four of them home and use them as an insurance policy in case something happened. when he was fired, he used them and he said they were confidential and not classified -- who made that determination? after it all blew up to the press, the fbi panicked and they said these hasn't been categorizes anything and let's go back and look at them. who were the four people who looked at them? we know he had gone to london,
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three times involved with christopher steele, there was james baker who we know was leaking to mother jones and david corn to get out the dossier, in an orwellian sense, lisa page and peter strzok, no comment needed. they got together and said let's categorize these -- the ones that he took home we determined are confidential and not erroneous and the ones he left behind we will say are classified but he is not subject to criminal exposure because he didn't take those three home. how hard would have been to get three or four fbi agents who are not involved in spreading and ceding the steele dossier and were not confidants of jim comey -- exactly the type of behavior that is getting people very disillusioned because we've seen with the clinton email
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scandal he acted on ethically and unprofessionally but not criminally. here we have the same devastating acknowledgment but his own friends ensured he wasn't the subject to criminal liability post fecteau. these are not categorized at all until the press got a hold of it. if >> tucker: what do you say about a man who in the face of the evidence you presented, who becomes even more self-righteous when confronted with what he has done. >> he's counting on the idea that he thinks donald trump is an outsider and who doesn't have clinical or military experience, and he is to talk about
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nietzsche and philosophy and is them and therefore he is his superior, anything necessary to take down the outsider, are justified. that is what is scary about the whole thing. we have a small group of unelected conspirators who feel that it's their moral prerogative to destroy an elected president because they are morally superior and have insights the rest of us don't have. >> tucker: all the kids who pronounce nietzsche correctly think they should be in charge, that's quite a standard. thank you as always. joe biden back on the campaign trail, he told a heartwarming story a number of times two crowds -- the only problem, pure fantasy. the question is does he know that or not? plus a small texas town took a lot of money for michael bloomberg to promote green energy, now they are screaming to give the money back -- for real. we'll tell you why.
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>> tucker: even now, the polls are telling you that joe biden is in first place, the top contender for the democratic nomination but every day it becomes clear that is not true, not really. we aren't saying this because we want to be true, he's probably the most reasonable guy in the race if you can believe it but it's obvious. the whole thing has fallen apart. during a wednesday town hall event he appeared to lose his train of thought and forget barack obama's name. >> they invaded another country and annexed a significant portion called crimea. he's saying it was president -- my boss, it's his fault. >> and everyone forgets things from time to time, you certainly don't want to be mean, people make clubs like that, the problem is it has become a pattern. at a new hampshire event he told a story about pinning a metal on
5:33 pm
a heroic soldier, watch this. >> i pinned a metal on a soldier, a four star general had asked me if i would go up into the fob, everyone got concerned, going up into the middle of thi this, we can lose a vice president and can't lose many more of these kids -- it's not a joke. this guy climbed down a ravine, carried him under fire and the general wanted me to pin the silver star on him. i got up there, my word as a biden. he stood as attention, he saidi don't want it. "do not do that." he died. >> tucker: just please. he has spent almost 50 years surrounded by armed bodyguards yet somehow whenever he talks he
5:34 pm
makes his life sound like a cross between "saving private ryan" and a mount everest expedition, we can lose a vice president, we can't lose these kids -- go on without me. if barf, please. the worst part of it is the story wasn't even true, it turned out to be a mashup of a bunch of different stories with all the facts wrong, even "the washington post" noticed and trust me they have every incentive to lie about it, they often do -- in this case, here's their assessment. in the space of 3 minutes, he got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the military branch, and the rank of the recipient wrong as well as his own role in the ceremony, holy smokes. what to make of that, we throw up our hands and invite mark steyn to explain it to us. >> to be fair, this is the old biden back. the recent biden of this
5:35 pm
campaign, the stumbling, bumbling guy who can't remember the name of barack obama, that's an embarrassment, he stumbles he trips on three syllable words like democrat, democratic sticks in my throat too but it shouldn't stick and the guy who's supposedly going to be the nominee. this is classic biden, this is biden at top form where he does this to mid, coherent, brilliant narrative in which not a single detail is correct -- he stands up and he goes it's 20 minutes before dawn on d-day and this nine star general says to me mr. president it's too dangerous to go in there but i say the minutemen are taking on the bengal lancers so i flew in on a glider so we came under heavy fire from a group of willing dervishes hold up in bridget
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apartment, so i know what it's like to be the best of the best. this was classic joe by then, he is back, his mojo has returned, his mojo knows not what state it's in. >> tucker: i just drooled on myself. i want to alert our producers to take that, put it on a dvd and sell it and we will give the money to charity. that was unbelievable. i would vote for you for president after that. >> the thing that has been really sad, there is a kind of grand comic position when a fella is in new hampshire and he says what a great time he is having in vermont, one of the great things that benefited donald trump was he throughout the entire presidential campaigning playbook.
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biden is doing it accidentally, he's insulting the populations of key critical primary states. the sad thing is when he stumbles around and mumbles around, this brilliant recollection of something that actually never happened is actually what he does best. full of detail. he's got all the slang right, he's got this firestorm, at the heart of it it's what he always does best like when he told slobodan milosevic's that he was a war criminal or maybe he told it to george w. bush or mad king ludwig of bavaria, it doesn't matter. if the point of the anecdote is to aggrandize joe biden. >> tucker: the incomparable
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mark steyn, the one man in america who makes me rethink my views on immigration, we are glad you are in this country. >> thanks a lot sean, brett, whatever. >> tucker: i'll go with martha. supporters of the great new deal want to take control of the entire economy and service of their environmental agenda but even when given control of a single small town, they don't go according to plan. georgetown, texas, has a population of 75,000. last october the city received a million dollar grant from michael bloomberg, his group -- in return for pursuing renewable energy policies so they did. then energy prices went straight through the roof and the town just voted to return his money. chuck devore is a former member of the california assembly and he joins us tonight. thanks a lot for coming on tonight, tell me if i've got any of the details wrong. at the urging of bloomberg and
5:39 pm
people like him, they become entirely dependent on renewables, what happened next? speak of this started back in 2012, it's a goal, let's be 100% renewable, we will save money, this is the republican thing to do. the prices of natural gas went down because we found more of it and the problem with wind power is that it is mainly made at night. it's expensive to store it. the town of georgetown entered a contract with a french owned company, they are buying wind from at night when they are needing it and during the daytime, they have two buy power off the grid. they have lost about $30 million in the last four years and the residents of georgetown are looking at electricity bills that are about 600 bucks a year higher than nearby communities. >> tucker: do they feel virtuous? speak of they feel angry and betrayed right now. this is why so many people on
5:40 pm
the environmental left have become deeply skeptical of democracy and representative government. look what happened when i was on your show back in december, the whole paris riots were going on over a modest increase to fuel cost to fight global warming. they rescinded those increases but with a little bit of increase in france, imagine what it would be like here in america if we enacted the green new deal and electricity prices were about ten times what they are now. that is unacceptable, that is what happens when you take a fantasy or theory and turn it into reality and we are seeing it in georgetown, texas, . >> tucker: the environmental left deeply resents the population, they want to go around the democracy in order to impose this stuff by force, correct? >> absolutely, furthermore once you actually start to implement it, that's when things start to
5:41 pm
fall apart. ask yourself why are we doing this? look at air quality in america, we have a 74% reduction in air pollution that actually harms people since 1970 while we have 60% more people in the country. president trump's policies are making more of this affordable and reliable energy. i should think that the american public has a clear choice between something that wouldn't work at what cost a bunch of money and something that seems to be working pretty well right now which is let's get more energy that people can afford. >> tucker: clean up the actual environment, not the theoretical carbon-based environment but the rivers. thank you for that. not long ago we brought you a horrifying story from montgomery county, maryland, five illegal aliens arrested for rape in a month. now asics has been arrested,
5:42 pm
we'll get details next.
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>> tucker: back in 2009, barack obama's fbi announced it was cutting ties with a group called the council on american islamic relations, that's an activist group. at the time, the fbi described them as too extreme to work wit with. >> named as an unindicted coconspirator in last year's terrorist funding trial involving a charity for the holy land, it was revealed on government wiretaps that the executive director had taken part in early organizational meetings held here in the united states. >> tucker: so unindicted coconspirator, they were too radical for the obama administration and just the other day, cair pops up issuing
5:47 pm
a press release announcing they are partnering with the census bureau, the current census bureau to promote participation in the 20/20 census. cair's goal is overtly political, they want to pressure the census to create a new ethnic category for people from the middle east and north africa. just in case you are scoring at home, here is the state of play. the census isn't allowed to ask anyone in our country if they are a citizen but they are allowed to partner with the group described as an unindicted coconspirator to push a political agenda. we brought this to the attention of the commerce department, it looks like they have reconsidered. they give us this statement, "based on further review, the census bureau is no longer partnering with cair." that's about as definitive and welcome a statement as you could hope for but it's another lesson, you have to pay close attention to what's going on in the federal bureaucracy because there's a lot going on. a couple of days ago we told you about the crisis in
5:48 pm
montgomery county, maryland, which is a sanctuary jurisdiction, we told you how in a single month, five illegal aliens have been arrested for rape -- now a sixth illegal immigrant has been arrested for rape this month. he's accused of molesting a 12-year-old girl as well as her younger brother. thanks for coming back with an update. when you last were here you shocked us by saying five and a month, now it's six. >> what police say he has done, this is an illegal immigrant from el salvador, he says he admitted to actually doing this, he molested this little girl, 12 years old over the course of many months and he's also admitted to molesting a boy as well. he claims he was playing a game, he was grabbing at the boy's groin because this is what he did back in el salvador.
5:49 pm
this is a game that is played. i would imagine many of our brothers and sisters listening would be horrified to think that's reflective of their country but he is making that claim to law enforcement. he is an illegal immigrant and a sanctuary county that has been very welcoming to illegal immigrants and in fact has become a magnet for them and now they are suffering through this crime. you mentioned six sexual assaults or rapes. >> tucker: it's impossible not to draw the obvious connection between a sanctuary policies of the county and the outcome, how is the county accounting for this? >> poorly, i spoke to montgomery county executive mark eldridge, the man in charge of this county and he is doing nothing to change the sanctuary policies of that county. in fact when i spoke with him, the most outraged he was was about donald trump, i asked him does he regret accusing the
5:50 pm
president of being a terrorist by enforcing the nation's immigration laws? he stuck with it, he doubled down. he said that trump and ice are terrorizing the community by making them feel unsafe, this is the world turned on its head. >> tucker: he presides over a county where there have been six apparent alleged rapes by illegal aliens. >> i'm talking to a lot of listeners, all of montgomery county, maryland, is beginning to speak up about this, they are outraged, one person needs to be involved in this conversation, the republican governor of maryland is larry hogan. he said localities need to cooperate more but he has been quiet over the course of a horrific series of assaults. he has only released a statement to his office reaffirming that he stands by his statement from last year, that's not good enough. we are in a place he needs to speak up and put pressure on the
5:51 pm
counties. >> tucker: thank you for that. over at msnbc, lawrence o'donnell is having a rough week after he was caught running a bogus news story but it's far from the first time he has done something like this. we have some of his greatest hits on tap, we'll be honored to show them to you next. ts, should be as easy as... what about this? changing your plans. yeah. run with us. search "john deere 1 series" for more. 's
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♪ >> tucker: you hear the phrase "fake news" batted around a lot, sometimes it actually is fate. , this week he had to retract a story about the president getting loans cosigned by russian oligarchs, there is no evidence that happened. even know after two years of russia stories, he ran at the wrong time. >> last night on this show i discussed information that wasn't ready for reporting, i repeated statements a single source told me about the
5:56 pm
president's finances and loan documents with deutsche bank saying "if true" as i discussed the information it was not good enough. we are retracting the story. we don't know whether the information is inaccurate but the fact is, we do know it wasn't ready for broadcast and for that, i apologize. >> tucker: if you can't meet msnbc standards, it's low. this is just one snapshot in a long and embarrassing career, this is the man who yells at his producers, you may have seen that on the internet. we are going to go back farther than that, 2012, mitt romney's son quipped that he wanted to deck president obama, lawrence o'donnell jumped in the middle of that phrase with this performance, watch. speak out when i hear you talk about taking a swing and taking punches, why do i get the feeling that you've never
5:57 pm
actually taken a punch or thrown a punch? i didn't have that luxury in the pot of boston i grew up in. you want to take a swing or someone? take a swing at me, anytime, anywhere. go ahead. take your best shot. >> tucker: this is the greatest piece of tape ever, he is playing a tough guy, i love that so much. joe concha writes for the hill -- he's a pretty intimidating character, most cable news anchors are tough as you know. >> particularly, cambridge is a tough part of boston having lived there for a year, i believe that is the redline on the t. it's the wild west of words, the inmates are running the asylum, there is no sheriff in town.
5:58 pm
you can say anything on the network as long as you say "if true." i heard that tucker carlson molests collies, "if true." someone's former roommate was at the happy hour in tribeca, this is far par for the course for this network, you've had to make a burzynski say that donald trump wants mass shootings to happen in this country, you have nicole wallace saying trump wants to exterminate latinos, you have their intelligence analyst saying, she's also on that network at 4:00, president trump after mass shootings in el paso and dayton wanted to raise flags as a bat signal to neo-nazis, this was all set on their air.
5:59 pm
lawrence o'donnell apologized but with apologies needs to be accountability. nothing is going to happen here. if he were to actually apologize to the president directly for the president of the network or even comcast said we got this wrong, we need to do better, that would be seen as a victory for donald trump for the president and that isn't going to happen. >> tucker: there's another explanation, it's possible the brass at msnbc are just afraid of lawrence o'donnell, he's from that part of boston, he's a tough character -- a hard-boiled guy. maybe they are afraid of him. >> 30 rock is another tough part of town that you don't want to be getting in a street fight with anybody. >> tucker: great to see you, have a great night. >> we're out of time, we'll be
6:00 pm
back, tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink good night from washington, d.c., to new york we go, sean hannity is next. >> sean: welcome to "hannity," we begin tonight with a fox news alert. as we have accurately predicted right here on this show the inspector general released the first and what will be a series of reports regarding a variety of topics. today's report as we previously told you, this is the small one, very narrow in scope dealing specifically with only one issue, that is former fbi director jim comey and his memos. in just a moment we will break down all the details and what was a devastating rebuke of the former fbi director. today's narrow report is small in scope, the big report by the


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