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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 29, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> laura: the u.n. at our border, that is going to solve the problem, or will it open the floodgates? that's what she wants. that's all the time we have tonight, a new podcast drop today and shannon bream in the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here. >> shannon: thank you very much, we begin tonight with a fox news alert. according to the justice department inspector general, fired fbi director james comey is setting a "dangerous example" by willfully violating multiple rules, ignoring fbi and doj protocols, but he is not going to face any criminal charges. there's still a whole lot more to come including an investigation into the fisa applications on carter page, based in part on the dirty dossier. as we await those findings, carter page joins us live. hurricane dorian is on a collision course with florida, president trump is canceling his weekend trip abroad to focus on the impending storm.
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we will bring you a live update. another gaffe for presidential front runner joe biden, he's being fact-checked by "the washington post" which said "almost every detail of a gripping war story that he's been telling for years is wrong." hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. trace gallagher without the right and left are reacting to today's report on james comey but we kicked things off tonight with chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridg catherine herridge. >> the fbi director is held to a high standard because he sets the tone for over 35,000 employees. he set a dangerous example but despite that the dust justice department has declined to prosecute. >> the justice department's internal watchdog has concluded
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former fbi director james comey violated his own agency's policies and employment agreement in his handling of memos, documenting in part to private conversations with the president about the russia investigation. "we have previously faulted comey for acting unilaterally and inconsistent with department policy. "what is not permitted is the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive investigative information, in order to achieve a personally desired outcome. after being fired by the president in may 2017, he later told congress he believed the memos for his property to share. >> i understood this to be my recollection recorded of my conversation with the president is a private citizen. i felt it very important to get it out. >> the inspector general found the memos were government records, his characterization as personal records finds no support in the law. to get the contents of the memo to "the new york times" to kick-start the special counsel
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investigation, he used a columbia law school professor as an intermediary. before he was fired, he testified on the hill. >> have you ever been on anonymous source in news reports about matters relating to the trump investigation? >> never. >> have you ever authorized someone else at the fbi to be on anonymous source in news reports about the trump investigation? >> no. >> the report found he kept the fbi records in his home in a personal safe, the report states that memo two was ultimately determined to contained classified information, he used his personal scanner and email accounts to provide electronics of memos to one of his personal attorneys, three days later, that attorney provided by personal email account copies to other attorneys. on twitter, comey claimed
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vindication because the ig found no classified information was shared with the media. in one of his last appearances, fox news pressed comey on whether he handled classified information. >> if there's classified information when you share those memos? >> something like that. >> whether you think it does or not i'm not going to talk about it one way or another. >> this is the second time he went beyond his authority as a fbi director. a legal analyst told him it should be the decision to prosecute, he remains an essential player into two pending a investigations. >> shannon: james comey is claiming vindication as president trump calls him thoroughly disgraced, republican lawmakers say they think this report is just the tip of the
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iceberg. trace gallagher is here with the latest reactions across the spectrum. >> both the white house and the president went after comey at full force. he's a proven liar and leaker and the president said never in the history of our country bensalem thoroughly disgraced and excoriated than james comey. he should be ashamed of himself. in response, cia chief john brennan stood up for comey, saying he has far more decent, ethical, and patriotic than you could ever hope to be. it is only because the attorney general and republican senators refused to put country above party that you are not in a world of trouble and hurt -- their protective cocoon is all y temporary. many republicans on capitol hill
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believe james comey is just the first in a series of blows aimed at fbi and doj officials. special report georgia congressman said we should dismiss any talk that his actions were noble. >> he wasn't acting as captain america, he was acting as a gutter agent at the fbi. >> as he later admitted to congress, it was to prompt the appointment of a special counsel. >> shannon: plenty of media reaction. >> some surprising, most of it not. on chris matthews show, a reporter indicated a doj official indicated that james comey was out to save the country. >> if he were to charge him, it's like punishing someone for
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speeding to put out a fire. >> on cnn which largely defended him all day, a legal analyst stuck in this dig, watch. >> i wouldn't be quite as smug, it still was a very report that said you had an obligation to relinquish any files you had. >> instead of issuing apologies, these days when you get caught, it appears to be an opportunity to gin up the spin. >> shannon: as it often is in washington, thank you very much. digging deeper, the ig report unveiled an extensive plan to roll out the unverified allegations from the steele dossier on then president-elect trump by comey. from the report, baker and mccabe said they agreed at the briefing needed to be one-on-one so that comey could present the salacious information in the
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most discrete and least embarrassing way -- at the same time, we were told they did not want the president-elect to perceive the one-on-one briefing as an effort to hold information over him. that is a reference to the first director of the fbi j. edgar hoover and his willingness to blackmail political leaders. let's bring in fox news contributor byron york and former trump campaign aid carter page, welcome to you bot both. you have written extensively about this today as you said americans now know how the mueller report ended. they don't yet know how it started. we have a little piece today, more to come. >> it shines a light on a key incident, it happened on januar. donald trump was the president-elect, the background is the dossier which had an unsubstantiated allegation that president trump had been in a
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moscow hotel room and acts, the intelligence chief go up to new york city to brief the president-elect on the findings, their findings of russian interference in the 2016 election. they all leave the room except comey who stays one-on-one with the president and tells him about this moscow stuff. at the first time the president ever sees the director of the fbi face-to-face, the messages we know about you and those in moscow. jim comey had earlier said the reason he told the president-elect, he knew the information was out there, it was embarrassing, he wanted him to know this, telling him for his own good. the fbi investigative team had meticulously planned this
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encounter they had met top executives and had met before hand, they made a plan for comey to right down the memory of everything he had said. he began typing on his secure laptop in the car as it moves. they had set up a prearranged a secure video teleconference when comey reaches the fbi field office and they go and he meets with his top executives via teleconference and the cross fire hurricane people. at this meeting, he says he told the president-elect we are not investigating you. then he left immediately and went to meet with his investigators. >> shannon: there's a piece today that spells it all out that you wrote, if people haven't read the whole report they should read this so they should get the rest of that story. in the meantime we are waiting for the rest of the inspector general reports that will be a separate portion that looks into the fisa applications that were used to get government
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surveillance approved on you. attorney joe digenova has been talking about this and his prediction, here's what he said. >> we know that the fisa warrants were illegally obtained. if, in fact, the report is issued in its full form, there will be no prosecutions because the comey report was held up, this one when they came out today until they decided whether or not to prosecute comey. >> shannon: what do you expect, will you be disappointed if no one faces prosecution over what was done to get that surveillance? >> all i wanted from the very beginning is the truth to come out. i think as they showed on sean hannity's show tonight, this is the tip of the iceberg as joe digenova and victoria toensing were saying. basically, this was just a few
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pages of these personal actions in this report. he has a short summary here of his notes and if you compare that to the massive fisa warrant which is still completely blacked out, there's a lot more to come. based on everything we have been hearing for a long time, there are some huge revelations that are going to be forthcoming and it's a terrible moment for the fbi but a great moment that the inspector general has taken a massive step forward and is starting to reveal some of these wrongdoings. >> shannon: senator lindsey graham said this, the first of what i expect will be several more ugly in rebukes regarding their actions and biases toward the trump campaign in 2016. any timeline that you have that your sources are giving you on this? >> we are talking late september
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early october, the fbi got a warrant to wiretap carter page repeatedly. we also know they used an informant named stefan halbert. they also sent an undercover agent to try to get information out of george papadopoulos, the question a lot of people has is is that it? are there other things the fbi did to spy on the campaign, everyone is expecting the answer to that in this report. >> shannon: we know you most assuredly are standing by, thanks for joining us both of you. president trump canceling his weekend trip to poland, as hurricane dorian gained strength tonight. forecasters are warning it could make landfall as a category four, let's go right to the weather center, tracking this around-the-clock.
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>> lots of variables on that strength to bring it to a category four on landfall, the storms go through fluctuations and we'll see what happens. here you go, we have wins now 105 miles per hour, its sustained winds, category two. hurricane hunters have been flying in and out of there throughout the evening but continue to do so overnight. they are finding wins stronger and pressure continues to drop. we will continue to see the storm continued to strengthen, they will bring it to category three, then category four remains that way, then it slows down a lot. they are officially calling for landfall monday evening, take a look at what happens by tuesday. a slow-moving storm, a lot of moisture is going to fall in the same spots over and over.
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we've been talking about these hurricane models, good agreement and it takes a track -- there's a lot of differences in the models. one of them brings a landfall monday evening, the other one doesn't do that until sometime wednesday. there's a lot of disagreement and a lot of variables at play, that's making the forecast difficult. what you'll notice as this is thursday, you'll still have the storm over florida. rain event and wind event, no matter how we slice this especially for florida, it will likely be starting early on monday, that is labor day. not a great last weekend here, we could be talking about a major hurricane right around the sure. after that, very heavy rain into georgia and the carolinas.
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>> shannon: nasa's kennedy space center preparing for the arrival of hurricane dorian with the expected winds of 130 miles per hour, nasa is trying to protect its massive mobile launcher. a launchpad head. >> the mobile launcher is so tall, it will be affected by the wind of the hurricane. >> shannon: they are preparing to possibly move that launcher inside. meanwhile, there's a new dorian-related line of attack on president trump tonight, he lies in one of the likely hurricane paths, will former canadian prime minister tim campbell saying i'm rooting for a direct hit on mar-a-lago, she explained she's angry about president trump's climate change policies. fired fbi director says people should say they are sorry for lying about him.
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>> i don't consider what i did a leak, i told him about an unclassified conversation with the presidents. let me answer your question. i gave him nothing else ever to share with the media. >> shannon: fired fbi director james comey defiant saying apologies from his critics would be nice after the justice department declined to prosecute him for violating fbi policies and breaking his employment agreement. bringing in tonight's legal eagles, national security attorney bradley moss and john you. let's start there, we are all lawyers. the former fbi director said it
8:22 pm
wasn't a leak because he gave the information to this friend of his who gave it to the media but it was unclassified to see you can't call it a leak. >> that's not true, since it's not classified, it's not a violation of the espionage act but it's still a violation of the rules and principles which govern all justice department attorneys. everything in a murder file is not classified but the government is not supposed to go around leaking selectively to "the new york times" or to the local newspapers what information we find it damaging or not. this is the fundamental problem with director comey who was given great power and responsibility, he chose to flout the rules because he thought he knew better and was on a crusade against president trump. >> shannon: "the wall street journal"'s editorial board gets to that point -- his higher virtue. the american public is finally getting an honest account of the real james comey. an fbi director so in awe of his
8:23 pm
own righteousness that he believed none of the rules apply to him. he's not going to face in a criminal prosecution but that seems like a common theme and one of the reasons people get so frustrated with the government -- we go through this whole thing, we hear the litany of all the things they have done wrong but yet there's no punishment. >> there was no criminal liability for leaking or otherwise providing unclassified information. that was always the thing here, people kept typing this up. james comey is going to have a big reckoning -- it was never going to happen because it never happens in this situation and that was made clear in the ig report. he didn't provide classified information or any classified memos to the media and the one memo who had something come he gave it to the lawyers, there were six words he originally deemed it unclassified and was unoriginal authority. that would be a horribly weak case, it would never fly. i'm sure people find this troubling, i understand if james comey was someone who would ever wanted to work in
8:24 pm
government again especially in a position requiring a security clearance, the report would be a problem for him, it would pose a problem on ever getting cleared again. as a matter of criminal liability, nothing there was violated. >> shannon: "the washington post" writes this, the doj declined prosecution which by trump's own standards is an exoneration, they could not find that he broke the law. are they both now on level playing ground when it comes to this? or are there other things call me could possibly be facing? >> i think the case of trump in the case of comey are utterly different, trump didn't commit any kind of collusion with russia as mr. mueller's special counsel investigation found. i want to take issue with one thing i heard just now. jim comey did not violate criminal law but everything he did, if he had been on fbi agent or a simple justice department
8:25 pm
attorney, he would've been fired on the spot by the attorney general and he would have deserved it because you are not allowed as a justice department attorney to take the stuff and spread it all around because you feel like it. we give information and cooperate with prosecutors because we expect them to keep it secret and confidential so they can use it to solve crimes, not to make someone look better. if he had wanted a special counsel appointee, he could've just gone out in front of the fbi building and say i think trump is unfit for office and there should be a special counsel -- he would've achieved his goal. >> shannon: this is what john kennedy said about it toda today. >> just because it's not criminal doesn't mean it's not sleazy. >> this is the new standard it's already been set, it doesn't matter if they break the law as long as there's no cops involved. if this is why the trump administration lowering the
8:26 pm
ball, it it's coming back to him in a karmic way. he didn't break in a criminal positions, too bad to. >> shannon: next, thank you both very much. reports tonight that president trump's personal assistant has resigned, she's been with the administration since day one, no conversation about what led to her departure. they claim a left-wing assault on judicial independence. in a recent brief several high profile senate democrats of the supreme court to heal itself or face a fundamental restructuring. republicans tonight telling the supreme court they must not bend to pressure from the left. an msnbc host forced to attract unverified claim from
8:27 pm
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>> shannon: mueller's job may be done concluding that president trump did not collude with russia during the 2016 election but some in the media say it's not over. msnbc under fire for running with a story that made allegations directly linking president trump's finances to russian citizens close to vladimir putin, the story has since been retracted. howard kurtz picks it up from there. >> msnbc host lawrence o'donnell made a stunning serious charge against the president the united states based on one unnamed source. >> this single source has told me that the trump, donald trump loan documents their show that he has cosigners. that's how he was able to obtain those loans and that the cosigners are russian oligarchs. >> really?
8:32 pm
>> after trump lawyers sent nbc a letter calling the story false and defamatory and he said he went outside the network's normal vetting process. >> saying as i discuss the information was simply not good enough, tonight we are retracting the story. we don't know whether the information is inaccurate but the fact is, we do know it wasn't ready for broadcast and for that, i apologize. >> president trump took to twitter to call the former democratic senate aide crazy. >> he's been saying stuff for four years, it's just as wrong but this is one that he was forced by nbc to apologize but they are really despicable people. it's fake news. >> it's hardly unprecedented, cnn and abc have also had to retract stories but o'donnell's blunder drew almost no media coverage.
8:33 pm
meanwhile "the new york times" has changed a story under pressure from left-wing critics, they ran a factually accurate piece on the tea party and the legacy of its protest against big government. when african-americans and others complained there was no mention of racism, the paper agreed adding "obama's allies saw the movement giving cover and a voice to those who wanted to attack the first black president. if people who in some cases showed up at rallies waving signs with racist caricatures and references." it caused a huge star this month after liberals complained about this headline. "trump urges unity against racism." the danger for the times as being too quick to cave into liberal pressure, the danger for msnbc is being too quick to air unfounded charges. they wasted no time trying to undermine the media's credibility with his supporters. >> shannon: howard kurtz,
8:34 pm
thank you very much. this is a fox news alert, chinese communist troops streaming into hong kong recorded lee causing unease in a semiautonomous territory. it's being described as a routine trip rotation. protest leader joshua wong has been arrested, he was accused of rioting and assaulting a police officer, he appeared with us on "fox news @ night" ten days ago. >> as the facilitator of this movement, i want to encourage more people in hong kong to fight for our political and economic freedom and also as a christian, we want to uphold our religious freedom. >> shannon: he is 1 of 3 prominent pro-democracy activists we told were arrested.
8:35 pm
a "fox news @ night" exclusive, the white house firing back at china, correspondent gillian turner has been digging on this. >> as the trump administration's trade war with china, a new front opening up with the president's national security team and china's foreign ministry. he fired a shot across the bow earlier this week at the so-called belt and road initiative, it's a multibillion dollar project to build infrastructure around the world. his foreign minister responded of accusing bolton of a smear campaign. >> a senior administration official weighs in with fox news exclusively telling us despite the stated aim of helping poor countries, the project aims to export china's own economic imbalances and to convert these into political influence and strategic military access. at as if that's not bad enough,
8:36 pm
they also accused kind of plundering third world countries they're supposed to help and accuse the government of having facilitated corruption, enabling poor fiscal management, and damaged economic governments and institution malady. the senior official says no one including the u.s. is buying their shtick. it hasn't taken long for much of the world --
8:37 pm
>> they also slammed the trump administration's america first policies, saying unlike america, china cooperates with other countries and consults with international organizations. >> shannon: interesting take on the world, thank you for digging in. it's a moving story, there's just one problem, never happened. joe biden facing another fact-check, do voters even care? will debate. i got your flag!
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♪ >> shannon: front runner joe biden caught telling a moving but false tail on the campaign trail, it involves unemotional war story ended senior political correspondent mike emanuel tells it, it's not just about fact-checking the former vp tonight. >> "the washington post" checked out what it called joe biden's moving but false war story. >> a fork or four-star generale
8:42 pm
if i could go up in the fob, everyone is concerned -- we can lose a vice president, can't lose many more of these kids. not a joke. this guy climb down a ravine, carried this guy back under fire and the general wanted me to pin the silver star on him. i got up there and this is god's truth, my word as a biden -- i went to pin him, he said i don't want it, do not pin it on me, do not do that. he died, he died. >> "the washington post" notes in the space of 3 minutes he got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the type of metal, the military branch, and the rank of the recipient wrong as well as his own role in the ceremony. he was in afghanistan as a senator back in 2008 within senators chuck hagel and john kerry. they saw major general david rodriguez present a bronze star
8:43 pm
for valor to army specialist miles foltz, not as dramatic as what biden has said on the campaign trail. >> shannon: mike emanuel, thank you. the former vice president's gaffe piling up but will they have an impact on the democratic primary? let's discuss on warmer "washington post" contributing editor kathy rew and former deputy assistant to president george w. bush, brad lichtman. with this in mind, i want you to hear from kate bedingfield, she is need biden communications director, here's what she says. >> imagine what would've happened if barack obama had been assassinated after becoming the de facto nominee. >> i love this place -- what's not to like this. >> they are just as talented and bright as white kids. we i think the press has to be
8:44 pm
careful about applying an unfair standard, he speaks from his heart and he's going to misstate a couple things but so does every candidate. >> shannon: usually joe biden's gaffes are innocent, he mispronounced as a name, he is unaware of where he is. that can happen to politicians who travel all the time. this is worse, this is a stolen political valor where you are spinning a story that is patently false, it's unintentional story being told in order to gain sympathy for yourself at the expense of a military hero. this is beyond the pale and joe biden has had to leave other presidential races in 1988 because of plagiarism and because of falsely stating his legal career. joe biden is no stranger to spinning stories, gaffes are acceptable for joe biden but this is not. >> shannon: he was given a chance to explain, here was his
8:45 pm
response today. >> what is the gaffe when i said that there was a young man i try to pin the medal, and he died he said he didn't want it. >> it appears as though he jumbled elements of three actual events into one story of bravery, passion, and regret that never happened. >> i just confirmed it happened. >> shannon: it sounds like he genuinely believes this is the story. >> he has been to afghanistan over 20 times, "the washington post" did point out there are so many elements of the story that are true, he jumbled them up. there are different standards for the vice president of the united states -- the president, he doesn't plagiarize but he says the craziest things. the standards are definitely different. this is a vice president whose son served our country, he can tell the truth all day long and
8:46 pm
that is so admirable. he can tell his story, we can tell his story and it's so admirable, he doesn't need to make up stories about this. he spent afghanistan, he might have combined all of these horrible things together and made an innocent mistake but the president doesn't make innocent mistakes like this. i don't know why we are putting different standards. >> here's the difference, a gaffe is a gaffe, when you misstate where you are, when you misstate a name or an incidental fact. these are material facts that he is misrepresenting, these are false statements, this is a fraud when "the washington post" comes out and exposes it as patently untrue, the fact is as you pointed out, there must be so many great true stories that vice president could state but he chooses to make one up. that is not right. by the way, it's a serial misrepresentation because he's had to leave the race for
8:47 pm
president before for not only something like this but worse. >> shannon: the former dnc chair ed rendell said people love him, they already know that he's prone to gaps and they are going to vote for him anyway. we'll see as this primary race goes on, thank you. equating conservatives with proslavery racists, one "washington post" columnists says there are parallels in sparking a major controversy, will debate that next. to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo.
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>> shannon: a "washington post" columnists says the rhetoric she hears from conservatives like ben shapiro's sounds like rhetoric racist southerners used two defend slavery. thank you both for joining us. we've got the graphics from this, you can see they use with the report, it's a confederate soldier sitting at a laptop which would not happen in real life -- you can see what the message they are trying to get across there and this is what they say. the reasonable rights rhetoric is exactly the same as the antebellum rhetoric, the same exact words, the same exact arguments, rhetoric to be
8:52 pm
precise in support of the slave-owning south, what do you make of the comparison? >> the left is always trying to label conservatives as either racist or nazis. if this writer is going for racists, she's using a bad argument. she says they used some of the same language, conservatives say they are a minority, confederates say they are a minority, that must be the same. that is like saying because a majority of racist eat breakfast in the majority of conservatives eat breakfast, that means conservatives are racist. if this is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to shame conservatives from speaking lest they be labeled with a despicable title, if this doesn't work, watch out for the swastikas. >> shannon: she uses a lot of people's names you recognize including ben shapiro who gets lumped in with white supremacists -- he tweets this in response to this. if he says according to this
8:53 pm
opinion columnist at "the washington post," conservatives calling for people to have reasonable conversation is just like slaveholders for calling people to have reasonable conversation. >> i'm concerned we have a group of conservatives who are always making excuses for rhetoric coming from the president when he says things like that sent her back which we all know is based in racism. let's not give aid and comfort when we know people are wrong, let's not try to cover for white supremacists and try to minimize it in any way, shape, or form. it is imperative for my good conservative friends, for my good christian friends do not provide space for that. let's condemn it where it happens and call it where it is and we can minimize, we don't look for articles like that in "the washington post" -- i don't believe that most of my conservative friends are racists or like the southerners before the civil war. let's stop it in its tracks and
8:54 pm
not give it space to breathe. >> shannon: i want to get you both to weigh in on this, the dnc has passed its resolution regarding religiously unaffiliated people but this is what they say. they say loudly claiming that moral values and patriotism must be defined by their particular religious views have used those views with misplaced claims of religious liberty to justify public policy that threaten the civil rights of many americans including lgbt, women, ethnic, and nonreligious minorities. quick response from both of you. >> i'm glad the democrats are being honest about who they appeal to, they are going to quit trying to appeal to traditional faith people and they are going after the religiously unaffiliated which is code for people who have left traditional faith, they have left the traditional god of the bible and they've created their own faith in their own god -- i think this is a great demographic for the democrats. the godless and the faithless. >> you and i both read the same bible and i'm impressed upon
8:55 pm
that we need to refocus on grace, acceptance, love, and not be using it to bludgeon those with whom we disagree. let's focus on what god teaches us in that bible and accept and love more and lead with that example, maybe we will have more full churches in the future. >> ours is full and we will sure keep preaching that message that makes it full. >> shannon: i think we can agree that we need more grace, thank you both. we want to tell you about our midnight here but we have to warn you, some of the images you see might be disturbing to some. 19th-month-old aiden stopped breathing, so he jumped into action immediately started checking his airways, patting his back and administering cpr, it all turned out great. he was released from a hospital later that day, the police sergeant there james talbot got him breathing again while they waited for paramedics.
8:56 pm
the paramedics showed up, all the first responders in this case, thanks for jumping into action, you are our midnight heroes. most watched, trusted, grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i'm shannon bream...
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♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." after months of waiting, the justice department 's of the inspector general has released its report on the behavior of fired fbi director jim comey. for years we've been hearing rumors about what he was up to in the opening days of the trump administration and now we know. if catherine herridge is fox chief intelligence correspondent and she joins us tonight. catherine. >> this is the second time the government watchdog found comey went beyond his authority as fbi director. the first known as the handling of the clinton email case. the inspector general said he violated fbi policy and agreement. "what was not permitted with the unauthorized


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