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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 30, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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the problem or would open the floodgates? that is what she wants, isn't it? that is all-time we have to night. today on shannon bream. shannon: thank you very much. we begin with a fox news alert. according to the justice department inspector general, james comey set a, quote, dangerous example of willfully violating multiple rules, ignoring fbi and doj protocols in breaking his implement agreement but he's not going to face, charges. there's a lot more to come including an investigation to the soft fisa applications on carter page and the so-called dirty dossier. carter page joins us live. hurricane dorian on collision course with florida, the
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president canceling his weekend trip abroad to focus on the impending storm. forecasters they could make landfall as a category 4 hurricane. we will bring you a live update. another gaffe for joe biden, being fact checked by the washington post which set almost every detail of a gripping war story biden has been telling for years is wrong. welcome to fox news at night. we have fox team coverage, how the right and left are reacting to the report on james comey but we kick things off with katherine herridge and everything she is digging out of the report. >> reporter: the fbi director is held to a high standard because he sets the tone as the nation's chief law enforcement investigator. michael horowitz found comey set a dangerous example but despite damaging findings the justice department has declined to prosecute. in the long-awaited 83 page report the justice department's
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internal watchdogs included former fbi director james comey violated his agency's policies and employment agreement in his handling of memos documenting private conversations with the president about the russia investigation, quote, we have gone to comey for inconsistent with department policy. what was not permitted was the disclosure of sensitive investigative information obtained during the course of fbi employment in order to achieve a personally desired outcome. after being fired by the president in may 2017 comey told congress he believes the memos were his property to share. >> i understood this to be my recollection recorded of my conversation with the president. as a private citizen i felt free to share that. >> reporter: the answer to general found they were government records, quote, comey's characterization of the memo's personal record finds no
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support in the law. to get the contents of the memo to the new york times to start a special counsel investigation comey user columbia law school professor as an intermediary. before he was fired comey testify on the hill. >> and anonymous source about matters relating to the trump investigation? >> never. >> have you authorized someone else to be an anonymous source in those reports about the trump investigation? >> know. >> reporter: the report that he kept fbi records at his home in a personal safe, the report states the memo was determined to contain classified information ebola was little, quote, comey used his private email account for electronic copies of memos 2, 4, 6 and 7 to his personal attorney. that attorney provided by a personal email account copies of four memos to two other attorneys.
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the report says comey crossed the line with these actions was on twitter comey claims vindication because the ig found no classified information was shared with the media. and one of his appearances on capitol hill fox news pressed him on whether he mishandled classified information. >> when you shared those memos? >> talk about whether classified information -- >> whether it is or not i'm not talking about one way or the other. >> reporter: this is the second time or with found comey went beyond his authority with his handling of the clinton email case. a legal analyst said his prior behavior should be considered in the decision to prosecute but the justice department declined. comey is a central player in two pending investigations into alleged surveillance abuse in the 2016 election. shannon: tonight claiming vindication as donald trump called him thoroughly disgraced. republican lawmakers think this
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report is the tip of the iceberg. trace gallagher has the latest reaction across the spectrum. >> reporter: out of the gate the white house and the president went after comey, calling the former fbi director a proven liar and leaker and the president said this, never in the history of our country has someone been more thoroughly disgraced and james comey. he should be ashamed of himself. in response former cia chief john brennan stood up for comey and went after the president saying jim comey is more decent, ethical, honest, competent and patriotic than you could ever hope to be. only because the attorney general and republican senators refuse to put country above party that you are not in a world of trouble and hurt. but there protective cocoon is only temporary. that would like to remind brennan that protective cocoons run both ways and many
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republicans on capitol hill believe james comey is only the first in a series of blows. on special report georgia congressman doug collins said people should dismiss any talk that his actions were noble. >> we need to get it out of our heads, jim comey was not acting as captain america, he wanted his own agenda. >> is comey admitted that agenda was the appointment of a special counsel. shannon: plenty of media reaction. >> some surprising most of it not. on msnbc's chris matthews show, doj officials say he was out to save the country. >> if you were to charge him and
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declined to charge him it is like punishing someone for speeding on their way to put out a fire. >> reporter: on cnn, largely defended james comey all the legal analysts snuck in this comey dig. >> i would not be as smug as he is. there was a report that said he had an obligation to relinquish any files. >> reporter: instead of issuing an apology these days when you get caught it is an opportunity to spin. shannon: as it often is in washington. digging deeper the ig report unveils an extensive plan to roll out the unverified allegations of the steel dossier on donald trump by comey and his deputy, chief of staff and general counsel. baker and mccabe agreed the
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briefing needed to be one on one so comey could present salacious information in the most discrete and least embarrassing way. at the same time we were told they did not want the president elect to receive a 1-on-1 briefing to hold information on him but that reference the first director of the fbi, j edgar hoover, secret files and willingness to blackmail political leaders. let's bring in byron york and former trump campaign aide carter page. welcome to you both. byron, you have written extensively about this was americans know how the mueller report ended but they don't yet know how it started. a little piece today, more to come. >> it shines light on an incident that happened january 6, 2017. the background is the dossier
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which had an unsubstantiated allegation that donald trump and 2013 in a moscow hotel room, prostitutes, sex acts, salacious allegation. what happens is on january 6th the intelligence chiefs go to trump tower to brief the president-elect on their findings of russian interference in the 2016 election. then they all leave the room except comey who is 1-on-1 with the president-elect and tells him about this moscow sex stuff. the first time the president sees the director of the fbi face-to-face with messages we know about you. and moscow. what we find today was jim comey earlier said the reason he told the president-elect about that was he knew the information was out there, embarrassing and wanted him to notice and telling you this for your own good. what we find out today with the investment -- fbi investigated team planned this encounter.
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they met top executives and they met before hand, made a plan for comey to write down his memory of everything trump said. he begins typing on his laptop in the car as it moves, they set up a prearranged video teleconference when comey reached the field office and he meets with top executives via teleconference and crossfire hurricane people. at this meeting comey says he told the president-elect we are not investigating you. then he left immediately and went to meet his investigators. shannon: there's a piece that you wrote, people haven't read the whole report, they should read this to get the rest of the story.
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in the meantime we are waiting for the rest of the report, a separate portion look into the fisa applications used to get surveillance approved on you. joe has been talking about this and his prediction, here's what he said. >> we know the fisa warrants were illegally obtained. if the fisa report is issued in its full form there will be no prosecutions because the comey report was held up. until they decided to prosecute comey. shannon: what do you expect from that report and will you be disappointed if no one faces prosecution over what was done to get that surveillance on you? >> i wanted from the beginning was the truth to come out. as they showed on sean hannity's show this is the tip of the iceberg. again, basically this was a few
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pages of comey's personal actions. in this report he has a short little summary of his notes and if you compare that to the massive fisa warrant which is completely blacked out, there's a lot more to come and based on what we have been hearing for a long time, there are huge revelations forthcoming and it is a terrible moment for the fbi but a great moment the inspector general has taken up, a step forward to reveal wrongdoing. shannon: senator lindsey graham has an investigation going, he said this is the first of several ugly and damning rebukes of senior officials regarding their actions and biases towards the trump campaign. any high point you have? >> it seems to get pushed further and further back, our
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late september or early october, the key thing to find out, the fbi to wiretap carter page, we also know they used an informant named stefan helper and an undercover agent with the alias ezra turk to get information from george papadopoulos. were there other things they did to spy on the trump campaign? everybody is suspecting the answer in this report. shannon: you are standing by, thanks for joining us. donald trump canceling his weekend trip to poland as hurricane dorian gives strength, barreling toward the atlantic heading straight for florida, forecasters warning it could make landfall as a category 4. let's get to the fox extreme weather center, tracking this.
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>> lots of variables. the official forecast bring it to category 4 by landfall, going through fluctuations. we will see what happens. the latest advisory came out 10 minutes ago and here you go, winds of 105 miles an hour, category 2 hurricane now, getting more organized. hurricane hunters heaven flying in and out throughout the evening and will continue to do so but they are finding winds stronger and the pressure continues to drop. that means we see the storm strengthen, bring it to a category 3 tomorrow and by saturday evening a category for, remains that way on the official forecast and then slows down a lot. officially calling for landfall monday evening. by tuesday evening it barely moves. a slow-moving storm, a lot of
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moisture in the same spot. we are talking hurricane models, in relatively good agreement to go to the west and then takes a northerly track. where that happens, a lot of differences in the models and these are the most reliable models, one of them brings landfall monday evening, the other one doesn't do that until wednesday. a lot of disagreement and variables making the forecast difficult. this is thursday and still have the storm over florida, probably a long duration rain and wind event no matter how we slice this and it will likely start early monday, labor day. we could be talking a major hurricane around the shore for a long time. potentially dangerous situation for florida and after that heavy rain in georgia and the carolinas.
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shannon: thank you for the update. nasa's kennedy space center. for the arrival of hurricane dorian with winds of 130 miles an hour. nasa trying to protect its massive mobile launcher. the launchpad to lead astronauts on the moon in 2024. >> because it is so tall, it will be affected by the winds of a potential hurricane. shannon: there monitoring the storm and preparing to move the massive launcher inside an enormous hanger. new dorian-related line of attack on donald trump. the mara lago estate, one of the likely hurricane have, former canadian prime minister ken campbell tweeting i am rooting for directed on mara lago, explaining she's angry about his climate change policies. james comey saying they are sorry about lying about him. he is not out of the woods just
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ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. >> always a smile. i don't consider it a leak. i told him about conversation with the president. i gave him nothing else to share with the media. shannon: james comey saying apologies from his critics would be nice after the justice department declined to prosecute him for violating fbi policy and breaking his employment agreement. national security attorney and deputy assistant attorney general john you, busy day. we are all lawyers. it wasn't a leak because he
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gave the information to a friend of his who is a lawyer who gave it to the media, you can't call it a leak. >> that is not true. since it is not classified it is not a violation of the espionage act but it is a violation of the rules of principles governing all justice department attorneys but everything in a murder file is not classified but the government is not supposed to leak selectively to the new york times on local newspapers what information you find damaging or not and this is the problem with james comey it was given great power and responsibly and chose to ignore the rules because he thought he knew better and was on a crusade against donald trump. shannon: the headline, jim comey's higher virtue, the american public is getting an honest account of the real
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james comey, and fbi director in our of his own righteousness and believes none of the rules apply to him. not going to face criminal prosecution but that seems like a common theme and a reason people get frustrated with the government. we go through this and hear the litany of all the things they have done wrong and there is no punishment. >> now criminal liability for leaking or providing unclassified information and that was always the thing, james comey will have a big reckoning. that was never going to happen because it never happens in this situation. he did not provide classified memos to the media and the one memo, 6 words where he originally deemed it unclassified, the fbi retroactively does it. that would be a weak case. it would never fly. i'm sure people find this troubling. if james comey ever wants to
12:24 am
working government again the ig report would be a problem on ever getting hired again but it is a matter of criminal liability. nothing was violated. shannon: jennifer rubin writes doj, hurt by trump's own standards as an exoneration, the doj could not find comey broke the law. are they on level playing grounds when it comes to this or are there other things comey could be facing as we await the report on the fisa application? >> the case of trump in the case of comey a different. trump did not commit collusion with russia as mister mueller's investigation found. one thing i heard just now, jim comey did not violate criminal law but everything he did if he had been an fbi agent or
12:25 am
justice department attorney he would have been fired on the spot by the attorney general and would have deserved it because you are not allowed is a justice department attorney to just spread it around because you feel like it. we cooperate with prosecutors because we expect and to keep it secret and confidential to solve crimes, not to make someone look better. of jim comey want to special counsel he could have gone out and said i think trump is unfit for office and there should be a special counsel, he would have achieved his goal. shannon: this is what senator john kennedy wrote about it today. >> just because it is not criminal does not mean it is not sleazy. shannon: final word to you. >> the standard is set, the kellyanne conway standard. doesn't matter if they broke the law. this entire thing lowering the
12:26 am
bar coming back in a karmic way. he didn't break criminal provisions. shannon: we will see what we have next, thank you very much. reports that donald trump's personal assistant has resigned. no confirmation about what led to her departure. every republican senator joining forces to call out several democratic colleagues for what they claim is a left-wing assault on judicial independence. several high-profile senate democrats warned the supreme court to, quote, heal itself or face a fundamental restructuring. republicans telling the supreme court they must not bend to pressure from the left. msnbc host retracting a claim against donald trump after the russian narrative is still in play. you're missing out.
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>> shannon: mueller's job may be done concluding that president trump did not collude with russia during the 2016 el shannon: mueller's job is done concluding donald trump did not collude with russia but some in the mediaec say it is not over. and the sea under 5 running store that made allegations linking donald trump's finances to russian citizens close to vladimir putin. the stories retracted. howard kurtz picks it up from there. >> reporter: lawrence o'donnell made a stunningly serious charge against the president of the united states based on one unnamed source. >> a single source close to deutsche bank told me donald trump's documents, he has cosigners, that is how he was able to obtain those loans and the cosigners are russian oligarchs.
12:32 am
>> reporter: after trump lawyers sent a letter calling the story false and defamatory he admitted an error in judgment, he gone outside the normal vetting process. >> if true as i discussed the information was simply not good enough. we are retracting the story. we don't know whether the information is inaccurate but the fact is we do know it wasn't ready for broadcast. and for that i apologize. >> reporter: donald trump took to twitter calling him crazy. >> lawrence o'donnell has been thanks the fifth four years, it is just as wrong. he was forced by nbc to apologize but they are just really despicable people. >> reporter: this is hardly unprecedented, cnn and abc had to retract stories but o'donnell's blunder drew almost no media coverage.
12:33 am
the new york times has changed the story under pressure. the paper ran a factually accurate piece on the tea party and the legacy of its protests against big government. there was no mention of racism. the paper agreed adding given cover to a voice, people who in some cases showed up at rallies waving signs with racist caricatures and references. there was a huge stir after liberals complained about this headline, and the ceiling hate but not guns. the danger for the times is viewed is too quick to cave in to liberal pressure, the danger for msnbc is seen is too quick to unsubstantiated charges against trump. and waste new time trying to undermine the media's
12:34 am
credibility. >> thank you very much. chinese communists straining into hong kong causing unease and semi-autonomous territory, chinese state solution showed footage of new batches of troops arriving at the people's liberation army barracks in hong kong for what is described as a routine troop rotation. reportedly forcefully pushed into a minivan as he was walking to a subway station, accused of rioting and assaulting a police officer 10 days ago. >> this movement encouraged more people to fight for our political and economic freedom and also as a christian to uphold religious freedom.
12:35 am
>> reporter: long is one of three prominent activists arrested tonight. fox news exclusive. the white house firing back at china over a multibillion dollar global infrastructure project. jillian turner has been digging on this and has interesting information. >> is the trump administration's trade war rages on a new front opening up between the president's national security team, john bolton fired a shot earlier this week the china's so-called vote initiative is a multibillion dollar project to build infrastructure around the world. had a smear campaign. >> a senior administration official ways and with fox news exclusively telling us despite china's stated aid in helping poor companies, they to export the economic imbalances and convert these into political influence and strategic
12:36 am
military assets. they also accuse china of plundering the countries they are supposed to help and accuse the government of facilitating corruption and pulling fiscal management and institution nobody in recipients countries. the senior official says no one including the us is buying this. it didn't take long to recognize the development outcomes of its infrastructure project are highly dubious. trade with china is such a hot topic in washington that some democratic presidential hopefuls are making it a centerpiece of the campaign platform. beto o'rourke announced he promises to undo all donald trump's trade policies which not only failed to curtail china's economic aggression but hurt american workers. he was accused of driving a wedge between china and other countries.
12:37 am
they slammed the trump administration's america first policy saying unlike america china cooperates with other countries and consult with international organizations. >> interesting take on the world as it exists. a moving story but never happened, joe biden facing another fact check. we will debate. watch. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo.
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♪ >> shannon: front runner >> democratic presidential front-runner joe biden caught telling a moving but false tale involving an emotional war story that as mike emanuel tells it is not just conservative fact checkers on the vp tonight. >> the washington post checks out joe biden's moving but false war story. >> a 4-star general asked if i could go up into the fog.
12:42 am
everyone was concerned, we could lose the vice president. can't lose many more of these, not a joke. this guy climbed down a ravine, carried this guy on his back under fire and the general wanted me to pin a silver star on him. i got up there and my word is a biden, he stood at attention. i don't want the thing, do not turn it on me, do not do that. he died. he died. >> reporter: washington post notes biden got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the type of metal, the military branch, and the rank of the recipient wrong as well as his own role in the ceremony. he was in afghanistan as a senator in 2008, chuck hagel and john kerry flew to an operating base, david rodriguez
12:43 am
presented bronze star for valor to army specialist miles folds but not as dramatic as what biden said on the campaign trail. shannon: the former vice president's gas piling up, would impact the democratic primary? let's discuss with contributing editor kathy arroyo and george w. bush's assistant brad blakeman. with this in mind, i wanted you to hear from kate benningfield, here is what she said. >> imagine what would have happened if barack obama had been assassinated after becoming the they facto nominee. when bob kennedy and doctor king were assassinated in the 70s. what is not to like? bright -- >> which is science over fiction, which is truth over --
12:44 am
>> the press has to be careful about applying an unfair standard to joe biden they are applying to other candidates. sometimes he will misstate a couple things but so does every other candidate. >> typically joe biden's gas are innocent. he mispronounces a name. he is unaware of where he is. that can happen to politicians who travel all the time. this is worse stolen political valor where you are spinning a story that is false, it is an intentional story being told to gains the fee for yourself at the expense of a military hero. this is beyond the pale. joe biden, other presidential races in 1988 because of plagiarism and false stating his legal career. joe biden is no stranger to spinning stories. gaffes are acceptable but this is not. shannon: he was given a chance to explain it here was his
12:45 am
response to the washington post. >> what is the gas when i said there was a young and i tried to pin alignment he said i don't want it and he died. >> it appears the former vice president jumbled elements of three actual events in one story of bravery and passion and regret that never happened. >> just confirmed it happened. >> reporter: he is saying he genuinely believes this is the story. >> he been to afghanistan 20 times in the washington post did point out there are so many elements of the story that are true, he just jumbled them up. there are different standards for the vice president of the united states and even the president of the united states, he doesn't plagiarize but he says the craziest things. the standards are definitely different, this is the president whose son serve our
12:46 am
country. he can tell the truth all day long and that is so admirable. he can tell his story. we can tell the story and it is so admirable. he has been to afghanistan, combined these horrible things together and made an innocent mistake the president doesn't make innocent mistakes like this. i don't know why we are putting different standards. >> here is the difference, a gaffe is a gaffe. where you misstate a name or an incidental fact, these are material facts he is misrepresenting, false statements. when the washington post exposed it as patently untrue the fact is as you point out there must be so many great true stories the vice president could state but chooses to make one up and that is not right and it is a serial
12:47 am
misrepresentation because he has not only something like this but worse. shannon: former dnc chair ed rendell said people already know he's prone to gaffes and will vote for him anyway. we will see as the front runner race moves on. he quaint conservatives with pro-slavery racists, one columnist says there are parallels sparking a major controversy. we will debate that next. offers free so bookers can book now... and ask their boss later. [do you want breakfast or no?] free cancellations! [definitely breakfast.] how good is that? be a booker at
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>> washington post columnist says the rhetoric she hears from so-called reasonable conservatives like ben shapiro select the rhetoric racist confederate southerners used to defend so -- slavery. we debate with ethan bearman and pastor doctor robert jeffers. we've got the graphic you can see they used, a confederate soldier sitting at a laptop, would not have happened in real life but the message they are trying to get across, the reasonable right's rhetoric is the same as the antebellum rhetoric, same words, same
12:52 am
arguments in support of the slave owning south. what do you make of the comparison? >> the left is trying to label conservatives as racist or not these. this writer is going for racist and uses a bad argument. because they use some of the same language. conservatives say they are in the minority, confederates that they are in the minority, they must be the same. that's like saying because the majority of racists eat breakfast at the majority of conservatives eat breakfast, conservatives are racists. this is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to shame and silence conservatives from speaking list they be labeled with this despicable title and if this doesn't work watch out for the swastikas. >> ben shapiro gets lumped in with white supremacists even though he's an orthodox jewish man threatened by white supremacists but he tweets in response to the article
12:53 am
according to this opinion columnist conservatives calling for reasonable conversation is just like slaveholders calling for reasonable conversation, how ridiculous and stupid. >> i'm concerned we have a group of conservatives always making excuses for rhetoric coming in the president when he says things like send her back which is based in racism. let's not give aid and comfort when we know people are wrong or cover for white supremacists and try to minimize it. it is imperative for my good conservative friends and my good christian friends do not provide space for that. let's condemn it where it happens and call it for where it is and minimize and don't look for articles like that in the washington post. i don't believe my conservative friends are racist or like the southerners during the civil war but let's stop it in its
12:54 am
tracks. heather: the dnc has passed a resolution regarding religiously unaffiliated people but this is what they say, those claiming moral values of patriotism must be defined by their religious views have used those religious views with misplaced claims of religious liberty to justify public policy that threatens civil rights and liberty of many americans including but not limited to the lgbt q community, women and ethnic and religious, nonreligious minorities. >> i'm glad democrats are being honest who they appeal to, they will quit trying to appeal to digital faith people and going after religiously unaffiliated which is code for people with less traditional faith, they created their own faith in their own god. this is a great demographic for the democrats. the godless and the faceless. >> you and i both read the same bible and i am impressed upon
12:55 am
the we need to refocus on grace, acceptance and love and not be using it to bludgeon those with whom we disagree. let's focus on what god teaches offend accept and love more and lead with that example and maybe we will have more food churches in the future. >> our church is full and we will keep preaching that message. shannon: we all need more grace, all three of us and beyond. we want to tell you about our midnight hero but some of the images might be disturbing. 19-month-old aden stopped breathing, scottsville kentucky police sergeant jumped into action, checking his airways and it all turned out great. aden was released from the hospital later that day. the police sergeant got him breathing again while waiting for paramedics.
12:56 am
the paramedics who showed up, thanks for jumping into action, you are our midnight heroes, most-watched, most trusted and most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. - [narrator] do you have less energy than you used to?
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i got your flag, man! i got your flag! it's geico easy. with licensed agents available 24/7. 49 - nothing! woo! heather: this is "fox and friends first". happening right now 4:00 am a fox news alert, hurricane dorian swelling into a category 2 storm threatening to make impact as a category 4. janice dean is tracking the latest as it heads for the florida coast. james comey officially out of excuses after a scathing new report confirms his leak violated several fbi policies. he is facing charges but is he out of the woods yet? live in washington.


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