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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 30, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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designer, they sell for around $1000 and they are ugly. that wraps up this hour. thanks for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now. jillian: a fox news alert, hurricane dorian gaining strength overnight, now a category 2 storm. rob: millions in florida making evacuation plans and officials warn it is time to get out. jillian: a scathing inspector general report showing the fired fbi director violated policy but won't face charges. heather: republicans worn this is the tip of the iceberg. >> up! shut up! rob: was this the best show ever or junk tv? jillian: there is an online debate giving friends the cold shoulder. "fox and friends first" continues right now.
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rob: you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. jillian: thanks for starting the day with us, let's get to our top story as we begin with a fox news alert. hurricane dorian a category 2 storm overnight is express warned, this hurricane could be deadly. rob: check that footage from nasa. the storm brushed past puerto rico and the us virgin islands and for the most part spared the caribbean. jillian: millions in sort of bracing for impact and stocking up on emergency supplies while they last. rob: janice dean joins us with the latest track, looks like it is slowing down. >> that is the big take away, it is going to slow down, lose its steering current. that is why we think it could bring the worst effect of a
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major hurricane all along the florida coast line. the whole state of florida under state of emergency, category for looming offshore bringing the worst effects, the major hurricane force windss, flooding rainfall in feet and storm surge that continues to pound the coastline. this could be a worst-case scenario. i will tell you a lot of uncertainty through sunday, monday, tuesday, even wednesday. even though florida is the bull's-eye we can't let our guard down in parts of georgia and the carolinas. here's the latest forecast track. we expect this to become a major hurricane, surpassing category 3 and becoming category for just shy of category 5 as it makes its way and slows down to a crawl. 4 or 5 mph is unheard of when it comes to hurricane making landfall. we are expecting a slowdown sunday, monday, tuesday and
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wednesday. we could see hurricane across the sunshine state to wednesday, thursday. this is a big deal. here are the computer models, the euro and gfs coming into good agreement through the bahamas, major hurricane and monday sort of hovering and perhaps making landfall, perhaps craving the coastline. this is wednesday still hurricane across florida and finally moving northward. i cannot stress this enough so much uncertainty as we get into the holiday weekend but i will tell you here is one of the forecast models, this is rainfall, we could be dealing with two feet of rain along the coast in addition to storm surge and hurricane force windss. this will be a major impact, perhaps a devastating one and all interests along florida, the southeast coast into the gulf coast need to monitor this storm.
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>> if you're in florida nowhere is safe. >> you need to be completing your preparation plans now and listening to your local officials because they will probably make evacuation rulings. rob: spend your weekend in atlanta. every county in florida is under state of emergency. governor ron desantis taking no chances as this catastrophic storm churns toward the coast. jillian: donald trump changes his plans. >> lots of people are getting out of florida today including $40 million worth of aircraft now being flown to kansas or moving all that stuff out. dorian downed lots of treason the us virgin islands.
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by the time it reaches central florida on labor day it is expected to be possibly a dangerous category 4 hurricane. the governor, ron desantis asking folks to act now, don't wait and people are listening. >> heading north. i don't want to be on the road for people who have to do mandatory evacuation. >> the storm coming. >> to get flights out everything was booked up. >> folks stopping up on stand bags, gas, food, empty store shelves, if you loves of bread left. the president making the decision to skip his poland trip to ensure the safety of americans. >> our highest priority is the safety and security of people in the path of the hurricane. it is something very important for me to be here. this storm looks like it could be a very big one indeed.
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>> reporter: so many people have holiday plans to go to florida this weekend, several airlines offering waivers for all those canceled trips. jillian: former fbi director james comey violated agency policy multiple times. top republican sounding off on the bombshell inspector general's report. rob: griff jenkins live in washington as we learn james comey will not face charges. >> reporter: the justice department declining to prosecute comey but in this 83 page inspector general report the fbi watchdog michael horowitz, a dangerous example for not -- sensitive information and using it to create public pressure for official action in the nation's top law enforcement officer violating department policies
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by failing to seek authorization from the fbi for those documenting personal conversations with the president. failing to mark one of these is classified and no authorization to remove the memos the inspector general deemed government records. the feud between the president and fbi director playing out on twitter, the president said perhaps never in the history of our country has someone been more thoroughly disgraced and excoriated than james comey in the inspector general report. he should be ashamed of himself but comey says he is owed an apology, no evidence that comey or his attorneys released classified information contained in those 2 members of the media. i don't need a public apology from those who defend me but a quick message, sorry we light about you wouldn't be advised, the report drawing swift action from republican lawmakers. >> a bad day for james comey.
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only in washington dc can you have 70 pages of bad news and expect an apology. >> we are waiting another ig report from horowitz expected soon in origins of the russia investigation. jillian: we will have that. rob: a couple wanted for murder escaped from a prison van by faking a medical emergency. listen to the details, susie made guards pull over as she and her husband were be extradited from new york to face murder charges in arizona. charged the guards as they opened the door and used shoelaces. it is like a movie, driving a red gmc pickup truck. a $20,000 reward for their capture. >> the dnc will scrap the idea
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to hold virtual caucuses. democrats consider the plan which, phone in absentee votes. and increase participation in the caucuses. >> the president relaunching the us space command, it will patrol missile warning, satellite and satellite surveillance. >> this is a landmark day, one that recognizes centrality of space to america's national security and defense. space, will ensure dominance in space. and never threatened. >> a white house ceremony after a 20 year break, a crucial step in creating a proposed sixth branch of the military. >> the youngest woman to reach
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the third round of the u.s. open since 1996. >> the 15 year. >> a reset thriller and is going to face the number one seed. >> she became the youngest person ever to look at the final 16. 10 minutes after the hour james comey set a dangerous precedent by making his memos but won't face, all charges. our next guest is a former doj official who says comey's reputation is in shreds but is he out of the woods legally? >> us regrets the field but it wasn't security who took him out.
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>> a friend of mine to share the content of the memo, didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons but asked him to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. rob: that was two years ago james comey admitted to using his memos to lots of special counsel. jillian: the doj inspector general's report says comey's actions the dangerous example but will 9 night him. what is next for james comey? rob: here with expert insight, thanks for coming back to the show. what did you make of the inspector general report and the decision here? >> one of the most scathing criticisms i have ever read.
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it basically destroys what reputation comey had left. they declined to prosecute him because the memo he leaked was not with classified information in it but what the report confirms is comey's arrogance, holier than thou attitude that the rules, everybody else in the fbi had to live with don't apply to him and that's not a good thing to say about the head of the fbi. jillian: the ig report slamming james comey by not safeguarding sensitive information obtained in the course of his fbi employment and by using it to free public pressure for official action comey set a dangerous example for the 35,000 fbi employees and many thousands more former fbi employees to similarly have access to or knowledge of
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public information. there is that and james comey has responded, sending out a tweet, read the end of this when we put it on screen, i don't need a public apology from those who defame me but a quick message with our we light about you would be nice. what do you make of that? that necessary? >> know. there are two things about that. believing he needs an apology confirms his arrogance. and his unwillingness to recognize his misbehavior at the fbi. second, the only apology he deserves is one from the american public for foolishly believing that he was an ethical, unbiased professional who could be trusted to run the fbi. what a mistake that was. rob: celebrating the fact he didn't leak any classified information. that is what he zeroed in on. do you think he is ignoring the
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faults he had? >> completely ignoring them. he was leaking law enforcement in formation in a sensitive investigation and the ig said other fbi personnel did that the fbi would not be able to carry out its duties to enforce the law. his behavior was so unprofessional it is shocking that he was the head of the most powerful law enforcement agency in the federal government. the american public should be glad he's no longer the head of the fbi and this clearly shows trump was correct in firing him from being head of the fbi. jillian: what is next for him? >> what is next, the next ig report and special counsel john durham looking at whether there was any credible evidence to begin this investigation.
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>> we are almost done remodeling that bathroom. jillian: a lot of work going on. rob: 17 after the hour, big news from apple. what will the next iphone look like and how many models will there be? jillian: has the american dream moved to canada? this opinion piece says our neighbors to the north are better off. is it true? what do you think? ♪ our allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms our allergy pills? including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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jillian: a major pro-democracy rally in hong kong is canceled.
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police band the saturday demonstrations saying organizers cannot guarantee safety for participants. the march was meant to mark the fifth anniversary of china's rejection of universal suffrage in hong kong as three pro-democracy activists are arrested on charges related to recent demonstrations in the city some of which turned violent. rob: el salvador busting 25 people in a migrant smuggling network, the suspects charged migrants $12,000 to bring them to the united states but many were abandoned, the rates come one day after kevin mc howenan and they worked a promise to work together across borders. jillian: apple expected to unveil three new iphones. rob: here's more on this highly anticipated september rollout. >> apple sent out the invitation to members of the
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media for the event on september 10th at the apple campus. very little detail on the invitation about what they could be unveiling but rumors are they will be unveiling three new iphones and other new gadgets as well. these new iphones are going to be pro-models replacing the ten, the new pro-models would have better camera and video features and new details on streaming services apple will be rolling out. we have to wait and see but more people holding on to their iphones, they have seen double digit percentage drop, people purchasing new phones but still coming out with new ones every year. >> phone companies make you roll it into your bill and people don't want to do that. >> it is a lot. >> they make crappy your phones and they break.
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tragic news for taco bell lovers. >> getting rid of nine menu items on september 12th, they are making room for new combo items. very popular ones like the fiery torino tacos and chips and salsa. they are getting rid of these for a new combo menu, taco bell saying it is like decluttering a closet, you have to get of the old to bring in the new. >> i understand, i purged so much out of my closet. rob: a fox news alert, this big storm coming to the united states, hurricane dorian intensifying into a category 2 storm in the open ocean threatening to hit the florida coast as a major category for.
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.. jillian: fox news alert, hurricane dorian growing to a category 2 storm as it approaches florida. rob: based on brushing past puerto rico and the us virgin islands down in trees but for the most part spared the caribbean. jillian: millions in florida bracing for impact and stocking up on emergency supplies. rob: janice dean joins us with the latest track. >> the bahamas could be dealing with a category 4 storm in the next 24-36 hours. here's the latest track as a
2:29 am
5:00 am, we expected to strengthen further in the next 12 to 18 hours and become even stronger as it moves through the bahamas. the take away is all the computer models are in agreement we will see a slowing down of this storm. when you have a category for on monday and tuesday, close to wednesday along the coast that will bring major impacts on the florida coastline meaning heavy rainfall, feet of rain, hurricane force winds for not only in our or hours but days and then we are going to see the storm surge which could be devastating and as we head into monday and tuesday a lot of uncertainty, the ridge of high pressure that will guide the storm will break down and that is why we could be seeing a storm moving 4 mph which is unheard of. the water is very warm, no doubt this is going to me a major hurricane in the next couple days and it will stall and there is that cone of uncertainty.
2:30 am
the whole state of florida needs to watch this but i want to make a recommendation if you live across the coast of georgia and the carolinas, the potential for the storm to move northward and scrape along the coast monday, tuesday and wednesday. here is the steering, the ridge of high pressure moving toward the coastline, very strong. it will break down and that is why we are not going to have the steering current moving this in land. it will slow down and that is where we could see potential for devastating catastrophic impact for florida. people need to pay attention and know what they are going to be doing the next couple days. florida is in the path of destruction but also we need to pay attention across the southeast coastline as well. rob: if it goes that slow and hits land, a lot of water.
2:31 am
>> unprecedented, 4 to 5 mph. this could be a harvey type situation in florida. rob: so much water. every county in florida under a state of emergency, governor ron desantis taking no chances as it churns toward the coast. jillian: storm preparations are well underway. what is the situation? >> reporter: people are out trying to get their supplies, employees at this publix super markets already getting ready for what will be another very busy day. we are covering this angle of the story for three days and seen each passing day more and more people as you would probably expect heading out to get supplies. we are talking with state and local leaders about this and they are encouraging everyone to do that.
2:32 am
get what you need before time runs out. we are seeing those supplies running low, water limiting customers, two cases per person, others running out completely but reassuring customers they are getting more supplies, just be patient, tells you how many people are doing what they need to do. jillian: thank you for that update. joe biden denies telling this allegedly false war story on the campaign trail. >> the general wanted me to pin a silver star on him. my word as a biden, he stood at attention, i said -- he said i don't want the thing, do not pin it on me sir, please, sir, do not do that. rob: the democratic front runner defending himself to the washington post. >> i was making the point how courageous these people are,
2:33 am
how incredible they are, this generation of fallen angels, i don't know what the problem is. what was it i said wrong? >> according to the washington post biden got the time period, location, type of metal, military branch and the rank of the recipient completely wrong. rob: the latest in a series of recent blunders from joe biden. jillian: tommy laren says he is still a front runner which means democrats should be nervous. >> if i were a democrat i would be awfully scared. democrats have been festering with their hatred of donald trump for several years, since 2015 they expressed their hatred for donald trump and you would think they would have something better than joe biden and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren.
2:34 am
you would think after all that time they would send something better but this goes to show they have nothing in better. if i were donald trump i would feel very comfortable right now. rob: despite joe biden's series of slipups look at polls, still a commanding lead. a couple national polls right there. jillian: donald trump's personal assistant resigned over leaks, madeleine wester house stepped down after she shared private information about the president and his family in an off the record dinner, wester house was the president's assistant since the start of the administration called this a disgraceful breach of trust. the white house has not confirmed that report. rob: what is good news? alex trebek returning to jeopardy as he's battles pancreatic cancer. >> i've come through a lot of chemotherapy and hopefully that is over. i'm on the mend. rob: he announced his diagnosis
2:35 am
in march, new jeopardy episode start airing next month. the host says it will be a good year. he has been spending his time doing what he loves, renovating the bathroom for his wife. a home remodel. we wish him well. millions of travelers dealing with the chaos of hurricane dorian before the storm makes landfall. jillian: airlines offering travel waivers for dozens of flights. how can you track your ticket? rob: kurt the cyber guy, people get confused by what you can do. >> a lot of people not just traveling to disney world or orlando or miami, 50,000 flights every day, a huge amount of people traveling other places. jillian: they may have a connecting in florida. >> these waivers are out there meaning, change your flight to another time and this starts today and goes to the next 3 or
2:36 am
4 days. american, delta, jetblue, southwest, frontier, spirit, americans will feel the punch because they have a huge hub in miami. as janice was talking about you may have plans that go through atlanta, delta's biggest hub, that report not affected but it -- keep your eye on that but i want to give you some tools you would otherwise not have. looking at a website called expert flyer, go to change the flight with your airline, here are your options. the truth is they don't show you everything. these will be the options, this shows you every flight available for every airline so you could be on the phone with the agent and say that's not true. i would rather be on this other flight. the other one to look at, if you are looking at what flights go through an airport at any given time this one will show you what cities are available at what times especially when it comes to recovery. you could be in a city where airport is back up and running
2:37 am
and that flight is going to go. i want to get on that flight and you might be first in line with the airline to get that recovered. a lot of people are at the airport and didn't listen today, they are at the airport and you end up in a long line to change your flight. jillian: you are on standby all day. >> the smarter way to do it is get out of that line, use the apps as most people do but go on twitter and communicate with the airline and they will book you on a flight, call them on the phone and say i am standing in this line, chances are you will be done with the ticket before that line has started moving. >> a lot of people will be dealing with this. >> a lot of families will be affected. rob: they want to get there and
2:38 am
thanks so much. 37 after the hour as hurricane dorian takes aim at florida, one politician is hoping the president's mara lago club take a direct hit. >> set up! shut up! jillian: is friends the best show ever or one of the worst? the latest debate dividing the internet. carly shimkus brings us that and more. ow! i got liberty mutual. they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. then i won the lottery, got hair plugs, and started working out. and so can you!
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let's get down to business. the business of atlanta on monday... ... cincinnati on tuesday. ...philly on wednesday. ...and thursday back to cincinnati . modernized comfort inns and suites have been refreshed because when your business keeps going, our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at jillian: former canadian prime minister ken campbell slams online for routing for hurricane dorian to hit donald trump's mara law go resort in florida.
2:42 am
rob: here is the online backlash. carley: this hurricane turning towards florida, the primacy brought a firestorm of her own saying i am rooting for a direct hit on mara lago, that tweet garnering 3000 likes and plenty of backlash. as a florida resident for 25 years i am disgusted someone would wish that on any innocent city, state, county, this is a horrible tweet and the first tweet i have seen in a long time where every response agrees regardless of political affiliation. scott says i'm not a trump supporter but this is embarrassing for a former prime minister. campbell so she doesn't want anybody to get hurt, she posted that tweet because of his
2:43 am
attitude on climate change. do you like friends? rob: i didn't watch much but was a fine show. >> i didn't watch it. rob: are you kidding me? >> take it up with my parents. we are calling them out. [speaking french] >> totally bashing this. >> i have seen it. a buzz feed posted this op-ed saying i don't want to be dramatic but if i read one more headlines it says could we be any more excited about friends related news i would throw myself into the nearest active volcano. this requires a level of mental gymnastics forcing the show to remain a forgotten bullet. the reason according to the
2:44 am
father, it is not enough for today's standards. is the show greater garbage? a great debate. you hate friends, you are rachel. erika says they finally got something right, friends is awful and another twitter user posting this on social media saying friends is garbage and that will show up right there. everybody -- rob: i am a huge friends fan, there you go. were you allowed to watch tom and jerry? >> i was allowed to watch tom and jerry. a little bit of violence. i got to read now, 44 after the are, democrats struggling to appeal to religious voters. they appear to be going after nonbelievers. jillian: pastor robert jeffers
2:45 am
says it shows with the democratic party is truly about and he joins us next. rob: brian kilmeade getting ready for a concert. >> the last of the season, we have to roll up the astroturf. let me tell you, craig morgan on stage behind me and everything is done, before i rotated out the batteries. also, joe biden with a harrowing war story he witnessed as vice president, turns out it was a war story he had almost completely wrong. how long will the democrats continue to excuse these errors in his performance? and his it report came out, so until james comey he should feel disgrace that he feels vindicated. we will a it out with experts and you can decide. we have two cameras for this piece. and now back to this one.
2:46 am
florida governor ron desantis is here. you know about hurricane dorian coming down on florida. ken the rookie governor measure up to the task? i think the answer is yes, the president mentioned that yesterday and we will talk to congressman michael waltz who used to be in a heroin situation and is a florida congressman talking when northern florida is going to get ready and border patrol commissioner robert perez will be here. we are wrapping up our summer concert series at the end of the three hours, we are taking down the stage individually. i cannot wait to see if he is what he claims to be. don't miss a minute of "fox and friends" and i ask you one last time to please get dressed. ve y by using dish soap to clean grease on more than dishes? try dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, it tackles tough grease on a variety of surfaces.
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jillian: in michigan football team playing the first game since the tragic death of one of their teammates. skyler died after collapsing during football practice during the no contact drill. the community morning his loss. >> a moment of silence. >> skyler's teammates wearing his number 2 on their helmets, cheerleaders painting their faces with his number. a stern warning to pregnant moms and teenagers, do not smoke pot. the surgeon general sounding the alarm saying most people aren't aware of the health risks for developing brains. >> today's marijuana is more potent than in days past. this is not your mother's marijuana. jillian: donald trump donated
2:51 am
$1000 from his salary for a digital campaign as more states legalize it. rob: are democrats distancing themselves from religion? the dnc passing a new resolution praising nonreligious voters and embracing science. here is pastor robert jeffers, author of a place called heaven, thanks for coming on. what do you make of the move the dnc made? >> i'm glad they are doing it because they are coming to terms with who they are and who they are and. democrats have had a god problem relating to traditional faith voters and a variety of things, outreach director is talking about on the campaign, none of it has worked so they said we are not going to connect with traditional faith values which our values are not there values so we will go
2:52 am
after the religiously unaffiliated. that is code for people who rejected traditional faith, rejected the god of the bible and created their own faith and their own god. that is what democrats are going after, the godless and the faithless. rob: let's listen to the comments we have heard on the campaign trail. >> before you tell me about your religion, show it to me and how you treat other people. >> who it is you pray to or whether you pray at all is none of my business and i don't care. >> the republican party wants to cloak itself in the language of religion. rob: is it fair to say they are abandoning the religious? some of these sound like they are saying we are with you if you're religious or not religious. we can take everybody in. >> the resolution they passed, what they said was we overwhelmingly support the
2:53 am
values of the religiously unaffiliated. there is pro-abortion, anti-israel, anti-religious liberty and so forth. these are not provisional values they are supporting. rob: abortion is a big part of it. and the more liberal states. we want to talk about your show, a new show on fox nation, pathway to victory. let's check it out for a second. >> every one of us one day is going to make a trip. it is a 1-way trip to a place mainly unfamiliar. those of us who are christians and christians only, that trip is to a place called heaven. rob: tell us a little bit. >> for all denominations, survival teaching and practical application, we started a brand-new series, a place called heaven in which i answer the 10 most frequently asked questions about heaven, where is it, what do we do, do people in heaven know what is happening on earth, we are
2:54 am
having tremendous response. rob: thank you for your time. appreciate it. 53 minutes after the hour. has the american dream moved to canada? an opinion piece from bloomberg says our neighbors to the north are better off than we are, your comments coming up next. a streaker hits the field during the preseason packers game. back in a moment. the weather's perfect... family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich! it only gets better when you switch and save with geico.
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♪ ♪ a little bit of backseat. a little bit of moon ♪ a little bit of radio ♪ i'm going move move move. jillian: craig morgan this morning on fox square for the all-american summer concert series. rob: a little country music. the place to be. jillian: a little bit. rob: is the american dream moving to canada according to a bloomberg op-ed canadians are better off than americans. jillian: it says canada has been pulling ahead of the u.s. median household income since 2016. >> the article says everyone knows the u.s. version of capital schism quote rougher and tougher. the. rob: the median income in canada was 1% higher than american households. so there you have it. time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. we start with the good. some people would call this
2:59 am
a dream job. sports betting site food tester. that does sound pretty good. travel around looking for the best football in stadium. in addition to travel and tickets throw in $500 and the winner will be picked at random. jillian: a lot of people would love that job for sure. storm coverage hitting a little bit too close to home for one reporter. look at this. [thunder] jillian: that is matt from our affiliate in phoenix dodging a lightning bolt as he prepared to go on tv. it knocked out power but, he still gave his report. wow, that is close. rob: finally the ugly. a streaker storms the field at nfl preseason game, check it out. [cheers] topless man running around lambeau stadium before he is knocked down by chief
3:00 am
safety. the packers won that game 27-20. jillian: all right. you always have that happen every nowenned and then. rob: always kind of funnel. jillian: "fox & friends" starts now have. a good one, everyone. steve: 6:00 in new york city and florida and we start this hour with a fox news alert. hurricane dorian growing to a category 2 storm overnight. thithis is what it looks like from a satellite in space. experts warn, it will probably get stronger and could be deadly. >> the storm looks like it could be a very, very big one, indeed. >> the storm brushing past puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands and taking aim at florida's east coast. brian: millions stocking up on supplies as evacuations are underway. katie: janice dean joins us with dorian'sat


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