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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 30, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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safety. the packers won that game 27-20. jillian: all right. you always have that happen every nowenned and then. rob: always kind of funnel. jillian: "fox & friends" starts now have. a good one, everyone. steve: 6:00 in new york city and florida and we start this hour with a fox news alert. hurricane dorian growing to a category 2 storm overnight. thithis is what it looks like from a satellite in space. experts warn, it will probably get stronger and could be deadly. >> the storm looks like it could be a very, very big one, indeed. >> the storm brushing past puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands and taking aim at florida's east coast. brian: millions stocking up on supplies as evacuations are underway. katie: janice dean joins us with dorian's latest track. what do we need to know? janice: we knowed to know this storm is going to be
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uncertain over the next couple of days. if you live in florida, be prepared for impact that could last for days. let's take a look at the latest. 105 mile-per-hour sustained winds. the last advisory came out at 5:00 a.m. with the latest track. we will get a new update at 8:00 a.m. but for now we are going to be dealing with a strengthening storm system. a major hurricane by the end of today. we think. and then it slows down. so steve doocy asked me when is this going to make landfall? i can't tell you when it's going to make landfall but the whole state of florida needs to be prepared for a major hurricane on your doorstep for days and we also can't rule out a storm moving up the coast. so georgia and the carolinas. you need to be on alert now. this is the latest information we have. as we go through sunday, monday, and tuesday, this storm slows down to a crawl. so, 4, 5 miles per hour, that is going to cause catastrophic damage, flooding, hurricane force
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winds a major hurricane for not just hours but days potentially for the florida coast line. the whole state of florida is under a state of emergency. we're definitely going to see evacuations throughout the day. now is the time to complete your preparations and know what you are going to do with your family. here's the computer models. in very good agreement going through the bahamas by the way as category 4 storm and slowing to a crawl as we get into monday, tuesday, and wednesday. finally moving northward. our steering mechanism, that bermuda high is going to break down and that's why we're expecting things to slow down and continue to batter the coast line. you know, i don't want you to focus in on the landing point here. but the whole state is going to feel impacts from this storm as it continues to slow down. much like a harvey situation. so we could see feet of rain, certainly beach erosion, storm surge could potentially also be catastrophic and this is thursday. and we're still dealing with
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the potential of a hurricane in florida. so, the bottom line is, we don't have great confidence as we go out through sunday, monday and tuesday. all we can tell is you be prepared, especially florida for a very slow-moving hurricane, perhaps a major hurricane for many days and we could be dealing with feet of rainfall. there's the steering current and, again, our bermuda high, which is steering this westward is expected to break down and that means we will not have that storm train moving quickly. it's going to slow down and there's that cone that gets wider as we go throughout time. there is still the potential for the storm to move northward and along the coast like matthew a couple of years ago. right now we want to make sure that everyone in florida is well aware this could be a potentially devastating blow for the sunshine state. here is the domestic violence model. this is one of our reliable forecast models, watch how slow, that's sunday and it
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just continues to slow down as we get into monday and tuesday. there is the storm system. a new advisory comes out at 8:00 a.m. i will tell you that this one is so frustrating for not only meteorologists but for government officials because they want to make sure everyone is prepared. i cannot tell you when it's going to make landfall or where it's going to make landfall. steve: we just noe it's going to be big. the president himself tweeted out last night it could be an absolute monster, he said. that's one of the reasons he cancelled his trip to poland. what's interesting about the models you've got today, janice, is yesterday some of the models had it going across the east coast straight across the west and going out into the gulf and impacting people maybe in louisiana. janice: there is the potential for that. i can tell you what's going to happen today and tomorrow. we know it's going to strengthen, but that cone that i showed you gets very wide because the forecast models just don't quite know how strong that high is going to be, how it's going
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to impact as we go into the memorial day weekend. this is unheard of to see a category 4 monday, tuesday, and wednesday. steve: stalled. janice: stalled. so, listen, there is also the case to be made that it could move and then just hug the coast line. and then if it stalls, it also has the potential to weaken. so we are hopeful for that i will tell you prepare for the worst and we hope for the best, and we will continue to keep you up to date. brian: by all reports in florida everybody is running to get splice. they know how to do. this. steve: they're out of water. janice: this might be something they have never encountered before. brian: good news is it's thursday -- i mean it's friday. we have been doing this since friday saying it's going to hit alan. steve: thank you very much, janice. as she just said the latest from the national hurricane center another bulletin at 8:00 a.m. >> we are going to talk to the governor of the great state of florida ron desantis.
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he has had a very busy 48 hours. we will talk to him about 20 minutes before the new bullebulletin comes out. if you are down in florida, georgia, keep an eye on the weather because this weekend could be something to remember. lisa: stay safe. brian: what about the former prime minister of canada wished for the hurricane to make a direct hit on president trump's mar-a-lago club in florida when she got rebuked by just about everyone with common sense. she doubled down on it. incredible. word is she came back and said get a grip. reilly response to her. lisa: how disgusting to make this about petty politics. this is not what this should be about. it should be about the safety of floridians and making sure they are safe and taking proper precautions. so shame on her. brian: james comey must have felt like a hurricane hit him. ig report came out 75 pages. he is about the only one really that feels as though it was a great day for him if you read his tweets.
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steve: and here's the thing, the inspector general said that james comey handled essentially the 79-page report, talked about how mr. comey broke a bunch of rules and focuses on how comey handled particularly seven memos in 2017 about his interactions with the president. he says he broke the rules because he treated his memos as personal documents rather than fbi records. he improperly stored them at home. didn't tell the fbi he had them. he leaked them to the press, and they were all rules that he broke at the fbi. lisa: here is a quote inspector general report. by not safeguarding sensitive information obtained during the course of his fbi employment and by using it to create public pressure for official action, comey set a dangerous example for the over 35,000 current fbi employees and the many thousands more former fbi employees, who have similarly have access to or knowledge of nonpublic information. so pretty damning quote there from the inspector
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general. brian: they talk about his leadership what a bad example he set and how other people were just shocked and stunned that worked for him that he would actually do. this think about this, he makes copies of memos that he is getting to talk about interactions he is having with the president. evidence brings them home, he keeps them, even after he was fired. yet, they did not -- after the inspector general offered a criminal referral, the department of justice says no, we are not going to prosecute. so james comey thinks it's a great day. listen to this. he tweets this out. found no evidence that comey or his attorneys released any of the classified information contained in any of the memos. i don't need an apology from those who defamed me. but a quick message with sorry we lied about you would be nice. and to all those who have spent two years talking about me going to jail or being a liar or leaker, ask yourselves why you still trust people who gave you bad information for so long, including the president. no, no. you did -- you were deceitful and you technically you didn't leak,
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but when you give this information to your buddy, the professor, who gives it to the "new york times," essentially a cut out for your leaking. steve: i think the key passage there was he tweeted he didn't release any of the -- he didn't release any classified information contained in the memos to members of the media. lisa: but he did send it onward. steve: what he did was and this is probably why he was not prosecuted. he had leaked directly to the "new york times," that would have been a cleaner case for the department of justice. but bus he gave it to his friend, mr. richmond, the professor up at columbia, who became part of his legal team, then he was somewhat protected. lisa: what i found was illuminating in this report we found out about that january 6th, 2017 meeting between james comey and president trump or then -- steve: michael flynn? lisa: no. when he went to go brief then president-elect trump
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about the dossier. and that's what he said the intention of the meeting was. when we found out in the inspector general report is that it was actually for a collection gathering. that the intent was to go to president trump see if he said anything that could be used. steve: it was an asset-up. lisa: of course. this solidifies or at least helps president trump in that message of look, this was a set-up. that was the intent by the investigators. brian: what's the big deal? just the fbi has basically been weaponized to take on an incoming president. don't overstate it. it's unbelievable what was taking place. kimberley strassel lives in alaska and writes for the "wall street journal" said this. >> we have been waiting for years, right, for someone to come out in a position of authority who was neutral and would ho would just tell it like it is. of the inspector general said all those entire lines james comey has been spins for years to the nation and to the fbi it's all a bunch of huey. he broke the rules. and what he did was
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absolutely inappropriate. and that's just an important thing for americans to hear. you remember, one of those memos he said to the president, you know, i promise you, sir, i don't do sneaky things. i don't leak and i don't do weasel moves, i think the buyer i.g. report would beg to differ. steve: one of the other things the i.g. report said they talked to various members of the fbi leadership team and some of the quotes were: they were surprised, they were stunned, they were shocked, they were disappointed in what mr. comey did. rod rosenstein, who is the deputy attorney general, tweeted this out. and it sounds like we know exactly who he is talking to. he said it is important to follow established policies and procedures, especially when the stakes are high. we should be most on guard when we believe that our own uncomfortable circumstance circumstances -- so clearly he is talking about have you got to follow the rules, especially if you are the most powerful law man in america.
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hello. brian: you don't need a republican or a democrat or current president or past president to tell you what to think if you are in law enforcement or workin work workn the fbi. they know how bad this is. they got trained. they went through the damon. they know exactly what leadership should be doing. it doesn't look anything like the way james comey did it. rudy giuliani was one of the first people to work with james comey as he cut his teeth in law enforcement and as a u.s. attorney. he said this about the details of that report. >> i think this report -- forget whether it's a crime or not, sort of details the worst director in the history of the fbi. if you look at the horowitz report, he broke every rule of the fbi. but for him to say i didn't leak? the report demonstrates that he leaked. he is completely lying today. i didn't lie? the report demonstrates he lied. they are giving him a break. they are basically saying oh, you know, we shouldn't prosecute. not enough evidence. but he lied, he leaked.
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he is a disrepresentable disdisd of the fbi. the report demonstrates all of that. lisa: the inspector general report really takes aim at comey saying look at the disgrace this has brought the fbi and what a bad example for the rest of the individuals who work at the fbi. what about example for the country? when you have the top law enforcement officer who cannot be trusted, who painted outside of the lines. who blurred the ethical lines. and this is a guy who is supposed to be in charge of the fbi. so talk about a loss of faith in institution and rightfully so, because of james comey. steve: this is only the first inspector general report. there is going to be another one on fisa abuse. the last passage from the "wall street journal" editorial on this today says even without prosecution the american public is getting of the fbi director. own righteousness that he believed none of the rules applied to him. lisa: who is now asking for
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an apology. come on. brian: does he really believe this or is i trying to spin out something positive to get another book deal. perhaps he really believes it. hey, jillian. jillian: good morning, everyone. get you caught up on other headlines we are following. we begin with a fox news alert. a man is under arrest accused of plotting an isis inspired knife attack in new york city. the suspect taken into custody when he reportedly tried to pick up the weapon from an undercover fbi agent who he texted about his plans. prosecutors say he was under constant surveillance after revealing his plans in an online chat room. a timeline and target for the attack is unknown. the suspect is due in court today. the brother of olympic gold medalist will bias. kevin biakevin biles is chargeda shooting that left three people dead in cleveland. he will be arraigned next month. his sister has not commented
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on his arrest. the police officer featured in this iconic asass anyone lee harvey ozwald has died. he was hand cuffed when jack ruby shot him. he spent 25 years on the force. he fought in the navy during world war ii. he was on board one of the first ships to respond to the japanese o attack on pearl . he was 99 years old. what is good news? alex trebek returning to work at jeopardy as he battled pancreatic cancer. >> i have battled and i'm on the mend and that's all i can hope for right now. >> diagnosis back in march, can be seen doing burnups back stage. his audience singing to him for his 79th birthday ♪ happy birthday to you ♪
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jillian: new jeopardy episodes start airing next month. brian: he didn't miss any tapings. no one had to substitute for him? steve: no because they had already finished taping for the summer. meanwhile, fired fbi director james comey broke a lot of fbi rules by leaking his memos, but what else is in that inspector general report? byron york has read it a couple times, says this scandal runs deep. he is going to talk to brian coming up next. brian: plus, did i mention the all-american concert series wrapping up today with country music star craig morgan? well, i just did. ♪ collard greens ♪ great day ♪ chicken and dumb palestinians -- dumb dump lings.
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3:21 am
look through. you see an ambush in the motive. not a motive to brief. why? >> well, this report sheds light on one of the most important poments of the -- moments of the trump russia matter that is january 26th, 2017 the first meeting ever between james comey and donald trump who, at that point, is the president-elect. and it begins with the dossier. we heard so much about the dossier and, remember, the discredited never confirmed dossier did contain an allegation that in 2013, donald trump, a private citizen, had been in a moscow hotel room and prostitutes were performing a kinky sex act and russian spy cameras allegedly reported ialleged recordedit al. will trying to sell that story to the press. so on january 6th, the nation's top intel chiefs go to new york to brief the president on russian efforts to influence the election.
3:22 am
all that is fine. after that they all leave the room, leaving comey alone with donald trump and comey tells him about this moscow hotel room sex allegation. now, we had always heard from comey that he told the president because he just wanted the president-elect to know that this story was out there and maybe it would be reported in the press and he really needs to know it's there. well, in fact, this was part of the operation that they called crossfire hurricane. it was the investigation into the president and his campaign. comey said he assured the president we are not investigating you, sir. but, in fact, comey had met with his investigative team before this meeting. he had planned for comey to write down immediately everything that the president said. comey had an fbi laptop waiting for him in the car. steve: he had a secure laptop and wanted to see if the president said anything incriminating. >> exactly. steve: i don't want to
3:23 am
digress but i want to talk about what's next. the next day jake tapper is running with the story. he called up james comey and he said wait a second, our private conversation is now on cnn. is he like well, i told you it could get out. is he the course of that? >> that is a conversation we didn't know about. so this meeting in trump tower occurs on january 6th. on january 10th cnn has this exclusive saying the nation's top intel chiefs have briefed the president on this embarrassing personal information. and on the 11th the president does call comey and say whoa, what's up with this leak. and comey tried to explain to him that it really wasn't a leak. and that the whole allegation wasn't classified. comey really blew a lot of smoke. and never suggested that one of the top intelligence chiefs probably leaked this to the press and, remember, it was the leak to the press that there was a meeting that allowed buzzfeed to
3:24 am
then publish the entire dossier. brian: byron, by the way, he doesn't feel his memos were classified. maybe that is consistent in the comey world. the ig report is out. they are not going to prosecute because the department of justice doesn't want. to say he is not out of the woods. what can we expect next when it comes to the fisa applications? >> well, this report from -- about comey is a small part of a much bigger ig report that's supposed to come some time in late september. and it will talk about the entire origins of the trump russia affair wiretapping carter page. we heard a lot about that and using the dossier in that so we should learn a lot more about james comey's efforts in that investigation. brian: byron, do you a great job breaking down complicated convoluted situations. we appreciate it? >> thank you, brian. brian: it's going to be interesting to see where this goes.
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meanwhile 25 minutes after the hour. backlash and being forced to portions of op-ed conservative abortion stance to whited nationalist. next guest says this is just the latest in a bunch of lies. ♪
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leading them to discover: we're woven together by the moments we share. for everywhere you go, expedia has everything you need, all in one place. >> here we are back with headlines please take notes. new overnight president trump's personal assistant stepping down after she reportedly shared private information about the president and his family at an off-the-record dinner with reporters. she had been with the president since the start of the administration, was with mitt romney as well. security concerns idea to hold virtual caucuses in iowa and nevada. the committee considered the plan which would have had voters phone in their absentee votes for their primaries. the proposal meant to increase participation in the caucuses. there are now concerns that the process could be
3:29 am
susceptible to hacking. and that's it. steve? steve: all right, brian. thank you. after major backlash "the washington post" has retracted portions of this op-ed entitled how white nationalists align themselves with the anti-abortion movement. lisa: the op-ed initially went after conservative j.d. vance and his pro-life stance. our next guest is arguing the reason why in a new op-ed saying, quote: in a morally unhinged road in the new left. his cleskive our is incomprehensible because we are all split up according to competing identity groups according to race, ethnicity, gender faith and spirituality. why does the left only see things through identity politics or at least that's how it seems? >> i think it's a power play by splitting us all up into these competing tribes. it's a divide and conquer move to try and assert their
3:30 am
own power. and i think j.d. vance, who was author of an amazes ground breaking book called hillbilly -- he wrote sympathetic buy about both parts of the country where donald trump was popular and where he won the election because he is from there. he called himself a hillbilly yet he emerged from a very difficult background and went to yale. now is he writing about those people he came from and why donald trump has resonated with them. that infewer united states the left because, o of course everything about donald trump they hate and they are trying to destroy j.d. vance who has recently become a catholic which makes him another enemy. and he wrote about any
3:31 am
nation that descroi destroys its babies destroys its future: trying to equate white nationalism with. whether it is printed in "the washington post" it gets credibility. steve: in the "the washington post" that particular op-ed this is the passage you are talking about, our people aren't having enough children to replace themselves, that should bother us, j.d. vance told his audience, vance did not spell out exactly who was included in the word our. he didn't need. to say later, "the washington post" walked that back and in an editorial note they said an earlier version of this story suggested that author j.d. vance lamented a fall-off in white birth. he was actually talking about american births. you write her thesis is that pro-life conservatives oppose abortion not because they believe every life is sacred, but because they fear that abortion will
3:32 am
accelerate the demographic replacement of white people by nonwhite elm grants. >> it is an instain argue. but propagated by a lot of people on the left and makes no since because black babies are aborted five times the rate of white babies. how could it be a whited nationalist thing to be against abortion. the w408 point being against abortion is that you say that every single life is equal and sacred. it's not that white lives are more better. i don't know where this comes from. it's insane. lisa: why do you think they are doing that? >> they are trying to demonize the pro-life movement. they are also trying to smear the entire conservative movement of course any supporter of donald trump. millions of people in the country voted for donald trump. but they want to try to equate them with white nationalists, with whited
3:33 am
nationalists. lisa: baskets of deplorables? >> the definition of insanity is making the same mistake over and over again and they are doing it. lisa: it's a really awesome column. everyone should go out and read it? >> thanks so much. steve: check it out at new york lisa: thanks so much, miranda, appreciate it. >> thanks, pleasure. lisa: florida residents getting ready for hurricane dorian which could be a category 4 storm. >> michael waltz is in the storm's path. he is joining us coming up next. so any plans for this weekend? of course he's got plans. with labor day deals starting from 20% off,
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woman 6: ask your rheumatologist about humira. woman 7: go to to see proof in action. brian: millions in florida bracing for impact as hurricane dorian intensifies to a category 2 storm. this happened overnight. >> the time to act is now. if you haven't acted, act to make preparations. do not wait until it's too late. steve: he is right. don't wait. florida's governor declaring a state of emergency in every one of the 67 counties. right now we're going to take a live look at a home depot in miami at apparently live inside at the checkout counter where lines have been forming outside an hour before the store opened. as you can see, people buying big sheets of plywood to put on their windows and
3:38 am
doors as dorian still uncertain where it will make impact but certainly heading for florida. lisa: and we have team coverage this morning. meteorologist janice dean has dorian's latest track. but, first we go to rick leventhal live in del ray beach, florida. rick? rick: and this is a state that has seen its share of major hurricanes from andrew in '92 to irma last year and michael the year before which hit as a 4 but reclassified as a 5. now we have doorn, doorn. they are telling us it could hit the coast somewhere between central florida and west palm beach or even further south toward the miami area. some time monday into tuesday. so the folks here obviously worried and preparation. you mentioned the home depot being packed with shoppers who were lining up before it
3:39 am
opened this morning. yesterday there were incredibly long lines at gas stations where a lot of stations ran out of fuel as we saw when we got here last night with the yel low bags over the pumps. then of course they were lining up for water as well at costco where there were hundreds of people lined up out the door to get the cases of water and also to get the other supplies and food and that sort of thing. you mentioned the governor declared an emergency situation here in all 67 counties now with emergency declarations. getting their evacuation plans potentially in place. here's more from governor ron desantis. >> do not wait until it's too late. if you prepare and then don't end up getting affected, no harm, no foul. if you don't prepare and you are affected, that may be something that is difficult to recover from. >> the air force base moving its planes.
3:40 am
nasa shutting down operations and moving equipment. this is a state in deep anticipation of what's coming. steve: absolutely, rick. i'm sure you have been out -- you are in del ray beach right now. i'm sure you were out on 95 on the way. have you noticed people are starting to go north? people are thinking you know what? let's just go north. >> actually we got in late last night, steve. we were staying on the beach. and we just got called out here last minute. so i haven't seen the highways. and it's a little early here still. steve: it is. >> i would imagine that people are going to start figuring out where to go soon. we are running out of time. brian: you were in puerto rico and thankfully it missed puerto rico. it's about to slam florida. thanks, rick. steve: janice dean has been taking a look at the latest from the national hurricane center. you've got the maps and not looking good for florida. janice: no. we will start to feel the effects of this storm tomorrow. it's going to slow down. that's the big take away is
3:41 am
we are going to be feeling the effects of a major hurricane all along the coast of florida, the sunshine state starting tomorrow through sunday, monday, we even think tuesday we could be dealing with a hurricane in the state of florida. 8:00 a.m. advisory, stale category 2. we are anticipating the storm to strengthen to a category 3. and then a 4. so rapid intensification. the water is very warm. there is really nothing in the way of the storm smashing into the bahamas which i heard rick leventhal say. that's exactly what we anticipate as we go through the next 48 hours as a category 4 storm. and then, you know, everyone is worried about landfall. i don't want you to focus on a point. this cone gets wider as we go through time and really the whole state of florida is potentially going to be impacted by a hurricane. so, this is going to be a slow-moving storm. computer models are in very good agreement right now as to where it's going to go and where it will slow down. so sunday, monday, tuesday
3:42 am
we could be dealing with a category 3 or higher just off the coast of florida. that means potentially feet of rain, major hurricane storm surge, and, of course, those hurricane force winds that could last not only hours but days. so that cone gets wider and we are still very uncertain as to the exact path of the storm. where it potentially will make landfall and at what strength. there is still a possibility that this storm moves to the north and just brushes the coast line. so the bottom line is listen to your local officials. and we will certainly keep you up to date in terms of the latest weather forecasting. steve: all right. thank you very much, j.d. brian: let's bring in florida congressman michael waltz. he just got that job, and now he has got a huge responsibility. not only that he is used to war zones as decorated green beret and member of the house services committee. do you get the sense in northern florida that they're scrambling a little bit? >> well, we are getting ready, brian. look, governor desantis is,
3:43 am
i think, showing great leadership. he is all over the place from miami in the very south all the way up to jacksonville yesterday. i spent a good bit of time with the florida national guard and i just can't say enough about those heroes. i was in their headquarters and they have units that are coming back from overseas, they are coming back from training. and they are not going home. they are going to be immediately mobilized to go out and take care of all of us. many of them have businesses that they wish they could go board up and families to take care of. yet, they are putting all of us first. steve: congressman, i know your district, florida 6 is to the north of orlando where you are sitting right now and then out towards daytona beach along the coast. it's uncertain right now where they are going to have mandatory evacuations. but as so many people have said, you have got to prepare now. and when they say get out, get out. >> that's right. yeah. listen to your local
3:44 am
officials. so, i spent yesterday handing out sand bags, sat down with over a dozen mayors to make sure they have what they need from the federal government. we'll be speaking to fema today. and, you know, importantly, we can't forget our farmers and our agriculture. you know, it's -- in some cases, we may have to rehomes or repair roofs. for a lot of these folks it's their entire livelihood that have abou been there for generations. an ounce of preparation now everything can you do now to prepare will prevent that pound of recovery later. we're all in this together. we will stand strong. we're hoping for the best but we're preparing for the worst. brian: florida has so much experience. lisa: congressman, we keep hearing the word uncertain talking about dorian and its path. what kind of challenges does that pose to floridian officials?
3:45 am
>> well, it's tough. that's one of the things that i was talking with the national guard yesterday. they is mobilized the entire national guard across the entire state. we have seen these hurricanes shift in the last 24 hours. you may remember irma coming up in the southern part of the state and heading right for miami and shifted over to the western part of the states. so, that is just a difficulty that we have to face and something we all deal with. steve: the key is to try to figure out where it's going and right now we don't know exactly. congressman, we thank you very much. we know you are real busy. thank you for stopping by. >> thanks. brian: along with his military experience and dick cheney. michael waltz being in the perfect place right now. steve: very busy friday and jillian joins us with more news. jillian: update to tragic story we told you earlier this week. a minor league pitcher is speaking out after his wife, 14-month-old son and
3:46 am
mother-in-law are murdered. tampa bay race prospect blake bivens says my heart was turned to ash. my life as i knew it is destroyed. his brother-in-law is charged in the triple murder. virginia police arresting him after he was found running naked through the streets. a motive is not yet known. a former canadian prime minister says she is, quote: rooting for hurricane dorian to make a direct hit on mar-a-lago. kim campbell tweeting these remarks as the storm approaches the florida club and all of florida instead of apologizing she initially doubled down telling to get a grip while slamming the president over climate change. she served as prime minister for less than five months in 1993. joe biden denies telling -- okay. we will get back to that joe biden story in a little bit. let's fast forward to this. a man casually lights up a cigarette while being robbed at gunpoint. can you see him sitting in this st. louis bar when the robber walks inside. everyone else gets down on the ground. but this guy doesn't budge.
3:47 am
not even when the gunman comes right up to him and tries to steal his phone. eventually lighting up his cigarette, the robber made off with a few hundred bucks, he still hasn't been caught. we will get you that joe biden story later in the show, guys. back to you. >> we will indeed, jillian. thank you very much. he wasn't giving up his phone and he wasn't leaving the bar. look at that. brian: i need an explanation. [laughter] so many questions. meanwhile democrats are struggling to win over religious voters. what's their new strategy? i have an idea. let's take on religious liberty overall. lisa: we have diamond and silk who are going to be here. they are fired up about the new resolution just passed by the dnc. and they are on deck. so please stay with us. steve: good morning, ladies. ♪ ♪ m now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together.
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3:51 am
jillian: a teenager is suspended from school after a family three-point a gun range. launching when he posted about the outing on snapchat. >> a cop came to my house saying that somebody reported me saying i was threatening to shoot up a school or something like that. i think it's kind of crazy. jillian: officers in colorado later concluded it was a big misunderstanding. meyers missed one day of school.
3:52 am
and you can charged with a crime for making a gun-like hand gesture. a pennsylvania court upholding a man's disorderly conduct conviction after he imitated a business tall during a fight with his neighbor. the man argues he didn't cause any harm by making the gesture. the court says it could have led to a physical altercation. i will send it back to you guys. lisa: thank you, jillian. steve: let's bring in diamond and silk on this friday morning. you know them from fox nation. they join us from diamond and silk world headquarters. ladies, good morning to you. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. steve: okay. so last saturday the dnc passed a resolution pragdz the values of -- praises the values of religious organization largest group within the democratic party. we have a little bit of their quote. it reads religiously unafull uniteunitedunaaffiliated. recognizes that religiously unaffiliated americans are a group that advocates for
3:53 am
rational public policy based on sound science and universal humanistic values and should be represented, included and heard. well, we like to hear what you have to say about that. >> wow. well, first of all, we are, you know, the united states of america. we believe in god in this country. and we believe in religious freedom. what w. that said, when i look at the democrats, they are being straight hypocrites because it was two weeks ago they were standing in a black church pandering for votes. >> that's right. >> now it seems they are in this secular movement pandering for their vote. it is sad that they are being hypocritical. >> yeah. >> and they are trying to do anything or say anything to get a vote or they are trying to do anything to beat trump. >> that's right. >> and i think all americans should look at these democrats and say wait a minute, if you are just trying to beat trump. >> yes. >> and you are not working for the american people, or you are saying anything just to sway the american people to make them believe that you are going to work for
3:54 am
them, then people need to look at these people. >> that's right. >> as being straight hypocrites. >> the democrats are looking for a body and anybody's body will do. lisa: this talks about the religiously unaffiliated what about the religious affiliated? why would you want to alienate them? >> absolutely. >> right. >> and not only that but these people -- okay, we have religious freedom. i don't want anyone taking away my religious freedom. >> that's right. >> they done took god out of the school you can't do this. you can't do that i don't want anyone doing that to me. >> that's right. >> when you look at the democrats going around pandering to anybody just to get a vote, this is their party. >> um-huh. >> this is what they represent. >> yep. >> this is what people need to say no to. steve: ladies, you realize there are a lot of people in this country who are atheist, agnostic, humanist. they are not religiously affiliated, but they are still americans and the democratic party is reaching
3:55 am
tout them saying hey, look, this is what we have to offer. what's the wrong with thranchts is nothing wrong with that. the deal is we are all americans at the end of the day. why can't we be americans and see what the individuals have to say. why do you have to pander to a group of people and label them and segregate them as a little small entity just so you can try to control them. that's all the democrats continue to do. if you look at our president, president donald j. trump, he don't pander to just one group of people. it's about americans first, all americans. no matter the color of your skin or your religion. if you have one or not. period. lisa: is this just another example of identified at this politics from the left? >> absolutely. >> exactly. >> identity politics, you are alienating one group. >> listen, don't do that. but this is the democrat playbook. >> that's right. >> this is what they always do. >> yes. >> and this is what we need to say no to. people better wake up and smell the coffee. >> that's right. >> look at these people they were in a christian church
3:56 am
two weeks ago pandering for black people. >> for black votes. >> now they are in the circle of movement downing the christian values and saying we are going to pander to this group. >> yeah. and then they are taking pit one group against the other. like they are pivoting black against white. it's all been this race-baiting, this religious baiting that the democrat party continue to do. they know they can get you in a small group it's easier for them to control you. >> right. steve: right, the freedom from religion foundation co-president called the resolution a political landmark that is long overdue. diamond and silk, thank you very much for your point of view on this -- >> thank you. have a great day. steve: have a good weekend, too. it's friday. lisa: so much going on i keep forgetting it's friday. steve: joe biden campaign trail now under fire. >> this is the god's truth. my word is abiden.
3:57 am
i don't want the damn thing. do not future on me, sir. steve: "the washington post" says that story not right. joe biden's response coming up next. lisa: that is really something. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? so we reward every purchase . let's see what kate sent. for you. for all of us. that's for me.
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cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum. brian: we begin with a fox news alert. hurricane dorian growing to a category 2 storm overnight. this is what it looks like from outer space. it could be deadly. >> it looks like it could be a very, i have big one, very bi. lisa: you are taking a live look at home depot emergency supplies like wood to board up their homes as you can see there. lines formed outside of that storm an hour before it opened. steve: of course, there are lines at all the grocery stores as well it. is hard to get bottled water in south florida right up through north florida right now. meteorologist janice dean has dorian's latest on the track.
4:01 am
but first let's go down to rick leventhal who is live in del ray beach on the atlantic coast with the very latest. rick, it looks as if it is the calm before the storm there. >> you took the words right out of my mouth, steve. absolutely calm out here on the beach. but not calm on the streets or in the stores. there has been a run on anything can you carry out of those stores. the governor has encouraged people to stock up on seven day supply if they lose services which they could if dorian hits the coast as predicted as a 4 and possibly even approaching a category 5 hurricane. it's gaining strength over the atlantic and it's headed right no for the coast somewhere between central florida or west palm beach. some models have it trending further south into miami and affecting the keys. when you see the size of the storm and know that the hurricane force winds stretch out and then the tropical storm force winds stretch out even further, that means trouble for a lot of folks down here.
4:02 am
so they are stocking up on water. will will will board for boarding up windows. some vacationers packing up and getting out of town ahead of the storm. here is one of them hiding north sooner. i don't want to be on the road taking a spot for people who actually have to do mandatory evacuation. >> on the road storm coming. >> unfortunately i called this morning to get flights out and everything was all booked up. >> >> a state of emergency has now been declared in all 67 florida counties, and the president cancelled an overseas trip because he knows that this thing is going to be bad. >> our highest priority is the safety and security of the people in the path of the hurricane. it's something very important for me to be here. the storm looks like it could be a very, very big one, indeed.
4:03 am
>> main thing is, people do have a couple of days to prepare but just a couple of days. by sunday they say we will start feeling the effects of this storm and by monday we could be getting hit with a cat 4. steve: the president tweeted out it could be an absolute monster. janice dean joins us. the reason it is gaining strength right now as a category 2, could be a 4. although i saw a guy from accuweather said it could become a 5 is because the water is so warm right there and there is very little wind shear pushing it back. janice: right. so there is a lot of warm water in the path. and the high pressure that is steering this storm system is going to break down. so the steering mechanism of moving this storm forward is going to make it slow down over the next couple of days. we have a good agreement of where the storm is going to go today and tomorrow. but that coin of uncertainty that we talk about when it comes to forecasting gets even wider as we go into
4:04 am
sunday, monday, tuesday and even wednesday. so here is what we know now it. is a strengthening storm. we have water, sea surface temperatures that are 85, 87 degrees. it's like a hot tub. there is really nothing in its path. usually when you have, you know, land, a land mass like hispaniola that will tear storms apart. we don't have that in front of it. just warm water ahead. it's going to make a bee line towards the baum as strengthening category 4 storm. as we go further out, monday, tuesday, wednesday look at this. this is a nightmare to forecast. we don't quite know what's going to happen to this storm as we get into monday. but we will start to feel the effects along the florida peninsula starting sunday. sunday night into monday. and if we have a stalled out storm, that means storm surge major hurricane force wind and flooding rainfall on order in some cases
4:05 am
2 feet of rain depending on where the storm sets up. there is also the possibility that the storm stalls and then kind of drifts northward. and does sort of like matthew did a few years ago where it scrapes the coast line and moves up towards georgia and the carolinas. so i don't want you to think you are out of the woods georgia and the carolinas, that potentially is a scenario and there is also a scenario where it comes into the gulf of mexico. this is one of the hardest storms to forecast when it comes to hurricane modeling. and as you can see the sea surface temperatures 85 degrees, 87 degrees. really nothing to say that this storm couldn't rapidly intensify over the next couple of days. here's one of the computer models. again, this is going to change forecast to forecast. this one brings it inland and then dropping over a foot or maybe two feet of rainfall as it continues northward. that's the gfs and the euro is very similar although the euro has it hugging the coast line a little bit
4:06 am
more. here is the steering mechanism the bermuda high making this storm move northward that's going to break down and not going to have anything that is going to push it quickly towards the coast. we are going to be talking about a storm that could only be moving 4 to 5 miles per hour which is unheard of and could prolong the effects and bring catastrophic damage to florida. so, we will keep you up to date certainly and listen to your local officials. >> they will start evacuations soon i would imagine. brian: janice dean thanks so much. i know you will be all over this with all those models rolling through with uncertainty. steve: we will have the governor of the great state of florida ron desantis joining us with the very latest from the sunshine state as they make preparations coming up 24 minutes from right now. brian: his first hurricane now as governor of florida and sadly won't be his last. what about this news? about 48 hours ago we found out there will be a special release from the inspector general on the former fbi director james comey. that's how special he was when he ran. and that's how long it took
4:07 am
to evaluate his actions. so james comey feels as though there was no -- there was no criminal -- there was no indict, criminal indictment, he feels as though he was exonerated. if you read the record, you have to wonder how he could feel that even the "new york times" headlines today called it a stinging rebuke and described the report as blistering on his conduct. lisa: it really was. so let me read it for you. this i what the inspector general report said about james comey. what was not permit dollars was the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive investigative information. obtained during the course of fbi employment in order-to-achieve a personally desired outcome taking aim saying this was personally motivated. he wanted the outcome of a personal counsel investigation. that is why he leaked this or leaked the memos. steve: even when these employees believed that their most strongsly held personal convictions might be served by an unauthorized
4:08 am
disclosure -- leak -- the fbi depends on them not to disclose sensitive information. former director comey failed to live up to this responsibility. the cover of the "new york post" this morning as you can see there leaker of the free world. you know what this does? this gives president trump and his republican allies ammunition to say i told you all along there was trouble at the top of the doj and the fbi and look at the inspector general report. and how many people going forward will be using, you know what? -though is an excuse, the james comey excuse. well, he got away with it. why can't i get away with it? brian: absolutely. the report said he set a dangerous example for 35,000 current fbi employees. just for those people out there to think well this inspector general who likes president trump or was going -- is political, you are wrong. he was appointed by president obama. he is there to investigate. nobody knew how this would turn out. but the facts say a lot.
4:09 am
i think one thing to bring up, too. we can debate it back and forth. can you have your own opinion. i also think about law enforcement. many of which are apolitical. they, to a man, they don't need james comey sanctimonious tweets saying he was exonerated. they know what's right and wrong. kevin brock last night said he made a very bad decision, much worse coming out with tweets exonerating himself. rules he knew he was breaking did he it anyway. he kept official fbi records separate and hidden and never entered into the fbi case management. these fellow fbi officers. man and women democrats and republicans know how bad he was. steve: he is in charge of enforcing the laws of the land and he broke a bunch of the rules of the fbi. the president tweeted this. lisa: right. he said never in the history of our country has someone been more thoroughly disgraced and exsore united stated than james comey and the just released inspector general's report. he should be ashamed of himself. it's even big irthan just the fbi. right? this is setting a bad
4:10 am
precedent for the rest of the country. this is going to lead to the loss of faith and institutions when you have got the top law enforcement officer acting in this way. this sets a terrible example. and also what i mentioned earlier on top of the 6 a.m. hour is the fact that the report also talks about the january 6th, 2017 meeting with james comey and recall then elect president trump. and james comey originally said the point of it was just to give him information about the dossier and salacious information in that. what we found out it was actually for intelligence gathering purposes. so hopefully we find out more about that in the next ig report. steve: that particular meeting between mr. comey and the intel chiefs and donald trump was what byron york, chief political correspondent, said to brian earlier about something we had not realized before. listen to this. >> this report sheds light on one of the most important moments of the whole
4:11 am
trump-russia matter. on january 6th, 2017, it's the first meeting ever between james comey and donald trump who, at that point, is the president-elect. and it begins with the dossier. we had always heard from comey that he told the president because he just wanted the president-elect to know that this story was out there. he assured the president we are not investigating you, sir. but, in fact, comey had met with his investigative team before this meeting. they had planned for comey to write down immediately everything that the president said. brian: not out of the woods yet that was a little bit earlier. comey comes out and you think he would say they got me and i made some mistakes i made some mistakes too few to mention. now he comes out james comey is one who wants an apology. look what he said in this tweet. the ig found no evidence that comey or his attorney released any of the classified information contained in any of the memos to members of the
4:12 am
media. yeah, memos he wrote. seven in particular. he says i don't need a public apology from those who defamed me but a quick message of "sorry we lied about you" would be nice. this is so lacking of self-awareness it's astounding. to all of those who spent two years talking about me going to jail or being a liar and a leaker ask yourselves why you still trust people who gave you bad info if for so long, including the president? did he think this report was not going to get out. it's so deattached from reality almost indefensible. steve: another report regarding fisa coming out. lisa: you also have the u.s. attorney durham investigation as well not just the inspector general report. steve: huber is doing something too. jim jordan has been looking into this for years and regarding jim comey saying the thing about the apology, he had this observation with laura last night. >> i country had to live through this two and a half year saga because of one guy jim comey. he opened the evaluatio investin
4:13 am
in 2016. put peter strzok in charge of it. the same guy who said trump should lose 100 million to zero that's the guy he put in charge. jim comey allows the dossier to be used to to get a warrant to spy on an american citizen. jim comey leaked sensitive information to the "new york times" through his friend. so i'm not going to apologize. jim comey owes the country an apology because he put us through this for two and a half years. we know he did it. we know he did it because he was out to get the president. brian: jordan nailed it and he nailed it a year ago and everything he said is coming out correct. lisa: only james comey would be arrogant enough ask for apology for being eviscerated in this report. steve: he didn't get charged that's the hook is he hanging his hat on. lisa: low bar to have. steve: jillian joins us with a bunch of news today. jillian: a busy morning. a couple wanted more murder escaped in a prison van by
4:14 am
faking. made guards pull over and she a and her husband were being driven to arizona to face murder charges. the couple attacked the guards as they opened the door and used shoe laces to tie them up before stealing the van. the couple is believed to be driving a red g.m.c. pickup truck. there is $20,000 reward for their capture. nascar legend dale eastern hart jr. says he is excited to get back to the crash following a fiery plane crash. the driver explaining his recovery process. >> i had some bad bruising on my back and i have been doing some things at home to bring the swelling down and get rid a lot of the blood. it was just really swollen and bad. but all of that has actually gotten better quickly. i think i'm going to be okay. i think once you get in the car you won't even think about it. jillian: eastern hart and his family escaped injuries after plane caught fire. he will drive tomorrow at
4:15 am
darlington raceway in south carolina. president trump's tax returns. the judge calling the move premature saying, quote: the weighted constitutional issues and militate in favor of caution and deliberation. not haste. hand over six years of president's personal and business tax returns. a streaker storms the field at nfl preseason game. watch who stops him in his tracks. [cheers] well, can you see the shirtless man running around lambeau stadium before is he knocked to the ground by chief safety harold jones forte. by the way packers won 27-20. can you imagine being knocked to the ground by an actual. steve: i wonder how he felt about that? he wanted to get attention.
4:16 am
brian: famous tough guy mike curtis. a fan ran out on the field ice cold day in memorial stadium in baltimore he famously got clothesline by a baltimore colt. lisa: step onto the field. brian: streak something not good. you should wear some type of equipment. steve: he wasn't streaking. he only had his shirt off. lisa: it's going to be colder soon. proper precaution. steve: close enough. meanwhile straight ahead, homeless crisis growing in some cities across the country. our own emily compagno went to deteriorating communities in los angeles with dr. drew and she is going to be with us next. brian: he thinks it's all about mental illness, too. all-american concert series finale. it's sad but we are happy that country star craig morgan is here live and eventually standing on that stage with his equipment. steve: he will be. all brought to you by our friends at sandals.
4:17 am
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that could allow hackers devices into your home.ys and like all doors, they're safer when locked. that's why you need xfinity xfi. with the xfi gateway, devices connected to your homes wifi are protected. which helps keep people outside from accessing your passwords, credit cards and cameras. and people inside from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. brian: the homeless crisis is growing in america's second largest city, los angeles, california. lisa: fox news contributor emily compagno recently visited the conditions in
4:21 am
skid row in los angeles. steve: how can that be allowed? she joins us with part two of her investigation. why does it look like that out there. lisa: that is just crazy. >> it is. thank you for having me this morning. we are about to find out as we saw in part one of our series, mental illness, drug abuse and rat infestation have brought skid row into crisis point. eric garcetti pledged additional resources to address the dire conditions. but, as you will see, many remain skeptical. part two of our tour dr. drew pin i pinsky and i examine how the policies have brought the area to a state of squaller. watch. ♪ ♪ >> why do we throw away these people? nobody throws away people like los angeles. >> how many must die before you are willing to change directions? what you are doing is killing people. you have blood on your hands. the city officials have blood on their hands. the aclu has blood on heir
4:22 am
hands and they should be held accountable for it. they are killing people. >> since 2014, and even beyond that they have taken a softer approach to fighting crime. they consider drug dealing a nonserious crime. message now nothing do. take complete control. they didn't know they would change serious crimes into nonserious crimes. didn't know prop 57 turn violent crimes into nonviolent crimes. >> especially drugs. >> can you use and traffic pretty much at your whim. my patients give an opportunity like that they are coming to this state. >> one side you create this kind of without walls. get in but can't get out even if they wanted. to say on the other side you put these people, the very people you say you care about in extreme danger. >> you have to do unpopular things. i understand you have to let law enforcement do their job. every to put people who don't want to be put somewhere, somewhere where they can get well and get
4:23 am
services. it's unpopular. but it's life-saving. left to their own devices they deteriorate. it's not their fault. it's an illness. if we don't do -- if you are not actively treating it. personally i believe it's a passive manslaughter. i believe our representatives are engaging in reckless negligence and manslaughter. >> people don't come here to 'live a good life. they come here to die. you can see it. steve: they come there to die. >> how sad is that? no one throws away people like los angeles. what was so striking to me about being down there it is not just squaller. it is not just poverty. it so much worse than that it's not people sitting there lucid and asking for help with signs. these are zombies. these are absolute drug addicts with mental illnesses and in talking to the law enforcement consultant joseph i was struck by how hamstringed they are. how much these policies have crippled and made the entire situation worse. brian: because these people are also dangerous to civilians who are just
4:24 am
trying to go about their lives to families. look where they are set up. and law enforcement, it's no longer a misdemeanor to do a lot of these things. law enforcement says i really can't do anything. so i'm not even going to go there anywhere. >> local gangs literally run part of that a lot of times when homeless are arrested for infractions don't have an i.d. it's because gang members hold the id hostage and take their funds there is a whole under belly to this. lisa: has money made any impact at all? >> not at all. just yesterday an audit was released on the los angeles housing authority. and they failed, despite doubling the efforts and money, they failed to -- throwing money at it doesn't do anything. lisa: great report. thank you. >> thanks, you guys. steve: meanwhile the inspector general for the department of justice has found that james comey said, quote: dangerous example by, quote, leaking his memos. next guest former cia officer and a democrat is furious. he will join us live next.
4:25 am
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♪ ♪ steve: two years ago, former fbi director james comey admitted to using his memos in order to have a special counsel appointed to investigate donald trump. well, now, the doj inspector general's report came out yesterday morning, and it said that comey's actions set, quote: a dangerous example for current fbi employees. but, the department of justice declined to prosecute him. but, what kind of precedent are we talking about right here that's being set? joining us right now is a former cia officer and democrat as well bryan dean wright. brian, good morning to you. >> such a pleasure. steve: you told our producer yesterday as a former cia officer i am beyond livid.
4:29 am
why? >> how you cannot be? for two reasons, one. in 2016 we had effectively a koop, did we an fbi director leaked information to force a public action that is the appointment of a special counsel. not because the facts demanded it. but because he and his own part sin drive desired it. now, that's horrifying not only was that horrifying for donald trump or any president that could have been elected in 2016, the profound concern that i have as an american, forget democrat or republican, but especially as an agency officer, we have 35,000 employees in the fbi. 10,000 cia officers who have access to some of the most profound powers in this country. what example does it set for them in 2020 or 2024 use that information to kneecap however and whoever they want. we are in this crisp edge of something horrific happening that we will not be able to
4:30 am
pull back from unless we are incredibly careful and take comey and brethren in and and thbrennan and therest of tho task. steve: you put it as only somebody with your background okay what you are describing somebody with a lot of power top law man in the country was out for revenge donald trump for political purposes? >> precisely. in 2020 if we have elizabeth warren or whoever, on the democratic side who happens to win, do you think there aren't going to be conservative or republican spies out for revenge themselves? what's the consequence for their behavior? there is knob. they get a book deal. that's what comey got. there is no jail time. there is no prosecution. there is nothing. steve: what about that in the department of justice declined to prosecute him in this particular instance. >> precisely. steve: why? >> i would like to talk to a.g. barr to understand why it. makes no sense. steve: don't you think if somebody could figure a way to do it would be bill barr. >> is he a man of total
4:31 am
integrity so i understand they made a call. i appreciate that. what i fear for my country, forget parties, for my country is a precedent where somebody can make the law and kneecap a duly elected president and face absolutely no consequences for it. what are the consequences? he got a book deal. is he doing fantastic for himself. there are no consequences for my fellow brethren and it tells this community my god, what is to prevent that from happening again today? nothing. nothing. steve: bryan dean, what do you think the perception is people looking in three letter agencies like the fbi or the cia? >> i think what you are going to hear and what have you heard in the past couple years is a call to disband. steve: too much power. >> yeah, exactly. i understand why someone might make that argument after they see people like the comeys and the brennans and the mccabes and strzoks and page and all the rest of that disaster. it makes sense that people would say these people have
4:32 am
too much power and even when they are caught we can't toss them out. we need to minimize or disband the entire organization or agency. that's dangerous for the country. steve: brine bryan, you don't seem like any democrat i have seen the last 24 hours. >> horrifying isn't it? >> the enemy of my enemy is my friend. that's fundamentally what the democratic party is engaged in right now. they are dealing a deal with the devil that is going to backfire on them in 2020 or 2024 if a democrat gets elected i guarantee you there will be revenge. republican spies and law enforcement officials will be hell bent on revenge. steve: of course, donald trump this gives him ammunition to say look, i told you there was trouble at the top of the fbi. exhibit a, ladies and gentlemen. >> amen. >> bryan dean wright, thank you ver the analysis. florida all 67 counties
4:33 am
under a state of emergency as hurricane dorian has intensified to a category 3, could go higher. governor desantis joins us with an update on prep coming up next. ♪ ♪ -their béarnaise sauce here is the best in town. [ soft piano music playing ] mm, uh, what do you do for fun? -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into?
4:34 am
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4:37 am
category 2. it looks as if the forecast models show it could be a 4 within a number of hours. janice dean joins us here in studio f with the very latest on what every person in florida should be worried about. janice: florida needs to be on alert that is for certain. as we go further out in time. that cone of uncertainty gets wider. and we have a new advisory that's going to come out just before 8:00 a.m. we will make sure that you know the latest. i will tell you models are in good agreement over the next 24 hours where the storm goes and then a slow in the progression of the storm as we get into sunday, monday, tuesday and even wednesday category 2 storm. we are strengthening quite quickly over the next 24 hours category 3 major hurricane and then going up to a category 4 storm. the problem with this storm is it is going to slow down and give us the impact of a very strong hurricane that could bring hurricane force winds, very heavy rainfall.
4:38 am
and the potential for storm surge for not only hours but days along the florida coast line. i also will tell that you some of the forecast models are showing the potential for the storm to go into the gulf of mexico, so we have to watch that there is also the potential for the storm to move more northward and maybe along the coast. maybe not even making a landfall. so we have to take all of those things into consideration. obviously officials are scratching their heads and saying give us more information forecasters. but at this point in time, it is very difficult to tell you the exact point of landfall and where this storm is eventually going to go past sunday. but the whole state of florida needs to be on alert and there there will be evacuations i would assume in the next several hours. brian: janice, thanks so much. we will check back in with you. now go to governor ron detan sis. he is at thdesantis. is he in a bit of a delay. second or two pause between
4:39 am
us. governor, this is a heck of a start to your first storm. a long, unpredictable storm. you don't know where it's going to hit and you know it's going to last. how are you approaching this? >> well, you are right, brian. we know that it's going to be intense and they have been accurate on that. there sataloff uncertainty, still, about where exactly this storm is going to end up going. but, as janice mentioned, it does have the potential to impact any county in florida. all 67 potentially could be affected. so i have declared a state of emergency for the buyer state. all 67 counties. yesterday we submitted a request to the president for a prelandfall declaration for federal assistance for all 67 counties and, yes, there is going to be, i think today all the local counties are going to be looking to determine whether they should issue evacuation orders. and our message here from the state government is
4:40 am
basically, you know, listen to the folks that are in charge locally. they are going to set these conditions. they are monitoring the storm. if you live in an evacuation zone, and they tell to you evacuate, heed those orders. obviously you still have some time to prepare because the storm has slowed down. so, if you haven't made the preparations, please do so now. we're also sensitive to, you know, the need for water and fuel and we're making accommodation to get more of that down there. this is a potentially very, very serious cat 4 plus storm. it could churn over florida for a long time and make it a multi-day event. that means yes, you have wind damage. but also means there is going to be a ton of water dumped on this state. so if you you are in an area that typically floods, well, if it comes to you, you are probably going to flood again. you will probably lose power. just be prepared for that. so that you can protect yourself and your family. steve: you know, governor, the images that we have been showing this morning where they have sold out of all bottled water in a lot of the grocery stores down
4:41 am
there. we have been showing a live shot from home depot where people seem to be buying every 4 by 8 sheet of plywood in the big box stores to prepare for dorian, but the problem is because right now the area where it could impact all the way from the keys right up through northern florida, it's hard, you know, if you are the average floridian living on the coast. it's like, you know what? it has missed me every time so far. maybe i wait and i wait and i wait. right now you are here to tell us, don't wait, prepare, because you just don't know. >> >> no. absolutely. make the preparations. and i think the fact that you are seeing gas lines and water being taken. i think a lot of floridians are heeding the advice. they see the storm could be really powerful and major impact. we are also working with companies like publix and walmart to get the shelves restocked because we know
4:42 am
that's important. and then in the state of florida, we have about a million gallons of water. we have individual waters that are going to be available for distribution and then we have asked fema for another couple hundred thousands gallons of water and likely ask for more going forward. we are definitely. prepare. we make seven days. because you don't know how long power is going to go out. we have worked with all the utilities here. they all have executed. they are executing their plans. we have stressed how important it is when the storm passes that power gets restored as quickly as possible. but, at the same time, you could do that perfectly and you are still going to have people going to be without power. plan for seven days. and if you only need one day then you are no worse off for it. we don't want people to be insufficiently prepared. that's when really problems can occur. lisa: thank you, governor. we have florida in our prayers. and we are with you. so, thank you. steve: all right. 18 minutes now before the
4:43 am
top of the hour. other news this morning. here is jillian. jillian: good morning. let's start with this story about joe biden. is he slamming "the washington post" reporting that he has been on the campaign trail telling false war stories this one about an army captain who refused to receive the silver star from him when he served as vice president. listen to this. >> the general wanted me to pin the silver star on him. i got up there and stand and this is the god's truth my word as a biden. he stood at attention i went to pin he said sir, i do not the want the wrong thing. do not pin it on me sir, please, sir, do not do that. >> the post revealing the democratic frontrunner got almost every element of that story wrong mixing up three different stories into one. the post claims the soldier from biden's story is actually kyle white. he was an army specialist not a navy captain and white was awarded a medal of honor by obama. biden firing back at the report. >> i was making the point how courageous these people are.
4:44 am
how incredible they're. this generation of warriors, these fallen angels we've lost. so, that, i don't know what the problem is i mean, what is it that i said wrong? jillian: biden mixed up the time period he visited that in 2008 as a u.s. senator not as vice president. a stern warning to pregnant moms and teenagers, do not smoke pot. the surgeon sounding the alarm about the drug saying most people aren't aware of the health risk for developing brains. >> not enough people know that today's marijuana is far more potent than in days past. this ain't your mother's marijuana. >> president trump donated $100,000 from his salary for a new digital campaign about the risk of the drug as more states legalize it. well, how about this story? storm coverage hitting a little too close to home for one reporter. watch this video.
4:45 am
[thunder] jillian: isn't that scary. that is matt from our affiliate in phoenix dodging a lightning bolt as he prepared to go on tv. it knocked out power. matt still gave his report as a professional. that is scary and something you don't want to be involved in. send it back to you guys. ♪ what i love about sunday ♪ cat napping on the porch swing ♪ you curled up next to me. steve: is he a country music star who spent nearly 20 years in the army before he turned to make money at music. his he is out with a powerful new single the father, my son, and the holy ghost. brian: close out this summer concert series craig morgan, ladies and gentlemen. make him feel welcome. [cheers and applause] >> great to see you. lisa: that's a pretty good welcome. >> yeah, thank you. brian: so, craig, sadly we know what this song is about. your father, son and holy
4:46 am
ghost. so it's very important for you to do. it must have been very tough to write. >> yeah. it was very tough to write. it's tough to perform. in fact, it wasn't my choice to do this. it just happened. and i do it -- had a very dear friend tell me that you must sing this song. opry member told me that i hope that through this song i can encourage other people to stick with their faith and make it work. steve: let's talk a little bit about the young man we are looking at there. that's your son jerry. sadly he drowned during a tubing incident just a few weeks after you were here for the summer concert series a couple years ago. >> yeah. it's tough. it's tough to talk about. we miss him every day. that's all we think about is when we wake up and before we go to bed and throughout the day. something that's never going to go away. but we have a lot of faith and it is through our faith that we are able to keep
4:47 am
moving and hopefully encourage others to be strong and to get through it. steve: the message is he is not here but he is not gone. >> that's exactly right. he might not physically be here but his presence is felt. can i tell you it's felt through his friends. through the scholarship that we have established in his name. and he gives me little signs every now and then. his number was 13. literally here a while back i got out of truck and there was 13 cents laying on the ground at my door. that's kind of -- that's a biblical thing, you know, and i feel it. so, the whole family deals with this every day. steve: coincidence, gods way of working anonymously. lisa: how about your faith writing that song and brought you through your pain son and the loss. >> i will be honest i don't know people who don't have that relationship with god i don't know how they get through something this traumatic. lisa: what does that relationship mean to you. >> it's my life. i'm a devout catholic now.
4:48 am
i don't mean that i wasn't devout before. [laughter] i'm a recent convert to catholicism. and it is absolutely everything that i depend on when i wake up in the morning. i rest on my faith knowing that god is there for me. brian: you got a special award this year. the freedom award, right, a special medal 2018. >> yeah. i got to tell you it's a little weird because as you guys know and most people know me i was in the army a long time a big part of my life. [cheers and applause] it was really awkward getting a civilian award from the army. but it is also very humbling. i'm not a guy that chases those things. buff i do accept them and i accept them on behalf of all the other people who work very hard that don't get recognized. lisa: thank you for your service. steve: you were not only in the army you were an eminent, you were a sheriff's deputy. you have been a man of service. >> i have done all those things and carried it forward in everything i do. my music career. you know, you see the new
4:49 am
smoothest fast line i partnered up with a guy you are well aware of tyler with nine line apparel. these guys are doing fabulous things for our men in service. we have two military businesses that have converged together continuing to serve those men and women serving out there since we can't go out and do that anymore. steve: it's fantastic. is he going to kick out this finale for the summer concert series 11 minutes right here on the stage. craig morgan thank you very much. >> i want to say happy birthday to my son. today is his birthday. kyle, happy birthday. steve: look right. >> there happy birthday, kyle, i love you, son. he is probably not up. [laughter] steve: he can run the tape. steve: summer concert series starts in a couple minutes brought to you by our friends at sandals. brian: thanks, craig. see you in a moment listen to you all morning long. his presidential seal made it to the steps to the white house. he also makes signs for college sports fans all across the country. he will join us live next in
4:50 am
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4:54 am
brian: day five week long series of celebrating people who make their products inside america. lisa: this morning we introduce you to the man behind the a.o.c. based game day iron works after the company's visit to the white house. so cool. steve: that's right. joining us now is president and ceok.c. andrews. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. >> i love that picture we put up you were presenting to the white house and the president the seal and that's made of steel that you make down in oklahoma. tell us why it was so important to have your company based in oklahoma making things in the united states of america. >> i'm originally from oklahoma. it just made sense to start this company back in 2015. and we're a collegiate, licensed manufacturer. and i'm an oklahoma state grad. so, it just made sense to
4:55 am
start it with oklahoma state products. it kind of grew from there with other universities that we have got partnerships with. brian: of course, college football, college sports huge in oklahoma. >> it is. brian: i'm going to put logos of steel. what your approach. >> we buy all of our raw goods from a company in tulsa all of our steel, all of our powder coat. all of our items are powder coated in house under one roof. we cut everything with a laser machine. and that's how we put it together. lisa: i asked you earlier if you had a tennessee one which you said yes. >> we do, that's right. lisa: what does that mean for you to be able to create jobs for your fellow americans? >> it means a lot. it's extremely humbling. it's very rewarding just to know that we are creating jobs in our local market and then we are also creating more jobs by the products we sell to all of these retailers that are out there. steve: sure. >> they are hiring people.
4:56 am
it's the trickle down effect is huge if we create more jobs in america. steve: casey, wouldn't it be cheaper if you built it in china or something like that. >> it might be. steve: but you are not going to do it. this is really cool. lisa pointed this out. with these little logos right here. it's not just the logo, you put it on the back of your pickup truck where your ball hitch would go normally. how cooking is that? brian: how do you know what people want? how are you adjusting your product line. >> we have a variety of product lines. everything what you are standing to our porch sign or tailgate sign, it's got a handle, pick it up. take it to your tailgate. when you get home can you put it on your front porch. take it to your office. steve: we are going to put this "fox & friends" sign you made for us on our front porch here. >> that sounds good to me. steve: people want more information buy some of the stuff from the teams that you represent. >> game day iron lisa: there you go. nice to meet you, sir.
4:57 am
steve: travel safely back to oklahoma. >> thank you. steve: commissioner robert perez and geraldo rivera are going to be with us. and craig morgan starts singing in three minutes. brian: he better. ♪ your adventure starts here. i'm looking at that truck! wow! that's awesome! this labor day, everyone's excited about chevrolet. . . .
4:58 am
4:59 am
♪ sleep this amazing? that's a zzzquilpure zzzs sleep.
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our liquid has a unique botanical blend, while an optimal melatonin level means no next-day grogginess. zzzquil pure zzzs. naturally superior sleep. steve: 8:00 in florida, we start this hour with a fox news alert. you're looking at satellite imagery of hurricane dorian strengthening to a category 2 storm overnight. it looks like it will get bigger and stronger. brian: millions across the state of florida bracing for impact as governor ron desantis declares a state of emergency in every county. >> a lot of uncertainty still where exactly this storm will end up going. it does have the potential to impact any county in florida. all 67 potentially could be affected. lisa: across the state we're seeing long lines forming at gas stations and grocery stores. some cities are running low on water. steve: the governor is working
5:01 am
with stores to bring more water in. janice dean in the studio with the storm's track. start with rick leventhal joining us live from delray beach. apologies, they have the wrong, wrong first name in the prompter for you. i had to he had it. lisa: we know who you are. reporter: yeah, thanks. i think it is pretty incredible to hear the governor say all 67 counties could be impacted by this storm. the other key here, they don't know exactly where it is going to hit. so they can't order evacuations yet, because they haven't yet, they're not certain which areas need to be evacuated. along the beach in delray, if there is evacuation order, hotels will be shut down, people will be told they have to get out. that will be up to them. getting out could be tough if everyone is trying to get to the highway, to get to safer ground. no one knows anywhere from central florida down as far as
5:02 am
south as west palm. the keys could be impacted by the hurricane which is expected to strengthen from the current 110 miles an hour to 140 miles an hour and beyond according to forecasters. with that, we're talking about a 10 to 15-foot storm surge according to forecasters, 6 to 12 inches of rain. on a state already saturated by summer storms. it will flood very, very quickly down here in south florida in particular, if the heavy rains come. people have to be put on notice. people are stocking up all supplies. b buying water by the case. buying food by the cartful, buying gas, emptying tanks at gas stations. a number ran out of fuel yesterday because of long lines people stocking up. that was best advice of the governor. some vacationers were heeding warning. >> heading north sooner. >> i don't want to be on the
5:03 am
road taking a spot for people who have to do a mandatory evacuation. >> we're on the road to get out of here because the storm is coming. >> i called to get flights out. everything was all booked up. reporter: we could feel tropical storm force winds on florida coast as early as saturday night into sunday. the president canceled an overseas trip, because he knows this storm is going to be huge. >> our highest priority is the safety and security of the people in the path of the hurricane. it's, something very important for me to be here. this storm looks like it could be a very, very big one indeed. reporter: the building codes were improved here after hurricane andrew which i rode out down here back in 1992 but as we saw last year with hurricane michael, it will do significant damage to a lot of structures, particularly the older ones that were built
5:04 am
before the storm, the new requirements were put in place. so you know, category 4, 140 miles an hour winds. it will do significant damage to the state. will it hit me or not? no one knows for sure. brian: steve: that is good point, rick leventhal, a lot of people on the coast, with impact glass, good to 125 miles an hour, if the storm is bigger than that, nobody knows what happens. reporter: starts ripping roofs off. that happens for miles and miles with these kind of winds. brian: rick, thank you very much. janice dean is poised to see the various models, still very unpredictable, janice. janice: that is the hardest part of the storm. we don't know where it will go or lakeland fall. the problem it will slow down. this is almost a category 3.
5:05 am
110 miles per hour. they bump winds 111 miles per hour sustained. that is makes it a major category 3. we're anticipating that. nothing in the way of the storm until it moves closer to the bahamas and florida. as i mentioned, the worst part of the storm is that it is going to slow down. that is sunday. there is monday, tuesday, and wednesday. still potentially dealing with a hurricane. i don't want you to focus on landfall impacts. we have a cone very wide. so you could be dealing with the storm system in north florida, central florida, south florida, the gulf coast could get impacts. we could deal with a storm system moving to the north, part of georgia, carolinas need to be on alert. the fact it is slowing down, not just hours of days of i impacts along the florida coastline. could be a the worst part of the storm system. major storm surge, upwards of 12 feet or more, depending where
5:06 am
the storm, center of the storm makes landfall, hovers along the coast. we'll deal with hurricane-force winds, perhaps a major hurricane not only hours but days. we could still see potential for incredible amounts of rain, some forecast models putting it some areas into two feet. upwards of two feet of rainfall over next couple days. still uncertainty involved here. especially we get into sunday, monday and tuesday. the steering current breaks down. our area of high pressure. this storm is just going to slow, meander near the coast. 4, 5 miles-an-hour. that is almost unheard of. why the worst effects of the storm, not just near the center of the cone, but all up and down the florida coastline. as i mentioned the warm water here is what fuels the storm system. we don't have much in its way to tear it apart. why we're predicting this could be category 3 or higher. perhaps a category 4.
5:07 am
rainfall model, gfs, this fakes more inland around the fort pierce area. it moves into the central florida peninsula, north and east words, up coast of georgia, carolinas. bottom line we're pretty good agreement next 24,-48 hours. depends on the high pressure, bermuda, high, it breaks down. we're influenced by area of he low pressure. will a tough move in to pull it northward? this is one of the worst hurricanes to forecast because of these steering currents and where it will stall out and potentially linger off the coastline for several days. that is the big problem. i know local officials are scratching their heads, saying give us more information. at this point in time, very difficult but all interests along the florida coastline, even gulf coast, up towards the southeast need to pay close attention to the forecast and
5:08 am
local officials. steve: exactly. lisa: thanks for staying on top of this. steve: janice talks about the number, velocity of the wind comes in, it is always storm surge kills more people. half an hour ago, governor joins us, telling everybody along the coast, inland, listen to what the local officials have to say. >> this is potentially very, very serious cat-4 plus storm. it could churn over florida for a long time, make it a multiday event. that means, yes you will have wind damage. also means there will be a ton of water dumped on this state. our message from the state government, basically, listen to the folks that are in charge locally. they will set the conditions. they are monitoring the storm. if you live in evacuation zone, tell you to evacuate, heed those orders. obviously you still have time to prepare, because the storm slowed down.
5:09 am
so if you have not made preparations please do so now. brian: go ahead. lisa: as we track hurricane dorian, we're also tracking some information about james comey, with the inspector general report. steve: who? lisa: you might have heard about him. the inspector general report says this, by not safeguarding sensitive information during the course of his fbi employment, by using it to create public pressure for official action, comey set a dangerous example for over 35,000 current fbi employees, many thousands more former fbi employees who similarly have access to or knowledge of non-public information. we've been talking about this all morning. not only that bad precedent is sets for fbi officials but also the country as james comey was the top law enforcement officer. clearly outside the lines, ethical lines of the fbi. brian: one thing to bring up, the president of the united states says if he made a mistake
5:10 am
hiring jeff sessions. jeff sessions meant well. i'm not sure that james comey meant well. that is the president's biggest mistake. he would go on to screw up even more, he would be fired and firebomb the places he left. inspector general taking a sober look at his actions. can't justify him of although because he did not get indicted by the department of justice he astoundingly feels like he was exonerated. look at this tweet. doj i.g. found no evidence comey or his attorneys released any classified information, any memos to the members of the media. i don't need apology for those that defamed me, a quick message, sorry i lied but would be nice. is this guy clueless? we read this three times. "new york times" came out said stinging rebuck of his actions. listen to any interviews from the other fbi agents, if they are red or blue i don't know
5:11 am
about it, they can't believe what he did leading up to election. steve: in the ig report, they said they were stunned, shocked, they cannot believe he did all the things he did. this does gives ammunition to donald trump and his allies, look, we told you there was trouble at the top of the fbi. absolutely there was according to the inspector general. there will be a another inspector general fisa report coming out before you know it. nonetheless, look at all the stuff, very clear the president was probably justified in firing him. congressman john ratcliffe of texas says every decision that mr. comey made now, is in yes -- question. watch this. >> inspector general, obama appointed inspector general watchdog, jim comey did one thing no fbi director ever do, allow their personal opinions to influence official conduct. jim comey promised us he never did that. but on page 60 the inspector
5:12 am
general finds that jim comey engaged in unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information in order to achieve a personally desired outcome. that out come was to get in this case a special counsel to stop donald trump. it calls into question literally all of the actions and all of the decisions made by jim comey. brian: we tend to talk at each other now. people say, i support this person or that person, this party or that party. i think it is important to understand, he screwed up the hillary clinton investigation. he, he blindsided the attorney general, barack obama's attorney general, the way he interviewed her, had agents interview her on 4th of july weekend. that press conference he had. almost everything he did made a difficult situation worse. now it is revealed that he had an agenda, for whatever reason, he does not, did not like the president united states. steve: he was going to save the
5:13 am
country. brian: for 2 1/2 years he put the country through hell with the mueller investigation. he sprung the whole mueller thing. he is proud of it. lisa: in an interview earlier with brian dean, former cia officer, democratic strategist, listen to what he had to say? >> what i fear, for my country, forget parties, for my country, is a precedent where somebody can break the law and kneecap a duly-elected president, face absolutely no consequences for it. what are the consequences. he got a book deal. doing fantastic for himself. there are no consequences for my fellow brethren in the intelligence community. what is to prevent that from happening again today? nothing. brian: you kept interrupting my interview with your questions. steve: i interviewed him. he is not a democratic strategist. he is a registered democrat. "the wall street journal" on the lead op-ed today starts with this, former fbi director willfully violated multiple rules as he sought revenge
5:14 am
against donald trump while pursuing his own self-interest in the name of higher virtue. what do you think about what mr. comey did, according to the i.g.? email us, lisa: there is a nugget of information. talks about the january 6th, meeting, when james comey told us the intention of the meeting to brief president in salacious details in the dossier, and media would pick up on it, but it was intelligence gathering for operation crossfire, the original russia probe. big nugget of information. we'll hear a lot more about that. brian: a huge anything get. i love people's analysis, something so blatantly true, he crude up. chuck todd, can we step back a minute how james comey's reputation has been ruined, eviscerated by the president? no. james comey ruined his own reputation with hillary
5:15 am
clinton's people and with president trump's people. he deserves full credit. steve: more on this throughout the day. breaking news from the border, deputy cpb commissioner robert perez here to react to tell you a story. brian: first, here is craig morgan performing, that's what i love about sunday. ♪ ♪ that's what i love about sunday, i sing along as the is swings, everyone loves "amazing grace," we shake people's hands, go and do your thing, have some chicken, think about god ♪
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5:20 am
steve: u.s customs & border protection deputy commission tear robert perez joins you live from d.c. tell us about the child who you encountered on friday night and also her father who, i understand has a criminal history. >> well, good morning, folks, some good news the 6-month-old child is now in stable condition, albeit she has very critically serious condition. she has been moved to an area hospital in houston, and her father is now in i.c.e. custody in the same area in houston. now he does have a very long criminal history as you mentioned and i think, an important takeaway now, again is that, while we're really, really glad to hear at least the child is stable, this is another example of the type of behavior, the dangerous behavior, that the
5:21 am
loopholes in our legal framework is frankly incentivizing. people to put themselves at risk, to put babies in this case, children at risk, to take a treacherous journey across our border, can't overstate the importance of fixing the loopholes that entice people to take that journey. frankly the most recent effort in that record, which was the announcement of the flores rule is really beginning of the breaking backs of criminal organizations profiting on these vulnerable people, disincentivizing people from taking dangerous treks. steve: robert, you separated that family. have you had criticism for that? >> well, steve, look, as we've always said, you know, the safety and wherewithal, and security of the children is always first and foremost on our minds and so when we have situations where there is any, any possibility of that being endangered, certainly in this
5:22 am
case, dealing with somebody who has a extensive criminal record here in the u.s., multiple illegal crossings, these are the rare instances where we will separate both the adult and the child. brian: robert, could you tell me, the decision that went into telling elijah cummins and company, stay away, very disruptive. it has gotten rebuke. i certainly understand ire point of view. what about the decision and some of the blowback. >> brian, look, so far this year we have had over 60 different congressional delegations, staff delegations visit our southern border facilities. we're committed to the utmost transparency. we want to inform all these folks best we can what reality on the border is, what actually is going on. that said we have very, very stringent and clear guidelines on the behavior of which, how it
5:23 am
is we need to manage those visits by virtue of keeping the visitors safe, our officers and agents safe and the people in our custody safe, adhering to the privacy rules that we have. in this case we have a single instance of a group, particularly disruptive. frankly it was totally uncalled for, disappointing. but it is not the norm. i mean by and large these are constructive visit. again we look to be as transparent as we can. we seek to inform these people best we can but we'll not tolerate that type of disruptive behavior. our front line agents and officers deserve better. we need to make sure that when people come into these facilities, that we're keeping everybody safe. while i sit here now, again i will tell you, brian, this is the rare occasion, something i don't recall happening anytime recently. we're already, again planning for and scheduling more visits from more congressional delegations and staff. brian: how disrespectful elijah
5:24 am
cummings was to kevin mcaleenan, that prompted the president to defend his homeland security secretary. i appreciate it. lisa: thank you. >> thank you, folks. steve: lisa, what is coming up. lisa: what football coach's fight for faith. he refused to give up prayer on the football field. he will be here with us. brian: here is another performance by craig morgan in mid song. ♪
5:25 am
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>> good morning, welcome back. we have a fox news alert. a man is under arrested including of plotting a isis inspired knife attack. he was taken into custody when he tried to pick up the weapon from undercover fbi agent who he texted about his plans. prosecutors say he was under constant surveillance after revealing plans in online chat room. a target for the attack was unknown. the suspect is due in court today. the brother of olympic gold medalist simone biles is charged with triple homicide. kevin biles is charged with taking place in a shooting that
5:29 am
left three people dead in a party in cleveland. he will be arraigned next month. his sister has not commented on arrest. brian. brian: as football fans gear up for the football season every level, for one football coach marks an anniversary, anniversary of him not coaching. in 2015 washington school district suspended joe kennedy for refusing to end his postgame prayer at the 50-yard line. we told but the story. he has been wrapped up in court battles to get the coaching job back. this january the supreme court refused to take up the case, his fight is far from over. in a brand new op-ed, here is excerpt, back to school means back to court for back to school, but for coach kennedy it is back to court. update is joe kennedy and his attorney from the liberty institute mike barry. you wrote the editorial. coach, still no job back but the fight goes on. the supreme court didn't take up your fight, but what did they
5:30 am
do? >> so, it is my understanding that, for the supreme court justices actually said they were concerned with, how the lower court's ruled. the actually gave me another set of downs and a path forward to getting my right back. brian: i concur in the denial of present petition the ninth district understanding of free speech rights of public school teachers is troubling and may justify review in the future. so they might take it in the future but goes back down. mike, cue you, what are they doing now? >> thanks for having us, brian. what the supreme court did was send it back down to the district court where we are now in tacoma, washington. the court, the supreme court said that there were unresolved questions that they want the lower court to answer. we're getting answers to those questions. we look forward to taking coach kennedy's case back up to the supreme court if necessary and to restore this man's right. he fought for our country in the
5:31 am
marine corps. they didn't teach him how to quit in the marines and we're not going to quit. brian: 20 years in the marines. are you keeping going? you want to get your job back? that mean classes started as freshmen, graduating seniors without you as your coach. you have other jobs. this is something you did as a passion. so you have hope. what is, what is your main hope of getting your job back now? is it just about you or is it something bigger? >> it is a little bit bigger. i mean obviously it is for to get back out, out there with my team and you know, doing what i love but also it is for the constitution and, the rights of all americans. they take in my rights away. somebody has to stand up to fight, stand up for what is right. i'm fighting two fronts here. brian: you're fighting two fronts, 25 to 30 second prayer. do you believe you're only coach that says a prayer before halftime before and after a
5:32 am
game? >> history of football, always people saying prayers on football fields giving thanks. brian: i watch the nfl network, cut to locker rooms, these coaches are praying or thanking god for their, for keeping the team safe, for, the victory they just had? >> yep, but, i see the, seattle seahawks doing it every sunday. brian: all right. mike, lastly, what is the next legal step right now? when can we expect to hear something in court? >> well things will be heating up in the courtroom in the next couple months. look, it is totally possible that the judge could rule in our favor. we could get coach back on the sidelines as soon as this season which would be fantastic, not just for coach, just like he said. he was being humble, when he said it's a little bit bigger than him. there are thousands of coaches around the country who do things like coach kennedy did. their rights are in jeopardy, at risk. first liberty, we're excited to get back in the courtroom and
5:33 am
get coach back on the field. we encourage people to follow this case very closely at first brian: coach, joe kennedy mike berry, thanks so much, guys. we will continue to track your fight. >> thanks, brian. brian: 27 minutes before the top of the hour. you remember joe biden's war story? >> my word as a biden, he stood at attention. i went to pin him, sir, i don't want the damn thing. do not pin it on me, sir. brian: very emotional story and it is all wrong. that according to "the washington post." geraldo rivera heard this, studied this, has reaction next. first here is more of craig morgan singing now, bonfire. ♪ ♪ won't sleep till dawn, party
5:34 am
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steve: fox news alert. look at that. hurricane dorian strengthening to a category 2 storm overnight. brian: florida governor ron desantis declaring state of emergency. every county is taking aim at florida. >> this is potentially very, very serious cat-4 plus storm. it could churn over florida for a long time. could make it a multiday event. yes, you will have wind damage. there will be a ton of water dumped on this state. lisa: across the state we have long lines forming at gas stations and grocery stores. steve: team coverage. janice dean in the studio tracking the storm. go to sydney cameron from the affiliate in winter park, florida, bracing for impact. reporter: i'm live in maitland. there is really not a lot of
5:39 am
hurricane supplies left. as fast as employees is putting on the shelves, going out for them and to people's homes. they have sand, utility bags. no c or d-batteries. they are out of really important things like water, generators. gas tanks. a lot of stores don't have those as well. one good thing, crews, employees, businesses are working to logistically move product from stores that don't really need them, down to our area, central florida, south florida. stores that really need that stuff. so a lot of people, came out yesterday to really stock up on supplies, why it's a little quiet in this store now. you best believe all of this stuff on the table, it is going to be gone by the end of the day. businesses are hoping more supplies will come in later on today and tomorrow, as people come on throughout the weekend
5:40 am
to get prepared for dorian. steve: thank you very much. janice dean. what does it look like. janice: almost making it a cat-3. we're anticipating a further strengthening over the next 12 to 24 hours. the forecast has it category 4 as it comes close to making landfall, sometime monday into tuesday. so this is the frustrating part of this track. it is going to move very slowly. it is going to crawl near the coastline. that prolonged hurricane effects, including heavy rainfall, storm surge and prolonged major hurricane winds along the coast. again as we go further out in time, the more uncertain we are, but that is why the whole state of florida is under a state of emergency. people need to listen to the forecast, and their local officials. can't rule out the storm going into the gulf and or moving up the coast towards georgia and the carolinas.
5:41 am
back to you. steve: a long weekend. brian: 20 minutes before the top of the hour. geraldo rivera, our correspondent at large is indeed at large now. we're asking him to cover two stories. not only joe biden's war story, but james comey spin off the i.g. report. you're a lawyer by trade. a reporter by trade. let me ask you, should james comey feel good about the i.g. report, because he sounds like it? >> he should probably feel food. leaker of the free world as our corporate cousin at the "new york post" says. i think, brian, you have to see it, you know, two parts. number one, james comey is not going to jail. he leaked confidential information, not classified information thereby technically he is not guilty of the felony of, you know, giving away secrets. so he is not going to go to jail on giving of secrets. but what i want people to
5:42 am
understand, if i may, is that, this sanctimonious person, this person who almost brought down hillary clinton. i think really did a job on her candidacy, and should be loathed by the democrats as much as by the republicans, he attempted, seems to me, he and a small cabal of people at the fbi attempted a coup. that is an incendiary word. he attempted to cripple the president elect, the president of the united states. brian: yep. >> ultimately his goal was to replace the president via the 25th amendment. this is the biggest stuff. when you talk about history books, that is what this was really all about. this was the swamp, responding to an elected official, who is obviously untraditional, going after him in a way they wanted to kill him, get him out of the office, i don't mean kill him, kill him, get him out of office to be replaced by vice president
5:43 am
pence, whosoever. lisa: i want to get to the other story about joe biden. here is the headline from "the washington post. as he campaigned for president, joe biden tell as moving but false war story. as the, joe biden, three minutes alone, biden got the time period wrong, location, heroic act, goes on and on about information he got wrong. listen to this. >> four-star general asked me if i would go up in the fob. everybody bottom concerned with the vice president going up in the middle of this. but we can lose the vice president. we can't lose many more of these kids. not a joke. this guy climbed down have reason, carried this guy on his back under fire, the general wanted me to pin a silver star on him. i got up there, god's truth, my word as a biden, he stood at attention i went to pin him. sir, i don't want the damn
5:44 am
thing. lisa: why does everyone keep saying these are gaffs when this is a lie? >> well, may be a lie but if he thinks it is true, just muddled -- lisa: but it is not. >> then it's a gaffe. taking part from column a, part from column b. brian: three stories,. >> collaborating them making one big story out of it. none of it really happened. you know, that is not as bad, here among martha's vineyard and president clinton and president obama are here. the other day joe biden couldn't remember president obama's name. that is his claim to fame that he was a loyal vice president to president obama who is still enormously popular among the democrat. brian: right. >> as his gaffs go, this one was well-intentioned. brian: i don't think so. lisa: but geraldo, i don't think it was so well intentioned. three minutes, "washington post" notes this is he gets everything wrong. there is history of him making up stories i say gaffe is quite
5:45 am
generous. >> it may be ainsley, you're absolutely right. i see him as kind of a bungling person who doesn't have the acuity once he did. he is going to be prone to these kinds of problems. it will not be a problem, until it comes to highly technical treaty item on nuclear weapons or relationship with russia, where the fleet is deployed. there is a lot of specificity in the job of commander-in-chief. and that is where people have to make the judgment as to whether or not or he is competent enough for that job. steve: we were talking about joe biden's gaffe. here you called lisa ainsley, we'll overlook that. lisa: that is a high compliment. so i do not mind the comparison. brian: have a great weekend. this will really hurt your poll ratings. we'll see what happens in the debate. biden admitted his problem. no one admits they're wrong. he said, i don't understand what the problem is. what you don't understand about
5:46 am
it? everything you said was not right. steve: campaign came out the said contours of the story were true. brian: three different stories in two different battlefields. steve: top of the hour, jillian joins us with news. jillian: pay attention to this. there are a lot of parents and kids back to school. texas mom post as video moment she watch as driver nearly run over her child getting off the bus. >> come here. wait, wait. , wait. jillian: that is scary. the driver ignoring the red school bus stop sign, almost hitting a 5-year-old girl as she tried to cross the road. reminding people always stop for school buses. former canadian prime minister is rooting for hurricane dorian to take a direct hit on mar-a-lago.
5:47 am
kim campbell tweeted this. campbell served as prime minister for less than five months in 1993. a man casually lights up a cigarette while being robbed at gunpoint. look at the video. you can see him sitting in the st. louis bar when the robber walks inside. everyone else gets down on the ground. this guy doesn't budge, not even when the gunman comes up to him, tries to steal his phone. eventually, lighting up his cigarette. the robber made off with a few hundred bucks. he is on the run. that is -- brian: so bizarre. it is crazy. steve: watched it for the third time. i don't think the guy saw the gun. just saying. brian: when are you smoking inside. you can still do that places? jillian: that was your takeaway? brian: smoke in bars while you're being robbed. steve: jillian, thanks very much. meanwhile next up, craig morgan
5:48 am
rocks the all american summer concert series stage, brought to you by our friends at sandals. brian: talking about rocking, sandra smith will rock our network 9:00 to into. >> it is friday, brian. waiting on news conference from the florida governor, as the state braces for hurricane dorian. we have reaction still pouring in on the ig scathing report on james comey. how president trump is weighing in. and the latest on the race for 2020. our a-team is here. our headliner ken starr is on deck. it is friday, folks. join us live from "america's newsroom" in moments.
5:49 am
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♪ steve: we like to thank you to our friends at sandals. they have been the sponsor all summer for the concert series. this is the final performance. brian: not before we hear from craig morgan. he is performing a brand new single. he is downloaded it yesterday. it is called. lisa: my father, the is and holy ghost. steve: craig morgan.
5:53 am
♪ light shining bright is always downtown on the road. i have come from out of town asking me to go ♪ ♪ they say there is so much going on, i why don't you come along around ♪ ♪ i came not feeling well, so i probably shouldn't go out ♪ ♪ i big list of things i need to do around the house ♪ ♪ so i hang up the phone, turn the radio back on and sit back down ♪ ♪ i know my boy ain't here but he ain't gone ♪ ♪ in the morning when i wake up it hurts ♪
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>> a weekend to go shopping. her >> under the code labor day, i get 15% off. >> most importantly, download craig martinson new single period of father, son, and holy ghost. have a great weekend. >> sandra: we are expecting as the state raises for hurricane dorian upgraded to a category two storm overnight and on track to becoming the most powerful storm to hit florida's east coast for nearly 30 years. good morning, i am sandra smith. >> jon: i am jon scott in for bill hemmer. experts expect the storm to grow from a potentially catastrophic category four. they are under states of emergency but so far no evacuations have been ordered. >> sandra: canceling his trip to poland to monitor the situation, meanwhile florida residents they they've been waiting


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