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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 30, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> a weekend to go shopping. her >> under the code labor day, i get 15% off. >> most importantly, download craig martinson new single period of father, son, and holy ghost. have a great weekend. >> sandra: we are expecting as the state raises for hurricane dorian upgraded to a category two storm overnight and on track to becoming the most powerful storm to hit florida's east coast for nearly 30 years. good morning, i am sandra smith. >> jon: i am jon scott in for bill hemmer. experts expect the storm to grow from a potentially catastrophic category four. they are under states of emergency but so far no evacuations have been ordered. >> sandra: canceling his trip to poland to monitor the situation, meanwhile florida residents they they've been waiting for hours sucking up on
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essentials ahead of the big storm. >> don't know how long we're going to have lights offer anything right that. not looking too good. >> you still have time to prepare, so do it, but have those preparations made in terms of food, water, and medicine. it >> sandra: ron desantis speaking, let's listen in. >> floridians need to be prepared. the bad news of the storm going slower is that that could potentially have some negative impacts once it reaches landfall, but you do have time before it reaches to prepare if you have not done so. so we urge all floridians to have seven days worth of food, medicine, and water. this is potentially multi-day event where it will turn slowly
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across the state. it that obviously creates a whole host of issues but if you are in an area that has an impact from the storm, you should assume you're going to lose power. if you are in an area that flooded during hurricane irma and you are impacted by this, you should assume you are going to see flooding again after the storm, so be prepared and be prepared for potentially multi-day event. local officials are making determinations today about evacuations, whether to issue an evacuation and how you can do those evacuations. we are just asking floridians to please heed those directives from your local folks. they are considering a variety of factors and obviously monitoring the storm is passed, so those decisions are not made lightly but if you are in an evacuation zone in order to evacuate, please do so, put your safety first. if better to evacuate and it not end up hitting you then to
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remain in there and end up being in jeopardy, loss of life. if know if you are in an evacuation zone, know which zone you are in and know your evacuation route. in terms of our highways here, the florida department of transportation has already cleared the shoulders of all of our major highways like i-95 and i-75, so they've been swept clear. we will open the shoulders for traffic once evacuation orders are handed down. as of right now, the d.o.t. has not identified an abnormal traffic patterns but obviously we know that once counties make determinations for evacuation orders, you're going to see people start to get on the road. nonessential enclosures reducing capacity have been opened up to deal with the storm. he will is an issue, gas stations that have run out of
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fuel. we in the emergency declaration waived service and truck rates so we can increase the capacity of fuel being brought in. we are also going to be implementing florida highway patrol escorts so we can facilitate refueling and critical parts of the state. there are some parts of the state where you have major lines for gas, cars are lined up and it makes it more difficult for the trucks to get it and replenish the gas supply so we think those escorts will help with that. we have a lot of fuel in florida, we just have a limited capacity bring it from the port to the gas stations because you can only have so many trucks at one time doing that. it so recognizing that, we work with fema to get fuel from out-of-state, so fema and jared have worked with mississippi, alabama, and georgia so we can
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facilitate fuel coming in from out of state. so that is happening as we spea speak. in terms of these nursing homes, obviously that's been an issue in the past. the agency for health care administration is making site visits or calls to all facilities where the state does not have updated info about generators. we now have a web site through the agency of health care administration where you can go to each county and see who's got the generators, who doesn't. so we think statewide about 120 that we don't have the information for a month so there's going to be site checks, phone calls to make sure that they have a plan to deal with folks that are in their care and then once the storm passes, they will be spot checks done in conjunction with department of health see where there may be leads after the storm and see who has lost power. the web site for the generator,
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so we've been putting that out to the local folks in our counties and the emergency offices there that they have a sense of where they may need to offer assistance and we encourage everyone to take a look at that. today, they activated the florida disaster fund, the official private fund established to assist florida's communities as they respond to and recover during times of emergency or disaster and to donate, please visit volunteer or text disaster ton and we appreciate that. the wildlife and conservation -- using a variety of specialized equipment including shallow draft boats, atvs, airboats and four-wheel-drive vehicles.
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jared has also requested vehicles from the federal government that are able to navigate some potentially flooded streets and obviously general is sensitive to that as well. if you are looking at potentially significant water events throughout major portions of the state, so we want resources to be able to navigate that. there have been a number of school closures, daytona state college, eastern florida state college, indian river state college, seminole state college, university of central florida, florida atlantic, florida polytechnic, the university of central florida have issued closure starting today through tuesday. as the school districts have also announced closures for tuesday september 3rd. as you know, monday is labor day so the schools are scheduled to be closed anyways. our florida department of economic opportunity is extending the deadline for local governments to submit
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applications for the $85 million rebuild florida infrastructure repair program and has activated the hotel accommodation web portal so if there was an evacuation order, you can get a sense of what would be available in terms of accommodations. we have close to 1 million gallons of water, jared has requested another 2 million for fema. we have almost 2 million meals ready for distribution. we have not necessarily received a request for that yet but we stand ready to distribute the meals when we can. and then we are also working with some of the retailers like publix and walmart to make sure that their stocks are -- we don't want to give the state the water, we want that water going back on the shelves because a lot of people are preparing, which is good but the flip side of that is the water was going off-the-shelf and requires
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restocking in a quicker fashion. if you want up to date information on hurricane dorian, please visit for local media updates. if you can do my twitter account, you can also do the state emergency response twitter account rate of the state is also activating a toll-free hotline for floridians to receive information and that number is 1-800-342-3557. so this is a major event. we still have some degree of uncertainty, but i think if you look at the different forecasts, you see attentional major impacts from places in south florida potentially going all the way up the coast of florida, seven forecasts have a going to the center of the state similar to what irma did in terms of going up the middle and you still have seven forecasts that say it's going to go across
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the state and end up in the gulf of mexico so we just have to be prepared for all of those circumstances. i think the probabilities of all of those are not necessarily equal but it's much better to be prepared and not have to face it than to go into one of these things on prepared. and finally, i did speak with the president on wednesday night and the administration has been great and they have assured us they're going to provide all the resources we need. the president was scheduled to leave the country but cancel that trip because the administration recognizes that this is a really serious event. with that, happy to take some questions for myself or jared or the general. >> with the status of the national guard? >> they are mobilizing. >> mobilizing as we speak, we expect 2,000 soldiers and airmen mobilized by the end of day today. by the end of day tomorrow, probably doubled by about 4,000. trying to be responsive but not
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overzealous in implementing whatever requirements the department levies on us, so we are prepared to respond. we have 12,000 12,000 soldiersd airmen in the state and everyone that is able to find in state not the point will be ready to step up as needed. in addition, we have emergency management assistance contacts with various states in the southern region especially to be able to fill in any voids that we have are gaps in our formations that might need specialties like aviation engineering, high water vehicle transportation and those kinds of things. >> also, the general talking with other states, support from other states, speaking with the governor of alabama and authorize the national guard personnel from alabama so that is ongoing. >> just an observation, there's a lot more fema personnel, previously across the street for
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now right here in the parking lot. has that changed on your part with the new administration or is this just happenstance or was it a new approach? >> that's just what we planned. >> i'm not exactly familiar in terms of how they did before i was here that when we did the hurricane exercise, this is how we've anticipated it happening and jared has developed a really good relationship with folks in fema and they really appreciate all the hard work he's doing, so i think we are on the same page i will be able to work constructively together. >> your first major hurricane as governor, wondering if there was as much of a learning curve going into this and do you see your political future tied to how this day performs during this? >> i don't view it politically at all, we are trying to protect the state and protect people and assist these local folks who are out there, they are all activated now as best we could.
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i grew up in florida, so i'm not a stranger to hurricanes and we've had a number of active hurricane seasons recently. the u.s. congressman, we had hurricane matthew where my district was the district that was most affected. if that could've been worse than the path that ultimately took an obviously hurricane irma affected almost everybody in the state. so i have a lot of experience just understanding how some of the wheels go in motion and we've got an awful lot with hurricane michael since i've taken office, so this is something that we didn't want to see this season. i know jared and i both did what we thought we could in different respects to try to head that off, but we also prepared for one and did a major hurricane exercise. i would ask jared what to look like in the caribbean because we knew this is something that could potentially happen. if at the end of the day, working really hard to do our
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best to help them folks in the state of florida. >> what can you tell us about cell phone coverage, a big problem for some providers after hurricane michael and what everyone is on and what they want to know about? >> obviously, it's a major problem and it really hindered i think the ability for folks to be able to take protective measures. but we have spoken with companies like verizon, they have a plan, they are implementing the plan, they recognize the threat from the storm and are taking action so at the end of the day, these are private companies, what we have done is said the state really believes that having a plan and being able to take action to restore any lost service as quickly as possible is very important. if with the recovery efforts, it helps with people whose livelihoods are at stake and i
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think they all get that and they recognize some of the problems in the past and i would say the same with utilities. met with the numbers of the heads of the utilities companies like florida power and they are executing their plans and you are seeing a lot of access being brought to bear in florida right now, not necessarily for sure where there is are going to need to ultimately be deployed for there's going to be a capacity to do that and restoring the power once it goes out to as many people as quickly as possible, that helps with the recovery effort in the response. so we are sensitive to that and i can say utilities have plans, they are executing those plans, resources are being brought to bear and i think that's a responsible thing to do. >> alerting communities, do you have any idea if they are using
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this tool? >> thank you. i don't know specifically about the facebook new tool that we are constantly using social media, all different aspects, all different ways of communication that i can get back to you specifically on the facebook issue. >> the terminals loading the truck. in do things that are other issues will be addressed after this? >> let's just see. a chair and i have talked earlier this year about a state fuel reserve or kicked around different ideas but at the end of the day, we are utilizing the capacity we have here and going outside the state to increase the capacity now and i think part of the reason why you've seen fort myers is at 47% of the
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gas stations there were basically the same as miami, and they were lines everywhere there. i think part of that is people are taking the steps to be prepared which is not necessarily a bad thing. so i understand is something very sensitive to me because i remember running around and that was something that people want to see there. if so they're going to be escorting some of that fuel very shortly and we hope that makes a positive impact. that's going to be a determination with the local officials that they make as they monitor the storm. obviously, a storm that cuts across the state ends up in the gulf of mexico then slams the panhandle is a bad thing for us because of what you say. you have blue tarps on a lot of these houses still in places like bay county, so having a
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major impact less than a year after michael is something that we hope does not happen. it is still too soon to tell whether that's happening and as i say, not every path of the storm has the same probability but you've got to be prepared for that and i think those communities are going ton if wee convinced that there is a real threat, we are certainly going to communicate that but i think it's too soon to tell. clearly, that's a concern for us and has been a concern for us from the beginning. there were also other parts if you look at everything today, jared was outline the sum of the areas in south florida you have more transient communities in different parts, and that is something that is a concern for us until you see that in places like palm beach. >> sandra: listening to
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florida officials on the ground updating residence on the current situation as hurricane dorian barrels towards the east coast. in ron desantis, the florida governor saying be prepared for potentially a multi-day event. if this will be a major event, he said. now is the time to prepare. talking about opening shoulders around major highways and roads for a few fuel lanes so they can get that in their also additional supplies that may be needed, the national guard has been mobilized, possibly doubling by the end of the day to 4,000. 2 million meals at the red reef and the federal resources are at the state's disposal as well. if one met critically of their going to get hammered, just not clear exactly where it's going to come ashore but with the size of this hurricane, going to be a big damage to her across the state and then as the governor just mentioned the coming of the possibility, we don't know the path of the storm beyond tuesday but they are talking about the
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possibility of it getting out to the golf when hitting the former panhandle where michael did such damage. >> sandra: the direction still in question and as far as food and resources, assume you will lose power to residents of that state. so preparations are underway and we will be watching and have another update shortly. >> i think the whole obama administration is under scrutiny and i'm glad that we got folks asking the questions. we need the democrats in the mainstream media to finally come clean and admit at some point this idea of a conspiracy theory isn't really a theory. >> jon: outrage on capitol hill after the inspector general rules james comey violated fbi policy but decided not to prosecute. congressman peter king ways in coming up. they met one of his buddies got shot, fell down a ravine about 60 feet. everybody got concerned, a vice president going up in the middle of this but we can lose a
6:21 am
vice president, can't lose many more of these kids. >> sandra: joe biden telling that war story on the campaign trail. only problem? it was not true. if one back in the democratic national committee now targeting nonreligious voters. the trump campaign will be here with their thoughts on that. ♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> jon: a reporter is nearly struck by lightning and all, on camera. from our fox affiliate in phoenix, about to deliver a live report on a monsoon storm last night. we are very thankful to say he was not hit. >> this guy climb down a ravine, carried this guy up on his back
6:25 am
under fire, and the general wanted me to pin a silver star on them. i got up there and god's honest truth, my word as a biden, he said i don't want it. >> sandra: presidential candidate under fire for that war story. "the washington post" reporting he is getting most of those details wrong. with this headline as he campaign for president, joe biden tells a moving but false war story. the director of strategic communications for the trump campaign joins us now. to "the washington post" says that in almost every detail in the story appears to be incorrect. he appears to be taking events from several different events and rolling them into one compelling story. your reaction? >> unfortunately, i know a lot of people say these are gaps but clearly a problem with joe biden. he gets about every detail wrong in a couple of minutes about this war story, can't remember
6:26 am
who the prime minister of the united kingdom is, he couldn't remember what state he was in a couple of weeks ago. these are not gaffes. it is a problem with joe biden and it's causing a lot of democrats to start to rethink their front runner. >> sandra: joe biden brushed off the whole thing and said this. good been was making the point of how courageous these people are, this generation of war heroes, these fallen angels we lost, i don't know what the problem is. what is it that i said wrong? >> sandra: he is still the front runner. we met with got to have an honest conversation here. he is struggling to get through these primaries right now and to be quite honest, all 20 of these candidates in this socialist clown car doesn't compare combined to taking on one president donald trump and he is struggling now, just imagine what's going to happen next yea
6:27 am
year. >> sandra: meanwhile, more on 2020 and some of it being pursued with the dnc now embracing nonreligious voters, criticizing religious liberty in this new resolution titled a religiously unaffiliated overwhelmingly share the democratic party's values. here are some of the things that we've heard on the campaign trail from the candidates on religion. statement before you tell me about your religion, show it to me and how you treat other people. >> who it is that you pray to or whether you prayed all, none of my business and i don't care. >> the republican party likes to cloak itself in the language of religion. >> sandra: they are doing this as we remind everybody to look back at these evangelical support for donald trump back in 2016 getting 80% of that vote to hillary clinton's 16%. >> every time these candidates
6:28 am
speak, they alienate themselves from so many americans. this is a president and administration that believes in the freedom of religion involved religion or no religion but when they make statements like these like this resolution, there alienating so many americans of faith across the united states than they back it up with their policies when you have beto o'rourke earlier this week openly saying that a baby that's due to be born full term the next day at the right to be aborted. most people just find that and is just not in line with what the american people are saying. >> sandra: we are out of time due to the breaking news come appreciate your time. >> jon: being called a sanctuary for those here illegally after a sixth illegal immigrant is arrested in less than a month. details on what's going on there next. easy.
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>> sandra: fox news alert, i sixth illegal immigrant has been charged in a sex abuse handle, the sixth case in less than one month but so far immigration officials are not getting involved. doug mckelway following all this from washington for us. >> montgomery county, maryland, as a liberal stronghold of over a million people. the county council and executives are all democrats who shoved off being that jurisdiction. that sensibility is being challenged by disgruntled citizens after he was accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl and her brother. he is the latest of six illegal immigrants to be arrested for sexual abuse in the last several weeks. >> we don't interact with ice. we don't contact ice, nor do we ask any of our residents in montgomery county about their
6:33 am
immigration status in the united states. >> one community activist has written the delegation and the county leadership addressing the common concern saying this is egregious and unacceptable. we are fed up. >> should they have to tell the federal authorities that they are releasing an illegal immigrant before they do it? >> absolutely. for public safety reasons. it was just a person that they picked off the street, i don't think they need to know about that. >> the summer county executive signed an executive order barring eyes from nonpublic areas of the montgomery public jail effectively preventing ice from interviewing illegal immigrants. he has also further like in the trump administration immigration policies to terrorism. he said to take the civilian population and subject them to
6:34 am
constant fear, that is terrorism in its basic form. >> sandra: doug mckelway in washington with that story, thank you. >> james comey had a personal vendetta. he believed that his role in the fbi was one of the ultimate arbiter of being judge and jury on anything he did not like. >> only in washington, d.c., can you have somebody plus bad pages and expect an apology. i can say that the report coming out will be more damning than this. one that republicans reacting to the scathing report of former fbi director james comey saying he tarnished the bureau's reputation and the forthcoming reports on alleged fisa abuse and fbi bias will be even more damning. here to talk about it, new york congressman peter king as a member of the house homeland security committee. he read the report, your
6:35 am
reaction? >> this is one of the most disgraceful examples of an abuse of power by a government official. i have known jim comey for a number of years, i was on the intelligence committee during the russian investigation, the homeland security committee but i realized when you read this report -- and these aren't occasional lapses, this is a systematic effort to go after candidate trump, president-elect trump, and president trump. you can call this a coup and to have the most powerful law enforcement organization in the country be used by the director to bring this about is absolutely shameful and anyone can make a mistake, a visa document by ever, misclassified a certain document. we are talking about a systematic effort. i think the government people in general should be more outraged than they are because this can be done by another fbi director for a democratic president. it has nothing to do with party
6:36 am
politics. >> jon: i want to read a tweet from rod rosenstein formerly with the department of justice, he writes "it is important to follow an established policy and procedure especially when the stakes are high. we should be most on guard when we believe our own uncomfortable circumstances just by ignoring principles respected by our predecessors. because a lot of people are saying that james comey is getting the pass here. >> what comey is trying to say is if he thinks something is important that that supersedes with the law and with the protocols and procedures are, that's how you get tierney. in this case, it's entirely accurate and rod rosenstein was the one who appointed mueller as a special counsel to have him be this caustic and critical says it awful lot and shows how
6:37 am
flagrant these violations were. we chose either he is living in his own world were even more arrogant than we thought he was. >> jon: an interesting piece in the "washington examiner" today detailing this plan by james comey to have a private conversation with president trump and then spring on him some of the details, the salacious details of the steele dossier and record his reaction and transmit it around some of the highest levels of the nation's law enforcement agencies. it's pretty concerning staff. >> event fbi director trying to entrap the president-elect of the united states. and he went out of his way to say he was only doing this for president trump's own good, but of course the fbi was not investigating the president. it's obvious now they were
6:38 am
trying to set the president up and trying to trap him. it's hard to imagine, just too numb to everything going on but just think of this, and fbi director trying to entrap the president of the united states based on a salacious document provided by russian intelligence. it also paid for by the opposing campaign committee. this is just so wrong. it's hard to fully describe it realizing how bad it is a step back for a moment and think about what we are talking about here. and fbi director trying to entrap the president of the united states with a voting document that he couldn't vouch for is disgraceful. >> jon: he and his bureau were not even briefing the incoming president on of the items they were working. apparently james comey didn't like donald trump from even before he took office, that's pretty clear. >> that whole establishment didn't. all of them had it in for candidate trump, he was not
6:39 am
there type of person, he was not their style. and then when he got elected, they didn't know what to do so they resorted the most unsavory tactics. you have the intelligence committee revise its belief now saying that putin was supporting trump which they had never said doing everything they can to stop them as a candidate and stop them as a president-elect and then bring as president. something that should never be going on in a democracy. if this were the other way around, they would be screaming their heads off. >> jon: they were all surprised by his election. congressman peter king, thank you. >> sandra: about a football fan taking a hit between the green bay packers and kansas city chiefs. the shirtless man running onto the field managing to dodge security for several yards before getting slammed to the ground by chief safety harold
6:40 am
jones, he was escorted off the field and the packers went on to beat the chiefs 27-20. bit of a distraction. >> jon: probably a little bruise this morning. an nfl player and full pads. >> sandra: sometimes you get what you deserve. >> jon: a controversial move by the trump administration. by the epa says the obama team overstepped its authority and what trump officials are doing to change it. >> sandra: plus, alexandria ocasio-cortez defending socialism and why she says conservative warnings about socialism will not scare voters away. charles payne has something to say about that. he will be here. rames. why are you so weird? get 60% off any pair of glasses. no exclusions. really. visionworks. see the difference.
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>> jon: a close call in texas when a driver zooms past of stops all of us and nearly hits a 5-year-old girl. the child's mother screaming for her daughter to stop walking just as the car zooms past.
6:44 am
fortunately, the young girl was not hurt and the mother says she hopes would have been here serves as a reminder to drivers to stop when they say school buses dropping off children. if you met such a scary thing and everybody sending their kids off to the start of a new school year. >> jon: you wonder if the driver saw the school bus, maybe texting. >> sandra: stop, look, and listen always. set to roll back restrictions on a powerful greenhouse gas, wanting to erase obama and revels on methane but many companies are opposed to this. it dry now by former senior epa official in the trump administration. so obviously, we can expect reaction to this but what is the goal? >> the goal is to get out of this mentality of regulating for the sake of regulating. with the trump administration has done has taken an that requires a bit more work but taking the recount the fact that methane regulations which is the
6:45 am
focus of this recent action are already effectively controlled in a number of applications and they have been harmful to the energy industry and come at extreme cost. the benefit of this is unleashing american energy while boosting the economy which is been great under president trump. >> sandra: many companies are opposed to this. >> some companies are opposed to it. i think what a lot of people are focusing on is theirs larger corporations where they frankly can absorb the extra cost of this without significant harm to their bottom line, but that's one voice among many that the agency and the administration have to listen to. if there's a lot of smaller companies out there where the increased cost associated with these regulations could be a death knell to their long-term trajectory. >> sandra: it's interesting the politics of all of this. we were starting to notice the polls emerging of how republicans feel about climate
6:46 am
change and what some describe as an emergency when it comes to our environment. this is a quinnipiac poll among registered voters, 56% say climate change is an emergency. democrats 84%, a big number there but when it comes to republicans, 18% say climate change is an emergency. we are taking notice there was a surgeon younger republicans who say that they are worried about the environment, they are worried about the climate. so how do you think this is going to play politically? >> i think there's a real opportunity for president trump to get out there and explain what his administration has actually been doing. there's a ton of misinformation out there and despite the misinformation, the results from the ground are what voters should focus on. we have a booming economy alongside the cleanest air on record, number one in terms of access to drinking water and we leave the world in terms of
6:47 am
greenhouse gas emission reduction because of his embracing of innovations in the energy industry, not going along this approach of regulating for the sake of regulating. >> sandra: we heard the president at the g7, he wants clean water, the cleanest water and the cleanest air someone you see that the rollback of these methane roles that would allow them to no longer -- would require them to no longer fix and detect methane leaks, how to that potentially work against the administration's message here? >> it's important to understand that there's other regulatory requirements that are in place. this is it done in a vacuum and the whole point is that these other regulatory mechanisms effectively capture and control methane. point number two is that methane itself is a commodity. there is more than a business incentive for natural gas extractors, transmitters and
6:48 am
distributors to do it in the most efficient manner because anything that is left is the commodity for which they are trying to sell that is going out in the atmosphere so it's a combination of the fact that methane is controlled under other regulatory requirements which is why we are getting rid of a duplicate of requirement and that the incentive for the industry is to control it and they've actually done a very effective job at that. over the last years, they have significantly increase their production while significantly reducing emissions. >> sandra: hard for the average voter to keep track of all that, we'll likely see this as a big debate as we get closer to 2020. appreciate your time this morning, thank you. >> jon: after concussions ended her soccer career, a former collegiate player who lost her dreams making the olympic team is now helping young players avoid the same injury. we will talk about her mission to spread awareness next.
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>> jon: a one time collegiate soccer player who ended her career early because of concussions is now trying to help young players avoid the same date. suffered at least six concussions during her high school and college career that left her with vision problems and memory loss, now making it her mission to share her story and bring awareness to girls suffering from traumatic brain injuries. joins us now, six concussions, but you say those are just the ones that were medically documented. >> absolutely. definitely a lot more in there. >> jon: any idea how many? >> when i look at i told him my number, total undiagnosed close
6:53 am
to 20. >> jon: obviously, soccer and especially girls soccer is becoming a huge sport in this country. if you witness what team usa just did. on the one hand, you've got to love that on the other hand, some of these girls need to be prepared and take precautions. >> we just really need to be aware and that's the number one thing, see these athletes getting hurt on the national stage and coming back out to play the same game is not okay especially not for our kids and they need to know that, i need to set a culture change and be aware of the problems that are coming out of this. >> jon: i can see from the collisions on the field where concussions could result but even heading the ball can give you a concussion? >> you can if it's not done properly, kicked with really strong force or if you have concussion symptoms already and you're going out there rent heading the ball, that is sub
6:54 am
concussive impact every times of these things add up, trauma is cumulative whether it's a big impact her little one, it all adds up over time. >> jon: a lot of parents are keeping their boys out of high school football because they're concerned about head injuries, with the cte studies going on in the nfl software clearly can be just about as dangerous. >> it is dangerous for a share when you look at the concussive impacts in combination with the sub concussive impacts. on the football field, it is tackles in combination with the concussions. on the soccer field, it is collisions, concussions, and heading of the ball repetitivel repetitively. never having to wait until they are 11, but that is still too young especially when we have developing brains and underdeveloped neck muscles. it is just not an okay time to start heading the ball. >> jon: you played at high school in hood college and it was a college injury that
6:55 am
knocked you out of the sport. what transpired medically? >> i had to take a medical leave from college so it took me an extra year to graduate and i just couldn't live a normal daily life anymore, had to quit my job, had headaches every day, eyes half open half the time, dizzy and nauseous, lost 30 pounds. i just really couldn't function and i was finally able to get back to graduate school that's taken me twice as long as it should have. so it's really impacted me from a long time, come a long way in my recovery but taken a long time to be able to function as a normal 27-year-old. >> jon: a message you want to pass along to other soccer players, what do you tell them? >> be smart. i love the game is much as the next person and i would love to still be playing now and had i been smart about my concussions and my recoveries back then, had
6:56 am
i been smart about hitting the ball, may be could still be playing now. it just be smart, don't hit it when you don't need to come i don't go into dumb tackles, take the time to recover. >> jon: very good advice, thanks for sharing your story. >> sandra: more watching anxiously as hurricane dorian continues to gain strength. the latest on the storms track straight ahead. >> floridians need to be prepared. the bad news of the storm going slower as i could potentially have negative impacts once it reaches landfall but you do have time to prepare. it's the last chance to save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 36-months. ends labor day. with tough food, your dentures may slip and fall. fixodent ultra-max hold
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7:00 am
tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis, the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you. >> sandra: fox news alert, hurricane dorian growing stronger by the hour of south and central florida prepare for what may well be the most powerful storm to hit the east coast of florida in 30 years. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i am sandra smith. >> jon: dorian upgraded overnight to a category two hurricane now forecast to hit florida as a monster category for on monday or possibly tuesday, winds of at least 130 miles an hour, floridians stocking up on bottled water, filling up on gas and buying wood to board up their homes. >> sandra: we have fox team coverage tracking the storm, but we begin with the rick leventhal live in delray beach, florida,
7:01 am
where preparations are underway. >> the winds could be at 140 or even more in a state of emergency has now been declared in all 67 florida counties but no mandatory evacuations have been ordered because authorities don't know where the storm is going to hit, somewhere between central florida and as far south as west palm beach or even further south to miami. we know that a lot of preparations are underway including cape canaveral where they are stashing the equipment and military bases across the state where they are moving plans the safer ground and moving warships to safer waters ahead of dorian and also see in long of every store, filling sandbags with every municipality offering sandbags to the residence but also mining up for essentials like water and food, gasoline where some of them have run out of fuel and at a home depot running out of generators and other essential equipment. if the the lions were forming e
7:02 am
6:00 this morning and some people were concerned they weren't getting what they neede needed. >> i just got to home depot, it is 6:00 a.m. and i don't think they have much left. we came in for some water and a butane but they are all out. i so wish me luck. >> the government has said they are trying to get supplies to people who may need at the most. urging residents to stock up on seven days worth of food and water and also urging people to take the storm seriously. >> this is a potentially very serious cap for class storm, it could turn over florida for a long time and make it a multi-day event. that means all have wind damage but also there's going to be a ton of water dumped on the stat state. we met we have seen firsthand the effects of category four and category five hurricanes. they are devastating and dramatic and the folks are bracing for that now.
7:03 am
>> jon: so florida is going to get hit. let's get to the path of the storm, where and when is it likely to strike? live in the fox news weather center with more on that. >> one of the hardest of forecast here in my 16 years of the fox news channel because it's going to slow down and we could be dealing with progressive motion of about 4 miles per hour right off the coast of florida and that's going to be a prolonged period of time on major hurricane force winds, and you can see heavy rainfall on more than a foot or 2 feet. so a lot of questions marks here. if the storm and strength of income a new advisory comes out at 11:00 a.m., sometimes a little bit earlier and it would appear that we would have a category three before the 11:00 a.m. advisory.
7:04 am
rapid intensification to a category for moving through the bahamas to the most beautiful beaches here could be devastated as this continues its forward motion and it stalls. where does it stop? will it make landfall and at what point do we see landfall? will it hug the coastline? all of these questions need to be answered and i wish we had more concrete answers for you but i will tell you all the state of florida needs to watch this. it was a go further outside, the worst part of the storm is the fact that it is slowing down and it will cost many hours, perhaps days of destruction ahead. >> jon: that is going to be a scary storm. thank you. >> sandra: meanwhile, joe biden under scrutiny again this time for an emotional war story he told on the campaign trail in new hampshire last friday about going to
7:05 am
afghanistan as vice president pinned a silver star on a navy captain but according to "the washington post" ," biden mixed up several of the events on that story jumbling them into a false narrative. here is what he said. >> a four-star general asked me if i would go up into the fob and everybody got concerned, vice president going up in the middle of this but we can lose a vice president, can't lose many more of these kids. not a joke. >> sandra: let's bring in our a team, a first timer on the a team, thank you. a former attorney and former consultant eliot spitzer and cofounder of golf and public relations. former deputy assistant secretary for like affairs at dhs and there he is, anchor of fox business network so what do you make of the story and then "the washington post" reaction?
7:06 am
>> this is much more than a gaffe, this is sacred ground. we have been at war there for 18 years now, a lot of americans who either have family there or who know someone who has been to afghanistan and you just don't lie or at least embellish a story on the backs of dead servicemen and her broke servicemen for political gain. he don't do that. and then to say this is the god's truth has he said, another insult to sacrament. then to say my word as a biden, went on and on and finally he said that he didn't see. >> sandra: let's hear the story more in joe biden's own words, more from that moment. >> this guy climb down a ravine, carried this guy up on his back under fire and the general wanted me to pin a silver star on him. got up there and god's truth, my word is a biden, he stood at
7:07 am
attention. do not pin it on me, sir. please, sir. do not do that. he died, he died. >> sandra: details for which the post is taking issue with. >> they actually track down the servicemen that biden did pin the metal on and he confirmed at least that he did tell joe biden that he didn't want the metal and joe biden said i know you don't, but here we are. if so it's interesting is is this a gaffe in which it was unintentional perhaps or a mentl slip or was it intentional false narrative campaigning? and that something voters are going to have to look at it and age where there were a lot of false narratives going on and embellishment going on on the political trail and is it something forgivable with storytelling and is in a deal was it something that will be a
7:08 am
killer for them and no one believes anything out of his mouth going forward. >> jon: how do you see this? >> i hate to put my lawyer had on here, but i don't believe he had the intent to deceive here. i think he misspoke and on top of it, this man as we all well know is prone to gaffes. i think all of that is baked into the joe biden. >> sandra: i think a lot of people are going to say intent doesn't matter. >> there were a lot of people on this network in your viewers that will say that but also a lot of people that i know that will also say. he misspoke. even the lead up to this. >> it's hard to be the father of a service man who was in afghanistan for a year hear anything like that whether you're republican or democrat or independent, that's going to make you mad. a person saying something is wrong and misspoke and he got
7:09 am
the time. matt, the location, the type of metal, the military branch, the rank of the reset began wrong as well as his own role in the ceremony. >> so it's your position. >> sandra: let's take the temperature down here. one at a time. final thoughts and you want that. >> i am looking at it from a political angle and how the voters are going to react to it because it is atrocious obviously, any sort of lies that come out of politicians mouth but what we have seen from supporters is that he has consistently capped at support and on his low numbers. he is within a range of 20 to 30, so what can they go and take to? doesn't matter to him securing the primary? that is yet to be seen because it doesn't seem that his support is going to waive or in light of this. >> sandra: when it comes to 2020 and joe biden is still the front runner, he takes on everything on with this message, his opinion piece published this
7:10 am
morning, trump and biden have the same message. you may not like me, but you must vote for me. we shared a similar sentiment from jill biden, joe biden's own wife on that and said they are giving voters an ultimatum rather than inspiration. they both may find that running on your on likability is a risky strategy. >> bill maher once that i vote for people not because i like them but because i think they're going to do the best job. so really i think the question a lot of voters minds should be who was going to do the better job? is going to be donald trump or joe biden or whoever is the democratic nominee. so i do think that they are onto something there. if you don't have to like the person, you want the person who is going to do the job. >> i've always believed this, everyone is nitpicking every
7:11 am
ideologically related to their party and candidates fencing i like this person for health care, for military, international affairs. in reality, you need someone who's going to be a good president and i think the democrats are saying this is our ideology is being trump. that's our goal. so biden is the guy. tonight he is the best guy for that >> sandra: we are going to see a complete shift once the progress of democratic policies are around a single candidate. right now he's leaving because he is the establishment choice and people are hanging their hat on his electability but you talk to progressives on the ground and they are amped up to have somebody who isn't hillary clinton with a can get pass and passionate about becae they feel they have been represented and they feel that is going to be the path to victory and that will show the electability argument plays through. so i am actually thinking we have seen biden tapped out and progressives are going to push somebody else it and they don't
7:12 am
care about the electability argument, they care about somebody fighting for them. >> jon: one of the paths among democratic candidates right now seems to be asking those who are not religious the vote for them. if have you seen that approach from people like beto o'rourke? >> i think it's been happening but now we are talking about it, i think the idea of the democratic party which is people who are ultrareligious, people moderately religious and people that have no religion whatsoever or don't believe in god, the big tent of the democratic party brings all those together the democratic nominee should speak to everybody. >> sandra: according to this resolution, religiously unaffiliated americans overwhelmingly share the democratic party's values. they met they have to be very careful because if they are seet the faithful saying there is something about the faithful that is wrong or is crazy or
7:13 am
whatever, that's a losing strategy. even the faceless admire people with faith. they were something about people with faith that it's about fear, they have less fear than people who are faceless and even they have support and respect for people with faith. see want to be careful about pitting one group against the other. >> is interesting to see the evolution of the democratic party. if they were the party of working-class catholics for a while and elected jfk and joe biden himself as a diehard catholic and to see them move so far away from their roots in the working class and pulling support from some of those religious groups is interesting to see them embrace this nonreligious so aggressively. >> sandra: i have to move on to a story that i know david as men really want to talk about and that is the latest from aoc unblocking people on twitter. she says i have 5.2 million
7:14 am
followers, less than 20 accounts are blocked for ongoing harassment, zero or my constituents. no one is entitled to abuse so she is defending blocking people on twitter. >> i happen to agree with her when she says harassment is not a viewpoint. i think that's a very of her to say. but the hypocrisy of it because i've never heard her condemn maxine waters for encouraging people to go out and harass trump supporter's. i've never heard her condemn antifa which more than harassing goes out and attacks conservatives. so if you're going to be consistent about this, and i think she's got a good point, harassment is not a viewpoint, you have to condemn people on your own side that go out and harass others. >> i will put my lawyer hat on again and if it is deemed unconstitutional to block people because you are using the twitter handle, your twitter feed for purposes of communicating information from
7:15 am
government for people, then everyone should be included. >> sandra: let me get this in here because she is reacting to this letter that came from the first amendment institute at columbia university that penned this letter to aoc, urging her to not block people on twitter on the basis of viewpoint. and they said we understand from news reports he may be blocking from twitter users from your account because of the views they have expressed. the practice is unconstitutional and we are writing in the hope of dissuading you from engaging in it. >> this is going to have to go to the courts because president trump has also been accused of acting unconstitutionally or blocking people because of the way that he interacts on twitter with his followers unblocking people and such. if it was a whole new world now with social media and the way that we interact and if she only accountable to hearing the viewpoints of her constituents? is that all of america?
7:16 am
is there a role we can place where a guarantee is this is determined harassment and worthy of blocking? of going to be something that's going to be applicable to all politicians now that we are in this realm of social media. >> is a brand-new world. >> jon: our a team today, thank you. >> sandra: things are looking up on wall street after the latest word from china on the ongoing trade war, so how long will that last and how long will that rally last? or moneyman charles payne is here to break it down. >> jon: plus the fallout continues, our headliner former independent counsel kenneth starr weighs in on that later this hour. >> a continues with the last ig report says that james comey was someone who cannot be trusted. ♪
7:17 am
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7:20 am
>> sandra: that stock rally yesterday continuing again today after china said it will not retaliate in the trade war with the u.s. at least for now. let's bring in charles payne, so 100-point gain on a friday morning, we will take that. we met we will definitely take it come up in a strange and interesting trip since august august 2nd. going about several games down
7:21 am
from 800 points on the ground, and i mention what's really curious about this three-day rally is when it started wednesday, the u.s. trade representative made it official. there's a lot of interesting things going on. i've been talking about this a lot, a lot of factual things that are happening that are not reported at all playing a role in this market coming back here including corporate earnings. >> jon: you are not saying wall street likes tariffs. >> wall street doesn't like tariffs but what i will say is that wall street doesn't like the unknown also and if wall street can predict bad news and get a handle on it because i think more than the tariffs themselves have been out of left field tweets ratcheting up, that kind of stuff has hit the
7:22 am
market more than the tariffs ha had. listening to the ceo of restoration hardware, stock went through the roof yesterday. they expected no impact to resolve from most recently announced china tariffs. name thing this morning, one of the biggest winners today. no material impact, nordstrom ceo's of same thing. businesses adapt and wall street adapts coming out of left field, i think that is what is throwing people off more so than the numbers themselves. if >> sandra: talk about the overtime pay, the trump administration is moving closer to making more u.s. workers eligible for overtime pay. what are the numbers involved here? >> if you don't meet the threshold, 23,000 so trump administration wants it moving to the mid-30, 36,000 so if you make less than that, anytime you start to make -- do more work,
7:23 am
you will be eligible for it. a lot of states are substantially higher than that also already so this is something floating out there for a long time, estimated that if this goes through at least 1 million americans will start making more overtime pay which is great news as we see more people with people working two jobs. one nap with the unemployment rate so low, employers are having to boost the pay that they are offering just to get workers. >> that's why i think the consumerist of the most important part of this equation. we have the latest on consumer spending through the roof again absolutely amazing and naturally pay is going up for the lower end folks were making less, making more for that overtime work. >> sandra: the obama administration tried to double the pay threshold to over
7:24 am
$47,000 which would have impacted 4 million people. the proposal on the table would affect just over a million. the details are still vague and we will see what more comes from that. meanwhile, on to alexandria ocasio-cortez and socialism, she says republicans are using this antisocialism message to scare voters. >> yes, she is right because it is something to be scared of. going throughout history, everywhere they took on socialism, it's a great case study for the continent of africa as they were regaining their independence from europe, the majority of them went to russia and socialism/communism in part because they saw that their former colonizers were capitalist and wanted to reject that. it's our russia as a rising power and it has set these countries back two or three decades and it hurt them almost
7:25 am
every single one of those countries ended up with dictatorships. the amount of dust that came as a consequence of this. look at the trail of blood, tears, and everything else from socialism. >> jon: her green new deal is one of those policies that is not exactly free market oriented. >> it is not a free market oriented. one of the better stories i saw this week was energy prices in texas of all places, certain wattage going from $13 to $9,000 because the windmill stopped working in the middle of a heat wave. texas oil country and serious issues with the green new deal when it goes beyond the money part of it. i think when you think about all the jobs out there and how naturally employment and wages are going to go out, energy and everything else and actually going to have cleaner energy, more efficient energy as a consequence of capitalism.
7:26 am
it has been happening and it will continue to happen. >> sandra: have a great weekend. >> jon: the new twist to tell you about the case of the connecticut mom. her estranged husband's lawyer is now turning his attention on her mother, details ahead. >> sandra: plus, the father continues after the doj inspector general releases a scathing report on fired fbi director james comey and my some republicans say it is just the tip of the iceberg. >> he owes the country an apology because he put us through this for two and a half years and we know he did it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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7:31 am
bad news and expected apology? here we are today with not only the director of the fbi willfully and deliberately breaking protocol. we now understand why peter strzok and andrew mccabe thought that what they were doing was okay. >> for him to say i didn't leak demonstrates that he leaked. he is completely lying today. the report demonstrates he lied. they've given him a break. >> jon: new reaction continues to pour in on a scathing department of justice inspector general's report on james comey. the ig forms of former fbi director and his meetings with president trump. "the new york post" run page blaring leaker of the free world. let's bring in our headliner, former independent counsel and a fox news contributor. you are a guy who could take apart some legal issues and make them very sensible.
7:32 am
i miss anything in the coverage and the assessment of inspector general report? >> a 60 page report, it's so comprehensive and that is so devastating what was very revealing to me was well jim comey while he was protecting the fbi, he wasn't at all and that's the conclusion of an honest civil servant named michael horowitz. comey violated time and again fbi rules, regulation, protocol. >> sandra: they decided not to prosecute, why not? >> there is no proof of his leaking classified information. some of the memos that he prepared for classified but he at least was careful in terms of what he leaked and espionage
7:33 am
laws and the other laws that go to protecting declassified information is fairly limited. he was professionally wrong, morally wrong, self-righteous and did not commit a crime. >> sandra: a piece, she writes he clearly detested mr. trump from the start. he abused his power and use the his sneaky trick to undermine the presidency. it should disturb americans that a man who is now been repeatedly admonished for acting unilaterally helped positions of power for so long. based on the response from the doj that he will not go to jail it will not be prosecuted, which would deter this from happening
7:34 am
again? the mattress to have a professional reputation selling the way this report devastates james comey, it really does. and this is not personal, you deliberately set out on a professional conduct and he knew it to be wrong. that is to say, the report makes it very clear that not only an experienced professional and the justice department and the fbi, he had been specifically trained and then he had further training. the report is so valuable because it just documents time and again that he was so willful and what he was doing in preparing these memoranda and then especially the leaking of the memoranda to "the new york times" through his attorney and a friend at columbia university. absolutely unpardonable so he's been called out. >> jon: the president tweeted this, "the fact that james comey was not prosecuted for the absolutely horrible things he did just shows how fair and
7:35 am
reasonable attorney general bill barr is. so many people and experts that i have watched and read would have taken an entirely different course. comey got lucky." is mr. president right on that? >> i think bill barr is a consummate professional and even though he's been unfairly criticized in connection with the mueller report, what we see now is he is a stand-up guy who makes the tough decisions and he is going to make it based on the facts. he did the right thing. >> sandra: former deputy general rod rosenstein appeared to take a shot at former fbi director james comey in this response on twitter. he said it is important to follow established policies and procedures especially when the stakes are high. we should be most on guard when we believe that our own uncomfortable circumstances justified ignoring principles respected by our predecessors. he was talking earlier, someone
7:36 am
who had known james comey for some time, also saying how long he has known james comey and just the sheer disappointment for some of their colleagues and friends of the past. >> the report itself or michael horowitz documents the fact that the people who worked with james comey's, names that we are familiar with such as peter strzok were disappointed to learn what he had done in terms of the leaking to "the new york times," that they were shocked they were surprised. so this has been a reckoning for jim comey in terms of his. >> sandra: you wouldn't know that by looking at his twitter feed because he almost instantaneously reacted on twitter following the release of this report claiming vindication. >> that was very odd but there's the old expression, none so blind as those who will not see. this report is devastating to james comey's conduct in the most important kind of part of his work and that is his
7:37 am
relationship with the president of the united states, duly elected by the people, so the description that she articulated unfortunately for the country, we want honest fbi agents and leaders. >> jon: it appears that he had been reading up on the steele dossier well before he took office. he felt that this was not going to be suited to the oval office that he wanted to take steps to impugn him at the very least. if a method is putting oneself above the process, such confidence on your own judgment that going to violate the rule of law. >> jon: thank you for fighting through the cold. a trial underway for a texas man accused of killing his ex-wife's family, the defense team claims
7:38 am
he was insane at the time of the murder as prosecutors allege something much more sinister. how the only survivors of emotional testimony may sway the jury. >> i know that my mom, dad, emily, becca, and zach are in a much better place and i'll be able to see them again one day. play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tum tum tums
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>> jon: a texas jerry hearing from the lone survivor of a massacre in which a man is accused of killing six members of his ex-wife's family. it testifying she had to play dead to make it out alive. prosecutors say his motive for the murders was revenge after a divorce to his defense team argues he was insane at the tim time. a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. so here we go again with another insanity defense. it doesn't have a chance?
7:43 am
>> sandra: they are almost always difficult defenses to prove it and when it is insanity, it is up to you to prove it. here we have a case in texas if you are acting under some mental disease or defect that you don't know the difference between right and wrong, that's when the insanity defense applies. if what is the jury going to see in this case? you have a man who supposedly motivated because he was divorced from one of the family members dresses up as a fedex guy, knocks on the door, break sin, waits for the parents to come home, ties everybody up and then shoots an execution-style in the back of the head. do you really think a jury is going to buy that he didn't know the difference between right and wrong when he took all of those steps to annihilate an entire family save one person? >> sandra: this survivors emotional testimony to jurors, what impact will that have? >> tremendous impact. first of all, she was a child
7:44 am
when this happened, still is. and she had to play dead in order to save herself from this horrible massacre, witnessed her entire family get killed by this maniac. but jerry is going to be hanging on her every word. >> jon: he was apparently angry because his ex-sister-in-law or ex-wife's sister had helped out during their divorce and he was angry about that. stay with us. going to have more with you in just a moment. >> sandra: first, an update on the case of a connecticut mother of five missing for three months now. now asking for her mother to be evaluated. a legal battle plays out over custody of the couple's childre children. laura ingle following the story for us. >> the motion for psychological evaluation was filed this morning for a lawyer representing him. asking the court to appoint a psychologist saying they have no
7:45 am
choice but to make such a request to ensure that the five children who she has temporary custody of our safely cared for. if he claims that gloria farber, the mother of his estranged wife has previously been psychiatrically hospitalized and had threatened to kill herself and her late husband adding that electric shock therapy was discussed as an option for the treatment at the time. the attorney tells us she will be filing a formal written statement. they are accused of tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution in the disappearance of his estranged wife who has been missing since may 24th. their five children have been staying with her grandmother ever since and though he has not been granted access to his kids, this as they have reportedly tried to track down a carpet or mat that came from her home or vehicle. it might have been left in
7:46 am
hartford where police say they found bags containing items with jennifer's blood on them matching descriptions. they tell us today they cannot comment on that report but do say they have been circling back to locations in the search to find an offer for third and fourth looks which includes areas outside of new haven where she was reported missing. >> sandra: thank you. let's bring back this. we've been waiting for developments and it has been quite some time now. no sign of finding this mother. >> no, but they were so many moving parts to this case. from the custody battle over here to the fact that we keep acting -- twice a week, but law enforcement is acting as if he is being charged with murder. he hasn't. he is being charged with tampering of evidence and entering. but with a wet they don't even have it definitively that he's the guy on camera against the
7:47 am
side of it. >> sandra: a psychological evaluation of the missing mother's mother. >> to forget for a moment that there is a missing mother who may or may not be dead, we don't technically know yet. he is embroiled in a custody battle with his ex-mother-in-law. she is the only one taking care of his five children. in the real world, he has every right to know whether that caretaker is psychologically fit to perform the duties of the court and making her perform. >> jon: sounds like he's just trying to slam her through these allegations of mental unfitness. >> it could look like that. let's just imagine that he has committed no wrong doing, his five children have been taken away from him, he's got to rely on the court to make these decisions because he is sitting back saying i haven't seen my kids since may, what is going on here?
7:48 am
there is nobody, we don't even know what kind of crime has been committed. i am not defending him, just putting myself in his place from my perspective. >> sandra: a difficult story. thank you. >> jon: is florida braces for potential devastation for hurricane dorian, former canadian prime minister using the impending storm to take a swipe at president trump. what she tweeted and their outraged reaction. >> sandra: plus come a long alex trebek sharing good news about his health following the new season of jeopardy. an update on his condition. we will have that next. ♪
7:49 am
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>> sandra: president trump opting to stay in washington to monitor hurricane dorian saying the safety of people as a top priority is florida braces for the storm to make landfall. meanwhile, former canadian prime minister is taking heat for a tweet about the hurricanes past. >> jon: here is what she tweeted. i am rooting for a direct hit on mar-a-lago. here with fox news headline 24/7 channel 115 on sirius xm
7:53 am
sirius xm. apparently, she doesn't much like the president. >> she served as prime minister for a short period of time in 1993 and now she is responding to some of the backlash. she originally told one of her twitter critics to get a grip, but she has since taken a more conciliatory tone and has confirmed she doesn't want anybody to be hurt and she posted the tweet because the president's response to puerto rico and because of his feelings on climate change. but doesn't twitter just bring out the best in all of us? >> sandra: worth pointing that out on a friday morning. >> jon: the tweet did receive plenty of backlash and she is currently the chairwoman of the supreme court advisor so a high-level position, social media has gotten so many professional people in trouble, colleges are now talking saying don't post anything controversial because we are going to be looking, that should also go in the world as well.
7:54 am
>> jon: a lot of people posting the stuff they wouldn't say. >> sandra: all the best of people in the hurricanes past. meanwhile, the update on alex trebek, four months after his pancreatic cancer diagnosis. >> he said he is done with chemotherapy and going back to work. isn't that amazing? that is a death sentence, but then he revealed some really positive news saying he is near a mission and doctors couldn't believe how positively his body is responding to chemotherapy. so he will be on his and 36 charting september 9th and he is 79 years old and clearly living life to the fullest, just celebrated his birthday as well. >> sandra: it feels like yesterday that he came out with this diagnosis, fans reaction poured in and now four months
7:55 am
later. >> he said he feels like he does have a leg up because of all the prayer what he is receiving and i am obviously no doctor but i do feel like the power of prayer and the power of people are rooting for you when you're going through something like that can really make all the difference. >> jon: really awesome news. >> sandra: meanwhile, reaction comes in for the inspector general's report on fired fbi director james comey and the decision not to prosecute him. we are going to break it down with "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace. he will be joining us at the top of a brand-new hour. so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country.
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7:59 am
the most common side effect is nausea. talk to your doctor about chantix. >> sandra: fox news alert now, just got an update on the track of hurricane dorian and while it is still a category two storm, new concerns because it is set to linger over florida when it makes landfall just days from now. welcome back to "america's newsroom." i am sandra smith. >> jon: and i am jon scott in for bill hemmer. florida bracing for what could be the most powerful hurricane in a generation, racing to stock up on supplies. dorian is a category two hurricane expected to grow into a master category four storm and there are states of emergency in florida and georgia. but the storm's exact track is still unclear with the cone of uncertainty covering nearly the entire state of florida. >> floridians need to be
8:00 am
prepared. the bad news of the storm going slower is that that could potentially have some negative impacts once it reaches landfall, but you do have time before it reaches to prepare if you have not done so. this is potentially a multi-day event where it will turn slowly across the state, that obviously creates a whole host of issues. >> sandra: we have lifelock steam coverage for you with john roberts at the white house, first to chief meteorologist with the storm's path. >> the storm is going to make this right-hand turn and also kind of mimic the shape here in florida, so you have about 100 miles roughly wide they are. impacts on the more you get the worst of it. this is one of the best case scenarios that the worst of the rain would happen across the eastern side of the state. there is so much population here that has grown since the last time this part of the state took a direct hit from a hurricane.
8:01 am
we did have a category five that hit across the panhandle, one of the strongest we had but that was on the other side. so that's just one of the models wherever that turn happens, going to have big implications. you notice the last couple of loops here, looks like and eye is beginning to form and that's why it will strengthen into that category four range. could be a three or four, doesn't really matter once you get a storm that strong of the difference between a four and a three might >> morgan: miles an hour. so don't worry too much about what that is. our concerns in our path is the overall path, does it make a turn earlier or later, even if it's five or 10 miles farther in before makes a turn, has very big impact. some of them pulling in right along the coast, what we saw with hurricane matthew a few years ago would probably be a stronger storm.
8:02 am
also want to tell you there watching this carefully because a lot of moisture going to go in that direction. it probably across eastern parts of georgia and throughout the carolinas as well. that is what one of our radar simulations looks like, it looks just like a very well-defined storm. this is the official track guidance, you see getting really well aligned here with this westerly movement and on the right-hand turn but you get the idea we still have a lot of discrepancy on where that turn happens. what you will notice is some of the southerly tracks we have been worried about look a little less likely, but don't let your guard fully down just yet. sometime probably monday evening into tuesday at this point, it's a big slow down there so could be talking about hurricane conditions for a couple of days across parts of florida.
8:03 am
>> sandra: that update that i could hover over the state obviously makes us incredibly dangerous. thank you for the update. >> jon: president trump canceling his planned trip to poland this weekend sending vice president pence instance if he can sing in washington and monitor the federal response to hurricane dorian. john roberts live at the white house with more on the action there. we met good morning to you, catastrophic damage of the state of florida looming just off the coast, the last play an american president wants to be is on an overseas trip so he will head up to camp david which has all of the communications capabilities of the white house in terms of the president's ability to stay in touch with his advisors. here is the president and the rose garden on canceling his trip. >> sandra: to ensure that all resources are focused on the arriving storm, i have decided
8:04 am
to send our vice president mike pence to poland this weekend in my place. our highest priority as a safety and security of the people in the path of the hurricane and rescheduling my trip to poland in the near future. >> faces his first big test in responding to a natural disaster. here's what the governor said earlier this morning. >> the administration has been great and assured us they are going to provide all the resources, scheduled to leave the country but has canceled that trip because i think the administration recognizes that this is a really serious event. >> has shifted into high gear telling fox news personnel and resources are moving to support basis, a staging center in atlanta, maxwell air force base
8:05 am
in alabama and another one in south carolina, 70 truckloads of relief supplies are en route to the maxwell air force base from the atlanta distribution center. there will be millions of leaders of water distributed throughout the hurricane zone. they are conducting 24-hour operations and preparation for potential landfall. as federal preparations take shape, the president taking the twitter this morning to tell floridians to get out of the way if they are so instructed. saying hurricane dorian looks like we'll be hitting florida late sunday night. be prepared and follow state and federal instructions. it will be a very big hurricane, perhaps one of the biggest. hurricane andrew a bit of a surprise, they've got more time to prepare for this one so hopefully they will be ready for whatever the storm brings. >> jon: i was there for andrew
8:06 am
and i remember it well. there's a political storm in washington brewing over the ig report on james comey. what is the president's reaction to that? >> the president had one brief tweet yesterday, thought he might mention it but he didn't. i'm sure on the way out the door as he had to camp david this afternoon, talking a lot about this but taking aim and a couple of tweets this morning saying the disastrous ig report shows in the strongest of terms how unfairly i and tens of millions of great people who supported me were treated. our rights and liberties were stripped away by this dishonest full. the president also tweeting the fact that james comey was not prosecuted for the absolutely horrible things he did just shows how fair and reasonable attorney general bill barr is. so many experts that i have watched it would've an entirely different course. comey got lucky. michael horowitz absolved comey
8:07 am
of any guilt industry bidding classified information to the media. he acted improperly and did not give the fbi as he should have according to horwitz which may have had some administrative consequences for the department of justice decided not to prosecute him early in august and in terms of leaking classified information, no liability on that front. >> jon: john roberts, thank you. >> sandra: from around the ig report, let's bring in fox news sunday anchor chris wallace, good morning to you. so the reaction is still pouring in which the new york congressman was on the program earlier and here was his response. >> you read this report and these aren't occasional lapses, this is a systematic effort to go after candidates from an president trump. they should call this an attempted coup and to have the most powerful law enforcement organization in the country be used by the director to bring this about is shameful.
8:08 am
>> sandra: we heard from the president saying he should be ashamed of himself. what reaction are you hearing this morning? >> it really follows partisan lines. in some people in the middle will say that the very least, he has once again shown he goes beyond the normal bounds for government official. this is a same person he was very sharply criticized by the inspector general for his handling of the clinton case and that he did things that a government employee shouldn't do basically well beyond government regulations, the way he handled the clinton case, now handled the trump case another seems to be a feeling of saint james, a certain sanctimony and that he knows better. whether they are in departmental guidelines or not. i suspect some of the people who
8:09 am
don't like them are going to say he was fired, pursuing the russia investigation and he was trying to do things to protect the department and to protect the investigation into trump. but clearly, the bottom line as he mentioned is that he has not been prosecuted for this and he is seen something improper but not something illegal, clearly this is a stain on his record, the fact that he thought he knew better than departmental guidelines and went off and did his own thing. >> sandra: that stain on his record, we heard similar thoughts earlier immediately after the report was released yesterday with a similar thoughts. james comey for his part seems to be claiming some sort of indication with those tweets that went out immediately the release of the report writing
8:10 am
the report found no evidence that his attorneys will release classified information contained in the memos, he then wrote i don't need a public apology from those who defame me but a quick message saying sorry we lied about you would be nice. he read the wording of the report and comey set a dangerous example for the over 35,000 current fbi employees was one thing to talk about the stain on james comey's record but what does this do for the image for the agency with which he works? >> to a certain degree, we will have to wait and see what comes out in the report that is being done by a u.s. attorney who is looking at the entire investigation and the inspector general was looking at the fire is a warrant. let's see what comes out of there and whether or not this is another case of james comey thinking he knows better and bending the regulations because he wants what he wants. those could be very damaging not
8:11 am
just to comey but the entire department. we don't know that yet into a certain point, going have to be on the report from the u.s. attorney in connecticut and also from the inspector general michael horowitz to see whether it was leaking the documents or whether the entire trump investigation starting back in july of 2016 and continuing with the fisa warrant against carter page, whether or not there was more misconduct by the justice department and specifically by the fbi. >> sandra: we will likely learn a whole lot more. chris wallace, thank you. tune into fox news sunday has chris wallace talks to rick scott as hurricane dorian nears a state of florida plus one-on-one than you can catch that exclusive interview right here on the fox news channel. chris wallace, thank you. >> jon: a family drama unfolding for olympic gymnast simone bios. why her brother is now facing triple murder charges.
8:12 am
in >> sandra: growing outrage over the doj's refusal to indict james comey, the inspector general's report finding that he broke the rules. so why are there no charges as a result? we will ask before he doj prosecutor. >> he opens the investigation in july 2016, has to put peter strzok in charge of it, the same guy who ran the clinton investigation and said that he should lose 100 million to zero. downy helps prevent stretching by conditioning fibers, so clothes look newer, longer. downy and it's done. through the at&t network, edge-to-edge intelligence gives you the power to see every corner of your growing business.
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8:16 am
>> sandra: the brother of olympic gymnast simone biles charged in connection with a triple murder. the 24-year-old was allegedly involved in a gun battle doing a new year's eve party in cleveland, ohio. police say the fight broke out after an uninvited group crash the party. several others were injured in the shooting. he will be arraigned next month. >> james comey had a personal vendetta. he believed in his role in the fbi was one that he was the ultimate arbiter of being a judge and jury on anything he did or did not like. the problem here is he can say anything he wants to. we know he lied. >> jon: reacting to the inspector general's scathing report that came out just about 24 hours ago. it blasts the former fbi director for violating the bureau's policies by leaking memos of private conversations he had with the president.
8:17 am
so why isn't the doj prosecuting him? joining us now, former department of justice prosecuto prosecutor. that is the question, why is james comey not facing prosecution? >> they were a couple of things that we don't know 100%. the nature of the information is it's not the same type of stuff that makes you worry to the utmost degree. going to be killed abroad because he is leaking out information that puts spies in harm's way but here's the thing, the department of justice looks of the facts that were given by the inspector general and they give a thumbs-up or thumbs down. here they said thumbs down, not going to involve a criminal prosecution. it is so funny that basically seven benefits from the way it's supposed to be. we have a model where
8:18 am
prosecutors make decisions behind closed doors, they don't hear all the dirty laundry. they would probably lead like the first three pages of inspector general support which is pretty damning and scathing but they do it behind closed doors. that's the way the system usually works. >> jon: when they report came out public, he tweeted out saying i don't need an apology but sorry we lied about you would be nice. he seems to suggest that this report exonerates him. does it? >> i think he should have read the full report before he went out and started saying that stuff. the bottom line is there's a lot that you can do, their own mole working within the fbi to leak stuff "the new york times." this guy was coming home from white house dinners and immediately writing memos spoiling the fight with the president over losing his job.
8:19 am
>> jon: "the wall street journal" had an editorial piece on all of this today. here is the headline. righteous former fbi director thinks the rules don't apply to him. it goes on to read these violations may not be crimes in the justice department declined to prosecute after a referral by the ig but they are unacceptable and someone who had mr. comey's authority and has made his career assailing others for lesser defenses. they show to get my mr. trump was right to fire him. do you agree? >> a president can come in and remove the director of the fbi for any reason they want. if he could say he is too tall and i want him out of here. the only person who doesn't understand that is comey, felt entitled to this job, ready to fight with the president over it, set up a special counsel but this is all narcissism and the type of stuff that most
8:20 am
rank-and-file fbi cringe at when they hear about a director who is creating personal memoirs instead of actually doing his job. >> jon: as you point out, he had a designated leaker who was working for the fbi. >> that's the part that probably drives me nuts the most, it's amazing the special employee is an unheard-of thing. of nonpaid guy to come in, access information in the fbi and then turn around and activate his intelligence, a guy that can go to "the new york times" instead of having his own direct fingerprints on it and leak out information that should be in the public sphere. >> jon: federal prosecutor with the doj thank you. >> sandra: meanwhile, new satellite images showing another failed rocket launch despite warnings from the u.s. the threat these tests pose and what to do about it straight ahead. >> jon: plus, jeffrey epstein's accusers saying his apparent suicide robbed him of the chance, the judge making
8:21 am
that fact official. more on that next. they backed away feel his death was an appropriate punishment? absolutely not. it gives nobody justice and that leaves a lot of unanswered questions. devices are like doorways
8:22 am
8:23 am
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8:24 am
xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. >> jon: the justice department shuts down an alleged opioid trafficking network. says at least 41 people have been charge for distributing more than 23 million pills like oxycodone through pill mills and pharmacies across the country. a total of 16 medical professionals including four doctors have been charge. to map the criminal case against jeffrey epstein has been officially dropped. in this coming three weeks after the accused sex traffickers died by apparent suicide in his
8:25 am
new york city jail cell. >> the judge officially dismissing this case against epstein yesterday because he is dead and therefore can't stand trial but the search for justice is far from over. the fbi urging any of their possible victims to come forward and contact them because they would really like to hear from you. prosecutors confirmed that their criminal inquiries into the coconspirators are ongoing and will continue. including his former girlfriend who was accused by multiple women of being his madam. other women are also accused of recruiting young women and girls for epstein. all of this as fox news has obtained a video from inside epstein's mansion in palm beach, florida. the video was shot by police
8:26 am
during the research of the property. if you couldn't see a green massage table. this is the home were dozens of young women, some underage say that they were there for paid massage sessions that were turned into molestation. dozens of photos including erotic photos of young women are seen throughout the house, some naked and others in bikinis. they were art pieces scattered throughout as well as sketches of women including that of maxwell. this video was part of the first investigation by palm beach state attorneys into epstein and at the time, investigators had interviewed over 30 possible victims, most of their stories all winding up with one another. that investigation ended with the 2008 in which they served just 13 months in jail. >> sandra: thank you.
8:27 am
>> jon: set to hit florida as a monster category four storm. how folks across that state are preparing for the strongest storm in decades. >> sandra: is telling of a dramatic war story on the campaign trail. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
8:28 am
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8:30 am
>> jon: a fox news alert on the track of hurricane dorian, the category two storm expected to grow into a major category for when it makes land fall in florida. then it is expected to hover over that state meaning hurricane conditions will last for days. as you can see in this image from space, this storm is a monster. rick leventhal is live in delray beach, florida, now. >> a slow-moving storm means
8:31 am
more rain, more high winds, more trees down, more power lines down, more electricity out potentially for millions of floridians as the store makes its way here. another bright beautiful day here on the beach. going to strengthen from its almost category three to at least a category four. we could have hurricane winds for 36 hours. if it is expected to slow down. right now, we are in the center of the cone of uncertainty. it is now the most likely place for this storm to go. if they could turn entirely or could hit anywhere from central florida all the way down to miami.
8:32 am
everyone is keeping an eye on this. the governor is trying to figure out where the best evacuation should come from as people prepared. they have been encouraged to stock up on food and water and supplies and we have seen very long lines at gas stations at costco and every grocery store and home depot where people are buying generators and anything else they might need to ride out the storm. the mag generator, yes, things to my neighbors. i generator, gas. that we are good to go. >> a lot of military assets being moved this morning including warships being moved to safer waters. they seem to know for sure, but
8:33 am
the sights are set on the coast of florida. this thing can give extensive damage and with 15 plus inches of rain predicted in some areas will cause widespread flooding across the state. >> this guy climb down a ravine, carried a guy on his back and the general wanted me to pin a silver star on him. i got up there and god's truth, my word is abide in, he stood at attention. >> sandra: the fighting campaign trying to explain what may be another mishap by the former vice president has a democratic front runner dismisses reports that the emotional war story you heard there was filled with incorrect details. form a national press of the
8:34 am
dnc. appreciate you coming on with us this morning, "the washington post" lays out in their piece and inaccurate war story. and what he wrong, this happened in 2008 when he was a u.s. senator, not as vice president and the service member who performed the horrific action was a 20-year-old army specialist, not an older navy captain as he also said so they make the case that over the span of 3 minutes, he got the time. matt, location, heroic act, type of metal, military branch, and the rank of the recipient wrong. they met first of all, thank you for having me on this morning. what's really important here is that vice president biden was trying to demonstrate the selflessness and the heroics that our servicemen and women take every day. the acts that they do on our behalf and i think that's very clear and i think that he was also showing a lot of empathy which he is able to do which is increasingly in short supply.
8:35 am
>> sandra: "the washington post" doesn't deny that. they say he took three different events and tied them all together to tell this one heroic story. they said one element of the story is rooted in the actual event, in 2011 the vice president did pin a metal on a heartbroken soldier who didn't believe he deserved the award but here is the former vp and presidential candidate defending that story. he said this. >> i was making the point how courageous these people are, how incredible they are. these generation of warriors, these fallen angels we've lost. so i don't know what the problem is. what is it that i said wrong? >> sandra: it's one thing my not to have the knowledge that he got most of the details of that story wrong. is this a problem for the vice president? he tied this together with previous gaffes, is it creating a problem for your party's current front?
8:36 am
>> i don't think it is. when families are going to be traveling or being with their kids this weekend on memorial day, what they're going to be talking about our kitchen table issues. the economy and health care and what they are not necessarily going to be talking about is vice president biden, every time something comes up whether that is with respect to a debate or whatnot, even though the vice president is clearly in the lead, every time someone counts them out, they say we like joe biden, we want him to be in the white house. theme three different national polls were he has been up by 13 points. so i don't think it's going to matter to democratic primary voters. >> sandra: he writes that basically joe biden and donald trump are running on the same message. they say give me your vote even
8:37 am
if you don't like me. he writes in that piece, they are both running on the same message but with one crucial difference. trump is directing his at independent swing voters and biden is directing that message at his base. your response to that? >> right now, every candidate in every primary, president trump is not going to have a heart challenge and the republican primary but i think vice president biden is doing a really good job of laying out who he is, what he stands for and the american people know him as vice president, they know him as senator and i think if you look at the key issues that are popping up in polls, democratic primary voters care about the economy, care about health care and if you compare donald trump's positions on both of those, vice president biden really comes out on top at every point, you have donald trump and the president tweeting things, causing the stock market to go
8:38 am
up and down, not putting forth a plan to really bring health care to americans and instead wants to dismantle the affordable care act's of the distinctions are pretty clear and important. >> sandra: for one thing, he is putting out a very strong case on the economy when he continues to point to a lot of those indicators and factors that are out there. so that is going to be a point of contention as we see those candidates battle things out. finally, want to ask you about your party's embrace of the nonreligious voters and meanwhile, criticizing religious liberties in this country. this new resolution saturday praising religious unaffiliated americans as the largest religious group within the democratic party but to go as far as to criticize religious liberties and that, is this a good strategy for the democratic party? >> that's a good question. i can't speak to the intent of those who are putting forward this resolution. i think what they were trying to
8:39 am
do was say that -- >> sandra: it's the democratic party. >> 's individual members voted upon, so i think the real thing here is whatever resolution there is, at the end of the day in terms of how the party talks about these issues, the message is going to be determined not only by the party but the individual candidates and especially true when the message is going to be from the nominee as well. but i do agree that we need to be reaching out to all voters, really important to reach them where they are. it's going to be a problem for us. >> sandra: it was passed by the dnc and championed by the coalition that lobbyists on behalf of atheists, agnostics, and humanness on public policy and they celebrated the snow by the dnc is the first time a major party embraced american
8:40 am
nonbelievers. we will certainly keep watching all of that. thank you for coming onto "america's newsroom" ." >> jon: just weeks after he and his family were involved in a fiery crash landing up their private jet, dale earnhardt jr. is such a race tomorrow in south carolina. earnhardt's as a back injury he received an august 15th much better now. his wife and their daughter also escaped with only minor injuries. >> sandra: still just so hard to believe. you can see those images for him to know he and his wife and small child walked away and are doing just fine. thankful for that. meanwhile, satellite images suggesting iran try to launch a rocket for the third time this year, what the failed launch could mean has tensions escalate between washington and tehran. >> we are looking for no nuclear weapons, no ballistic missiles,
8:41 am
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>> sandra: hong kong police warning of more arrests after several prominent opposition figures were taken into custody amid massive pro-democracy demonstrations. the activists granted bail after being charged with inciting people to join a protest. meanwhile, police taking a harder line denying permission for a major march saturday. the sometimes violent demonstrations have been going on since june. >> jon: new satellite images show iran tried and failed to launch a rocket in a defiant move against the u.s. a plume of smoke and what appears to be charred remains suggest the rocket exploded on the launch pad for after liftoff. the spring in senior director of
8:45 am
the center for the national interest. not supposed to be launching missiles like this under u.n. resolution, correct? >> they are not trying to test satellite technology for commercial uses are anything like that. what they are trying to do is develop the technology to create intercontinental ballistic missiles. in other words, a fancy term for missiles that could someday carry nuclear warheads i could hit our allies in europe and here in our homeland in the united states so this is essentially a cover and i'm glad that this test was not successful. >> jon: they claim they were launching a communications satellite but it was supposed to be in orbit for a whopping two and half months. that doesn't sound like it would help that nation's communication for long. >> with this type of rocket technology, the same type of rocket that would carry commercial satellites is the same technology to use those
8:46 am
long-range missiles that can hit our bases, so i think we are going to see a lot more in the months and years to come and watch it very closely. >> jon: he was with the defense minister said about this latest launch. whenever activity and research has successful results, we will announce the good news. they haven't had much good news that doesn't mean they're not trying. i >> the long-term threat is very obvious. they are developing all sorts of different missiles and this is basically the iranians great symmetric weapon against the united states. a lot of these platforms could be used with a lot of accuracy to hit bases, also to target our navy and aircraft carriers. they developed a lot of these over the year so we have to watch this closely. >> jon: want to turn your attention to another one of the axis of evil nations north korea. they have essentially rewritten their constitution to give kim jong un even more power. it is now said that he has as
8:47 am
powerful as his grandfather was, the guy who founded north korea. what is all of this amount to you? >> i think what it amounts to is kim jong un is probably the most powerful north korean leader ever. he has full command of the military, short ran less than a decade, a nuclear weapon. he is developing all sorts of missile technologies, he has made their chemical and biological weapons warfare technology even better. he has full control of their government, he is in charge. >> jon: there have been suggestions that may be his support was teetering, that some of the generals and some of the other top political leaders in that country are necessarily on the same page as he is. does this put a lie to that? >> i think what he's done is trying to kill any sort of opposition he sees out there. gilda's uncle, killed his brother with chemical weapons a few years back, you have to
8:48 am
remember a dictator like this will do whatever it takes to survive. they were rumors a few months back that he might have killed or did some sort of harm to the negotiators at the hanoi summit so someone like kim jong un will do whatever it takes to survive enough the bottom bottom line. >> jon: with president trump meeting with him and saying they can reach a deal, is the president inadvertently helping promote him within his own nation? >> this is the great problem of power politics. any time leader like president trump has to work on solidifying america's national interest, you have to deal with actors you don't like. that is a tough reality, especially having to deal with somebody like kim jong un who was essentially a murderer. the president is stuck in having to make these associations. i don't think the president wants to do that but that is life. >> jon: thank you for your
8:49 am
insight. >> sandra: americans working off a bundle of student loan debt, $1.6 trillion. now when the report on exactly who is getting hit the hardest. . wrinkles send the wrong message. sorry. help prevent them before they start with new downy wrinkleguard.
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>> jon: the texas police officer handcuffed to suspect lee harvey oswald when he was shot and killed two days after president kennedy's assassination has died. former detective was transporting oswald to the county jail when the assassin was shot point blank on novembe. stills of that moment show live on television became an iconic image of the assassination. his daughter says that as her father got older, he felt obligated to dispel conspiracy theories around what happened to
8:53 am
president kennedy and oswald's death. he had just celebrated his 99th birthday in colorado. >> sandra: millions of americans are working to pay off student loan debt. the total nationwide has now ballooned to $1.6 trillion and a new report shows where people over the most. jacqui heinrich is joining us live in studio with more on tha that. >> the higher part of higher education taking on a second meeting here. data show student debt across the country is twice what it was ten years ago and affects more than 44 million americans. this report aims to break down who was suffering the most. financial comparison web site compare costs from nearly a thousand colleges and they say students in the northeast shoulder the greatest burden with connecticut topping the list. on average, students are $38,000 and i read there. other grads include new hampshire, rhode island, delaware.
8:54 am
on average, more than 34,000 in debt. and if you're looking to stay below the 30 grand mark, your and ride off all of new england by these averages. analyst behind this study say that they have the highest concentration of private universities which are more expensive than state schools and bring up the average cost. >> when students are borrowing, they need to think critically about what that that will cost them when they graduate. what their monthly payment will be, how much they will be earning that they can think critically about can i afford my monthly payment when i graduate? but then for ten years after that. >> more than half the total student loan debt was wrapped up in the last ten years. in 2009, student barrios owed more than $750 billion to banks and now that number is 1.6 trillion. other concerning trends is about 10% of student debt is 90 days past due and if you research centers say about a third of
8:55 am
young graduates with bachelor's degree that the cost was not worth the benefit. >> sandra: tough story in a big number, thank you. >> jon: new fallout today from those plans to storm area 51. why another county is now bracing for trouble. ♪ limu emu and doug. what do all these people have in common, limu? [ guttural grunt ] exactly. nothing! they're completely different people. that's why they make customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need. yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. [ limu grunts ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> sandra: of authority say they stopped a terror plot in new york city and now a teenager is under arrest. investigator singh the 19-year-old texted undercover agents has plans to carry out an isis inspired knife attack somewhere in queens. the suspect was reportedly under surveillance and authorities insist there was no threat to public safety. he is due to appear in federal court today. >> jon: a second rural nevada county is making emergency plans for a "storm area 51" event that has drawn millions of social media fans. an emergency declaration took affect us one day after authorities told local lawmakers they are not sure how many people might show up and what
8:59 am
could take on resources. the event began as a joke online, know how small towns coming to figure out how to handle the massive influx of alien enthuse is expected to arrive sometime next month. speed to the newsroom vault opening on a baseball legend. with ty cobb's first major league at-bat in this day in 1905 he hit a double it was on the beginning. he led the league in home runs and he retired after 24 seasons. he racked up nearly four dozen major league career records. he played for the detroit tigers for the bulk of his career, and although he never won a world series, he was elected to the baseball hall of fame in the first balloting for you are a big baseball fan, aren't you? >> jon: i am, i like playing "are those my best sport as a kid. but it's great to see those old stills. unchanged. >> sandra: that was a week,
9:00 am
jon scott. >> jon: it has been a week. more to come this weekend with that storm heading for florida. >> sandra: we will be watching hurricane dorian. stay tuned to the fox news channel for continuing coverage. thank you for joining us this week. "outnumbered" starts now. >> dagen: florida bracing for a potentially catastrophic hurricane, maybe the strongest to at the state in decades. the national hurricane center giving an update a short time ago, saying dorian is still a category to transform right now but is expected to strengthen before making landfall in florida as a category 4 monster on monday or tuesday. governor ron desantis has declared a state of emergency there, as flirty and scrambled to get food, water, emergency supplies, some areas already experiencing fuel shortages. the president meeting with a mop earlier today on storm preparations after canceling his planned trip to poland to focus on dorian and the federal response. and the white house just


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