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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  August 30, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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"sincerely , kat." she provides comments and solutions to everyday problems. dating issues, you name it. she will answer your questions. start watching for free. log onto fox nation and download the app. we are back here monday, labor day. right now, molly line and for harris. >> molly: a monster storm roaring toward florida, dorian expected to make landfall in a matter of days as a powerful category 4 hurricane. potentially the biggest to hit the state in decades. let's go "outnumbered overtime." i molly line in for harris faulkner. right now, dorian is a category two storm, but forecasters expect it will strengthen as it slowly turns toward florida, bringing potentially life-threatening storm surge and hurricane-force winds. florida's governor now issuing an urgent warning to residents. >> as you know, we have a state of emergency issued in florida for all 67 counties.
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the precise path of the storm is still somewhat uncertain. that's the reason for all 67. but the intensity of the storm, i think there's a pretty high degree of certainty that this is going to be a major hurricane, category 4, potentially even category 4 plus. so be prepared and be prepared for potentially a multi-day event. >> molly: chief meteorologist rick reichmuth has been tracking from the fox extreme weather center watching was developed. >> a lot of things to watch paid them into some deeper meteorology for you. this is a water vapor, and this image is going to show how moist that mystery is around the storm. it shows us what we saw yesterday. see that little dark that was there? that is kind of some upper-level wind that was really ripping the storm apart yesterday. in the last few images, that area of that dark, that upper-level disturbance, has kind of moved off and out the storm is looking like it doesn't
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have that wind that could rip it apart. that's why we are seeing a really significant eye on our in imagery. we are watching it build in on all sides of the storm, that means is looking much healthier, and healthier means the potential for to strengthen and organize even more. that's why the official forecast calls for it to increase to category 3. we will probably see that in our next advisory or so. then up to a 4 later on tomorrow. i want to show you what we are watching, they are still some indication it could cut across florida and go into the gulf. that would give it a second landfall sometime next week. our best indication at this point does it make some sort of landfall here across the central florida coast and then moves up the peninsula. we still have some other models showing it right off shore to move up and make some sort of interaction around georgia or south carolina. i hate to see it, there is still a lot of people in play here. a lot of people who have to
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prepare. but if you are here across this eastern shore of florida, you have to make all of your final preparations right now. it could be category 4 storm right on the shore. i also will tell you that any little wobble, 10 or 15 miles in one direction or another, could have a big impact. talk about it as a category 4, at least from the national weather center. this 3, it goes down after it has interaction with land. so we are talking here by tuesday morning we are seeing some sort of landfall. at least right now it looks like monday night into tuesday. just this really slow turn across areas of florida. we could be talking about pretty much everybody getting some sort of impact from this. certainly impacts farther toward the north across georgia and the carolinas. don't want to make people there think they are out of the woods. a lot of people dealing with the storm. potentially, if we do have a major landfall right here across the eastern shore, could be a really big storm for us. there was one last year in florida, a cat 5 in the panhandle.
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at least right now you should be okay. a lot of people still recovering from that storm. if this farther west track it did happen, there would be some impacts of this place is still dealing with that. molly? >> molly: thank you very much. we have florida attorney general ashley moody joining us. we are getting worried that there are some, you know, shelves that have been rated of their water and there are folks going. which is good. people are stocking up. at the same time, there are people who are perhaps taking advantage of people trying to get ready. we heard reports of price gouging. could you try to elaborate on that? >> yes, molly, thank you. first and foremost we are encouraging floridians to be safe and take precautions to protect their family and property. we advise they have seven days of food and medicine, water. that is what we are stressing. governor dissent is doing a great job. he has been proactive. our state leadership is organized and ready. but floridians need to make sure they are taking the appropriate steps to be ready for this
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life-threatening storm. often, when we have an emergency like this, and chaos as people are trying to secure necessary supplies, we have those bad actors that take advantage of a really horrible situation and try to price gouge floridians. that means they will hike up the prices as people are trying to get these essential commodities. as an attorney general i am working across the state to make sure those affected -- and right now we have a declared state of emergency in every county in florida -- so floridians can report to us when they are seeing this. when they feel they've been taken advantage of. not only do we have a hotline, a price gouging hotline that's been enacted with extended hours. floridians can call 1-866-9-no scam. it can be downloaded to apple and android devices.
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>> molly: we feel for the people for you right now. everyone rushing on the trying to get ready. the authorities driving on the fact that they've got to be ready for potentially up to a week or more of challenges regarding infrastructure and power and food and water. $1.8 million meals ready for distribution. when you talk about these people taking advantage of everyone who is trying to get ready and trying to be responsible and be ready to take care of their neighbors, how do you hold those folks responsible in the aftermath? at the same time, when the priorities when making sure that the people are okay? >> you have distinguished about what we are trying to make sure people are paying attention to. we are focused on making sure people are taking precautions to keep themselves safe. have the necessary supplies, know their evacuation route. during this time, we are busy taking in this information, real-time. encouraging people if they download the app to put in prices, take pictures of
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receipts. describe narratives with sellers. tell us if there are other comparable products that might have a price that is much lower so we can see if there's a price difference. as we are getting that information, we have a rapid response team in the field responding and trying to proactively talk to these businesses and organizations to get them to lower the prices. if, in fact, they are trying to take advantage of a situation. i want to stress that -- >> molly: go ahead. >> i want to stress that after that we will go after these bad actors and perceive these cases. i appreciate you helping us get the word out to floridians. we can protect them from these bad actors. >> molly: a message that they will be the kind ability and you have a lot on your plate. thank you for giving us a few details about what you see there on the ground. thank you. another fox news alert, president trump now accusing some u.s. companies of using china tariffs as a scapegoat for their problems. as he of administration is set to move forward with new
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tariffs, 15% on $300 billion in chinese goods. starting on sunday. chief white house correspondent john roberts' life with the latest on this. >> many u.s. companies and american farmers beginning to complain loudly that the chair of war between the united states and china is really beginning to bite hard. president trump has offered billions of dollars in relief to u.s. farmers, but not very sympathetic to u.s. companies. the president treating earlier today, "if the fed would cut we would have one of the biggest stock market increases in a long time." here's where he gets into it. "badly run and weak companies are constantly blaming the small tariffs instead of themselves are bad management. who could really blame them for doing that? excuses!" as you mentioned, 15% tariffs on chinese products to don't ask it to take effect on sunday. china all that pleading with the president to hold off. the spokesman for the chinese ministry of commerce saying, "under the current situation, we believe the issues should be
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discussed is to lift further tariffs on the u.s. tariff on chinese goods and prevent trade wars from continuing to escalate." the president believes he started to get the upper hand on china, that the u.s. economy still humming along while tenant is faltering in the president is not prepared, at least at the moment, to back down. saying, "it's not about the u.s. economy short term about the u.s. economy long-term." listen to what he told brian kilmeade on the radio yesterday. >> they been ripping us off for billions and billions of dollars, like babies. obama was ripped worse than anybody. bush, everyone of them. clinton. nobody did anything about it. i am doing what had to be done. >> white house officials i've spoken with are optimistic that a chinese delegation will come to washington for more trade talks as september begins. fox news has also learned that there have been ongoing talks between the chinese and the u.s. at a "different level" as the
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president alluded to yesterday on the radio with brian kilmeade. sources tell fox news that john thornton, former ceo of goldman sachs who was a professor at a university in beijing, and blackstone group ceo steve schwartzman, have been acting as intermediaries. sharing information and trail ballooning between the countries as a way to keep the lines of communication open. whether china will be willing in the next round of trade talks to give in on crucial items like intellectual property theft and forced technology transfer remains to be seen. they had made an agreement to do that back in the spring and then reneged on it. so we don't know which way they are going to go. but there does seem to be -- well, it maybe ever so subtle, a shift in the chinese position here. molly, perhaps there's an opening. wouldn't wall street like that? >> molly: a big month in september as far as this battle over tariffs go. john roberts to be an this. thank you. this sunday, afl-cio president richard trump sits down with chris wallace for an exclusive interview.
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they will likely talk about how union workers feel about the trade war with china. most of the impact he could have at the ballot box in 2020. fox news sunday, you don't want to miss this one. coming up on "outnumbered overtime," the doc is recommend to key changes i want caucus. how much will impact the numbing contest? does this ruin any of the campaign strategies? joe biden under fire after a report accuses him of botching the details in a moving anecdote. it will latest gaffe to any damage to his white house bid? to go general wanted me to pin the silver star on him. i got up here, and to god's truth, my word as a bite, he stood at attention. i went to pin him and he said "sir, i don't want the damn thing." s c, i felt i couldn't be at my best for my family. in only 8 weeks with mavyret, i was cured and left those doubts behind. i faced reminders of my hep c every day.
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>> molly: the brother of olympic gymnast simone biles now charged in connection with a deadly triple shooting in cleveland. kevin biles thomas was arrested in georgia. the shooting happened on new year's eve when an uninvited group of people crashed a party at an airbnb rental. a fight broke out, ultimately leading to gunfire. biles thomas was on active duty with the military, is charged with murder, manslaughter, and assault. he is currently being held in georgia and will be extradited to cleveland before his arraignment next month. >> this guy climbed down a ravine, carried this guy up on his back under fire. and the general wanted me to pin the silver star on n. i got up there, and to god's truth, my word as a biden, he stood at attention. i went to pin him and he said, "sir, i don't want the damn simply do not pin it on me, sir. please, sir.
10:17 am
do not do that. he died. he died." >> molly: that was joe biden on the campaign trail last week telling voters about a man rejecting the metal because he failed to save a brother in arms. there's a report that many of the details are inaccurate. the town, the place, the military branch, the type of medal, and the biden campaign is now pushing back on that report. during me now, figure both for joining me. this is some sound and audio of the former vice president that we've heard really repeatedly. he has pushed back on criticism of his story. take a look. >> i was making a point of how courageous these people are. how credible they are. this generation of warriors.
10:18 am
these fallen angels we have los lost. i don't know what the problem is. what is it that i said wrong? >> molly: did he say anything wrong? >> it's the worst thing joe biden does this campaign, to praise men and women in uniform for their heroism, i'm okay with that. he's had a history of gaffes on the campaign trail. we know that. to me he is right pushback on that. this is a step too far for them to attack him on every little fact. he was talking about his heroism, he wasn't talking about how great he is. he was praising men and women in uniform, and rightly so. i don't think it's a big deal. >> molly: alex, what you think about argument connect because facts don't matter because his heart was in the right place? >> [laughs] he certainly wasn't describing actions that involved himself in a theater of war. he was talking about a political moment that had great significance and gives him great credibility in terms of being a
10:19 am
commander-in-chief and selling himself to the american people that way. so i think in the news cycle we are in and how fast-paced everything is, one gaffe does not end the presidential race. are any race, for that matter. i think it's another proof point in the argument that he is maybe not all there. that he is not the person that can deliver the knockout punch to president trump on stage, which i think is what a lot of democrats are looking for. >> molly: when democratic voters look at joe biden, as imagined, they've seen gas before. is it something they care about or does it wash away? >> there's no primary voters going to vote for another candidate in this primary because joe biden made a gaffe praising military folks. this is going to come down to whether the progressive left wins out over the more moderate return to the obama administration type of argument that joe biden is making. that's what this will come down to. quite frankly, democratic voters
10:20 am
find this a bit endearing about joe biden. people know him, they trust him, they know that he has spent more time in afghanistan than almost any other nonmilitary person out there. he should not be a apologizing for this. should he be careful? absolutely. but which of us can say we've never gotten facts wrong? >> molly: one of the big arguments that those in support of biden often make is that he's the guy that can win. electability is a big strength that democrats are looking for. and yet some recent polling shows that, actually, a lot of the democrats are looking good and i head-to-head with president trump. this is one of our most recent fox news polls that shows sanders, warren, harris, also potentially beating the president in 2020. your thoughts on that? >> i disagree that this is a simple matter of left versus more moderate ideology. in the republican primary, by contrast, in 2016, we saw that ideology fell away as an issue that didn't really matter.
10:21 am
what republicans look for in president trump as they signed him a street fighter. someone who was going to take it to hillary clinton and be relentless. in viewing the democratic primary stage as they will be on one stage, one night in the upcoming debates, i think they might look to someone like anna elizabeth warren. someone they might feel is a little sharper, little bit more able to bring that oomph to the stage with donald trump. ideology may not matter, even as they save the driving force behind electability for joe biden. >> molly: a lot of those to come. thank you for joining us. a high-stakes peace talks under way between u.s. and the taliban. this, as the taliban is reportedly threatening afghan elections. could that put a peace deal in jeopardy? congressman adam kinzinger ways and next. ♪ so i can buy from
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>> molly: hong kong police granting bail to a pair of activists charged with inciting people to protest. this, as authorities denied permission for a major march that was scheduled for tomorrow. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is reporting live from hong kong. jonathan? >> mali, the arrests of several of those leading activists came in reads, in some cases on the street, in other cases at private homes. among those arrested, joshua jang and agnes chow, 2 of the leading members of the pro-democracy movement. >> it is believed the leaders were brought here to police headquarters and charge with with insulting, organizing, and taking part in unlawful protests. while those are the formal charges, it seems the purpose was really to send a very clear message to anybody thinking of
10:27 am
taking part in protests over the weekend, that they are subject to arrest and detention. in the meantime, these huge water-filled barriers have been placed around police headquarters in case of those protesters deciding to come her here. >> protesters had already been unnerved by the sight of chinese troops and army vehicles, including antiriot vehicles, crossing the border from mainland china in large numbers. a scheduled rotation of forces, according to the chinese government. clearly, something designed to send a very deliberate statement of intent. in the wake of all this, a leading activist told us today that president trump must now send a very clear message to the chinese government. >> stop bullying. do not force the world to play by chinese rules.
10:28 am
but china, if they want to accept it, if they want to be accepted by international communities, they should respect the rules already in the international community. >> bonnie leung's group, the civil human rights front, since they are canceling their participation in huge planned weekend demonstrations. that, molly, might keep some of the more peaceful-minded protesters away, but we are hearing that many, perhaps thousands of hard-core protesters, still plan to take to the streets. if the history of this summer in hong kong is to be our guide, then violence once again seems inevitable. >> molly: financial implications all over the world, regarding economic and political. thanks for watching it on the ground for us, jonathan hunt. if peace talks are ongoing in afghanistan, the taliban says
10:29 am
it's close to troop withdrawal agreement with the u.s. president trump telling fox news radio yesterday that he is looking to leave a backstop. about 8600 troops in afghanistan. that's down from eight peak of 100,000 troops in 2011. take a listen. >> we are going down to 8600. we are bringing it down. we have it -- we are not fighting a war over there, we are just policeman over there. we could win that wore so fast. if i wanted to kill 10 million people, brian, which i don't. >> molly: we are learning that the u.s. service member was killed and and comment yesterd. no identity has been released. this, as this report suggests that it threatens upcoming afghan elections and isis is looking to regroup in this region pay let's bring in republican congressman adam kinzinger of the house foreign affairs committee, who also serves as a pilot in the air national guard. congressman, this seems like a politically fraught situation we
10:30 am
are dealing with as we continue to go back and forth with the taliban. one of the things the u.s. is trying to achieve as they have direct talks with the afghans. with the government there on the ground either these elections. where do things stand? what is the likelihood we can arrange that much? >> i don't know. i will say this, every war ends in a negotiation but ends with a negotiation with all players. the idea we are negotiating with the taliban and the afghan government has had no role in this. this is the afghan government of afghanistan. this is an ally of the united states of america. if the peace deal is to simply get the taliban to agree to engage in talks, that the disaster. we need to get the taliban and afghan government and ourselves together for a peace deal that's enforceable and works. this idea, this defeatist attitude that has crept into american foreign policy, and frankly into the american consciousness in the last decade, bewilders me. this idea that we are war-weary,
10:31 am
worn out, tired. after world war ii, old towns of young men were lost. the entire economy was turned into a war economy. at the end of that war, when americans had a right to be war-weary, they stayed and ended up freeing people behind the iron curtain. i think we are a blessed country. not because god has a fondness for the 300 million people here, but because we have understood our mission, which is much broader event just taking care of people here. in the negotiation is great but has to be a negotiation that doesn't lead to further terrorist attacks. right now we have 14,000 people engaged in combat preventing terrorist attacks in the united states of america. >> molly: the current afghan protestant, who is up for reelection, he wants to see these elections go forward. the taliban has been pushing back against that. there's also the politics involved, even getting these different entities to one table to ultimately get to that goal of bringing troops home, seeing that stability on the ground that could ultimately prevent
10:32 am
isis from researching in that area. it is the first step, as you mention, finding this political solution? >> yeah, the taliban will have to ingredient forcibly to be part of the politics of the government of afghanistan. that's fine. but they are still fighting to attack elections. so how will they abide by elections connect there still threatening afghan troops. all that happens is the troops between, for good, the taliban in the usa. what does that mean for afghanistan? what does that mean for isis who has a foot hold there? proxies? the idea that we are engaged in afghanistan and still in the heyday when we were losing 100 men a month is not happening. >> molly: we are coming up against a brick here. thank you for your thoughts on this. this is something we will walk don't like watching the weeks ahead. representative can sing or configure. hurricane dorian on track to hit florida as it brings potentially life-threatening conditions. how folks there are preparing, and what local officials are doing to keep people safe.
10:33 am
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>> molly: florida bracing for a potentially devastating hurricane. dorian is gaining strength as it slowly turns toward florida, expecting to make landfall there is a category 4 storm on monday or tuesday. floridians are being urged to prepare for the worst, as the governor wants to be potentially days-long event with massive power outages and fuel shortages. rick leventhal is live in delray beach, florida, with more on the preparations there. rick? >> molly, you wouldn't know it from today's weather, but the national hurricane center says an extremely dangerous hurricane dorian is bearing down on the florida coastline, bringing with it potentially 140 mile-per-hour winds, ten to 15-foot storm surge, at up to a foot of rain or more in some spots, which could flood already-saturated ground here. especially in south florida. we have new satellite imagery showing the eye forming on the
10:38 am
storm as it passes toward the northern bahamas. it is expected to strengthen as it makes its way across the atlantic. it could screw the coast entirely, or it could hit within the cone of uncertainty between central florida and where we are now in palm beach county. even turned further south. of course, one big concern is that slowing forward speed. it's moving forward at about 10 miles an hour. it is expected to slow down even more, and that means more heavy rain hitting the ground. more high winds, perhaps 36 hours at hurricane strength, damaging homes and businesses, knocking down trees and power lines. perhaps knocking out electricity for millions of people across the state. also lengthening the time before rescue crews can get in to respond. of course, we are seeing long lines at just about every store, selling bottled water, food, and other supplies. long lines at home depot or people are stocking up on generators and pieces of plywood and other materials they can use to board up their homes and get ready for what could be a very long road out here.
10:39 am
we have also heard quite a bit from governor ron desantis about how we need to be on guard in the state of florida, especially because the storm is moving so slowly. >> i would just say, this is the one constant on the storm. the track has been here or there and there's been a lot of uncertainty, but the one thing that has been pretty certain as this has been getting stronger. very consistently, and completely in line with all the forecasting. >> the u.s. military is moving warships and planes away from bases that could be vulnerable. the governor prepositioning assets, including bottled water and trying to get tankers of gasoline and some of the stations that are running out. no mandatory evacuation orders have been issued yet, molly. all 67 of the counties, they know what to do. they have evacuation plans. but they have not put them in place yet because i still don't know exactly where the storm is going to hit. >> molly: very important updates. a beautiful breeze day on the
10:40 am
beach. you know what's coming, you've been there before. thank you so much, and stay safe. for more on this, we bring in jim mcknight. he is the city manager in cocoa beach, florida. which looks to be right in the storm's path. jim, we are not sure which way this goes, left or right. where it will hit. but it does look like coco beach is right there. what is being done to prepare? >> we are in full preparation mode as it relates. we've been in preparation for several days now. we've got all her resources in place. we will actually be starting to provide sand to her residence. today at 4:00. residents will be able to get ten bags of sand as long as they have an i.d. with them. and their own bags. a lot of other things that have been going on, the biggest concern right now, we are looking at the flooding rains. so we have been working on our stormwater system and have been over every dream and inlet in the city.
10:41 am
now it is somewhat of a waiting game on a lot of this. >> molly: what sort of communication have you had with the broader state? with fema, that sort of thing? >> most of our contact with communication goes through the county emergency operation center. i just got off the policy committee call, and we are kind of following their lead as it relates to fema. we certainly have a lot of contacts and people who are contacting us. as it relates to these other agencies he referred to. at this point in time, it's still a little early and we are getting all of our pieces in place to make sure we are ready to respond when the time comes. >> molly: in the aftermath of a storm, very often there can be major economic hits, as well. not just the physical damage, but what it does to the economy when you have to take a break like this. this is a big spending weekend. has your community come forward with concerns about that? how things will be revealed till mike rebuilt on how
10:42 am
quickly? >> again, we early. we went through a lot in '16 out '17 with matthew and her mother. a lot of reconstruction has occurred since that time. a lot of hardening has occurred, as well. certainly, the timing could not be worse when it comes to the holiday weekend. certainly it hurts our businesses, and that's always a concern, as well. it's not great for the city, either. as we incur additional expense. at this point in time we will continue to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> molly: number one concern, always public safety. to mcknight there in cocoa beach, florida. thank you for the update, we appreciate it. and we are also getting an update on michael flynn. his lawyers saying they are nowhere near done with his case, despite the guilty flee the mike lee for lying to the affair. plus, a federal judge has formally dismissed the case against jeffrey epstein. ♪ ing at that truck! wow! that's awesome! this labor day, everyone's excited about chevrolet.
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. on "the daily briefing," "the new york times" editorial board back in a call from aoc and some 2020 democrats to fix or get rid of the cloaked oral college. plus, iowa, we have a problem. why the status currently to figure out how it will handle its voting next february. and as the clinical divide in america having an effect on free speech?
10:47 am
jonathan morris talks to me about that at 2:00. >> molly: new developments in the michael flynn case, attorneys on both sides say the former national security advisor has completed his cooperation with the government but disagree on whether he is ready to be sentenced for lying to the fbi. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the story from washington. catherine? >> thanks, molly. the status filing tells us where things stand on the report. it shows that there remains a lot of daylight between the former national security advisor's new legal team and the government. but the only thing they agree on is the retired general's cooperation with the government is not complete. both sides are under pressure from the federal judge, emmet sullivan, here in washington to go to sentencing nearly two years after flynn pled guilty for lying to federal investigators over his contact with the russian ambassador, which was not probated as a member of an incoming of administration. the legal team says they have been denied security clearances which they say they need to
10:48 am
access highly classified records showing to what extent flynn cleared in advance a december 2015 moscow trip with his old employer, the defense intelligence agency, or dia. then, debrief military intelligence after he was paid $45,000 to attend this russian media dinnerware, as you can see, he sat at the same table as russian president vladimir putin. that matters because the special counsel report confirmed for the first time that flynn was the subject of a separate and second counterintelligence investigation over as russia contacts. flynn's team says that the government has vastly refused to produce a transcript or recording of phone call between flynn and a russian investor. that underpins the charges against him. as well as the original or first draft of planned fbi interview, which was conducted by agent peter strzok. as you remember, the interview
10:49 am
was done at short notice, and former fbi director at the time, andrew mccabe, told flynn things would go faster if white house counsel was not present. >> molly: that would be fascinating. catherine herridge, thank you. fox news obtaining review of the police urging 2005. this is at the palm beach florida compound of sexual predator jeffrey epstein. this, as the judges now officially dismissing the criminal case after epstein's suicide. bryan llenas has been tasked with falling all of this pretty is live now from our new york city or newsroom with more. bryan? >> hey, molly. the judge dismissed sex trafficking charges against epstein yesterday because he's dead and therefore can't stand trial. but the search for justice is far from over. the fbi urging any of epstein's possible victims to come forward and contact them at 1-800-call-fbi. because they, "would really like to hear from you." prosecutors confirmed in court
10:50 am
yesterday that the inquiries into his coconspirators are ongoing and will continue. possible targets include epstein's former girlfriend, ghislaine maxwell, accused of will to win by being his madam. of the room and, like sarah kellan, nadia, leslie groff, and adriana ross are accused of recruiting young women and girls for epstein. all of this is fox news has obtained video from inside his mansion in palm beach florida. warning, the video has some graphic images. we've done our best to blur them. the 2005 video was shot by police during their search of the property. you can see a green massage table. remember, this is the home where dozens of young women, some underage, say paid massage sessions turn into molestation or rape by fcp dozens of photos, including erotic photos of women, are throughout the house but some are naked, summer in bikinis.
10:51 am
there are also art pieces scattered of bodies as well as sketches women, including that of maxwell. this video was part of the first investigation by palm beach state attorneys into epstein. at times, they interviewed over 30 possible victims. most of their stories align with one another. that investigation ended with the 28th zero eight controversial plea deal in which epstein served just 13 months in work release. all of this, molly, as members of congress today are calling on attorney general william barr to immediately expand the department of justice investigation into his suicide at the jail cell. to also include a wider investigation and the nonprosecution grimmett. >> molly: a lot of tentacles. thank you for tracking all of it. just five months from the iowa caucus. the democratic national committee wants to make some changes. could this affect the entire nominating calendar? ♪ our 18-year-old
10:52 am
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>> new concerns about the crisis at our nation's southern border as the cdc reports that nearly 900 immigrants have the mumps in detention centers in the last year and staffers were also infected. the report says new cases of mumps are all being reported as migrants are being taken into custody or transferred between facilities. the democratic national committee is moving forward with a recommendation to block iowa's virtual caucuses. iowa's democratic party proposed the virtual option to let voters pledge support for a candidate instead of in person. but the dnc concluded the process was vulnerable potentially to security concerns, cyber attacks. joining me now is zach friend, former spokesman for president obama's 2008 campaign. zach, i have been looking forward to talking to you dale.
10:57 am
the dnc said we liked to see more people involved, find way to work out some absentee option for people who can't make caucus night. they worked on trying to get something done. they put this forward. now the dnc said, not good enough. they don't have a whole lot of time left to figure this out. and also for the candidates to figure out how this is going to work. your thoughts? >> that's right, molly. there are three significant components about this. first you have a major national party acknowledging security concerns for an upcoming election, which is what the driving issue here is. two, one of the concerns with caucuses are people struggle to be able to participate. without this component, they won't be able to. third, campaigns have been basically spending the last six months expecting that they'll be able to have a virtual caucus, so this will advantage those campaigns that have the strongest ground game that can go to a more traditional caucus game. people like senator warren and
10:58 am
senator buttigieg have strong ground games. >> molly: you can forget the first of the nation's primary state of new hampshire. they take it seriously that the primary is set a week ahead of any other contest. the question will be, whatever tweaks iowa makes, will itself be similar? could new hampshire jump ahead. new hampshire put out a statement saying we're rez lute in protecting new hampshire's first in the the nation primary status as they always are. they also expressed confidence that iowa and the dnc and this is saul going to work out. your thoughts on the calendar being in jeopardy. >> i think it will stay the same. this is a unique and interesting component. i think they'll have to figure out something for the dnc to figure out something. new hampshire will be' first primary. the calendar will stay the same. you'll have to come up with some middle ground to allow for
10:59 am
participation that does not look like a primary. >> joe biden out on the campaign trail. a long story, this is consider a gaff because it wasn't accurate. is this just a gaff. the obama campaign in 2008. the is he different from what you were working with in 2008 in the runup to that election? >> no, i don't see any difference. i got to see, joe biden if there's a narrative about him for this 30 years, poll numbers are higher than any other time he's run for president. i don't think very many people are holding this against them including the opposition research of other campaigns. they've got a strong base of support, his poll numbers have not shifted during the whole time he's been in the race. i don't think this will impact
11:00 am
him much. >> all right, zach friend, thank you very much for joining us, insight today on all of this. >> thank you for watching the daily briefing starts now. >> dana: a new york times op ed taking aim at our nation's way of choosing a president. fixing the u.s. electoral college or scrapping it altogether. paper echoing the views of the democratic congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez. so, is this really viable? i will talk about it in just a few moments, hello everyone i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." the big story, hurricane dorian strengthening by the hour, now upgraded to a category three hurricane as florida braces for what could be the most powerful storm in a generation. governor desantis urging people to get ready. >> time to act is now. this storm is slower than thought four


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