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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 30, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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going on. >> dana: i look forward to being with you tomorrow night. thanks for being with us here on "the daily briefing." that's it for us. have a good weekend. here's trace gallagher in for shep. >> gaining strength and taking aim. exactly where hurricane dorian hits is still anybody's guess. forecasters now warning millions of people along florida's east coast to be ready for the worst. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. dorian upgraded to a major hurricane in the last hour. it's now a category three. it will be a monster category four before going ashore. people are going to store to find rows of empty shelves. supermarkets running out of bottled water and some folks waiting for hours and hours in long lines at gas stations. >> going crazy a little bit. the streets are packed.
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backed up with traffic. not looking too good. >> forecasters say the storms winds will top 140 miles per hour before landfall. it could be the strongest hurricane to slam in to florida's east coast in a generation. back when hurricane andrew killed dozens in 1992. the projected path shows hurricane dorian hitting around palm beach county, which is where president trump's mar-a-largo resort is located. forecasters warn with days left to go, all of florida including miami, palm beach, even orlando, could be in the storm's cross hairs. executives at disney world say they're closely watching the storm on what was supposed to be a crowded labor day weekend. at the kennedy space center in cape canaveral, nasa scientists say they're moving a 380 foot high mobile launch platform. florida's governor says the time to get ready is now.
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>> the time to act is now. this storm is slower than thought four or five days ago, which means, you know, we're looking at -- i think the tropical storm force winds probably coming sometime sunday night. so make the preparations that you need. >> meaning it could last for days. this hour we'll talk to a hurricane hunter who flew above this monster storm and a live report from florida as people up and down the coast brace for impact. first, rick reichmuth is in the fox extreme weather center. rick? >> yeah, the storm getting its act together. a lot compared to yesterday, this is the water vapor image. this is what we look at. you can see the dark colors there. those are strong winds that we had yesterday and overnight in the upper levels of the atmosphere. around 15 to 20,000 feet up, there's winds that come in and shear the storm apart a little bit. that area, that dark mass there,
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you'll notice it moving away from that. now we basically just have a storm that is in perfect conditions for it to continue to strengthen. about 11:00 a.m., we saw this eye begin to develop. it's continued to stay very well-organized. we also saw the west side of it that had been eroded yesterday really fill in. now we have a very textbook looking hurricane here going over very warm water with nothing to break it apart. that's why the official forecast brings it to a category four again. that is a very difficult thing to forecast. could be higher than that, could be lower than that based off of the storm goes through these recycling -- regenerating cycles. that's what we'll deal with. that would weaken it a little bit the next few days. still some uncertainty. exactly when it makes that right-hand turn and unfortunately where it does will change the impact for localized areas. so is it run up the center of the state? bringing huge rain to the east
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coast, does it run off the coast bringing the rain offshore? that is still a possibility. i will tell you most of our models starting to have a little bit better agreement of this right-hand turn. you'll notice on the eastern half of the state, not as much on the western half of the state. that's one of the things that we're looking at. the official forecast brings it to a category four sometime tomorrow and making landfall as a category four, weakening to a cat three once it's over land there. we'll look at a landfall probably tuesday morning. because it's a strong storm, we'll have strong winds even as it begins to wind down going very far to the north. probably have very bad conditions for about 48 to 72 hours across parts of florida. wore going to get very significant rain for sure across georgia and the carolinas. likely cause some flooding. trace, so often with storms, we say it's going to be a flood event or a storm surge event or a wind event.
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our concern this time is it will likely be all three of those things. that's why we're so concerned. >> that's bad news. we're focusing on florida because that's where it's going. other states are watching this as well. >> well, yeah, in the short term, georgia and the carolinas need to watch it. they'll get a lot of rain and will cause localized flooding. a lot of models are indicating that it exits somewhere towards the outer banks and meanders and maybe makes another landfall around the canadian maritimes or eastern maine. not as such a strong storm but that's probably say 10 to 12 days from now. we're still have this storm close to the eastern seaboard and we'll still be talking about it. >> bad news all the way around. back to you with the news breaks. rick reichmuth, thanks. jack parrish joins me by phone. he's with noaa, the hurricane hunters, the folks that fly in an around hurricanes to gather
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data and better predict these storms. he went up on one of those flights earlier today. he joins us now. jack, you're busy. i've give us an idea why you go in and check out what this storm looks like? >> we're putting a t-3 aircraft in the storm twice per day. my colleague was in this morning's flight. i'll be out there this afternoon between 6:30 and 10:30 p.m. this evening and we'll make multiple crossing patterns around the storm. generate three dimensional winds using the noaa doppler radar. those three-dimensional fields of wind go into the forecast model to continually improve the forecast in terms of both where it's going to make landfall and how strong. >> you say three-dimensional winds. you're concerned about temperature winds at the bottom of the hurricane, the ones that
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are going to affect the coastline the most is. that a fair assessment? >> very fair assessment. we certainly want to know what will happen in people's roof levels. what happens dynamically in the storm in three dementions will have a profound effect on what happens to the lowest winds. we have a cool instrument that measures the surface winds. we're continually mapping those fielding to tell how far out go the hurricane force winds and the tropical storm force winds. >> when you go into this thing, i'm curious, because we hear a lot about piercing the eye wall. why is it so important when hurricane hunters go out that they get into the eye wall and they get a look at the whole symmetry of how this thing looks? >> the radars do a magnificent job of giving us that picture and the satellites are amazing as far as telling us how things are developing all the way across the atlantic. to get the detailed information, how strong is that wind, the
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radius of maximum wind. how low is the pressure in the center of the storm. we have to get up close and personal. in a lot of cases we're targeting drops on instruments in the strongest wind, followed by the central pressure and the opposite side, strongest winds. that's where we get the most action, too. so everybody has to be strapped in and yet still launching these probes, taking these data and getting them out to the various important people. hurricane center and the modelling centers. >> and people in florida, they're very concerned. they're hoping that you go into this storm, jack, and that you come away and find something that might degrade it, something that might kind of break it up a little bit. you will look for that as well, right? >> you're right on that. we've seen many disrupting factors on this storm. i started flying it when it was southeast of barbados last monday. it was a mess the first two days. the third day, northeast of puerto rico, it gained a great deal of organization.
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of course, now we're seeing that visible eye, which is a very good indicator of low shear, good ocean heat, all kinds of positive factors for growth, which are negative if you list on the coast. we'll be hoping for those negative factors. but we go out and observe. we get that information to the hurricane center and then they do the forecast. >> and u know you're going back out. what is the first thing you look for when you're going in and you get inside this storm? what is the first thing you're looking at? >> trace, as i'm -- as we're approaching the eye wall, we'll go through it six times, maybe eight times tonight. so the big thing is the radar structure, we expect our biggest bumps on the inside edge of the eye wall as we get into the eye. safety of the air crew is super important. so i'm looking at things from a safety perspective. we have to keep these people
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safe and keep the airplane safe to go out on the 5:00 a.m. mission. i'm going on the 5:00 p.m. mission. we have to keep our noaa $150 million airplane safe. and the quality of the data is everything. those are the things i'm looking at. >> yeah, we greatly appreciate it, the work that you do. best of luck on your trip. jack parrish from noaa, thanks. >> thanks, trace. >> just ahead, joe biden responding after "the washington post" disputed a personal story that he told about a war hero. that and more on the storm is coming up. this heinz mayonnaise is so creamy, one day you'll tell your grandkids about it. and they'll say, "grandpa just tell us about humpty dumpty". and you'll say, "he broke his pelvis or whatever, now back to my creamy heinz mayonnaise". heinz mayonnaise, unforgettably creamy. too many people a restless night's sleep. there's a better choice. aleve pm.
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doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> trace: well, joe biden now defending an emotional story that he told on the campaign trail about a military hero after "the washington post" reported that it wasn't exactly true. last week the 2020 presidential candidate told the crowd about a u.s. navy captain in afghanistan
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that refused a medal after he tried and failed to save another service member. >> this guy climbed down a ravine, carried this guy up on his back under fire. the general wanted me to pin the silver star on him. i got up there and it's the god's truth, my word as a biden. he stood at attention. he said sir, i don't want the damn thing. do not put it on me, sir. please, do not do that. he died, he died. >> trace: biden combined the stories of several different service members he met into one. after "the washington post" called him out, biden told reporters the essence of the story was correct. >> i was making the point how courageous these people are, how incredible they are. this generation of warriors, the fallen angels that we lost. so that -- i don't know what the problem is. i mean, what is it that i said
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wrong? >> >> trace: the post spoke to a staff sergeant and confirmed details in his story. he said the former vice president treated him with empathy. let's bring in chris wallace, anchor of "fox news sunday." i wonder what your thoughts are. every time he tells the story, it's the god's truth, his word as a biden. is it significant? >> i think the most significant part of this story is that it was "the washington post" that found the story and reported it above the fold, the top half of the newspaper. here is the mainstream media, a liberal newspaper outlet. now they're pursuing this narrative that a lot of us have pursued for some time that joe biden just doesn't say things that are right. that he mixes things up, that he says things that are false, that he has had a very shaky
12:17 pm
performance in not one but two presidential debates. the idea that this has now spread to the mainstream media is of some concern. if this were the first case, yes, it's obviously not completely accurate. but the essence of the story that biden was there when a very heroic soldier said he didn't want a medal because the person that he was trying to save had died. i don't know that much a big deal would be made. it's not the first case or second case or the fifth case. it's at least the tenth or the 20th. as we all know in politics, when the media gets on a theme, anything you do that seems to verify or legitimize that theme is going to be picked up. now, here's the same thing. the media seems to care about this. the political insiders do. so far at least, democratic voters don't especially as you see joe biden up over 30% still with a ten-point lead over the
12:18 pm
other candidates. it's certainly not good. it's not what you would wish for that people are talking today about another biden mistake, gaffe, misstatement. the ultimate question is whether or not voters will care. >> yeah, it's the slow drip. they may not care now but if it keeps happening, they do care, a lot of concern that you read, is it just stretching the truth or is it confusion? i want to play this for you, this is last week in new hampshire. watch this. >> i just spoke at a dartmouth on healthcare at the medical school or not -- i guess it wasn't on the campus. the people from the medical school -- i want to be clear. i'm not going nuts and i'm not sure if it was the medical school or where the hell i spoke but it was on the campus. >> trace: it's not a great defense there. the problem is people are saying maybe he is just confusing things more than he used to. >> yeah, although having said
12:19 pm
that, joe biden has been confusing things for a long time. he's had a pretty good political career. as we've seen with donald trump, not the say that it's the same problem, but donald trump said a lot of things that weren't true. not necessarily confusion like this. his supporters don't seem to care. so maybe the same thing with joe biden. it's not a good way to go into a presidential campaign though. you know that not only are some of -- although the democrats are being pretty careful. i asked amy klobuchar last week about the concerns that joe biden wasn't up to a campaign. she wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. president trump isn't going to be nearly so gentle. he called him sleepy joe and, you know, this will be if he does become the nominee a big issue in the campaign. you know that donald trump will play it for all its worth. >> while we're on the subject, chris, of people not speaking the truth, i wanted your take-away on the comey memos and
12:20 pm
the news coverage yesterday. what is your take-away of the whole thing 24 hours later? >> you know, i have thought about it 24 hours later. on the one hand, it was damning what the inspector general said. on the other hand, the justice department did not prosecute him and the final decision was that they couldn't find evidence that he had passed classified information on to the media. comey takes that as exoneration. the most damning part, when you put this together with the criticism, also by the same inspector general of comey's behavior in the clinton investigation, that there's a self-righteousness that is disturbing. he seems to think the fbi rules and regulations that apply to the other 35,000 members of the agency don't apply to him. if he sees a higher purpose in whatever he believes is right is
12:21 pm
the higher purpose, he will go and it. he's not going to serve a prison term or be prosecuted for this. we'll see where the other investigations go. it's a serious stain on his reputation. >> trace: yeah. wrong is wrong. chris wallace, good to talk to you. thank you so much. >> thank you, trace. >> trace: chris talks with acting fema administrator and acting senator and former governor rick scott. rick scott has to be concerned about his state. and the president of the aflcio, richard trumpka. and the brother of olympic gymnast simone biles accused of murdering three people. details on the new year's eve shooting and the star athlete's latest comments are coming up. so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted.
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>> trace: continuing coverage now of breaking news. we're getting a better idea of the dire situation in florida ahead of hurricaned dorian, which is cat three expected to become cat four. the gas price tracking service gas buddy is reporting 60% of all gas stations in the miami ft. lauderdale area are out of fuel. more than half of all stations are running on e in well palm beach, fort myers, naples and gainesville and cities that have gas are running out fast. cars are lining up for hours as folks try to fill up ahead of the storm. the state troopers will be giving escorts to tanker trucks and refill stations. we'll have more as the hurricane comes in. keep in mind, that nobody knows where to evacuate yet.
12:27 pm
it hasn't happened. haven't given the orders. nobody knows where the storm is going. you have to have gas. sometimes in the next 24 to 48 hours, you'll have to possibly leave your area. the question is where are you going and how much fuel will you need. that is the track right there. right now it's looking at palm beach. it could wobble. it could be miami. you don't want to evacuate too early. you might be evacuating right into the path of the storm. continued updates as hurricane dorian bears down on the sunshine state. meantime, the brother of olympic hero and gold medal winning gymnast simone biles accused of murdering three people in cleveland at a new year's eve party. let's go to matt finn. matt? >> cleveland place say at this new year's eve party, the party was at an air b&b rental him. there was a fight that led to gun fire.
12:28 pm
mull time people injured and three people died including a 19, a 21 and 23-year-old. there was chaos. police say they got there immediately. investigators identified kelvin biles jr., the brother of simone biles. biles was arrested in georgia with multiple counts of murder and man slaughter and perjury. biles thomas is active duty with the army based in georgia. he's set to appear again in court next month, trace. >> matt, what is his sister saying about this? >> so far we have not heard directly from his sister. no type of statement. she sent out some tweeting yesterday. she tweeted "eating my feelings, don't talk to me." and on wednesday, she tweeted "let people assume incorrectly." it's not clear if she was referring to her brother, trace. >> trace: yeah, got to be awful for that family. matt finn, thank you. meantime, the governor of
12:29 pm
alabama apologizing but not resigning after admitting that she wore black face while she was a senior in college. republican governor kay ivy says she's genuinely remorseful and does not remember doing it. it happened more than 50 years ago at auburn university. jonathan serrie reporting live for us from our southeast newsroom. jonathan? >> hi, trace. although the governor has no recollection in 1967 auburn university tape surfaced in which the governor, then a senior, kay ivy and her fiance at the time, discuss a skit that she performed at a baptist student union party. let's listen. >> as i look at my fiance across the room, i can see her that night. she had on a pair of blue cover alls and she had put some black paint all over her face. >> would you like to defend yourself from this position? >> that was just my robe.
12:30 pm
>> the governor released a video apologizing for her actions half a century ago. >> i offer my heartfelt apologies of my participation in something from 52 years ago that i find deeply regretful. >> the governor goes on to pledge her efforts going forward to show the nation that the state of alabama of today is a far cry from the alabama of the 1960s. trace? >> jonathan, what about the people in alabama? how are they reacting to the governor's apology? >> yeah, the alabama naacp is calling on the governor to resign. the organizations president criticized the governor. he says it may have been 52 years ago when the skit happen but apparently still shape whose he is today. the governor says her service is unchanged and unwavering.
12:31 pm
she's got no intention of resigning. >> thanks, jonathan. we're talking hurricane dorian, a category three. it's expected to be a category four. and you look at right there, the cone of uncertainty is vast. 200 miles. it could go either way. coming back with more on this.
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>> trace: there you see it. the calm before the storm. you're about to. a picture-perfect day on miami beach. you'd never get that a dangerous menace is on the move ready to strike somewhere along florida's east coast. same story on the gulf coast. this is the scene on clearwater beach. likely one of the last sunny days before hurricane dorian comes ashore. it's expected to grow into a potentially category four storm.
12:36 pm
ken graham joins us from the national hurricane center. you have always done yeomans work down there. you have a lot of people in an around the florida area that have to evacuate soon and they don't know where to go. when are we going to have a better timeline on the precision of this storm? >> yeah, you know, we always want to get the most accurate forecast we can. when you get to the extended portion of the forecast, it's tough. so that's why we're looking at the cone. we're telling people just be prepared. you can still see the center. the strongest portion along the coast. one of the big things to realize, we have today, tomorrow and we also have sunday to get ready. we're not seeing the tropical storm force winds arrive. once we can narrow it down, we can narrow down the storm surge as well. >> trace: when we hear, ken, that this will slow down once it's off the coast of florida,
12:37 pm
what does that mean as far as storm surge? it's a triple threat. you have wind, storm surge and rain. what is slowing the storm down mean for the storm surge before it hits the coast of florida? >> trace, you bring up an important point. people think about the wind forecast and think about the track that the other factors, the speed of the storm. they turn and have a tendency to slow down. these points are 24 hours. so it really slows down. a 48-hour movement there. the longer it stays around, the more rain we get and the more time to push the on shore waters on. and more time for the wind to pull down trees, to knock down power lines and cause damage. the more rain we're saturating the soil. rain is not our friends. that's the case here. >> we know this is not hurricane harvey. they won't get 56 inches of rain in florida and florida doesn't flood like houston. but the rains, once this does get on land, if it goes on land
12:38 pm
and goes up the peninsula, the rain will be a major factor at some point in time. >> it is. we're trying to look at the rainfall forecasts now. this isn't a situation that we're seeing it stall over the state. that's not the case. it's going to move even though it will be slow. at that moment, we can see 6 to 10 inches, 10 to 15 inches in spots, this could move in either direction depending on the track. so just because that's what it is now that could change. that's why we encourage people to listen to the latest forecast, listen to the local officials. we're all together talking about the different changes of the storm. >> trace: best of luck to you and your team. you do great work, mr. graham. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> trace: meantime, florida governor ron desantis warning folks to not just prepare for hurricane force winds but also as we talked about with mr. graham, storm surge, flash flooding and possible tornadoes.
12:39 pm
these things can spin off tornadoes. let's go to rick leventhal reporting live from delray beach about 50 miles north or so of miami. rick, officials in the florida keys are asking some folks to leave already. >> yeah, there hasn't been any mandatory evacuation orders issued by any government officials yet. this is a request for visitors in the florida keys. a request that if they can leave calmly, if they have the means to get out, they're requested to get out. because of the fact that if and when the storm hits, it could highly restrict the flow of services into the keys. they don't want to get caught with a bunch of people they can't take care of. in the florida keys alone, so far they're asking visitors, not residents, if they can leave calmly to get out now. >> trace: where you are, rick, what are you hearing from the people there? >> we know that these hotels along the ocean will shut down if and when the mandatory
12:40 pm
evacuation orders are issued. we're seeing long lines at every box store, every gross restore and gas station. i heard you mentioned the gas stations running out of fuel. four major cities have more than half the gas stations without fuel, including miami, gainesville, fort myers and west palm beach. stores like costco are quickly running out of bottled water and other goods because people are making a run on it. home depot, they're making a run on plywood and generators and again cans. some people are walking out empty handed. >> everybody is prepping early. that's a good thing. water has gone, generators have gone. plywood is flying off the shelf. >> yeah. crowds out there, trace, before the store opened before dawn this morning. >> yeah, that's why home depot's stock was up $5 yesterday.
12:41 pm
what are government officials saying about the preparations? >> one of the big concerns and questions that you hit on is where the storm will hit and who needs to get out first. they still don't know. in the meantime, they've already proactively closed schools in 17 counties next tuesday. school is out monday because of a holiday. they're already proactively closing schools. they checked on the living facilities so the generators are up to speed and the elderly and infirmed will get the care they need. there's military assets being moved out of the state from a number of air force and other bases, navy warships are being moved to safer waters because of concerns about what the storm could do to them. here's more from the governor. >> i would just say, this is the one constant on this storm, the track has been here or there. there's been a lot of uncertainty. but the one thing that has been pretty certain is this is
12:42 pm
getting stronger, very consistently and completely in line with all of the forecasting. so we anticipate this arriving somewhere in florida as a major hurricane. could reach category four plus winds. >> if those predictions are correct, 140 plus miles per hour winds, we've seen first hand what those kinds of winds can do. if the storm is moving slower, they say it will. that's more time for it to dump rain, more time for the winds to blow and tear things up on the ground. a longer time before the first responders can get in to offer the help that may be well-needed. >> yeah. you look at the models, rick, the ef 3 tornadoes are going about that speed. this was like hours of having an ef-3 tornado coming at you and battering you for time after time after time. it's crazy. >> yeah. it will the first storm this strength -- thank you.
12:43 pm
>> trace: all right. rick leventhal live on the beach. thank you. ahead one of president trump's closest staffers is out of a job. apparently she shared a bit too much information with reporters. that story. more of the hurricane next. making it easy for youide n to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ let's see, aleve is than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain.
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>> trace: continuing coverage of
12:47 pm
the massive hurricane dorian now. let's do to ron desantis speaking live in daytona beach. watch. >> that's something that could cost you your life. it's not worth doing. heed the calls of these officials when they make those decisions. we obviously -- i believe in kind of working collaboratively with folks at the local level. because i think you end up making better decisions. we're providing our input on areas of the state that we think are of concern in terms of evacuations. you know, we're nearing the point now that i think some of these orders will need to come down and just to give people, particularly in the southern part of the state an opportunity to get in a safe place. but we will have another update from tallahassee later tonight. you know, i appreciate everybody hear in orange county for all the hard work that they're putting in. thank you. >> trace: there you have it.
12:48 pm
ron desantis. he spoke longer than that. what he's talking about, he's saying they have notified the white house, they have notified fema trying to get a beat on what they need down there in florida. what he has not done yet is give any evacuation orders because quite frankly as we talked about with rick leventhal, they don't know where to send people. you do not want to send people in to the storm. if you don't know where the storm is going, that's tough. it's labor day weekend. you have people that are planning to go to miami beach, ft. lauderdale, daytona beach all to jacksonville. right now you know there's a lot of plans on hold. disney still open. but it's moment by moment. so the question becomes, when do you pull the trigger to say you got to evacuate. that time is coming because the last thing you want is to leave people stranded and have them sit and, you know, wait this storm out. we'll keep you updated. that's a live look at miami beach right now. it's pristine.
12:49 pm
a category three storm already potentially category four is on its way. updates as they come in. meantime, president trump's long-time personal assistant resigning and leaving the white house. politco and several other outlets are reporting officials found out madeline westerhout had shared details about the president's life and family at an off-the-report dinner with reporters. the 28-year-old apparently had a pretty powerful role at the white house. "the new york times" reports her office set in front of the oval office and served as the president's gate keeper since day one of his administration. let's bring in melanie, the congressional reporter for politco. melanie, the whole thing here is before she started talking out of school about the president's family, these intimate details, some word that she wasn't liked in the white house because she was pushing her limits? >> that's right. my colleague, nancy cook at politco just reported that in a recent week, she was trying to expand her portfolio and duties
12:50 pm
to include things like foreign travel. that rubbed some people inside the white house the wrong way. in fact, trump world has viewed her suspiciously or wearily. she cried when trump won. she's not someone that is a trump loyalist. she's sort of a late convert. nevertheless a stunning departure in the white house. >> trace: you talk about a lot about seeing the president with hope hicks. she left the white house awhile back. so now this is a woman that kind of has the president's ear so to speak. so it's a big deal when somebody like this departs. >> she had an office outside of trump's office. he himself has said that she's the gate keeper. she knows all my secrets. reportedly some aides would try to use her as a way to block other people from gaining access to the president. so even though she wasn't a decision maker and she wasn't
12:51 pm
very powerful, she did enjoy unique access to trump, which is why it was such a breach of his trust and confidence when she shared these intimate details. >> trace: there's a code of honor inside the white house. there's some information you can leak and there's some information you cannot leak. this was on the latter part of that code of honor. >> right. crossed the red line because it was talking about trump's family members. that is somewhere where he does not mess around. we know trump demands loyalty. he's someone that has complained and derided the leakers in the white house. it's not entirely surprising when that confidence was lost, it would be hard for someone like her to come back, especially given her role as a personal assistant. that's somebody that you would want to be discrete was she had intimate details about his life. >> trace: if you're looking for a job, there's a lot of job onnings.
12:52 pm
>> yes, including chief of staff. >> trace: thanks so much. a "wall street journal" investigation turning up thousands of illegal products on amazon's website. right? yeah, we reported on it last week. now lawmakers on capitol hill are demanding some answers about that. that is coming up. 18-year-old was in an accident. when i called usaa, it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family and we plan to be with usaa for life. see how much you can save with usaa insurance.
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>> trace: government officials in australia warning the world's largest coral reef is deteriorating because of climate change. the federal agency that oversees the great barrier reef down graded it's condition from poor to very poor. significant action to stop climate change is critical to stop the reef from getting worse. lawmakers now demanding answers from amazon's ceo jeff bezos. comes after a wall stre"wall st journal" investigation found
12:57 pm
thousands of items that were unsafe or banned all together. the fox business network's edward lawrence reporting live from washington. edward? >> trace, the senators are taking this very seriously. they put amazon on the clock. in a letter, jeff bezos, the ceo, has 30 days to respond to three senators. they're concerned about in their words items that are deadly, illegal and deceptive on the amazon website. those senators the three of them, ed markly, bob menendez and richard blumenthal outlined how a 23-year-old died in a motorcycle accident when his helmet came off. he bought the helmet on amazon. it was supposed to be dot approved. turns out with us not. the investigation found 4,152 items for sale on amazon that are deemed unsafe. we're talking about everything from toys to cosmetic labels as fda approved, toys with unsafe
12:58 pm
levels of lead and also infant sleeping mats linked to suffocation. none of it disclosed. the senators say even if amazon finds it in some cases the product pops up in another post. so they're concerned about inadequate monitoring. >> what are we hearing from amazon? >> amazon pointed us to a statement on their website. in that statement it says this "in 2018, we invested over $418 million to protect our stores and customers and build robust programs to ensure products, offered are safe and authentic." the company says every few minutes their tools go and review hundreds of millions of items on their website to look for these things to make sure they're authentic. the company says they work with federal agencies to make sure everything is safe and legal. again, senators here say they want to have hearings on this by the end of the year.
12:59 pm
trace? >> trace: edward lawrence live. thank you, sir. the outbreak of severe lung disease in people that used to have or have used e cigarettes is growing fast. the feds say they're investigating 215 possible cases across 25 states. one of the patients died in illinois last week. health officials report some people became sick after vaping thc. that's the chemical in marijuana that gets you high. doctors say in many cases the symptoms develop gradually and include shortness of breath, chest pain, vomiting. federal officials warning americans don't use any bootleg e cigarettes or add any substances to them. after the show, we'll have a fox news update on facebook watch. it's a quick update on the news and stories that you might have missed. it streams live on the facebook watch home page. you can also watch it any time on demand. we're watching the big storm right now in florida. dorian, category three.
1:00 pm
could be category four. a storm north of fort pierce on the east coast of florida, a major hurricane. never happened. we'll keep watching this 24 hours a day. i'm trace. neil is next. >> this is a major event. >> just trying to prepare as much as we can. >> it's tense. >> get as much food as we can get. keep you hydrated. >> backed up traffic. it's not looking too good. >> could be the most significant storm we've had in a couple decades. >> neil: florida is now bracing for a direct hit from dorian. dorian is ready to hit. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. here's what we know right now. dorian is a category three storm. could be upgraded to a category four within the hour. florida's governor says the state's request for direct federal aid has been approved. that clears the way


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