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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 30, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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it's a staycation. i am at home my guns. >> have a great weekend, everybody. listen to local officials down there in florida. >> breaking tonight, a hurricane being called a monster is right now barreling towards the south eastern coast of the united states. it is expected when dorian hits late monday or early tuesday, it could be a catastrophic category four storm. packing winds of almost 140-mile-per-hour and dumping as much is 18 inches of rain and some already saturated areas of florida. we are getting your information tonight about an updated storm path. we will have that live in a moment. president trump has declared a state of emergency in the state of florida. he is speaking right now to reporters in the white house before leaving for camp david and we will bring you that
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shortly would the playback carbs. millions of people waiting for the most power for storm to hit the area in 30 years. senior correspondent rick leventhal begins our coverage tonight from delray beach, florida. good evening, rick. >> good evening, bret. coast guard issuing a warning to all the boat owners in florida to keep their craft off the water because of the ability of the coast guard to affect rescues is degraded significantly as conditions get worse. while no mandatory evacuation orders have been issued yet about uncertainty where the storm will make landform, authorities down in key west are encouraging visitors to call him we leave if they have the means to do so because services to the keys could be considered fairly impacted in the days ahead. the air force is evacuating ahead of hurricane dorian, forecast being catastrophic and
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extremely dangerous cat 4 stron cat 4 strong, the u.s. navy also showing dorian's eye fully formed as the quickly strengthening storm threatens to blast the northern bahamas. this view captures all the lightning generated by dorian. on the ground, residents are shuttering and bordering of homes and businesses. >> they've got a wind tunnel there. we've got all of our power poles running and everything. you've got to be safe. >> sandbags are being filled by the thousands. drivers are topping off gas tanks with hundreds of vehicles lining up at some stations and pumps running dry. most groceries and box door is packed with concern florian's stocking up and food, bottled water, other supplies emptying shelves of essentials. this home depot in north miami
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ran out of generators and gas cans two hours after opening its doors before dawn. >> everyone's prepping early and that's a good thing. water is gone, plywood flying off the shelf. >> florida governor ron desantis warning folks dorian is a major threat, getting even more dangerous as its forward speed drops. >> the bad news of the storm going slower it is they could potentially have some negative impacts once it reaches landfall. but you do have time before it reaches to prepare if you have not done so. so we urge all floridians to have seven days worth of food, medicine, and water. >> gas but he reports more than half the gas stations in major metropolitan areas are out of fuel in miami, gainesville, -- state troopers ordered fuel trucks to make sure they can
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replenish before it's too late. >> bret: rick leventhal live in delray beach. thanks. let's get a brand-new take where dorian may be heading. meteorologist adam klotz in the fox news weather center in new york. >> this continues to be an involving situation as we talked about the track of the storm and to be completely honest we don't know where it's going to go. it's heading towards florida. it's going to be a very powerful storm. you see the center of circulation, winds up to 150 miles per hour gusting already to 140 miles per hour. nothing but warm water in front of the system which means it's only going to strengthen. here is our forecasted path. i will put it into motion, staying a category 3 storm but the winds begin to intensify as it runs up the bahamas, it sums up to a category 4 storm. taking into sunday and monday morning so this continues the slow down and that crawling, slowing down could mean damage if this runs on shore, more time for rain to pile up, more time
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for winds to better some of these areas. you are now getting into monday nights to tuesday morning before this storm potentially makes a turn and starts to head and to the north. getting into wednesday, still a category 2, that's the official forecast but pay attention to how wide an area of this is. when we get down to it we do not know where the storm will turn and go to the north. it'll rotten warm waters and it will intensified by the time you get into sunday into tuesday, that is a time when this is going to turn to the north. will it run up the east coast and maybe not make landfall right away? that's possible. it could run right into the center of the state and run up. that allow it to weekend but it will run up in the center of the state. it could run into the gulf of mexico and turn its way up, we need to wait and see where more time needs to go before we know this. i will leave you here with these tropical models come up you are getting into monday morning and we run from monday morning
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getting you into tuesday and you start to see all of these models turn. write up the east coast where the water is very warm, it can continue to strengthen. bret, what it comes down to is we know this is a big, powerful storm. we don't know where it's going to hit once he gets up along the coast. >> we will take heed and follow it. adam, thanks. awaiting remarks from the president as he mentioned as he leaves the white house for camp david. we will get you to you as soon as we can. president trump owns a pretty decent chunk of property in florida and dorian could make landfall right around his mar-a-lago estate. the president has canceled a planned overseas state to track the storm, but he is still taking considerable grief, political sniping even before the storm lands. chief white house correspondent john roberts has that for the story tonight. >> as dorian continues its relentless march towards a florida coast, president trump
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tweeting the federal government is fully prepared for what lies ahead. >> we have the best people in the world ready and going to help people shipping food, shipping water but it may be you are going to evacuate. we are going to see what happens. we are waiting. it does seem almost certain it's hitting dead center. >> the president's critics comparing his concern for florida with what they say was his lack of it when the storm was taking direct aim at puerto rico. >> part of it is florida could be a swing state in 2020. part of it is florida is not an island full of people of color. >> three days ago, president trump appeared annoyed that dorian was eyeballing puerto rico, wow, get another storm hitting puerto rico, will it ever and met? puerto rico was one of the most corrupt places on earth. at the same time, fema was well prepared for a direct hit on the island, stocking multiple warehouses with relief supplies. democrats were focused on what
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the president said, not what he did. >> there is no doubt that the president doesn't view puerto rico as part of the united states. he doesn't view people who didn't vote for him as importan important, and he doesn't view people who aren't white as important as everyone else. >> democrats also criticized the president for giving the green light to diverting funds from one of fema's disaster relief accounts to address the crisis on the border. fema insists it still has plenty of money to address storms and is already mobilized an aggressive response to dorian. florida's democratic agriculture saying the president must be out of his mind if he thinks it's a good idea to shift funds out of fema for immigrant detention at the border while a potential category three hurricane bears down on the united states. florida is a critical state in president trump's reelection bid, to be sure. he also owns a lot of property there. but some of the attacks against
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him appeared way out-of-bounds by canada's former prime minister kim campbell who held office for four months tweeting, i'm rooting for a direct hit on mar-a-lago. after she was pummeled online for that tweet, kandel came back to say i have deleted my tweet about the hurricane and mar-a-lago and sincerely apologize. it was intended as sarcasm, not a serious wish of harm. president trump spending tomorrow evening at camp david. he'll be back sunday with meetings with his national security and fema team about the hurricane with this category three storm bearing down in florida. the president really had no choice but to cancel his visit the pole with them. he he said in the south lawn hel schedule that for a later date, made pair that with a visit to germany. the president also talks about the hurricane, james comey, china, iran, and a whole lot more, bret. >> bret: impromptu
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air force one conference. president trump is short a personal assistant, a , and adas resigned. madeline. madeleine westerberg shared some details with the president's family and life during an off the record dinner. president trump called her a good person who is very upset at what happened. we will have his complete comments shortly. stocks were mixed on the last trading day of the month. the dow gained 41. the s&p 500 finished ahead 2, nasdaq lost a 10.5. the dow, s&p 500, the nasdaq were all up, the percentage points three percentage points. in america's election headquarters tonight, joe biden concedes he is a gaffe machine. the trump campaign says the problem is worse than that. the front runner for the democratic nomination is on the defensive to the afterword of another major misstatement. it's penetrated the mainstream
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media, we told you last night, but the follow-up in pushback continues today. senior correspondent mike emanuel tells us where things stand tonight. >> bret: joe biden tells a compelling story about a war hero which includes putting aside concerns for his own safety. >> for >> four-star general tells me i would go up in the bog. everyone's worried about the vice president -- we can lose a vice president, we can't lose many more of these kids. to god's truth, my word as a biden combusted attention. i said, i do not want anything. do not put it on me, sir! "the washington post"'s suggest that >> i was making the point how courageous these people are, how incredible they are. this generation of warriors, these fallen visuals that are like angels. i don't know what the problem is but what i said wrong.
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>> he made the same mistake. biden having a hard time remembering where he spoke. >> i just -- i guess it actually wasn't on the campus. >> biden has acknowledged telling supporters, i'm a gaffe machine. but, my god, what a wonderful thing compared to a guy who can tell the truth. so for those on the left are saying is not a big deal, reporters noting the early reaction is voters are not fazed by it. but the trump campaign says it's a serious flaw. >> couldn't remember what state he was in a couple of weeks ago. these are not gas, it's a problem with joe biden that's causing let the democrats to rethink. >> this flurry as may what other candidates want with some candidates enjoying the harsh spotlight being on the biden. >> bret: let's get some perspective on the biden story. senior analyst brit hume with us
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tonight. you know joe biden well. you watch this seeing what he said of the trail. how big of a deal is this? >> it should be a very big deal indeed come as being 29 misspoken and made gaffes, a number of these recent ones strike me with a man of fading memory which is expected in a man his age. i have memory issues myself, people may say, he means well, he can remember enough, he's not sharp. he is gaga. if that perception takes hold amongst democrats, i think my guess is the immediate benefactor of that would be elizabeth warren who is somewhat younger. she fits the ideological profile the party seems passionately to care and want. i think speed
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biden has a problem here. >> bret: some of them say he's intimately involved and gets very descriptive as vice president, like the story about the military pending the metal as well as the story about the parkland kids. >> that was quite remarkable, speed 29 for he said he did that when he was vice president. he had been out of office for two years when parkland happened. not remembering that suggests his faculties are not what they should be and what they used to be and what i think people expect in a president. not to say that people don't hold the president's age against him and the fact that he says a lot of things that turned out not to be true. but i think that's already baked in the cake for him. people know that about him. the amount of damage you can do is less than what he can do who is being used being elected for the first time. >> bret: a primary process, debate process.
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i want to ask you about the follow-up about the gym comey ig report and what you thought about the whole thing. >> remember what about comey did and how we overstepped the bounds of the department and fbi policy. how dishonest he was with the president when he told him he wasn't investigating him when he certainly was and come to see him, that the brief him, but draw him into some acknowledgment of guilt of some kind. this whole action, this whole escapade was for the purpose, the leak to "the new york times" was the purpose of triggering the very investigation going through for two years and how that investigation was being inducted how that's being looked into. it undermines the credibility of that investigation because it seems to have been started with misbehavior and there may have been a lot of his behavior within it. we will know more soon, but i think that's where we are. >> bret: thank you. the democratic national committee will recommend scrapping plans to offer virtual
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telephone-based caucuses in iowa and nevada next year. sources tell the ap the move was triggered by concern over security. it's up to the power the executive and staff leadership makes it highly unlikely the committee would keep the virtual caucuses. still ahead of us who mentioned the come of the president, and still going on. wide range of issues, you will see them right here on fox. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 6 in birmingham as alabama governor kay ivey apologizes wearing black face during a skit in college. the 74-year-old issue the apology thursday after a 1967 radio interview surfaced. ivy is dismissing calls for her resignation. fox richmond in virginia, law enforcement officials say they have taken down a multistate drug ring and sees
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enough cheap fentanyl from china to kill 14 million people in the u.s. one of the 39 people charged is accused of ordering fentanyl from a vendor in shanghai and having it mailed to a neighborhood in newport news, virginia p this is a live look from salt lake city fox 13, our affiliate out there. big story tonight, evacuation orders have been lifted after three homes were destroyed by a wildfire. five other homes damaged, 400 homes were under a mandatory evacuation order. fortunately no injuries were reported. that's to let live look from the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say
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spewing u.s. military says another service member has died in combat in afghanistan. last week, two army green berets were killed. thursday's death is a 15 for american troops in combat. this year in afghanistan, that exceeds last year total of 13. brazil's foreign minister said he met with president trump today to discuss help for fighting the wildfires in the amazon. he says brazil will except technical support from both great britain and the u.s. brazilian government has announced a 60 day ban on most legal fires for land clearing in
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the amazon region great honking officials are preparing for the worse, hoping for the best, as saturday dawns in the city. a major protest scheduled to begin in a few hours has been called off and authorities are threatening prison time if they defy the order. >> protest leaders in hong kong have been unnerved by pictures from chinese state television showing military vehicles pouring across the border from mainland china. it is a routine rotation of forces according to the chinese government. but clearly, it also makes a powerful statement. after the arrest friday of several leading hong kong activists, including joshua walling and agnes chow, two of the biggest names in the pro-democracy movement. it's believed that leaders were brought here to police headquarters and charged with inciting, organizing, and taking
3:23 pm
part in unlawful protest. but while those are the former charges, it seems the purpose ir message to anybody who is thinking of taking part in protests over the weekend that they are subject to arrest and detention. wong and chow have been released on bail but on the week of the arrests, organizing groups are changing its plans for weekend demonstrations because it cannot guarantee the safety of protesters. but many others, the hard-core protesters previously involved with violent clashes with police valley will be out in full. and organizes tell fox news in an interview we were asked not to show anything that might reveal their location, it is time for president trump to send a very pointed message to china. >> stop bullying. do not force the world to play
3:24 pm
by chinese rule. >> they insist they will not meet the protesters demands and it is their duty to ensure what they call order and stability. bret? >> bret: jonathan, thank you. as promised, the president heading to camp david talking to reporters on the south lawn. >> they are doing really well, they are working hard. florida seems to be targeted this month, but a lot of good things are happening. fema is there. tremendous work is going on. many, many gas trucks are coming in, bringing gas from louisiana and all over. we don't know about evacuation. we will leave it up locally right now. we are going to see where it's coming in. we don't know where exactly it's going to be coming and how far it's coming. i'm going to camp david. we have a lot of experts with
3:25 pm
us. we have a lot of the fema people coming up, but we are very importantly coming back. on sunday at 12:30, we have a meeting at fema headquarters. that will be about the time that we will know where everything is going. a lot of decisions will be made. that'll be a little less than a day before it hits. so we will see what happens. among other things, the stock market doing well, the economy doing great, the economy is amazing, actually. worldwide we are number one by far. we are getting close. getting close to a new record soon. and whatever you want to ask, go ahead. that i can't tell you but we are speaking to china. >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> >> well, i understand
3:26 pm
[indistinct] well, i hope [indistinct] we aren't going to learn too much more than -- it shouldn't be too bad. >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> i guess she said some things to me she called me, she was very upset. she was very down. she said she was drinking a little bit. she was with reporters. everything she said was off the record. mentioned a couple of things about my children, but she is a very good person. i felt she did a good job. in all fairness, it was off the
3:27 pm
record, off the records, many of them dishonorable. not all of you. but nevertheless, you don't think. it was too bad. i wish her well. >> >> reporter: are you allocating money -- support and aid to? >> where? >> in ukraine. >> we were looking at retraining ukraine right now. i was going to meet with the president. we've got this massive hurricane coming, mike pence is going to poland, taking my place.
3:28 pm
mike pence did a great job. i felt it was important to stay here. working hard, we have a lot, we have to be very careful. it could be one of the biggest, we will see. i have to be honest. what i will be doing is going to poland at a later date. we have a great place of poland, i will be doing that. also. also angela merkel invited me to come to germany so at some point we will be setting that up. >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> i don't want to get into that. it's bad, i can tell you that. he's a bad guy -- he's a sick guy, personally. i can't get into that. but andrew mccabe he's a bad gu
3:29 pm
guy. the plan for china is still on sunday. as it's starting to come out, if you look at chinese government, what they've done with terrorists is really interesting for the value of the currency i is. outside of china, they have the valleywood so much, i just saw it came over the wires, 13% of companies going to be leaving china, that's a big thing. 13% of companies will be leaving china and the fairly near future. i'm not surprised to hear that. i think it'll be much higher.
3:30 pm
because they cannot compete with the tariffs, they can't compete. they devalue their currency, pumping money, and we aren't paying much for it. let me tell you. taking in tens and billions of dollars, i gave the farmers and $16 billion, which makes them totally hole on china, that's what china spends in a good yea year. so out of the tariffs, i've given the farmers $16 billion. the farmers are very happy. they want me to continue this fight, they want me to win the fight, we are going to win the fight. having conversations with china, meetings, calls are being made, i guess the meeting in september continues to be on that, hasn't been canceled. we will see what happens.
3:31 pm
but china -- a lot of companies that have left china's, a lot more are leaving. and they are not doing well. they are having the worst year they've had, understand, and 61 years. that's a lot of years. i just wish iran well. they had a big problem. we had a photo. i released it, which i have the absolute right to do. we see what happens but you have to figure that out for yourself. we will see what happens. it's unfortunate, and so iran, as you probably know, they will set up a big missile and it didn't work out too well. had nothing to do with us. >> reporter: how about china, mr. president? [indistinct question]
3:32 pm
>> we have a good relationship. we will see what happens. i have a lot of faith in bill barr. i thought the charges were unbelievably powerful. i thought the ig report was incredible. but i have total confidence in bill barr to do the right thing. if anything, this shows how fair he is. i really think he is a tremendous man and i think that this really showed how fair he is. let's see what happens. >> reporter: [indistinct question] calls for her to resign. >> i don't know much about it.
3:33 pm
i just saw something on the wire, but she's a very high-quality woman. very, very high-quality woman, i can tell you. i know she apologized. >> reporter: [indistinct question] protesters in the hong kong? >> we want freedom throughout the world, we want freedom. we will see what happens. very interesting time over there. but my message really for them, they have a very strong point of view. i don't think anyone's ever seen millions of people. but we are going to be seeing a lot. i think will be learning a lot. i think we are going on hong kong, will be learning a lot over the next 2-3 days. i hope it's held in a very humane way. i will be coming back -- we have a very incredible conference area. we have a lot of experts coming up. we will be running things them a
3:34 pm
control center, will be running things. we have a lot of people coming up to camp david. i will be coming back on sunday morning, where i'm going directly to fema. i think senator rubio, senator senator scott -- i don't think the governor should be there. i think he wants to be in florida. the governor said he is doing a fantastic job, by the way. fantastic job. >> reporter: mar-a-lago is in the path. >> i didn't think about it until the question was broached a while ago. it would look like mar-a-lago is dead center. mar-a-lago can handle itself. it's a very powerful place. the one i'm thinking more about is the state of florida because this hurricane is looking like it's -- this could be a record-setting hurricane. maybe things change. we are hoping for one element that might happen in that it makes a right turn and it goes
3:35 pm
up north just prior to or equal to hitting the shore. that would be great. but that's a pretty small percentage at this point. >> reporter: [indistinct question] you say the war is over -- >> we are bringing them down to about 8,600 in afghanistan. we are really a police force more than anything else. that's nothing we can win quickly if we wanted to kill a lot of people, which i don't, we are getting along very well with a lot of people in afghanistan right now. we have very good negotiations going on with the taliban. the taliban is saying they are going to do things. we'll see if that's true. we haven't made a deal yet, but we will be bringing it down to about 8,600.
3:36 pm
>> reporter: the military buildup in georgia... >> we haven't seen that. >> reporter: there are reports. >> that's not good news. not happy about that. we haven't seen it. i have not seen it. >> reporter: what are you doing with the american companies contributing to the economic slow down? >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> reporter: these companies are partly blaming the slow down -- big a lot of bad companies are trying to blame tariffs, in other words they are running badly and they are having a bad quarter or they are just unlucky in some way, they are blaming the tariff. it's not the tariffs. it's bad management. a lot of companies are coming out and they are not affected by the tariffs. not a lot, but there are some. the tariffs have put us in
3:37 pm
terrific negotiating position and it only gets worse for china, but i say to china directly. because of the tariffs, we are in an incredible to go shooting position and we happen to be taking in billions and billions and billions of dollars. we haven't taken in a sense from china. the people who support me most of the farmers. as i said, with the farmers, we've given the farmers $16 billion out of a much larger purse, so we are doing very well expected what we are doing. i do notice that it's part of the important shows that i read in this morning's news place that some companies have poor performance of blaming tariffs, even though they don't mean that, they're just getting away with it. >> reporter: do you see a connection and what's going on in hong kong and the trade talks? >> i do. the question was do i see a
3:38 pm
connection between hong kong and what's going on? i think of it works for the trade, hong kong would be in much bigger trouble. i think it would've been much more violent. i really believe china wants to make a deal. they know it puts us in a very bad position. there is not a humane way of handling the problem -- no, look. handle it in a humane fashion. and we will see. but i do believe that because what i'm doing with trade, that's very much keeping down the temperature in hong kong. by really a lot. china wants to make a deal parted i actually think china has to make a deal. but that's holding it down in hong kong. >> did you fire -- >> i think it was automatic. i think she had a bad night. i think it was unfortunate.
3:39 pm
she said she was drinking. the whole thing was very unfortunate. i think the press is very dishonest because it's supposed to be off the record. a little bit hurtful to some people. tiffany is great. i love tiffany. >> reporter: can you say how -- >> we have fema, we have first responders, we are working together. also, by the way, i have to tell you, georgia could be affected, wheel working with the great governor of georgia. really has been amazing.
3:40 pm
i have to say, we've done a great job, we were totally ready and puerto rico. puerto rico got lucky, it missed puerto rico. but we were really ready in puerto rico. we work very well with government. i ask -- we work very well. the new governor was conferencing and we had a really great relationship with puerto rico. didn't have to use what we have but we were set to go in puerto rico. we are in great shape. we are thinking about florida evacuation but it's a little too soon. people getting ready may have to be evacuated, sections may have to be evacuated. we will probably make that determination on sunday. >> reporter: [indistinct question] do you support this?
3:41 pm
>> what i think between poland and germany? i get along with them both. >> reporter: are you concerned if you don't have a permanent -- >> i like the word acting. i think acting is great. as far as i'm concerned, acting to me is good. if i like the people, i make them permanent. acting gives you great flexibility that we don't have with permanent, so i'm okay with the word acting. but when i like people, i make them permanent. >> reporter: thank you, president trump. many studies show that access to marijuana lead to fewer overdose deaths. do you think it'll happen federally? >> we are going to see what's going on. it's a very big subject. right now we are allowing states to make that decision.
3:42 pm
a lot of states are making that decision. but we are allowing the states to make that decision. >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> i think it's terrible. i think those allegations are absolutely terrible. >> reporter: [indistinct question] >> the deal with mexico and canada. unions are liking it. farmers are loving it. manufacturers are really liking it. really means we are not going to be losing companies down to mexico and canada, probably elsewhere if you figure. if you look at it a third way. but they are not going to be moving quickly to mexico, canada anymore. it's a pretty important deal. i think it's going to be a very bipartisan deal. i hope nancy pelosi puts it up for a vote. i can tell you many democrats will be voting for it.
3:43 pm
if it's put up for a vote. if it's not put up for a vote, i think it's a very bad thing for our country. it's a very diligently, very hard negotiated deal. we got the approval from mexico. they voted. canada is ready to vote. they essentially approved it. we are waiting for a vote. nancy pelosi i think we'll do the right thing. and as i tell nancy pelosi, view it as a bipartisan deal. the people want it. it's replacing the worst deal in trade that we've ever made which is napped up. don't do that. it took our car industry out, it took our industry out. one of the worst deals that i've ever seen. >> reporter: you been putting the fad a pretty hard time. do you want to see negative interest rate? >> if you look at what the other fed equipments are doing around the world, it's a much lower
3:44 pm
rates and it makes it that much harder to compete. we are doing better than everybody else. the fed is making it very, very hard to compete. we are so far ahead of everyone by two and a half years, you look at it -- look, go back to election day and go the day after, so you take november 9 and you look, we are up over 50%, and that's pretty much amazing. if you look at our jobs, the jobs numbers are fantastic. probably 3.6%. african-american, hispanic-american, asian, we are talking about the history of our country, the best job numbers we've ever had. on this very day, almost 160 million people are working. the most ever in the history of our country. we have incredible numbers. i think our stock market would be like a rocket ship or it's
3:45 pm
already very close to a new record. not very far away from a new record. had very good numbers last week. if the fed lowers the rates, like they should come of the fact is they went up way too fast and they also did quantitative tightening. they did a double. fortunately the economy is strong and able to handle that. but if they lowered the rate, you would see our stock market like a rocket ship. it would be good for us. >> reporter: how do you feel about [indistinct question] >> columbia, you said? you are talking about the country of columbia. period they have a country because of venezuela, a lot of e
3:46 pm
are pouring in. but columbia, we have a great relationship with columbia. she is going to be call me back as soon as they get back. it's just absolutely false. she's a wonderful person. studying so hard, a great student and a great person. i look forward to talking to her. i will be talking to her as soon as i get -- and i love tiffany. she is a great person. thank you very much. >> bret: president trump on the south lawn of the white house heading to camp david. we apologize for the audio trouble at the beginning. a taped issue. we wish he could take off marine one if you'll take all those questions but he's got places to go. let's bring in our panel. byron york, chief political correspondent of the "washington examiner." steve clemons, editor at large for the hill.
3:47 pm
lots of topics there, guys. byron, talked about everything about the twitter ceo jack dorsey being hacked, saying he hopes he doesn't get hacked, but they wouldn't learn much because he says everything on twitter. >> basically said he has nothing to hide on twitter, but he talked about the florida hurricane, madeleine westerhout, afghanistan, marijuana, usda and the fad the big point he's trying to make is we are prepared for this hurricane. i'm going to camp david, going to talk to our experts. fema is on it, we are really prepared this time, puerto rico had the hurricane directly hit puerto rico, which it did not. but we are absolutely prepared this time. i think that's the big message he wanted to get out. >> bret: also afghanistan, the force he's going to leave they
3:48 pm
are, roughly 8600 is what he said. >> the president said that it's a police force and it's probably accurate and it's probably there if you look at the strategic investment that we've made in afghanistan, we are leaving most of that country. he says negotiated simmons are going well with the televised. i do not know if that's true. we saw this debate during the obama administration as well, essentially a force that can keep kabul from falling. it's a kabul protection force. he and joe biden are very close, this is exactly what joe biden had recommended. >> we will talk about joe biden in just a minute. then china, he seems optimistic. he said about the farmers, he gave them $16 billion. that's more than china spends in a year. he said the farmers are very happy and they want him to continue this fight. he seems like he's optimistic about these talks. >> martha: he does seem optimistic about them.
3:49 pm
one of the interesting things about president trump is we speak about him so much about being a reality show figure, being somebody who came outside the world of politics, but this is the one area from a policy perspective, his critique of the american system has been the most consistent aspect of his political viewpoints. held over not backing down and believes he could come out and take advantage over the situation. >> bret: one of the advantages of this and he tweets so much he think she's getting a lot of negative press and has talked about these issues fully or completely either on twitter or these impromptu news conferences so everybody knows when he talks about tiffany, his daughter tiffany, and this aide who essentially resigned after telling reporters off the record that basically he didn't like to take pictures with tiffany. says he's going to talk to tiffany when he gets to camp david. explaining what he's talking about there.
3:50 pm
>> this is another example of the extraordinary access this president has given to the press. you don't hear a lot of complaints about not having white house briefings with the white house spokesperson because the president himself is talking to the press so much and he's walking along for minutes and many days, this is inside baseball but a woman named madeleine westerhout -- >> bret: a very important job. >> to get to the president you needed to be on her good side. she apparently had talked about the president's family some in and off the record session in new jersey when the president was staying up there. basically said she called me, said she had been drinking, she was very sorry. she's a good person, but you can't say that kind of stuff. >> bret: let's talk about joe biden and the story that continues to gather moss going downhill, take a listen. >> four-star general asked me what i go up into the fog, the
3:51 pm
vice president going in the middle of this. we can lose a vice president, we can't lose many more of these kids. not a joke and god's truth, my word as a biden. do not pin it on me, sir. please, sir, do not do that! he died! i was making a point to how courageous these people are, how incredible they are. this generation of warriors, these fallen angels we've lost. i do not know what the problem is. what is it that i said wrong? >> bret: there was a lot. "the washington post" had it this way, in the span of three minutes, he got the place, the location, the type of metal, the rank of the recipient wrong, as well as his own role in the ceremony. basically he was not vice president at the time, he was a senator in this particular instance. i talked to brit about this earlier, your take on this and
3:52 pm
how much it affects his current standing. >> i think it affects his standing with people who like to over intellectualize this stuff. i think what's being missed right now and i admired and heard what brit said and i disagree respectfully, this election is eventually going to be about people saying, is the candidate going to be on my side, are they feeling my struggles and pain. i tell you, i'm related to a lot of midwestern families who felt demeaned and left behind by previous democratic party leadership. joe biden himself told me once the democratic party had become the party of snobs, left these people behind. whether he confused details -- i give them a pass on this, he was nonetheless making a point i was saying, we need to connect with those people, sacrificing with those nations in a highly emotional way. a good storyteller, got stuff wrong. >> he said he got the essence right but it's not just this. >> it's not just this. it's the issue were joe biden has sent a message to the
3:53 pm
american people who gives them some uncertainty about him. the fact is we are talking about it, a generation of leadership here, we had three presidents all born in the same year. donald trump, george w. bush, bill clinton. a lot of people concerned having people who is elderly and seems to wear that age much worse than some of the other candidates in the race. this is going to continue to dog him. >> bret: the issue is if it comes up in the houston debate and whether any other candidates jump on this gaffe prone to streak been on. >> you can use the gaffes a proxy for his age. that's clearly the thing. on inauguration day, i become a jukebox saying this. on inauguration day he'll be 78 years old, older than ronald reagan was when he left the white house after two terms. he will be the oldest president by far to take office. what democrats worry about is the only him performing an office but also beating
3:54 pm
president trump. they can see donald trump pummeling a slow and confused joe biden on the debate stage and they are very afraid of that. >> bret: guys, i wanted to do candidate casino, winners and losers, the president took our time. when we come back, notable quotables. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable.
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3:59 pm
it's a knockout. if you put it in a tweet it's a knockout. >> do you have second thoughts escalating? >> i have second thoughts about everything. >> i want to be clear, i'm not going nuts. >> snapping their finger trying to get rid of half the field. >> eight incredible months and ending my presidential campaign. >> nobody's getting behind me in the debate stage and doing a handy thing. that's not happening. >> bret: that is one week covering washington. thanks for inviting us in your home tonight. this week on fox news sunday, the acting fema administrator will address the situation with dorian. keep it here. that's it for a special report.
4:00 pm
fair, balanced, still unafraid. the story gets gas hosted by trace gallagher, giving you an extra eight seconds. >> trace: you are a good man, bret. extremely dangerous. that's how the already a major category three hurricane. barreling towards the u.s. mainland tonight, posing a threat to florida and northwestern bahamas. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum and this is "the story." tracking tonight over the atlantic ocean turning into a cat three overall this afternoon with sustained winds of 150 miles per hour and escalating concerns of life threatening storm surges, flash flooding, and even the storm may spin off tornadoes. florida is bracing


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