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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 31, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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it is a good. everybody flyer flag over the weekend. have a great labor day weekend, stay safe, our friends in florida, looks like it is going to be a bad storm, don't take any chances, have a great weekend. jillian: hurricane dorian strengthens to a category 4 storm threatening first the bahamas with storm surge and potentially the entire state of florida. some are playing politics as the president vows we are ready. in minutes you will hear from a pilot preparing to fly into the heart of the storm to get data to help forecasters. huge breaking news from california on the kate steinle case, acquitted of charges after admitting he fired can kill her wrapped up another victory. and appeals court tossing his conviction, we will explain what
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just happened and what comes next. national security adviser michael flynn going on offense against robert mueller's investigators. hear from his attorney why she believes federal prosecutors should be held in contempt. i am shannon bream. we have fox team coverage, tracking the path from the extreme weather center, keeping track of presidential preparations. but we go to jeff paul for the advance of hurricane dorian. >> the mood on the east coast of florida seems to be really getting serious. in cocoa beach where we are just east of the orlando area things are getting very quiet, very strange because it is summer and there are a lot of families vacationing, they seem to be rerouting those trips leaving
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early trying to get ahead of this hurricane as it barrels toward florida. locals who call this area home seem to be listening to what first responders and emergency officials are saying, some of the footage, you are seeing stores up and down the street being boarded up or already boarded up in preparation for the storm, to possibly be making landfall in a day or two. some of those stores are still open and some are running low on supplies. a lot of people hearing reports on radio and heading to the store to stock up on water, food, and you could tell the shelves were low. there were supplies you would normally be accustomed to seeing, the gas situation up and down the coast, we are here multiple gas stations running low on fuel or price gouging,
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price gouging in some cases, all of this causing people who call florida home to take this storm very seriously. >> get it before and do all you can do. >> i could stay but i like leaving now. i want to fill my tank so when it is time to go i will go. >> for some of those folks, the time to get out is fast approaching. two counties in florida have issued mandatory evacuation orders and we could hear more of those evacuation orders as this very unpredictable storm continues its path toward florida. >> all 67 florida counties in a state of emergency due to the sheer size of the approaching storm forecasting the exact track has proven problematic. that is where adam comes in tonight.
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>> this has been a really challenging storm to forecast. one thing that hasn't been challenging is how strong it has been and how strong it is going to become. it is running over warm water, with the guests with consistent winds at 140, we have a nice tight i wall. this is a powerful storm working its way toward the florida coast over the next couple days. it is going to slow down over the next few days moving west at 10 miles an hour. we expect by monday morning, late sunday night, running over the bahama islands and then running up to the coast. we got a brand-new track in the last couple minutes, we are getting a better idea of where the storm will turn. it is a wide kind of uncertainty but we are getting a turn up the eastern coast falling to a category 3 once it does so. that taking pl. monday into tuesday and running up the
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coast. here's the forecast models putting into motion for you. by and large a pretty good idea where this goes, runs over the bahama islands and then all these models turn and run up the coast. more of them staying over the atlanta, still running inland, none running into the gulf of mexico. as we get closer to this event we will get a better idea what is going to happen. it will be a huge storm causing some issues, still waiting to see what the track will be. shannon: thank you. the president is on high alert tonight canceling a scheduled trip to camp david where he will monitor preparations for landfall and hurricane dorian. kristin fisher tracking that side of the story. >> this hurricane is becoming quite personal for donald trump. he calls florida his second
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home, and four properties including the winter white house marra lago. he was asked about that as he left the white house for camp david two hours ago. >> looks like mara lago is dead center. mara lago can handle itself. that is a powerful place. the thing i'm worried about is the state of florida because this hurricane is looking like it -- this could be a record-setting hurricane. >> donald trump is a camp david, homeland security adviser beginning regular updates on dorian's path. when the president returns to washington he says he will go to fema's quote as, fema is setting up a staging center at maxwell air force base in alabama. 70 truckloads are heading to maxwell and millions of liters of water being sent into the hurricane zone. fema has plenty of money but
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democrats say the agency has been weakened by the president in the middle of hurricane season. beto o'rourke said in a tweet tonight this week with storms on the horizon, donald trump has removed money from fema to ice, prioritize locking children in cages over helping communities recover from hurricanes. another concern, when this hurricane hits there will be no senate confirms fema administrator to oversee relief efforts, donald trump is not worried about it. >> gives you great flexibility. i'm okay with the word acting but when i like people i make them permanent but i can leave acting for a long time. >> in addition to enacting fema administrator there's an acting homeland security secretary so there are a lot of new people in charge of disaster relief efforts and dorian is going to be there first big test. >> it continues to grow.
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florida governor ron desantis urging residents to prepare for many days without power and other essentials. >> potential multi-day event where it will churn slowly across the state. >> joining us is michael walsh and on the phone air force reserve pilot lieutenant colonel sean cross. i want to start with you and read something from colorado state meteorologist, hurricane dorian is forecast on the national hurricane center to have maximum winds of 125 miles an hour, if this forecast verifies it would be the strongest hurricane to hit the florida east coast since andrew in 1992. and read maximum winds of 165 miles an hour. you are one of the great ones who fly into the storm so you can get the data and we have a better idea what is coming. tell us what that is like. >> just another day in the
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office for me. the storm flights i have flown over the past 20 years, crews are well prepared, men and women who maintain these aircraft in mississippi, i am going to get a good nights sleep. my rest of my crew gets alerted at noon, we take off from mississippi and head out and to what we always do. it is no different than the other flights. shannon: we are happy for you and the forecast is get a better look at what is coming towards us. i want to ask you what kristin touched on that some people are making this political. one of your fellow congressman
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in florida, darren soto said it is shortsighted and destructive for dhs to fleece fema ahead of hurricane season. our researchers put out that president obama did the same thing in 2014 moving fema funds in august going into hurricane season, the border was overwhelming at the time. how worried are you this becomes political time people of your state have other things to worry about? >> it is sad that folks are trying to publicize this, the president moved funds around. i am absolutely confident in ron desantis's leadership from miami to jacksonville. i give the president a lot of credit for declaring this a federal emergency when the storm is offshore meaning fema, department of transportation, the military and entire federal government keep moving those assets and the locals, this is important, local officials, the
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confidence that they can spend the funds out of their budget and later be reimbursed by fema. i love how it seems like his job is easy. i want to give kudos to the florida national guard. they have units just coming in from training, they don't get to go home or take care of their own businesses, they are going out to take care of us, my hat is off to them. one other thing, floridians in my district and so many others, not trying to guess where the storm is going. everyone needs to prepare. if you're over prepared that is okay because this thing is dangerous and we have to be ready. floridians are resilient and have no doubt they will be. shannon: taking the windows, filling the best up with water, a lot of times the storm didn't hit as badly as you thought it might it had to take that stuff
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down but my parents that you got to do it, got to be ready. i talked to others about what they would do. as you get ready to head into the storm what kinds of data will you be gathering that could give a better gauge what to expect from the storm? >> the most important thing is the inside of the storm environment, measuring temperature, pressure, winds every 10 feet falling into the's here. the most important thing is the lowest center of pressure of the storm to establish that by latitude and longitude to pinpoint exactly where the heart of the center is. from that, forecasters in the hurricane center, they are the experts, they are able to give us a good forecast where the storm will make landfall. shannon: our thanks and prayers
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to you and your team and the folks brave enough to take on that assignment and you will be working around-the-clock. thank you all for joining us tonight. breaking tonight indicate steinle case the only conviction against a man who admitted firing the shot that killed her is thrown out by a california court. this man who has already been deported five times. i'm alex trebek here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50-85
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>> shannon: this is a shannon: fox news alert on several stories involving sanctuary cities. shocking turn of events regarding the illegal immigrant who admits he fired the gun the charter, was acquitted homicide charges and convicted on a gun charge that has just been tossed
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out. that is coming up in a moment but a fifth illegal immigrants in one county has been charged with sexual abuse. all these cases in the last month. doug mcelway has the story. >> memory county maryland is a liberal stronghold of over 1 million people, county council and county executive are all democrats who shun the label, regardless of legal status. that is being challenged by disgruntled citizens after the arrest of 21-year-old now storm says who's been, sexually abusing a-year-old girl and her brother. 6 illegal immigrants to be arrested and maryland accused of sexual abuse or rape in the last several weeks. >> we don't interact with ice, we don't contact ice, nor do we ask any of our residents about their immigration status.
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>> they have spoken to county leadership expressing a common concern, quote, this is outrageous and unacceptable. we as montgomery county citizens and taxpayers are fed up. >> they have to tell the federal authorities that they are releasing an illegal immigrant? >> absolutely for public safety reasons. if it is just a person they picked off the street, i don't think so. >> earlier this summer marked the rich signed an executive order barring ice from nonpublic areas preventing ice, the rich likened it to immigration policies to terrorism. to subject them to constant here, that is terrorism in its basic form. >> doug mcelway, thank you.
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throwing out the only state conviction against josé garcia at the center of the kate steinle case that marked the sanctuary to the controversy. kate steinle was walking on ap are in july 2015 when she was hit by a bullet. authorities accused him of murder. 's defense claimed he picked up again that happens to be wrapped in a t-shirt and fired it accidentally. he was in the us illegally at the time of the shooting and reportedly deported back to mexico numerous times in the past. a state appeals court overturn his conviction on the gun charge because of instructions that were or were not given to the jury. let's talk to kevin wiley and executive director of turning point usa. i want to read the reporting from cbs san francisco talking about the court decision saying the first district court of
12:21 am
appeal overturned the gun conviction because the judge failed to give the jury the option of acquitting garcia on the theory he only poses the weapon for a moment. he said he unwittingly picked up the gun wrapped in a t-shirt and it fired accidentally. >> if you read the defense i find it hard to believe he happened to find this a gun. we have to look at one of the big points is this individual was deported five times and if he was out in the country kate steinle would still be alive and it is a horrible reminder and my heart goes out to all the angel families who experienced so many crimes by people that should never have been in the country at all and there's another opportunity to retry this case, see if the district attorney and prosecution will continue to do
12:22 am
that. i doubt they have the political will, this is a hotly contested issue that involves immigration and gun laws as well and i don't know if they have the political will and it is a total miscarriage of justice. shannon: we are told the san francisco district attorney is considering options because it will be up to them whether they go back after this. the attorney representing garcia on a gun charge said if the prosecution has the prerogative, it will be a big potential decision. you heard charlie outline several things that are involved, gun issues, immigration, sanctuary city. do you think in california that authorities will want to retry this case? >> i hope so and there is a federal track involved, not just state-based track and federal immigration officials in this. and individual supported 5 times.
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7 felonies. in the history of his time in this country, he should never have been in this country and kate would be alive had he not been allowed back in had he not been detained and released. i agree with secretary clinton who said this is a problem the city of san francisco released to the public. that should never have happened. we need to push for comprehensive immigration reform with more agents on the border, and something like this never happens again when this guy is released to the general public. >> you mentioned the federal track. he facing federal gun charges and charges of being in the country illegally. here is what his attorney said about that in january. he was acquitted on charges of killing her. anything related to homicide but
12:24 am
the federal gun charges kicks in. here's what his attorney said. >> it is rarely done. for the federal government to come back two years we -- later and say you will try for federal gun position because of the president converting that. heather: still facing federal gun charges but his attorney suggesting it is all political. >> i don't buy that. an individual in debt doesn't matter the time period or what they think the political motivations are, they are trying to politicize this to win points in the media and make this more binary and you can see we have agreements, a conservative, a liberal that agrees this is a miscarriage of justice. i will add this is one of the main reasons added to the point we need a barrier or a wall on the southern border and border patrol is asking to make the job easier and individuals like this
12:25 am
cannot come into the country repeatedly. the current status quo is not working. allows individuals like this to come in without any restriction, 7 felonies and 5 illegal entries and kate steinle would be alive if we get our act together on the southern border the president is doing what he can to solve that issue. shannon: we will see if state officials try him on these issues and federal charges in january, that file coming up. up next, a very high profile -- michael flynn's legal team declares war on the former special counsel's team. his attorney speaks out, here what she is saying tonight next.
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launching a legal attack on robert mueller's investigation. several prosecutors held in contempt for allegedly suppressing material that might have led him to rethink his guilty plea before it was too late. his attorney is the target of a smear campaign by the intelligence community. >> i have concerns how it proceeded and how it began and the way it has been developed and handled all along with significant suppression of exculpatory information anyone should have been informed of immediately and clearly was not. >> so she can see the materials herself she's looking forward to the next inspector general report which she believed would be helpful to flynn's defense. the official account of twitter ceo of jack dorsey is secure following a hack when someone used racist and vulgar tweets to his followers.
12:31 am
david front has the story. >> this is a big deal, twitter says it's company systems were not compromised but was compromised multiple times a day when it happens to someone prominent like jack dorsey things get taken care of at a rapid pace. jack dorsey, the man behind twitter, has 4 million followers and it appears someone took over his account. a tweet praising nazi germany, others indicated there was a bomb at twitter headquarters. communications to cover the biceps account, the company is looking at how this happened and whether it was an inside job but if jack dorsey's account can be compromised what does that mean for men who communicate his message to the american people multiple times of day through
12:32 am
tweets? donald trump has 63 million followers on twitter. the president doesn't just tweet for fun, he sets policy and makes significant announcements through a single tweet and from what we know he does it all by himself. what if someone or a group took over the president's account and made a statement about the impending hurricane or an announcement on china tariffs? the stock market could see immediate action. donald trump address the twitter hack earlier this evening. >> hope they are not packing my account but if they do they won't learn much more than what i put out, shouldn't be too bad. >> reporter: i heard from a tech expert who said the president's twitter account is a jewel for someone hoping to get access, without any compromises. episodes like today made people think twice about the president's border security. if it could happen to the ceo of twitter you wonder if someone like donald trump's 60 million followers. shannon: i still have questions. >> still waiting to see what that means. shannon: the man who shot robert
12:33 am
f kennedy has been stabbed by a fellow inmate in a southern california prison. he was convicted of fatally shooting rfk moments after he declared victory in the 1968 california democratic primary, was hospitalized in stable condition after today's attack in prison. this is a fox news alert, we are getting word of the shooting after a high school football game in mobile, alabama, ten people age 15 to 18 have been wounded. local reports said was a fight in the stands before the shooting. we are tracking that down trying to get more details and let you know about that shooting in alabama. deadly red light crashes on the rise. according to new data from aaa deaths caused by drivers running red lights at a 10 year high.
12:34 am
the analysis finds two people are killed every day on us roads as a result of drivers who run red lights which replaces distracted driving including texting and cell phone use a major factor. pennsylvania man, a disorderly conduct charge overturned for making a gun gesture with his hand. neighbor reportedly feeling extremely threatened by the hand gesture in lancaster county ruled the gesture recklessly risks provoking a dangerous altercation. a new use survey reveals shifting attitudes among democrats when it comes to limits on abortion. 82% of democrats now say abortion should be legal in all or most cases up 20 points into 2007 survey. in hong kong millions of protesters are warned to stay home, police promising more arrests, what donald trump is telling protesters tonight. stay tuned. who's dog is this?
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>> we will see what happens. a very interesting time over there.
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my message for them, they have a strong point of view. i don't think anyone has ever seen marches of 2 million people. i think we are going to be learning a lot in the next 2 or 3 days. >> tensions are high in hong kong, warnings from police, not going to shut them down. joining us to discuss the latest development in the region, director of the center chinese strategy at the hudson institute, good to have you back with us. you were discussing with the president what is going on with china, the tariff escalation. what can you tell us? >> i am an outside advisor, what you might call a friend, admirer of the president especially his strategy toward china. the kinds of things he is doing should have been done 30 years ago. in hong kong he is not directly intervening. he is saying they will learn more in the next 2 or 3 days.
12:40 am
that is in reference to the cancellation of the demonstration. he arrested joshua wong, what looks like potential for crackdown. if that happens in the course for we could complicates trade talks. these two situations are linked, hong kong, and whether the chinese delegation comes here in a couple weeks. what i call the 13th round of trade talks. >> joshua wong shortly before he was arrested is out again, some of the protesters say activists say this is an attempt to intimidate protesters ahead of another weekend of demonstration. they say it is not going to work. we are hearing from these folks, trial protesters been declared illegally and police say we will arrest you if you show up but there are massive numbers in hong kong taking to the streets every weekend. what is your prediction for how
12:41 am
the ends? >> i don't know, the president is right, we will learn a lot in the next few days. there has been an interesting reuters report for china and president xi is behind what carrie lamb is doing in hong kong. she has 0 flexibility to meet the students 5 demand was one of those demands is most important, for direct election of the leader of hong kong. you might think that is outrageous, how dare they do that in a communist country but in 1990, the ultimate aim is to have free election of the leader of hong kong. china has agreed to that. in connection with trade talks, we don't want them to make a promise and not keep them, has got to be legally binding and that is holding the chinese back. the president then punished them for that. if they get restarted now, that's a lot of really important
12:42 am
progress and america's farmers, the chinese said if the farmers were to manipulate. heather: shannon: we heard some of them say in the short-term we have to make plans and invest in things, they are nervous but many are saying in the long run we know it will pay off, that's what they are hoping and they feel no one has been sticking up for them but it may cause pain in the short-term. >> there is an interesting poll, the white house seems to have, today or tomorrow, 67% of american farmers when asked would you vote for donald trump today they say yes. so the farmers to to be patriotic as not working for china but looking for a long-term solution which is what the president wants as well.
12:43 am
heather: the sun is up, daytime in hong kong. of china does in any way move in for more serious crackdown, lots of troops along the border as well, what should the us do or not do? the people of hong kong are calling to us for support. >> there are two things, the first is we don't want to be the so-called black hand for chinese intervention. the other hand there will be night court can be next. a college professor fighting for his reputation says university
12:44 am
officials promised to protect him, did nothing to shutdown false allegations. is this school liable next. dayquil severe. the daytime, coughing, aching, stuffy-head, fever, sore throat, power through your day, medicine.
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>> shannon: this is a shannon: another update from mobile, alabama, two suspect in custody after a shooting following a football game.
12:48 am
we are told the reports are locally the 10 people ages 15-18 have been wounded. local news reports say there was a fight in the stand before the shooting, two suspects in custody. we will keep you updated as we know more. time for night court. we pass no judgment on the stores, present them to you for your consideration. connecticut, a university professor is suing the school for failing to protect them from slanderous and vicious personal attacks that label him a sex offender when there's never been a complaint or charge filed against him. here is constitutional law attorney and former professor jenna ellis, good to have you with us. let's start with exhibit a. the professor said students have the right to say i am a terrible
12:49 am
teacher, that does not extend to calling me a criminal. he happened on the demonstration years ago where they were calling for more attention to sex assault, tried to defend a couple people who were innocent of this so started putting his name and face all over campus calling him a sex offender, the school promised to track this down and help people out and hold students accountable and they didn't so he is suing. >> no question the students actions were reprehensible and this is something as a former professor i understand the pain of having yelp reviews, it goes into your faculty file that they are anonymous. when it comes to this professor, as frustrated as he is, for him to sue the university and say there was a breach of contract and somehow the students were
12:50 am
agents of the university, the university is responsible, that doesn't make sense. the university according to complaints he filed the professor does acknowledge the university took action to identify the students, they tried to take disciplinary action and often, as the victim, he wants to know what happens to students at the university hasn't responded. we don't know what action has been taken against the students because that's more like an hr file where the professor wouldn't know that but it is reasonable the university did everything they could. students have right to free speech that goes beyond that line but that doesn't make the university responsible under a handbook code where it is not an agent. shannon: he claims students were questioned, he wants to know the results of the questioning. there is a video that might identify these people and he's not able to get that. the university is pushing back in their memo of law saying this
12:51 am
requires these four things, a false statement of fact, unprivileged publication of a statement and publication caused by negligence or intentional conduct and injury to reputation. he said there's not a single allegation agents made a false statement of fact regarding plaintiffs. may be a terrible case but the school says we are not responsible. >> let's talk about how outrageous what school did. they were accused of being sexual predators and a number of other professors, nothing to do with competent investigation and when they found out who was involved they took no action and we don't think what they are doing is that bad. what the complaint said, these students were using school facilities, copy machines, the university knew who they were
12:52 am
and did nothing about it. they were co-conspirators and the school should be ashamed of themselves for what they did to the reputation of this person for which none of this information is credible, calling him a sexual offender, just a group of students who decided to pray upon this guy, the school did nothing to stop it and that is the basis of this complaint. >> the university president said michael roth emailed him saying this is outrageous, we do our best to put a stop to it at all those responsible accountable. final word from you and bob to close it up. >> the university doesn't owe it to the breach of contract to the professor for student conduct. all they can do is make sure they abide by the student conduct code and hold to the best of their ability accountable a student, the professor is upset as he is and as terrible as the situation is he's going after the wrong defendant.
12:53 am
>> the school has a policy that educators are not to be harassed and their personal dignity is not to be attacked and the president said we would do everything we can and turn around at the end of the day and we are not doing anything about it. shannon: thank you very much. we will let folks at home decide. alarming numbers on the shortage of police officers. one think tank says 66% of 400 police apparent surveyed reported a decrease in the number of applicants and that is sparking real-life emergency shortages. >> in minneapolis where tension between police and the public is running high including accusations of racism and brutality the city is battling a crippling officer shortage. the department was unable to
12:54 am
send a squad car to 6776 priority one emergencies, shots fired, stabbings and sexual assault and tweet 7 priority 0 calls including an officer facing imminent death and a baby not breathing. >> have to look someone in the eye and told we were unable to get there because we don't have enough resources. >> ken sherman says the city's politics are interfering with good policing. >> it can happen within two blocks. >> reporter: minneapolis, 50,000 people in the last decade but the police force stay at 880 officers. >> the chief is acting for 400 additional officers by 2025. the mayor proposed 14. one councilmember says the city is investing in and diverse applying its force. >> since the 1950s. >> reporter: national fraternal order of police is nationwide there has been a decline of
12:55 am
150,000 officers since 2000, the parents are struggling to attract applicants in large part because of what they say the nationwide narrative against the profession. in minneapolis, despite the crisis, some city councilmembers argue the city should not hire one more officer. instead, fund alternative public safety programs. >> we are thankfully information is out in the open. we would rather have a truthful conversation and pretend this isn't happening. >> reporter: compared with a similar city minneapolis has four officers, 100 less and st. louis and 1000 fewer than milwaukee. shannon: thank you. dramatic body cam footage capturing this blazing inferno, two police officer taste when they tried to save a woman from a deathtrap in georgia. she was lying down inside her car almost as if she had given up. the fire got so intense the
12:56 am
tires on the vehicle exploded during the chaos but the officers kept -- just as there was a break in the smoke the officers and the woman emerged almost totally unharmed. you are our real-life midnight hero's. that is it for us tonight, have a great holiday weekend.
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>> jason: welcome to the special edition of "hannity," issues confronting america. i'm jason chaffetz in tonight for sean. the fallout continues tonight from the scathing inspector general report on former fbi director james comey. it exposed him as a liar, a leaker, and a disgrace over his handling of sensitive and in some cases classified memos about conversations with donald trump. but don't take my word for it. just look at how comey was described by inspector general horowitz who wrote that comey set a dangerous example for the 35,000 current fbi


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