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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 31, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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continuing coverage on fox news. it's coming up on the coast. don't mess around with this storm. watch fox news. "the ingraham angl be on the sa page term. -- tomorrow. he comes "the five." >> ♪ >> hello. i am dana perino with emily, donna brazil and greg gutfeld. it's 5 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five." joe biden facing scrutiny for another blunder on the campaign trail. accused of telling a false war story while traveling to afghanistan when he was vice-president. biden said he was trying to honor a navy captain who refused to receive the silver star from him. >> everybody got concerned.
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the vice-president going up in the middle of this. we can lose a vice-president. we can't lose many more of these kids. it's not a joke. this guy climbed down a ravine and carried this guy up on his back under fire. the general wanted me to pin the silver star on him. i got up there and this is god's truth my word as a biden. he stood at attention. he said i don't want the damn thing. do not pin it me, sir! he died. >> the "washington post" called out joe biden saying he mixed up several events for a false narrative. biden wondering what the big deal was. >> i was making a point how courageous these people are and how incredible they are. these fallen angels we lost. i don't know what the problem is. what is it that i said wrong? what do you make of this?
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>> i don't think it's a lie. most people believe that politicians lie. i do think there is something going on with biden. he lost a step. it's one thing to gaffe. he could not remember president obama's name the other day. just called him his boss. what makes this such a big thing going into the next debate is that these young people are going to start to frame it -- if they take off the gloves -- they can make the argument that biden is too old and you see he is too old. it's not about new ideas. can the president remember intelligence when he has to make a decision if he goes to the oval office? i think democrats will have to have a conversation about this electability thing. if you candidate can't remember things, i don't think he can go on debate stage and defeat donald trump. >> let's not attribute this gaffe to age.
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there are a lot of people who are older than joe biden who still got it going on. greg and i, we are seasoned. >> i would say that. you think it was a head injury? >> no, i am saying that sometimes when you have a lot of information in your brain and you try to put it out your mouth, it comes across like, you are juggling the story. >> but he did jumble it. >> he jumbled it. the facts are there. most people know joe biden's character and his value system and that he visited iraq and afghanistan over 21 times as a united states senator and vice-president. but this story the way it came acro across, people know joe biden is heartfelt. i continue to touch him and touch you. >> he touches a lot of people. >> he touches with his heart. >> and his hands. >> [laughing]. >> the "washington post" will
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try to make a big deal out of this. >> he tells a good story. he is like a child. i was president of mars! we built a balloon raft and went to australia and i met lions and tigers and giraffes and had the best pie i ever had. here's the problem: it may not be that funny. you can end a presidency like that. i am not sure you can start one. you can't start a presidency already slow. i like joe biden a lot. if he lead this is race and i think he will -- >> oh, wow. >> that's fantasy island without tattoo. it's all supporting cast. if he leads i don't know who else is there. there is something else there that makes it so the joke is not that funey.
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>> it's not like he driving news stories on his own. the stories are driving him. >> his defenders, there is a spectrum. it's not as bad as this, so it's okay. his missed statements and misspeaks and gaffs are not the same as trump's daily assaults on the truth. trump bends the truth and an insult. all of these things as a voter i deserve the truth all the time, end of story, period. i don't want my commander-in-chief representing me in negotiations with someone who is going to say the wrong story and be called out and be humiliated? >> to lawrence's point. we have the upcoming debate.
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only ten on stage. i have a theory that elizabeth warren or bernie sanders won't go after joe biden for things like this. i think they will go after him for his record like kamala harris did the first time and warren maybe his cozy relationship with the credit card companies. do you think they are ready to take the gloves off against the front runner? >> when you go after joe biden you are always going after barack obama. you are attacking some of the policies and initiatives of that administration. >> they will go back to the '90s? >> perhaps they will. i think the most important thing is the next debate. some of the candidates are still stuck in single digits. they have to figure out a way to get back on the next stage and to use performance to really highlight why they are running for president. >> joe biden can't continue to use president obama as a shield.
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the reports say that president obama said joe, you don't have to do this and even president obama was concerned about joe biden destroying the legacy. although president obama may not go on the attack, there are plenty of advisors out there that don't mind attacking. >> joe biden would be the only one on the stage defending the obama administration. everybody else says it didn't go far enough left. >> you have to go tough on joe because trump will show him no mercy. if you have a fighter you don't tell him to relax on the beach when you are facing a steam roller. >> most americans know joe biden. >> if they see weakness? >> they will try to take advantage of it, but people like him. that's why they don't want to take him down. >> trump, when he faces biden, if biden is crushed, no matter how much you like him, it will
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be over. >> and to your point, they know him, but they are not inspired by him. maybe they like him but no one is excited about him. on that stage everyone will attack not only his policy but put themselves on the offense and look at how inspiring i am. that will be magnetic. >> what if he goes on the offense? >> that would be good. >> say what have you done lately? >> i was on the campaign trail in iowa with him. his campaign is trying to keep him away from the public. he has a teleprompter in front of him. other candidates were in the lob toe greet people. joe went through the back door -- the campaign realizes there is a problem going on. whether it's memory or he is just lying. they don't want him out there. he is getting a lot of things wrong. >> the king of lies is the
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person who is currently in the white house according to the "washington post." i think the vice-president misspoke and got his facts and story wrong. >> last word from you? >> i would say that trump's lies are not based on a mental deficiency. he is lying for us. he thinks this lie will help us. it's not because he is losing his faculties. when he is up there, he knows what day it is. >> i am not sure i agree with that. >> we know it's friday and tgif. a new warning for the former fbi director james comey in the wake of a blistering report next on "the five." let's be honest, you need insurance.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> there is more fallout for former fbi director james comey after the report found out he violated protocol leaking memos of his private conversations with president trump. the president told him on twitter he got luck behe avoided prosecution. is the worst to come for director comey? republicans think so. >> i won't apologize. james comey owes the country an apology. we know he did it because he was out to get the president. >> james comey had a personnel vendetta. he believes his role in the fbi was one he was the ultimate
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judge and jury on anything he did or did not like. >> only in washington, d.c. can you have 70 plus pages of bad news and expect an apology. the inspector general's report will be more damning than this. >> i still have a bone to pick with director comey. greg, should he be prosecuted for leaking memos after being fired? >> that goes back to my initial point. you can't trust tall people. short people are more trust worthy and more down-to-earth. we don't pull this crap. the real jack asses are the media that painted him as a cross. he was their tool.
2:16 am
he and mccabe are getting a game show on cnn, called leak, lose or draw. >> he is getting a taste of his own medicine. he said all of the things about hillary clinton. >> it's an interesting one. he has no constituencieconstitu. he alienated a lot of people. i read a lengthy defense of the decision not to prosecute and these were personal memos. i have a hard time believing that. if you take notes about a conversation you have with your boss and you say that those are not government documents, i find that really hard to believe. it felt to me in the defense i read about james comey, well, we could see that. i have a feeling if it went the other way, they could have written it in the same way. i think washington is glad to be
2:17 am
finished with this. republicans that are saying it will be worse for comey. it raises suspicions how independent is the probe? maybe they get regular updates. they should not talk about it. >> i want him to get a taste of his own medicine. he said about hillary clinton, extremely careless in handling highly classified info. we went back to his office and every time he had an interaction with president trump he typed up a memo. when he was fired he should have turned it over. he leaked one memo to a reporter because he felt that nobody was going forward to tell the truth about what happened. give me your thoughts about this. >> the only thing he didn't have was [inaudible]. but he had a safe.
2:18 am
people say libertarians are afraid of government. james comey shows how people who lose their power, how they react. the fact he did all of this leaking to get a special counsel is the most concerning thing. he told us this entire time, be careful that the institutions will be destroyed. he destroyed the fbi. the ig said the example that james comey set for the other hundreds and thousands of fbi agents was a bad example. a dangerous precedent. everybody should be concerned. >> he violated his employment agreement. that's clear. the 35,000 men and women who represent the fbi understand that when they signed that oath to take that job, they should support the fbi. do you think he was acting as a whistle blower? >> no, i don't. especially because in the report
2:19 am
they said he was not a whistle blower. what i love about one. your points -- >> what about mine? >> [laughing]. >> you know what i am a tall girl. >> what i love about your point, the defense of comey has no basis in the actual report itself. in terms of his calling it a personal record, the ig said it was incompatible with plain language with him leaking the report. he said i did it because i love the nation. he said your whole team called it shocking and surprising regarding the 36,000 people in the fbi, the ig said if they follow your example the fbi would not unable to, to perform
2:20 am
its role of law enforcement. thei g said this is not rooted in sanity. >> he said there was a legal pathway if you want to be a whistle blower and you ignored it. >> exactly. >> we keep talking about this. this is the report -- don't read it. a former canadian prime minister ignites a fire storm after rooting for president trump mar-a-lago there's a company that's talked to even more real people than me: jd power. 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people."
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♪ ♪ applebee's handcrafted burgers now starting at $7.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood we're oscar mayer deli fresh your very first sandwich,m... your mammoth masterpiece. and...whatever this was. because we make our meat with the good of the deli and no artificial preservatives. make every sandwich count with oscar mayer deli fresh. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> florida bracing for the arrival of hurricane dorian as a category-3. the storm could make landfall next week.
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chief meteorologist is in the fox weather center. rick? >> i wish i could have been on record forecasting it a couple of days ago. it hasn't changed that much. it will be a strong storm. problem a category-3, 4 or 5 right up the coast of florida. we have confidence it will get right there and every guidance falls apart. this is the latest look at the storm. it's an organized storm. not super big, but it will probably grow in size and the strength and how far out from the center, the strongest of the winds go. where we lose our certainty is what happens? we are good here. bahamas will get socked with this storm. that looks like a given. then where does the storm make this turn and get pulled up to the north? we can't say. most of our guidance still just gives a big spread somewhere here to the westside of florida to the east side of florida to the center part of florida. we know we will have a strong
2:26 am
storm. we know it will slow down right before it turns. right there, it starts to make the turn and slows down. we will have a prolonged event. does the center stay off-shore and makes land fall in georgia or the carolinas on thursday or friday? or does it make landfall in central or southern florida and out the west? we don't know. probably it looks like we won't know until sunday morning where we think that turn is going to go. that means everybody in florida and georgia and the carolinas continue to make your preps as if the storm is coming right towards you. >> thanks, rick. an outrageous tweet from a former canada prime minister who told the world she was rooting for hurricane dorian to take a direct hit at trump's
2:27 am
mar-a-lago's tweet. you have experienced this. new orleans and you worked with republicans to make sure they got assistance. why has this turned political? >> i don't know. i don't know why when dorian was trying to make landfall and doing island-hopping and looking at puerto rico and people were doing these crazy tweets. stop. it storms are unpredicability. they don't care if you live in a lake front home, mar-a-lago or a normal house. -- be prepared. she made a huge mistake. i hope we can help those who can't evac out or those trying to find water, batteries and fuel.
2:28 am
when these storms make landfall you have to get the you know what out of there. >> watch your mouth. >> [laughing]. >> dana, do you think it occurred to her and she said it was tongue in cheek. >> stupidity. >> she said mar-a-lago as if could only target one house. >> this is tongue and tweet. this is what happens when people tweet things they shouldn't. they say you don't know what my tone was. this was a former prime minister for about 5 minutes. maybe this is why. one thing she said is she is disgusted about the united states and our energy consumption. canada is the 7th largest producer of oil in the world and cut down 500 million trees a year and act like they don't have some sort of environmental impact on the world? if you tweet something like this, it will come back to hurt
2:29 am
you. don't tweet. >> political differences, the response to a national disaster. they tell donald trump calm down. >> twitter is a category-5 of jerk faces. this might be the rudest thing to ever come out of canada. this is so not canada. the rudest thing since tom green. this is why it's so shocking. we are the jerks on this continent, not you, i can get myself in trouble. should i not do a defense of price gouging? the producer told me not to. they don't present 2 sides as to why prices go up. i am doing it. this is like the prime minister tweeting. if you leave 10 jugs of water at
2:30 am
a low price. and somebody for $20 buys it all and sells it. >> this is the end of the month. this is what happened with cat rheena. -- katrina. a lot of people don't have the means to get things. >> absolutely. i think twitter for some reason is where everyone goes when they think their voice is hilarious or awesome or fresh. it's all tiresome. she served the third short is est form. and the canadians said he took the party from defeat to disaster and after she was kicked out of office. -- it was the greatest political defeat in history. it's the pot tweeting the
2:31 am
kettle. >> [laughing]. >> these kinds of storms to politicize and detract attention from what is important is ridiculous. >> i still love canada. >> hold on. i want to disown everything i said about price gouging. >> thank you. >> a bizarre new fashion trend. a chocolate bar and a robot invasion. it's the fastest-7 next. we trust usaa more than any other company out there. they give us excellent customer service, every time.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. time for the fastest-7. can we all agree that many people love their heels, but this next story might be taking it a step too far. these new shoes called the big toe heel. exposing that big toe of yours for all of the world to see. these shoes are selling like hot cakes. some are upwards of $1,000.
2:36 am
>> [laughing]. >> i think fashion designers do this to come up with a prank. then they see how many people they can get to do it. pay a couple of models to wear these shoes and ridiculous people will spend $1,000 on gross shoes like that. >> [laughing]. >> dick morris is going to sponsor these. >> no! >> [laughing]. >> high heels in general are bizarre and strange. they were invented by persian man in the 10th century because it was supposed to allow women to sit in stir ups on a horse. why didn't men wear them? >> well, prince wore them. >> but he was prince. >> maybe they had them because
2:37 am
they were short. >> that could be true. >> what if you went out to dinner and the girl you were meeting showed up in those? >> check please. >> a new candy bar in india aimed at promoting diversity. the 4 in 1 unity bar has 4 types of chocolate. the social media back lash was fears. congratulations for solving racism. this is another example of -- >> look. >> [overlapping talking]. >> what color did you eat? >> [laughing]. >> i am not sharing it until halloween. >> okay. the worst virtue signaling is corporate. they are not doing it because they care. they are doing it because they
2:38 am
are scared. they are frightened. >> and so we will do a story about it. >> what are they hiding? you know where chocolate comes from, some of the poorest country on earth and some employ poor people and children on plantations. this is their way of saying we are the good people. activists don't come after us. look at our chocolate. >> i think it's great. have you ever had white chocolate cake with white chocolate icing? chocolate is all about colors. i love it. >> i like different kind of chocolate. >> do you like white chocolate? >> of course i do. what is wrong with you? >> i don't know. >> i love all different times of chocolate. >> you are a white chocolate nationalist. >> [laughing]. >> they didn't do it for you to enjoy the chocolate. they did it to virtue signal.
2:39 am
>> we are talking about it. >> this will be a hit on valentines. >> i don't believe it. >> we have been warned that the robot invasion is coming. look no further than the nearest wal-mart. they are deploying robots to scan shelves and scrub the floors. shoppers will be walking down the aisles side by side with the robots. one customer asked this important question. >> i don't know. it's starting to be a little bit scary. are machines taking over? >> of course they are taking over. it's been a long time this has been happening and also that's what happens when you demand higher wages. you are to replace humans. >> humans are weak and robots are strong. get the program and embrace them now. there will be a robot "the five" in 2050. the reason they won't replace us, there is nothing gratifying
2:40 am
about yelling at something automated. like the vending machine. when there is something wrong, you feel internal violence that gets worse because you can't talk to somebody. you need a human person to yell at. >> today is the 50th anniversary of the atm machine? >> really? >> yes. people thought it was going to end banks. just ask elizabeth warren, banks are doing well. >> i think is a lawsuit waiting to happen. there is no way that robot is not going to run over somebody and they the gel a big fat check. >> knowledge that robot in the liquor section and running to the bottles. when i come in the store that robot will get fired. >> what is a difference between the robot cleaning the floorses or the one that mows our grass?
2:41 am
>> like a grass robot? >> yes. >> a wounded veteran, part of the gift was a robotic lawn mower. >> just accept it. we are all almost robots with our phones. it has all of this information. we are part of it. just embrace it. it's life. >> art artificial life. >> i will be the small smelly creature. >> if we use robots, it frees up humans in positions where we want a human to talk to. >> this is why the minimum wage crowd needs to chill out. >> come on. >> they will phase you out. >> give everyone a living wage. >> robots don't need a living
2:42 am
wage because they are not alive. >> you can create your own business. >> they work for free. >> you have to put them somewhere at night to get plugged up. >> [laughing]. >> whatever. >> [laughing]. it's tough to quit smoking cold turkey. so chantix can help you quit slow turkey. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> a little bass. fan mail friday. if you could create and teach any college class, what would it be, emily? >> oh, i always have to go first. i don't know. it would be something about -- god, i don't know. the sky is the limit. >> [laughing]. >> something about dance. okay, fine. dancing. >> you were a cheerleader for the raiders? >> yes. the problem is everything exists. >> the problem is everything exists. [laughing]. >> i would teach physics. i am at george town. my 18th year. >> my course would be why you don't need college.
2:47 am
>> practice tips about how to succeed in the workplace. >> how to get away with a series of unsolved killings in the mid to late 1980s. all right, bradley asks from facebook. if your old high school teacher, dana, were asked what career they thought you would end up doing as an adult, what would they say? >> i think -- i was focussed on what i wanted to do. i took a long route to get here. they would say what i am doing now. more like the daily briefing because "the five" didn't exist because "the five" is the best show ever! they would say i would be doing this. >> just sitting around talking and clutching your mug. >> do you know how cold it is in here? >> how cold? >> pretty cold. >> my teacher would probably say a lawyer or a politician. i was always debating them in
2:48 am
class. they would not be shocked i am on tv. >> my teachers like my parents told me to shut up. they envisioned i would be doing something with my mouth. >> [laughing]. >> the same. they would not be surprised i am an attorney, dancer and performing arts. >> yeah, that makes sense. >> greg? >> i would do something with my mouth but never specified what? >> [laughing]. >> i was the best whistler in my class. i could whistle for hours. >> okay! >> when you make an entrance into a party or event, what is the first thing you do? >> greet everybody. you always yell at me and say you don't have to say hi to everybody. but you do. >> you do. i totally agree. >> i will be very honest. i make a dash for the bar.
2:49 am
>> i knew it! >> i am always thirsty, greg. i need a drink. >> i have a drink before i get to the party so i don't run to the bar. my wife gets mad at me. can't you just wait? no. i hate all of your friends -- not true. >> i find the first person i can to talk to on the side. >> you are one of those. pull somebody off and make their lives hell. >> the second thing i start shaking my you know what! >> [laughing]. >> i am afraid to ask what that is. we will move on. a grit question. -- great question. from david: what is legal now that won't be legal in 20 years? what is illegal now that will become legal in 20 years?
2:50 am
emily? >> schedule c assignments and drugs. drugs will be legal later. that's so boring. >> it's true. >> lawrence? >> i think all drugs will be legal. but i think they will get rid of the death penalty. >> interesting. i am for the death penalty. but i think they will get rid of it. >> i think these carc that drive themselves. i have a new car. you can ride with me. i should not talk about it. we don't want competition. i believe in the future none of us will get behind the wheel. somebody will be driving us. one of those robots. >> to my point, i think this we lwill not believe that people drove us for money. how low is that. >> i think it will be illegal to take your shoes off on an airplane.
2:51 am
>> oh! >> it will be illegal. >> [laughing]. >> i am the only one that gets turned on by it? >> i'm kidding. "one more th liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ bleech! aww! awww! ♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft for the win win.
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♪ (music plays throughout)♪ ♪
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there's a company that's talked than me: jd power.people 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room. 's vehicle it's time for one more thing i'm going
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first. he was nearly struck wednesday night getting ready for a live report. he's a reporter at fox 10, the bolt of lightning struck and he just moved but do you know what? because he's an awesome fox news guy he got right back in there. that was before nearly 20,000 people had a power outage. >> thank goodness he was okay. >> we love you. we love our fox news reporter. greg? >> i think that was fake. you think so? >> no. >> i didn't know what to say. saturday, august 31st. dana perino! dr. drew pinsky, kat timpf, tyrus. that's tomorrow. watch it or we are no longer friends. let's do this. ♪ animals are great pretty excited! good news swag coming out with
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this. maybe. but this scene is dog some water. first one, this is a dog that's never bid downlink being in water before. can't believe it. he's never been in water. this is my favorite one. >> another one? >> this is my favorite. >> opened up the car door. there you go! look at that. just couldn't wait. that is why... ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great stop it... >> you think you have there is of steel? check out this bar patron to how he reacted to armed robbery. here he is acting hanging out, relaxing, when all patrons hit the deck. he even lit up a cigarette while the thief is pointing a gun in his face. either this guy is cold as ice
2:56 am
or doesn't care about anything. look at him. lighting it up. the robber eventually made it off with a cash and other items and the police are still looking for him. look at this guy. >> they arrested the guy for smoking in a bar. can't smoke in a bar. >> i was so taken with that story... emily? >> we know that the national oceanic and atmospheric administration is closely monitoring the hurricane as it strengthens. as part of their preparations, they have a historic making flight crew on their case. meet rachel waddington, the first all-female pilot group if they collected seven hours as we all pray for florida, i also want to salute these amazing women for the very important work they are doing. >> pretty cool! >> girl power. >> donna, your turn. >> that's sexist.
2:57 am
what about us guys? >> will talk about that next month. speaking about florida and orlando, epcot center. a young man waiting in turn to see snow white. he got a little disgruntled and there was snow white, as beautiful as ever, walking up, making sure this young boy got a hug, walked him around, made them feel comfortable. thank you, snow white. you've now replaced minnie mouse. by the way, folks, i've got a confession tomorrow. i've got a slip of a tongue. i said the s word. sorry. >> it wasn't sorry. it wasn't it was another s word. it rhymes with hit. >> that's nothing compared to what dana did. did you hear what dana said? >> it is true. what she said is true. emily, is truth a defense? >> sure, in some...
2:58 am
in this case, it's truth. >> donna, will you be on fox news sunday? >> absolutely. i'm on fox news with chris wallace. >> what are you doing for the weekend? >> i'm chilling. >> i'm off next week. you won't see me for a week. >> are you excited for your big trip? >> i'm not going anywhere. way to tell people i am out of town. it's a staycation. i am at home my guns. >> have a great ♪ [national anthem]
2:59 am
♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem]
3:00 am
♪ why start with a fox news alert. hurricane hurricane dangerous category 4 overnight. todd: the storm threatening 10 million people in florida as some experts warn it could turn into a category 5 by the time making landfall. jedediah: president trump tweeting overnight i'm monitoring hurricane dorian and receiving frequent briefing and updates. it is important to heed the directions of your state and local governments. >> you are looking at storm producing light threatening storm surge. there is


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