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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 31, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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mike: hurricane dorian's track is shifting as the storm continues to gather strength with winds now up to 150 miles per hour. the latest forecast showing dorian potentially remaining off of florida's coast and moving towards georgia and the carolinas but nothing is certain as millions are sticking to the plan. it is boast to be prepared. hello. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm mike emmanuel. laura: i'm laura ingel. plenty of people are in the midst of preparations as the sunshine state remains in the so-called cone of uncertainty given the storm's shifting path. the governor is warning people not to make any assumptions.
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>> as i would remind people, as you're looking at these forecasts, a bump in one direction or the other could have really significant ramifications in terms of impact. if it bumps further east, that obviously is positive. if it bumps a little west, you're looking at really, really significant impacts. laura: the white house says president trump is being briefed by fema every hour. looking like our great south carolina could get hit much harder than first thought. georgia and north carolina also, it's moving around, he says and very hard to h predict except tt it's one of the biggest that we've seen in dec decades. manage havemergencies have beend in florida, georgia and south carolina. let's go to allison barber live in miami with more on storm prep efforts. hi,a allison. >> reporter: the people we've
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spoken to in the miami area have been watching the forecast reports. they have seen in the last 24 hours that the cone of concern appears like it's heading north. officials are trying to tell them they need to keep preparing, that they could see a lot of rain, very strong winds, things could still be dangerous and there's always a chance the storm could turn and things could change again. as you heard the governor say just a minute ago. so this area here, this is a hardware store in downtown miami, they have flashlights and gas canisters. they have coolers, they have everything that you could need. that was not the case yesterday. they ran out of all of this. they got a new shipment in today. but we spoke to the store manager earlier and he says the flow of people compared to yesterday to today, it's changed a lot. listen here. >> the last two days have been very hectic, a lot of people coming in to buy sandbags, flashlights, batteries, candles,
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any type of lighting, a lot of portable stoves, butane fuel in case the power goes out. >> reporter: a big problem yesterday was gas. more than half of the gas stations in the miami, fort lauderdale, west palm beach area ran out of gas, according to gas buddy. some people were waiting in lines for hours yesterday to try to fill up extra cans and fill up their cars. >> i want to fill up my tank so when it's time to go, i'll go. >> i thought it would be later this week, but here we are. >> this is back to the back of the gas station. this is ridiculous. it will be two hours just to get in. they're good planners,. >> i wasn't expecting it. >> i was born down here. i could stay. but i like leaving now. this way, by the time you get back, the electricity's back on, everything is back to normal. why sit here and beat yourself up. >> reporter: the governor said highway patrol would help escort
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fuel trucks to resupply gas stations before the storm hits so people could go and evacuate if they needed to. some of those fuel trucks made it back in to gas stations in the miami area yesterday. but just to give you one more sense of how it is in this store, this is the line here. yesterday, lines were out the door. people were waiting 20, 30 plus long to get batteries ands supplies. today, everything we've seen and what we've heard from the manager here is people in the area aren't necessarily as in a rush as they were yesterday to get supplies they need. they feel more confident. officials are saying you still need to wait, you still need to prepare. we're in a wait and see phase for south florida. this could still be very serious. laura: you're at the place to be with all the supplies in that store. allison, thank you so much for your coverage. laura.mike: team coverage conts with meteorologist ad dam klotzn the weather center.
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>> the storm continues to be a monster, it's a really large one and it continues to strengthen. this is that storm right now and when you see these really defined circular eyewalls, that shows you it's a powerful storm. winds up to 150 miles an hour, gusting up to 185 miles an hour. we think it will stay a category 4 as it moves slowly to the west. we're looking at sunday night into monday morning, the time we're running over portions of the northern bahamas. that is when the suggest forecat suggests the system starts to turn to the north. the cone of uncertainty is relatively wide. it is shifting more and more to the east, which is good news for anybody who is along this area. the cone of uncertainty includes portions of florida. the storm could run on land and run up the coast but you see a larger area now staying out into the atlantic. that from tuesday morning, by the time you get up near jacksonville, we're talking about wednesday morning and then you're running all the way up to thursday morning by the time you
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get up into the carolinas. so still a very slow-mover that is a long ways off when we talk about the carolinas and thursday. a lot can happen, a lot can change and move as we track this system. that's why we have this uncertainty. again, a very strong storm is going to be making the move, staying a category 4 storm as it runs over the bahamas. it could run right along the coast. it could stay out to sea. the models are suggesting that perhaps we miss florida. i don't want to say it's a guarantee. here's our spaghetti models. these are all the different plots that possibly run, some staying well off the coast, others running along the coast. i want to point out, if we run along the coast, this is a very large storm. you're still going to see very heavy rain. you're still going to see some of those tropical storm force winds if we have a system that runs along the coast. the surf will be bad. and then pretty much all of these models are bringing us even closer to land when you get into the carolinas. again, that's taking us intos wednesdaintowednesday and thurs. this has been a slow-mover.
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i'm afraid we'll be sitting back and waiting a little longer to see what is going to happen. mike: if the models hold, flash flooding and storm surge could be a huge problem. >> absolutely, especially along the coast, the storm surge would be a major problem along here. the tighter to the coast, the flooding could be an issue. you're in an area where you'll see tropical force winds. it depends how close we run to the coast. mike: adam, thanks very much. laura: we've been talking to a lot of experts about this. joining us is general paul chauncy. thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us today. sir. >> thank you, laura. laura: as we wait to see if dorian makes a direct strike on florida's east coast or heads north, what can you tell us about where the operations of the florida army national guard stand at this hour? how's it going? >> that's one thing in florida, this is no surprise to us. we work very hard at this.
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we've been sanding up now for several hours. the governor has empowered us with the resources we need to be successful. we stand ready from the northern part of the state, center part of the state and southern part of the state and we have our forces ready to respond. we are obviously praying for the best but planning for the worst. laura: what are some of the more concerning things that you're looking at when you see how people are preparing this weekend? i'm not sure if you heard that report from allison ba barber. our reporters have been talking to people. some people are evacuating. others are not. when you see that, what is it that you hope to see when people are told to evacuate, obviously i know you probably want them to heed those warnings but as we look at the path of the storm right now, what can you tell us about that? >> history has demonstrated that evacuation has proven time and time again the best measure. in terms of available resources
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to respond to those that are affected, certainly in florida on the east coast, regardless of how far this storm stays off of the coast, the barrier islands running from the south all the way up to the northern part of the state are at risk. the storm surge, we've had an extremely wet summer and so i would say if you have a place to go, you need to evacuate and in a accordance with the governor's direction. laura: how scary is it when people are told to evacuate and they head north had and they're going maybe into the path of the storm if it shifts? >> exactly. oftentimes, you know, florida is a unique state. we only have so many corridors, i-75, 95 and 10. right now, again, if they can move to the northwest, that is probably the best option. laura: so when we're looking at the storm and the way it's tracking now, how do you move your resources around, speaking of moving people around, when it shifts or if it shifts.
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we know that a pre-landfall disaster declaration has been made. how do you move your people around? >> one thing we have to our advantage, we have troops and airmen across the state, from homestead, all the way to pensacola as i'm certain you know. so we go ahead and take those units and we have them posture in place. in some instances we move them closer to where we believe, anticipate the impact is going to be. but if we don't get there, given the shape of our state, obviously, if we're not there, when this event occurs, then we're late to need and we fail the citizens and that's not how we do business. we're always ready. laura: thank you so much for spending time with us today. good luck to you and your team. >> thank you. laura: we want to encourage you to stay with fox news for all the latest developments on dorian. coming up later in the show, we get an update on how the storm is already affecting travel. mike: a knife attack outside a
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subway station in france leaves at least one dead, nine others injured. one suspect is in custody with investigators still looking for possible accomplices. police are saying this is not being considered a terrorist attack at this stage. katie logan is live in london with the lat latest. hi, katie. >> reporter: we're hearing that the person who was killed in the attack was just 19 years old. french police saying that at least nine people wered injured, three of them seriously. this all happened this afternoon in a suburb to the northwest of the french city of lile, at a around 2:30 local time. the suspect attacked people seemingly indies crim indiscrim. they were waiting at the bus stop, close to a metro station. it's not clear if the attacker knew the victim who died. it's understood he ran off, knife in hand but was detained by passers by and local transport staff and was
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arrested. he was reportedly carrying the knife when he was stopped. he apparently claimed to be an afghan national. he gave two identities to police. these details are not yet confirmed. some french media are reporting he was an asylum seeker. it's believed he was not known to police, didn't have a criminal record. there was initially a manhunt for a second attacker. that was later called off. police say they have detained the only suspect but they are of course still investigating. the motive, well, that is unclear at this stage but anti-terror police are not part of this investigation. france of course has suffered a series of extremist attacks in the past but there's no indication of any link with this particular case. french police saying there's no reason to believe this is a terrorist attack. they are investigating to see if this particular individual did have any accomplices. mike. mike: kitty logan, thanks very much. laura: the trump administration set to move forward with a new
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round of tariffs on china in the latest escalation of the ongoing trade war. starting tomorrow, the u.s. will slap tariffs on 15% on $112 billion in chinese imports and this time they will likely deliver a direct hit to consumers. garrett tenney is live from the white house with more on this. hi, garrett. >> reporter: hey, laura. so far, most americans have not felt the impact of these tariffs because the administration has largely avoided targeting a lot of the everyday items that people use. that is about to change, though. starting tomorrow, the u.s. will begin collecting tariffs on another $112 billion worth of goods coming from china including items such as clothing, electronics, sporting goods, meat and dairy products. more than a year into the trade dispute, a lot of u.s. companies say they're going to have to start passing along to customers some of the higher costs they're paying for bringing goods into the country from china. president trump continues to defend the tariffs and as he left the white house friday, he suggested some companies are
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using the tariff as a an excuse for their poor performance. >> a lot of badly run companies are trying to blame tariffs. in other words, if they're running badly and they're having a bad quarter, or they're just unlucky in some way, they're likely to blame the tariffs. it's not the tariffs. it's called bad management. >> reporter: it appears this tariff tit-for-tat will continue. china says it will respond to these new tariffs with additional tariffs of its own. chinese and american negotiators are expected to meet some time next month but there haven't been any indications that the two sides are any closer to striking a deal, though both sides continue to say they're hopeful that will change. >> first, the economic teams of both sides have been an effective communication. second, we hope that the u.s. will take concrete actions with sincerity to meet china halfway and seek a solution on the basis
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of equality and mutual respect. >> reporter: tomorrow's tariffs are just the first round of new tariffs by the trump administration. the second round will take effect december 15th and at that point nearly everything coming into the u.s. from china will be hit with a tariff l. laura. laura: incredible. i know there's a lot going on there. what is the white house saying about what appears to be a failed rocket launch by iran this week? any response? >> reporter: president trump says the u.s. had nothing to do with you it. on thursday, he tweeted out this satelliteism image which appears -- satellite image which appears to show the aftermath of a rockerocket explosion from an in center this week. experts believe the satellite images suggest a rocket either exploded during ignition or crashed after briefly lifting off. here's what the president said as he departed the white ows on friday. >> i just wish iran well. they had a big problem and we
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had a photo and i released it which i have the absolute right to do. they had a big mishap. it's unfortunate. so iran, as you probably know, they were going to set off a big missile and it didn't work out too well. had nothing to do with us. >> reporter: iran hasn't said exactly what happened at the site. officials are suggesting it was not a failed launch. the minister of information technology tweeted out this image of himself with the satellite. it is expected to launch soon. he said good morning, donald trump. another failed launch would be an embarrassment for iran. they already had two previous failed launches earlier this year. laura: garrett ten any, thank you so much. -- garrett tenney, thank you so much. we'll have more on iran coming up later in the show. david weinstein will tell us more about the challenges in stopping the threats from tehran. mike: for more on the ongoing trade war with china, let's
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bring in democratic congressman debbie dingell of michigan, serves on the house energy and commerce committee. congresswoman, great to see you. >> great to be with you. mike: the u.s. government starting to collect 15 15% taris starting tomorrow. items ranging if smart watches and tvs to shoes and diapers. do you expect beijing will feel that squeeze? >> well, i hope they do. but here's the problem trade with china is very complicated. i actually think we've got to do something about it and we've needed to do something about it for some time. they manipulate their currency. thesubsidize their goods coming into the country so they can charge less but with a long-term goal of charging more. they steal our intellectual property and our workers here aren't playing on a level playing field. the problem is that the president's trade strategy is chaotic. it's more for headlines than for a strategic, steady trade
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strategy. so i think we're in a very complicated time. i think we do need to step up to -- china's hurting us in many ways, hurting the worker, and we're going to have to figure out how we're going to deal with this short-term increase in some of the consumer goods which they're not going to like and we've got to get it figured out. mike: are you willing to give president trump some time to convince the chinese it is in their interest to cut a deal? >> well, i want to see a deal with china. i want the president to be more -- stop being so chaotic. i want him to be more strategic and to do a better job of explaining it because i'm going to hear like everybody else is about increased costs to our consumers. and what we need to be saying to people, we're losing johns in this country -- jobs in this country and our workers aren't on a level playing field. all the manufacturing is going to china because they manipulate their currency and they actually subsidize those goods. long-term, they plan on increasing your costs.
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mike: now more than 130 of your house democrats are on the record supporting impeachment to some extent, congresswoman. is pressure building on speaker nancy pelosi to allow that to go forward? >> you know, everybody's been home for a month. i think that -- i have to say i've heard all sides of it while i've been home. actually, i was at a farmer's market and the vendors called the police, not because people were fighting with me but because one side for impeachment was fighting with another side. i think the judiciary committee have made it clear they've begun an investigation. i think we've got to follow the facts. nobody is above the law. but we also are going to win the next election by taking care and dealing with a number of problems that people are worried about, like prescription drugs and if we start to see these horrible storms again this fall, people are going to be really worried about what's happening. why are we having such bad
11:20 am
storms. they're worried about the environment. we've got to act on those too. mike: is there a concern about particularly your freshmen members in the trump districts that if they go too far there could be a backlash in next year's election? >> you know, i think it's in all districts. i think, you know, i've got ann arbor, which is one of the most progressive. i've heard from a lot of people who feel very strongly. i've heard from a lot of people who feel strongly on the other side. i think everybody's got to be held accountable. nobody is above the law. i think i'm just -- i'll tell any democrat, you're not going to win an election by being anti-a person, being anti-a president. you're going to win it by showing people what you're going to deliver on for them. we have to have a strong, consistent message about what we will do, like health care being probably one of the number one issues. mike: september 30th will be here in a hurry, limited legislative ways.
11:21 am
is there a stop gap funding bill thais going to be reality? >> i think we're going to have to see what happens when we get back. you, like i, have watched that what gets said one day isn't what's even true in that afternoon. i hope that everybody learns how devastating a government shutdown was this past january and i thought everybody left there, the white house t senate and the house saying it should never happen again. but i've learned that words like that can change in meaning. i sincerely hope that we do not have another government shutdown. mike: congresswoman debbie dingell, thanks for your time. laura: ruth bader ginsburg appeared in public this weekend and much of the attention focusing on her health following recent treatment for cancer. we'll tell you how she's doing, next.
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mike: the man serving a life sentence for the aassassination of robert f kennedy is hospitalized, in stable condition, after he was stabbed by another inmate in a california prison. he was convicted in 1968. officials say the alleged
11:26 am
attacker has been separated from the rest of the prison population pending an investigation. laura laura: ruth bader ginsburg making her second public appearance since finishing radiation treatment for a malignant tumor on her pan crass. she spoke t -- pancreas. she spoke about her book, my own words. we have more from washington. >> reporter: this is the second time this week we've seen ruth bay gearuthbader ginsburg make c appearance, after the supreme court said the justice recently complete r&ed radiation treatmet for a malignant tumor on her pancreas. she said she's looking forward to the court's next term. she spoke openly about her health amid her recent surgery. >> first, this audience can see that i am alive.
11:27 am
[ cheering and applause ] >> and i'm on my way to being very well. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: ginsburg was also asked about how she's able to keep working so hard in such a demanding job and if she's planning to retire any time soon. >> i love my job. it's the best and the hardest job i ever had and it's what -- it has kept me going through four cancer bouts instead of concentrating on my aches and pains, i know that i have to read this set of briefs. >> reporter: she also received a standing ovation this past monday when she accepted an honorary law degree from the university of buffalo's law school. she spoke about her career as an
11:28 am
equal rights activist and her status as a pop culture icon. she said it was beyond her wildest imagination, she would ever been so admired. she was a appointed by bill clinton in 1993, the second female justice to be appointed to the court. while she has said before she has no plans to step down anytime soon, her health is closely watched by many people as changes could mean a significant impact on the makeup of the supreme court. mike and lawye laura, back to yn new york. laura: mark, thank you so much. mike: the u.s. reportedly launching a cyber attack on iran, crip martin luthe cripplis ability to target oil tankers in the persian gulf, up next, you how our cyber warriors apparently carried this out. about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand
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laura: hurricane dorian changing its course, as new projections show the category 4 storm slowly shifting to the north. the change in direction could potentially spare florida from a direct hit but officials there
11:33 am
are still warning people not to let their guard down. >> we want to make sure that everybody continues with their preparations, because if this storm turns quickly towards us, then we need to move. but at this point, again, we just need to see what the storm's doing. as long as it continues on its projected path, this course of action is fine. laura: and we have jeff hall for us live in cocoa beach, florida. hi, jeff. >> reporter: hey, there. it is saturday. it's labor day weekend. it's hot and sunny. you can probably see behind me the beach out here, not a ton of people enjoying what nature brought to it. many of the die bas-hard beach s are still out here. the tourists are starting to pack up and leave ahead of whatever dorian could bring. there'they're preparing for whar
11:34 am
the unpredictable storm could bring. one of the things we're noticing, a lot of businesses, shops and stores are starting to board up, put up hurricane shutters. some of those stores and store owners telling us we're still open, let people know we're open but we're getting prepared, want to try to soak up as much as we can of the labor day weekend and the sales we're used to getting. the other thing we're noticing is stores are running low on supplies. they still have those essentials that are needed to ride out a storm but the selection starting to run low. one other thing we also want to mention is that because of the storm, it's starting to track north, many of the locals who lived through storm after storm, hurricane after hurricane are starting to say they are breathing a sigh of relief and that's despite the forecast saying whatever the storm might do, there will be very dangerous conditions. >> they said that about a couple other hurricanes and i'm not really too worried. it's probably going to weaken. so, i mean, i'm not stressing it
11:35 am
too much. but a little worried. all our windows are boarded up. we have water, water for dogs, food for the kids. it's pretty chaotic out there. i'm glad prepared last weekend. >> reporter: emergency officials are very relieved to hear sound bites like that that, that people have gone out days ahead and got supplies. they want people to be listening to all of those warnings bought they say this very unprpredictae storm, it could dramatically change the impact it has to this area. >> it's a slow-moving storm. it's days away. so there's a lot of opportunity for it to shift path. even 10 miles an hour east or -- or 10 miles east or west can make a difference in the conditions here. >> reporter: because of that uncertainty, a lot of the hotels, resorts and motels here
11:36 am
in cocoa beach started to issue mandatory evacuations beginning tomorrow. a lot of the tourists who have come here to vacation are trying to scrape together some plans or try to figure out how to get out of town. brevard county issued a mandatory evacuation order that will begin on monday. other counties throughout florida are starting to issue voluntary evacuation orders as the storm moves closer and closer to the central coast. back to you. laura: jeff paul for us in cocoa beach of. it looks beautiful where you are. we know it could be potentially dandangerous. thanks for keeping us up-to-date. mike: the u.s. reportedly brought down a database used by iran's revolutionary corps to target ships in the gulf. this came hours after they shot down an america american drone. it targeted a system which iran used to target the gulf.
11:37 am
joining us now, dave, great to have you. the pentagon doesn't talk about these matters but your thoughts on moving cyber capability to go after an iranian asset? >> well, in this case, apparently very effective. so as you know, there was the drone attack in june and had a lot of activity in the gulf with respect to tankers. the administration clearly hesitant to use conventional force in response to that drone attack so they turned to asymmetric capabilities which can be a great way to operate at that kind of sub-war level but also have both an operational effect and a strategic effect with respect to messaging to the iranians that we're simply not going to tolerate this, a, and b, we have the ability to project force through nonconventional means like cyber capabilities. mike: so flexing some muscle, making a serious point to an ad
11:38 am
veer sharely without -- adversary without getting anybody killed. >> they exhibited enormous restraint to the downing of a u.s. drone with a missile. it demonstrates the degree to which there is kind of this rapid convergence of geo politics and cyberspace, where all nation states, particularly those that are more technologically savvy, are bringing these capabilities into their arsenal. now, on the flip side, the iranians, a country that clearly cannot compete with the united states from a conventional standpoint, is using cyberspace just as we are to gain an advantage. so this is another way to demonstrate that we have that capability relative to theirs. mike: there was a miss serious incident this -- mysterious incident this week of an iranian rocket blowing up on the launch pad. not a lot of people talking about who may be behind that.
11:39 am
would it be surprising if the united states or perhaps israel had the technology to send that message too? >> it's hard to say. it's as you say very mysterious. the president mentioned it during conversations with the press before boarding marine one. i think i'll leave it at that. it's very mysterious, take the administration at their word. mike: another huge issue in cyber land is the hack of twitter's founder, jack dorsey, how alarming is that? >> really alarming. we've seen it a kim times. in 2017, president trump's account was taken over by a rogue twitter employee. the fact of the matter is, markets move, decisions are made, based on tweet these days. especially with the tweet of kind of automatic algorithmic decision making through artificial intelligence that takes place. this is really important. it could absolutely happen to the president's twitter account which i think is particularly alarming to not only americans but everyone. in this case, it looks like it was a fairly sophisticated
11:40 am
technique in which the hacker gained access to jack dorsey's phone number and used that phone number, spoofed his phone number, sent a text message to submit that tweet. so there's a lot of opportunities to compromise accounts like this. hopefully we'll see twitter take some actions to prevent this from happening in the future. mike: would you expect american officials to take action to put extra security on president trump's account? >> i would. i'd would be surprised if they haven't already. one idea is there can be a second factor of authentication that is required for every tweet to actually go out. so even if someone other than the president is able to access his account and submit a tweet, it would require a second verification method in order to actually submit that tweet. so i would hope that they're taking those steps into consideration. if not, implementing them already.
11:41 am
mike: fascinating times in the cyber world. dave weinstein, thanks for your time. laura. laura: mike, tens of thousands of pro-democracy activists continue to flood the streets of hong kong, despite officials declaring the marchs unlawful. demonstrator fought back with bricks and iron bars. jonathan hunt is live on the ground there with more. jonathan, hopefully staying out of that fray. how's it going? >> reporter: laura, we've been in the middle of it, in fact, all day and all night here on what has been a day and night of very violent clash as tens of thousands went into the streets in defiance of the hon honk authority declaring such demonstrations unlawful. they marched speosfuly to begin -- peacefully to begin with, they were met with tear gas from
11:42 am
police. when that failed to disburse the crowd, the police began to use water cannons, firing blue water at the protesters, at one point to enable them to identify them more easily in the streets after that. when that then failed to disburse the crowd, riot police flooded into the street. riot police are now trying to push the protesters away from the central government building. we have one mass force here. there is another one up on this area pushing back protesters who are there. they're doing everything they can to get these protesters back and away from government headquarters. they did eventually force the protesters away from the government buildings but then those protesters built barricades and set fires in the street. the conclusion from everything we have seen today, laura, is that neither the protesters nor
11:43 am
the hong kong authorities and perhaps even more significantly the chinese government are about to back down. and as i say, it is now approaching 3:00 a.m. sunday morning and nobody think these protests are anywhere near done. we are in a very volatile and dangerous stalemate. laura: jonathan hunt for us, bringing us up close pictures and videos. thank you so much for that. stay safe. thank you. mike: a war of words between mike pompeo and a senior diplomat in north korea, how the tough talk could impact negotiations on the regime's nuclear program, next. [ music: "i am" by club yoko plays ]
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laura: a top north korean diplomat firing back at secretary of state mike pompeo over comments he made describing pyongyang's behavior as, quote, rogue and warns washington that hopes to resume denuclearization
11:48 am
talks are fading. colonel chris gibson is a u.s. army veteran and distinguished visiting professor at american foreign policy at williams college. he served on the house armed services committee and the author of rally point, five tasks to unite the country and revitalize the american dream. great to have you with us, sir. >> thanks, laura. great to be back. laura: okay. let's start with this back ant forth between secretary of state mike pompeo and a senior north korean d diplomat, who fired bak after pompeo called their actions rogue. >> the secretary of state is exactly right. behavior is rogue. i'm not surprised by north korea's behavior either. look, they think that president trump is vulnerable. he's already taken political credit for improving the relations between these two countries and what north korea believes is that if the
11:49 am
relationship has a perception of deteriorating, that's going to hurt president trump going into the re-election. they're trying to use that moment or that possibility as leverage so that the united states will enter an agreement with them that recognizes them as a nuclear power. the tactic that they're matching with the strategy is to create bad stories for president trump. they fire off some missiles, it looks embarrassing to president trump. he says the relations are improving. what's going on there. and pointing out the secretary of state's words and they're really trying to show a divide between what president trump is saying and what secretary of state is saying. i don't think any of this will work but i can understand what they're trying to do here. laura: i wanted to ask you, the north korean foreign minister pushed back saying the u.s. had better not put their patience to the test, calling them, quote, thoughtless if they don't want to have a, quote, bitter regret later. sounds like a threat. >> indeed. this is exactly the tactic. they're trying to give or
11:50 am
project an image that things aren't exactly as president trump says. they're hoping to pressure him into disagreement. towards that end, president kim has also said that he's only giving the united states until 31 december to reach this agreement. if they don't reach it by then, he'll move in another direction, presumably more aggressive. it's possible that this latest actions with the secretary of state perhaps is a backup plan because if they get into the new year, and kim has a to follow through and say i'm done with you now, he could say you know what, i was going to be done with you but if you fire the secretary of state who is the cause of this disagreement, i'll come back to the table. they may be working on a backup plan in the event which i think is likely that president trump is not going to fall for this pressure tactic. laura: i'd like you to stay right there. we want to get your thoughts on joe biden that is defending a war story that is facing
11:51 am
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laura: joe biden pushing back after being accused of telling a false war story on the campaign trail. he described security concerns while traveling to afghanistan while he was vice president to honor a navy captain who refused to receive a silver star from
11:55 am
him. biden is defending himself. we're back with colonel chris gibson on that. i wanted to ask your thoughts on this story and how important these details really are moving forward. >> it's not good. i wouldn't say it's a disqualifier. but, look, if it's just one mistake, right, i mean everybody makes mistakes. when there's a pattern of mistakes, i think it's a problem. where i grew up, we had a saying. it was tighten your shot crew. and where that comes from is when an infantryman gets his rifle, the first thing you have to do is calibrate your rifle to your own sight picture. the way you do that, you fire three rounds at a bull's-eye. and then the standard there is that those three rounds are all hitting the target, or hit the paper in the same place. the standard is all within a quarter. you've got a bull's-eye, you've got the three rounds. if you have a tight shot group
11:56 am
you can adjust your iron sites onto the bull's-eye. if you don't have a tight shot group, you can't calibrate your weapon. politically, if bidens is not able to calibrate his statements, if he's not able to calibrate his campaign, he really lessens his chances of winning and certainly calling into question his effectiveness if he wins. laura: we've got to leave it right there. we want to thank you so much for your perspective on both of those topics. that does it for us. we'll see you back here in an hour for all the latest developments on hurricane dorian. the journal edito"the journal e" coming up next. ic um. you don't know my name, do you? (laughs nervously) of course i know your name.
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paul: welcome to "the journal editorial report." i'm paul gigot. the stage is he set for the third democratic presidential debate with just 10 candidates qualifying for a september showdown. joe biden will finally go head to head with both of his closest challengers, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. the former vice president putting health care back in the spotlight ahead of the septemben ad this week highlighting his continued support for obamacare and taking a swipe at his more progressive rivals who are pushing for a single payer system like medicare for all. >> the fact of t


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