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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 31, 2019 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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i'm paul bigot. -- i'm paul gigot, we hope to see you all here next week. leland: hurricane dorian -- hurricane dorian shifting course. it could move towards georgia and the carolinas. millions in dorian's range of possible paths are told to remain vigilant and prepared. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm laura ingle. i'm mike e emmanuel. some in florida are enjoying the beach, others are boarding up homes and businesses and stockpiling supplies. the governor is warning people not to make any assumptions. >> understand, even if it doesn't directly strike florida, this is a big, powerful storm, you're still looking at really
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significant storm surge on the east coast of florida. you're looking at major flooding events in different parts of the state and so the effects can range but you're still looking at significant impacts even if the storm remains hugging the coast. >> we have fox team coverage. allison barber is live in miami. let's start with meteorologist adam klotz tracking the storm from the fox weather center. >> the one thing that's not been hard to pin down about the storm is the size and intensity. this is our visible satellite. this takes the sunlight, kind of reflecting off the top of this. you can see that very defined eyewall. this is a big, powerful storm, winds at 150 miles an hour, gusting up to 185 miles an hour. that's a category 4 storm. it's moving to the west at 8 miles an hour. it continues to slow down. we're expecting it to slow down more over the next couple days.
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the northern bahamas are in the way. it's staying a category 4 as it runs over the islands. by the time you get into tuesday, you're just off the coast of florida. and then we start to see this big turn. this has been the real he question mark. this is a large area, call that the cone of uncertainty, means the storm could be anywhere within the cone. some of the spots way out to sark--out to sea. other spots running into inland florida. we continue to follow this track, by wednesday morning up around jacksonville and then up on tuesday, getting up towards the carolinas, south carolina -- excuse me, thursday, south carolina and up to north carolina, weakening as it makes that move. that is a really large area and it makes a very big difference where it goes. it does seem more and more like maybe it's going to miss florida and run up into the carolinas. i'll show you that with some of the different models. this is a big grouping of models, all in agreement as you run up to the bahamas and this is where you start to see more disagreement. i'm still running it up along
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the coast, others keeping you off the coast and bumping into north or south carolina. this is something we'll be watching closely. we know it will be big and strong. we don't know where exactly this thing is going to turn. >> adam, many thanks. as florida braces for whatever dorian may fringe, many people say they waited in lines for hours stocking up on essentials. allison barber picks up our team coverage in miami with more on that. how are things looking where you are, allison? >> reporter: yesterday it was hours of people waiting in line to get items, to get gas. today, it seems to be seconds. you can see the lines behind me, there aren't any right now. we were at this store all day yesterday. the lines here were massive, particularly at these counters right here. that's all gone away. but yesterday people were rushing to fill up cars with gas. they were grabbing propane tanks, generators, plywood,
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boarding up businesses and bracing for the storm. we spoke to a manager of one hardware store in downtown miami. he said the overnight forecasts have a lot of people cutting back on flashlights and generators. >> the last two days have been hectic. today, people woke up and looked at the forecast and thought it might skirt by us. we've had a few people buying stuff, nowhere near what it's been the past few days. >> reporter: local officials are adamant, they are warning people, telling people they should keep preparing for the storm. >> overnight the projections for hurricane dorian's path shifted slightly to the north. however, it is still expected to be a powerful hurricane north of us. it's too early to let our guard down. small changes in the trajectory can have a major impact for us in terms of how we prep prayer -- prepare.
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>> reporter: we're getting a new e-mail, the miami mayor has signed a declaration of state of local emergency and in a statement he said this, although hurricane dorian is taking a more northerly tray wrec trajece are taking precautions to respond to any issues that may arise from tropical storm force winds, flooding and other conditions. i spoke to one shopper in the store a little while ago and asked if he was nervous, he is from the area. he was still buying some supplies. he said until he knows that that hurricane is on the ground and hundreds of yards away from where he lives, he says he's going to take every precaution possible. laura. >> allison barber for us in miami, in one of the more important aisles of the store right now. the good folks of south florida know all about these types of weather scenarios. let's bring in the mayor of district two in broward county, he joins us on the phone.
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mr. mayor, great have you. >> great to be here. >> at this stage with hurricane dorian lingering in the ocean, what are your biggest concerns? >> well, the biggest concern obviously is where the storm is going. in the past 48 hours, it was predicted -- a lot of the models as everyone knows predicted coming to south florida, then curving up the state or going to north florida and then 24 hours ago they weren't sure where it was going and then as of the past four hours, five hours, they're now predicting it's going to go to the bahamas and go due north. so here in south florida, we're hoping for the best but we've had experience two years ago with hurricane irma where it -- everybody predicted to go up the east coast and it came straight across. so we're still preparing. we still have a local state of emergency in place. and everybody at the emergency operations center here in broward county is working
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diligently to prepare if it's necessary. >> are you convinced residents in broward county have properly prepared in terms of stocking food and water and being prepared to get out? >> well, we've been giving a message every -- several times a day to our residents and the people of south florida to expect to lose electricity. and therefore, get as much food as you can that does not require refrigeration, bread, canned food, canned soups, water, the great thing is that even though the stores did run out of supplies, they've already been resupplied several times. the same thing -- i just heard with another story you ran about gas, the gas stations are still being resupplied. port everglades where it comes from is still open. we're getting supplies for gas. we're getting supplies for food and water. and so i believe our population is prepared, is getting prepared and is ready for whatever comes our way. >> if it turns out it's not a
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direct hit, how worried are you about flash flooding, coastal damage and some of the other issues? >> well, we're worried about that whether it's a direct hit or not. that's something that we always worry about. it's just a wait and see game as to see what's going to happen. and one thing that i want to bring out is that even if the storm goes due north and doesn't hit south florida, we're still in hurricane season. i think we've heard that there's a couple storms off the coast of africa which then comes our way and there's already a couple storms that might be two, three weeks away. so getting prepared now is a good thing and we'll remind our residents to stay prepared. >> governor de santis warned this could be a multi-day storm. does that increase the risks of substantial damage, perhaps not in south florida but perhaps elsewhere? >> of course. i mean, the one thing i think everybody would want is a storm that comes and goes very quickly
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and as you know and everybody sees the storm is just going very slow which means major devastation. our governor, governor de santis, has been great help to the people here in south florida. their office offered all the resources, so it's really been a great working relationship when you can work not only with the local authorities from the different counties but also with your state government as well. >> for folks in your area who may be listening right now, what's your final pitch to them at this critical stage? >> the final pitch would be that even though the things -- conditions are looking more favorable right now for broward county and south florida, be vigilant, be prepared, this thing could change at a moment's notice so just keep watching the news and keep seeing what is basically taking place with the storm and the route of the storm. >> great advice, mayor, we wish you and your constituents the very best. >> thank you so much.
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thank you. the trump administration is set to move forward with a new round of tariffs on china. in the latest escalation of the ongoing trade war. now, starting tomorrow, the u.s. will slap tariffs of 15% on $112 billion in chinese imports and this time they will likely deliver a direct hit to consumers. garrett tenney is live at the white house with more on this developing story. hi, garrett. >> reporter: good afternoon. the latest round of tariffs raises the chances that everyday americans are going to feel it. it includes some of the items they will pick up and bring home from the store on an everyday basis, clothing, tv and diapers. starting tomorrow the u.s. will begin collecting tariffs on another $112 billion worth of goods coming from china. other items such as smart watches, sporting goods, electronics, as well as meat and dairy products will be hit as well. that means for the first time since this trade dispute started more than a year ago, a lot more folks at home may start to feel
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the impact because many u.s. companies say they will be forced to pass along the higher cost to customers. on friday, president trump touted the strength of the economy and defended his use of tariffs to get a better trade deal with china. >> the tariffs have put us in an incredible negotiating position and i say that to china directly. and it's only going to get worse for china. but i say it to china directly. because of the tariffs, we're in an incredible negotiating position and we happen to be taking in billions and billions and billions of dollars. >> reporter: chinese and american negotiators are expected to meet sometime next month but there have not been any indications the two sides are closer to striking a deal. u.s. companies are concerned about the rising prospect that the trade dispute drags on with no end in sight and a number of democratic lawmakers who had supported the president's tough stance on china are also growing concerned that his strategy isn't working.
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>> the problem is that the president's trade strategy is chaotic, it's more for headlines than for a strategic, steady trade strategy. i want to see us deal with china. i want the president to be more -- stop being so chaotic. i want him to be more strategic and to do a better job of explaining it. >> reporter: president trump appeared to be watching that interview and shortly after tweeted just watched congresswoman debbie dingell and many other democrats wanting to give up the s very successful trade battle china. we're taking in billions of dollars, will be good for farmers and all. china says they plan to retaliate with tariffs of their own against the u.s., all of this really sets the stage and gives you an idea of the stuff situation negotiators will be coming into when they're expected to meet later on this next month. >> garrett tenney for us, thanks
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laura: the shark tank store, kevin o'leary, is under scrutiny for his account of a deadly boat crash in ontario, canada last week. the tv personality says his boat crashed with another boat that had no navigation lights and fled the scene. authorities say both left the scene and independently contacted emergency service. the crash resulted in the death of two people. mike: a knife attack outside a subway station in france leaves at at least one dead and nine others injured. a suspect is in custody and authorities are searching for a motive as they say it appears the attack is not related to terrorism. kitty logan is following this from london. hi, kitty. >> reporter: police don't know the motive for this attack. they have arrested the suspect on suspicion of mor department . the incident happened around 4:30 p.m. eastern time in a suburb of a french city.
1:18 pm
the suspect attacked people with a knife seemingly indiscriminately. it's not clear if the suspect knew the victims. the man who died was just 19 years old. and three of those who were injured are in a critical condition tonight. the attacker ran off but he was stopped by passers-by and arrested. he was reportedly still carrying a knife when he was detained. police say the suspect is a 33-year-old afghan asylum seeker. it's believed he was not previously known to police. a manhunt for a second attacker was called off later, apparently after some confusion. police say they have detained the only one suspect. of course, france has suffered a series of extremist attacks in the past but police say they have no reason to believe that there was a terrorist motive for this particular incident. mike. mike: kitty logan, thanks very much. laura. laura: and now to the ongoing
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tensions between the u.s. and iran. as satellite images appear to show a failed rocket launch at an iranian space center. president trump tweeted a photo of the apparent failed launch which appears to be a u.s. surveillance photo. >> they had a big problem and we had a photo and i released it which i have the absolute right to do. they had a big mishap, it's unfortunate, and so iran, as you probably know, they were going to set off a big missile and it didn't work out too well. had nothing to do with us. laura: all right. let's bring in kelly jane torrance, senior editor for the washington examiner. great to have you here. >> great to be here. laura: it's the latest chapter in tensions between the u.s. and ran. iran. i want to put out something that was tweeted out, a tweet coming out of an iranian official who claims to be taking a selfie with the ron ec et intact.
1:20 pm
there it is, me and the heed one. that's the name of it. good morning, donald trump. what do you make of the two sides putting out different images of the rocket. if what the president says is true this would be iran's third failed launch. what about this tweet? >> this is a an interesting pair of dueling tweets. donald trump tweeted out his. he says the united states is not responsible but he also said good luck in figuring out what happened. which some are taking to be a hint that perhaps the united states was involved. and by the way, a lot of people are trying to say that donald trump shouldn't have tweeted out that picture because it lets iran know that we're watching them. well, iran knows that we have surveillance over them. so does israel. this did not come as any surprise to iran. but then of course this official, he's the minister of the telecommunications department, he tweeted out that picked of himself with that rocketed. he's not holding up a newspaper. we don't know what day this
1:21 pm
picture was taken. of course, iran is not exactly the most honest regime in the world. so we don't know what to make of that. but clearly, the tensions are high and they want to troll each other a little bit and despite what's at stake here, it is kind of funny to see the president tweeting iran good luck figuring out what happene what happened r millions of dollars of rocket that just caught on fire it seems. laura: all of this comes as the u.s. and two other countries are now patrolling the strait of hormuz, a critical y critical a. is there anything that -- we combine these stories, is there anything intersecting when it comes to security in the reason. >> one thing is the fact that iran is not interested in joining the community of nations and becoming a normal country. the launch of the rockets with the satellites, that actually violates u.n. security council
1:22 pm
resolutions. they're not allowed to do anything that advances their program that could help them send intercontinental ballistic missiles. they're violating sanctions against sending oil to syria. that's one of the things going on right now. they are attacking tankers in the strait of hormuz and there was one of their tankers that was receive he seesed in britai- seized in britain because it was suspected of sending oil to syria. last night, mike pompeo sanctioned the ship and the captain, blacklisting them, because it looks like it's headed towards lebanon now. people are suspecting it's carrying the oil to syria. iran is a very bad actor. australia, bay ra bahrain and te united kingdom are helping patrol in the strait of the hormuz. it has a huge effect on the
1:23 pm
world economy. laura: i wanted to ask you, i'm glad you brought up the sanctions because you've got the white house putting sanctions in place which hurt iran's economy in a big way, then you've got our allies in europe offering iran economic relief in exchange for iran's promise to comply fully with a nuke deal. how do you see that playing out? >> europe is trying to bring the two sides together, the united states and iran. but it's simply not working. and in fact, i think with the united kingdom joining that strait of hormuz maritime patrolling thing, i think it indicates that some countries in europe finally realize iran is not going to be better. so iran would like to see sanctions lifted. it's not going to happen. president trump i think has made it very clear that iran needs to show it's going to stop its bad behavior and stop some of it before any sanctions are lifted and it's taken europeans a while to come on-board but i think they're starting to realize. iran for months has been
1:24 pm
violating the iranian nuclear deal that europe is a member of. they realize iran is not behaving, still using the money that it gets from selling oil to fund terrorism in the middle east and beyond. i think we're starting to see europe come the united states' way. it's taken a while. iran has made it easy to judge what they're going to do they're not interested in becoming a normal country. laura: to end on a note about this reported rocket launch, iran said it's not looking for nuclear weapons and satellite launches don't have a military component. these reports make it hard to believe that, right? >> they do, lauren. somebody asked the telecommunications medicine r officer about the accident or whatever it was and he'll said i'll have to let you talk to the minister of defense about that. well, that to me said it all. laura: there you go. kelly jane torrance, thanks for being here. >> thanks so much. love being here. mike: hurricane dorian on track
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laura: back to our top story, hurricane dorian's track is shifting as the monster category 4 storm with winds of up to 150 miles per hour is now expected to remain off the coast of florida and move north towards georgia and the carolinas. florida officials say it's important to stay prepared for the storm just in case it shifts course again. >> i urge everyone to remain vigilant, watching the forecast, stay tuned. keep your preparations in place. it's still going to be a nasty day on tuesday and wednesday and if we're lucky it will stay out east in the ocean. laura: we have fox news team
1:30 pm
coverage on this. jacqui heinrich is at laguardia airport with the latest. let's begin with jeff paul, live at cocoa beach in florida. how are things looking there, jeff? >> reporter: it's almost a perfect beach day. it's hot and sunny, it's the labor day weekend. we have a massive hurricane churning out there in the ocean and you can see it's having a big impact on this area in many ways. this is cocoa beach which would normally be packed with people out here. not too many people out here. haven't seen too much change in the weather other than the fact it's very windy compared to yesterday. they have the red flag warning out here flying high. some of the locals taking advantage of the changing conditions, the waves higher than normal and one guy was out here surfing. >> my 20th year of living at cocoa beach. i've seen all the storms here. we thought it was going to hit us directly. now it's skirting up the coast.
1:31 pm
i mean, we are all prepared at my house. we have a generator and all that we haven't boarded up anything. >> reporter: as we get closer to dorian moving in, that's what we're starting to see more of, apartments, condos and businesses boarding up windows, especially those who live along the beach. no matter how this track moves, everyone seems to be bracing for a lot of rain, high surf, and strong winds. stores also have been running he low on supplies, though shops are doing their best to keep shelves stocked with essentials like bread and water. they continue to sell out, no matter how many shipments are brought in. it's a sign that people are listening and taking the storm seriously, especially those who recently moved to florida and dorian will be their first hurricane. >> i'm originally from arizona. these hurricanes are new to he me. i woul do get a worried about tm when i see them popping up. now i'm more relaxed about it because every year we kind of --
1:32 pm
it seems to happen a lot and we get through it. >> reporter: emergency officials are hoping people still take this storm seriously. we still have some time to get those needed supplies and get other things in place and in fact, this county that we're in, brevard county, there's a mandatory evacuation order that will be set to go into place on monday morning. that could shift depending on how the storm changes but they say the storm is very unpredictable and no matter how it moves it could have a big impact on the coast here in florida. laura. laura: jeff paul for us in cocoa beach, florida, where things could be changeing in the coming base. thanks, jeff. mike. mike: with dorian's path uncertain, airports are bracing for what could be a nightmare for travelers on the busy holiday weekend. jackie heinrich is live at laguardia airport with more on that. >> reporter: it's an evolving situation at the airports to say the least. in orlando, they announced
1:33 pm
they're shutting things down at 2:00 a.m. on monday. daytona beach said they're closing up shop after the last flight on sunday night. on the other hand, you've got tampa saying they're going to keep things going until something changes. in the florida keys, tourism officials are trying to coax people back for the long weekend after the storm changed course. in new york, things are running relatively smooth, not too many delays. if you pan over here to the ticket counter, this is a sight that's a pretty rare one for laguardia, it's mostly dead over here. but it is not that same vision across the rest of the country. there are some complications, we're up to 1200 delays nationwide although the cancellations remained pretty static, around 200 total. airlines are working to get passengers where they need to go before the storm changes course again. american airlines announced with the latest track, some airports in florida including our miami hub will not be impacted by the storm.
1:34 pm
however, due to the size of the hurricane, we may experience disruption to our operation next week, specifically on flights that operate along the east coast. airlines make decisions about flight schedules and often decide not to fly even before the winds reach hurricane strength although it's the airports that have the final say on when to stop operations all together. travelers we talked to are on edge, especially people trying to make it back to their homes that are in the path of the storm. >> we're going to ride it out, hope for the best. i've been in florida for about 14 years and we've had a number of storms. >> reporter: more than 17 million passengers are expected to travel by air this holiday weekend and that's a 4% increase from last year. so when the storm does make landfall, it is going to have a significant impact across the u.s. with so many people traveling, a lot of airlines are offering waivers for change fees in anticipation of all that chaos. mike. mike: patience is the key word.
1:35 pm
jackie, thanks a lot. laura: violence erupting in hong kong, tens of thousands of pro-democracy activists taking to the streets despite officials there declaring the protests unlawful. riot police firing tear gas and water cannons filled with blue dye in order to mark protesters for arrest. jonathan hunt joins us live from hong kong where things have been escalating. hi, jonathan. >> reporter: laura, this day started peacefully enough, though tens of thousands of protesters flooding into the streets, simply marching. it changed when many of them surrounded the central government headquarters here in hong kong. then, the police started firing tear gas from elevated positions. a lot of the protesters rushed in wearing gloves, took those tear gas canisters and threw them straight back across the walls of the government
1:36 pm
building. the protesters were then faced with water cannons being fired by the police. in some cases, they were using blue-colored water, that was meant to stain the protester's clothing, making it easier for police to identify them later. when that failed to disburse the crowd, riot police then flooded into the street. look here. riot police are now trying to push the protesters away from the central government building. we have one mass force here. there is another one up on this raised area, pushing back protesters who are there. they're doing everything they can to get these protesters back and away from government headquarters. ultimately, those moves by the riot police were successful in pushing the protesters back but they simply built barricades in other places around the city of hong kong, starting fires. what we have basically learned
1:37 pm
today, laura, is that neither the he protesters nor the hong kong authorities are willing to back down in any way whatsoever. further protests, further violence seem highly likely at this point with neither side willing to give in. laura. laura: jonathan hunt giving us an up close and personal look. he always gets the greatest footage. thank you so much for sharing that with us. mike: officials at the department of homeland security are working to prevent hacking during the upcoming 2020 presidential election. chief intelligence correspondence katherine hairage explains. >> that's the big target is the 2020 election. >> reporter: homeland security cyber official's warning is going a step further with the lawn of a new program to block ransomware attacks. >> the scenario would be someone registers to vote but the ransomware or other malicious code removes their name from the
1:38 pm
registration list. they go into the poll and they can't vote. >> reporter: over the last decade, ransomware attacks where hackers locked down computer networks for money hit multiple states with the damage causing a ripple effect. in baltimore, the city is still struggling to issue water bills after a ransomware attack. in texas, nearly two dozen local government networks were hit, forcing officials to manually process basic paperwork, throwing them back into the digital dark ages. and in georgia, p hospitals, state and local courts and police department were forced to dump or reconfigure labtops and ipads. homeland security says the department is raising awareness of the risks and providing cyber security services to protect voter registration databases, to stay one step ahead and ensure the 2020 elections are secure and resilient. >> it's getting harder to stop. at a minimum you have to have a
1:39 pm
good operating system that's up-to-date and patched, all of your applications need to be up-to-date and patched, your networks need to be monitored and extra protection there. >> reporter: during recent congressional testimony, a federal election official said perfect security is impossible so the goal is a good offense. they're testing certifying voting machines that will be secure for 2020. katherine hairage, fox news. mike: next hour we'll deep deeper into the safety of america's election systems with former cia station chief, dan hoffman. laura: and the 2020 presidential race this the spotlight as we get ready for an upcoming debate. but what about the house and senate? our political panel is in to discuss what we can expect from those races. "thank you clients"? well, investors business daily did just rank them #1 broker overall and #1 in customer service. and online equity trades are only $4.95?
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the first survivor of alzis out there.ase and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association. laura: as the democratic field gears up for the third 2020 presidential debate, we have a better picture of what comes next.
1:44 pm
the dnc says the fourth debate will happen october 15th and potentially the 16th as well in ohio. a specific location will be announced soon. the criteria to qualify, the same as september debates. 130,000 unique donors and at least 2% support in four qualifying polls. 10 candidates qualified for the third debat debate september 12n houston. mike: the house and senate are up for grabs in 2020. there are more republicans than democrats not seeking re-election. in the house, 14 republicans and three democrats are retiring. in the senate, four republicans and one democrat are retiring. doug shoen, we're joined by kris wilson, a former gop pollster. great to have you. >> thanks. >> thanks. mike: how much of this, chris, in terms of house retirements is
1:45 pm
it is awful being in the minority party in the house of representatives. >> republicans have term limits for chairmanships. it creates a turnover in which people decide if they've been chairman of a committee or subcommittee, they don't want to go back to sit on the committee, so it creates more of a regeneration of house members many i think it's a healthy thing. if you look at the members that have retired it's primarily safe seats. john shimkus who you aannounced he's going to retire, it's a safe seat. if you look at the he retirements, only one of those, texas 23rd will be comet competitive. the rest republicans should hold. whether or not democrats take the house back or republicans hold it it will depend on what democrats won in 2018. it took every bit of the blue wave to do that.
1:46 pm
oklahoma city, democrats picked up. republicans will nominate someone who takes it back in 2020. you've got a lot of those seats around the country. that's going to decide the future of the house of representatives. mike: let me play this, mike pences argument. i'll ask for you to respond. >> we've got to win the next generation, openly advocating socialism in the united states of america, something i thought i would never live to see but it's happening. it gives you an idea of how far left the modern democratic party has gone. mike: doug, is there a concern some of the new slow vocal members -- vo l cal vocal membeo far left? >> sure, there's a concern. it's a fair concern. with the president trailing in the opinion polls, with the generic vote being about plus 8 for the democrats over the republicans and with nancy pelosi keeping the party as close to the center as she can, i think it's an over-blown
1:47 pm
concern. look, we need to pick up three seats in the senate. i think as chris was acknowledging, the house is going to be a real reach for the republicans. we have the possibility of running the table in 2020. i think the democrats are in pretty good shape, though i would caution to be candid, stay away from the green new deal, stay away from redistribution, talk about growth, talk about empowerment of minorities but don't, don't move too far to the left. mike: chris, let's get you to react to that. are you worried about the majority being lost potentially in the senate and what about the house, is it out of reach? >> no. the house is not out of reach. i should have gone on and said that. i feel like republicans have a pretty good chance to take the house back. on the senate, i'll go through it individually. i think there's a few race that's are up for grabs. alabama, democrat% going to lose alabama. it's like when republicans won
1:48 pm
massachusetts. we gave it back after a year and-a-half. that's what doug jones is doing. the only question is who wins the seat back for republicans. jason smith in minnesota has a good chance to take that seat for republicans. republicans are defending incumbents in colorado, in arizona, in north carolina. and they will be tough races. i feel very good about -- i think the president will win north carolina, i think thom tillis will win north carolina. cory gardner, he's a strong incumbent, ran a tremendous race last time. martha mcsally who barely lost the race in 2018, it's a seat that democrats have not won that seat going back really decades and i feel like she is another strong incumbent. they're tough races that in states that are trending blue but we have strong incumbents that work hard and are popular at home so i feel good about our chances in all of those. mike: which senate races are you watching the closely and with senator isakson planning to
1:49 pm
retire, both georgia seats will be on the ballot next year. do democrats think they have a shot of winning one or both? >> they do. it would be much enhanced if we could get stacy abrams to run in georgia for one of those two seats. we have governor hickenlooper who is ahead now in colorado, mark kelly is ahead now in arizona. susan collins in maine is vulnerable, as is thom tillis in north carolina. so we have a wide array of seats that are potentially in play and if the top of the ticket stay as weak as it is appearing to be now, we have a real shot to win the senate and hold the house as i suggested. mike:.mike: doug and chris, thu so much. >> thank you. laura: ruth bader ginsburg givenning an update on her health today, how the supreme court justice is feeling after
1:50 pm
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1:53 pm
mike: the health update from ruth bader ginsburg, the supreme court justice making her second public appearance today since completing radiation treatment
1:54 pm
for pancreatic cancer. mark meredith has the story. >> reporter: this is the second time this week we've seen ruth bader ginsburg make a public appearance. the spotlight coming after the supreme court said the 86-year-old justice recently completed radiation treatment for a malignant tumor on her pan cryas. pancreas. she spoke openly about her health amid her recent surgery. >> first, this audience can see that i am alive. [ cheering and applause ] >> and i'm on my way to being very well. >> reporter: she was asked about how she was able to keep working so hard in such a demanding job and if she's planning to retire
1:55 pm
anytime soon. >> i love my job. it's the best and the hardest job i ever had. it's what -- it has kept me going through four cancer bouts. instead of concentrating on my aches and pains, i just know that i have to read this set of briefs. >> reporter: justice ginsburg received a standing ovation this past monday when she accepted an honorary law degree from the university of buffalo's law school. she spoke to the crowd about her career as an equal rights activist and her status as a pop culture icon, she said it was beyond her wildest imagination she would ever be so admired she's was appointed in 1993, the second female justice to bough pointed to the court. while she has said before she has no plans to step down anytime soon, her health is closely watched by many people as changes could mean a significant impact on the makeup of the supreme court.
1:56 pm
mike and laura, back to you in new york. laura: all right. thank you so much. mark. hurricane dorian moving towards the southeast. we've got a new update on its track from the national weather service and meteorologist adam klotz at the top of the hour. don't go anywhere. woman 1: this is my body of proof. man 1: proof of less joint pain and clearer skin. man 2: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 2: ...with humira. woman 3: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number one prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. announcer: humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where
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2:00 pm
a harris poll surveying 77,000 people and taco bell came out on top. in previous years, -- taco bell is making changes, removing nine items. among those leaving are the cool ranch and fiery doorl doritos ts and the double decker taco. mike: adios. hurricane dor dorian bearing don the bahamas and inching towards the east coast of the ideas. but the storm's changing and uncertain path could mean landfall in other states besides florida. hello, i'm mike emmanuel. laura: i'm laura ingle. folks are stocking up on supplies and boarding homes and businesses. we're getting a live update from the national hurricane center.
2:01 pm
>> the biggest change we've had is for part of the florida coast. it was looking that deerfield beach to sebastian inlet, that has changed. let's start with the satellite, it's doing an amazing job for us. you can see the energy, the power of this system. if you look at the eye and all the convection around the center of it, that was a brand-new image coming in. that's how the data comes in constantly at the hurricane center. you can see the swirls going on inside the center and see right all the way down into the ocean. so you can see just the raw power of this system and that's why we still have a hurricane at 150 miles an hour. any changes on the forecast were subtle, small changes but we still forecast the slowdown over the bahamas, still a dangerous situation over the bahamas. we're going to look at that over the next few days. it's a life-threatening situation. this is 2:00 a.m. on monday. each 2:00 p.m. on sunday, some of the impacts tomorrow reaching the bay a bahamas and 2:00 p.m.n
2:02 pm
monday, 2:00 p.m. on tuesday, that's slow. it's like turning a shif a ship. to make the turn, it's got to slow down. that's continuing to be our forecast. that's 36 hours or so of those battering major hurricane force winds, rainfall that could get over 20 inches and maybe up to 25 inches of rainfall and also the storm surge and the waves on top of that. that could be 10 to 15-foot. just a life-threatening situation in the bahamas. listen to local officials there. the hurricane will become very slow over that area. with time, let's see what happens with time. we have tropical storm force winds stretching out 90 to 100 miles away from the center. as it moves along the forecast track, you can see that some of those winds could actually reach the coast. that's why we have the tropical storm watch for part of the florida coast here. so that's why we're going to have to keep watching it and still the error cone, you could
2:03 pm
have the center two-thirds of time anywhere in that error cone. we have to watch for it as it approaches the florida coast. a little wiggle and you're closer to the coast. if it turns early, you're on the other side. the extended portion of the forecast, going to see impacts wednesday and thursday, going to bring some rain, storm surge to georgia and also the carolinas. look at these rainfall numbers. that's what we're talking about, over 20 inches of rain over the bahamas. some areas along the coastline could get even more rainfall. we're looking at it here at the hurricane center. we'll keep you posted. laura: very good. that is ken graham, the director of the national hurricane center, giving us an update on what to expect with hurricane dorian. when he was talking about the storm, of this size, when it makes a shift it's like turning a massive ship. so a lot still to go with this one and we'll continue to bring you the very latest on that. mike: new projections showing
2:04 pm
hurricane dorian likely slowing down and shifting to the north. the change in direction could spare florida from a direct hit but officials are warning people do not let your guard down. jeff paul has the latest from cocoa beach, florida. hi, jeff. >> reporter: hey, mike. it seems like the folks here in central florida especially here along the coast are paying attention to those warnings and that's evident by what's happening out here on the beach. it's labor day weekend. it's hot an hot and sunny. this area should be packed with people. there's only a few die-hard beach goers out here. no real big changes in the weather, it's quite windy compared to yesterday and you can see bigger waves starting to roll in. we've seen a few crazy as they call themselves out here trying to catch the waves, surf and boogie board we're hearing about people taking precautions just in case. we're seeing hotels, condos, businesses boarding up.
2:05 pm
and a lot of people are going to the stores to clean out the shelves for the essential items. you do get a sense that there is a sense of relief but officials say they're not out of the clear just yet. >> they said that about a couple other hurricanes and i'm not really too worried. it's probably going to weaken. so -- i mean, i'm not stressing it too much but a little worried. all our windows are boarded up. we have water, water for the dogs, food for the kids. it's pretty chaotic out there. i'm glad i prepared last weeke weekend. >> reporter: emergency officials are happy to hear those people doing those things, buying those items, gassing up, getting their generators in place, boarding up their windows. but as they follow this track and as it changes and it looks like it's moving a little more north and a little off the coast here from making a direct hit, they don't want people to take the foot off the gas just yet. they say any little movement of
2:06 pm
the storm could dramatically change the situation here especially along the coast. >> it's a slow-moving storm. it's days away. so there's a lot of opportunity for it to shift paths. even 10 miles an hour east or -- or 10 miles east or west can make a difference in the conditions here. >> reporter: and some of the hotels out here and resorts aren't taking any chances either. we heard some hotels tonight are telling people they have to evacuate. others are doing that tomorrow, anything to sort of get ahead of this storm for whatever it should bring. we're also hearing about at least two counties that have ordered mandatory evacuations, others are going with a voluntary evacuation. but that could change as this storm moves closer and closer to the state of florida. mike. mike: follow the advice of the governor, saying to remain vigilant and be prepared. jeff paul live on cocoa beach. jeff, thanks a lot. laura. laura: and there is violence erupting again on the streets in
2:07 pm
hong kong after police fire water cannons and tear gas at protesters. pro-democracy activists out on the streets for the 13th weekend in a row, despite officials there declaring today's march unlawful. jonathan hunt is live in hong kong where it's first thing in the morning. hi, jonathan, yo how are things looking? >> reporter: despite the declaration, the demonstrations planned for saturday would be unlawful in the eyes of the hong kong authorities and despite the arrests of several of the most prominent protesters over the last few days, tens of thousands took to the streets of hong kong today. it started peacefully. that did not last long. just a few moments ago, the clashes began in earnest. up there, you can see the hong kong police position. that is the position from which they are firing tear gas into the crowds down here. it is now hanging thick over all
2:08 pm
of us. this is the usual time of day when clashes do become more serious. as we get closer to sunset. it is beginning now, again, the tear gas coming from up on top. a lot of the tear gas canisters are picked up by the protesters. they are throwing them back over the wall into what is right here the central government headquarters. and the violence continued for many hours. volley after volley of tear gas fired at the protesters who in many cases simply threw the tear gas canisters back. then the police brought in water cannons. they fired at one point blue dye in the water, that marked the protesters, making it easier for the riot police to round them up later because they could spot that blue dye with special lights and they have been through the evening rounding up many of the protesters who then
2:09 pm
built barricades and set fires all over the city. what we basically learned, laura, is that neither the protesters north the hong kong authorities have any intention whatsoever of backing down. it is set to continue to be a long, hot summer here in hong kong. laura. laura: what an incredible situation. jonathan hunt reporting for us live in hong kong. thank you. mike: police detaining an afghan man after a deadly knife attack in france. it happened outside a subway station. a 19-year-old man was killed and at least nine others were wounded. the 33-year-old suspect reportedly awaiting al proofl for asylum -- approval for asylum in france. investigators say they're not considering the act an act of terrorism but they have not completely ruled it out. laura: tariff hikes targeting chinese imports expected to go into effect at midnight as the u.s.-china trade war continues.
2:10 pm
beijing ready to retaliate with its own set of tariffs tomorrow and american consumers could end up feeling the pain. garrett tenney is live at the white house. we'll get more from him on that. hi, garrett. >> reporter: hey, laura. up until now the trump administration avoided placing tariffs on most everyday items that americans use. that is going to change tomorrow, though. when the u.s. begins collecting tariffs on another $112 billion worth of goods coming from china including items such as clothing, electronics, sporting goods, as well as meat and dairy products. many u.s. companies say after more than a year of absorbing those higher costs due to tariffs, they are now going to have to start passing some of those costs along to customers. president trump continues to defend his use of tariffs, though, and he left the white house, as he left the white house on friday, he argued china is being squeezed and will ultimately give in to a better trade deal with the u.s. as a result. >> what they've done with
2:11 pm
tariffs is very interesting. they devalued their currency so much, which hurts them ultimately, costs them much more to buy things outside of china but they devalued so much, they cannot compete with the tariffs. they can't compete. so they devalued their currency. they're pumping money in. and we're not paying much for it. >> reporter: chinese and american negotiators are expected to meet sometime this next month but there haven't been any indications the two sides are closer to striking a deal and the tariff tit-for-tat continues even as both sides say they're hopeful they'll be able to make progress. >> first, the economic teams of both sides have been an effective communication. second, we hope the u.s. will take concrete actions with sincerity to meet china halfway and seek a solution on the basis of equality and mutual respect. >> reporter: there's a growing concern that china may decide to hold off on making any deal
2:12 pm
until after the 2020 election with the hopes that these ongoing trade disputes will hurt the u.s. economy and make it more likely that someone else will be in the white house after that. the expectation being that someone else besides president trump they'd be able to get a better deal with. laura: garrett tenney live at the white house today. thanks so much. mike: pro democracy activists in hong kong fighting back against police as they defy a ban on marching today. protesters are urging the u.s. to support their efforts to stand up to beijing. we talk to a former counter terrorism analyst about the ongoing standoff and how the u.s. should respond, next. re ree than me: jd power. 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand
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your own data. now you can share it between lines. mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime so you only pay for what you need. it's a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today. laura: supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg today making a highly anticipated appearance at the national book festival in washington, opening up a bit on her health and what kept her going during her recent cancer treatment. mark meredith is following this story from washington. >> reporter: this is the second time this week we've seen ruth bader ginsburg make a public appearance. the spotlight coming after the supreme court said earlier this month that the 86-year-old justice recently completed radiation treatment for a
2:17 pm
malignant tumor on her pancreas. she spoke at the national book festival in washington, saying she's looking forwards to the court's next term and she spoke openly about her health after the recent surgery. >> first, the audience can see that i am alive. [ cheering and applause ] >> and i'm on my way to being very well. >> reporter: she was asked about how she was able to work hard and if she's planning to retire anytime soon. >> i love my job. it's the best and the hardest job i ever had. it has kept me going through four cancer bouts.
2:18 pm
instead of concentrating on you my aches and pains, i just know that i have to read this set of briefs. >> reporter: she also received a standing ovation this past monday when she accepted an honorary law degree from the university of buffalo's law school. she spoke to the crowd about letter career as an equal rights activist and her status these days as a pop culture icon, she said it was beyond her wildest imagination she would ever be so admired. she was appointed by then president bill clinton in 1993. she was the second female justice to be appoint todd the court. and while ginsburg said she has no plans to step down any time soon, her health is closely watched by many people as changes could have a significant change on the makeup of the supreme court. mike: pro democracy protesters in hong kong defying a ban to march today as demonstrations enter the 13th weekend.
2:19 pm
the crowds fought back with bricks, iron bars and giant sling shots. some protesters have been waving the american flag and calling on president trump to intervene. jonathan chancer, senior vice president of research and a former counter terrorism analyst at the u.s. treasury department, it's great to have you. president trump spoke about the situation in hong kong before heading to camp david yesterday. take a listen and i'll ask you to respond. >> the question was do i see a connection between hong kong and what's going on with the trade talks? i think if it weren't for the trade talks, hong kong would be in much bigger trouble. i think it would have been much more violent. i really believe china wants to make a deal and they know it puts us in a veried bad position -- very bad position if there's not a humane way of handling the problem. mike: jonathan, your thoughts? >> well, i think president trump is dancing around an issue here
2:20 pm
that i think i has beset the administration for the last kim months. the administration from what i understand is somewhat split. some really believe that we need to call out the chinese, that we need to intervene, we need to take a tougher stance on this crackdown that we're seeing, not only in hong kong, but also in the western province of china where there are millions of muslims that are being interned, really start to crack down on the chinese human rights violations. there are others that say we can't rock the boat. we have this sensitive trade deal going on and we really can't muddy the waters. i think that what we need to do is go the way of reagan, call out the chinese, and stick to our guns on the trade talks. mike: what more do you think the united states can do to help those protesters in hong kong who seem to be appealing for help? >> well, first of all, i think we need to be unequivocal about the challenges that we see
2:21 pm
there, to call on the chinese to stand down, to respect that one country, two systems arrangement that was set up in 1997. but beyond that, i think we do have an opportunity to impose human rights sanctions. these are called global mag th i sanctions against those responsible for the violent crackdowns. mike: what about the concern of the trade war, economic concerns versus human rights and proper treatment of people? >> look on the trade war, for those who say we can't do this because so much is at stake with the trade war, this gives us more leverage. for us to tell the chinese that we're watching, we want them to cut it out, we want them to respect the rights of the hong kong people, this i don't think weakens our position at awful i think it strengthens it. i believe that's what donald trump was getting at in the statement you played a few moments ago. mike: is there a red line for the united states in terms of chinese aggression in hong kong?
2:22 pm
>> i think full-on violence might prompt this administration to step up a little bit. i'm not sure that the chinese are quite willing to do that yet although we have seen indications that they're preparing for this or at least practicing for it and i do think that this is a moment for the u.s. to say something now to the chinese, warning them not to go that far. mike: this has been ongoing for quite some time, 13 weeks or so. is it a matter of time before the situation in hong kong boils over? >> it certainly feels that way. you get a sense that the violence is just only ticking upward, that they have arrested some of the better known rights activists in hong kong. and so it does give us a sense that things are going in the exact wrong direction and, again, that's exactly why this administration would be wise to step up now, state its own red lines and make it clear to the chinese that we want them, we expect them to respect that one country, two system arrangement. mike: is it also time for the
2:23 pm
united states to lean on some of our allies in the region who are geographically closer to the situation, say japan, south korea, to say hey, we need you to speak up about the situation in hong kong? >> i absolutely think that both of those countries -- i visited both of them recently. i believe they should be speaking up. i think both countries are somewhat fearful of the chinese. it's worth noting had they have their own t spat with each other, the koreans and japanese are at each other's throats. it's extremely difficult for the u.s. to coordinate between them. mike: jonathan chancer, thanks so much. laura: college students across the country are heading back to school. it's that time. and more of them are borrowing money to do it. student loan debt is now at an all-time high of $1.6 trillion nationwide. that's nearly $29,000 per student. jacqui heinrich has more on this.
2:24 pm
>> reporter: it's a reality daniel lloyd is facing along with 44 million americans. student loan debt. >> i may not be able to reach the american dream. >> reporter: lloyd is now asking himself if his bachelors and two master's degrees were worth the $158,000 he owes. a bank rejected his first mortgage application. >> i'm a married man with a wife and newborn baby. i want to be able to provide. i went to school to provide for my family. this makes me feel like i may not be able to do it. >> reporter: student loan debt is at an all-time high. $1.6 trillion. that's twice what it was a decade ago. financial cost spare son site lend edu analyzed more than 1 you thousand schools and pounds students in the northeast tend to suffer the most. >> northeast as a whole has a high concentration of private universities. private universities are really -- they're more expensive. students are asked to bore he roherow more -- borrow more.
2:25 pm
>> reporter: connecticut has an average burden of $38,000 on graduation. the average cost above $34,000 in other states in the area. with genz making up 37% of the electorate, the crisis is pivotal for 2020. president trump released a plan to reform the higher education act which would limit loan borrowing and simplify loan repayment. joe biden supports income based forgiveness and senator bernie sanders pledges to wipe all debt away and offer tuition free college also. for many college grads the changes can't come soon enough. about 10% of student debt is 90 days past due according to the new york fed and about a third of young graduates with bachelor's degrees believe the cost was not worth the benefit. jacqui heinrich, fox news. mike: a beloved television star passed away yesterday after a years long battle with brain
2:26 pm
cancer. >> i went to every one of them. 30 stores. >> what did you buy? >> lunch. mike: valerie harper best known as upstairs may doo neighbor rhe mary tyler moore show, she won four emmy awards. valerie harper was 80 years old. i stood outside, assessing the situation. i knew it could rough in there, but how rough? there was no way to know for sure. hey guys.... daddy, it's pink! but hey. a new house it's a blank canvas. and we got a great one thanks to a really low mortgage rate from navy federal credit union. pink so she's a princess. you got a problem with that? oorah oorah navy federal credit union. our members, are the mission.
2:27 pm
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it's how we bring hope to our patients- like viola. her team treated her cancer and strengthened her spirit. so viola could focus on their future. cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. mike: states of emergency have been declared in florida, georgia and south carolina as hurricane dorian makes its way towards the east coast. the latest projections make a direct hit on florida less likely but officials are telling residents to do all they can to be ready and not he let their guard down. allison barber is live in north miami. hello, allison? hey, mike. yesterday 50% of gas stations ran out of fuel in this area.
2:31 pm
this gas station, they ran out of fuel yesterday and this gas station ran out of fuel yesterday. they told us this morning they got a new shipment last night. they ran out of fuel again today. the mayor said although hurricane dorian is taking a more northerly trajectory, we are taking precautions to respond to any safety or health hazards that may arise from possible tropical storm force winds and other conditions. for days, people in the area have been rushing to the store, lining up for gas. today, things are a little calmer. people have seen the latest forecast and for now the cone of concern seems like it will miss this area entirely but people are still keeping an eye on things. we spoke to one man who was in new jersey when dorian started to get stronger and seemed to be
2:32 pm
headed straight for south florida. he booked a flight and headed home to board up his horse. >his house.>> i woke up and thet changed and i held off on putting the boards up. if it changes, i'll be ready. >> reporter: mike? mike: allison, thanks a lot. we'll have more on the federal response to dorian tomorrow when acting fema administrator joins chris wallace on fox news sunday at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. laura. a lot of badly run cos are trying to blame tariffs. in other words, if they're running badly and they're having a bad quarter, or they're just unlucky in some way, they're likely to blame the tariffs. it's not the tariffs. it's called bad management. laura: there's president trump defending history policies with the administration set to levy new tariffs on china tomorrow. and beijing vowing to implement
2:33 pm
tariffs of its own. melanie zadona is a congressional reporter for politico. we're going to talk through this. we're looking at 15% tariffs on roughly $112 billion of chinese imports starting tomorrow. it will reportedly hit consumer goods including big holiday retail items down the road. that could be felt right away, we hear. what should americans be looking out for? what are you hearing? >> this is the first time that consumers really are going to start feeling the impact of the president's trade war. up until this point it's most by been ag goods, industrial goods. but now we're going to start seeing the impacts on things like diapers, meat, dairy, electronics, shoes, and it might not happen immediately. these tariffs do take effect tomorrow. but it could happe happen prettn as businesses are forced to pass the cost of the tariffs on to customers. laura: there's never a good
2:34 pm
time for it. china says it has its own tariffs coming into play to retaliate, which is something they've done before, wanting to hit american companies that want to export to china. how do we see that going down. >> the businesses and companies in america are worried about the tit-for-tat that we've seen go back and forth. that's why the gop is getting very concerned and starting to get restless. up until this point they've given the president a long leash when it comes to tariffs which are typically against republican oor though docksy. a -- orthodoxy. a lot of businesses appreciate the president is going after unfair trading practices of china but at the same time it's been over a year in the trade war with no end in sight. there's another round coming in october and december. and there's an election year around the corner too. so republicans are starting to get nervous. they're worried that any downturn in the economy could really make it harder for them to defend not only the senate but the white house and they're looking at their electoral map
2:35 pm
in places like iowa where farmers are being hit really hard by the tariffs and where republicarepublican joanie ernsp for re-election. laura: there's reports that some of his policies are having a negative impact on the economy. mr. trump says the u.s. doesn't have a tariff problem, we have a fed problem, he says, pointing to the federal reserve to cut interest rates. that's where he is trying to point the ship. what do you think about that. >> i think there's a couple things at play here. he is sensitive to the criticism of the trade policies and with the tariffs around the corner, i think he's trying to send a message to the american public, look, don't panic. don't worry. these companies could be feeling the heat from other places, it's not just his policies that are causing some of these problems. the white house knows that public perception and consumer confidence is a key pillar of the economy. they seem to be down-playing some of the concerns. and number two, the other thing that i think is at play here is
2:36 pm
the president does appear to be lining up scapegoats in case the economy takes a downturn. he's not only criticizing some of these companies but we heard him go after his own fed chairman for not cutting interest rates, something the president has been pressing him to do for a year now. he's been criticizing democrats and the media for stoking fears of a recession. laura: trade wars are not well liked around washington or anywhere. do you see a way for this to scale down, scale back, in a way that will make lawmakers happy and a way to kind of bridge this problem as it comes to us, the consumer? >> yeah, well, you hear in republicans on capitol hill that this is short-term pain for long-term gain. as i mentioned, a lot of them do like that trump is going after china. this is something he ran on. but they're starting to get really, really nervous. the administration already did delay some of the tariffs that were set to take effect, to help some of these companies prepare for the holiday shopping season. i know that was a huge concern for a lot of republicans and democrats alike on capitol hill
2:37 pm
but if they don't come to some sort of agreement, i think you might see some republicans like pat toomey on capitol hill push for ledge subluxation to rein in some of the -- legislation to rein in some of the president's authority. laura: we know this is coming and we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. laura: thank you so much. mike: a new report finds a shocking number of cyber attacks on state and local governments in the first seven months of this year, how homeland security is combating the growing threat and working to safeguard the 2020 election. we talk to former cia station chief dan hoffman next. was ahead of its time. still, we never stopped making it stronger. faster. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better.
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laura: this is a fox news alert. we're getting reports of an active shooter in the midland, texas area right now. there are reports of multiple people injured and possibly as many as two suspects at large in two separate vehicles. we'll keep you up-to-date as the
2:42 pm
story develops. mike: packers hit dozens of city -- hackers have hit dozens of cities this year. the homeland security department is working to prevent ransomware attacks on our voting systems ahead of the 2020 election. >> the scenario would be someone registers to vote but this ransomware removes their name from the voting polls, from the registration list. they go into the poll and they can't vote. mike: let's bring in former cia station chief, dan hoffman. we've got breaking news obviously going on in west texas, report of an active shooter situation in the midland area. obviously details limited at this point. but your thoughts as we're getting word of breaking news and perhaps a very devastating shooter situation on the ground there in west texas. >> just another of these tragic
2:43 pm
shooting incidents and i'm sure that state and local law enforcement and the fbi is working it hard with concerned local citizens. we'll have to be watching for breaking news on that front. mike: i worked in that part of the country when i started my career, west texas known for friday night lights, the book and movie where high school football is king and obviously our thoughts and prayers go to the people there and hope authorities are able to round them up rather quickly. any further thoughts on this limited information we have at this point, dan? >> i guess just as a concerned citizen myself, i just contrast this, another incident of mass violence with the congress which continues to be out on vacation and i wish they were back here, helping to solve the problem, frankly. we haven't taken steps we need to. we need congress here to do that. mike: we're hearing two different potential shooters in midland, one believed to be at the synergy in midland, the other believed to be driving on loop 1 250 in midland.
2:44 pm
one is a u.s. postal service postal van. midland police are warning folks to stay away from these areas, to stay indoors. also reports of an active shooter at a home depot in odessa, texas, neighboring community. people are advised to stay away from the area and stay in their homes and the midland police department say they will update folks there. dan, any further thoughts? >> we're just going to have to watch developments and again, on this -- i'm sure that there are a lot of concerned citizens out there and i think getting the word out publicly so people are aware of where it's dangerous to be and that they can report what they see, it's one of those situations where when you see something, you say something and this can significantly assist the state and local law enforcement in their efforts to capture the perpetrators. mike: now for the subject we brought you in on, cyber security, what's the federal government planning in terms of
2:45 pm
next steps protecting voter registration databases and systems. >> homeland security is rightly concerned about nefarious state and non-state actors seeking to disruptodisrupt database social security. we rely on cyberspace. it's vulnerable, wide open. anything connected to the internet is at risk. there's a couple things we can do. it's important that the federal government play a roach one is to provide technological assistance to harden defenses. consider database social security, voter registration database sis that ardata that'ss that are not connected to the internet as a backup. there should be counter attacks against those entities targeting
2:46 pm
us. mike: yesterday, the democratic national committee told iowa and nevada they should not go forward with virtual caucuses, they're worried about security. your thoughts on that? >> they're rightly ringing the alarm bells about the risk of connecting to the internet and the risk that foreign hackers could infiltrate these virtual caucuses and cause some to our democratic process. it's quite possible that they've received information. one of the key roles from the intelligence community is to collect intelligence so we can preempt threats. we may have intelligence that russia, china, north korea, the key state actors with the capability and interest in targeting us, that they may have been seeking to do harm to the democratic caucus in nevada and iowa. mike: our federal officials -- are federal officials in your analysis a step ahead of the bad actors wanting to cause chaos in
2:47 pm
the u.s. >> it's important to use technology. there's no such thing as a cold start when it comes to a cyber attack. the hackers will routinely use surveillance on their intended tar g that's an opportunity to get out in the networks and use cognitive computing to sift through the big data and find out where the threats are so you can preempt them. i think our dhs specialists have been working very effectively with state election administrators, providing them with technology and also with training so they're as equipped as they can be to defend themselves from these attacks. they haven't stopped since 2016. they're not going to stop. it's as if we're constantly in a race to deter, defend and counsel r tear these ongoing -- counter these ongoing attacks. mike: what about the ransomware mess, locking up local government systems until they pay. do we have an answer on that front? >> the answer is, there's a lot
2:48 pm
of answers. one of the best ways to deal with ransomware is to have a backup system so if someone wants to charge you to unlock your system, you cannot worry about it and you've already got a backup system that has no errors in it, that is not connected to the internet. that could be one way that we seek to del woul deal with it. getting the messag mess messageh dhs has done, it's a good indication and warning for all of the state election administrators. it's all the states in our country have got to focus on this and they are, with suitable and appropriate assistance from the federal government. mike: dan hoffman, thanks for your time and analysis. laura: we want to take you back to that breaking news, reports of an active shooter in the midland, odessa, texas area. there are reports of multiple people injured, possibly as many two suspects at large in two separate vehicles. joining me now on the phone, dana coalson, former assistant director of the fbi, to talk
2:49 pm
about what we're learning so far, details are -- we've only got a few of them right now. tell us what your thoughts are right now. we're hearing two people and possibly two separate vehicles driving around shooting at people as law enforcement is trying to get a handle on this. what are your thoughts? >> this is a terrible situation. i hope this is not an indication of the he' escalation where we e two or more individuals with multiple targets, makes it more difficult for police and respo responders and medical people. people need to get off the streets until this thing is over. it's mobile and extremely dangerous. i hope this is not a harbinger for what is taking place in the
2:50 pm
future. laura: a lot of people listen to sirius in their vehicles, we hope people are listening now as they may be driving around in the odessa, midland area. we did get an update from the midland police department, saying that, again, two shooters, two separate vehicles. one suspect believed to be in midland, the other believed to be driving on loop 250 in midland. there's a gold, white, toyota truck and a usps postal van, asking people to stay away from these areas, stay indoors. we're monitoring social media. there are some reports that postal van may have been hijacked. we don't have that confirmed yet. we're working on getting the details. you've got the news this is happening and people to stay away. you can imagine driving in the area, hearing stay a away from the road and knowing someone is pointing a gun out of a window, perhaps, where do people go when you hear something like this? >> well, get off the roads, get
2:51 pm
away from the area. get on the interstate and drive the maximum speed limit and goat as much space between you and the subject. this is an issue that needs to be resolved by patrol officers. state, county, city officers, who are -- should be heavily armed with semiautomatic rifles so they can resolve this. this is one of the most frightening things i've heard in a while, multiple shootings and they're mobile. this is a pretty serious situation. laura: we're also getting reports into the newsroom that the active shooter situation may have taken place at a home depot in odessa. so there's a couple of different things going on. we don't know if they are related. that is also coming to us from the midland police department. now, as the former at this assistant -- deputy assistant director of the fbi, what would you be telling your teams, who would you send out, what would the plan of attack be? >> every patrol officer i would
2:52 pm
have there, including the fbi, atf, anybody that could monitor the radio traffic and head that direction, the problem here is that radio traffic sometimes over-powers a situation and that's something the officers need to be careful of. get on the radio, say what you have to say and get off. in denver, cal colorado, they couldn't talk to each other because of the radio traffic. patrol officers are going to resolve this and i would go into basic lockdown situation in the area around there. i would tell all businesses, all the homes, you get everybody in there and lock down. laura: it's been a terrifying scene that we unfortunately see play out time and time again, especially when it comes to possibly happening inside of a large store. like the ones we've seen in the past and it is so scary when you think of this happening inside a store, possibly a parking lot, on the roads, two vehicles. mike emmanuel is with me here as
2:53 pm
well. mike: those two communities are 20 miles apart. they are connected by interstate 20 and so if indeed the shooters have attacked in both cities, it's not very hard to get from one to the other and so you may be having midland police and/or odessa police warning their communities, realizing they're next door to the other and it's pretty easy with interstate 20 to get back and forth in between. danny, your thoughts in terms of what next steps the locals can do there on the scene and making sure what's real and what may be rumor in terms of people in a panic, calling things in? >> well, that's part of the problem. you get over-reporting. you kind of have to sift through that. basically, the patrol officers are going to resolve this. i would be shocked if there's nor aircraft involved in the search, a helicopter needs to be up. i think they probably are. there's a great relationship
2:54 pm
between those two departments and also between the federal authorities and it's all hands out, let's go. we have to go for these guys. there's not a lot of secrets to it. maximum manpower, observation, but remember, this is very deadly for these police officers. they're running into a gun fight and kudos to them for having the courage to do that. mike: you've got midland police, the midland sheriff's department, the texas dealt of public safety -- texas department of public safety, the odessa police and the sheriff's department and a variety of law enforcement agencies that are hopefully quite used to working with one another and -- laura. laura: we want to share you with you something that odessa police department put on their facebook post. trying to get the word out, we're talking about radio traffic trying to get the word out to anybody that they can. here's what it reads. a subject, possibly two, is currently driving around odessa, shooting and random people. at this time, there are multiple gunshot victims.
2:55 pm
the suspect just hijacked a u.s. mail carrier truck and was last seen in the area of 38th and walnut. everyone is encouraged to get off the road and use extreme caution. all law enforcement is currently searching for the suspect. so that has just gone out on the odessa police facebook page. you've got i'm sure newsradio going wild with this, letting people know. we're doing our best to communicate as well. you've got people on the road, people in stores, trying to protect themselves, family members. you're in a home depot on a saturday afternoon, the last weekend of summer before labor day and trying to protect your family. it is a terrifying situation that people are being faced with right now and again, multiple people have been shot. we don't have a number we can confirm to you right now but that number does appear to be growing. so danny, when you hear this, what more do you have to say about what the odessa police department has put out on facebook?
2:56 pm
>> well, it's totally appropriate. seconds matter in these situations. it's up to each one of us to be prepared to protect ourselves, that's by taking cover, going home, getting in the car and drive the other direction. they're doing the right thing. sounds like one very mobile individual, hopefully it's not two, hopefully it's not more. let's assume our valiant law enforcement officers get this involved. laura: the midland police department is saying they believe there's two vehicles. i'll repeat it again. the vehicles in question are a gold, white small toyota truck and, again, usps postal van and the driver of that was hijacked or they somehow got away with that postal van. we're looking at two different vehicles with people shooting at random people up and down these
2:57 pm
roads and possibly at this home depot in odessa. so you've got people looking out for two vehicles. you've got i'm sure law enforcement moving throughout the interstate that you know very well, mike. mike: yes. no question about it. and i know law enforcement there is really top notch. so i'm sure they are all over the situation with reports of a attacks in both perhaps midland and odessa, obviously a complicated situation. but i imagine the scanner traffic is probably going wild in west texas right now, just before 5:00 local time as they try to track down two suspects, two different vehicles, a toyota pickup truck and a united states postal service van vehicle and so obviously a very disturbing situation on the ground there in the midland, odessa area of west texas, known as the permian basin. so our thoughts and prayers to the folks there and we certainly hope that law enforcement can get these guys, whoever they
2:58 pm
are, as quickly as possible with as limited bloodshed as possible. laura: they say, again, the police telling anybody who can hear us for the safety of the public and law enforcement, please stay away from this area. stay inside of your homes. they promise to update us with more information as soon as possible. but again, we're looking at the odessa police facebook page right now. we'll put that back up. repeating a subject possibly two currently driving around odessa, shooting at random people at this time, multiple gunshot victims. as we monitor social media, those numbers are going all over the place but we don't want to say anything until we know from the police just how many people have been struck but we've got the police telling us that multiple people have been hit in this area. so if you are in that area, you are encouraged to get inside your homes, keep the doors locked and that is what law enforcement is saying right now. in terms of this area, mike, i
2:59 pm
don't know how much residential area is at 38th and l walnut. that's a pretty pinpointed area. mike: exactly. it's been a while since i've been in the neighborhoods. i don't want to misspeak. but with interstate 20 there, these communities are very closely connected and so you may have a situation where suspect vehicles are going back and forth between midland and odessa and so certainly an alarming situation for folks there in west texas and we hope that law enforcement is able to stop whatever is going on at this hour, just before 5:00 local time there in west texas, bring this to a resolution swiftly. laura: we've been joined by danny coalson, former deputy assistant director of the fbi. we want to thank you for your time and helping us navigate. >> let's say prayers. laura: absolutely. we'll continue of course to monitor the situation. again, we have two vehicles in this areas odessa and midland, who have been shooting at random
3:00 pm
people multiple people have been struck. we'll continue to stay on this. mike: that will do it for us. we'll see you back here tomorrow at noon eastern time. the fox report is next. connell mcshane in for jon connell: we are following two breaking stories. a mass shooting in texas and hurricane dorian in florida. details out of texas are scarce this evening. police believe there are two shooters in two separate cars or trucks. the officers are responding to incidents in midland and odessa. we are also waiting to hear this hour from the governor of florida, ron desantis. we'll be monitoring that brfi


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