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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 31, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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leland: it's 8:00 p.m. in midland and odessa, texas on a saturday they will never forget. a running gun battle through those two cities that span 20 miles. it started with a traffic stop of a gold toyota camry and it ended with six people dead, 21 injured and the suspect dead as well in was a usps mail truck that was high jacked and random shooting out of the both vehicles by this suspect at
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people all over the highways and byways all over this town. over that hour he was in an awful lot of places. the police say they were able to contain and this is a direct quote from the this chief, this animal outside of a movie theater where he was shot and killed. he was described as a white male in his 30s. the this chief says he has a pretty good idea who he is but will not tell us. incredible acts of bravery by private certain seasons and one e.r. heard the gunshots. locked fat silt down. grabbed their trauma bag and ran out on to the streets to treat those who had been shots. we are learning about at least one very young victim, a 17-month-old child who was
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airlifted from one of the medical facilities to lubbock, texas. their condition unknown. we bring in jacqui heinrich in new york who is following this and the reaction we are getting across texas and the white house as well. reporter: texas has seen its share of carnage. this happened four weeks to the day of the el paso, shooting in which a shooter, 21-year-old white man used an ak-47 to kill 22 people in a walmart. the fbi is participating in the investigation. they tweeted out resources for people who might need grieve counting because of that shooting a month ago. the fbi says it's too soon to know the motive or identity of the shooter. police confirming he was a white
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male who looked to be in his mid 30s. the atf is on scene assisting and we heard from the surks ps inspection service. they confirmed their officers are asichtding local law enforcement with the investigation. what's not confirmed is whether the mail carrier whose truck was hijacked is among the 21 injured that we know of. those injured include three police officers, a techs as state trooper and midland officer and odessa officer. one hospital is still on lockdown. family are give and safe space for themselves and those who might want to visit them as more information comes in. it lasted more than an hour. what we need to find out is exactly what the motive was. as you mentioned, the fbi saying
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that they don't have much information. the last update we heard from police, we can roll that sound bite, the trooper earlier today tonight. >> the subject was contacted by law enforcement and an exchange gun if fire at that location. we have law enforcement injured. we have the trooper in midland county and one in p.d. and one o.p.d. sphesd. officer who was . we have at least 21 shooting victims and five victims at this point. >> the difficulty will be trying to determine the motive now that suspect is deceased. leland: the big question is this
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trooper why the suspect was stopped in the beginning and answering the question why he opened fire on this state trooper. we are expecting an update from the odessa police sometime tonight. they did say they were going to come back and brief and give more information. we are check with our afill yalts to see when that is going happen. we'll bring it to you as it does. we want to get back to dr. ox who was at an e.r. you are gentle care center in a strip mall. heard the gunfire and could see somebody sitting outside in a car with a window that had been shot out. that's where we left you in the story, sir and we'll pick it up there. >> we saw the victim and my nurse vicky and i ran out in was
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a paramedic there who had done a good job getting a tourniquet on the patient. she had a significant injury to her right arm. a significant amount of bleeding. we worked on getting the bleeding stopped and an i.v. in place. and transporting her as quickly as we could to the trauma center, medical center. >> was she just driving along and ended up with a gunshot wound? >> i believe so. she was in a lot of pain and pretty out of it. i didn't ask her any questions like that. leland: her car was just pulled over on the side of the road with bullet holes in it. >> yes. i believe she was at a stoplight sitting and was shot while she was parked at a stoplight. leland: what was going through your mind. the shooter is still on the run and you are out there trying to
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save this woman. >> you don't think about that. you try to do what you can to help. that's what -- your hope is value added in that situation. >> value add in the situation where you were in a lot of danger. initially there wasn't that much danger. but while we were out there the shooter drove by chased by police and was right in front of us and circled around us and went into the parking lot of our facility. that was more danger. leland: describe that for us. what kind of car was he driving? what was happening? >> i didn't get a good look at the car, i saw the trail of 20 police officer. >> was there gunshots happening at the time? >> we heard the gunshots earlier. we heard one and three more later. by that time we didn't hear any gunshots, no. >> we are watching video of what
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we believe to be the 17-month-old child life flighted from odessa out to lubbock where i believe there is a level one trauma center in a children's hospital. you and the doctors on staff did incredible work. but these are not medical facility ready and waiting for mass casualty events. >> i think that the local hospitals did a tremendous job. it's a level two. when it comes to pediatrics. we often have to ship that in the case of this unfortunate kid. he would have to be transferred. but they did a tremendous job given it's not a huge city. a lot of the preparation and excellent work by the local officers. leland: during this situation,
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you were treating one of the victims. suspect is driving by. we have a trail of police cars going after him. it's you, your nurse and a paramedic out there. tell me what was going through your mind and what you were talking about. >> it is kind of surreal. we just kind of laughed and said are you kidding me? we were trying to focus on what we were doing and try to think about the task and not the incident going on around you. >> it's an incredible story. once we'll get a map that shows all the places people were shot. it's going to be stunning the magnitude of the distances this gun battle over an hour stretched. it runs east-west through texas.
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that's where the original traffic stop was. were you at the beginning of this thing or the end. >> we are on the north side of odessa and i20 runs through the south side of odessa. we are at the close west spot 5-7 miles away. it made it confusing because it's such a large area and you keep hearing snippets with a shooter here. a couple of the people who work here have family who are eps oh they would let us know be careful. you keep getting different areas you are looking at a map. how is this happening. so far we hearth were two shooters and that's when that confusion started. it was such a large area. leland: have you got and chance to step back and begin
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processing what happened and what you were doing? >> we are kind of waiting, waiting until we get the facts. you don't want to speculate. leland: it's one thing to do trauma medicine and another to do trauma medicine under a shooter. > we appreciate you being with us. heroes are often defined by those who run toward the sound of gunfire. we appreciate you being with us. go home and give your kid a hug for us.
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so as you heard, an unbelievable scene in midland and odessa, texas. sun is just about to set there. you have heard police are trying to work multiple, perhaps even dozen of crime scenes as people were shot in their cars at stoplights, highways and road, and the suspect shot and killed by police. the youngest victim you see being wheeled into a trauma center, a 17-month-old baby the most of innocent among us shot in the gun battle. we'll continue watching that and wait for a police update out of odessa. perhaps some information on the suspect who is a white male in his 30s. we are also waiting for an update from the national hurricane center. a hurricane hunter airplane was inside that storm clocking wind at 150 miles an hour and while
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leland: we are learning more about hurricane dorian. wind speeds of 140 miles per hour. a hurricane hunter airplane flew into the storm which gives you the best idea of what's happening in the storm and where it might be going next. fox news team coverage on this saturday night.
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adam klotz standing by in the news extreme weather center where they are boarding up and getting ready to hunker down. we start with you. the track of this storm has changed. but is it safe to say we are not aught of the woods? >> there is a huge area where you have to pay close attention. wind at 150 miles per hour. that's 6 miles per hour shy of being a category five hurricane. wind gusting up to 185 miles per hour. this is a powerful storm that covers a huge area. this is the future forecast. we are expecting to run over the northern bahamas late into sunday and through the day sunday and monday and tuesday. that's when you start to run up off the coast of florida.
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more and more it's looking like extreme southern florida, the keys, places that were in play a few days ago, you are in the clear. but we are adding new places you have to pay attention to. it's taking its time getting up the coast of florida * before running up through georgia and the carolinas. only slowly weakening running right along the coastline. we are sure this will and powerful storm because the water is so warm. the problem is we don't know where this will turn. this uncertainty here. models running us up inland. obviously the farther out to sea we are the better it is for everyone involved in this system. the final tropical model here. everything in agreement as you
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run up to the bahamas. several of these models running you inland up toward jacksonville. others keeping us farther off the coast not hitting land until you get up into the carolinas. there is still a lot of areas that you have to pay attention to the next couple days. leland: what decide whether that right-hand turn happens earlier or later? what to watch for? adam: there is a high pressure system sitting north of this entire system. way it's playing on is based on the speed. the slower it is, the easier it will be for the high pressure system to push it away.
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if it continues to slow down that bodes well for folks to help them flow off the coast. either way, we talk about the storm system, the dirty side and clean side. the northeast quadrant of these storms tend to be the worst in terms of the storm surge and the wind and rain. do any of these models have that dirty side coming ashore? >> the problem is this is such a powerful storm even if you are running along the coast and you are on the good side, it's a bad situation. but what you are talking about, had this run up the western coast it would have been a worse situation. leland: that's what we were thinking about a couple days ago. adam, thanks so much. we turn to jeff paul outside in
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cocoa beach, california. if we didn't know better we would think you were enjoying the labor day vacation. >> reporter: it was sunny and hot. and there is a bit after breeze. it is a little bit more windy than we anticipated. certainly more windy than yesterday. people listening to those warnings. you can tell by the crowd at the beach. there were a few locals out there. one man was out there surfing. listing to what he had to say. my 20 years living at the beach, we are all prepared at my house. we have a general rarer to. we didn't board or anything.
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reporter: more and more people boarded up their homes, their shops, their businesses. some of the businesses because the storm is moving so slow, they have their windows board up but spray painting on the windows and walls saying we are still open. it's open, it's board up, but they don't know when this thing will be moving through or the track of it. local officials are worried about people preparing. but tough go into the stores you will notice a lot of items missing. they are doing their best, these stores, to stock the shelves. but they are running low on spries. d low on supplies. >> these hurricanes are new to me. so i do get a little worried about them when i see them
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popping up. but now it's going off course. kind of more prelaxed about it because every year we kind of seem to happen a lot. we just get through it. reporter: we don't know how this will affect florida. but this is a massive storm. a lot of the people we are talking to, they are like what is this coming through. because it's going so slow you are starting to see people relax saying i guess we are in the clear. that's the opposite of what emergency officials want people top do. one other thing we should mention. they had manned toriy evacuation orders in place for tomorrow. that's going to begin monday morning. but that could change just like the track of this hurricane. >> we are looking at the track. i'm interested in the supply
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situation. the past couple of days when it looked like this will run into west palm beach. big gas shortages and supply shortages. the supplies start flooding the zone. have those showed up yet? >> it seems like the people who needed those things had almost an extra day. there was a sense of urgency when we got into town that people need to get things in place right this second. people rushed into the stores trying to fill up their tanks and again ray tores. but we had no problem getting here late. we went to a cvs than were plenty of food items there. you could tell they were beaten down from all the people. the stores you go to. the people who work in those stores have to prepare their
6:25 pm
homes, too. but it seems like today there was a chance for this community to breathe and get everything child in and watch the radar and see what happens next. leland: looking at the track, it seems like monday night into tuesday morning is when cocoa beach would start to get storm-like conditions. when you talk to public officials do they feel like give be enough time, they are ready? >> a lot of the hotels and resorts because this was supposed to come maybe a little bit sooner. they head people had to evacuate. they said it's too hard to go back and let them for a day then kick them out again. i think people are staying the course here. but definitely the emergency officials don't want people to
6:26 pm
think they are in the clear because the storm is moving so slow. you look on the radar and you thought this would be a direct hit to west palm beach. 36 hours ago we thought that was the case. so much has changed in the last day, day and a half. they are hoping people will pave attention. 10 miles this way or that way could make a huge difference. leland: 10-15 miles closer to the coast. jeff paul stayed up late with us. check back in with you the next couple days. we have just got and major update from the department of public safety it was their state trierps that initially pulled over the gunman in odessa this afternoon before the shooting began. it all started with a traffic stop.
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a statement was issue offed about what happened. that when we come back.
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leland: a fox news alert. we are learning a lot more about what developed in odessa, texas that happened 5 hours and 15 minutes ago. the texas department of public safety said there was a single person driving a gold passenger vehicle on interstate 20. he was pulled over and the only suspect in that vehicle pointed a rifle towards the window of his car and fired several rounds towards that state trooper patrol unit in were two troopers inside. one was hit by gunfire. the suspect fled and continued shooting innocent people along
6:31 pm
the way. this began on interstate 2 some westbound, and -- interstate 20 westbound. and it was a shooting gallery. a shootout and running gun battle. the suspect died as did five civilians. 21 others were injured along the way. three police officers as well. we heard some incredible stories of heroism as doctors ran out of urgent care centers on to the street as the suspect was driving around shooting people to treat those in their cars. the video you are watching now, if you know what's there is chilling. and it should be. this is a 17-month-old child that was caught in the crossfire getting out of the life flight helicopter that landed in lubbock, texas as that young child is fighting for their life. we bring in david turner.
6:32 pm
a town that mayfair to say is forever changed now. >> it is forever changed. they have a coward do something like this, you just ask yourself why. it's a question i don't know if we can answer at this time. leland: sometimes you can't ever answer it. what is your police chief saying? we watched the press conference. he was professional, but emotional, too. >> he's a fantastic chief. our police, our fire, our friend in midland came to the rescue. they did what they were trained to do. i could not be more proud of them for coming to citizens'
6:33 pm
aid. i don't know yes would do this. but i'm glad they stopped him. leland: we are watching video on the right-hand side of the screefnt line of police cars driving around -- screen of the line of police cars driving around. how many people were shot? do you have know? >> i just found out a friend of mine passed away. he was sitting in his car at a light and this coward pulls up and shot him with his family in the car. there wasn't any rhyme or reason why he was shooting. it begs the question why. >> it does beg the question why. i don't want to get ahead of the reporting. i want to give you time to remember your friend. but if the police chief and others discuss that they have an
6:34 pm
idea of where they are going with this investigation or not? >> well, the white house called, they have offered all of their services, the federal authorities along with the governor's office, the texas rangers, fbi, atf, they are coming in to aid in the investigations because we have multiple crime scenes now. and just trying to understand the path and try to understand why. leland: tell me about your friend and his family? >> it was a friend from church. a good man. my understanding, they were sitting at a light. this kowrd pulls up -- this coward pulls up, shot through the door, hit him in the chest. he was in critical condition last time i heard, and i just received a phone call from his
6:35 pm
friends and he passed away. leland: any word on the rest of the family in the car? >> i believe they were not physically injured but they are emotionally. leland: you can't imagine the terror. talk to me about midland and odessa. i have to imagine in a town that small, everybody knows people who were killed or wounded in this. who rushed to the sound of gunfire. this is not a big city. >> it's a city somewhere around 130,000 with the current oil economy. midland is 15 miles away. we are close to those communities. we are out in the desert all by ourselves. but we are a strong community and we'll get through this. it's time for us to pray for those that are injured, for our three officers who have been
6:36 pm
shot, and time just together, together as a community. i have no doubt that odessa-midland will get through this. and you know, going down the road. leland: we understand from the department of public safety and you may have different information. but the trooper is in stable condition. the two other officers are in stable condition. one of his an odessa p.d. officer and the other a midland p.d. officer. >> the trooper is in surgery the last i heard. the other two officers are still in the hospital. and so i am pulling up to the police department and i am going to the hospital to visit everyone. leland: and to visit your
6:37 pm
friend's family i cannot imagine what they are going through. i hate to ask you this on the air. but are you expecting more briefings and more information this evening from the police department? >> yes, sir, i am going to get a briefing and we'll probably have a press conference in an hour or so. i was in fort worth when it happened so i got into town. we'll have another press conference and go over different locations and talk about that and get ready for another day. leland: how are you going to deal with being the mayor and the leader of this town. they are looking to you, sir for prayers and thoughts and for leadership and guidance. have you thought about that? >> i think you are leaning on
6:38 pm
your faith. mayors across texas. friend called and said you are in our thoughts and prayers. there is so much hurt. and i believe the prayer. we are going to have to thereof people and get them through the funerals which is tragic. and it can't be just love on them now. we have to keep loving on them the next few months. the next few months will be just as hard. the next few years. leland: your friend who died has children who now don't have a father and a mother who doesn't have a husband. this is a whole different world in odessa, texas. >> it was a beautiful morning and at 3:00 it all changed. leland: so often in these situations we focus on the suspect and try to talk about
6:39 pm
the motive and the why and what could have prevented it. when there is this much grief and unis applicable tragedy and violence against as you pointed out, somebody sitting at a traffic light on a saturday afternoon. can we spend less time on that and more time talking about the victims? >> i don't care why he did it. in my opinion he's a coward. staking innocent lives for month the no other reason. i don't care. it's about the people that are here. we need to take care of this. they need the help. too many times we make the criminals famous and you don't remember the victims. it has to bev abou to be -- it e about the victims. >> we were talking to an emergency room doctor who will
6:40 pm
go home and hug his children tonight. and they should be proud of him, during the hail of gunfire he saw a car outside of his facility with a window shot out and a woman clearly in need. he ran out with his medical bag and his nurse to quite possibly save her life. i am guessing you are hearing a lot of stories like that of people who ran toward gunfire. >> that just west texas. people caring about people and helping them when they are down. i heard so many stories of ordinary citizens taking care of the wound, risking their own lives to help somebody else. those are the stories that ought to come out and not this coward. pray for the families and our
6:41 pm
officers. the next few days will be difficult. the next few years will be difficult. >> any stories of heroism you heard tonight that you wanted to share? >> people running out like you said. not knowing where this guy is and not knowing who was shooting. running out to help somebody else. leland: we flernd covering way too many of these situations that in the worst of times there is the best of humanity that comes out. and we need to focus on that and perhaps that does give us hope in the tragedy and the sorrow you talked about with your friend who is no longer with us. and his family who will mourn his loss. the doctor told us there were multiple sightings of the suspect driving around them as they were treating this one victim. mayor, we appreciate you being with us, sir. as you said, the prayers of the
6:42 pm
nation are with you tonight. we'll check back in with you, sir. we'll be right back.
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leland: a fox news alert. we are learning a lot more from the texas department of public safety. sometimes referred to as the texas rangers, about this shooting that left five dead, 21 injured, three police officers hit in a running gun battle between midland and odessa, texas. that's west texas in oil country.
6:46 pm
we are getting from the department of public safety there, this began with a traffic stop. the trooper unit there had two troopers tonight. and during the traffic stop prior to the vehicle coming to a complete stop the male driver and only occupant pointed a rifle toward the rear window of his car and fired several round towards the patrol unit. we'll break that down in sequential order. what do you take from that? >> first off, looking at the two-person unit, the interesting part is you have a contact officer and cover officer. immediately upon that attack you would expect the cover officer is broadcasting a call for help. nobody on the law enforcement side, the fire department or emergency medical services can understand that call of shots fired officer down send a shiver
6:47 pm
down your spine. the immediacy of the reaction to that to bring in the troops, if you will, to make that assistance is of paramount importance. from all the information i have been receiving, this suspect fled. he was repeatedly firing at the public. so one would have to wonder was he trying to make escape by causing as much chaos as possible. hopefully the investigation will determine that. leland: we have been hearing that he was shooting people at stoplights. he killed one of the mayor's friends. another woman sitting at a stoplight he shot. we understand that trier to the vehicle coming to a stop, the suspect was still driving while shooting at the officer.
6:48 pm
they never actually talked to him. >> that is what i have been hearing also. so we are now putting ourselves in the mind of that deceased suspect. the tactics that he used to try to affect that escape need to be examined. that's where the intelligence information section of this investigation will try to lead. they will do the background on the suspect and find out what his thinkings western. he will find out if he had a location, a residence where they can search and derive information. leland: you make a fascinating point about whether or not he was shooting people to escape. the amount of resources that had to be brought to bear takes a lot of police work.
6:49 pm
>> that's where the command and control of the system has to come in. when you look at an over 20-mile stretch that this suspect wreaked havoc, how do you provide a kinetic control component. each victim will require a fire department medical response. you have to break that down. law enforcement, fire service, ems. we practice it all too often for these tragedies. leland: you were in command with the los angeles police department. these are two pretty small town police departments. very different trying to deal with a situation for them. >> no matter what size the police department is. it's the relationship between local, state and federal
6:50 pm
resources. you know we hear all too often. fbi, homeland security, customs, i.c.e. they will all come in and assist. you hear that radio call it's an all hand call for assistance. leland: there are so many different crime scenes. we heard from the mayor there could be at least six places where people were shot. >> the difficulty will be naturally getting your arms around that hyper dynamic situation. once that situation is stable, you can take your time processing the crime team. you don't want to miss any type of evidence. how minuscule the forensic has to come in. the understanding of processing crime scenes, the fbi does a fantastic job. the evidence recovery teams,
6:51 pm
they are topnotch folks. to bring them in and process these scenes, they are professionals. i am not saying locals can't do it. but when you look at different locations and have different cities involved, if you have one central location that is receiving all of the information from each of the crimes that are processed separately, you can start to develop your full picture. and you have a common operating picture of what occurred. leland: that was an incredible moment and hour in this situation. last question for you. you go back through this situation from the department of public safety and their statement. pointing a rifle toward the rear window, pointed a rifle. he had to have a lot of ammunition on him to inflaict this much damage. >> it's hard for us to speculate
6:52 pm
how much ammo the suspect did have, the type of weaponry. one bullet can do all the damage, and that is the sad state of awares. it takes one bullet. the amount he was carrying, what the load was, i am sure we'll find out in the upcoming hours of the investigation. but if he was capping that's round as he was fleeing and inflicting that much damage, then i would dare to speculate he did have an ample supply of ammo. sir, we appreciate why it it. thanks for being with us. sad day for law enforcement in a way. a day we offer our thanks to them for their clearly heroic actions. we bring in a former atf member.
6:53 pm
as we break down the department of public safety in texas statement, this guy fired at the troopers even before he stopped his car. >> i hate to speculate. but do you think in terms of if this went from evading a car stop to a human hunt. someplace in his mind he prepared for this mentally probably with exchanging ammunition magazines or had a significant amount of ammunition in a single magazine source. this has been a function of his brain for some time. leland: a lot of times people who are drug dealers, other types of criminals, they are getting pulled over by police officers and getting into a shootout because they don't want to be caught. is that something to think
6:54 pm
about? >> let's say this person is a multi-convicted felon and he doesn't want to go to the pen tensary. his attempt to escape his choice of vehicle, either a life of crime or morbid fantasy. he had the idea of causing mass casualty and armed to do it. >> state miss say westec as shooting began when suspect was stopped for failing a left-turn signal while driving. you have got a state trooper vehicle going down the highway. they see somebody not using their turn signal and that's how this all began. wherever he was head, he didn't want to be stopped on the way. >> the investigation is going to yield a significant picture.
6:55 pm
leland: what will they be able to find out about this rifle, drawing on your atf expertise. >> at what retail location it was sold to. at that part they may not have anything beyond that to change hands. but in terms of the life of the firearm, it's going to tie into what this person's plan was for that day. did they intercept him on his way to do something else? it could be a multitude of things. was there a domestic violence or he's a multi convicted felon. our did he have some kind of plan. they will never know the motive and intent because they can't get to the heart of this suspect. but they will paint a picture that will be broader than we could speculate. leland: how difficult is it in a situation like this where you
6:56 pm
have a running gun battle. you have multiple victims. clearly, everyone is calling 911, and he hijacks a mail truck and miss in two i are able to bring an end to this in less than an hour. >> this was an incredible tactical problem the officers executed brilliantly, protecting public safety and risking their own lives. leland: three of them were shot along the way. thanks for staying up with us. right now coming up at 9:00 in midland and odessa, we understand the odessa police department plans to have a news conference before the end of the evening with more information as we learn from the texas department of public safety that this started with a traffic stop. though the suspect never stopped. he just began firing at the officers. shooting and killing at least
6:57 pm
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>> six people including the shooter are dead in texas tonight. more than 20 others injured. the shooting started during the traffic stop in midland, exchanged gunfire with police. the gunmen hijacked service vehicle making its way in. their western part of texas about 20 miles apart. he randomly shot multiple people between midland and odessa. there is no word yet on a possible motive. fbi and other agencies are working on the investigation. police initially reported there could be more than one shooter but now safe there's just one


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