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tv   Watters World  FOX News  August 31, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> we are at a processing center where illegal aliens are being held. we are about to open that door and check it out. >> this is where we seen all the unaccompanied juveniles. this is not the only one we have. we keep the families into there are no unaccompanied juveniles over there. this is the only place where we hold unaccompanied juveniles. >> before they get there, they have a snack before they come in. almost americans don't get snack. illegal aliens were able to get a snack, checked out and there's no more snacks. >> this is some big stuff.
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>> bulletproof bag, get me a whole body armor. we ready. let's go check it out. >> it could be almost 12 people on one of these rafts trying to cross the border to get over to the usa. >> there's no infrastructure. we don't have access we have to come in-and-out of process and properties. it's an extremely popular area. he was the a lot of different divisions and property. >> we had to take it all in. my adrenaline was rushing. they had night goggles. we had our hats on. i feel like maybe i should go and be a border patrol agent. [laughter] >> an integral part of the border security plan, the wall.
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that is heating up this election season. illegal immigration is on the right. democrats doubled down on the call for open borders. a few months ago, i spoke with expert james who is also vp of national security and foreign policy at the heritage foundation. >> great report, i wanted to start with you for example, tell me about hungary's border fence. right now, it's up and effective. >> laws are good when they fit the purpose. hungry and is a great example because the problem was, there were massive flows of illegal refugees and they were doing country hunting. if they didn't like the country, they would move to another country. they said we don't want that so they basically put a fence in
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people went to other countries and stayed out of hungry. worked perfectly. >> one of the other examples, a lot of these politicians against the wall have walls at their own property. mayor built on fazio actually built his wall higher so the reason he extended it because he likes to smoke a little bit. he didn't want people walking by and seeing that. they worked to protect politicians, do they not? >> actors have them, famous and rich people have them. they serve purposes, privacy and public safety. if you're rich, somebody might want to kidnap you. also -- >> i don't think anyone wants to kidnap bill de blasio.
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>> there are also people who walk up and stare in your house so for people like bill gates and zuckerberg, walls make perfect sense. >> one of the famous examples, the wall in israel. tell us about the wall and israel. when did that go up? was that for the palestinians to not come over? >> it's designed to prevent wars. hit the palestinians essentially can export violence to israel anytime they want to, then they have a red button they can cause a war anytime they want. if the israelis want to create a situation where you couldn't have violence whenever the palestinians want to back so they are designed so you can't flee across the border or smuggle terrorists across the border.
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israel is a very small country, heavy comprehensive border security like that is perfect. >> one of my personal favorites, the clintons live, they built security structures and fences and walls around their property. they increased the size and added to it. obviously very important to protect. >> again, same thing. one is public safety. they go after everybody. we've had presidents and famous people assassinated. everybody wants to walk up and pick a flower from ex-president garden. that's back to the trumps thing. the wall serves a purpose. >> of course. >> they got tired of that so
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they put the walls up. >> told the pope that walls are immoral. see what he says. i've got to run. thank you for the debriefing. i appreciate it. up next, a naked bike ride to fight global warming? one of the new writers peddles her way into "watters world". the good news? our comfort lasts all day. the bad news? so does his energy. new depend® fit-flex underwear offers your best comfort and protection guaranteed. because, perfect or not, life's better when you're in it. be there with depend®. tthe bad news? ouyour patience might not.ay. new depend® fit-flex underwear offers your best comfort and protection guaranteed. because, perfect or not, life's better when you're in it.
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>> habit of using stones instead of words to make a point. congressman steve cohen, gorging out on kfc, his way of call bill barr a chicken. and a lot of went on a sex strike calling attention to abortion rights. she took all of her clothes off to make a point. now, they are exposing the
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impact of climate change. by exposing a whole lot more. taking part in a world naked bike ride. joining me now, one of the organizers of the naked bike ride in chicago. elizabeth. what does it feel like to ride naked through the streets of chicago? >> it's empowering. >> wife? >> who get to be with this enormous mass of cyclists who are like-minded and shout your message to the city and the world. >> and you are completely naked on the bikes, nothing else there? >> i wrote in my underpants. people wear what they choose. we see bear as you dare. whatever makes you comfortable. some people are fully closed. we encourage people to be as
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naked as they feel comfortable with. >> what is your message? >> to express how vulnerable we are as cyclists on the road. we want cars and pedestrians to recognize we are exposing ourselves to anything that happens on the roads. we are not in metal cages of cars, keeping us safe. we hope that makes people more aware of us and more careful as they share the road with us. >> there's a climate change message wrapped up in office, am i wrong? >> not at all. we like to celebrate freedom from oil. we ride our bikes so we are not part of that. i write my bikes everyday. i've never owned a car in my life. >> do you know how to drive a car? >> i know how, i learned in high
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school and used the family car for work and theater in high school, i can drive. i just prefer not to. i don't think it's necessary. >> you don't think it's necessary so maybe you don't but other people do. you don't want all cars banished, right? you're doing it as a personal -- idea? >> i wouldn't say i think all cars should be banished but i do think our car culture is extre extreme, it needs to be checked. >> wow. >> people need to be aware there are other options out there. you don't need to drive a car for everything all the time. >> i do but maybe i'm not as brave or as in shape. thank you for paddling into "watters world". i appreciate it. >> thanks for having me.
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>> if you think the naked bike ride was drastic, we enter you here about aoc and her followers. or rather what they are not doing. for the sake of climate change. that's next.
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seems like the left is getting more and more radical by the day. liberals subject do almost anything to make a political statement. for aoc, questioning whether people should be having more kids due to climate change. >> it's time to take her consensus, backup children will beat their difficult. i think young people could have a legitimate question, is it okay to still have children? >> she's not the only one.
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women in great britain are now refusing to have children until mobile warming ends. >> i will, child until i'm absolutely convinced we are on a seriously different path. >> i spoke with the founder of the strike. >> if you give birth, which you are refusing to do but if you get pregnant and give birth, what would be the problem to the world or your child? >> the problem we are talking about is that we are afraid for the kids is futures. >> how are you afraid of their future? >> we are afraid for their futures. >> but what could happen to the child when they grow up? >> what we're looking at is worldwide famine. shortages across the world as a result of drought and how we
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feed ourselves. also mass displacement of peop people, five to 6 billion refugees as a result of climate change. >> so you think if you have a baby and the baby grows up, they will not have anything to eat because climate change will cause massive droughts and food shortages? do you really believe we won't have any food in a couple of years because of climate change? >> not in a couple of nears, no. at the end of the center. >> for decades, people on the left or the media has been predicting polar ice caps will melt, al gore said they would be melted by now. seventys and 80s and 90s, they all said the earth would end, manhattan would be swimming
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and will sink. these things have never happened. what makes you so sure they wi will? >> i won't contest with the frictions about ecological breakdowns, just look at the site yourself. >> scientists said -- >> do you even have a family? you have a wife and children? >> yes. >> are you worried about them, their future? >> no. i think they will be great. i don't think they will starve. >> when that's the case, i hope you are right. >> i think i am right and i don't believe that science because it's not there. >> you've told not to believe that science by government.
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you live in a western country where things aren't happening in your country yet except for the thing that happened in the california or the other things are happening -- >> do you remember when the scieists said -- >> -- >> do you remember when they said the earth was the center of the universe? there was consensus about the geocentric theory? was wrong. y2k was wrong. there's been a lot of errors in the scientific community. what happens if you have a kid that solves the climate crisis? you'd be denying the world -- >> you haven't got time for that. >> a nobel peace winning scientist. why would you deny the wealth that? >> you are not listening to any
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think the people are telling you. >> i'm listening, i just don't believe it. >> wild and that's the problem. >> may be belief, maybe gullibility but i wish you well. do you fly? do you drive? >> i've stopped flying now. i drive a bit. >> that will kill us all, too. you might want to start walking. >> you are ignoring the truth. i've made a decision because i'm afraid for the child i would bring into the world. >> well i've got to go. i have respect for your beliefs. >> but you don't but i thank you would actually go and look for yourself. >> what we can have a difference of opinion.
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dodgeball, legendary schoolyard game that most of us played at one time in our life. it may be a thing of the past. researchers in canada are now saying the old-fashioned game is a tool of oppression. it triggers bullying in schools. the researchers who co-authored the study, claire, professor at simon fraser university. why is dodgeball so bad? >> not the first to raise this topic. i don't know if your viewers are aware but your national
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education association in the u.s. has entered a whole chain in 1992. the reason is, it's an elimination game. we don't recommend those in the curriculum. >> what's wrong with elimination games? >> it eliminates players. >> same thing as ring around the rosie? >> exactly. >> are you against ring around the rosie? >> well duck duck goose is also in the whole of shame. >> so you are against duck duck goose and ring around the rosie? that's a little much, no? >> they systematically eliminate players. i encourage people to play
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together as a team through the game. >> doesn't baseball also systematically eliminate people? you go up to the plate, strike out and hit a home run. >> what we are finding a lot of people who are contacting as a result of the media we have, sink that had a really bad time. it's not ethical. >> kids have a hard time with things in school, sometimes it's lunch, sometimes it's math, sometimes it's dodgeball. just because some kid has a hard time, doesn't mean we should eliminate it. they learn through resilience. activity into the educational aspect of it, you're learning. you learn how to play, you learned your limitations and strengths.
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if you're saying you're some fat, slow kid, you're not getting targeted all the time, you can catch the ball. then the other guy who throws it, has to go to jail. doesn't it work like that? >> come and check out programs here, we are not against challenge, we understand kids are mean to each other. it's not about risky play, or challenge. we support all team sports, it's what we do but dodgeball is the only game that uses the human body as a target. the only game that does this to students and adults, in the climate where government obesity, we have a problem with
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bullying, we just don't recommend it in the curriculum. if the grown-ups want to play, as an extracurricular activity, that's fine. >> we agree to disagree. i love dodgeball. i had a great time playing it. i turned out all right. i know people who work targeted a lot in dodgeball, they much make much more money now. maybe that was the motivating factor for them. you never know. i have to run. thank you very much. up next, one of my favorite interviews of the year. instagram star, "watters world". thatthere you are, mom!here. that's you? that does kinda look like our family. what are you wearing? ancestry has over 400,000 yearbooks from all across the country. start searching for your friends and family, free,
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>> one day they can use it to come back and bite you in the ass. jesse: that's tommy keeping it old school. you may know him from old fellas. he's preaching about respect, loyalty. he's very popular. you are giving advice to people. it's simple advice. some people think it's funny because the advice is so simple it seems obvious. why are you the advice king now? >> i started off just giving one of my thoughts and before you not, people like, oh, my god, it was as if i created something that never was. but it was at one point.
11:57 pm
jesse: what does it mean to live old school. >> to live back in the day when it was simpler times where people had respect. people had manners. today, you cut the person off, let the person go. wait a few seconds. you don't need to give them finger. you don't need to chase them down the block. let them go. jesse: here is you in the shower giving some advice. here is my thought of the day. be strong, because things get better. it may be stormy now but it doesn't rain forever. that's the old school way. never ever give up. big time tommie from the shower.
11:58 pm
jesse: it seems like the scene with all the advice. stick to your guns, be yourself. don't worry about the drama and stay focused on the positive. >> absolutely. it's very simple, just be nice. it takes too much time to have negative energy. it's very simple. >> what's the big announcement you want to make? >> every since i have been doing this instagram and i blew up, people are calling me different nice names now instead of just fat, you eat a lot, what's your cholesterol. now people are calling me legend, boss. a lot of people saying tommy you should run for president. you know what tommy is doing? tommy is going to make america old school again. >> tommy is running for
11:59 pm
president, everybody. >> and i want people to vote. if you want and old school world and simpler times and things to be nice, i'm your guy. >> people should send you money. >> it's not about the money. it's will making things old school against. jesse: are you running against trump? >> yes, i am running against donald trump. jesse: maybe they should switch pence out for big time tommie. >> i am thinking with big time tommie as president i will bring back days you never saw before. all he has got to do is call big-time tommy. questions * that all for us tonight. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter.
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"justice" is next and remember i'm "watters world" and this is my


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