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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 1, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> and we are following two major stories at this hour. hurricane dorian strengthening to a catastrophic category five storm as it slowly churns towards the u.s., threatening to devastate communities along the east coast. and police now confirming that seven people have died in yesterday's shooting rampage acrosses west texas. across west texas. president trump responding to the latest on both developments. hello, everyone, welcome to "america's news headquarters," i'm laura ingle. mike: and i'm mike emmanuel. yesterday's shooting began with a traffic stop on a highway near midland, texas. a white male in his 30s opened fire on officers before driving
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off west toward odessa, hijacking a u.s. postal vehicle and fighter at people at random along the way. we're expecting an update from texas officials in one hour. meanwhile, this latest in a series of mass shootings has lawmakers upping the pressure on congress to act on gun control. and former texas congressman beth toe o'rourke now, a 2020 presidential candidate, also weighing in this morning. >> we're averaging about 300 mass shootings a year. no other country comes close. so, yes, this is [bleep] up, and if we don't call it out for what it is, if we're not able to speak clearly, if we're not able to act decisively, then we will continue to have this kind of bloodshe would in america, and i cannot -- bloodshed in america, and i i cannot accept that. mike: let's go to alicia acuna in odessa, texas, with the latest. >> reporter: hi, mike. texas governor greg abbott is
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scheduled to be in odessa later on today, if he's not here already. you mentioned that news conference where we're expecting an update at the top of the hour, and you also mentioned this is a crime that began in midland and came west to odessa. police are saying once the suspect got into the odessa area, he started shooting at what appeared to be at random. he got to synergy movie theater where the police ended up shooting him. we're going to play cell phone video followed by witness video of the last confrontation with authorities. >> i got you, i got you! it's okay! [gunfire] [background sounds] >> oh, god, they're shooting right there. oh, he hit the barrier! the cop just hit the barrier! get down, get down, get down. >> get down. >> stand still. he's shooting 'em, he's shooting
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'em! >> reporter: 19 people were shot and injured including a 17-month-old little girl, 2 police officers and a state trooper. seven were killed. the president spoke on this just a moment ago. >> i'd like to thank law enforcement yesterday in texas. they've been incredible. first responders, law enforcement, the police, the fbi, governor abbott, incredible job they did. it's tragic. but they did an incredible job under the circumstances. >> reporter: the fbi now is asking anyone who might have information on this tragedy to call their national threat operations center at 800-225-5324. and, of course, you can give information anonymously. mike, they're still trying to figure out exactly why this happened. hopefully, we'll get some more information at that news conference happening at the top of the hour. mike? mike: alicia acuna leading us
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off, thank a lot. more reaction ahead, we'll speak to mayor of midland at the bottom of the hour. republican leader of the house kevin mccarthy on where the white house and congress might find common ground on possible gun reform legislation. laura: hurricane dorian bearing down on the northern bahamas, strengthening into a monster category five storm as it moves closer to the u.s. mainland, prompting statements of emergency from florida to the carolinas. president trump about to depart from the white house on his way to the fema briefing that is scheduled just a few minutes from now. this as communities brace for devastating winds and catastrophic flooding. here's acting fema administrator pete gaynor on fox news sunday. >> one of the things that we worry about most, you know, the majority of -- 90% of all weather-related deaths come from water, flooding surge. 50% of those deaths are people in cars driving through flooded waters.
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you've got to take this storm seriously. laura: fox team coverage for you now, senior meteorologist janice dean is in the fox extreme weather center, but we begin with senior correspondent rick leventhal reporting from jacksonville, florida. rick, how are things looking there are? >> reporter: well, it's fine here now, but jacksonville is one of the areas that could be affected by this monster cat five hurricane. the area getting pounded right now is the northern bahamas, and we just got a tweet from the national hurricane center that illustrates the severity of this storm, tweeting and warning of extreme winds in excess of 180 miles per hour over the next few hours, so take cover now. this is an extremely dangerous and life-threatening situation. move immediately to the safe room in your shelter. this storm the bringing 2 feet of rain in some spots, even more and a 20-foot storm surge according to the nhc. forecasters suggest it's likely to turn to the north and east
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and hug the coastline, but it could make landfall anywhere from central florida to the carolinas. fema has prestaged assets in key areas, and folks in the jacksonville area have done some preparing, boarding up gas stations, other vulnerable homes and businesses on the beach and moving huge generators and other equipment into place. florida governor ron desantis reminding people there is still reason for concern. >> it keeps chugging towards the coast and does that late turn, then we get in a situation where we could have interactions with the actual hurricane force winds, and that will cause a lot of damage if that runs up the coast. >> reporter: yesterday on our way north on the turnpike we passed a convoy of prison buses escorted by state troopers. these were some of the 900 inmates who have been relocated to facilities further from the coast that are better equipped to weather the storm. as you mentioned, florida one of several states now with states of emergency, and we're hearing there are mandatory evacuation orders being implemented today in a number of florida counties
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including palm beach and martin counties for people in low-lying areas or in unsafe structures, they're moving those folks to shelters that have already opened with the storm still days away. laura: thank you so much for that report, jacksonville, florida, bracing for that. and president trump weighed in on dorian a short time ago when he returned to the white house from camp david. listen here. >> this is now a category five. it seems to be one of the biggest hurricanes we've ever seen. we don't know where it's going to hit, but we have an idea, probably a little bit different than the original course. the original course was headed to florida, now it seems to be going up towards south carolina, toward north carolina. georgia's going to be hit, alabama's going to get a piece of it, it looks like. but it can change its course again, and it could go back more towards florida. laura: let's go to senior meteorologist janice dean in the fox extreme weather center. janice, i was listening to you earlier, it's not just your
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words, it's the way your tone has changed as you're watching the storm to tell us all how serious this really is. >> reporter: historic, especially for the northwestern bahamas. they've never experienced a storm of this strength, 180 mile-per-hour sustained winds, gusts of upwards of 220 miles an hour. so your prayers are needed. this storm is about to make landfall across marsh harbor in the bahamas. i can't even imagine, category five going over these areas and very low-lying. and when you're talking about a 23-foot storm surge, that is just going to overtop everything. everything. we have advisories now, hurricane watches in effect for parts of florida. so the national hurricane center is saying there's a good chance you're going to see hurricane force winds in the next 48 hours, and the cone, by the way, two days out, there's a 70-mile discrepancy. so if this storm jogs 30 miles to the west, we're going to be dealing with hurricane force conditions, storm surge, over a
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foot of rainfall and then the effects of perhaps a category four hurricane. hurricane force winds all up and down the coast. and because this storm is moving so slowly, this is not going to be just a whoop up the east towards the coastline, this is going to be a days-long event, and that's why i'm concerned, because this is going to be here monday, tuesday, into wednesday still off the coast of florida as major hurricane. and then we're going to watch georgia and the carolinas over the next couple of days for perhaps a landfalling hurricane over georgia or north carolina or south carolina. so a lot of -- especially as we go further out in time, the discrepancies here, the question marks get even bigger. of and here's the latest round of forecast models, and from yesterday we're seeing a trend towards the west. so as i mentioned, 30 miles towards the west is going to make the difference between a tropical storm force wind and a hurricane force wind. and then all of that water
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piling onshore. we're going to have the potential for inland flooding. so people need to listen. they're going to be doing evacuations, and i would assume they're probably going to be doing evacuations parts of coastal georgia, in towards south and north carolina as well. this is one of the worst hurricanes i've ever tracked in the 16 years that i've been here, laura. back to you. laura: very important warnings, janice dean, thank you so much for that report. >> reporter: you got it. >> i've been speaking to a lot of senators, we've been speaking to a lot of house members, a lot of republics, a lot of -- republicans, a lot of democrats, and people want to do something, so we're going -- this really hasn't changed anything. we're doing a package, and we'll see what it all, how it comes about. it's coming about right now, and a lot of people are talking about. and that's irrespective of what happened yesterday in texas. mike: president trump a short time ago talking about legislative efforts to prevent future gun violence after yet
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another mass shooting as lawmakers get set to return to capitol hill from summer recess. let's bring in house minority leader kevin mccarthy of california. congressman, great to see you. >> thanks for having me, mike. mike: this morning i spoke exclusively with the co-chair of the democratic policy communications committee on "sunday morning futures." let's play what he said, and i'll ask you to respond. >> we passed two common sense proposals back in february, universal background checks and closing the charleston loophole. they are sitting in the senate awaiting action. we've called on the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, to bring the senate back and pass those bills. the reason this is important, universal background checks work. mike: leader mccarthy, your reaction and your thoughts a after this latest attack in odessa. >> well, at the very first, our thoughts and prayers are for all those in texas as they cope with this and for the law enforcement. i want to thank them for their work. i also want them to do their
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work to be able to give us the knowledge of how we can prevent this. i know from the house side and the republican side we're willing to work with anyone that wants to find common sense solutions to prevent this from happening in the future. while at the same time, protecting due process for anyone who is a law-abiding citizen as we move forward. and that is something that we've talked about. that is something that we want to make sure we're able to have these hearings, we're able to have law enforcement that has looked at these shootings before. what is the legislation that can prevent this, because lots of times we hear legislation come forward that will not prevent this and has challenges at the same time. mike: without knowing the motive at this point, is it difficult to say if more background checks would work? >> well, the one thing i've found -- i don't know why this took place. i know the police officer pulled this individual over, don't know why he was being pulled over, what went through this process. we do know mental health is a major problem in what's happening in america today, that
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that is one element of what's the deal here. we also knew that the national instant criminal background check was a problem, and in the last congress that's why we did something about that. we made sure we updated that, because when you looked at other shootings that took place -- one that happened in texas, when you look at what happened down at parkland that the fbi was warned about it not once, but twice, why did those things fall through the crack? we knew the national instant criminal background check had a problem, and we updated that. those are the things we are looking at, how do we find common sense solutions to make sure we can prevent this, not legislation that just is going to carry this on further. mike: you touched on mental health are there some other common sense things related to violet video game or even the ability of a family to report a loved one who may e be having a difficult time, could that all be part of some bipartisan congressional ponce? >> well, i think what we really have to look at here is you know that mental health is a
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disturbing issue that these individuals have, to be able to take aing gun, go kill individuals that they do not know and to build in that case. we know that in parkland that the fbi was warned twice. given the name of this shooter, told that there was a mental problem, told that his infatuation with guns, said that even on a web site that he said he was going to take a shooting. we've watched from those instances why did that fall through the cracks. we watched in california where they stopped a shooting from happening because of somebody reporting and knowing that the person worked in a marriott hotel, that they were able to stop the situation. how can we find common sense to prevent these things from happening, i think that's where we find common ground. mike to the other massive story we are track, this hurricane dorian. and as we look at the potential of massive damage along the east coast from that hurricane, is more disaster funding relief needed? >> well, i've checked with the agency. they have, they tell me at this moment they have the funding they need to deal with this
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right now. and normally how we deal with these disasters, make sure we have the resources, make sure we're moving the resources in place so once this, these winds hit that we can get the areas back up and running. and i want to congratulate or thank the president for focusing on this, taking his weekend and canceling his trip, working with governor desantis and the senators from florida and others to prepare us for this. now, if there is a situation after this hits that there is need for resources, i know congress -- as we've done before -- that we will act to help. but the one thing everybody in this line, and i know the modeling changes hour by hour, but if you're in the path, this is something bigger than we've seen in the past. please do not stay there. please listen to the authorities and move out of the area. mike: good advice there. now to politics. about 135 or so democrats are favoring impeachment. is pressure building on speaker nancy pelosi to go forward or to rule it out?
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>> well, the pressure is only building inside the new democrat socialist caucus. remember, chairman nadler became chairman by campaigning, saying he would be the best person for impeachment -- [laughter] back two years ago. so this is something they wanted to do, something that the facts don't play out of why you would impeach an individual. i think in that committee we have had a a crisis at the border, we've got challenges to be able to stop these shootings from taking place. those are the hearings they should be having, not focused where chairman nadler has gone for the entire time inside congress that he's wasted it on this witch hunt of going forward. i think the american public, and if you follow any of these presidential candidates who are running for president on the democratic side, they don't get asked about impeachment. i'm not being asked about it in my district. what we are asked about is the crisis on the border, how do we prevent these shootings. this committee has jurisdiction
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over things that chairman nadler is not dealing with. mike: i also talked with congressman he's linney about the squad being the face of the democratic party. >> look, these are members who have a following, they have a point of view. i think one of the great strengths of our caucus is everyone comes with their passion and their ideas and their best thinking, and out of that we'll produce legislation that's the best for the american people. that's how our democracy's supposed to work. i think to characterize the democratic caucus based on two or three people, the american people are smarter than that. mike: is the squad a bigger headache than he's letting on, leader mccar think? >> well, listen, they're having a war, and it's not the republican party who's making the face of the democratic party, this democratic party has changed. it's not the democratic party of the past. this squad now controls the party, and they call themselves socialist democrats. the one thing you'd have to see -- there was a recent poll, what was the most requested endorsement in a democratic primary? number one was barack obama.
9:18 am
you know who number two was? was aoc. they are the controlling interests of the party. when we left before our break, who did the speaker of the house meet with? she met with a freshman member, aoc, and who put the picture up? the speaker. she has surrendered this party to this new squad that controls it. they cannot pass manager on the floor -- something on the floor without first talking to them. if it's something that this new squad does not agree with, they change course and bring the bill down. now the squad has even changed the belief within with the democratic party of whether they support israel or not. that has now come into question. it's not the republicans doing this, this is the new democrat socialist party having new leaders and controlling it. they may not have the title of the speaker, but they have the power of it. mike: we're almost out of time, sir. 13 weeks of protests in hong kong, what's your analysis of the situation there? >> well, first of all, i will stand with anyone who stands for
9:19 am
freedom. and this is something we should be watching very closely. america has a history. america's more than a country, we are an idea. and when you look at what's happening in hong kong, they're standing up for their own rights. they're standing up to one belief. it's the same as those shipyard workers in poland stood up decades ago, and america stood with them. this is the world should be watching, and china should understand that the world is watching what's happening in hong kong. mike: leader kevin mccarthy, see you back on the hill, sir. thanks for your time. >> thank you. laura: the trade war between the world's two largest economies not likely to deescalate anytime soon with a new round of tariffs taking effect today. we're live with more on the ripple effect of the tariff tit for tat and what it may have on your bottom line. >> a lot of badly-run companies are trying to blame tariffs. in other words, if they're running badly and they're having a bad quarter or they're just
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how you watch it does too. tv just keeps getting better. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> you never give in to despair, and you never let go of your 1,000-year history. in the years that followed this day, 80 years ago, your light
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shone in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it. laura: vice president mike pence paying tribute to the polish people at a gathering in warsaw to mark 80 years since the nazi invasion which started world war ii. pence attending the ceremony in place of president trump who canceled his trip to monitor hurricane dorian. nazi ships opened fire in a port in the predawn hours of september 1, 1939, with german troops storming a border village within hours. france and the united kingdom declared war two days later. mike: the trade war with china entering a new phase with 15% tariffs on $112 billion in chinese imports taking effect today. this latest round of tariffs projected to raise prices on many consumer goods and still no deal in sight. kevin corke is live at the white
9:25 am
house with more. hello, kevin. >> reporter: mike, good to be with you. a couple of views on that premise. on the one hand, it's simple. you import chinese-made goods, you're going to pay more. if you buy chinese-made goods, you're going to pay more too, but the other viewpoint certainly from the white house's perspective, if you want to avoid those tariffs, just don't buy goods made in china. let me take you inside the numbers and explain for the folks at home exactly what we're talking about, those new tariffs set to take effect again today. more big dollars coming in by way of the importers having to pay on those duties. let me tell you what it's all about. as you said, more tariffs charged on imports valued at $111 billion, this time tools, apparel, footwear and electronics. additional tariffs, mike, of 15% on another $6 billion of smart -- 156 billion of smartphones, laptops, video games have been pushed back until december 15th. that is, as you know, the period
9:26 am
when goods are typically imported for the holiday season, so that would be after that period. certainly, that would help americans who buy those goods at christmas. so the question is who pays and is the strategy working? here's the president. >> they are actually paying for all of the tariffs. we have, in addition to that as you know, they're pouring money into their economy. so those two things, they are paying for their tariffs. as you know, some new tariffs get on, we're taking in tens of billions of dollars, we're giving some of the money to the farmers. i'm making the farmers more than whole. the farmers are doing better than if china, frankly, were buying. >> reporter: it's really simple, the u.s. previously imposed tariffs on 25% on about $250 billion worth of chinese imports, largely on items used by businesses, and those tariffs are set to rise to 30% in a month. now, the chamber of commerce and
9:27 am
the afl-cio both oppose the tariffs, they say this doesn't help american consumers, but some congressional a lawmakers think it's high time someone finally stood up to the chinese. >> i give the president credit for challenging china on some of its really egregious behavior, the theft of intellectual property and coercive technology transfers. that is unacceptable behavior. i would have preferred a different set of tactics, but the president deserves credit for challenging china. >> reporter: obviously, there's going to be a retaliation by the chinese. in fact, we're told they're going to hit america beginning today on soybean exports from our country into china, also crude and pharmaceuticals. no end in sight, mike, but the talks do continue later on this month. mike: kevin corke, thanks a lot. laura: and for more on all this, let's bring in nile gardener, director of the margaret thatcher center for freedom at
9:28 am
the heritage foundation. thanks for being here. >> my pleasure, laura. laura: we're looking at an estimated two-thirds of the consumer goods that the u.s. imports from china which includes some clothes, shoes, sporting goods. what do you think, is this the right approach? >> i think it's a very dangerous approach, actually, and i think the last thing the u.s. economy needs right now is a trade war with china and large scale tariffs being applied on both sides. trade with china is worth $660 billion a year, and there's no doubt about it, i think, that a trade the war with china could tip the u.s. economy and the global economy into recession. and i think the tariffs only harm u.s. consumers and manufacturers. and i think that this is not the right approach. the best a approach towards china really is to sanction specific individual chinese companies, engaging in, for example, intellectual property theft. we also need to sanction chinese companies doing business with north korea, iran.
9:29 am
we need to have specific, targeted sanctions against china's entities that harm u.s. interests. but blanket tariffs harm the u.s. economy, they harm u.s. consumers, they harm u.s. farmers, manufacturers, and this is not the right way forward. and protectionist policies have never benefited the united states or any economy in the world in the past. the united states is an economy based upon success of free markets, free trade, economic freedom. that's the best approach here, and we do need to hit the chinese hard in specific areas where they're harming u.s. interests, but a blanket tariff approach, i think, is counterproductive, and i think it does undermine, i think, the overall success of the u.s. economy. laura: and, nile, looking forward many economists say american shoppers have been a key component for the economy these day, right? people feeling good, spending their money. not only do we have what happened with this weekend with the tariffs, but the trump administration is also planning for a second round of 15%
9:30 am
tariffs in december. so is this more that could or should be done when it comes to the economy with china, like what else could be done? >> yeah. i think it's very counterproductive, actually, to hit u.s. consumers and to hit u.s. consumer confidence. and this would have a very negative impact on the u.s. economy. but i do think that the united states and china need to come to a real agreement, a common trade deal here to sort out their differences. and at the same time, the united states can be very, very tough on china. let's make no mistake here. china certainly is an increasingly adversary for the united states. it is a huge capacity for the united states. we need to hit the chinese very ors very hard where they're not playing by the rules, and we need to hit companies such as huawei, for example. it poses a security risk to the united states. but let's not hit u.s. consumers and manufacturers -- laura: okay, nile. >> -- and the u.s. economy.
9:31 am
lawyer lawyer i want to talk about brexit for a minute. what could the fallout be without parolment? how likely is a u.s./britain trade deal? we want to get that in. >> well, i think without a doubt britain is going to leave the european union on october 31st, and this will be a great development for britain and for the united states as well. we are going to see a u.s./u.k. free trade deal certainly in 2020. this deal is going to be great for the united states and for the united kingdom. it's going to be a force generator for economic freedom and prosperity on both sides of the atlantic, it's going to generate jobs in both the u.s. and u.k. brexit is great news for american workers and manufacturers, it's also great news for britain and for the principles of self-determination, economic freedom, the right of the british people to decide their own future. and without a doubt britain is going to be freed from the shackles of the e.u. on october 31st. boris johnson's showing tremendous leadership in the u.k., leading britain in the
9:32 am
brexit era. and also it has to be said, i think the united states has offered tremendous support and backing for brexit. president trump has offered tremendous support, that is the right approach for america to take. laura: all right, nile, always great to have you perspective. >> my pleasure. laura: thank you so much. >> thank you very much. laura: all right. mike? mike: laura, texas reeling again after the state's second mass shooting in less than a month. 22 killed in el paso august 3rd, 8 people including the suspect in the midland/odessa rampage. police trying to figure out what prompted it. we talk to the mayor of midland, texas, straight ahead. maria ramirez! mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs...
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make your home feel like you. that's what you get when you've got wayfair. so shop now! mike: live pictures of president trump at fema getting a briefing on hurricane dorian. let's listen in. >> at least some very strong winds. this just came up, unfortunately, it's the size of -- the storm that we're talking about, alabama please be
9:37 am
careful also. i ask everyone in hurricane dorian's path to heed all warnings and evacuation orders from local authorities. it looks like they're going to o be giving them, unfortunately. it's just been building out this, it's been moving very slowly. it's a bad thing, not a good thing. the slower it moves, the bigger it is and the bigger it gets. we want to minimize any unnecessary risk to public and our brave first responders that have been working very hard with governor desantis in florida on getting fuel, getting gasoline brought in. because they've never seen anything like it, the rush to get so much. and, again, the coast guard and the army and the marines, they've been incredible. they've gotten tremendous amounts of gasoline brought in very quickly. americans are strong, determined and resilient, and we will support each other, and we will work very hard to minimize whatever the effect of what's
9:38 am
coming at us. we don't even know what's coming at us. all we know is it's possibly the biggest. i have -- i'm not sure that i've ever even heard of a category five. i knew it existed, and i've seen some category fours. you don't even see them that much. but a category five is something that i don't know that i've ever even heard the term other than i know it's there. that's the ultimate and that's what we have, unfortunately. so with that, i'd like to maybe ask kevin if you'd like to say a few words, and we'll go around, and if anyone has any suggestions or questions. thank you. >> thank you very much, mr. president. thanks for meeting with us today, for your focus on our readiness and for amply fight messages on preparedness -- amplifying. thank you also to our cabinet partners and state governors for joining us for the briefing today. i think what you'll see and hear from our conversation is really outstanding teamwork across the federal government, but also with our partners that we're supporting at the state and
9:39 am
local level to be ready for this massive some storm. for our briefing today, we're going to start with an update on the forecast from ken graham, the director of the national hurricane center, and then we'll go to our governors for updates on the state preparedness, and then acting ad morer will -- administrator will talk about the federal effort to have resources ready. >> thank you, sir. yeah, mr. president, wanted to give you the latest update on hurricane dorian, and it's all about communicating that threat to the bahamas and also along the southeast coast of florida. i wanted to thank you for being able to get some of that information out, retweeting and tweeting out information to make sure that everyone's prepared for the storm. i want to start with the satellite, giving us an incredible amount of information. the structure is just a very powerful hurricane, 180 miles an hour, a dangerous situation. and moving west at 7 mile-an-hour, so a very slow storm. the eye right here, very
9:40 am
pawrvelg moving to the bahamas bringing devastating winds, devastating rainfall. you can see some phases of it's 30 inch os of rain and -- inches of rain and some of the storm surge over 20 feet. very dangerous for them x. the sheer size really points to some of the impact as we move along as we get more information on the forecast. the hurricane hunters, i wanted to definitely take the time, the air force hurricane hunters and the noaa hurricane hunters, these are the men and women and the aircraft that are flying right through the middle of this storm out and running patterns for us to get the latest information. so these forecast wind updates on the intensity has been coming from the data we're getting from them. just wanted to thank them, true heros in the information that we need to make the forecast. speaking of this forecast, you know, a couple things come out here. really if we're looking at a forecast really slowing down. we expect the storm to slow down with time and some of these impacts stretching well away from the center. in this case, well over 100
9:41 am
miles from the center. it's not just about the center, it's stretched well outside that center as well. and the track that's really focused on a couple things, the track, we've had a high pressure system out of the atlantic, and that's what caused the is system to continue to move west. however, a fast system, if we had a fast system, it would have continued to move in that direction. because of this slowdown, the inherent characteristics of these storms, sometimes they just slow down, and it's allowing a small trough the steer, these things are steered by things thousands of miles away, that is allowing it to slow down and eventually turn. the big question is where's it going to make that turn x that's why we have the forecast cone, such an important part of our forecast because we really tell the general public not to necessarily just focus on that center line where that is. we tell them focus on the cone because that's based on our average error over the last five years. really the way to think about it is the center could be anywhere inside that cone, so that allows for small changes that put this
9:42 am
right along the coast. we could also see landfall moving northward. so that's why we really tell people to really pay attention and be ready with time. and we're going to be dealing with this hurricane all week. look at the time frames here. this is 8 a.m. monday and 8 a.m. tuesday, very devastating to the bahamas because this is so slow. that's wednesday, thursday and friday. so we're going to see impacts in florida, georgia and also the carolinas with time. and the rainfall is something we want to that talk about. we'll have storm surge impacts, we'll also have some rain in addition to the winds. and some of this rain, this is a message that we're seeing with the general public, you see these values of 6-8 inches, in some places more, but little, teeny changes in that track could bring some of these higher values onshore. right now we're thankful most of those are offshore, but a small change in that forecast will give you a little wobble that brings some of these high values onshore. we're keeping everybody ready, we're doing the interviews,
9:43 am
we're talking to the emergency managers. i just can't explain how, what a tight relationship, close relationship noaa has and the weather service with fema, the state emergency managers, the governors and also the local and county managers up there. they're our partners, and we're all in this together. that concludes my briefing, mr. president. >> could i just ask you, two days ago we were given a really comprehensive briefing, and they seemed the think almost every prediction was that it was going to go right through florida and into the gulf. actually, right across florida. does that not have a chance of happening now, or what do you think? i mean, everything seems now it goes up north. what do you think the chances that it goes directly straight as the original predictions were? >> yeah. this is, the swell inside this cone kind of gets the variability in that forecast track. the forecast has it nudged to the north because now it has that influence with that trough. teeny changes can make a big
9:44 am
difference in the eventual movement of these storms, literally thousands of parameters that we're trying to measure and put into computer models to be able to get these tracks. a small change can cause that forecast track to nudge a little bit. that's why there's so much uncertainty. and we spend a lot of time talking about the actual cone because you look at the last five years, and that's the forecast error possible with that track. we try to communicate these uncertainties, and it does happen especially when you're measuring thousands of parameters trying to get the model -- >> how certain are you that it'll go north? >> every single computer model that we have is pulling this to the north, but the big question we have is about where that center's going to go, and that's why we're really trying to communicate the aspect of that landfall literally could be right on the coast anywhere in florida and even up the carolinas. we could see a landfall too soon where you could have some damage right along the coast, but we're trying to communicate even if it's offshore, look at the size. noaa satellite, how big the
9:45 am
storm is, even if it's offshore, that can bring devastating impacts even on the coast. we're trying to communicate that size and really trying to focus people on this large system and not just the center. >> great job. thank you very much. >> mr. president, we are joined today, as you mentioned, by governors from florida, georgia, north carolina, south carolina. we begin, first, with governor desantis from the state of florida. sir? >> well, thank you, and thank you, mr. president, for all you've done for florida. obviously, you've done a lot for the michael aftermath, which those folks are still rebuilding. now we have tor january, and to put dorian in perspective in terms of -- [inaudible] this is significantly stronger than -- mike: an ominous briefing at fema headquarters, president trump hearing from his homeland security and emergency management team, also starting to hear from the governors about the path of dorian and the threat that this hurricane may e be with us on the east coast for much of this week. stay with fox news for the very
9:46 am
latest on the hurricane and its path, a category five right now heading across the bahamas, heading towards the east coast of the united states. several threatening stops along the way, it appears that it will hit on its way up the east coast of the u.s. mike: we are awaiting an update from officials in west texas on the deadly mass shooting that started with a traffic stop yesterday. the suspect firing at random, killing at least seven people. police now trying to determine a motive. let's bring in the mayor of midland, texas, jerry morales. mr. mayor, now that this terrible attack on folks there in the permian basin in west texas has sunk in a bit, what are your thoughts? >> yeah, definitely we arstill dealing with the aftermath, and both communities are in tremendous shock and very sad
9:47 am
news, we've lost seven lives and had had three of our law enforcement officers shot. there's just a lot of shock and sadness, trying to understand it and realize what happened. it happened so quickly, and so we are doing a lot of praying, a lot of hugging and we need time to understand. mike: i started my career work at at one of the local stations there, and i know the pride of those law enforcement agencies on the front lines yesterday. your thoughts on their heroic efforts. >> yeah, most definitely. it's amazing to see both local law enforcement behind the state troopers, they worked together in unity, and they were moving very rapidly as this shooter was in his vehicle and moving at high speed. they really were able to react and bring the shooter down, in my opinion, very quickly. mike: mr. mayor, i know the investigators are working very hard to get to the bottom of
9:48 am
this, trying to leave no stone up turned. have you heard -- unturned. have you heard anything about a possible motive? >> we have not. again, we're here in a few minutes shortly the governor will be here in odessa, both mayors are here, we will be joining the governor to better understand, hopefully, what took place. i know right now if you're driving the streets of odessa, you have the texas rangers, they are at every intersection where the shooting took place trying to analyze, you know, the bullets and all of what took place. but this shooter apparently was disgruntled is the rumor, with his employer. there's no factual information on that yet, but possibly was going back to his place of employment. mike: four weeks ago it was an an attack 300 miles to the west in el paso. how shocked are you that now it was in your area? >> yeah. personally, i'm very shocked. this is my hometown and was very, just shocking and
9:49 am
appalling saying that there's a shooter on our interstate. and then hoping that it wasn't going to be much and when it transpired into this individual traveling at high speed down the interstate and just firing a rifle, we knew it was going to get bad. and sure enough, it has been just a horrible, horrific scene, and we are very sad and trying to regroup. mike: mayor jerry morales of midland, texas, our thoughts and prayers are with you and the great people there in west texas. we'll be right back. >> thank you. mmercial vehicle so i don't have hands... or a camera...or a website. should we franchise? is the market ready for that? can we franchise? how do you do that? meg! oh meg! we should do that thing where you put the business cards in the fishbowl and somebody wins something. -meg: hi. i'm here for... i'm here for the evans' wedding. -we've got the cake in the back, so, yeah. -meg: thank you. -progressive knows small business makes big demands. -you're not gonna make it, you're not gonna make it! ask her if we can do her next wedding too!
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laura: the changing path of hurricane dorian putting the entire southeastern seaboard on alert. the potential strike zone now including the state of georgia. joining us now by phone is the mayor of georgia's tabby island, thank you so much for being with us, we know you're very busy. there's now increased risk for the state of georgia which is also under a state of emergency. how are you preparing for this monstrous storm? >> well, the one thing we know about this storm is that it's very unpredictable. it was supposed to hit puerto rico, and it slid by there without much impact.
9:54 am
it was supposed to slow down to a tropical storm before it got to the bahamas. obviously, that's not taking place. so we would not be surprised if the projected path of this storm puts us at increased risk. right now the national hurricane center's projected path keeps it offshore, but it wouldn't take much of a a delay in that northern turn to have more significant impacts on us, so we're hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. and i would want to say also we're keeping the people of the bahamas in our thoughts right now. they are going to be taking it bad. laura: absolutely. you know, georgia's had its share of hurricane damage, as we all know, and alerts before. how does this feel compared to what you've experienced in the past? because when we look at those images on screen, you think, wow, this is just a monster storm. >> uh-huh. well, we have been -- we had hurricane matthew, its eye was about 20 miles to our east, had
9:55 am
a significant effect on us, and the following year in 2017 we had the worse storm surge our community's had for 50 years. so we've, unfortunately, been dealing with this for the last few years, and, you know, the hope is that for everybody's sake, for florida, georgia, south carolina, north carolina, this thing just goes out into the atlantic. but it's possible that's not going to happen, so we're just doing all we can to prepare as a community, doing things like keeping close to communication with our nursing homes, making sure they're evacuated and there's been massive issues with that in the past, making sure that they have access to a backup generator because they're not required to have those, unfortunately. so we're working with them, you know, making sure that our infrastructure backup lift stations are in place, things like that just in case. laura: okay. >> and, if it brushes up,
9:56 am
doesn't cause too much wind, we could still have extended power outages, significant storm surge even if this thing goes off of our coast. lauer lauer all right. major, watching the storm very carefully with your constituents. thank you so much and best of luck to you and everybody there in the state of georgia and all along the east. >> all right. thank you very much. mike: that does it for us. we'll be back at 4:00 eastern with the latest on dorian and the shooting in texas. lauer more news now from washington after this short break. thanks for being with us. ♪ ♪ the weather's perfect... family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake.
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>> a growing death toll in the tragic west texas shooting, at least seven people are dead with several others injured, and thiess one of the wounded is in life-threatening condition. welcome to "america's news headquarters" from washington, i'm kristin fisher. leland: what's shocking now at about 1 p.m. eastern, 24 hours or so after the shootings began, with is how little we know about the suspect or his motive. i'm leland vittert in new york. it all started with a traffic stop, but the gunman never stopped. authorities are still investigating exactly why he started shooting at two texas state troopers before even pulling over. alicia acuna is in texas right


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