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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 1, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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-- i'm paul gigot, we hope to see you all here next week. mike: fox news alert, as number of victims killed during yesterday's shooting in west texas rises, authorities now saying at least 7 people are dead and 22 injured after a gunman went on a rampage from midland to odessa. hello, i'm mike emmanuel, welcome to a brand new hour inside of america's news headquarters. laura: and i'm laura ingle. the gunman opened fire on police after being stopped for a traffic violation, he then hijacked a u.s. postal vehicle and fired randomly at people, eventually being killed in a shootout with police. president trump today praising the actions of law enforcement. >> they've been incredible. first responders, law enforcement, the police, the
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fbi, governor abbott, incredible, the job they did. it's tragic. but they did an incredible job under the circumstances. another very sick person. so i just want to thank everybody involved. laura: alicia acuna is live in odessa, texas, where we're getting new information today. >> reporter: hi, laura. more than 15 crime scenes were left in the wake of this shooting, that according to to december saw police department. law enforcement also told us even as this investigation continues, they still have no motive, no reason, not at this time. at a news conference that was held earlier today, police said while they have the identity of the suspect killed by police, they would not name him so as not to give him notoriety. odessa police would only say that he is a white male in his 30s. authorities say he shot a texas state trooper as he was being pulled over for not using a turn signal, then he took off 20 miles west to odessa where the
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shooting continued. the suspect eventually stole a mail truck and rammed into cop cars before they killed him. 22 people were shot, 7 killed. three of the injured were from law enforcement. >> just want to give an update on our trooper that was shot yesterday. by the grace of god, he survived the shooting. he went through a couple of hours' surgery yesterday, and doctors left there very optimistic that he will have a recovery, a full recovery after, obviously, a road ahead of some rehabilitation. >> reporter: the day before this latest shooting, texas governor greg abbott held his e first domestic terrorism task force to address this particular kind of violence. he convened the task force after 22 people were killed at a walmart in el paso just last month. >> i'm heartbroken by e the crying of the people of the state of texas. i'm tired of the dying of the people of the state of texas. too many texans are in mourning.
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too many texans have lost their lives. the status quo in texas is unacceptable. >> reporter: and once again there will be a vigil held, this time in odessa, texas, for the victims, family and community members impacted by another mass shooting. laura. laura: so tragic once again. alicia, thank you so much. nike. mike: hurricane dorian making landfall in the bahamas earlier this afternoon as the dangerous category five hurricane with heavy winds of 185 miles per hour and the threat of torrential rains. now the massive storm forcing evacuations in parts of florida as it heads towards the southeastern united states. we have fox news team coverage of hurricane dorian. jeff paul's in cocoa beach, florida, but we begin with meteorologist rick reichmuth in the fox weather center. rick: hey, mike. one of the strongest storm we've seen in the atlantic ever and
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certainly e the strongest, at least in the modern era, in this part of the atlantic. winds at 185 miles an hour, went right over marsh harbour in the abaco islands, and it's still cutting through towards little abaco right now. it's a slow-moving storm, and just take a look at this historically where we sit here. 185 mile-an-hour sustained winds, that's the second -- at least according to strongest winds -- that we've seen in the atlantic hurricane basin. it's moving really slowly off a towards the west. that trajectory looks to continue. about 160 miles or so from palm beach. you get the idea right there. the center of the storm, 160 miles, hurricane force winds about 45 miles from the center. so it's going to make this right-hand turn somewhere, but uncomfortably close to the florida coastline right there, and and we'll likely see hurricane force conditions at least along the coast s and we still can't rule out the possibility of some sort of a landfall on the florida coast as well.
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such a slow mover, wherever it makes this right-hand turn will have really big impacts localized across the eastern seaboard here and then eventually e you see the overall trend kind of mimics the coastline here but potentially making landfall anywhere from georgia, through the carolinas, towards the outer banks. and that right there, we're talking maybe next thursday or friday of next week. a long ways to go with in the, a lot of people impacted. we can't rule out a landfall anywhere from florida to north carolina, so we have to watch carefully and be prepared. mike: sounds like the possibility of catastrophic flooding in multiple states. rick: yep, exactly. mike: rick reichmuth, thanks very much. lauer lau mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for some coastal counties along florida's east coast. governor ron desantis saying the catastrophic hurricane is a, quote, major threat to cities there. jeff paul is in cocoa beach where people have been ordered to leave there by monday, and it looks like it's clearing out pretty well there, jeff. >> reporter: yeah. and we're just learning that
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those evacuation orders, at least for parts of brevard county especially right where we are in the low-lying barrier island of cocoa beach, that's been moved up to later this evening for portions of this area. that all goes back to that shift in the track getting closer and closer to florida. but if you take a look out here, you can probably notice that the waves are getting a little stronger out here. some people, the local folks out here taking advantage of those strong waves and also the strong winds. you see some of these guys out here kite surfing and taking advantage of what mother nature has dealt so far. a little bit further off to side there, those double red flags means people should not be going in the water, and that was not up yesterday, so you can tell the conditions out here are starting to change. just to drive around town you can really notice that people in some spots are paying attention to that. they're gassing up their cars, their generators, they're buying supplies. but if you think that some of the locals here, they are getting prepared, but when you ask them if they're worried
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about this storm, here's how they're responding. >> first hurricane was back in 1948? that i went through? so, yeah. i'm not worried about it. >> everything's going to be fine. a lot of rain, a lot of wind, but we'll survive. >> reporter: now, not everybody is that optimistic e, and as you can see here, this is the scene along the beach. a lot of homes that have those hurricane shutters on, the condos have hurricane shutters on, boarded-up businesses. and because of that, you can tell that some of these businesses and these homes are going to be deserted. no one's going to be inside. local officials here are telling people if they do decide to try and break into anyone's home and do any looting during this storm, there's an elevated felony risk of doing that the, and they say that they are sending the strong message that they are going to prosecute them and make sure that they spend time in state prison. laura? laura: yeah. we heard some strong words from
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law enforcement there today, and it's so interesting to see people laying on the beach enjoying themselves and then people taking off. jeff paul, stay safe. thank you so much. >> i ask everyone in hurricane dorian's path to heed all warnings and evacuation orders from local authorities. it looks like they're going to have to be giving them, unfortunately. mike: that's president trump urging floridians to prepare for the possibility of a category five hurricane making landfall as federal officials brace for the worst. kevin corke has more from the white house. kevin, good afternoon. what's the white house's plan at this hour? >> reporter: as you can well imagine, mike, from your experience of covering the white house, the position here is to simply watch and wait while, obviously, also positioning resources in possible response to any and all possibilities that might befall this country as the storm continues to make its way toward the u.s. mainland. you also know this from your time here at 1600 pennsylvania avenue that preparation includes any and all relevant agencies,
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right? from noaa to fema, hhs, dod and more. and remember, this is all about preparation and coordination, federal, state and local stakeholders all work together. and the president, mike, says they are ready. >> we will work very hard to minimize whatever the effect of what's coming at us. we don't even know what's coming at us, but a category five is something that i don't know that i've ever even a heard the term other than i know it's there. that's the ultimate, and that's what we have, unfortunately. >> reporter: now, we have had a chance to take a look at the latest radar loop with winds sustained at over 180 miles per hour -- 185 miles per hour. as you take a look there, you see the ever-present counterclockwise flow, a well-defined eye. we're watching it carefully, everyone hoping it will make a hard turn to the right. obviously, right now that may or may not happen. we will watch that carefully from the fox weather center. also keep this in mind as we have seen with previous storms,
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mike, preparation and coordination again is the key, reminding everyone to not just listen to your local officials, but make sure that they are working in concert with those from the federal level, that is what they're hoping will happen here at the white house, mike. mike: great advice, kevin. more tariffs on chinese imports kicking in today, what's the president saying about that? >> reporter: yeah. he continues to say what we have heard him say previously, and that's simply this: china wants to make a deal, but until they make a deal, the tariffs will, in fact, continue. you and i talked earlier today about those new tariffs, let me show the folks at home what we're talking about. we're talking about new items affected by tariffs coming in from china like tools, apparel, footwear, electronics, and that's not all. an additional 15% on another $156 billion of smartphones, laptops, toyses, video games and other products will hit the chinese on december 15th. that, of course, is after the period when those goods are typically imported for the
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holiday season, mike. so the strategy, it's working, says the president. here he is. >> they are actually paying for all of the tariffs. we have, in addition to that as you know, they're pouring money into their economy. so those two things, they are paying for their tariffs. as you know, some new tariffs get on, we're taking in tens of billions of dollars. we're giving some of the money to the farmers. i'm making the farmers more than whole. the farmers are doing better than if china, frankly, were buying. >> reporter: and the hits just keep on coming if you're the chinese. keep in mind, the u.s. previously imposed tariffs on 25% of about $250 billion worth of chinese imports, largely on items used by businesses, and that is set to rise to 30% in a month. and while some have been critical of the strategy, some lawmakers say it's about time we're fighting back against china. >> i give the president credit for challenging china on some of
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its really egregious behavior. the theft of intellectual property and coercive technology transfers, that is unacceptable behavior: i would have preferred a different set of tactics, but the president deserves credit for challenging china. >> reporter: trade talks, as you know, mike, continue in washington later this month, but with the chinese hitting i on tariffs on about $75 billion worth of u.s. goods, not likely the trade dispute will end anytime soon. mike? mike: kevin koch lye on the north -- live on the north lawn, thanks a lot. laura: and authorities in odessa, texas, giving an update earlier this afternoon on the deadly shooting that killed 7 people and injured nearly two dozen others. is law enforcement any closer to determining what caused the gunman to open fire? we'll have that for you next.
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>> we are fairly certain that the subject did act alone. you'll notice that i'm not naming this subject. and there's a reason for that. i refuse to. i'm not going to give him any notoriety for what he did. laura: authorities in west texas are trying to determine what motivated a man in his 30s to open fire yesterday, killing at least 7 people following a routine traffic stop. you heard there we're not going to know his name as of right now.
1:17 pm
let's bring in former nypd lieutenant darren por cher who is retired from the army as well. thank you for being here, and what a tragic story that we're here to talk about, but we want to get some perspective from you to help us kind of understand. first of all, in this news conference we learned today that the victims who died were between the ages of 15 and 57 years old, and then we heard the story of the little girl, 17 months old, shot in the face. they're pulling shrapnel out of her mouth and her chest today in surgery. so i, first, just want to get your reaction to the wide range of we're talking about 20 miles where this guy was shooting out of a window, just randomly at people. >> i mean, this is a horrific encounter, to say the least, and one of the things i refer back to as a prior law enforcement officer is domestic disputes and traffic stop it is are some of the most dangerous occurrences that an officer would experience on patrol. therefore, when i look at things to this effect, it makes -- it sends chills down my spine
1:18 pm
because you never know what's contained in that vehicle. when you make mention of the number of, excuse me, the victims in this case, it's horrific. and we say to ourselves these people put their pants on one leg at a time to step out ask and get shot. i just revert back to vehicle stops, very, very, very -- laura: this was so mundane. the guy didn't have his turn signal on, and it ended up, you know, an hour later with 7 people dead and multiple people shot just for a turn signal. but like you said, you just never know what you're going to get. >> yeah. i mean, it's horrific, to say the least. and then another thing we want to take into consideration, the odessa police department had a really challenging endeavor, a gun battle in the midst to to after vehicle pursuit is -- i can't explain how dangerous that is. laura: right. >> when we think about vehicle pursuits, often times procedural guidelines frown upon vehicle pursuits, but this was a situation where you absolutely had to interdict the shooter. i mean, this is someone that
1:19 pm
commandeered a postal vehicle, so it showed you the level of danger this person possessed in connection with the public. laura: what do you think about this move by law enforcement to not name the subject? the police chief said he didn't want to give this man any notoriety, something that victims say don't identify, don't say his name, don't give the guy the notoriety. he's dead now, but what do you think of that move? >> i mean, i understand it e, however, it's a matter of time before the shooter's name is going to be introduced to the public. it's just a matter of time before that information comes out. and it really goes to we don't want to give these shooters or these people that commit these horrific crimes the notoriety they may often times look to obtain. laura: right. active shooter situations are always so unpredictable, right, and they involve so quickly. most often they're over in about 10-15 minutes. this went on for quite a while because it was a mobile situation. i had another law enforcement
1:20 pm
officer on yesterday, and we were talking, and i said, you know, what's the advice? get off the road, get somewhere safe, but if you're driving down the road and someone is shooting randomly on a highway, you don't know where that person is, what would your advice be if you, you know, you're working this case, let's say that you were on duty that day, what would you be telling people on the radio and offering to the public? >> well, there are two different strategies. to questions saw county is a -- odessa county is a rural area, so the rules of engagement are very different as opposed to a me metropolis such as new york city. when you have a rural area, i do agree with your prior guest in that the best thing the you could do is get off the road and relate the professionals, meaning law enforcement, handling the suspect according hi. often times people get hurt, a lot of people get hurt just based on vehicle accidents when you have these running country battles as opposed to just being attacked by the assailant. laura: it's a whole new thing,
1:21 pm
right? we go through -- i think everybody in america has probably been going through these active shooter drills at work, school s and you're taught to evacuate, to hide e and to fight if you have to but, you know, being a moving target yourself with them being a moving assailant is a totally different thing. the shooting spree spread for miles between the two cities, and there are still multiple people in hospitals, some more in critical condition. just moving forward as we look at this, i know you have the military background as well, it almost feels as though we are in an age now with this happening so off, so frequently, with such deadly consequences that you just want to integrate military experience into what we're seeing here. >> yeah, absolutely. you know, i just -- you mentioned my military experience. over in iraq and afghanistan one of the things that's done is you have aerial support that consists of these manned or unmanned aircraft. i think that we're just getting to that point where you're going to see more of that type of surveillance here in the united states. i just recently, i want to say a
1:22 pm
a week ago -- i should say this week -- i went to dayton, ohio, for an active shooter drill, and i just kind of saw where the evolution in these active shooter drills are going. and the truth of the matter is it's looking as though we're going to have drones in the air, either manned or unmanned aircraft, that can actually focus on what's happening on the ground. and when things do occur, there'll be a split second interdiction that comes from law enforcement as it relates to the communications from the drones. and this happens in iraq and afghanistan quite often. it's sad to say this is the direction we're going. laura: right. well, the violence is evolving, and the response has to evolve as well, and it sounds like that's happening. darin porcher, thanks so much for being with us. mike: hurricane dorian turns towards the south eastern united states, how folks are preparing for this maas we've storm. n ♪
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dorian is projected to batter most of the southeastern united states, storm preparations are underway in florida, georgia and the carolinas as the destructive category five storm made land afall in the bahamas earlier this afternoon. rick leventhal is live in jacksonville, florida, with the very latest there where we see that surf kicking up. hi, rick. >> reporter: yeah. and already mandatory evacuations underway in parts of juneau beach, palm beach county, martin county and many more will be affected tomorrow. daytona international airport shutting down tonight, and palm beach international airport is closing and ceasing all commercial operations tomorrow because of doubts about this very, very powerful and destructive storm which pounded into the bahamas earlier today with maximum sustained winds at over 180 miles per hour and gusts at 220 miles per hour plus according to the national hurricane center which predicts 2-3 feet of rain in some spots and a storm surge of 15-20 feet
1:28 pm
above normal tide in the bahamas. we're, obviously, not feeling or seeing that here, not yet, and there are plenty of people out on the beach despite red flag warnings in effect on this labor day weekend. we don't know for sure if jacksonville will get hit, but there are precautions. we saw lifeguards putting up storm shutters just down the beach, and this is other boarding up going up around town including at a gas station, a storage facility, and equipment and assets are being prestaged across four states including here in florida with hundreds, if not thousands of utility trucks being prestaged including at daytona international speedway with ready to be deployed to fix downed lines and repair the grid, if necessary. tree trimmers have also been strategically deployeded, and and at least one hospital was evacuated today. health first in cape canaveral, located on a barrier island, moved all of its patients out as the governor continues to warn residents to take this one seriously.
1:29 pm
>> this is a cat five plus right now, and you would really have to go back to 1935 in the state of florida when the labor day hurricane came through and just obliterated the keys to find anything that has reached this level of danger. >> reporter: a hurricane watch is now in effect in volusia and brevard counties, but hundreds and hundreds of miles of coastline, laura, could be affected by this storm. they just don't know where or exactly when. laura: and, rick, we just keep hearing too don't let your guard down. when people see that eye, they say, oh, it might go north, you can't let your guard down no plater where you are -- matter where you are. >> reporter: it's proven to be unpredictable, and it could turn almost any which way, but most likely up north. laura: rick leventhal, thank you so much. stay e safe. mike: in the wake of yesterday's texas shooting rampage, democrats are pressuring mitch
1:30 pm
mcconnell to take up background check gun legislation when congress returns to washington next week. nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house tweeting: p enough is enough. every day the gun violence epidemic inflicts a devastating toll in communities across america, this time in west texas. the senate gop must end its obstruction and finally pass house-approved legislation to hashtag engun violence. i'm joined now by reuters white house correspondent jeff mason. jeff, great to see you. >> you too, mike. mike: president trump told reporters today they are working on it. >> yeah. and -- >> doing a package, and we'll see what it all, how it comes about. it's coming about right now, and a lot of people are talking about it. and that's irrespective of what happened yesterday in texas. mike: is, jeff, what exactly does he have in the works? >> well, the white house officials have been working on some kind of legislation. there have been talks between the white house and members of congress and staffs of members
1:31 pm
of congress, and they've been signaling that there will be something to show, some kind of legislative action on this in the, in september at some point. i think the shooting yesterday, as you've sort of demonstrated with the tweets from the top democrats in congress, will increase pressure both on the white house and on lawmakers to do. but the question of what exactly that will be is largely unanswered. the president talked again today a little bit about background checks but also making clear he doesn't think that is the catch-all answer to decreasing these numerous mass shootings that keep happening in this country. mike: i spoke with a leading house democrat, david cicilline, this morning on "sunday morning futures." >> one in five guns in this country are sold without a background check. it's supported by democrats, republicans, independents, it's bipartisan, it's been sitting on senator mcconnell's desk since
1:32 pm
february. mike: jeff, is this time after odessa different in terms of getting something done? >> well, it's a hard to say. every time something like this happens, mike, this question is posed, and i think gun control advocates would say every time they push for it, and then nothing really happens. i think there might be a difference this time not just because of odessa, but because of ohio and the el paso shootings in that you've seen a little bit more bipartisan support for something. you hear people like lindsey graham talk about wanting to do something, even mitch mcconnell has said this is something he wants to look at when the senate comes back into sessionment but will it be enough to have an impact? will it be enough for gun control add advocates who would like to see a lot more than some of what is being talked about here at the white house? that's another question. mike: what about the mental health aspect? violent video games, perhaps, desensitizing people? are there common sense things that can be tightened up? >> well, the president talks a lot about mental health being a key driver of this, and he's
1:33 pm
been emphasizing that more and more and maybe de-emphasizing the background check piece of that. critics will say that's an nra talking point and does not get to the crux of the matter, but it is certainly one of the issues that he is looking at and the white house is looking at in terms of a broad bill or a broader bill of some kind to address this. mike: presidential candidate beto to courage -- beto o'rourke, a texan, defending his call for mandatory buyback of automatic weapons. take a listen to this. >> we should be honest with ourselves, universal background checks will help, but if millions of them remain on the streets, they will still be instruments of terror that terrify and terrorize us and take our lives. triangulation, calculation, poll testing every move, that's what got us here in the first place. mike: jeff, critics say that alone would sink any gun reform bill in congress, right? >> well, and that's kind of the question, you know? republicans will say democrats
1:34 pm
want too much, and what does too much mean? gun control advocates will say, look, you have to do something major to handle this major problem. but it has been a problem, unfortunately now, for some time. and it's one that's very tricky to get solved in congress because of the very big differences on both sides. i mean, progressive democrats would like to do something very aggressive about this. more conservative republicans are concerned about any sort of threat or perceived threat to second amendment rights. mike: you've got a lot of democrats running for president, a lot of members of congress thinking about their political futures. if it doesn't happen now, are we looking at 2021? >> well, maybe, and it would depend, i guess, at that point on who's in the white house. certainly, i think you will see democrats making this a big issue on the campaign trail. i think republicans will too for different reasons. if a democrat occupies this office in 2021, perhaps there will be a push for it then. but keep in mind president obama
1:35 pm
put a lot of political capital and effort into doing something after the newtown shootings, and that did not succeed. jeff: jeff mason from reuters, thank you for your time and expertise. >> my pleasure. mike: laura? laura: pro-democracy protesters targeting hong kong's airport again, barricading roads, gridlocking traffic and strand thing hundreds of tourists. this comes after a weekend of violent clashes between demonstrators and police. jonathan hunt has been monitoring it all, he's been live in hong kong, joins us again. what's happening today, jonathan? >> reporter: laura, we've had pretty intense rainstorms all day today, but that did not deter the protesters in once again seeking, as they did weeks ago, to try to shut down hong kong's airport which is the eighth busiest in the world. but this time hong kong riot police were ready for them. they blocked roads on the way to the airport. they ordered the shutdown of public transport to the airport, and they blocked the entrances
1:36 pm
and, for the most part, were able to chase off the protesters. it was a very different scene though to saturday when we saw running and very intense battles between the protesters and the riot police. some of the worst of the clashes taking place as riot police chased the activists into subway stations. there were several incidents, in fact, in which thing activists accused the riot police of using excessive force, but the one thing we have learned above all this weekend is the sheer determination of these protesters. the hong kong authorities declared this march, this demonstration unlawful. one of the main organizing groups in the wake of that ruling said it was canceling this march, this demonstration. well, this is the response of ordinary hong kongers, turning
1:37 pm
out today in the thousands, quite probably in the tens of thousands, maybe even more, chanting "fight for freedom," "stand with hong kong." they are sending a very blunt message to china's central government, they will not back down. but if the protesters will not back down, neither are the hong kong authorities showing any signs of doing so and perhaps even more ominously and significantly, neither is the chinese government. laura? laura: and it goes on. jonathan hunt, thank you so much. mike: federal prosecutors are now investigating the death of up to 11 patients at a veterans hospital in west virginia. foul play is suspected in at least two of the deaths, reportedly ruled homicides. doug mckelway's in washington with this story. >> reporter: the hippocratic oath says, first, do no harm.
1:38 pm
but investigators say what someone did at a v.a. hospital in west virginia was murder. potentially as many as 11 patients. suspicion arose last year when authorities asked the daughter of 82-year-old army vet felix mcdermott if they could exhume his body. she agreed. someone had administered a shot of insulin to his abdomen. mcdermott did not have diabetes. it killed him. >> mr. mcdermott did suffer from dementia, and the ones that i've talked to or that i've seen, seems that's one of the common traits is that these people were defenseless. there's a complete system failure here that would allow this many people to be killed without any accountability. >> reporter: west virginia senator shelley e moore capito calls the news sickening and troubling. senator joe manchin says he was alerted in the summer of 2018, but he says he was not told about suspicions of homicide. >> we were basically contacted to say we, as soon as we found
1:39 pm
out about it, we took the proper actions, person's no longer in contact with any patients whatsoever, and there's an investigation. that's what we knew. we did not know that there was a homicide that was connected with this activity way back when. >> reporter: there is a person of interest. a hospital spokesman tells fox news, quote: a allegations of potential misconduct do not involve any current v.a. medical center employees. the v.a.'s inspector general's office and federal law enforcement are investigating. the i.g. says at this time we cannot comment further on those activities. following widespread reports of poor v.a. care and deaths during the obama administration, progress has been frustratingly slow. the v.a. has been racked by a revolving door of leadership, five secretaries in two years, three of them serving in an acting capacity. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. laura: thank you, doug. and the escalating u.s./china trade war reaching new levels as
1:40 pm
both countries move forward with a new round of tariffs as lawmakers voice fears over the economic impact. we'll discuss that next. you've had quite the career. yeah, i've had some pretty prestigious jobs over the years. news producer, executive transport manager, and a beverage distribution supervisor. now i'm a director at a security software firm. wow, you've been at it a long time. thing is, i like working. what if my retirement plan is i don't want to retire? then let's not create a retirement plan.
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>> well, unfortunately, we're starting from a very strong economy right now, record low employment, accelerating wage with gains. we've got a great economy, but i do think that the uncertainty caused by the volatile tariff situation and the developing trade war could jeopardize that strength and that growth, and that is the, i think that's a legitimate concern. laura: and that's republican senator pat toomey joining the growing number of lawmakers voicing their concerns over the economic impacts from the u.s./china trade war. this as both countries impose a new round of tariffs, driving the world's two largest economies further apart. let's bring in jon hilsenrath, the global economist editor for "the wall street journal" and fox news contributor.
1:45 pm
of glad to have you here, there's a lot to get through with this, you know, when we digest these numbers, we're looking at an estimated two-thirds of the consumer goods that the u.s. importses from china that would be hit with these tariffs. today we heard tools. it looks like these tariffs are really going to hurt american consumers. >> well, you know, so far consumers have been mostly insulated from this trade conflict that we've had with china. if you look at the really big picture, the consumer price index which measures prices that consumers pay, across the whole economy for everything from toothpaste to car washes, the consumer price index is up less than 2% on a year-over-year basis. that's below the federal reserve's target. i think what -- the risk here that consumers face is that businesses are under a lot of stress and a lot of pressure from the tariffs, and as their profits slow down, the risk is that businesses are going to
1:46 pm
slow down their own hiring. a pat toomey, senator toomey in the intro, talked about very low unemployment. if we start seeing that unemployment rate tick up a little bit or even the pace of hiring slow down, then we start to see an effect on consumers. and then, you know, going into the end of the year we have some more of these tariffs hitting. eventually it could become the case that companies start to pass on some of these price increases to households. they haven't really been doing it so far, but they could. laura: i'm glad you brought that up, because the second round of 15% tariffs we've been hearing about are expected to go into effect mid december. so when we talk about how consumers could be affected, what are some of the different ways this could hurt consumers? are there any specific examples you could give? i think when people hear tariffs they're like, ah, i don't know if that's going to affect me, but it really could. you're going to be stand thing at a checkout line and seeing a difference, right? >> right. so the first few rounds of this trade war were focused on
1:47 pm
businesses. but, or you know, a great deal of american trade with the chinese is for consumer goods, you know? go to any walmart and pick up some products there, and you'll see, you know, video game consoles or televisions or bicycles, a lot of them are coming from china. so the next couple of rounds of these tear the riff increases are aimed -- tariff increases are aimed more at consumer goods than at business goods. and here's what happens. so, you know, americans, say a furniture manufacturer, a table manufacturer, they've been sourcing a lot of their production out of china over the last 10, 20 years. so the first thing that happens is that american company goes to its chinese supplier and says you have to pay part of this tariff. and this is what the president keeps arguing. he argues that a lot of the costs are being eaten by the chinese. but our reporting shows that not all of it gets eaten by the chinese. some of it gets taken on by american suppliers themselves
1:48 pm
that, you know, the name brand that goes on that tabletop that we might be importing. and then the final piece of the chain is consumers. do american companies pass some of the costs on to consumers. you know, they haven't been able to do it, consumers are very finicky about what they're willing to pay for goods. but it might become that the pressure is so much on profit margins for companies that they have to start push prices up. you know, the other thing that i would say affects households is all of this disruption affects stock prices. it affects how investors value the companies that are selling consumers these goods, and that's why we've seen so much volatility in the stock market in the last few months. laura: you know, we aren't just dealing with a trade war with china, the administration is also dealing with tariffs on mexico and canada. this could give a good-sized hit to the overall economy, right? >> well so, you know, the administration is hoping for peace with canada and mexico.
1:49 pm
they presented, you know, a rewrite of and a half, what the president call -- nafta, what the president calls usmca, and they're waiting for the congress to sign off on that. he was picking some fights with the canadians in particular early in these negotiations, and i think a lot of advisers and american allies said, wait a second, let's focus our attention on the chinese. they were the real bad actors in global trade. so i think some of that attention on canada and mexico has dissipatedded, and we could end up, you know, suing for peace on that front. laura: real quick before you go, what can consumers do at this point? should people go out and stock up on things for the holidays? are we talking about that kind of a rush? >> you know, i think -- the way they've structured these tariffs, the next round goes on december 15th. so, you know, that's going to be long after companies do all their importing for the holiday
1:50 pm
season. i don't think t going to hit the holiday season that badly. i'd be more concerned about, you know, companies holding back on hiring before the holidays. and then we have to look into next year, and the president has a challenge next year because he wants a steaming hot economy going into a re-election. so i think he's going to have a tough time putting in more tariffs in an election year. laura: jon hilsenrath, thank you so much for joining us. you gave us great we spective. thank you so much. >> sure spring. mike: lebanese militants are accused of launching missiles at an israeli army base. how israel is responding. ok everyone! our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy.
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>> in the middle east, militants firing missiles at an israeli army base this weekend. israel responding with heavy fire. we have more from jerusalem. >> mike, that's right. the lebanese militant group hezbollah did fire at least three anti-tank guided missiles towards israel today, striking an army base and military ambulance. the israeli defense forces confirming these events saying no casualties were suffered on their side. smoke could be seen billowing up sunday afternoon, along the israeli lebanese border after the event occurred leading the israelis ordering residents
1:55 pm
living nearby to open bomb shelters. the air force did respond by striking a series of targets in lebanon, as tanks shelled hezbollah positions along the border. the initial attack was a response to israel striking in syria and killing two of the group's fighters earlier this summer. it is unclear if hezbollah will launch a separate counterattack in response to another incident last month when drones targeted reported weapons systems in beirut. either way the israeli government is preparing for another response and forces do remain on high alert in the northern part of the country. >> translator: we are in consultations about what's to come. i have given instructions to be prepared for any scenario and we will decide on our future in accordance with developments. >> hezbollah the group that did launch this attack in northern israel today is funded by the iranian regime in tehran. this does raise concerns if a larger war were to erupt with the west and iranian forces that proxies in the area including hezbollah and lebanon and forces
1:56 pm
like islamic jihad in the gaza strip could target israel with the support of iran. mike? mike: live in middle east, trey, many thanks. that adds to the busy weekend we have had in the news. all eyes on hurricane dorian this week. should be a busy week. >> absolutely. we're going to check back in with rick reichmuth in the fox weather center in a few minutes. for now we want to thank you for watching and have a happy labor day. good to be with you. mike: great to be with you. and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm laura ingall. hurricane dorian making landfall earlier this afternoon at the what -- at the bahamas. the hurricane is being called as a catastrophic category 5 storm with gusts peeking at 220 miles-an-hour -- peaking at 22 miles-an-hour. we are tracking dorian in the fox extreme weather center. we know these are life threatening winds. >> they certainly are. the storm is now moving so slowly that to be under that strong of wind for an extended period of time will just compound the impacts that we see from this. sustained winds at 185 miles-an-hour. and we still have the center of the storm moving over the


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