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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 2, 2019 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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hurricane dorian. underneath it. if you're outside of the center you are where the worst of the winds are with no idea what it >> we begin with a fox news will look like once this is alert. done having a category 5 storm multiple deaths reported and right there on the bahamas for dozens missing on the so long. the images we've seen coming california coast. from the abaco islands has been crews frantically searching for extreme. they are still getting survivors. incredible rain and storm surge welcome to america's news headquarters. >> there are three or four there. overall this just continues to major stories we're watching move west and 80 miles off the today. we'll get to a live report on coast of florida continuing to the deadly boat fire in a move in that direction. i will say this as far as the minute. first the latest on hurricane track of the storm. we have better agreement now dorian. the monster storm downgraded an from our models that it will hour ago to a still very make this northwesterly turn. powerful category 4 hurricane that said 5 to 10 miles in one sitting over the bahamas and direction or another could be unleashing what is described as the difference between having historic devastation on the 70 or 90 miles an hour along the coast of florida or maybe island. it is now quite literally 50 mile-an-hour winds on the crawling toward the united states. there are reports of at least one person killed. a young boy swept away in coast of florida. floodwaters in the bahamas. by tomorrow morning barely in the united states moved but makes more of a evacuations are ordered in four northern trajectory.
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places like west palm beach and palm beach are fine. states, florida, georgia, north carolina and south carolina. then we move toward the cape we have live coverage on the canaveral area. we'll probably have the storm right on the shores. atlantic coast as we're beginning to get some effects most of our guidance is coming of the hurricane on shore. to alignment. being right here along the coast if the eyewall is along first we're tracking dorian's the coast we'll be dealing with a long-term period of a lot of path, hi rick. damage. we'll see storm surge and >> 155 mile-per-hour is one incredible wind and for sure mile-per-hour before a cat 5 going to see flooding rains and the flooding rains probably the storm. yes, downgraded. it doesn't mean much. we know the storm will go worst of it up across the carolinas. through maybe a replacement cycle where the center of the that is friday morning around the outer banks. storm gets too tight and you get the idea we're in for a collapses on itself and a new long haul with this storm. one forms. when that happens generally the hopefully by saturday or so we're done. we have a long number of days, wind field expands. the worst of the winds start to expand and storm increases in guys. >> we'll continue to watch it size. the next couple of hours. not good news across coastal good point on saying downgraded areas of florida. you want to keep the winds compact. pressure is 922 mill bars. but only by 1 mile-per-hour. >> officials in florida are now very powerful storm and barely preparing for the absolute worst and urging residents to nudged over the last day, 12 do the very same. rick leventhal is live in
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hours or so. jacksonville, florida, with the officially moving latest there. it looks like you have wind and west/northwest at 1 mile-an-hour but barely moving sun and people are observing the ocean. at all. bahamas being battered since >> not a drop of rain yet, last night. winds along the coast are julie. the beach here is officially getting close to gusting toward tropical storm force in florida. closed. people are watching the rough the worst is right surf and surfers riding the waves throughout this morning and this afternoon. it is not a typical labor day. very quiet here in jacksonville beach because this is a mandatory evacuation area. this county one of many up and down the florida coast. the entire coast from deerfield beach to the georgia state line has been told to pack out and get out from coastal areas and low lying areas and mobile homes because of the threat from hurricane dorian. no one knows for sure in jacksonville will get hard but they're talking precautions. new video from the florida national guard. they've activated 4400 national
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guardsmen. airmen and soldiers on the job. the increased stage at 17 locations up and down the state of florida. ready to deploy if and when necessary. they have also pre-staged utility trucks, florida power and light has brought in trucks from around the region and some from as far away from illinois staging them in places including daytona international speedway standing by if and when they're needed to repair downed lines and transformers. of course, this storm has been a beast in the bahamas. did significant damage there. we're still trying to get assessments on that. a lot of people here who have been watching the forecast and the track of the storm who don't seem all that concerned. they're taking precautions. one gentleman told me there may be two people on his street out of 15 who have already evacuated. he says he may or may not. >> we've gone through this for the last two hurricanes back in 16 and 17 for irma.
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just a little wobble down in south florida it could be bad up here. >> last we heard from florida's governor, they were trying to make sure there was fuel for motorists trying to get out of town and traffic was flowing and encouraging residents to keep an eye on the warnings. >> at the end of the day i want as robust tourism as possible. my most important priority is nrar -- floridians are safe and be able to assist after the fact. >> 43 of florida's 67 counties have closed schools tomorrow and many on wednesday as well. so they are taking precautions and trying to keep people off the streets. they still don't know if or how bad this thing is going to be. >> rick, thank you so much. >> with that we bring in florida attorney general ashley moody joining us now.
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nice to see you. appreciate it, ma'am. real quick what's the biggest challenge you guys have now? >> the biggest challenge we have is making sure that floridians are heeding our call to pay attention to the mandatory evacuation. you know, being from florida, we have a lot of hurricanes and we come complacent. this is one of the largest storms on record to ever approach our east coast. while we're hoping it will take that northern turn, florida has to remain on guard and please pay attention to the evacuations that are called for at florida >> we're watching some of the video out of the bahamas that is pretty stunning in terms of what this storm did to much of the bahamas. in some parts there are large parts of bahamas that don't exist and gone back down to the rocks. you make a good point about people not heeding evacuations.
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having spent a lot of time covering hurricanes in florida, there are always those who stay and ride it out for the hurricane party. is there anything police and first responders can do once there is a mandatory evacuation. you can't force people to leave their homes, can you? >> law enforcement to their credit, we have some of the finest law enforcement and they care about their communities and they're going door-to-door and asking people to heed the evacuation warnings. it is a matter of life and death. this is a monster storm. it can do incredible damage. if it sits close to our shores, not only will it have devastating property damage, lives will be on the line. we're asking law enforcement to make sure that they remain calm. of course we look to them for peace, stability, security, but at the same time they have to remain on high alert and make sure that sense of urgency is conveyed to floridians that need to get out. >> so often they communicate
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the message if you stay behind law enforcement put their lives on the line to find you. this is an unusual storm. we've prepare for it. a thought it would be in palm beach by saturday. if you noticed that it is giving people more time to prepare, therefore less price gouging and less gas lines or still people trying to make a buck out there? >> well, as we're out there urging people to get the supplies that they need, we were advising seven days of supplies, food, water, medicine, we have seen price gouging complaints and contacts come into our office. as you know i enacted a price gouging hotline, and this year for the first time we created an app which can be downloaded to apple phones and android phones to allow floridians to share narratives of interactions with sellers. i can tell you it has done a
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lot to alleviate traffic coming into the hotline. 2100 contacts now with alleged price gouging. we have investigators in the field and lawyers going through these. oftentimes we're providing guidance to floridians what constitutes price gouging. it is an extreme hike in price. for example, we've seen places, gas stations where water will ring up for a certain amount. when they take it to the register it will be twice that. we're making contact with those sellers and stopping that at the point of the charge of that product. >> getting back to the issue of law enforcement, some of the finest in the country. i spent a lot of time with them myself. what is being done to support their families. as they are out looking after all of us, and going through these evacuations and manning roadblocks and rescuing folks their families are back home. any specific things you guys are doing given how much longer
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the storm might go on for to be able to help them? >> i was with law enforcement this morning. not only are we talking about how to best prepare floridians for that dangerous storm. they are protecting their families as well. many of them will be called away from home during this storm so they won't be at home. they take care of their loved ones and making sure their families have supplied and prepared to go an extended period of time maybe a mother or father not coming home because they're focused on taking care of floridians. as attorney general we'll always have their back of law enforcement here in florida. >> we appreciate it. a long couple of days, probably weeks ahead. the cleanup oftentimes is the worst part of these things. we'll talk to you soon. >> thank you. >> fox news alert. reports of multiple deaths off the california coast. a major rescue operation is underway now after a boat fire near santa cruz island. dozens of passengers are still
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unaccounted for. christina coleman joins us live in los angeles with the latest. hi, christina. >> what we just learned 33 people who were on that ship are unaccounted for right now. this after the boat went up in flames early this morning. the 75-foot commercial diving vessel was based in the santa barbara harbor 70 miles north of los angeles. multiple agencies, helicopters and swift water rescue boats were on scene in this rescue effort. the fire started early this morning. the search and rescue efforts in the dark and in the water could be very difficult. the commercial diving vessel as adrift after the fire but eventually sunk close to santa cruz island. it was operating in the waters near santa cruz, one of several islands called the channel islands off the ventura county coastline. an officer said four people
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were offloaded. no conditions on them right now. a fifth, the captain we're told remained on location to help with the rescue effort. we're told a total of 38 people were on this boat when it went up in flames. at this point a press conference is scheduled to take place on this whole thing very soon. >> all right, christina, thank you very much. >> back to that press conference when it happens. meantime to politics. president trump says talks with china are still on his agenda as the trade war takes a turn that could soon hit you right in the wallet. a fresh round of tariffs on both sides kicked in yesterday. it will raise prices on a lot of everyday items. kevin corke at the white house on the north lawn as usual. hi, kevin. >> two very important questions, how much more will the american consumer have to pay to purchase chinese-made goods? what about american exporters. the question for them how much more will they be hit by the
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ongoing trade war especially if they're trying to export american goods to china? to hear the white house tell is, it is worth it. china has been hitting us hard for years. as you pointed out there, the back and forth on tariffs continue. this time china hits the u.s. ranging 5 to 10% on $75 billion in u.s. goods including lobster, shrimp, coffee. >> now to the coast guard giving us an update how they are preparing for hurricane dorian. >> channel islands, 45 foot response medium crews. coast guard air station san francisco forward operating base, dawson mh65 helicopter crew. coast guard air station san diego ma60 jayhawk helicopter and coast guard cutter. the vessel currently has a portion of the bow sticking out of the water.
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those are my comments at this time. ventura county will also make a comment. >> ventura fire department. we have been in unified command with united states coast guard, harbor ventura and it will continue to be a unified effort as we switch to santa barbara county and fire as the incident goes on and we go into recovery mode. >> there is no chance of recovery mode, no chance of further rescues? >> presently the coast guard has all efforts in a response posture now. we're currently still in the response phase. >> divers looking at the wreckage? >> i don't have any additional information regarding that at this time. >> response efforts? >> search and rescue activities, yes, ma'am. >> what are they doing at this point? >> they're conducting shoreline searches for any available
9:14 am
survivors. >> what is the distance from where the boat was to the shoreline? >> approximately 20 yards from my last brief. >> at this point no word if anyone who made it to shore. >> i don't have any additional information at this time. >> 34 unaccounted for folks on board. >> are there divers in the water? >> i can't answer that question. i don't have that information. >> is the boat operated -- >> one question at a time, please. >> did the boat operator have any violations that you checked out already? >> the vessel has been in full compliance. we're working deliberately with the vessel owner operator who is there at this time working on a plan to conduct further assistance for his vessel. it's at plats harbor on the north side of santa cruz island.
9:15 am
>> the fire, you must have some additional information. did it start small, was there an explosion that was quick and out of nowhere? >> the only may day call we received was the vessel was engulfed in flames. that's all we received. >> how long was it between the call and the time you arrived sf >> i don't have that for you now but i can get it for you. >> clarified, 34 -- >> 34 unaccounted for people on board. the crew was actually already awake and on the bridge and they jumped off. >> to clarify crew members, only five crew members and all crew made it off? >> five crew members on board. they were awake at the time. >> did the crew try to help the other passengers? >> i don't have any additional information regarding that. >> you mentioned -- we seen things printed great escape. we saw --
9:16 am
>> i believe it's grate. >> a good samaritan that offered their services to help. >> if we see a man wearing that shirt he was not on the boat. >> he just helped this situation. >> do you know all the passengers as posed to crew below deck? >> they were below deck asleep. >> have you received any witness accounts that anybody was able to get above deck from below deck? no witness against of anybody other than the five crew members in the water? >> i don't have any additional information. we'll continue our response search effort so with that i'll close out this brief. thank you. rochester. monica. and my rank is captain. >> the coast guard giving an update on a boating fire and explosion off of the los
9:17 am
angeles coast north of santa cruz island and some stunning and scary details coming out from that. 34 unaccounted for passengers on this boat that was a commercial diving boat. they were below deck when the fire broke out. we're told by the coast guard there were five crew members above deck when the fire broke out and they were able to jump off and into the water. sadly, as we heard from that coast guard captain, the 34 people unaccounted for it is no longer a rescue operation but a recovery operation, which does not bode well. >> the five crew members were able to jump off the top of the boat. the rest of the unaccounted for sleeping in the cabins never had a chance to survive. >> horrific. >> we're learning new details about the gunman behind the deadly drive by shooting in west texas as investigators are continuing to try to piece together a motive. we're live from the scene next.
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♪ go where my baby lives b[ growl ]olle♪s good boy. hey. hey. you must be steven's phone. know who's on your network and control who shouldn't be with xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. >> julie: new details emerging about the gunman who killed 7 people on saturday before being gunned down. the suspect was fired from his
9:22 am
job just hours before going on that killing spree. we have more from the scene in odessa, texas. hi. >> we're working to confirm that "new york times" story about the hours leading up to when the shooting began in midland, texas, when the state trooper pulled the gunman over for not using a turn signal. within the last 20, 25 minutes or so we heard from governor greg abbott who was tweeting about the gunman writing, quote, not only did the odessa begunman have a criminal history he previously failed a gun purchase background check in texas and didn't go through a background check for the gun he used in odessa. we must keep guns out of criminals' hands. the gunman was arrested for a misdemeanor in 2001 for trespassing and evading arrest. if you missed it yesterday the odessa police chief said although they had his identity,
9:23 am
this is how they are handling the information. >> you will notice that i'm not naming the subject. there is a reason for that. i refuse to. not going to give him any notoriety for what he did. we'll provide that information to you but not in this public space. >> we're really seeing that more and more in the wake of these mass shootings from law enforcement and the fox news channel has made the decision not to show or name the man who police say killed seven and injured more than 20. the communities of midland and odessa held a vigil last night. folks offered prayers to all impacted by the tragedy and reaffirmed the strength as they work to heal. >> it will not break our faith. our prayers will come and rise if we all hold hands together and love one another as
9:24 am
neighbors. we are neighbors. >> the age range of those killed on saturday is 15 to 57. all taken down by the man police say conducted a mass shooting on the move from midland to oh december ya. among them a u.s. postal worker in her mail truck when the gunman stole her vehicle. the postal service released a statement saying in part we're grieving the loss of our postal family member mary granados and keep her family in our thoughts. anderson davis is a 17-month-old girl shot in the face. the parents said their daughter was sitting next to the twin brother in their car when a bullet came through their s.u.v. as they sat at a stoplight. anderson davis is reportedly home with her family and recovering from surgery. >> julie: hard to believe. thank you. >> leland: all right. as hurricane dorian heads
9:25 am
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how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> julie: we continue to track hurricane dorian. the storm downgraded a short time ago to a still monstrous category 4. it is a 1 mile-per-hour away from the category 5. don't let the number fool you. right now it's sitting over the bahamas where even rescue crews reportedly have taken shelter from the 160 mile-an-hour winds. in the u.s. evacuation orders in parts of florida, georgia, and south carolina are currently underway. we have a look at dorian's path. rick, where is it headed? it has been staying rather still recently.
9:30 am
>> barely moved since last night. probably moved a total of 15 miles or so. so not really moving far at all. this is a projected rainfall total from one of our very reliable models. it is hard to make out the u.s. coastline. the numbers across the carolinas, over 10 inches of rain will cause local flooding in addition to the storm surge we'll see. up and down across florida, a lot of these are in the 5 range or so. you'll notice that tight grade between the 5 and 12 zsh inch plus and that's what we're concerned about. a little nudge off toward the west and we increase all the impacts along the coast. this is a storm surge. this is a key so you can see those numbers right there? that's feet of storm surge in the red. we don't have much of a problem anywhere south of jupiter. then you go a little toward the north and where we start to see bigger concerns.
9:31 am
out here just around the vero beach area we have storm surge potential around 7 feet. up around the cape coast and that's where we'll talk same story around that 7 to 8 feet. then you get up here to the north of jacksonville and then the georgia coastline. a lot of spots up there potential for storm surge around the 10 feet from this. that storm surge that's ocean water moving in shore and we have the rain on top of that and why we're concerned for a lot of places with big impacts far reaching. center of the storm 80 miles off the coast of florida. it will pull off towards the northwest eventually and hug the coast very, very closely. big impact if it goes a few more miles impact. we still can't say exactly where it will go. hopefully it goes farther on the east track. the impacts over the next number of days. we have five days we'll be talking about this storm, julie. >> julie: thank you so much. >> leland: as folks are getting
9:32 am
ready to hunker down, they're getting one last look at the beach before the storm comes in. ellison barber in juneau beach, florida, north of west palm beach. hi, ellison. >> yes, the town of juneau beach are under mandatory evacuation orders. a lot of people who live in other areas further away have come back to the beach with a final walk through. waves are getting bigger. these guys were just out swimming further down the beach. you can see some people going in now. we've seen police out here getting frustrated with the amount of people down at the beach because they are not supposed to be here. they tried to block off some access points to try and ng. most people we spoke to say it's kind of what they do. it's the last walk down to the beach to see the calm before the storm. they have their homes boarded up and shut erd so they can be safe once the storm comes and they're getting in a final walk
9:33 am
and look this morning. despite police trying to convince them not to do that. officials throughout florida are trying to convince people even though the path of the storm has been uncertain at times, it is a serious storm and that they need to heed local warnings particularly evacuation orders that are coming from their local officials. listen here. >> those decisions are not issued lightly by the local folks. it is based on the fact there is a significant risk to people in those coastal areas. they're talking about even if it doesn't hit land, 4 to 7 foot of storm surge. think about that. seven feet coming into your house. you cannot survive that. >> we've seen a little bit of rain, not a lot on and off this morning as the outer bands make their way towards this area. but again as you can see for the most part people here they feel like they have the opportunity right now to get a final walk and doing just that. >> leland: happens every storm
9:34 am
and then police and fire department having to rescue some of them. ellison barber out there as the storm is coming ashore. thank you, check back in with you. >> julie: up the coast from juneau beach is palm coast, florida. the mayor of palm coast is talking to us. as the second strongest storm in history flagler county will be feeling some of the effects of this storm tuesday and wednesday. the extent of those effects not yet known. how do you prepare your residents for this one? >> well, unfortunately or fortunately we've experienced these very serious weather events in the last few years. it has impacted our community greatly. it gave us a great opportunity to learn from them. our teams have been preparing the last six months. we have created a whole new
9:35 am
plan, incident action plan. we've been working around the clock in preparation for this weather event hitting our city. >> julie: evacuation orders for zones a, b, f. they were effective as of noon today. the chief of police urged residence to heed warnings and evacuate. these are his words and i want to read from the residents at home that may decide to stay put. he says this is monster, nightmares are made of. how dangerous for resident to ignore that? >> i can't emphasize enough they have to heed the warnings. our first responders are not able to go out if it is an event they need rescuing, if it's winds over 45 miles per hour. we have to keep our first responders safe. so please, our residents must heed those warnings. it is that serious. >> julie: to give an idea what 45 mile-per-hour winds are like, right now the storm is
9:36 am
off the coast. palm beach county is getting those winds right now. those evacuations are supposed to be completed by 3:00 p.m. today. it is not illegal to stay but what happens to those who don't abide by the evacuation orders if they call 911 for help once the storm has hit? >> we can't go to them. that is the law. our sheriff has also ordered in those evacuation areas a curfew of 7:00 p.m. likewise if you're in an evacuated area and are out after 7:00 p.m. the sheriff said you will be arrested. >> julie: wow, melissa holland, thank you very much and godspeed. wish you luck. >> leland: long few days coming up. will and grace star debra messing wants to name and shame hollywood conservatives who support president trump. our next guest is a
9:37 am
conservative actor who you will recognize from seinfeld. he has his take next. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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i need to find the receipt for that. oh yeah, you do. >> leland: welcome back. two tv stars are angry about a fundraiser from hollywood. they're loorking to name and shame the president's sporters. debra messing tweeting please print a list of all attendees, right to know. her co-star adding in his own tweet that quote, the rest of us can be clear who we don't want to work with. sounds a little like a threat. joining us now john o'hurley best known for his role j. peterman on seinfeld and knows a thing or two about being a conservative in tinsel town. nice to see you, my friend.
9:42 am
targeting conservatives new or just saying the quiet part out loud now? >> i think they have the bully pulpit right now to say it out loud. i don't think it's -- i don't think it permeates hollywood to the degree you think it is. they form packs and groups where the conservative mind is basically an individual and they're tougher to find and certainly tougher to poll. >> leland: how is this manifesting itself in hollywood for actors such as yourself? is it a real black listing or making life more difficult? >> well, let me just say that i'm embarrassed for both of them. i'll say this because i know them both and worked with debra before. they are both smart people and do wonderful work. they're pushing the case that falls apart from the sheer weight of its lunacy as though the hollywood community needs to be purged of this social and
9:43 am
intellectual hygiene problem called conservative thinking. it falls -- it underscores the fact that we aren't receptive to diversity of thought, which is the exact opposite of what you feel the liberal way would be. and i find that obscene. >> leland: that's an interesting way of looking at it. exactly what you would think inclusion and being willing to think about all sorts of different viewpoints is not the one that is there. this is what ted cruz had to say on twitter about it. tolerant hollywood, burn them, burn the witches. so as a conservative actor this is how you make your living. do you worry that there is going to be maybe not a black listing but people will say it is easier not to deal with conservatives because we don't want to deal with the fallout of being named and shamed by
9:44 am
messing and her co-star? >> i agree with that to some degree. it is very difficult to be a conservative in hollywood. even though there are many of us, you do feel like you are an island fighting the storm. but it stops the notion that artistic expression really is the act of the infinite possibility. all viewpoints must be observed and respected. so at the same time we are supporting free thinking, we also have to support free receptors. people that will allow other ideas to infect them. some of the best conversations i ever had on the seinfeld set were with michael richards who thinks totally differently than i do. i couldn't wait to present him with an issue or something because i was always interested in his perspective on it and fascinated. my dearest friend another liberal thinker opposite to me. he and i can sit for hours discussing an idea.
9:45 am
and i love that. i cherish that. not with the premise of trying to convince each other. >> leland: it does seem to be lost in the conversation now. 20 or 30 seconds. is this solely because of how abhorrent these actors find president trump or is it actually the conservative ideals they're taking on? >> well, i think it's more -- listen, we've had conservative ideals for decades. it is the fact they're pre-disposed to not liking the man at the top right now. >> leland: we appreciate you starting labor day with us, sir. and we'll be talking to you. this issue is not going away. >> no, it won't be. i'll still be here for it. >> leland: we'll be here to talk to you. >> julie: thousands of students in hong kong skipping the first day of class to join in protests calling for democratic reforms. will the government scrap the controversial extradition bill that sparked these mass protests in the first place?
9:46 am
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9:49 am
>> julie: thousands of students hitting the streets of hong kong, skipping the first day of school to peacefully protest for democratic reforms. this of course after months of
9:50 am
demonstrations, some of them erupting into violence. it started when hong kong's government proposed a bill to extradite fugitives and suspects to mainland china. jonathan hunt is live in hong kong with the latest there. hi, jonathan. >> we're hearing an extraordinary admission from hong kong's chief executive today that she is essentially out of ideas and she says she would resign if she could. listen here. >> i have a choice, the best thing is to quit. >> that recording emerging after a weekend in which police made 159 arrests, 241 tear gas
9:51 am
canister and 92 rubber bullets. the protestors out again thousands peaceful but making their determination very clear. look at this. under the watchful eye of the hong kong authorities and by extension the chinese central government, thousands of students have gathered here in hong kong's park today part of a general strike called for by protest organizers. their intention to send a message. despite the violence over the weekend and the crackdown by the hong kong riot police these protestors are not going anywhere. this is just one of several large demonstrations across hong kong today. the huge question remains if and when china's central government will send in the army, julie. >> julie: jonathan hunt, thank you. >> leland: there are many ways to track a hurricane but check
9:52 am
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9:55 am
>> leland: welcome back as we track hurricane dorian via satellite radar.
9:56 am
our crews in the field. fema will use an unusual metric to judge how destructive this and other storms are called the waffle hocks index. we explain. >> welcome to waffle house. >> 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. the lights at waffle house are always on. but when a storm rolls in and restaurants have to close down, waffle house serves recipes from their storm playbook. >> the latest update looks like the storm keeps curving to the right. good news. >> the goal is to get the restaurants back open behind the storm so the community has a place to eat and for folks if we're closed they aren't making any money. >> the waffle house storm team works around the clock coordinating thousands of trucks and team members. >> sunday we have a group coming down from north carolina. they'll help us out. >> right now they're staging in jacksonville as dorian makes its way towards land.
9:57 am
>> that's all subject to change the way the storm is going. >> we'll have the power, food, generators, fuel and the people and have everything we need to get the restaurants open. that way we're not a burden to the community but we're helping the community. >> after the storm has passed waffle house checks on each of their scores through the security cameras to see which stores have power and where they need to send help first. >> we don't make money on this. the resources we send in. but it pays off in the long term. it's about the people. these are the ones we think will be impacted. >> the green boxes are part of the waffle house index. watched by fema showing how severe a storm is. green means the storms are operational with full menu. yellow limited menu and red shut down. >> there is nothing special, we just want to do it. >> there for the community that will have to rebuild life as they knew it. >> they've run through something that is major in
9:58 am
their lives. if they can come to waffle house, have their first hot meal, plug in cell phone and get air conditioning. the comforts go a long way. >> fox five news. >> leland: having been the beneficiary in their dedication, i'm eternally grateful. i have been in waffle houses where they couldn't call to see if they were open or not because the phones didn't work. waffle house was still open. amazing. >> julie: i appreciated them in my college years. night, day. >> leland: fox news alert there as we continue to watch this story. the search now for dozens feared dead. there was a fire on a diving boat off the coast of southern california. right now the coast guard says more than 30 people are unaccounted for and now they are calling this a recovery effort rather than a rescue
9:59 am
effort. welcome back to news headquarters. a horrific story as you are learning about what was happening not only on the bridge but down below when this fire broke out. >> julie: those unaccounted for were sleeping and the five crew members jumped off and they are unaccounted for. it is a search and recovery mission. we'll get to the search and recovery mission in a moment. we have to talk about hurricane dorian. it was weakened just a bit. just barely. category 4 storm really just on the brink of being a cat 5 is still extremely dangerous, extremely unpredictable as well. battering the bahamas with life threatening winds and storm surge. it is inching closer to florida's east coast slowly and that area set to feel dorian's flurry, we have team fox coverage. ellison barber is in juneau beach but we go to our meteorologist to tell us where the storm is headed.
10:00 am
>> moving up the coast eventually but just so close right to the coast we have hurricane warnings in effect right across the middle part of the state here. we have hurricane watches extending to areas of georgia. winds now for the most part into the 30s right along the coastline. and the storm, the center of the storm is 80 miles off towards the east. that from the center of the eye. strongest of the winds are on the outside or in that eyewall which is probably about 60 miles off the coast. so a really incredible storm. you see it has not really moved at all. probably maybe losing some of the wind speed because it has been sitting over land a little bit and maybe getting a little bit of upflowing it can pull up colder water in the lower levels of the ocean. that said all of the water here around the bahamas is shallow and warm. maybe pulling up water temperature that is 2 or 3 degrees cooler. this is a couple of models that
10:01 am
we like and they're getting very good agreement. unfortunately way too close to the coast. eventually maybe the timing is a little different but pretty much be landing in the same manner looking at a landfall toward the carolinas, but watching that eye be right along the coast all the way up toward the carolinas through thursday. a long duration event we'll keep watching. any deviation 5 to 10 miles will have a big impact. we can't say where that will be. >> julie: thank you. great report. we both have the same problem today. it's labor day, it's raining, a hurricane. >> leland: dorian. >> julie: thanks. >> leland: team coverage continues now with rick leventhal live if jacksonville beach, florida. hi, rick. >> for folks who live further south of us down between
10:02 am
jupiter and vero beach, causeways at jenson beach and stew rt are closed. unless you're a residents or proper i.d. as an employee you won't be allowed to go to the barrier islands as mandatory evacuation orders from in effect to volusia county to georgia. you can see a lot of folks are out at the beach. primarily they're watching the dozens of surfers taking advantage of the rough waves out there that are pounding against this fishing pier also closed today. we have no way of knowing just how bad it will go here but authorities are taking precautions. that includes closing major airports. commercial flight operations at palm beach international and fort lauderdale international have ceased. no more flights in and out of those two airports. daytona beach airport is shutting down at 6:00 tonight. 4400 national guard are
10:03 am
mobilized across the state. thousands more on stand by. airmen and soldiers with equipment and helicopters, boats, high water vehicles staging in 17 locations across florida. florida power and light also pre-staging utility trucks from as far away as illinois and they have 17,000 line workers and other employees who are also standing by ready to move in, roll out, repair downed poles and lines once the winds subside. no one knows if any of it will be necessary. florida governor ron desantis said we're better off safe than sorry. >> it will make a movement. the movement it makes will have impact on floridians. please listen to the instructions, heed the instructions. do what you need to do to keep you and your family safe. >> those shelters are open and schools are closed. dozens of counties. all of the bridges to all the barrier islands will shut down
10:04 am
when the winds reach 39 miles per hour. if you think you want to ride this one out and staying on a barrier island once the winds get 40 miles an hour you might be stuck there for the duration. >> leland: then you just have to hunker down. >> julie: for more on the preparations for hurricane dorian we want to bring in jake wood, the co-founder and chief executive officer of team rubicon. they help out with disaster relief. thank you for talking to us. tell us about your reconnaissance teams at the ready, i understand. >> we have multiple teams spread out along the coastal areas that are potential areas of impact for hurricane dorian. we started staging reconnaissance teams initially in florida. as the storm track has moved we're uncertain where it will cause the most damage we have additional teams staged in georgia, north carolina and south carolina. >> julie: the hurricane is unpredictable. staging teams across the areas
10:05 am
like tampa, lake city, how long after the hurricane hits are your teams dispatched to these disaster zones and how do you know where to send them? >> yeah. these teams are some of our best-trained volunteers. the first and foremost what's on top of their mind is the team safety. we won't move into the area until we're certain we can have freedom of movement and be free of any of the hazards that may still be present. things like high water. we don't want our teams on roads that they might get swept away. again, they're fully capable of handling themselves. they'll work with local authorities. part of what we're trying to do is identify for local authorities the areas that need most help. the other thing we have out there are route clearance teams. these are fully packaged teams with trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, chain sauce and enough food and water for seven days. these teams will go out and be working with those power line
10:06 am
workers you mentioned in the earlier segment clearing roadways so emergency services and utility workers can get to people and get the services back online as quickly as possible. >> julie: the road clearance, those are the most critical teams. there are evacuation orders in place. once those evacuation orders are done and the winds get to a certain speed in some places over 45 miles per hour emergency crews aren't allowed to enter those areas. those people braving the storm are stuck. it is up to you guys to clear the roads to get to them after the storm. when do you get the all clear? tell me how hard it is to really get to evacuation residents that don't heed the warnings and knowing that you now have to go rescue them? >> make no mistake, the days and sometimes even the weeks after a storm like this it's pure chaos. there is a lot of lacking information. a lot of poor information, bad information. one of the things that we're
10:07 am
trying to do is bring some truth to that situation on the ground. so getting eyes on the situation, helping to advise and work with local authority so people are operating off a good picture so they can make good, intelligent decisions based off that information. >> julie: what do you expect with the storm this size? the second largest storm. you have experience and everyone who lives in florida has experience when it comes to cleaning up after this mess. this one is going to be quite a mess to clean up after. >> the reality is we don't know. a lot of the models have it skirting the coast. that can still bring damage. let's not forget our friends and neighbors in the bahamas. early reports are that the northern islands in the bahamas have been decimated. we have a team going there today and help our neighbors in the bahamas. as far as what will happen to the continental u.s., we have to wait and see.
10:08 am
citizens over there in florida, georgia, carolinas, they need to heed their warnings. they need to heed the evacuation orders. it's very serious. >> julie: when we watched this hurricane as it sits and khurns, the wind damage is that much more severe and you have downed power lines and all that. it is a very dangerous situation for your crews when you have electrical wires all over the place to clean it up. how long before you can enter these disaster those. >> after hurricane michael last year in the panhandle we were on the ground for close to 150 days clearing roads, helping homeowners. you just never know until the storm hits and the disaster fades and you are able to move in. i think the early indications are if this thing does not fully make landfall the wind damage may be minimal but tidal surge and inland flooding. that water damage is often the worst of it.
10:09 am
>> julie: all right. let's hope people heed the warnings. jake wood, thank you to you and your team and all the volunteers. incredible stuff to see them coming in. good luck. leland. >> leland: we're learning a lot more about the gunman who went on a deadly shooting rampage saturday. it began with what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop. it ended in a running gun battle with the gunman firing at officers, shooting randomly and killing people in their cars and then being shot himself by police officers. elecia acuna with what the governor of texas is saying about this. >> yes, governor greg abbott is tweeting this morning and also the f.b.i. has announced they'll hold a news conference later on this afternoon. we're working to confirm that "new york times" report that the gunman was fired from his trucking job just hours before the shooting began. you mentioned the governor here in texas. let's take a look at the tweet.
10:10 am
he is talking about the gunman tweeting not only did the odessa have a criminal history he didn't go through a background check for the gun he used in odessa. we must keep guns out of criminals' hands. the man in his 30s was arrested in 2001 for trespassing and evading arrest. he had a motor carrier safety violation. fox is not saying his name at this time. last night about 1,000 people gathered at the university of texas for a vigil. the focus was on healing the communities of midland and odessa. prayers went up for the victims of the tragedy and the first responders who came to their rescue as the gunman drove into odessa continuing to shoot with his rifle after shooting a state trooper in midland.
10:11 am
>> midland police officer and odessa police officer. they shot him dead when he got out. i thank them. >> seven people killed on saturday from 15 to 57. one man died in his front yard shot after heading out to see what all the commotion was about. the youngest is teenage girl outside a car dealership. injured a 17-month-old girl anderson davis. her parents said she was sitting next to her twin brother in the family's s.u.v. at a stoplight when she was struck in the face. she is now home after undergoing surgery to remove shrapnel from her face and chest. 10 of the injured are still in texas hospitals recovering right now. >> leland: such a long road to recovery for so many including a couple police officers who were shot. back to that news conference
10:12 am
when it happens. julie. >> they received a may day call from an unknown vessel in position 3408.24 north by 11948.52 west. all mariners are requested to keep a sharp lookout and report sightings to the united states coast guard. >> julie: that was the just released audio from the mayday call from a horrible scene in southern california. dozens of people remain unaccounted for and feared dead after a commercial diving ship caught fire early this morning. the u.s. coast guard is coordinating a search/rescue mission, now recovery mission. we're live from the los angeles bureau with the latest. all of those unaccounted for are presumed dead. the sad recovery mission continues christina.
10:13 am
>> julie, the coast guard is searching the shorelines for any possible survivors, 39 people were on the diving ship conception, 34 of them now unaccounted for following this fire. it started around 3:30 early this morning near santa cruz island 70 miles north of los angeles. a coast guard officer said people were below deck asleep. the five crew members were awake and above deck and able to jump off the ship. a good samaritan helped them get to safety. the 75 foot vessel sunk in 64 feet of water. we saw video of a man being rescued, brought assure alert and talking to first responders this morning. not immediately clear if this man is one of the five crew members that were on that ship. we're told the captain remained on scene to help with rescue efforts after the fire was reported. >> los angeles long beach watch
10:14 am
standards overheard a mayday calvi yeah channel 16 of an engulfed commercial diving vessel with 39 people aboard. >> at this point early today the families were there coming to terms with this shocking fire. here gathering at the harbor in santa barbara where the conception was based. the company that owns the ship runs two other boat tours for the pacific ocean making it likely all of the 34 people unaccounted for were on a holiday scuba diving vacation. the ship was launched in 1981 with a bunk capacity of 46 people. it had a good safety record. a former boat worker told fox news said he never felt unsafe on the ship. the boat's owner is working with officials as they try to figure out what went wrong. >> julie: thank you very much christina. >> leland: we've heard who the president says is really paying for the trade war with china, but there is a new round of
10:15 am
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here, hello! starts with -hi!mple... how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! [ camera clicking ] wifi up there? -ahhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. >> leland: get ready to pay more for all sorts of chinese good. a new round of tariffs took effect yesterday. give you a look at some of the
10:19 am
things that will cost more. everything from diapers to televisions. direct consumer goods coming from china. myron brilliant head of international affairs at the u.s. chamber of commerce says the tariffs import taxes by any other name are or will cost every american household between $600 and $1,000 by the end of the year. joining us now is a business journalist for and "washington examiner". good to see you, sir. the white house seems to be moving away from the talking point and fallacy that the chinese are paying for the tariffs and now making this argument it is a national security argument to take on the chinese and not be dependent on them. how long will small businesses be able to be willing to endure the pain based on that argument? >> well, great to talk to you. it depends on the small business and how well they're
10:20 am
positioned for this. this thing will be going on for a while. even if there is some agreement with china in the next few months that agreement will need to be reported on and validated. i'm telling my readers and community to hunker down for the price increases over the next year. don't forget this much, leland, for the past decades my clients, my readers, small and medium-sized companies have been begging for some type of relief against china. there is allegedly market manipulations and dumping of products and stealing of technology and all sorts of things. >> leland: i'm not sure you need to add allegedly there. >> these things are really happening. and so this is a time now -- i'm telling you from my readers and clients i talk to, many of the business owners are prepared to take that hit. now, just because tariffs are going up doesn't necessarily mean that prices are going to wholesale increase. some business owners will suck it up and absorb it.
10:21 am
some people will raise prices a little bit. others are looking for alternative suppliers. this is a war that we're talking about. if we aren't ready to have this war now we're never going to be ready to have it. >> leland: the point is a good one, it becomes harder and more expensive to deal with the problem tomorrow than today and more expensive today than in the 1990s. take a listen to president trump talking about businesses who are being hit by the tariffs. >> president trump: a lot of badly-run companies are trying to blame tariffs. in other words, if they are running badly and having a bad quarter or they are just unlucky in some way they will blame the tariffs. it is not the tariffs. it's called bad management. >> leland: all your clients having a hard time are bad managers. >> i have a comment on that. not all clients are bad managers. i don't mean to pick on one
10:22 am
sector. i wrote about this a couple months ago. i have some clients and people who are farmers, soybean farmers, 100% of their business has come from china over the past few years. i sympathize with their plight. sometimes i think to myself president trump has been talking about going after china for 10 years even longer. when a guy like that gets elected president and you see the storm clouds on the horizon, do you have some alternative products or alternative suppliers? do you make changes? >> leland: i talked to a lot of soybean farmers. there is not another soybean market. it's what this market was. >> completely agree. without attacking soybean farmers, good people and trying hard. there are alternative products that can be farmed on that same land and some moves that a soybean farmer could make to temper the blow. i won't agree with the president 100%. there are some small business owners that can't do anything about it. >> leland: a lot of people
10:23 am
can't. >> they can't. there are a lot of alternatives around the country and things business owners can do now to prepare themselves for ongoing price increases. are they going to pass them down to customers? will they absorb them a little bit or find alternatives? i think the president is basically saying we're in this war right now. we have a battle to fight. now is the time and listen, if you're a business owner nobody is getting killed out there but you have to look out for your own business. >> leland: a lot of people have been laid off because of the tariffs who feel the effects at home. >> i agree. >> leland: we have to leave it there. appreciate it as always. >> thanks, take care. >> leland: we'll be talking about this for a long time. >> julie: historic devastation from dorian in the bahamas where rescue crews have had to take shelter. it is heading toward the u.s. coast. where will it land? more on that next. !
10:24 am
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10:28 am
>> leland: still watching dorian. update coming soon. meantime iran saying it will take a, quote, strong step away from the 2015 nuclear deal with europe can't come up with new terms by the end of the week. this, of course, amid ongoing tensions with the united states and president trump pulling out of the deal last year. amy kellogg live in london as the europeans are talking about this. hi, amy. >> one former iranian diplomat i spoke to said the move by iran may be less of a provocation and more of an attempt to try to beef up its stack of playing cards ahead of evlks with the united states. iranian foreign minister met ow. deputy will meet with the french who are at the forefront of efforts to resuscitate the nuclear deal, the jcpoa which
10:29 am
iran has violated twice already since the u.s. all but blocked it selling its oil. iran on the one hand threatening more violations of the accord. on the other asking for a way back. >> we are always ready for talks. our actions are reversible. it was the case for two measures we took earlier. we can't implement our commitments, too. >> as tensions rise in the gulf president trump has said he wants to talk with iran. iran responded they aren't interested in a photo op. they won't talk to trump until sanctions are lifted, they say. some believe iran even with the opposition of many hard liners has resolved it will talk to the u.s. and preparing itself for that as the only way out of its dire economic situation. foreign minister popped up at the g-7 in france last month was a hint it is likely to happen and the european efforts
10:30 am
to get the iran answer sanctions relief fast is part of the picture. >> i think the american side wants to have direct talks and reach agreements with iran, and this action by the french government obviously with european support could essentially help create a path let's say by later this month when the leaders are at the u.n., some kind of a meeting can take place. >> we'll see, leland. we do know that since the oil waivers were lifted, iran has lost a lot of its income. it was selling 2.1 million barrels a day and now down to 300,000. in this year alone the cost of consumer goods for iranians will go up at least 40%. the situation is tough and this may be a bit of brinksmanship going on to somehow find a way
10:31 am
to ultimately get some normalization and relief. >> leland: iranians and proxies causing mischief in the middle east amidst all this. >> julie: let's bring in the senior campaign reporter for "the washington examiner". let's get into this. the end of the week deadline is quickly approaching for europe to come up with a way for iran to sell its oil despite u.s. sanctions or face a new scaling back of the 2015 nuclear accord. where does this head next? >> well, you know, here is the thing. donald trump, who certainly sees that the sanctions that have been placed on the iranians is squeezing them a lot. as far as trump meeting with the iranians, that may happen but not just yet because if we try any sort of meeting with the u.s. it would take the leverage away and so while it may happen, not just yet. also keep in mind you have
10:32 am
macron saying we have to start making sure we resolve this issue. but you have france as well as germany, they have a huge financial interest over in iran. of course they want to try and resolve this issue as quickly as possible as far as the iran nuclear deal under the obama administration. let's keep that in mind. >> julie: you keep up french president macron. he worked hard to save the nuclear accord that unraveled since president trump withdrew and leveled sanctions on iran. the president isn't likely to loosen the sanctions any time soon. how does the u.s. react to pressure put on my europe and france? >> of course, as we just mentioned in the last package there we do have the u.n. meeting coming up. there can be some sort of side meetings going on and a lot of phone calls that can be happening with our diplomats. even secretary pompeo and john bolton may be very hawkish on this issue, we want to make
10:33 am
sure the united states doesn't get the short end of the stick here. under the obama administration, when we had this nuclear deal there was a lot of shenanigans going on and funding of hezbollah going on. hostages over in iran. still we want to make sure the united states ends up gets a better deal that ends up going on down the line. >> julie: i want to bring israel into the fold. they're worried about iran's transfer of weapons after it should be after a week of rising tensions israel and hezbollah exchanged fire along the lebanese border. how concerned should world leaders be of an escalation happen here? >> he saw an attack on oil tankers in the last few months. we ended up seeing a breach of the deal happening already. so look, whether we uphold the nuclear deal or not, there is going to be a breach of the
10:34 am
nuclear deal. a lot of people would say gee, you know what? because president trump ended up pulling out of the nuclear deal and iran enriching plutonium. >> julie: iran foreign minister says iran will go back to complying with the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers in full only when european nations go back to delivering on their commitments. i want to play that and have you react. listen. >> we consider russia and china as partners that have helped us in jcpra and held strong positions and who contribute to the continued survival of kcpra. we have not seen the same approach from the europeans. they have not been able or willing to take the necessary
10:35 am
action in order to fulfill their obligations under the jcpoa. >> julie: he says to fulfill our obligations. obligations. very strong word. you are saying you need to do this in order for us to comply. what commitments does iran expect european nations to deliver exactly? >> you know, the european nations are in a very tough bind in all fairness because if the european nations end up trying to have any kind of business dealings going on with iran, the question here is what kind of consequences will they face under u.s. sanctions? and that's where they are right now. >> julie: thank you very much. appreciate it. >> leland: winds at 145, 155 miles an hour now in hurricane dorian's path and time is running out in florida to hunker down. who is getting hit right now on the coast?
10:36 am
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>> leland: hurricane dorian inching closer to the east coast of florida. it pounds the bahamas with devastating winds, rain and flooding. it's a mess there. southeastern florida also expected to start feeling the impact this afternoon and mandatory evacuations have been ordered noo nearly a dozen florida counties thus far and parts of georgia and south carolina as well. ellison barber is live in juneau beach, florida, watching the storm from the coastline there. hi. >> last update the high of hurricane dorian is 100 miles away from where we are now. you can see the wind starting to pick up a little bit. the waves getting chopier and bigger. you can see people are still very much out. some of them say they are not worried. we've seen people out for jogs this morning and people coming to the calm
10:41 am
before the storm. evacuation orders for the town of juneau beach are mandatory. the beach has been packed all morning. >> this is what you do. i thought it would be empty for some reason. i'm from up north. it is packed. a lot of crazy people like me. i'm watching the news very closely, like fox, and i know when not to come down here. this is the last time right now. after this i'll hunker down, if they tell us to evacuate i'll evacuate. >> police have come by a couple of times this morning when we spoke to them and seemed frustrated that people were still coming out here. most of the people we spoke to said they don't live in the mandatory evacuated areas, a little further away. they're coming here like that man you just heard there say to get a look and go back home and hunker down. the man just climbed over this. the police put up caution tapes and they added more down that
10:42 am
way and that way. they've been trying to keep people off the beach for now. once the rains start to pick up perhaps we'll see more people head home. >> julie: thank you very much. >> leland: for more on the federal response and how they're preparing for this? >> absolutely. we ne with for the states will be affected. florida, georgia, south carolina and north carolina, the entire fema and federal response family and got an update on all the preparations. the scale is incredible. >> leland: put the track up. a couple of days ago this thing was headed for west palm beach and go across the state of florida. now it's tracking up past those four states you just mentioned. is there enough federal response available just in terms of sheer numbers to cover that much coastline?
10:43 am
>> i think so. again, federal response is in support of the states and these states have capable emergency management teams preparing for some time. we'll adjust as the storm moves, as the track changes direction. but the last 36 hours the forecast has been pretty on point. right over grand bahama islands the storm slowed to 1 mile-an-hour and we're waiting to see how much of a northward turn it takes as anticipated by noaa and the national hurricane center. >> leland: live pictures from daytona beach, florida where it would be offshore wednesday a.m.. conditions are deteriateing. what worries you? what is keeping you up right now? >> so one thing we're worried about always is having citizens follow the instructions of the state and local emergency managers. almost 5 million people under
10:44 am
mandatory evacuation orders. we want people to heed the orders and get out early. the safest way to do it to be ahead of the storm. but we have a ton of capacity in place. just to give you a sense, there are 17,000 electricity and power professionals ready for this storm to hit in florida from 36 different states under mutual aid agreements. 5,000 national guard troops activated in the four affected states. we have a ton of capability ready to respond. >> leland: so often when you cover the storms you talk to people not heeding the evacuation orders saying every time we get told to evacuate it's a dud so i shut my business down, i have to send my mother-in-law somewhere else, etc., i'm done evacuating. is there a danger when everything becomes mandatory evacuations when there are huge states of emergency that the fact that it is so broad means that fewer people really heed it because they've gotten complacent for lack of a better term?
10:45 am
>> we don't want anyone to be complacent. we have to err on the side of safety. a massive zone. 900 plus miles from south to the north carolina and south carolina. look at the scale of the storm. we're at a cat 4, cat 5 line in terms of wind speed and it is growing in the expanse of the wind field right now. they have to be ready. a little bit of change in the track, the storm could have a major impact on any of the four states currently on the track. so we have to be ready throughout the arrival zone. >> leland: the eyewall moves 10 or 15 or 20 miles to the west and it is an entirely different ballgame. >> that's right. >> leland: how are you guys in terms of rescue crews, high water rescue? so many of the deaths we always here come from the water, down the wind. >> that's right. we have search and rescue teams ready and poised in all four
10:46 am
affected states. we have a ton of air support and aircrafts ready at the federal level. coast guard being the leader. also at the state level, the national guard bureaus and active duty military can get involved and help. >> leland: last year i was down at hurricane florence, a high water rescue team all the way from california. how does that work? >> these are under mutual aid agreements. all the states enter into these mutual aid agreements. we have 36 states already deployed and supporting florida to be ready to get the power back on as soon as the storm hits. we anticipate 650,000 people will lose power pretty quickly in central florida as the storm gets closer to the coastline and they're ready to get it back up and operating. >> leland: you have a couple of long days and nights ahead of you. thank you for joining us. good luck and godspeed to your men in the field. >> julie: democratic
10:47 am
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>> julie: 2020 democratic presidential candidates hitting the campaign trail on this labor day. joe biden among them attending to picnic in iowa. bernie sanders marchs in a labor day parade in new hampshire ahead of the debate in houston when the top 10 candidates will be on stage together again. we're at a house party for elizabeth warren. >> bernie sanders who you just mentioned has a new promise for any american with past-due medical bills. the promise is the federal government will pay them off and your credit score will not be affected by any bills that have not been paid so far. he is eyeing $81 billion in these past-due medical bills and he is hoping that this plan helps him break through in the primary. >> we are introducing legislation that would end all medical debt in this country. the bottom line is, it is an
10:52 am
insane and cruel system which says to people that they have to go deeply into debt or go bankrupt because they came down with cancer or heart disease or they came down with all alzheimer's. we'll introduce that. >> despite recent attention on biden's mistakes, nobody has been able to pierce his solid double digit lead. the former v.p.'s campaign is all about beating donald trump but now he is starting to have attacks on another republican while addressing recent mass shootings with this tweet. mitch mcconnell and the senate should pass it immediately. lives are at stake. that's not the only national issue bubbling up on the campaign trail. hurricane dorian is complicating campaign events this week. warren had to cancel tomorrow
10:53 am
in south carolina her -- because of things tied to the tropical system. she will be here in new hampshire in a few minutes. unofficial end of summer but a few hundred people so far have decided to spend it with her. julie. >> julie: all right. thank you so much. peter doocy. >> leland: all right. as hurricane dorian gets closer, what happens to all the dogs in shelters about to get pummeled by the category 4? that's one of them right there. how you can help when we come back. "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family and we plan to be with usaa for life. see how much you can save with usaa insurance. that's ensure max protein, see how much you can save with high protein and 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar.
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>> leland: there are literally hundreds of dogs and shelter that got pummeled by hurricane dorian. here are some of them, including puppy is. now evacuated 19 days, to open up shelter space after the storm. they will come back in and save more dogs abandoned by their owners. if you would like to foster or adopt, you can visit the website. we are going to go ahead and tweet that link out. save the two dogs that we rescued down. they do incredible work. >> julie: they do allow your animals. shepard smith. >> hurricane dorian relentlessly pummeling the bahamas and started towards florida's
10:58 am
east coast. good afternoon, everyone. i am trace gallagher with continuing coverage of this category for chiller. we have just received an update. let's go straight to the fox extreme weather center. explain what we are hearing from the national hurricane center. >> not much has happened since the last advisory. it is still just moving out one mile-per-hour. we want to show you something here. this is a satellite. our most resolute satellite issue that we have.
10:59 am
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