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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 3, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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this massive storm. officials warning be prepared for the worst. airports shutting down for hurricane dorian. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," much more ahead. "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. rob: it is tuesday, september 3, 5 people confirmed dead by the category 3 storm, hurricane dorian which took its sweet time on the bahamas. jillian: looking live at port st. lucie, florida where the first signs of hurricane dorian are being felt in the united states, more of america in its deadly path.
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you are watching "fox and friends first". jillian is on assignment. rob: let's get to team coverage. we are getting breaking updates from storm zones. carley: griff jenkins in port st. lucie where the time to get out is now. i understand this storm is 100 miles east, your feeling its effects. >> reporter: that's right. the winds and outer bands are coming in. st. lucie officials tell me 41 miles an hour but as you can see the indian river, on the other side, that barrier islands, hutchison island, already the storm surge showing signs of flooding. 160 miles to the east is dorian, just stuck there.
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the number one call to emergency officials is where is this hurricane? there is a mandatory evacuation of the barrier islands. as we get these winds with a stalled hurricane it can be for a long time. the wind out of the north coming south, the indian river already high, creating a bad situation of high wind and a flooding event. homes like this a couple more feet and we have a problem in this could go on for a while. in st. lucie county, here is what he said in terms of residents he is trying to protect. >> crews and partners up to the state level getting ready for whatever supplies we need and when dorian hits us it is like groundhog day, keep waking up and continuing to stall off our coastline.
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heather: there are reports of power outages, 784 people in shelters that did evacuate. officials here, as these waters continue to rise and winds sustained gusts throughout the day they will have a problem. hundreds of utility trucks in st. lucie county and martin county on the ready to help people as they wake up and see these devastating pictures out of the bahamas. carley: looks like it is picking up for sure. janice dean is tracking hurricane dorian's next movements and joins us from the weather center. is there concern now that it is been downgraded to category 3 tside even though it is dangerous? >> reporter: we don't like to say downgraded because it is
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still a major hurricane. it is still thrashing the northwest bahamas and this is a devastating deadly storm that has not finished yet. the coast is not clear for florida and the carolinas and georgia and we are seeing outer bands hitting the east coast of florida and storm surge, 5 to 7 feet of storm surge invulnerable areas but not out of the woods, still a major hurricane with potential to strengthen over the next several hours, still a category 3, the latest advisory and the new track. still a major hurricane as we go through the next 24-36 hours. if there is good news, the cone has shifted eastward so the hurricane impacts will remain offshore. however as we get to the next couple days, it comes
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close to south, north carolina. this is something we have to watch for. at the least, beach erosion, storm surge 7 feet and potentially a foot of rainfall so this will be a big event perhaps not for florida but closer to the carolinas thursday and friday. still a major hurricane causing damage to the northwestern bahamas. it is something we can take lightly. rob: better pictures out of the bahamas's northern ireland -- island will be devastation. carley: police enforcing mandatory evacuations ahead of dorian. rob: in vero beach, jillian has a firsthand look at preparations. >> reporter: good morning. emergency officials have been busy and will continue to be busy. you can tell that we are feeling
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those winds. it is not raining right now but is very intermittent. we see intermittent power outages on the barrier islands. you can see the water is rough. that was completely covered over yesterday and exposed. we will see that beach erosion. police officers going door-to-door have been busy doing it. watch this. [knock on door] >> do you plan on leaving or staying? you do understand flood levels and everything else are extremely dangerous? we are under mandatory evacuation, okay? >> reporter: they have been busy checking a lot of neighborhoods. this was a neighborhood that in 2004 was completely demolished,
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25-30 rescues in one neighborhood with waist deep water in some of those homes. they are urging people to get out and take it seriously. >> usually a big flood zone. every storm but as far as a hurricane it is catastrophic. >> where we are standing now is there a likelihood this will be underwater? >> yes. definitely a high likelihood that this will be underwater. >> reporter: with storm surge, wind and rain bands you don't know what we are going to see later today into tomorrow in the next few days. the gunman call
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the agency cameron brown was in afghanistan. >> there is no room for compromise when it comes to gun laws. joe biden and pete buttigieg slamming the gop in iowa. >> there is no good faith in congressional gop when it comes to dealing with this issue. >> this is disgraceful. >> this is william barr trashed a plan to expedite the death penalty for mass shootings. congress will see it when they return.
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rob: joe manchin will decide to run for governor, he held a position from 2005-2010. his senate reelection bid last year, he will face the republican incumbent jim justice. >> a shocking upset at the u.s. open tennis tournament. the defending women's champion knocked out in her fourth-round match. >> a new world number one. carley: bench -- croatia tomorrow. rob: a grim search operation happening overnight after a scuba excursion ends in tragedy.
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>> i can't breathe. >> there is no escape hatch for any of the people on board. rob: a chilling made a call and what they revealed about this doomed ship in california. juan guaido carley: the bahamas are in the midst of a historic tragedy as the storm inches toward the united states. a group of veterans ready to answer the call. the veteran leading the effort. ♪ introducing a razor that works differently. the gillette skinguard. designed with a guard between the blades that helps protect skin. it guards against razor burn on the neck and irritation on the face. get the shave you've been waiting for. gillette skinguard.
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♪ boom goes the dynamite, club yoko plays ] ♪ feels like i'm taking flight. ♪ [sfx: poof] [sfx: squeaking eraser sound effect.] ♪ i am who i wanna be ♪ who i wanna be ♪ who i wanna be. ♪ i'm a strong individual ♪ feeling that power ♪ i'm so original, ♪ ya sing it louder. ♪ i am, oooh oooh oooh oooh ♪ ehhh ehhh ehhh ehhh ♪ i am, oooh oooh oooh oooh ♪ i am carley: a scuba diving trip ends in tragedy, a massive boat fire killing 25 people in california. 9 others are still missing. kim jong un terrible story. todd pyro joins us with hunting dispatch audio from that burning boat.
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the coast guard beyond words. >> i can't breathe. >> can you get back on board and unlock the boat? any firefighting gear at all for a fire station or anything? the crew that jumped off? no escape hatch for any of the people on board? rob: six crew members and 33 passengers were on board when fire broke out, the conception was on a 3 day scuba excursion. passengers sleeping in a single room tightly packed with bunkbeds, making escape almost impossible. 25 bodies have been located, 20 of them recovered, the other 5 unable to be recovered because
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of unsafe conditions. the search for why this happened is just beginning. >> 12 years, it is a top-notch outfit, everybody on that boat is comfortable in the water. it must have happened awful fast to catch that many people off guard. >> reporter: police interviewed 5 crewmembers who survived. it is unclear what happened to the passengers. so many unanswered questions. rob: we will follow that. back to storm coverage. in the midst of historic tragedy in the bahamas after hurricane dorian unleashes deadly wrath. a powerful storm nailing this island nation. carley: as the storm inches for the united states and we mean inches, a group of veterans are ready to answer the call for relief efforts.
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rob: efforts for americans first, thanks for coming on this morning. the storm stalled out over the northern bahamas, you guys standing by ready to go. tell us what you have to do. >> thanks for having me. our international team is standing by with the dch aircraft loaded with tarps and plastics and shelter supplies and waiting for clearance to take off tomorrow or wednesday but too early on the domestic side where we have thousands of volunteers standing by it ready to go and we have team patriot made up of injured veterans that participate in operation patriot so we have 300 signed up, 100 trained and ready to get back and continue to serve.
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carley: you are the son of franklin graham, billy graham is your grandfather and your 16 year army veteran. it is your nature to serve. what is important for veterans to give back after they are finished with military service? >> i did not want to leave the army. my career was one of the highlights of my life, but i was told to do something else and left on my own terms. many veterans are wounded. the decision to leave military service was made for them. they didn't want to leave. many of them want continued service and continue to give back to their communities and this is a way to do it. veterans participating in the alaska program made decisions to serve and love jesus christ as their lord and savior and they want to teach others the same hope they have in their hearts
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during a disaster and they are well-trained, they were trained in the military and wants to continue to do stuff especially in harm's way and this is an opportunity to give back to those who are suffering. who better to send in a hurricane or tornado than someone used to combat. rob: when we see storms like this, we see them all the time and first responders and the government in general can't handle what is going on. you see groups like the navy do great work helping rescue people and organizations like yours. how important is it for people to learn to help themselves and come up with groups like this to assist officials when real tragedy strikes? >> you've got to listen to the authorities. when they tell you to get out, that is what we do. we don't come in until it is safe. we don't want volunteers getting in the way of first responders that are trying to help.
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they are overwhelmed and always will be. even the us government, more needs to be done and that is after the storms have left. the storms move on and people are still hurting. in texas and florida or north carolina, some of those rebuilds hampered with the storm coming on. we need people willing to volunteer to serve their communities. they are to work through and empower the church. samaritans first move on to the next storm. we want the churches in power and they are there and their communities to serve. rob: thank you so much for your service and what you are doing now. >> thanks for having me. >> a warning for anyone hoping to ride it out as a state of emergency is in effect for florida through virginia.
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>> residents decide not to evacuate, i want to be very clear, they will be on their own. rob: in georgia and the carolinas, hurricane dorian could make a direct hit, stay tuned.
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rob: fox news alert officials sounding the alarm as hurricane dorian inches close to the coast. carley: it claimed 5 lives in the bahamas. ray bogan live in cocoa beach, florida where many are following evacuation orders.
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>> reporter: here in cocoa beach we are experiencing wind and on and off rain. one forecast puts this storm 100 miles off the coast of florida as it makes its way north but tropical storm force wents extend 150 miles from the storm center so if that holds the barrier islands like right here in cocoa beach will experience dangerous wind, pouring rain and potentially damaging storm surge. charleston, south carolina to west palm beach could experience storm surge from 4 to 7 feet above ground. florida is under a storm surge warning. despite mandatory evacuations, in a tiny island in georgia surfers were riding waves. governor kemp gave a dire warning to people who choose not to listen to evacuation orders. >> given the risks of strong windss and potential flooding, if coastal residents decide not
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to evacuate they will be on their own if first responders are unable to reach them. >> in south carolina state troopers facilitated evacuations i reversing traffic on i 26 so everyone could drive west away from the coast. governor mcmasters said since no one can be certain where the storm will go it is better to be safe than sorry. >> if you are in one of the evacuation zones, in time, if you are still here, to be safe. we know some people may be inconvenienced but this is the way to keep south carolina and is alive. >> reporter: i spoke with one business manager in cocoa beach who said he's grateful the storm didn't make a direct hit and cause millions of dollars in damage but added because the storm took place during labor day weekend it did cause
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millions of dollars in lost revenue. back to you. rob: appreciate it. jillian: of the station in the bahamas captivating the attention of americans as hurricane dorian takes aim. a team of veterans and volunteers on standby to help. rob: janice dean knows firsthand the work this group does responding to disasters around the world, we discuss upcoming relief efforts tonight. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression.
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that's the number on your screen now. run with us in the unstoppable john deere gator xuv835, because when others take rain checks... we take the wheel. run with us. search "john deere gator" for more. carley: category 3 hurricane dorian turning its way toward the united states after thrashing the bahamas coming five people and decimating everything in its path.
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rob: the outer bands being felt on the east coast and putting millions of people on notice. carley: breaking updates from the storm zone. rob: janice dean tracking the storm as it tears a path toward the united states. >> very big and we are seeing structural changes with the eye. this storm has not moved for at least a day. we are seeing some movement northward here and there but still battering the northwest bahamas, freeport getting the worst of the hurricane force winds, the worst of the storm surge, the worst of the heavy rain. 90 miles offshore from florida, if you have tropical storm force windss extending 140 miles from the center of the storm you will feel the effects even if the worst of the core of winds stay offshore. the past 3 hours we are getting
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tropical storm force winds into the east coast and the potential for upwards of a foot of rainfall depending on where you live. even though we are predicting the worst of the storm stays offshore. as we get into georgia also feeling the effects of the storm and potential for direct impact or landfall somewhere between south and north carolina thursday and friday and it remains intact hitting into thursday evening into friday. we will see this accelerate to the northeast on the weekend. a very similar path to matthew. it is almost uncanny but the difference between this and matthew is it has completely destroyed parts of the northwest bahamas. they've never seen damage like this in their history but using history as our guide matthew made a close brush with south carolina and we could see the
2:32 am
potential of that as a more formidable storm, a 2 or 3. that is why we have to watch it. your wind field, the storm is expanding and we will see hurricane force wind gusts along the coastline from north florida through georgia and the carolinas and the core of them should remain offshore. and by the way, not only storm surge and heavy rain and battering winds, tornadoes. these landfalling hurricanes or hurricanes that come close to the shore, the outer bands cause friction and we see potential for tornadoes. carley: such a massive storm. we have focused on florida because the storm is close to florida but could the carolinas get more damage? it could make landfall there. >> absolutely.
2:33 am
the core of the strongest winds will remain offshore. not to say you won't see indirect impacts. if you have a landfalling hurricane, very low-lying area and they got a ton of damage from matthew. if we have a major hurricane that will be different. the story will continue through the entire week. rob: as this storm inches closer to the united states millions on the east coast are bracing for possible impact. carley: officials warning now is the time to get out and get to safety. rob: the wind and rain have been picking up all morning long. >> reporter: we are getting outer bands. our latest reading was 62 mile an hour gusts in the indian river on the outside of barrier islands. they were evacuated.
2:34 am
janice was talking about low-lying areas. you have all along this area of st. lucie county and low-lying areas, winds out of the north through the south increasing things as the tide rises, the king tied picking up is a significant problem for the wind and storm surge. we talk to the spokesman with st. louis county and he talked about the problems he is facing. take a listen. >> winds will start picking up, tropical storm force winds. they choose to stay at a time first responders won't be able to do that if there's an emergency. >> reporter: what is significant about this is 150 miles from the center of the storm like dorian, 45 miles from the center you end
2:35 am
up with hurricane winds and it will be a problem and as it works its way north, jacksonville and the carolinas, water comes out, people need to be vigilant. that is what people need to know when they feel the first real effects of the stalled storm that devastated the bahamas. carley: stay safe out there. when disaster strikes, organizations ready to respond just like we have seen in the past. veterans and volunteers will be on the ground bringing relief to the millions of americans left to pick up the pieces after hurricane dorian. rob: joining us is the cofounder and ceo of team rubicon and fox news senior meteorologist janice dean who worked with team rubicon in the past and will have questions for you as well. we appreciate your time. good morning. 's tell us a little bit about
2:36 am
team rubicon and what you do after hurricane. >> it is a nonprofit organization. we deploy military veterans to respond to disasters in the us and overseas. as this hurricane has made landfall in the bahamas threatening various states on the eastern coasts, we have teams in the process of deploying. they will be landing in the bahamas in that situation and pre-staged in florida and georgia prepared to move in after the storm makes landfall and causes whatever damage it does. first responders and utility companies to restore communities in need. heather: do you have enough people? the bahamas i don't think you will ever see damage like that.
2:37 am
>> we are holding our breath for what we will find in the bahamas. early indications are they are devastated. we will be prepared to help those communities any way they need. our emergency medical teams are on standby, looking to deploy up to 100 or several hundred volunteers in the bahamas. in the united states we have 100,000 volunteers, they are waiting to deploy, we don't know what we don't know yet. the hurricane hasn't caused damage in the continental united states yet but we are confident that it will, we just have to wait and see what it will be. carley: i would imagine your military training really kicks in in a disaster situation like a hurricane. >> you are right. there are a lot of similarities between the battlefield and is a disaster zone.
2:38 am
there are many things that are remarkably different but the chaos, the uncertainty, limited resources, lack of information, all of those things are present in a disaster zone and that is where volunteers thrive. rob: the work you do and team rubicon, things like pre-staging, roof clearance teams, getting teams ready to go, chainsaw operations, home demolition in some cases, heavy equipment operations, debris removal. when a big storm hits you could have tens of thousands of homes that need this work. tell us how big a job this could be. >> if we use hurricane harvey as an analog, there were tens of thousands of private homes damaged or destroyed, we moved in and assisted 1000 families, we searched 2000 volunteers in texas and gulf coast which we
2:39 am
could see a similar situation here. one of the things people need to remember is it doesn't matter how bad the hurricane is when it hits the category 3, 2, one, hurricane harvey hit houston as a tropical storm and just sat and dumped a lot of rain and the water caused the damage. we are not letting our guard down with dorian. carley: janice, you have done so much work with team rubicon. what has your experience been like with this organization? >> amazing. it is my favorite charity. along with -- i will say working with team rubicon my husband is a firefighter and first responder, retired firefighters want to volunteer, makes them feel they are doing something important in retirement.
2:40 am
that is so important as well. >> to your husband, the offer still stands. >> i think it is going to happen. >> don't want to put them on the spot on national tv. >> we had this conversation. >> thank you, we appreciate your time. thank you for having me. rob: 40 minutes after the hour. some other news, twee 7 people shot and killed in chicago over labor day weekend, the same loss of life we saw in the tragedy in odessa, texas but the death in chicago going unnoticed on the campaign trail. a time for democrats to work on fixing our inner cities and focus on that as much as they do on the assault weapons debate. carley: hurricane dorian shifts closer to the florida coast, we are live in vero beach as officers go door-to-door to get
2:41 am
everyone to safety.
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rob: twee 7 people shot and killed in chicago, that gun violence largely ignored by many lawmakers despite democrats calling for more gun laws in the wake of a mass shooting in texas. don't both these stories deserve the same attention? joining me is john thomas, thanks for coming on. you see these numbers, texas, what happened got so much attention, not a lot of talk about what happened in chicago, the same number of people were killed. >> it is not surprising if you look at areas, big cities have the toughest gun laws, have the
2:45 am
highest rates, not necessarily that gun laws prevent the violence but here is the issue. the 2020 democrats want bumper sticker policy solutions but what we need to focus on is in their own backyard and they need to get back to basics. in places like california, don't let violent felons out onto the streets. reducing cost of living to eliminate homelessness. this isn't sexy but we have to fix the broken education system so we can stop crimes before they start. i met a lot of kids who joined gangs. never met one that said they wanted to but many said they felt they had no choice. we have to fix that. rob: a very good point. the fact that chicago doesn't get the attention as odessa. what you make of that? >> certainly democratic hopefuls should focus on inner-city
2:46 am
communities, they should focus on mass shootings, no less should they focus on white supremacy. truth is whenever we talk about mass shootings we shift to these communities, like going to a doctor's office and say you have brain cancer and they focus on the heart. the issue we are discussing is mass shootings so we need to talk about gun control, gun reform including universal checks and banning assault rifles. rob: that is fair. let's talk about the mayor of chicago, ted cruz got into it, the tragedy in texas, the situation in chicago. here is what the mayor of chicago is calling out ted cruz saying 60% of illegal firearms recovered in chicago come from outside illinois, mostly states dominated by coward republicans like you who refuse to enact common sense gun legislation. our name out of your mouth. what did you make of this back and forth between the mayor of
2:47 am
chicago and texas? >> lori is trying to shift the blame from looking inward at the disastrous state of her own city, a political winner to pick a fight with ted cruz. the reality is criminals don't obey our laws and if gun laws were the solution she would have lower crime rates in her city. rob: ted cruz says gun-control doesn't work. look at chicago as an example. >> i disagree. lori is spot on. we have to start somewhere and gun control is the start of that. we need to look at universal background checks, banning assault rifles and start step one to get to step 2 and end this mass shooting culture we are in. rob: thanks for your time, appreciate it. juan guaido after leaving widespread damage and flooding
2:48 am
in the bahamas we are watching the impacts of the deadly hurricane, hurricane dorian as it inches closer to the florida coast. rob: police in vero beach working to keep people safe in their community. jillian: let's check what is coming up on "fox and friends". brian: where you left off, it is inching towards the east coast, that is exactly what it is, it is inching. it hasn't moved much in 24 hours. we will discuss this and all the challenges of dealing with dorian with the governor of georgia, brian kemp, will be here live. the storm is not slamming into florida, we are looking at the east coast. great americans of all time, american hall of famer jim mattis talking about leadership and they put themselves on the
2:49 am
front lines of hurricanes like harvey, florence and michael and irma. we will speak to the wheezy and a cajun navy gearing up for rescue efforts for this hurricane coming your way in the next 3 hours, don't move, please get dressed. (vo) this is jerry. jerry has a membership to this gym, but he's not using it. and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo. ♪ ♪ this simple banana peel represents a bold idea: a way to create energy from household trash. it not only saves about 80% in carbon emissions... it helps reduce landfill waste. that's why bp is partnering with a california company:
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carley: police going to the door enforcing mandatory evacuation territory can dorian bears down on florida. rob: a firsthand look at vero beach and the preparations there. >> reporter: mandatory evacuations on this barrier island went:00 -- 8:00 yesterday
2:53 am
morning, recovering from the stores often people don't see, police have to go door to door. you can see the ocean is churning out there. that was covered in sand yesterday, we are seeing beach erosion, wind gusts in the 30 mile-per-hour range. we mentioned police going door to door. we were following them yesterday where they get hard hit by these storms in particular because of different threats when you have storms, the wind causes damage, flooding causes damage and this is one of the areas concerned about flooding. often times we don't think in these situations about the officers for protecting us, they have to protect themselves and they are missing their family. they are away from their family in these situations. >> i have kids at florida state. my wife is out of town in tennessee. i have several officers i work
2:54 am
with with family in town, children and wives at home. this is what we signed up for. the main job is public safety and we are here. >> they do this to keep us safe, for the love of their community and to make sure everybody has the resources they need. we will be dealing with this wind and the rain bands we have seen overnight. that storm surge as well as we will keep you guys informed. >> it is so inconvenient to leave your house but if you can and can go somewhere else. rob: got to be safe. the latest track of hurricane dorian, where is it heading?
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storm as it approaches florida's east coast ever so slowly. >> 5 people have died in that island dorian pummels that island. communities are flattened. coastal areas feeling dorian's wrath.


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