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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 3, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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even started. we know this is a rain maker, >> yeah. super stubborn storm so far. i think we're getting direction. this storm of epic proportions, we'll see what comes next, even the outer bands. you'll start to feel that, too. sandra. have a terrific day. that's the collision of a lot >> great to have you back, bill. of water. see you tomorrow morning. that's how many people perish in storms like this if they "outnumbered" starts right now. don't get out of the way. griff jenkins, thank you, >> harris: fox news alert. excellent reportings. take in those images. the clock ticking down for that wall has disappeared. vulnerable communities in we'll stay on the story, florida. hurricane dorian is taking aim melissa. >> melissa: last minute at the east coast. preparations are underway as hurricane dorian inches closer forecasters predict the life to the florida coast. threatening storm surge could raise water levels up to 7 feet let's bring in brian kuhn, he along the florida coast as well as georgia and parts of south joins us by phone. carolina. this as we only begin to get a sir, thank you for joining us. you spent your career improving sense of dorian's historic devastation in the bahamas where at least five people are the response of emergency teams in florida in situations like confirmed dead after the this. slow-moving storm pummeled the we were just talking about the island for two full days. storm surge. obviously this storm is a big pictures coming in very jarring rain maker as well and a lot of from there. wind. what do you see as the biggest you are watching "outnumbered." threat from this storm from here today melissa francis. that perspective to florida. i missed you. fox news contributor jessica >> i think you've got it right. tarlov. the biggest threat here is the
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i missed you, too. water. the biggest threat right now is people not heeding their local and column shift kristen soltis officials asking them to stay indoors right now. stay off the road. anderson and david webb of the no need to be out there. don't go out and be a disaster tourist. stay inside and stay safe. david webb show. let the first responders take reality check is on fax nation, care of those who need it and david webb is "outnumbered" and don't get in their way. did you bring four more mugs? >> melissa: in terms of the surge versus the rain versus the wind, they are all deadly. >> david: i better have them can you tell us a little bit upstairs. about what the threat from this amanda, if you're watching, can you get the mugs down here? particular storm looks like >> harris: mandatory evacuation versus the other ones that orders are still in effect for floridians have seen in the past? >> i think on this one we're coastal cities facing hurricane going to be okay on the amount dorian conditions later tonight. dorian is now a category 2 of rainfall. it is not coming onshore. storm packing a wind field we aren't looking at rain in that's widening. terms of feet. local officials warn the next few hours could be the last that's good. chance for people to get out that minimizes the inland and get out safely. but there are two who chose to flooding. it will be from the storm surge ride out the storm. let's hear from them. and the high tide. >> you board up your house, it will push a lot of water inside of the house waiting for into some structures, sand and it to arrive and it is just water acrossroads. hopefully those folks in those
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taking a long time and the on t areas that are susceptible to that have listened to authorities and gotten to a place of safety. ground, griff jenkins live in >> melissa: something about port st. lucie, griff. this storm that's different are two pressure systems to the north of the hurricane and i'm >> we're still here are the not a meteorologist but from having read about this, are the outer bands from dorian 116 things that are sort of keeping miles to the east out there. i want to show you here in this hurricane in place as it progresses very slowly. jenson, this is the what kind of challenge does intercoastal side. that present to responders? across that bridge is harrison >> well, it slows down the -- hutchinson island where the overall response. normally you like to hunker mandatory evacuations took down as the storm goes through place. they're feeling the wall. and get out as quickly as you this is what i want to show can on the back side to start you, the sea wall, just a few cleaning up and getting the hours ago it was dry. power restored and getting normalcy back in place. with this one, you'll have to three feet below the water. now storm surge. stay indoors a lot longer. this is the storm surge that the power will be out a little people are talking about. longer, the roads maybe have i'll take you back this way and debris on them a little longer point you back to the mainland. simply because you have to wait the way the storm is just for the winds to die down before tropical storm force strength before you can get out battering all up and down this there. unfortunately people can get sea wall going back. impatient and may put themselves in harm's way and
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that's jenson beach over there. may come upon energized wires officials here are dealing with on the ground or they may have the king tide. tree limbs that come down on that's the highest tide of the them. summer and it will be met with so anything people can do to stay out of the way to allow hours and hours of storm surge those first responders, those utility men to get out and clean up the better off we'll coming from dorian. be. officials and locals here worry >> melissa: along those lines it has been still for so long a it may cause significant lot of people in all different flooding. they saw it years ago when areas up and down the coast matthew came up the coast all think they know what they're dealing with at this point. the way from southern florida all the way up to ng on constan but to your mind is it possible for this storm to change course unexpectedly? should people be prepared for that? >> i don't think the storm is this storm surge, it will be going to change course right the threat that is most now. i think the meteorologists have significant here in the port a good handle what it will do. st. lucie area for the next the variable here is those several hours. there hasn't been a lot of significant flooding yet. outer wind bands. they will come through, the the high tide comes between outer rain bands that could 2:00 and 3:00 and worried about drop torrential rains on a specific location in a short causeways going under water time. you could have some tornadoes spawned. the path of the storm itself is narrower parts of the island fairly well forecast. it is those things that happen where the rivers and ocean meet. far beyond the central eye of
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we had news, a deputy injured the storm that could impact the when he was in a humvee high folks who think they're out of the storm, that they aren't water vehicle hit head on by a going to be affected by it. drunk driver. it will impact areas and some the deputy is in stable condition. areas very hard. he is in a hospital. >> melissa: thank you for your time, we appreciate it. the dui drunk driver was taken >> harris: on the big board i in and charged with dui and why can see the track of that. the sheriff here says it is chief meteorologist rick is in very important that residents do not go out until dorian the fox weather center now. rick, it is staying true to passes. this will be with us for the course and what is that going to look like in the next 12 next 12 to 24 hours, harris. >> harris: a couple things hours? that high tide mixed with surge first of all. prayers for that deputy. i can't even imagine driving drunk as a hurricane is coming is really spelling trouble like and hits an officer. places for fort st. lucie. god bless that deputy. >> georgia and toward south the wall that you are standing on again i just want to make carolina especially with that storm surge. storm surge with tide is always sure people understand a short the big problem for us. time ago, griff, not only could this is the center of the you see the top of that wall storm, a weakening storm at but several feet down because least as far as its strongest what it is meant to do is keep back the water and now you've winds and the barometric pressure is coming up and got that king tide. that's good. the wind field expands out a talk to me whether people are little bit. a broader area of people will anywhere near this. i see structures near you. feel those stronger winds. that will be the case up and >> i want to come back, since down the eastern seaboard. let's be honest it could have you mentioned it, this is where
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we started out on this wall been way worse across florida several hours ago. now you can see it is just if earlier that category 4 storm would have moved right coming over. the water comes very quickly. into the coast. this is the best case scenario remember in a hurricane the majority of deaths are caused for florida we could have expected. from water, from drowning, not not the case for the bahamas. necessarily the wind. the pictures we see will be because it comes up so fast terrifying for most of us. that's why it poses so much of the models in good agreement. a danger. storms don't have a mind of we've seen a handful of people, their own. storms go according to a mostly media, or law forecast. sometimes we don't have a good enforcement, down here. sense of what that forecast is there have been a few people going to be. that wanted to come out and see that was the case the storm was it. for a long time. another problem going on is we talked about the options and hutchinson island that you see possibilities based off of in the distance, the barrier different things happening in different areas of the islands, erosion. the people -- we've been there several times talking to atmosphere go into play. sources. erosion on the beach is being pounded. people are tempted because now we have a sense of what's we're in between squalls, heavy happening. rains that last 15 minutes no landfall or georgia. every hour or 45 minutes or so, south carolina and north carolina the farther you go out people see the not sunny but the bigger chance for error there is in the forecast. clear sky, people try to go we could be seeing something over. law enforcement is stopping like that. a good chance we'll see some people from going across the bridge. they don't want them out of sort of a land interaction from their house. any people that you see out the center of this storm across
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here that is not law enforcement, doesn't have the carolinas. official business or isn't florida will feel hurricane trying to get somewhere because force winds tonight and they have an emergency should tomorrow. we have hurricane warnings in stay put. that's what the officials are effect for charleston area, pleading with people here as we very prone to flooding. see this water coming up and it hurricane watches to the north of that. a lot of people still impacted will be a few hours before it with this. hits its highest in this as far as the ultimate forecast 12-hour tide period. of this is u.s. coast will feel >> harris: i want people to look at their screens. damages but not as bad as we you hear the category. thought it could have been. >> harris: before we have to it was a 5, then it was a 3, let you go and they do this then a 2. but the storm surge and king pe update every hour. i want to know was the tragedy griff, it happens every summer that is still unfolding in the bahamas because the storm sat there for so long? did that somewhat maybe be a blessing for florida? i'm looking at how this storm changed. i'm curious about it. >> the reason why it stayed in place for so long it lost its steering current. things that move the storm forward. had that not happened and had the high pressure to the north of it been a little stronger it would have moved the storm much closer to the florida coast and then stalled out before making
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this right-hand turn. so it did spare us that it happened so far off the u.s. land across the bahamas. that really spared florida. that stalling out before making that turn to the north. for the bahamas we're talking now 48 hours of having storm impacts from this. >> harris: absolutely. our prayers with them. thank you for the update. kristen, i know you lived in florida, every time we look at this kind of a forecast you think okay, i've been there. what are your thoughts today? >> kristen: a lot of folks in florida who i'm still in touch with have gotten all their supplies ready. this is the first big storm of the year that was threatening florida. they were prepared and spent the whole labor day weekend be prepared and the storm stalled out. my big worry is hurricane season is not over. we have many, many weeks left to go. folks who may be on the one hand very glad that dorian has made this turn and it is going to spare florida
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its destruction when the next storm comes dorian wasn't as bad and maybe i don't need to prepare as much. it's a blessing dorian has turned its track. people who live in places prone to gengt hit by hurricanes. just because the last one spared you more than you thought it would, don't think it would happen next time. >> harris: hurricane michael last year hit florida and made land, it was just upgraded to a cat 5 a couple months ago. when it first hit the realtime data couldn't tell us it was more than a 4. nouf we know. we've had back-to-backs hit the mainland or potentially do it. it didn't happen this time as a cat 5. again we're blessed in the united states, the bahamas took it. blessing for us. >> kristen: you never know what the track of the storms will do. the models converged and they have a good sense of the track. the weather is very unpredictable and when you are looking at -- look at a certain
9:09 am
distance looking a couple days out. so folks will sometimes look at the spaghetti models and say it looks like most of the tracks are taking it away from me. you always need to prepare. >> harris: we remember on the east coast with sandy. we pray for those people who are still bracing at this point and we'll continue our coverage of hurricane dorian. it is turning toward the southeastern united states. you saw the redirected path. we cut somewhat of a break. the death and destruction the storm is bringing is bahamas and what the prime minister is calling a tragedy. after the mass shooting in texas over the weekend reports of a response from the justice department. we're learning the state missed multiple red flags on that gunman. wow!
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>> melissa: now to the latest on another mass shooting in odessa, texas on saturday. the 36-year-old gunman called both police and the f.b.i. before killing seven and injuring 22 others. he later died in a shoot-out with police. now reports of red flags that were missed. texas governor greg abbott tweeting not only did the odessa gunman have a criminal history but previously failed a gun purchase background test in texas and didn't go through a background check for the gun he used in odessa, we must keep guns out of criminals' hands. bloomberg reports the justice department has drafted a plan to expedite the execution of
9:15 am
convicted mass murderers. meantime the f.b.i. says it does not appear the shooting was spurred by the gunman being fired by his job earlier in the day. listen. >> i want to be clear he showed up to work in a very distressed mental state. it is not because he got fired. this did not happen because he was fired which other active shooters have occurred. when he showed up to work he was already enraged. >> melissa: the white house says it is in talks with lawmakers about possible gun control legislation. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell addressed that this morning. >> i said several weeks ago that if the president took a position on a bill so that we knew we would actually be making a law and not just having serial votes, i would be happy to put it on the floor. if the president is in favor of a number of things that he has discussed openly and publicly,
9:16 am
and i know that if we pass it, it will become law, i'll put it on the floor. >> melissa: let me come to you. do you believe what mitch mcconnell has to say there? do you think there is will to do something if the president signals exactly what he would sign? >> david: the question is what would they do? we have background checks. this guy failed a check. you can buy guns illegally. what else will they do now? things to improve the reporting of people who fail background checks and use technology to improve the speed which local law enforcement gets their information into the system. those are things that don't require a law, they require innovation and technology. we've heard this from mitch mcconnell before. i don't like the aftermath of shootings and you get the typical response of all the statements being made but how many times do you actually get the follow-through action. we need to improve law enforcement's ability to
9:17 am
we need to do this and we also need to respect the constitution and where it stands on americans' rights so their rights are not impeded. >> melissa: jessica? >> jessica: a few extra things we can do. a bipartisan conversation about red flag going on. assault weapons ban is an obvious place to go. police chiefs released a letter encouraging -- ar-15. they are being used in dayton. >> melissa: one at a time. let her finish. go ahead >> jessica: police chiefs have asked for the assault weapons ban put in in 1994 from the crime bill to be put into place. there is a discussion on what qualifies as an assault weapon. people can go here. >> david: i have to correct this. first of all, f.b.i. statistics
9:18 am
more murders are committed with less than three bullets. that's a fact. if i can, i don't know how much you know about guns but you can do more damage reloading fast with a 9 millimeter than you can at times. >> jessica: i can read with the best of them. >> david: the profile of a gun and how it looks does not determine the operation of one pull the trigger. >> jessica: you won't deny ar-15s are the weapons of choice. many more lives would not have been lost in dayton if the weapon wasn't in the shooter's hands. >> david: it is the shooter's problem. >> harris: those are two different topics right there. we can do an entire show on access. two questions, one is political and one is not, i would assume. what happens when you can't pass a background check? you talk about a missed red flag. why was this guy still out?
9:19 am
and able to do what he wanted to do with guns? >> david: that's why i brought up the point of getting information from law enforcement locally to other authorities where it is relevant. if someone fails a background check because of particular reasons, where does that information go? >> harris: where does it go? >> jessica: it needs to get in a federal database. >> kristen: it's also something that happened in parkland. the young man -- he was somebody he was known to law enforcement had been flagged as someone who was potentially a dairng and wasn't followed up on. while it's great that congress is trying to figure out are there things we can do further to prevent these atrocities in the future, enforceing the laws we have on the books would be a great start. >> harris: i'll ask my second question next time. as hurricane dorian gets closer and closer to our east coast fears of a potentially deadly storm surge grow now. next our own bill hemmer is at a florida beach with a live
9:20 am
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you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> harris: coastal florida is starting to feel the wrath of dorian. now a category 2 storm by a wind field that's getting wider as it moves closer to the united states. the rain, wind expected to get much worse in a matter of hours, although we're told this will be less of a rain maker than what it was over the bahamas. they were measuring it in feet there. this after a weekend when everyone from senators to mayors had one resounding message for the public. get out while you still can. bill hemmer anchor of "america's newsroom" is live in atlantic beach, florida. and where griff was, bill, we saw walls vanish with the storm surge. we know it's coming.
9:25 am
>> yeah. indeed it is. griff's position was about 150 miles south of where we are. we picked the northeastern corner of the state, atlantic beach east of jacksonville by five miles. people live here for a reason. they love the surf, sand and sun. the sunshine is out. the winds are kicking up. the surf is amazing. what happens, harris, you have a lot of folks elected to stay behind to look at it and you can understand why. the surf is so beautiful. spoke to a family of four. they live inland three or four miles and decided to ride out the storm. spoke with a woman on her 16-year-old daughter walking their big yellow dog on the beach. they're staying as well. they said exactly what you would expect from millions of people watching the storm out in the caribbean the way it's crushed the bahamas. they've been checking in every hour on the hour for a week now.
9:26 am
you just imagine how many people have been doing that. they elected to stay. they believe right now their chances are good to ride this out in a sufficient manner. >> harris: a lot of people, as you know, bill, have been talking about category 5 and what that means and now it's a 2. what people need to understand is when you push water at extremely high tides like the king tide is today, it's less about the number of that storm and more about the ability of the ocean to be twisted and pushed. and you can do that at 60, 70, 100 miles per hour. doesn't have to be a cat 5 to push the water. >> especially what's churning out over the warm ocean water. what they're doing locally, we've watched the sand movers for several hours. the beach access walkways if you come down here and walk from the road to the beach, they are loading sand up in there trying to prevent the water -- ocean water from shooting up the beach walkways and into the town nearby.
9:27 am
that's one measure of doing it. the other thing is they've benham erd here in florida. it's part of life down here. they went 10 years without a direct hit. it changed in 2016 and 2017. those giant sand dunes you see are made for a reason. they were wiped out in 2017, they were wiped out in 2016. they're hoping they hold on this year. you watch that track, harris, and you start to gain a little bit of confidence in the state of florida. not to suggest that anybody is past this thing right now, but it's a different storm now than it was 24 hours ago. >> harris: the bahamas took this. it's not over yet. bill hemmer watching it for us. we want to bring in tracy up church, the mayor of st.
9:28 am
augustine florida, he joins us now on the phone. mayor, thank you for joining us. first of all, what is the situation like where you are and are people prepared? >> well, part of our problem is it's an absolutely gorgeous day today and very counterintuitive when you have beautiful weather to understand that there is a significant storm soon to be off our coast. i think people in my community are well-prepared. the downtown area and the boulevard is by and large completely buttoned up. our residents i think have made a good preparations. i've spent a lot of time driving the community this morning and things are really very quiet. >> melissa: what is your number one concern? is it surge, is it preparation? what's at the forefront of your mind right now? >> well, at some point you've done all you can do to prepare both as an individual and as
9:29 am
families as well as a community. our concern is flooding in the low-lying areas that experience flooding both in hurricane matthew and irma. this is our third hurricane in four years. we're a resilient city and people and born in a hurricane 450 years ago. this is not new but we always have newcomers to our community and every hurricane and every storm is different. has a different impact. we're particularly concern about people that had flooding in the last two hurricanes that have had flooding. we have learned from those experiences. we've tried to improve our response and individuals and families have tried to, if you would, engineer the defenses of their own homes better. so i think we're as well prepared as we can be. we're certainly prepared for an immediate response as soon as it is safe to respond.
9:30 am
>> melissa: absolutely. mayor, thank you so much. we hear you on that preparation front. i was in nassau, baa hard messa it's nice out. thank you for your time. when we come back the u.s. may have a deal to pull thousands of troops out of afghanistan. critics warn that could increase the danger to us here in the homeland. do they have a point?
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9:35 am
reporting this could be the start of the eventual drawdown of all 14,000 troops in afghanistan. critics are saying it could threaten america's security. former defense secretary james mattis weighing in on "fox & friends" today. >> the bottom line is terrorism is an ambient threat. it is going to be with us. how do we organize with allies to suffocate it is the bottom line? you can declare war over it but the enemy gets a vote. >> david: there is not a way to come out of this well. afghanistan isn't just whether you withdraw or not. we've spent a lot of blood and treasure there. it is not even allies. it's interests. does india have an interest to maintain afghanistan. you're in a tribal country where you can't get them together. there won't be a centralized government. we've seen largely the failure
9:36 am
of that. we need to pull out and be able to respond when necessary, but we also have to engage india to some degree even more than pakistan. they actually have an interest in stability. >> harris: i want to lean in with you, you talk about military connections. why is it that we didn't learn some of the same lesson russia learned about afghanistan? you know what i'm talking about. eventually they had to go home, too. no endgame. what was our endgame going to be in afghanistan? >> david: i don't think they knew. a bit of hubris wanted to go there and fight. >> harris: why are people upset with the president when he keeps his promise that he will pull out? >> kristen: we went in after september 11th. over the last 18 years for someone my age is half my lifetime. we went in for very good reasons but 18 years later
9:37 am
public opinion has soured on this war. >> harris: we're so far away from what we're going for now. >> david: at the time we had an opportunity if we go for the win, go for the quote win, we didn't. we didn't have the right amount of surge when it was needed. the troop levels were not brought up. general keane talked about this over the years and we've all addressed it. we have to look for the people who have an interest. it is time to pull out. look, their bombings, their insider attacks, this is something that is not going to change. and we have to engage some of the tribal regions, the northern alliance still has some remnants t south is a problem. west is probably feasible to work with some. leave them stabilized and at a point there is a point to say we're not going to solve the problem. there is a problem there with the taliban, with iran on the border. there are many other actors. >> kristen: when you look at the polling americans have
9:38 am
realized if you've been paying attention there is no happy ending. >> david: general mattis's point, you at some point have to make the decision based on what's feasible. the threat is there, ambient and asymmetric. those who will take advantage of it as a breeding ground. >> harris: great words. fox news alert now. we're minutes away from learning more about the deadly nightmare at sea. at least 25 passengers on a boat confirmed dead. nine still missing after it caught fire yesterday. a news conference is set next hour a few minutes from now. authorities releasing the harrowing 911 call made by the ship's crew. - custom shirts help people
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>> jessica: house democrats set to try to impeach president trump t. house judiciary committee plans to have hearings on the president's alleged involvement in the 2016 hush money scheme. it would pick up where prosecutors left off in a legal
9:43 am
case that ended with michael cowen pleading guilty to two campaign finance charges. jerry nadler reportedly could hold hearings as soon as october. those hush money payments were made to ex-playboy model karen mcdougal and stormy daniels who claim they had affairs with president trump. i'll come to you on this, melissa. i think we're all past the idea that what the president did in terms of having an affair matters or not but talking about campaign finance violations here. do you think it's smart of jerry nadler to move forward with this or you think it will go into the abyss? >> melissa: i think it falls way off into the abyss. trying to link it to campaign finance you have to imagine that somebody of the president's stature before weighs the president wouldn't have spent this money to want to keep things quiet anyway. if he ever made a payment in the past before he was running for president, then that completely undermines the idea that this violates any form of
9:44 am
campaign finance law. a whole bunch of things. his crimes -- cohen's crimes were so much larger with the taxi medallion, this was the least of his pile of troubles. so i think it's a tough sell in terms of campaign finance and it makes it feel like you are just trying to say the president's name in the same sentence with these two whatever they are, adult film stars and bring that up again and it makes a lot of people roll their eyes. >> jessica: kristen. in terms of jerry nadler running a side impeachment shows. he said we're running an impeachment inquiry here. i think it's smart to be running it in tandem. as somebody who studies numbers for a living do you think oats a smart strategy for nadler? >> kristen: republicans are the
9:45 am
ones celebrating when democrats do that. it's not popular. swing voters want to see people involving the healthcare situation. they want to see them making sure the economy will stay strong. this for a lot of americans in the middle feels like a side show. no one is above the law. having congress continue to press the executive branch generally pressing the executive branch to be transparent and people in the branch to be held accountable broadly is something that you will find voters in the middle are okay with. pertaining to this particular story it does not strike me as the sort of thing that will help democrats politically. >> jessica: kristen said something important nobody is above the law. a campaign finance violation is breaking the law and we have the individual one thing coming from the prosecutors in manhattan. where do you see it going? >> >> david: look at the regulations and learn how it works. the commissioners required to bring this up. it has to go to them. you have commissioner ravel now
9:46 am
is a democrat. i've talked to former commissioners about this and gone through this. you aren't going to get from michael cohen and campaign finance to the president. it is not going to happen. you are not going to -- guess what? if you go to prior candidates, even president obama, you find the violations, pay a fine and don't link them. the reason is back to melissa's point. you look at the history of how it all works with fec alleged violations and it won't get to the president. you know what i say? let the democrats keep this going. they need a wedge issue. they're losing on other issues. let's get to the vote in the house, the trial in the senate where the president's attorneys get to ask any question they want. that's what democrats don't want. think about that. >> harris: the one thing democrats should be cautioned about jessica and want it for your own party as well, the oversell of this like the
9:47 am
mueller report. >> jessica: i don't think the mueller report was oversold. we have more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
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>> melissa: president trump again taking and the democrats. the president treating this yesterday. "the amazon washington posted a story that i brought racist attacks against the squad. no, they brought racist attacks against our nation. all i did was call them out for the horrible things they have said. the democrats have becomea, howo back against the idea that he has succeeded in a lot of ways at making them the face of the democrats can make >> jessica: i think they put their heads down a campaign on the issues that might appear that's what chris talked about a couple segments ago. we won 2018, a campaign all about health care. lowering costs, improving obamacare. that's we've got to do. that's how you flip 35 or 40 of the seats that we got. red or purple districts we took control of.
9:52 am
>> melissa: the problem is those three or four democrats aren't cooperating. that they also like the spotlight, so they continued to do things like the stunt with israel, to try and get the attention and it takes the spotlight off the candidates running in 2020. >> david: by the become of the trio, not a squad. ayanna pressley has been relegated. leases like teenagers running around on social media and twitter. one of their policy restrictions, they don't even know how their voting. aoc ports don't like votes publicly on twitter. this is a mess. but the president didn't make them the face of the democratic party. they made themselves the face of the democratic party. they are the ones driving this narrative in helping this split the party even further. or at least drag it even further left. >> harris: kristen? >> kristen: you can know for certain that next november years past might have featured nancy pelosi's face, "vote for republicans or else nancy pelosi will be back in charge," you can guarantee it won't be nancy pelosi's face anymore. she's now sort of the moderating
9:53 am
force in the party on capitol hill. it's going to beat the squad featured very prominently as republicans -- cote >> jessica: i was reading this weekend that in districts you are seeing a lot of advertising already featuring the squad and hillary clinton. you can hear david wasn't speao the abyss, someone did bring us mugs. [laughter] >> melissa: thanks to david webb and kristen soltis anderson. of course, jessica tarlov. we are back on the couch at noon eastern tomorrow. now begin a brand-new hour, a busy day on over time tracking a hurricane that's expected to bring dangerous winds and lecturing storm surge. dorian has not been downgraded to a category 2 storm. but it's wind field is getting bigger. putting more people at risk as it marches toward florida and
9:54 am
the united states east coast. we will have much more on tracking that storm coming up. first, though, we are awaiting an update on a horrifying situation four people now feared dead in total after a fire broke out aboard a diving boat in southern california. passengers were sleeping below deck when it happe
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