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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 3, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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i love her, she is going to be a judge and a prosecutor. >> dana: set your dvrs never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. >> bret: welcome to washington i'm bret baier. breaking tonight a large part of the northern bahamas essentially erased by hurricane dorian. the first ariel images of marsh abaco and islands. it tore through the u.s. east coast left behind incredible devastation in the bahamas. at least five people dead so far. 13,000 homes heavily damaged or destroyed. but after looking at this new ariel image, experts believe those numbers will likely rise. the bahamian prime minister calls the numbers unprecedented and historic. the storm has been downgraded to category 2 with sustained winds of 110 miles per hour. the worst of the hurricane expected to stay off the coast of florida but storm
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surges could reach 7 feet at some points along the coast line. we'll have more on where dorian is heading in just a moment. but, first, to senior correspondent rick leventhal in atlantic beach, florida. good evening, rick. >> rick: good evening, bret. even though dorian is now tracking a bit further east off the coast of florida, authorities are warning some residents they could start feeling tropical storm force gusts later tonight and feel the effects of dorian for the next 24 hours or more. so, shelters remain open. schools remain closed. several airports in central and north florida remain closed and authorities from here all the way to virginia are bracing for possible impact. the u.s. coast guard is in the bahamas, using mh 06 jacques helicopters to conduct medical evacuations in support of the royal bahamian defense force which is leading search and rescue operations ons devastated island chain where at least five deaths have been confirmed from hurricane dorian. >> the boat is up on shore.
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missing a roof. [inaudible] down there under water. >> new aerial footage shows how badly flooded the destination is with streets, homes buried in water. in jacksonville port condition zooloo moving ships and equipment concern sustained winds 39 to 50 miles per hour as dorian passes by reducing their ability to conduct rescues. authorities in several florida coastal counties are encouraging residents to get out. >> since hurricane downgraded to a 2, we feel fairly safe, but if it turned, we have a place to go. >> some of my neighbors did board up their windows they are the ones that board up their windows every time the wind blows. >> beach towns are building berms, laying sandbags and boarding up against the coming rain and storm surge.
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>> there mayable point in time during this storm where if you call 911 they won't be able to get to you. you will be on your own. this is your last chance to evacuate. >> rick: states of emergency remain in effect through georgia, the carolinas, and virginia. in south carolina the highway patrol has now reversed eastbound lanes on i-26 from charleston to columbia all lanes are now westbound to help speed coastal evacuations. and in north carolina, the governor has issued a mandatory statewide evacuation order for barrier islands along the entire coast in preparation of hurricane dorian beginning wednesday at 8:00 a.m. >> i know it's a beautiful day out there, but we want everyone to be safe. >> well, here in neptune and atlantic beach, the city built these sand berms in between the dunes not just to prevent people from going out on the beach but more to stop the water from coming. in they are talking about a 3 to 5-foot storm surge, maybe more on top of a tide
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that's already 2 feet higher than normal. so, while dorian may not do significant damage here along this section of florida, there are authorities all the way up the coast to virginia, bret, who are worried about the possible impact for the next several days from this storm. >> bret: rick leventhal live in atlantic beach, florida, rick, thanks. let's get the latest on the track for hurricane dorian chief meteorologist rick reichmuth at the weather center in new york as he has been for some time now. rick, where are we going? >> rick: listen, we are right at the peak of hurricane season climb climate call peak is september 5th. we have five different systems we are watching in the atlantic basin. one is tropical storm fern fern in and going to bring storms to texas. this is a look at dorian over the last 36 hours. incredibly slow move across the bahamas. we knew it would continue and eventually make right-hand turn. we have been saying for so
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long we couldn't tell where that turn happens. implications huge for where it does happen. the video out of the bahamas you get the idea they had the worst of it. had that continued on its path before making the turn we would be looking at those kind of images across the florida seaboard here. this is what it looks like going in time. this is a future representation of what we think this -- or this model thinks the radar will look like. tonight we will see probably 60 mile-per-hour winds across cape that canaveral over towards daytona beach in the morning. then we go into thursday. the worst of it we are going to see around the charleston area which is under a hurricane warning right now. and then take a look at this, the center of this just hugs right along the north carolina coast line. last year they had hurricane florence, which brought record-breaking flooding from that storm across the wilmington area. now we will have another storm right here on their shores for much of the evening hours thursday night into friday before this is out of there. bret, it's been a really rough few years with all of the major hurricanes that we have been seeing. we have one more right here
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that we are continuing to have to deal with across the eastern seaboard. >> bret: all right. taking it seriously. rick, thank you. also breaking tonight, new drama unfolding in the united kingdom as the country's prime minister tries to forge a deal to leave the european union. british prime minister boris johnson suffering a major defeat in parliament within just the last two hours as lawmakers vote to take control of the brexit agenda. the prime minister immediately threatening to call for a new general election there, which, if it happened, would be that country's third general election in four years. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg live in london tonight with the breaking news and >> hi, bret, yes. boris johnson did call for a new general election after the parliament rested control of the brexit process in an attempt, bret, to keep the u.k. crashing out of the european union without a deal on october 31st. >> boris johnson lost his working majority tuesday
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when one of his m.p.s switched sides. some other conservatives declared their intention to vote to prevent their prime minister leaving the eu without a deal in place. johnson warned if parliament clipped his wings he would have to send brits more divided than ever back to the ballot. >> we don't want an exit. we want to get the deal done and the best way, the best way, mr. speaker, to get a deal is to support the government. >> johnson claimed any attempt to block a no deal brexit would hurt his ongoing effort to get 11th hour concessions from the eu for a divorce deal. and he threatened to chuck those voting against him out of the conservative party. and the prime minister accused those who would beg brussels for a further extension to the brexit deadline of surrendering. >> if anything, it is a no deal exit that would mean surrendering our industry, our jobs. surrendering our protection in a trade deal with donald trump and the united states.
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>> you know, bret, boris johnson had said all along he thought it was incumbent upon him to deliver the results of that referendum which took place three years ago even without a deal to get out of european union at long last. but now he says he has no choice but to put it to the people, have them choose which leader they would like to send to brussels to have another go at negotiations. final twist though, bret, two thirds of mps have to sign off now on his call for a new general election. bret? >> bret: i bet the people in the u.k. are tired of brexit, talking about it. amy kellogg live in london. amy, thanks. back here in the u.s. on the other side of the country tonight, 34 people are presumed dead in a horrible fire on a dive boat off the california coast. the search for other victims has been suspended. news correspondent william la jeunesse has the gruesome story tonight from santa barbara. >> it is never an easy decision to suspend search efforts. >> the hope for any survivors of one of the worst maritime tragedies in
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recent history has ended. as the search and rescue mission for the dive boat conception becomes a recovery effort. >> our last aircraft overflight this morning has revealed no additional signs of distress or debris has been witnessed. >> dive teams recovered 20 victims so far. 11 women, nine men. d.n.a. will be used to confirm their identities as many victims were burned beyond recognition. investigators believe up to six more are still in the sunken wreckage that remains upside down in 65 feet of water. >> we're sensitive to the fact that families are gathered today some from outlines of the family to bring their ones home and enemy cases will only be faced with the ability to know that we recovered them. >> this woman lost her 26-year-old sister, the only crew member to not survive. >> keeping me strong with the fact that i know she left this world doing something that she loved. >> home port for conception
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the santa barbara marine. a memorial grows where the vessel once docked. helped rescue five crew members. >> fully engulfed from bough to stern. i mean, in flames probably 30 feet high. it was totally done with. >> launched in 1981, the dive boat slept 46 in double bunks about 4 feet wide and just two feet high. the sheriff says there were two possible ways out but the fire trapped victims below deck. >> there was a stairwell to get down the main entryway up and down and there was an escape hatch and it would appear as though both of those were blocked by fire. >> the outfitter truth aquatics operated three large dive boats and has a good reputation among local dive shons. the conception last past coast guard inspection in february. >> over 12 years i have been diving on that boat. it's a top notch outfit. i can't believe that this happened to them. >> the sheriff did call in state experts to conduct
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rapid d.n.a. tests used in last year's wildfires. also the sheriff did not reveal any first-hand accounts from eyewitnesses. the five surviving crew members. bret, those interviews are supposed to have taken place today. back to you. bret brett william, thank you. now to a fox news exclusive. we have images have satellite company showing iranian base being constructed between syria and iraq. multiple western intelligence sources say iran has plans to house thousands of troops at that location. analysts say precision guided missiles could be stored at five different newly constructed buildings surrounded by large dirt mounds. the classified iranian project was approved by top leadership in tehran and is being completed by the iranian al quds force. at least 16 civilians killed in a suicide attack in afghanistan today. the taliban claiming responsibility even as a peace agreement in principle with the u.s. is said to be wrapping up and being
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agreed. to say national security correspondent jennifer griffin with the latest from the pentagon. [sirens] >> the explosion struck a residential area where thousands of international representatives are housed. more than 16 civilians killed over 100 wounded. the taliban claimed responsibility. the massive truck bomb rocked kabul as president trump's lead negotiator ambassador khalilzad's interview tentative agreement aired last night on local afghan news. >> we have reached an agreement with the taliban in principle but, of course, until the u.s. president agrees with it, it isn't final. >> the u.s. would withdraw by mid january 5,000 troops of the 14,000 deployed from five bases across afghanistan. but the taliban claims that all u.s. troops will leave afghanistan in the next 24 months, which the president has denied. >> we're going to keep a presence here. we are roofing that presence very substantially. and we're going to always
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have a presence. we are going to have high intelligence. >> the draft agreement refers to the taliban as the islamic elm rit. a term that gives the afghan government and u.s. service members pause. >> the taliban have been very clear that they are not interested in joining the afghan government. they are interested in overthrowing the government and putting in place an islamic elm rat of afghanistan version 2.0. >> the most recent tragedy sergeant first class justin ard a green beret from i'd do who he killed thursday on the border with afghanistan. the u.s. military has stepped up its operations as a possible deal with the taliban approaches. 15 american troops have been killed in afghanistan this year. more than any time in the past five years. bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. jennifer, thank you. up next, the latest on trade negotiations with china. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 16 in little rock as walmart says it will discontinue the sale of
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short barrel and handgun ammunition. after it runs out of its current inventory. the retail giant will also discontinue handgun sales in alaska to focus on hunting rifles and related ammunition only. the announcement coming just days after a mass shooting claimed seven lives in odessa, texas. fox five in new york where an emergency order mandating measles vaccination for residents of certain neighborhoods has now been lifted. the city has seen 654 cases of measles. the most in 30 years since an outbreak mostly concentrated in the orthodox jewish neighborhoods in brooklyn began in october of 2018. >> health officials say there is still a threat and urge new yorkers to get their children immunized. amtrak facing the first said of victims to take it to court over a deadly train derailment if the city of dupont. nearly two years ago an amtrak train went off its tracks while going more than
3:15 pm
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>> bret: president trump says trade talks with china are going well, but he is also issuing a warning to the country of what could happen if it tries to wait until after next year's election to strike a deal. correspondent rich edson is at the white house tonight with the story. >> richard: president trump warns china it had better cut a trade deal ahead of next year's election, quote: think of what happens to china when i win. deal would get much tougher. the administration has just hit $110 billion of chinese imports, including electronics and clothes for the 15% tariff. china responded taxing american products like soybeans and oil and is suing the united states through the world trade organization over the trump administration's tariffs. >> there is no real impetus for deescalation. you can anticipate six months to another full year of trade uncertainty and i think it is this uncertainty that is making it very hard for american businesses to plan. >> critics of the president's trade policies have suggested the administration join with european countries to
3:20 pm
confront china's trade practices. the president responded, quote: remember, the eu and all treat us very unfairly on trade, also. as china trains its response on american agriculture republican steve daines of montana and georgia's david perdue are in china. they met with china's top trade negotiator. markets over the past month have slumped and recovered, responding to trade developments. this morning more concerning economic data. the institute for supply management says factory activity contracted for the first time in three years. beyond trade, more disagreements between the u.s. and china as the administration pushes allies to shun huawei over security concerns. >> there is no place for untrusted vendor vendors in in r secure 5 g supply chain. we are working with telecom companies across the world to develop 5 g alternatives to huawei. >> we urge the u.s. to stop the wrong process of
3:21 pm
jernlizing national security. stop deliberately smearing and blaming china. >> the trump administration says it's raising more tariffs in october and imposing more in mid december if the u.s. follows through, tariffs would cover nearly all chinese imports into the u.s. the president maintains the u.s. is doing very well in its trade negotiations with china though it sun clear when in person discussions will continue. both sides have only said they plan on meeting some time this month. bret? >> bret: rich edson live on the north lawn, thanks. stocks didn't like that today. off today the dow lost 285. the s&p 500 dropped 20. the nasdaq fell 89. hong kong's embattled leader is pushing back hard on reports that she would quit if she could, for causing unforgivable havoc over the months of antigovernment protests in the chinese territory. chief correspondent jonathan hunt reports tonight from hong kong. [applause] >> as protesters gathered for a second day running as
3:22 pm
part of a general strike, hong kong's beleaguered chief executive terry lam tried to walk back comments recorded at that time private lunch which said she would quit if she could. today she said that was a hypothetical discussion. >> i have never tender add resignation to the central people's government. i have not even contemplated to discuss a resignation. >> lamb's popularity has plummeted to record lows as evidenced during this week's strike in which school children and hospital workers have staged shows of solidarity with pro-democracy activists symbolically joining hands to demonstrate their defiance towards the central chinese government in beijing. [explosion] >> china has repeatedly said it will step in if it feels lam and hong kong authorities are losing control and after the weekend's violent clashes between police and protesters in which the
3:23 pm
streets of this city echoed to the sound of tear gas canisters and rubber bullets being fired, a spokeswoman for the government again emphasized beijing's right to impose emergency rule. >> a central government will never allow the chaos in hong kong to continue indefinitely. if the situation in hong kong detier yarts further and the turmoil threatens the sovereignty and security of the country, the central government will not sit idly by. >> last week troops across the border from the mainland but called it a routine rotation of the army's sanding garrison in hong kong. a diplomatic source acknowledged to us today that a rotation clearly implies that the same number of troops that came in to hong kong would now leave for china. that has not happened yet and our source says if it does not in the coming days, it will be abundantly clear
3:24 pm
that china is bolstering its forces rather than rotating them here in hong kong where an extraordinarily tropical storm right now, bret is, blowing at our background. we apologize. >> bret: a foggy rainy hong kong early thursday morning. video of devastating in the bahamas tells us about the horror he saw. first, beyond our borders tonight. the french government is spending roughly 5 and a half million dollars to try to prevent deadly domestic violence. the associated press reports in france one woman is killed every two or three days by an abusive partner. critics worry the money is not enough to tackle a phenomenon so common in that country and elsewhere that it's often overlooked. members of italy's antiestablishment five star movement overwhelmingly backed a proposed coalition with the center left democratic party today. opening the way for a new government to take office in coming days. that vote means prime
3:25 pm
minister can now work on a new administration. once italy's president has agreed to the cabinet, the prime minister will have to win confidence votes before the government can officially start work. an iranian oil tanker being pursued by the u.s. turned off its tracking system leading to renewed speculation that it may head to syria. the disappearance of that vessel follows a pattern of iranian oil tankers turning off their automatic identification system in an effort to hide where they are delivering their cargo amid u.s. sanctions. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ that's why esurance makes it simple with an app, so you're not stuck in the 90s. wow, that tiny tv is the bomb. when insurance is simple, it's surprisingly painless. yeah...yeah, this is nice. hmm. how did you make the dip so rich and creamy? oh it's a philadelphia-- family recipe.
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>> bret: breaking tonight we showed you this video at the top of the hour. now let's talk to the storm chaser who shot it. brendan is with live storms media. brandon, thanks for being here. give us a perspective of where exactly this is where and what we are looking at. >> it's about 110 miles to the east of west palm beach, florida. it's about 103 miles north of nassau. you will find abaco. it's one of the islands in the bahamas. if you are familiar with freeport, it's about 35, 40 miles to the east of freeport. the island is a long way from nassau. it's about 50 miles over water. and all the airports, of course, the grand bahamas and abako are shut down
3:30 pm
completed destroyed. only one way in right now. >> bret: self-explanatory as we look at these houses only a few remaining, standing. and other parts of this video look like an explosion went off. >> yeah. i have been over the top of puerto rico after maria, irma in the keys, harvey in rockport. i have done this a lot. and hurricane michael last year in mexico beach was probably more powerful for that one small area but when you are talking about widespread area of damage, it's been a long time since i have seen this type of destruction even your well-built homes and bahamas do surprisingly have really good building codes. so even your well-built homes, your newer homes with strong building codes, they have taken on significant damage completely destroyed. >> bret: authorities saying there are five dead now. if you look at these images, it's hard to believe that number is not going to, unfortunately, rise. did you see rescue operations as you were flying over?
3:31 pm
>> not as i was flying over. nassau starting yesterday coast guard started pulling people out. we did see some people that were being pulled out of the coast guard choppers on to ambulances. we also saw many people huddled up and groups of people there trying to wave us down. i don't know if they were wanting rescued or not. we just had no options. the winds were still blowing 60 to 70 miles per hour in that helicopter and we were running low on fuel and there is no fuel point in abaco. we dropped a group of first responders down. their whole mission is to start clearing and relaying landing zones for helicopters tomorrow. when the airport closes there is only one way in and out. if you can't get help there, there is no point even sending it. their total mission is to clear a spot to get help in for tomorrow. >> bret: well, these images definitely tell its own story. their own story. brandon clement, with live
3:32 pm
storm media, we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> bret: let's get the latest now on the storm deputy director of the national hurricane center he joins us from miami. ed, thanks for being here. as you look at this storm now, what's your biggest concern? >> bret, the biggest concern is going to be up the coast from florida up through the carolinas. the center is finally moving. away from the baums now northwest at about 6 miles per hour. roughly on the course that was forecast parallel to the florida east coast but with the worst of the weather staying offshore, still close enough that you can see the rain bands coming ashore that there have been tropical storm force winds and those winds will spread farther to the north. also the possibility of still hurricane force winds because even though the centers are parallel to the coast the wind field is expanding. the hurricane force winds are drawing closer to the coast. and speaking of drawing towards the coast, let's take a look at the longer forecast period. okay. so here is the southeastern united states, north carolina, south carolina, georgia and florida. here's the forecast track again parallel to the
3:33 pm
southeast coast of florida or east coast of florida but then drawing closer to and potentially having a landfall in south carolina and/or north carolina as we get into the day on thursday. and this is our greatest concern right nau. you are going to have hurricane force winds in the coastal areas of the carolinas, storm surge and potentially flooding rains as well. >> bret: quickly, ed, it's a bigger storm now. spread out. the wind kind of extends out. but really the water is the biggest concern along the coast line, right in the surge? >> that's right. thank you for pointing that out. graphic of the storm surge. storm surge warnings in effect, life threatening surge is possible. these are the values of the inundation we can sees a did you go up the coast. >> bret: ed, deputy director at the national hurricane center. thank you. we will track it. up next the 2020 presidential candidates roll out their plans to put an end to the country's mass shooting epidemic. we will take you on the trail. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bret: from the house judiciary committee returns to washington the democratic majority will prioritize the congressional inquiry into president trump's alleged role in payments to see you lens explayboy model karen macdougall and adult film star stormy daniels. the two women say they had affairs with mr. president trump before he took office. democrats say the hush money violated campaign finance laws. the president's personal attorney jay sekulow denies the president was involved in any violations. the fun p gunman who killed seven nominee a mass shooting in texas saturday evaded a federal background check by obtaining his ar rifle through a private sale. he had previously failed background check for a federal gun purchase due to a mental health issue. the neighbor of that shooter claims the gunman was a violent and aggressive person who would shoot at animals at all hours of the night. authorities say the shooter,
3:39 pm
whom fox news is not identifying, was on what they call a long downward spiral. he had been fired from his job saturday morning. officers killed the shooter outside a busy odessa movie theater after a spate of violence that spanned 10 miles. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says president trump's support is the key to getting any new gun control legislation through his chamber. the comments come as democratic presidential candidates and contenders continue to push hard for new measures. following the latest mass shooting over the weekend in texas. correspondent peter doocy reports tonight from new hampshire. >> for joe biden, issues with guns are all about guts. >> i have seen nothing the president has no intestinal fortitude to deal with this. >> democrats consist they could control gun violence better than president trump. >> i think we should have a voluntary buy back program. >> beto o'rourke wants to go
3:40 pm
with a mandatory buy back program. >> it's really important we buy back those weapons of war. >> his campaign is even selling t-shirts showcasing the way he summed up his frustration with a four letter word. >> yes so yes this is [bleep] up. >> beef up background checks so democrats in the senate are taunting majority leader mitch mcconnell to bring it up for a vote. minority leader chuck schumer tweeted to mcconnell it's time to lead on this issue. but mcconnell says that's not going to happen until he knows for sure what kind of package president trump would sign. >> if the president took a position on a bill, so that we knew we would actually be making a law and not just having serial votes, i would be happy to put it on the floor. >> pressure to pass something builds following mass shooting incidents but other outbreaks of gun violence are largely ignored on the campaign trail like the seven killed and 34 wounded with weekend alone in chicago. although bernie sanders alluded to big problems in big cities today.
3:41 pm
>> by and large, the american people, whether they're rural, like vermont, new hampshire urban like l.a. or chicago, whether they are gun owners, whether they're non-gun owners, more or less have come together around a series of policies that will make this country safer. >> and for democratic candidates gun control is a delicate issue because some gun owners are democrats. >> the second amendment doesn't say you can own any weapon you want. it never said that if you are able to do that why can't you have the money to go out and buy an f-15 or why can't you buy a bazooka. you can't. >> gun control could make or break biden in the primaries the way a senior official with his own campaign talks about it, telling reporters on a conference call today if there is one group biden needs to do better with, it's young democrats. and if there is one issue motivating young democrats right now, it's gun control. bret? >> bret: peter doocy live in
3:42 pm
portsmouth. peter, thanks. west virginia democratic senator joe manchin says he will not run for governor. the 72-year-old manchin announced his decision today. that means manchin will steer clear of a potential showdown with incumbent republican governor jim justice who has already announced he is seeking re-election. the defense secretary mark esper has signed off on spending $3.6 billion in defense department construction funds for 175 miles of border wall on the southern border with mexico. pentagon officials briefing congress right now on what military construction projects are affected some 100 plus of them both in the u.s. and overseas. next up, the panel on recovery efforts in the bahamas following hurricane dorian. plus hong kong protests, china trade and gun control. ♪ ♪ memory support brand.
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3:47 pm
when it comes to dorian. when you look at the bahamas, still not over yet, so be prepared for any scenario. >> there may be a point in time during this storm where if you call 911 they won't be able to get to you. you will be on your own. for you and your family's safety, please leave today. this is your last chance to evacuate. >> bret: still a threat from hurricane dorian category 2 making its way up the coast towards the east coast, possibly a landfall as we heard earlier. really it's the bahamas as you look at that aerial video parts of it erased abaco island, marsh harbor a lot of devastation. already the bahama prime minister has praised the u.s. for the u.s. coast guard and for authorities helping with rescue efforts. we don't know how bad this is going to be before all is said and done. we will start there with the panel. matthew editor and chief of the washington free beacon amy for the cook political report and fox news contributor steve hayes. amy, you know, how a
3:48 pm
government deals with a tragedy like this is really important. >> it is really important how the government deals and then in this country how a governor deals. we have known many governors who have been made or broken by hurricanes even ones that are not necessarily deficit stating but where the evacuation plan became sort of stymied and have you traffic snarls. even more so if the hurricane doesn't hit. you hear governors getting complaints from residents who say they told me to pack up andy all of this and i spent all this money and then nothing happened. i don't know whether to do this the next time around. it's a very fine line. >> bret: it seems like florida has had this practice. rick scott was good at it before. ron desantis appears to be good at it right now. >> this is his first test as governor of florida and critical to his political future handling these storms well. he seems to be doing well at the moment. that can only be a good thing for the people of florida and foregovernor
3:49 pm
desantis. >> bret: how we deal with the bahamas now as well. videos. >> total devastation in some of those areas. i think it was important that the u.s. coast guard was on the ground early and the united states is actually letting people know the u.s. coast guard was on the ground early. we do a lot of this kind of work internationally every time there is a major catastrophe any time in this hemisphere and anywhere around the world of the u.s. is first to rush in and offer our help. important to let the people know we are doing it without being tacky about it. >> bret: i want to turn to politics in the wake of this shooting in texas over the weekend politician asked about the prospects of some kind of gun control measure getting through the senate. >> if the president took a position on a bill so that we knew we would actually be making a law, and not just having serial votes, i'd be happy to put it on the floor. >> the president has no
3:50 pm
intestinal fortitude to deal with this. he knows better. his instinct was to say yeah we are going to do something on -- what's he doing? come on. this is disgraceful. >> bret: obviously the democratic presidential candidates hopping on this issue. joe biden included as you look at a recent nbc-"wall street journal" poll on the major issues that actually have made their way into legislation, expanding background checks, red flag laws, voluntary government buy pack program, banning the sale of assault weapons. banning the sale of handguns. you see where that breakdown is, the first 1, 2, 3, 4 -- overwhelming, amy, in support, at least in the polls. >> especially if you break this down among different groups and different regions of the country. this has been really interesting to watch over the last, say, 10 or 15, maybe even 20 years as fewer and fewer democrats represent rural and southern districts. there are fewer and fewer democrats in congress supported by the nra.
3:51 pm
and in on the republican side, fewer and fewer republicans support -- i'm sorry i didn't mean support i mean represent sort of those suburban areas where those kinds of things are very, very, very popular. so now what we have a democratic party that is more aligned with the suburban issues, specifically assault weapons ban, background checks, all of the whole host of those things and the republican party that is much more aligned regionally with protecting gun rights. and so that's what makes having bipartisan cooperation almost impossible because you don't have any -- you have very few republicans on this side, the suburban side and very few democrats on the more rural and small town side. >> bret: there are a lot of different bills, 33 different bills up on capitol hill dealing with some element of gun control. there are now, as of august, 219 co-sponsors. i mean, that's a lot of --
3:52 pm
whether it's going to advance or not is really senator mcconnell is saying what the president is going to agree to sign or not. >> right. but i think we can have -- make an educated guess about whether these things are going to advance based on the rhetoric that we are hearing from republicans on the hill and from the white house. the white house is saying we really need congress to move. we need congress to take the lead. mitch mcconnell in the clip that you just played we need the president to give us some direction to know what the president is going to sign before we exercise futility. i think it's very unlikely that anything is going to happen. i think amy points to the potential challenge for republicans in 2020. republicans lost the suburbs, lost many of these voters that are most concerned about these issues in 2018, part of donald trump winning re-election is bringing them back to the republican fold. these are the kinds of issues i think cause significant headaches for republican political consultants as they try to figure out how do we bring these voters back but
3:53 pm
continue to appeal to sort of the base, especially when it's not clear what substantively this legislation would do to solve the problems. >> look, it cuts both ways, right? if the democrats want to win the presidency in 2020, they need t flip, wisconsin, pennsylvania and virginia there are plenty of gun owners who believe in the second amendment a as i believe a former president once said. the more you press in this direction sure you might take in suburban voters to some extent, you are going to turn off a lot of rural voters who care passionately about the second amendment. donald trump won as a supporter of second amendment rights. if he is going to abandon that in 2020 i think it will doom his campaign. >> bret: what's interesting and obviously these mass shooting events have gotten a lot of attention and they have become epidemic-like. but also not talked about was chicago this weekend. 35 shootings, seven fatalities. it didn't even rise to the
3:54 pm
level of major coverage. it was the same number of people who died in right. >> bret: that is something that doesn't get talked about a lot either. >> it doesn't. although i suspect if you ask the mayors of major cities that have a lot of gun violence, they would support every single thing on that list. >> bret: but i mean chicago is a place run by democrats and has a gun control. >> that's right. if they said let's ban -- if right now a democratic president said let's ban all handguns, all firearms of all sorts, the democratic mayor of chicago would be like great, sign me up. i'm happy to do it. and you can't sell guns anywhere to in or around any state, they would be happy to do it? >> that would be the end of the democratic party. >> i know. it's not going to happen. >> bret: we're going to see a lot on their, i think. and it may be futile, we will see what the president signs or doesn't. but it's going to happen. something is going to move. >> the shootings are not going away.
3:55 pm
>> bret: panel, thanks. when we come back, helping hands during a big storm. ♪ ♪ the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. help stop the clock on further irreversible joint damage. talk to your rheumatologist.
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>> bret: finally tonight, a helping hand. >> we are just trying to make sure that will get their calories, fat and protein as soon as possible. >> bret: washington based chef jose andres and world central kitchen landed in the bahamas over the weekend. they are working out of nine kitchens right now. five on the islands, four in florida to prepare thousands and thousands of meals, sandwiches and fruits for those affected by the storm. the chef served millions of meals in puerto rico to those impacted by hurricanes irma and maria you, an amazing operation active again. a woman in the bahamas has opened her home to 97 dogs displaced by hurricane dorian. she also runs voiceless dogs of nassau homes for
4:00 pm
abandoned dogs 97 though? whew. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. the story hosted by martha mccallum starts right now. hi there, martha. >> martha: hi there, bret, thank you very much. >> mayday mayday mayday. >> martha: tonight we investigate the horrific loss of life in the california dive boat fire the ntsb is about to announce brand new information in this case just moments from now and then we are going to be joined exclusively wh by the lead investigator on the ground who was just there spending time with the families. also, this evening, an exclusive interview with former defense secretary james mattis on the presidents he has served and the commander-in-chief whom he says made, quote: catastrophic decisions. also, what joe biden told him


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