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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 3, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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sandwich with pickles and special sauce. i won't tell you where i got it from, but i will tell you i think it's a fillet, filet, there is no bones in that. check out my new podcast for fo news at night team takes it fro here. >> as a connoisseur of chicken sandwiches i think my site i ca tell you where that one is from. we will compare notes later. we begin tonight with a fox new alert. humanitarian crisis unfolding i the hurricane battered bahamas. local officials we're boarding scene of total devastation. tonight the united nations and the red cross. we will talk with the storm chaser on the ground and tell you what's there. also, the democratic mayors is the city's gun and crime proble is the result of republican run state claiming 60 percent of illegal firearms were are from
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out-of-state. see how conservatives are pushing back on that argument and the nra accuses walmart of caving to the elite as the retailer announces it will stop selling handguns in many popula forms of ammunition. breaking news tonight on the border wall, how the pentagon i planning to fund 175 miles of i as critics vowed to fight the president's latest move. hurricane dorian still category two heading northwest at about still very dangerous at 110 miles an hour. storm surges and wind are the big threats in the coming hours we will take you to the extreme weather center for a detailed forecast in just a moment. we start with fox coverage. meteorologist adam is standing by but first we will take you t the ground with correspondent jackie heinrich with port stree lucie, florida. >> good evening, we have been
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seeing the outermost bands of the storm passed through. we've had periods of driving rain. we've had gusty winds, right around 30 miles an hour gusts u to 68. these areas have flooded out even going into the hotel right up on the top of this boardwalk so police are really enforcing the mandatory evacuation in thi area. we are beginning to see intensifying bands of the storm passed through. still it is nothing like the winds and rain that was over th bahamas. images coming in from the bahamas showing tornado like damage. 185 mile-per-hour winds that hovered over the island for two days. we know at least seven people are dead including a seven -year-old boy. on grand bahama people we're on
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rooftops waiting for rescuers t find them. the death toll could increase. still not a clear picture of what it looks like pretty parts of abaco are decimated. there is severe flooding. there is severe damage. much of it is underwater. the area around the airport now looks like a lake. >> knowing what happens just 10 year, people are taking every precaution. power workers are in place 1700 utility lineman ready to restor power if it goes out. national guard in soldiers and airmen ready to jump into actio per jobs are boarded up people moving to shelters local officials say they've had to make water rescues in the past evening conditions not as bad a is threatening the coast right
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now. >> some of our concerns are storm surge and heavy rains. we've got more areas of barrier islands, we've seen washout fro the storm and previous storms wash over the dune line take ou roads. >> again, dorian is about 100 miles east of here. if it passes any closer, it's going to bring any damage that happens between now and early tomorrow evening. people here are bracing themselves and waiting to see what the storm brings. >> brand-new footage of the bahamas tonight, total devastation speedy left his wake . tonight, mobilizing to deal wit the unfolding humanitarian crisis. on record is one of the most powerful atlantic hurricanes to ever make the involved. seven deaths have been blamed o the storm, but we expect that
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number to grow those full scope of the disaster largely unknown. joining me now, from accuweathe on the ground there in the bahamas. jonathan, thank you for joining us tonight. we've heard the descriptions an seeing the images, what can you tell us you're experiencing wit people there on the ground? >> essence of hopelessness and you can imagine why. you're on a highland in the middle of the atlantic ocean an a lot of that ocean is now righ in front of your house or over your house in many cases unfortunately as we flew over today, you really have to see i to kind of believe what kind of damage and devastation this storm brought to that island. you can imagine the grand baham as well while we haven't been able to see that, you think tha it's easily going to be just like that because as jackie mentioned winds 185 miles per hour sustained, gusts well over 200 miles and this is happening for several hours, several days
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people or having to suffer through this very today when we are flying over we saw signs of life which is great, a lot of people waving we were battling tropical storm force type of wins, the winds over 40-50 mile per hour right at the limit of what our helicopter could do. it was tough to be able to get there, do a creek aerial survey aid is getting income of the coast guard has been shuttling the worst of the worst patients back and forth between nassau where i am and they which is about 100 miles to the north en it's a much different scene. what's incredible to see is where that firewall crossed, yo can see the trees and where the damage lane is. the southern part of the island isn't bad, but the further north you get, that's where it gets bad. especially in marsh harbor, the worst hit area the part of town called the mud to braid that's where a lot of haitian immigrants live and it was completely destroyed just like what you would see within io
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four or ef five tornado. heavy equipment and the force o dorian is something that likely no one alive had ever seen especially right here in the bahamas. >> we see these images and you just look injure sort of speechless. where do you even start when yo see as you said, cars tossed into trees, homes ripped off their foundations like matchsticks, blown apart. i know that there was some pre- positioning and there are efforts the coast guard and others are able to get in, but it seems like it's going to be while before bigger rescue efforts and recovery efforts ca actually get their bread thank you for sharing these images. it just takes your breath away and we thank you for getting that out so the rest of the world knows what is needed down there and what these folks are going through. stay safe. >> thanks for having me. >> let's get an update on the path. standing by in the fox extreme
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weather center, thank you. >> 's still a powerful storm even though we continue to see it we can just a little bit. those effects are being felt right along the florida coast, winds around 30 miles an hour a times gusting up to 40 miles an hour just off the coast this is a buoy, that's been getting close to 75 dutch 80 miles per hour. as this drifts closer to them and you will see the winds intensify. we see some of the outer be in serene battering parts of central florida. this will move a little closer to the shore from now over the next couple of days and as it makes that move, you will see more rain you will see more win and then more storm surge. these are the flood potentials and once you get up in the georgia in the carolinas you start to see a moderate risk of flash flooding. getting you closer to thursday and friday here is the forecast the tropical models of the system. stena category two storm. we started this march to the north and then by the time you
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get up to south carolina it's a much both through path and several of these models have is running on shore when you get u to north carolina. the worst of this could still b yet to come here for the united states here is the forecast model i will leave you with. this is the future radar. there is the timestamp in the corner, so for right now by the time we get going into early tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m. rea getting up close to the stateline state line. you notice the storm continues to get closer to that coastline. by the time you get into thursday morning, you not running up on parsons of south carolina. we continue to watch the actually slowly creep up. the particular model has is making landfall in north carolina. that's not a guarantee one of several models we look at, but they're in agreement that these will get close to the coastline. this is now friday morning. she and then, i think that we'r still going to be looking at this getting a little worse before it gets better. >> the gun control debate is reigniting tonight after walmar
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announces it will stop selling handguns and certain ammunition in the wake of the odessa, texa shooting. chicago's democratic mayor saying the gun violence problem is the result of republican lai state. we are tracking both those threads for us tonight. >> we have heard so much about this latest mass shooting in texas, but this weekend in chicago seven people were kille and 34 wounded in 29 separate incidents in just one weekend. it got the attention of texas senator ted cruz and he's in a heated dispute with the city's democratic mayor. >> as pressure mounts on congress to pass some form of gun-control republican crew senator ted cruz said it doesn' work look at chicago disarming lie abiding citizens is not the answer the tweet prompted a swift response from chicago's mayor who fired back that 60 percent of illegal firearms recovered in chicago come from outside illinois. mostly from states dominated by
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coward republicans like you who refuse to enact commonsense gun legislation. keep our name out of your mouth. the everyday gun violence in chicago and other cities like baltimore is going to be on the tip of many republicans tongues as democrats try to pass a slew of reforms when congress return to washington next week. the house has already passed a bill to beef up background checks now democrats want georgia leader mitch mcconnell to bring it up for a vote. today minority leader took humo it is time to lead on this issue , but mcconnell says he won't do anything and lessie lessee knows for sure what president trump would sign. >> if the president took a position on a bill so that we knew we would actually be makin a law and not just having cerea votes, i would be happy to put it on the floor. >> as congress debates what to do, some businesses are already taking action.
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today the lords world's largest retailer announced it would sto selling ammunition for handguns and assault style weapons the company ceo explained it to employees like this in a conflict situation lacking a simple solution, we are trying to take constructive steps to reduce the risk that events lik these will happen again. the status quo is unacceptable. >> walmart is also that all customers refrain from openly carrying firearms in stores are chanting, that goes for their going to make that request even in states like texas we're open carry is legal. >> we will see how that goes over. more on that in our next segment . >> doubling down on his vow to have a mandatory buyback of wha he terms assault rifles if he i elected president. >> how would you address the fears of gun owners about takin aware they are assault rifles.
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>> i want to be really clear that that is exactly what were going to do. >> with that second amendment let's bring in matt whitaker. matt, good to have you with this . >> how do you think it no matte whom is elected president, and mandatory buyback of things lik air fifteens would go down in this country? >> it won't happen. there are clear-cut ways that w did at the department of justic while i was there chief of staf as acting attorney general they could reduce violent crime and are by active policing intelligence led policing and just good common sense neighborhood watch programs. there are lots of ways to reduc crime especially violent crime in chicago and baltimore and other places. those democrat mayors are unwilling to implement those pretty key kiewit you make of the chicago mayor that everybod wants to point to chicago when they say they have good strict gun laws there with, but they
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have an enormous problem with gun violence she said ordering states, the red states around u that are run by republicans is where people go get all these firearms and bring them back to our city to commit crimes. >> we can enforce the strong principle that could reduce those types of illegal gun purchases, but the bottom line is that criminals will get thes guns they will use them illegally and unlawfully in we need to do good policing like they have not done in chicago prayed they have great cops in chicago, but they have tied their hands the liberal politicians have tied their hands in chicago so they can't do the kinds of things that wor in new york city and los angele and other cities that have implemented these commonsense approaches to policing. it's a political failure not a policing failure and it can be fixed. >> we heard from folks within the police department, we've ha them on the show talking about the fact that the states attorney office there will not prosecute some of these crimes or take some of these people of the street that they believe ar contribute into the problem.
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i want to ask you about the walmart announcement today. the ceo saying they are trying to chip away at the problem of gun violence. here is how the nra is reacting to that. it shameful to see come to the pressure of the anti- gun elites . they have decided to victimize law-abiding americans. your reaction to that decision? >> walmart will continue to sel rifles and ammunition that you can use in hunting and they wil allow lawful concealed permit carry holders in their store i think it's a bit of an overreaction but at the same time lawful gun owners like myself and others want to be able to have ammunition they ca use to hunt with into defend themselves and that's our secon amendment constitutional rights. >> do you think anything gets done on the hill because it sounds like democrats are pushing mitch mcconnell says there's no way to push anything on the floor that i don't think the president will sign, but h seemed to signal some people save mixed signals about how fa he's willing to go to take some
8:16 pm
steps that are being offered up as incentives. >> obviously the white house together with the senate and th house are going to have to come to a solution that works that they can all agree to. right now i have not heard a proposal that would pass both the house and senate inc. get signed by the president. in the meantime matt whitaker, thank you. >> thank you, shannon. president trump called the investigation investigation giant illegal scam, lindsey graham calls for the public our legal experts talk about it next .
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>> president trump weighing in tonight from the doj inspector general's scathing report on fired fbi director james comey saying it proves the report was
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an illegal scam or chief intelligence correspondent is looking at the evidence for us tonight. catherine? to get the inspector general's report revealed more evidence that traditional briefings used to ease the transition between administrations were also leveraged to gather information on the president-elect and his team for the fbi russia broke. inspector general concluded the in va director james comey and his top hippies went to great links to can trump confront mister trump on a january 6, 2017 briefing at trump tower. this wasn't unverified allegations contained in the democrat funded dossier. the january briefing had two parts the first dealt with the intelligence community assessment or ica into russian election interference and then director of national intelligence that decided he should do the dossier briefing alone or in a small group praye after he revealed the dossier claims to the president-elect,
8:22 pm
he quickly documented his reactions for investigation purposes and his first memo which he considered highly sensitive comey said he had to secure fbi laptop waiting for him in his fbi vehicle and that when he got into the vehicle he was handed the laptop and began typing as the vehicle moved. the judgment was the informatio sought to be treated like information in a counterintelligence investigation. the ranking republican on the commission said the actions wer premeditated. the evidence we have is that he wasn't going to brief the president just to get them up t speed he was acting as if he wa an agent working for the crossfire hurricane team. so that is clear evidence that he was involved in this war before he has tried to pretend that he was a step or two away from what happen. earlier this year in investigation revealed a simila episode were sbi agent and fbi lawyer lisa paige texted about using a routine transition
8:23 pm
briefing with the incoming vice president to also gather information, shannon. >> thank you. the committee returns to washington next week the democratic majority flow prioritize a congressional inquiry and the president trump alleged role implements to a silent care mcdougall and stormie daniels the say they ha affairs with mr. trump before h took office democrats assert th hush money payments violated campaign finance laws the president's personal attorney denies the president was involved in any violations. democrats ramping up another probe as president trump calls the investigation a giant scam let's bring in tonight legal eagles and former doj prosecutor . great to have you here. >> jim, we are told about this that it could be according to the washington post the house judiciary committee is preparin a whole hearing to x-play eagle
8:24 pm
and adult film star as soon october. how do you think that's going t go for the democrats? will he get anywhere? >> look, it's a stationary bicycle at this point in terms of trying to get off and dig on more information most of which we've already heard about president trump. a lot of people would say the hush money payments are an ugly thing there in embarrassing thing, but they're not necessarily or even remotely an illegal thing. it feels like the same old newspaper being trotted out by the house. >> many other investigations connected to all of these thing and going. the senate judiciary, the inspector general of the doj still has more to come as that' playing out, senator lindsey graham who chairs it has writte a letter to the attorney genera saying i want you to make as much stuff possible public as possible. to be able to the most complete reports to congress and the american people certain documents will need to be declassified and released to th public. he's asking for things like
8:25 pm
everything connected to the fis applications that allowed for the surveillance, he wants also to release a chart showing fbi attempts to confirm the content of the steel dossier. you think any of that goes public? >> it will be interesting to se because the president keeps backing off every time he gets close to the line of doing something. the president in september of 2018 release to press saying he was declassify in all kinds of things we just got a filing in one of my cases going after the carter page fisa applications last friday night in which the justice department asked lane that white house personnel immediately met with doj personnel and said nevermind that's not a real declassification order. the president needs to put his chips on the table and lay out his cards and say if i'm going to do this, just do it already and let the chips fall where they may enough with the dancin back-and-forth. stop with the games either declassify it or don't read. >> what was the big declassification order that rolled out where they were telling a number of the agencie
8:26 pm
to work with the attorney general and possibly the u.s. attorney john durham to make sure they got the information they needed to see. >> i think you're putting your finger on the issue here which is the durham probe what we've heard so far was from the most narrow probe there is very just about him and his personal memoir memos as he calls them. was coming up next will be a little broader, but he looks like he's going to have very broad access to a lot of information about the origins o the trump probe, he's an experienced prosecutor and i want this stuff in his hands no politicians and/or private parties but interims hands to figure out what was the fbi doing and what was the doj doin very did they play by the rules? >> do you think the findings will be respected because it seems like whatever rolls out whether it's molar or bar, the ig, both sides want to claim victory and say it proves their point. do think that will be the case with durham?
8:27 pm
in the end these agencies have amazing powers that they have been given to them it should be scrutinized, but let's like these guys finis up their investigation and let those findings come out before we start prejudging what is going to be. >> thank you both for joining us . >> breaking news tonight president trump's newest plan t pay for the border wall critics are lining up. that is next. oh yeah, sure. um. you don't know my name, do you? (laughs nervously) of course i know your name. i just get you mixed up with the other guy. what's his name? what's your name? switch to geico®. you could save 15% or more on car insurance.
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8:32 pm
department of defense construction book to the border wall construction. president president trump declared a national emergency which would take federal department money and move it to the wall. this money will fund approximately 175 miles of border wall on the us-mexico border. the acting director of u.s. citizenship and seemed happy about it tweeting the marine battle cry just a few hours ago about the news come at this new comes as the defense secretary met with president trump today in the oval office. there are reportedly 127 military construction projects that will be affected though there is not a complete list ou as of tonight. senate minority leader chuck schumer says he found out one o the projects affected is west point military academy in his home state of new york. schumer, in the statement wrote it is a slap in the face to members of the armed forces who served our country that president trump is willing to cannibalize already allocated
8:33 pm
military funding to boost his own ego in for a while he promised mexico would pay to build the aclu american civil liberties union announced the organization will take the trum administration to court the fac the government sat on the so-called emergency funds for seven months further confirms that this is nothing but an unlawful power grab we will be back in court soon to block the latest effort to bring fill in area funds for his wall. members of congress representin districts using money for the border wall or learning which project will be affected and expect to see members on camera on social media in announcing what projects will be effective. they are back in washington nex week so the story of a certainl continue. >> can time now for 2020 in 60. job i joe biden not feigning high hopes on the hawkeye state. senior campaign advisor telling reporters today that while iowa will be critical it is not a must win states. predicting the contest will be
8:34 pm
dogfight with the biden team remains confident of a win for it he does have an eight-point advantage in the average up i will polls. new york city mayor bill de blasio coming with the lack of time he spending back he spent mere seven hours at city hall i may. that's the month he announced his presidential campaign to th city. one former aide seeing the virtual disappearance from the big apple's official seat of ho worsens a troubling message. hawaii congresswoman telling viewers on instagram life that she has no plans to die that raised weak in her hair she say it is a way of commemorating th in reminds her of the price of peace. she just returns the campaign trail after training with the national guard for two weeks in indonesia. tonight, some members of the freshman congresswoman are counter protesters who are arrested in boston at the stree
8:35 pm
pride parade, some of those demonstrators may have ties for that far left nt for group and some are accused of assaulting police officers. >> the people involved in this street pride parade in boston were labeled by the left including democratic congresswoman aoc as racist, fascist. organizers of the street pride parade beg to differ saying among the 12 people speaking on their behalf during the event, five are african-american, for our women, three are african-american women but the cake was baked in those who oppose the march made it clear the only way to truly disrupt the parade was violent or as an tivo member john crowley told the boston herald they are fascist 100 percent. how else are you going to get them to shut up adding we're covered in black so when we attack we can't root prosecuted.
8:36 pm
in case legal trouble did arise plan b was to set up a bail fun which was supported on twitter by aoc who retweeted her senate colleague in said one way to support the local lgbt q community impacted by boston's white supremacist parade contribute to the bail fund for the activists who put themselve on the line protecting the boston community. sure enough they raise more tha $24,000. 160 percent more than they expected. and it came in handy considerin three dozen of the leftist counter protesters got arrested including nine for assault and battery on police officers and one for assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon. many wondered what the counter protesters resulted to violence when they heavily outnumbered the original protesters and som believe the fact that two members of congress supported a bail fundraiser in advance of the parade kind of gave the
8:37 pm
impression that they condoned illegal behavior. when asked for a comment, aoc did not respond. >> after dorian's disruption, how we'll devastated communitie begin to start picking up the pieces? hear from some amazing voluntee rescuers right after the break. maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you can stream and scroll through other people's vacations, or you can be the kind of person that books their own vacation. a booker. scootin' through life at seven miles an hour.
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>> as dorian inches closer to the east coast in the u.s., rescue groups are mobilizing parade one tennessee dog shelte rescuing animals left stranded by the storm and as you know, louisiana volunteer -based caju navy is already ready to jump into action during storm season. joining us now from the big fluffy dogs rescue. at the cajun navies president john boudreau. its wealth it's great to have you. >> thanks for having us parade we love to talk about how the good people of this country jum into help complete strangers in times like this. i want to ask you about the dog
8:42 pm
because i know you guys partner with people dogs, pigs, cats, rabbits, whatever needs saving. what have you experienced so fa with the storm? >> this is unusual for typical storm rescue because typically we have more warning. we are more of a i guess for lack of a better word, we're no in there as first responders, but as pre- responders we go in before the storm to try to get dogs out of harm's way. the to save them from any potential damage in a shelter, but also to make room for the dogs that would come after. in this particular case we've had significant issues with the forecasting trying to figure ou where it's going next to get things have the way. >> when there are shelters for all doggies and people have to evaluate, they have to go somewhere. sean, you were there to help al kinds of creatures and people. we've seen you guys do it. i know sometimes people look at you guys and say listen, these are great people coming out of the goodness of your hearts, it's very organized very detail
8:43 pm
is what your plan is right now as we wait to see exactly where this comes as far as the u.s. i concerned. >> right now our focus is to contact emergency operations centers and decide or determine what their needs may be so we can respond with the appropriat assets. it's important that we gauge ou response to what the needs are so that we can accommodate. which of course does include anything under this unburied we've got animal rescue going on . we've got supplies heading toward the bahamas breaks a lot of things in the air, but all in all it's one of the struggle of this particular storm system it's an unusual one and we're trying to make the best call we can to be where we need to be. >> how did you guys come together how did this get started so that you're out ther boats, trailers, just to try to get to people. >> essentially that's it, whenever you find out that something is coming this way yo look out for your neighbors. what can i do to help the guy next to me. i am proud of my cajun culture
8:44 pm
and a lot of us all come over good people. we're hard-working folks and when a tree falls on your neighbors house you don't ask, you show up with a chainsaw and say when you want to do this. we fix what needs fixing. we take care of each other and that's an important community that we come from. that's not something that so abnormal, but it's something that we share a. >> i think there are plenty of examples of what the two of you are bravely willing to step up and do. jean, i know that in reading a little bit more about your organization, a lot of times yo rely volunteer pilots you say i will go get these pets. you have maps that show over th country where they're willing t make runs to help you guys out. how integral is that with havin the next level volunteerism to get the beds to inform where yo need them to go? >> in this case, it was at the time they are making a rescue arrangements, we weren't sure what florida's plan was going t be and it seemed like given the location, where this particular
8:45 pm
shelter was, it couldn't be any more remote in this particular instance, it was extremely useful because pilots were able to fly in and get them out to get them to us. usually we have our own transport we usually go in and do it ourselves but in this cas having a resorts of pilots was indispensable. we couldn't pull this off without their help. >> i want to give you a chance jean to tell people can be involved in helping you brachii think in this particular sins, we can always use help with foster homes, with getting supplies because what we do, we come in before and after the storm we are here for the dogs, we're also here for the people. if people want to donate to hel dogs, i would encourage to look locally. you're certainly welcome to loo at what we do. we work hard to make sure we ge aid where it's needed to go. >> sean? >> for our organization we always look for the communities to get involved with whatever they can do to help their neighbors. we utilize our website cajun
8:46 pm
navy to fund a lot o those needs, anything from requesting help to offering volunteer into join. we accept violent donations onl have stuff on the ground, but lot of weed that is done out of the kindness of our hearts in our own pockets. helping is what it's all about. >> we admire you so much for what you're doing and all the volunteers who work alongside you. thank you for being the silverlining in this whole thing . great to have you. >> a fox new exclusive now, a civilian satellite company reportedly showing in the iranian base being constructed on the border between syria and iraq. multiple western intelligence sources say iran has plans to house thousands of troops at this location. analyst a precision guided missiles could be stored at fiv different newly constructed buildings surrounded by a large dirt has. the classified project approved by top leadership in tehran and is being completed by the
8:47 pm
sources. the tell the in defending it suicide bombing against an international compound in the afghan capital. 16 people killed and 119 wounded . just hours after the u.s. envoy said the terrorist group had reached a deal in principle to end america's longest war. the exclaiming it bombed the civilians because it wants to remember the americans they are strong in the midst of what are being called peace talks. in china eight children killed on the first day of school by affording area who served joel time for attempted murder praye they have not reported the motive for the attacks, but it's the latest in several attacks on schoolchildren in china including last october when a woman slashed 14 kindergarten students. next up, uk prime minister on thin ice after a dramatic date in parliament, we will find out next.
8:48 pm
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>> we want hand control of the negotiations to the eu and that would be more delay and more confusion. the members would be able to decide how long to keep this country in the eu.
8:52 pm
>> britain's prime minister setting is step back in parliament. rebelliously makers maneuvering to take control of the agenda. there is a message for america hear coming from the global elite. right now onto the next revolution here on fox news, steve hilton, always good to have you. >> so here is my first question and the prime minister was just talking about this it's confusing to me, it's not my business not my country, but how the people voted for this i 2016 and they're still talking about whether or not they're going to do it three years later . >> think about this vote, it took place before the 2016 election here, that elected donald trump and it still hasn' happened. you can go back one year before that and this is the crucial part in 2015 that then government led by david cameron passed in parliament and act of parliament that said this decision about whether or not t leave the european union is bigger than any general electio
8:53 pm
it's bigger than any one political party it's a huge decision, so we're going to tak it out of the political system, out of the general election argument and give it to the people in the referendum parliament passed that bill. then in the actual campaign, elise meant was set to every single household in the country saying this decision is your decision it's not parliament's decision, parliament will implement what you decide. then when the people vote the wrong way and decide they want to leave the eu, suddenly, they want to be in charge and they want to take back control. that is the story over the last few years the fact that you've got a different decision the elite come of the establishment the people in parliament want t stay in their. that people want to leave. they can't resolve it. >> today, a dramatic moment where tory mp gets up and walks across over to the different party and he's talking about
8:54 pm
leaving the conservative party he says this once great party has increasingly become infecte with the twin diseases of populism and english nationalism . how do you respond? >> it's just a really outrageou remark and it very much is in keeping with the arrogance of the elite and the establishment in the uk. you can see it here. here's where it collect could extract political arguments prayed you see it with the people talking about trump voters in the way that the 2016 election window near. the people who have been mpower for 50 years or so regardless o whether it's been the labour party or conservatives, they've had the same policy agenda, globalization, open borders, uncontrolled immigration, the e is a part of that they hate giving up that power. they're going to fight to keep that power. that's what's going on in the uk . you can see it play out here with exactly that kind of metri
8:55 pm
next year in the 2020 election. >> now we wait to see if there is a snap election. let the conversation about whether that will happen in the uk. in one of the critics saying he strained to make himself the short to serving prime minister in uk history. we know tomorrow will be a dramatic day there as well. >> good to see you. gate now for a midnight hero. dave francis of course he's known as dan the healing man ha a plan. wants to get out there and feed the victims of hurricane dorian. he's from atlanta and has done this before, but he wants to take his mobile food pantry and is much pasta as he can to any areas urged by dorian. he strained to get to florida, and georgia, and even to the bahamas if he can. the goal is to feed about 15,00 people in five days. this is something he did in the florida panhandle are all my folks we're hit by hurricane michael. he served thousands of people pasta, meatballs, he did a grea
8:56 pm
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because when others take rain checks... we take the wheel. run with us. search "john deere gator" for more. tucker is up next. ♪ ♪ >> welcome. hurricane dorian has left a trail of devastation in the bahamas. pictures on the screen right no five people have died that number may go up dramatically a we get details. at that same storm is headed up the east coast of the united states and we are monitoring hi progress. first tonight, tragedies have a way of revealing who people really are they decent one rise to the moment, hard as it is they bring clarity and comfort and solutions. the low ones by contrast see sadness as a business opportunity. they are happy to leverage the suffering of othersas


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