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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 3, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> thanks, tucker. >> it's the one that's it for us tonight. the good news is, we will be back tomorrow and every weeknight from now until om tfully a long time from now. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, smugness, and especially, groupthink. we'll be back tomorrow, but in the meantime, sean hannity. live from new york city. >> sean: all right, tucker.grea. hope you had good weekend. welcome to hannity. we begin along the florida coast, preparing for potential damage from hurricane dorian.nor stand big in cocoa beach, atlantic beach, daytona beach and we also have a live report from the bahamas. it was absolutely devastated by this hurricane. sad what is happening. our thoughts, our prayers are with all of our friends that have been impacted there. the death toll has now risen to seven.we expect more, unfortuna. we hope and pray not. we'll have more coverage of that devastation. also coming up tonight, the
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florida governor ron desantos will be here. and we will speak to the florida attorney general. why in the middle of a crisis would people go about price gouging? this is when people should come together for the good of your state, your fellow man, and your neighbors. this is not the time to make extra money. we'll talk about it. but, first, we start on the ground in atlantic beach right now. bill hemmer, this is not your first rodeo at a hurricane. bill, what's it like that? >> sean, good evening. we are 5 miles east of jacksonville. you're right. 20 years ago, i was almost in this exact spot for hurricane floyd. it was an enormous storm, sean. it was coming right towards the final the final hours, the storm started to break apart. it went straight toh carolina, instead. that was 20 years ago, and now
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we are back here again, waiting for the fate in northeasternpar. i'll tell you, sean, this has been, especially for the united states, one stubborn storm. they have waited and they have watched, and they are tired. i can tell you that after speaking with so many of the residence here in florida earlier today. at 5:00 this afternoon, the winds were coming out of the east. they shifted to the northeast. they knew the storm was on the move. there is a curfew in effectat 1, a little less than an hour from now. if the winds hit 40 miles per hour, the bridge is closed. this means your branch back and the mainland is cut off. if you decide to stay, you will be stuck here to ride out the storm. frankly, sean, i'm surprised how many people have chosen to do that. we have seen so many residents come down to the shore throughout the day today to check out the scene here on the
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beach and to see the waters rise. one of the mayors down the strip said that half the people in this town have chosen to right ride out the storm. listen, we can all be grateful that this is not going to be the bahamas, certainly not here in florida, but there is still trouble out there, and by sunrise tomorrow, this part of florida, it will be wet, sean it will be windy, and for the first time, this part of florida will see the effects of dorian. >> sean: bill hemmer thank you. we are looking at these areas. i mean, the bahamas is just look at this devastation. it is sad, unbelievable. we just have to hope and pray that people left and understood. the hurricane, hovering like ah, sustained winds at time at 200 miles per hour. we go to jeff at cocoa beach. jeff. >> sean, it's really hard toget. strong winds, the next minute you're standing like i am right now, with nothing happening.
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we're just 110 miles east of the storm.right here on the coastlif cocoa beach. it is just due east of usright n the ocean. if you take a look over here at some of the vegetation, it's not really doing a whole lot right now. i think the people in this town have sort of been moving around. they've had almost a week to prepare.they've been to the sto. they waited in long lines for gas, for food. they've had their homes boarded out. many businesses have been closed for almost a week, not knowing when this storm would come through. i think for a lot of people they just want to get through this right now. as it moves up to the north, things could change in a matter of hours. you never know about that. the concern right now, being the storm surge.they could expem 3 to 7 feet. with so many people living here along the coast, flooding is a big concern. sean. >> sean: all right, jeff. thank you for that report. hurricane dorian is supposed to be off the coast in just a matter of hours.jacqui heinrichn
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the ground. here we go. >> sean, i'll tell you, the outer bands are starting to come through. we've had some crazy wind gusts. we are in a mandatory evacuation area. there's also a 6:00 p.m. curfew here. the real risk of storm surge. if you come up this way, you can see the water is just beyond this barrier here. this is a boardwalk. and, even a no-name storm, this area had flooded before. storms will sit just outside of this barrier, and the waves will lap this boardwalk. the hilton has actually floodede storms. these are the areas that police are really enforcing, that mandatory evacuation order. we have had sustained 30-mile-an-hour winds with gusts up to 63 miles per hour. so people who live in this area are under mandatory evacuation..
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they are already asking when they think they can go home.they police say they are railroad wanting to come back. the bands of the storm are just starting to come through. it's about 100 miles east of here. we can expect that as this path moves northward, we are going to see more of this weather over the next several hours. >> sean: all right, jacqui, will get back to you later in the show. more of the destructive power of the hurricane dorian has been focused on the bahamas.joining n update, live from the bahamas, matthew is here with us. matthew, first of all, i look at this and my heart sinks. i mean, it looks in areas, wiped out. the death toll as of now, seven. do we really know if the people got out of there? >> matthew: hi, sean. well, as of right now, we don't really know, but you are
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correct, it is confirmed seven. but we are just a few hoursawaye bahamas, signaling the light at the end of the tunnel, the category 5 storm more than 24 hours, after destroying portions, has now been reduced to a category some say it's nothing short of a miracle. the prime minister, as well as cabinet ministers conducted a flyover of abaco to assess the damages from an aerial view. just an hour ago, the prime minister addressed the nation saying the confirmed death toll has moved from five to now 7. 11 of which had to be hospitalized for injuries. three of them were actually children. the prime minister said, from his preliminary review, parts abaco have suffered damages including businesses and homes. as far as we know, it is completely underwater.
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based on the latest reports from the bahamas, this storm is approximately 85 miles north of the bahamas. it's moving fairly slow at about 6 miles per hour. the tropical storm has decreased. however, tropical storms continue throughout the night. as of 2:00 p.m. today, the hurricane warning has been discontinued. however, we still are under tropical storm warning. the all clear is expect to begin for the entire bahamas at about 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.and,d situation, we're still monitoring the storm's activity. the message that we really want to get out is we are made up of a chain of islands. the bahamas is made up of 700 islands, actually, of which two were severely devastated. the entire bahamas is notreally. >> sean: thank you. thoughts and prayers are with the people. i know, we have the single most generous country on the face of the earth.
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there has never been a country that has accumulated more power to advance the human condition, and every time, the united states steps up. just so everybody knows, i mean you were a storm chaser. you know the history of know the tracks e hurricanes. let's start with the bahamas and what we are seeing here. this thing, i'm watching and watching. it's hovering like a helicopter. almost 200 mile-per-hour sustained winds. why? why so slow moving? >> joe: well, because the steering currents fall apart.peg as they look, they're just corks in the atmosphere. it's nature's way of taking heae trumpet regions.
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it's always trying to find a way out. and so, it senses the weaknessa. >> sean: look at this devastation. i can't imagine. did we get enough people out of there? did they get people to safer territory? we knew what was coming. >> joe: i think that they got out of there. i know the director of the bohemian weather service, and we have a client down there, they've been very aggressive from friday and saturday, trying to get people out. there's over 60,000 peoplelivin. it would be a miracle if this death toll stays underneath what it is. >> sean: listen, they just have the opportunity now to go in. let's talk about the united states. let's talk about florida. let's talk about georgia, south carolina. it looks like a dead rush towards charleston, from what i can see in the different tracks that you have put out. what are we looking at, storm surges, danger? >> joe: charleston is the number one port concern on the southeast coast because of the fact that you have water continually piling in.
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the storm is going to try to approach charleston from the south before it veers off. so what you're getting herefolkt know about winters. they pile the water up, pile the water up, pile the water e storm goes by. the water goes down. in this case, the water piles up. you are getting places where the water will be backing out. >> sean: we all watched, we are talking about a hundred miles, which is nothing, and just literally nicking the coast of florida. >> joe: matthew, they can't hit in there. between 25-35 north, what we call the horse latitudes, where the wind calms down. there is high-pressure there there. the shape of the florida coastline, the storm weekends and tries to stay over the water. only one time in 400 years has a big hurricane hit the northeast coast of florida from the east.
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that was 1964. dora, and even she stoppedwith . you saw that with matthew, stayed offshore. saw that with floyd. however, where the coast changes to the northeast, that's a different situation there. >> sean: and it's watching you. thank you. joining us now from tallahassee is the florida governor ron desantis. governor, i know how much you care about the people of florida. everybody watching tonight knows somebody in florida. you see how close this gets to the coast. you know the storm surges. but florida is prepared for this. explain. how do you prepare for this? where do you station people in terms of being ready to come in and help people and evacuate and make the decision to evacuate? >> ron: well, we've been preparing for this, sean, as you guys mention. this thing has been slow developing, but we know it was
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going to be powerful. initially, we were looking at a potential track that would ram across southern florida, come out at the gulf of mexico and then hit the panhandle. obviously, that would have been a disaster. then, we hear that this is going to be more of an east coast storm.the question how is it goo interact with our coastline. we obviously prepared for the worse. we prepared for it to hit land and because extensive damage appeared fortunately, it is probably going to end up staying off 60 miles from our shore. that means there might not be as much damage as there could have been, but there still will be damage. as your guest mentioned, there will be storm surge, we will see flooding in certain areas of florida, and there will be some wind folks are in then zones. those local officials make those determinations based on risk to your livelihood. so heed those warnings. let's stick this out, stick to the plan, let the storm pass and then we'll get in and help people on the back end of it.
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but, this has been, i think because it was so slow moving, i think a lot of folks in floridat it's almost like, when do we know whether it's going to come for us our not, and i think that's frustrating a lot of people. >> sean: a lot of people are reluctant or resistant.they dodt time, maybe we don't have to leave. i would imagine you only want to err on the side of caution. the worst-case scenario is okay, you wasted a little bit of time. you got to stop at the local cracker barrel on the way was little more organized so you didn't have the traffic and the lines and shortages in the past. i assume that's part of a lot of planning. >> ron: and part of it was, we worked very collaboratively with our local emergency managers. all our counties. you know, in florida, this is just part of life. these things happen. we have some of the best
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emergency management personnel in the country at both the state and local level. there's a lot of collaboration so that we are really working together to prepare for this in the best way that we could. i think that we've done that and obviously, we'll see the damage that we end up taking. on the back end, the state will be there working with the locals. fema's been great. the president's been phenomenal. he's a great friend of florida. so it's really been a team effort from each individual county up to the state and all the way to the white house. >> very thankful. 50 miles. not very far. thanks for being with us. we wish you all the best. we're going to have live hurricane dorian updates all throughout the show.reporters ae ground. we will continue to update yout. we are going to turn our attention to the 2020 race to president trump and one
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bumbling candidate who has been an outstanding disappointment to his comrades in the all new democratic socialist party. that would be joe 30330 biden struggling to connect with voters. a constant source of embarrassment. he doesn't seem to have a basic understanding of key issues and simple facts. as i said, joe 30.330 is not pitching a fastball, he's pitching maybe a's n his friends in the media are now taking note. the article, does biden want to be doing this? "the new york times," you know the liberal "new york times" writes "mr. biden's days as a
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potent and fiery -- he can be unfocused and prone to misstatement. it was reported oh, by the other liberal newspaper "the washington post." look at this. according to the post, almost every detail in joe biden's story appears to be incorrect. in fact, well, yeah, every time sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe tells a story, key details seem to change. i guess that's what it looks like to choose truth over facts. yeah, he said that, too. according to joe, 30-330.the de. watch. >> the details are irrelevant in terms of decision-making if, in fact, i forget that it was rodriguez all the time, i've been in and out of bosnia.afgha, if i would forget that it was
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rodriguez, i believe, pinning a bronze star on a young man. it's irrelevant to the point. >> sean: listen up, no one needs to worry about 30-330 on biden'. his former brain sunshine has now given the former vice president a very crucial endorsement. he has come out to reassure america that he is absolutely certain that the former vice president has a functioning brain. so, democrats, you might need to listen to biden's wife. you might have to swallow, kind of hold your nose to vote for her husband. that's a ringing endorsement. or maybe you could vote for elizabeth warren, who has now spent decades faking heret newst minority status and faking mistreatment. and then, of course, bernie sanders, who has never really held a real job outside
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of government, and he's a millionaire, but now wants to control all means of production. and, we can't forget beto o'rourke. he wants to confiscate your guns.he loves using the f-word v to show you how tough he is. he just released a plan that would likely double or triple your taxes. basically legalized stealing. because you won't have any money left. then, of course, we've got comrade bill de blasio, the new york mayor. he is such a dedicated, hard-working public servant, he logged a whopping total of seven hours of workthis month ay hall. that's like the perfect dream job for a socialist. everything is free. you show up for seven hours. you get a check. you get retirement, all at the expense of taxpayers.even thougs polling at zero percent. deblasio is spending all of his time in iowa and new hampshire. he's really wasting his time let's be honest. new york taxpayers are flooding the bill for security.surroundid
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guards. but, he doesn't believe you, the american people, have the right to have a weapon in your home. the democratic socialist party is more extreme now than ever. 2020 is a choice election. america will choose. it's a tipping point. america's core fundamental principles, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, our constitutional system, a lot at stake. this is now a defining moment in our history. we better not mess this up. joining us now, former white house chief of staff rnccg with carl rove. if you are joe biden, you lose "the new york times" and "washington post" in one week. you pointed out the polls last week, and you were right. most of them show that he still has a healthy lead. i get the feeling that it is all about to evaporate. >> karl: well, it may. there is a tension inside the democratic party. nobody went into this race thinking joe biden was the perfect candidate. he already ran for president a couple of times and fell flat on
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his face. i think the tension inside the democratic party is, we think he's the most electable. he's not as liberal and as far out as some of these other candidates, but he is a little goofy, so, do we want to go with a guy who's sort of goofy and isn't as in tune with us on all of the issues, because we want to win, or do we want to go with someone who speaks to our hearts from an ideological perspective?in which case, they pick either elizabeth warren or bernie sanders. >> sean: it's really a three-person race now, not a five-person race. >> karl: i agree. last week, in my "wall street journal" column,i . up might think kamala harris meet have a chance simply because they is from california and may have a bump from south carolina. beyond that, maybe pete buttigieg but i find it
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increasingly difficult to seehe. you mentioned mayor de blasioman the campaign trail and not inflecting his damage on new york eve and every day. tom steyer on the stage mr. impeachment, forcing other democrats to say whether they are with him or against him on the impeachment question. but yeah, essentially, we are down to maybe four candidates may be five.i'm anying four or . >> i'm thinking three but i always have to take smart people's observations into account. your thoughts? >> i agree with what karl is saying but it is a very, very weak field. it's weaker because of the volume of the field. here's the question. the biggest threats to joe biden is the democrat party. can joe biden run a traditional d.c. fueled campaign in an insurgent democrat party
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insurgent democrat party? i think back to 2016 governor bush had the problem within our own party. could he run a traditional republican campaign, fueled by traditional republicans in an insurgent republican party? and the answer was no. so the amazing part about joe biden is that these 18 other sharks in the water really haven't been able to put a dent, in him, even though your lead in to our segment was devastating, every second of it. but for whatever reason, he still at 32%, warren's at 16. the rest of the field have fallen off. >> sean: i don't believe it.whe" abandoned ship like they did and when "the washington post" does an article like they did, you are in trouble. guys, thank you both. we appreciate it. when we come back, or hurricane dorian coverage continues. we'll go live to our reporters.
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they are on the ground. also tonight, rudy giuliani says >> that, yes, super patriot james comey tried to frame president trump. jason chai fits coming up.
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click, call or visit a store today. >> sean: all right. we continue with a fox news alert. hurricane dorian, now dangerously close, within 50 miles of the florida eastern seaborne coast. now we have the fox news weather center, chief meteorologist with us. you've been watching. we see this, a little too close for my comfort level. >> yeah. certainly. i think we are going to have some really big impacts from the storm, tomorrow, tomorrow night and friday.especially across th. we have some really significant winds right offshore. this buoy is just about 15-20 miles right off the coastline.we have a lot of windt
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tropical storm force. i think we're going to continue to see that. what we're seeing is a lot of rain on the western side of the storm and that means we will see the rainfall totals and the storm surge pile up on north florida. but eventually, south carolina and north carolina.they are all, right off the coast in north carolina sometime tomorrow night. look at these big wobbles at the center of it. that's what it's been doing the last few hours. but then, watch this. very close here. most of them in good agreement that we see really significant land interaction. all the way up towards cape hatteras.that means potentiallys the sector of this cat 2, cat 1 hurricane here on the coast. last year they had hurricane florence, this will probably a category 2 category one hurricane. you were going to get a wall here. hurricane warnings in effect for charleston. but watch what happens. we will probably be seen in some
10:30 pm
spots. 10 inches of rain. in addition to that, a storm surge will definitely cause some problems in the carolinas tomorrow night. >> sean: last question. does that hit long island,new y. >>ing . >> into, yes, 3 to shall -- new england, yes, 3 to 4-inches. >> thank you. join us live from atlanta. rick, this is not your first rodeo either. really tight. very close. >> yeah, well, florida, at least so far, sean, they are so fortunate that it took that more easterly track on the atlantic away from the coast. they are telling us that we can expect near tropical wins. tomorrow, we could see winds 35-50 miles per hour. of course, when it hits 39, thes between us and jacksonville and they will reopen them once the storm passes. they built these sand bags behind us to protect people from a potential storm surge of 3-5 feet on top of the 2-foot tides, they are already higher
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than normal. we could see some significantwa. it is uncleve. significant rain. but nothing like they saw in the bahamas where the death told is 7 and could climb higher after dorian hit as a for gore 5 and category 4 in the abacos, slammed there, destroyed so many homes and buried the area under water. a terrible scene down there. we know that the coast guard sent a jayhawk down there earlier, and they already rescued 18-19 people and brought them to nasa, but there are ahead, sean, and a lot more trouble down there, as we now focus on the eastern coast and the fact that this hurricane could actually impact more of us in the days ahead. >> sean: all right. thank you. that devastation scares me.thos. rudy giuliani reacted to the report on james comey, saying the disgraced former director
10:32 pm
tried to frame trumped by leaking memos.congressman andy s predicting the and recorded -- and reported the next one on fisa abuse will lead to indictments. the brand-new book, out today the liberal scheme to undermine trump, the g.o.p., and our republic. jason is with us. by the way, it's on and bookstores everywhere. also with us, tom. it's powerful, but it's true. >> it is. >> sean: what rudy said, it's true. but it might even be worse. it might then go overseas outsourcing, spying on trump and other americans illegally to circumvent our laws.stay follow, and it is clear the democrats were engaged in this. hillary clinton's campaign. people like mark alias are seen.
10:33 pm
in inspector general who spent a year and a half on this. we still have -- >> sean: do you have faith that he will get to the bottom of what he was up to? >> i think that he will get to the bottom of this. what we know of what the judicial watch is doing, i don't have faith that they will actually prosecute people. that's what i'm worried about. >> sean: all right. premeditated fraud on a fisa court. >> jason: yes. >> sean: and have been warned, that it's dubious at best. could sean get away with that? >> jason: no. you'd be in jail, and i'd be trying to get you out of jail. >> sean: you shred the constitution, you're saying that we will have a dual justice system. we want to have equal justice under the law. you are telling me that? >> jason: i believe in this attorney general more than anyone that i've seen thus far,e participantcle backbone and guts -- the political backbone and guts to get it done,
10:34 pm
but i have not yet seen the department of justice step up and prosecute one of their own, particularly at the highest echelons. so far we do. i mean, i have a laundry list. how many people did we have before me and trey gowdy andothn handcuffs. >> tom fenton. >> well, you know what occurs to me is that james comey and hillary clinton committed some of the same prosecuti. i think the big news out of the report is the more that you look at it in terms of its impact and explaining the coup against president trump, james comey was a spy against president-elect trump.and then president trump. he went over there, and just before he was elected with hisd, to illicit witness reaction or subject reaction and recorded quickly for his colleagues at the fbi. the obama helps e,
10:35 pm
after he was fired, why rosenstein and mccain were talking about going after the president.about wearing a wire. he was no longer there to gather intel on the president. as jason pointed out, there's plenty of information now toalrn prosecutions. we don't need an ig report. we already have the outlines of the crimeout there. >> jason: really quick, they already engaged in a systemic effort to oppose the president, they use the media for their own personal political views and beliefs and they put that out there to justify what they did. that is so fundamentally wrong. >> sean: there is no counterintelligence without the president knowing. what did rice know? what did brenda know? what did rice, james comey know? >> jason: of course obama knew.
10:36 pm
>> sean: we have to get to the bottom of it otherwise you might as well take the constitution the of this country and shred it because it will be meaningless. up next, she took her hate trump so far, whoopi goldberg is calling her out. wait till you hear what a producer had to say about mar-a-lago and the hurricane. straight-ahead.
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>> sean: all right. this is a fox news alert. we are continuing to monitorbreg updates on hurricane dorian. our own jacqui heinrich is with us. jacqui, i see wins picking up. >> sean, we are under a mandatory evacuation order.
10:41 pm
6:00 p.m. curfew in parts of daytona beach like this one. not because of the risk of high winds, which we are beginning to see. they are sustained around 30 mile-per-hour. we've had gusts up to 68 here. but, we are really under that mandatory evacuation because of the risk of storm surge. as the tide comes in and the storm surge increases, we are going to see this water come al. you can see that a few of the waves have actually touched the boardwalk here. it's kind of dark out here.evene storms, this area has seen massive flooding. waves will come crashing up over the boardwalk. they even came crashing into the hotel behind me. police are really enforcing the mandatory evacuation in zones like this.low-lying, glad-prone. also, substandard construction and mobile homes. that being said, people have had really a lot of time to prepare for the storm, so most people are in shelters that need to be. there are also 17,000 utility workers from 37 states across this area, ready to restore power in the event that we do lose power here.
10:42 pm
so people are ready, they are waiting, they are trying to see exactly what the storm brings. if there is any damage, it's going to happen between now and tomorrow morning.sean. >> all right, jacqui, stay safe out there. the hollywood hate machine is unhinged as ever.knowing oppose. smelly walmart shoppers lake me. i love walmart. i think costco, walmart, they are the best stores ever. look at debra messing, actress along with her will and grace costar. i've never seen the show. she actually wants to spread a list of attendees at an upcomin, apparently as some sort of intimidation tactic. it's getting pretty sick, pretty to twisted, pretty dark.she is k from those who realize how dangerous all of this is. whoopi goldberg earlier said today that this is nuts. unfortunately, she did not stop there.she say tacking
10:43 pm
african-americans who support the president as, quote, mentally ill. she also said, we have the lowest unemployment for african-americans under donald trump than we've ever had and hispanic-americans and record numbers of women in the workplace and youth unemployment.and the best emplot situation since 1965. even a category 5 hurricane doesn't slow down the endless smears. hbo producer, david simon, actually tweeted calling and begging god to destroy mer-a-lago.unbelievable. this back to is awesome, -- this book is awesome, radicals, resistance, the left's plans to rebuild america. fox news contributor mike huckabee. congrats on the book, judge. i don't even know how to respond
10:44 pm
to this because you cannot talk these people out of the hate, rage, and psychosis. >> you know, this is what i talk about in my book.this is anothed hypocrite who is out for revenge san out to resist everything trump has done because hillary didn't get elected. when you think about it, who is this woman who takes the words that other people give her to decide whether or not someone in hollywood should work or not? this is mccarthyism. this is as dark as it gets. to say that you shouldn't be able to express your first amendment rights, you shouldn't vote for donald trump. that just because you are a trump supporter, you are a racist.u a deplorable, whatever" there is. >> sean: no. we are smelly walmart shoppers., and we cling to our bibles andguns .
10:45 pm
>> guilty. >> guilty. governor, you're more guilty than me. >> i try to be. i really do. i want to be the most guilty guy in america to believe in the things that really matter. you know, i call it god, guns grits and gravy. that means that there are certain things that we embrace culturally, but thank god for whoopi goldberg today, who recognized that what debra messing is asking for is too far. when you start going down the list and saying that these people support a political candidate i don't like, we are going to put you out ofbusinessn town again, that is mccarthyism. i've got a list. >> sean: she bakes pies for the media and they still didn't believe she baked them. >> my daughter is a lot nicer than me. i probably would have taken the pie and shoved it in the face of some of those people. she simply served one and said here, try it out and see. but she is a much nicer person
10:46 pm
than her father is sometimes. >> i didn't get a pie. you get a pie, zing i want blueberry. >> you know what this reminds me of? it's like you're saying to people, we don't want you to work if you support donald trump. we want you to lose your job.lie want you to lose your job and going into a recession. these people are out right haters and they want to remake america. >> sean: it's like humpty dumpty.oh, trump haskelee than stalin and hitler, and then he complains about fox. stupid. all right. thank you. when we come back, disturbing reports. this really pisses me off. price gouging as hurricane dorian is inching closer to the east coast.'re doing that, i can't say what i think of you. the florida attorney general will tell us about it next.alsot ahead.
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>> sean: we continue to monitor disturbing reports of price gouging during hurricane dorian and the state of florida. they are taking action. here to explain more is theflory moody. listen, i'm all about capitalism. i'm all about supply and demand, but i'm also about human decency, and if you're going to do this to your fellow floridians, neighbors, it's just repugnant to me. i know it's a violation of law. how bad is it? >> you are absolutely right sean. not only is it immoral, it's illegal. for those of us were just trying to bring the states together make sure that everybody is working to preserve life protect property, make sure that people are heating evacuation orders, it's despicable to hear
10:52 pm
about people taking advantage of horrific situation of floridians at the most vulnerable time. we're looking right now at about 2,400 contacts with our office regarding alleged price gouging. that ranges from water, food. and, as evacuation orders take effect, it starts moving into the hotel arena. we are working day and night to make sure that floridians have access to lodging and the essential supplies they need. >> sean: it's bad enough that you have mandatory evacuation. then maybe a hotel room that would normally go for $100 per night or $150 per night, whatever the cost is,now all th. >> ashley: you are seeing that hotels are going to almost double. the good thing is that we haveid
10:53 pm
lawyers working with them demanding that when we get this information, demanding that these retailers lower their prices. what we are focused on right now is making sure floridians are safe, they are protected, they have a place to go, and preserving that information so we can go after them successfully. >> sean: okay, so people are getting in touch with you. especially with the main supplies.again, i'm for play, d, profit, i'm a big believer in capitalnism you and me both. >> but neighbors and a state, this is a moment people pull together, it is not republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, okay, we're sorry you're inconvenienced, let's help you out. that is missing sometimes. >> ashley: for the most part sean, floridians are coming together. retailers are wanting to help. they are ready with supplies. they are coordinating with our emergency management. how to get it here. how to get it here the fastest.o prey on floridians. i have to give it to my predecessor pam bondi, whorealld
10:54 pm
people, when this happens in florida, during a trying time, retailers need to be put on notice. we will go after them if they try to price gouge floridians. i am thankful to her for setting that stage. >> sean: the measurement is that you look and examine the prices for what the last 30 days prior to this? >> ashley: correct. if the price grossly precedesthe about 30 days prior, there is a presumption that it's price can be fined, depenn the number of violations, up to $25,000 a day, so it is no laving matter. >> sean: attorney general thank you so much for being with us. when we come back, a live update.that tragic fire off the coast of california, devastating. nobody can believe it.straight .
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10:58 pm
>> this weekend we all saw a horrific tragedy unfold off the california coast. we are live in the west coast
10:59 pm
newsroom with the very latest.t i can't -- 34 people, no chance of escaping. , no chance of rescue. tell us about it. >> the five crewmembers that survive got off the boat because they were stationed on the deck and not below it when the fire broke out at 3:00 a.m. monday morning. the captain put out a mayday call and all the crewmembers went to a nearby boat for help but it was too late. these are pictures of the bunk room, and a diver has been on the vessel dozens of times said the sleeping area is comfortable, but tight however with bunk beds stacked next to one another on the lowest deck coming up to the top deck to get off requires navigating a narrw stairway and only one exit and listen to the sheriff. >> there was a stairwell to get down the main entryway, up and down, and there was an escape hatch. it would appear as both of those were blocked by fire. >> the worst possible combination. sean, the death toll is now 25. nine are still missing. >> chilling.
11:00 pm
trace, thank you. unfortunately, that's all the time we have this evening. thoughts and prayers with everybody in the bahamas. be careful on the east coast, eastern seaboard. let not your heart be troubled we will never be the media mob. laura ingraham takes it from remark take her awa. >> laura: hannity, great show tonight. our prayers are with the people in the entire affected area. fantastic show is always tonight. this is ingraham angle from washington. we're going to keep an eye on hurricane dorian which is right off the centralha florida central coast. it's bringing massive storm surges and winds. we will have a report later in the hour. also a new hollywood blacklist. yes. actor robert dobbie is here towl town's elite to drive
11:01 pm
conservatives out of there business. plus


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