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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 4, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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now, julie. >> hopefully getting people out. some towns are completely wiped out. let's hope everybody can get to higher ground and soon. great job. i'll see you on friday. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: fox news alert right now. >> melissa: new reports that hurricane dor hearing these deaths occurred while prepping for the powerful storm. all this as dorian is now making its way up the southeastern coast after leaving a path of destruction in the bahamas. really tragic there. the images coming out of paradise just devastating. entire towns wiped out. the land left unrecognizable. seven people dead but more
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expected. this as the still powerful storm moves up the coast of florida and takes aim at the carolinas. north carolina's lieutenant governor urging folks to heed evacuation warnings. >> if you have the ability to get out, you should get out. these storms are still massive storms and they can wreak havoc on our coast. the barrier islands are very fragile and even inland from these barrier islands. >> melissa: the red cross saying nearly half the homes in abaco and grand bahama either damaged or destroyed. those who rode out the monster storm describing their ordeal. >> going through it was terrifying and again, i had no idea it was going to actually wreak the havoc. it was worse than anything i could have imagined. >> it looks like 90% of the homes are gone. quite a few more deaths than
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first initially said. so it is going to be a long road and there is nothing to go in and patch up. it has to be a whole rebuild of those communities. >> melissa: no doubt. steve harrigan is live on the ground in the bahamas in the capital city of nassau right now. >> melissa, this airstrip on the edge of nassau is abuzz. you can see what's been going on here. helicopters and ambulances. the wounded from abaco island and from grand bahama are arriving here one at a time. placed into ambulances and taken to hospitals in nassau. the hospitals are either flooded or destroyed on site. we've seen workers put on masks. many of the people we've seen earlier had small wounds, broken arms and legs and diabetics as well transport evidence out one at a time. gives you a sense of how complicated this rescue operation is, how complicated
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it has become. the main airport in freeport is several feet under water. some of the local hospitals damaged beyond working use. a tremendous challenge. as many as 70,000 people in the wake of this storm are scrambling for food, shelter and medicine and the rescue operation is really gearing up. we saw initially it was just volunteers, first responders, friends, relatives using whatever they had, jet skis, ropes, swimming, strength of will. now the rescue operation is mounting up. the u.s. coast guard and customs and border patrol helicopters are at work alongside the u.n. and red cross. it is complicated by the fact the airports are under water. this is a storm that lashed those two islands and parked there 185 mile-per-hour winds for two days and 35 inches of rain. the prime minister has called it the worst catastrophe in the
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history of the bahamas. it will take an international effort to rebuild this country from scratch. >> melissa: thank you for that. new continues regarding the border well. mark esper signed off an plans to divert 3.6 million from military projects to build the long-promised wall. i'm melissa francis and harris faulkner and rachel campos did campos-duffy and kennedy and jason chaffetz.
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congressional democrats slamming moving of funds saying they're going around congress because it already refused to allocate the money. senate minority leader chuck schumer saying in a statement it is a slap in the face of the members of the armed forces who served our country that president trump is willing to cannibalize already allocated military funding to boost his own ego and for a wall he promised that mexico would pay for. and house speaker pelosi echoing the same saying the trump administration is undermining the oath of office we take to protect and defend the constitution and the american people canceling military construction projects at home and abroad with undermine our national security and the quality of life and morale of our troops making america less secure. i'll go to you first. >> jason: hog wash. i sat in congress for 8 1/2 works. shame on mr. schumer and speaker pelosi for trying to change the discussion.
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every year almost on a monthly basis money is repurposed for other things. it is a power that congress gave the president of the united states. when barack obama was president in his final year he spent more than $300 billion in one year on programs that were never authorized by congress. so don't -- they are feeding people a line hoping that they don't understand how this works. but the repurpose of dollars happens regularly and they have been as engaged in that as anybody. >> melissa: what about where the money is coming from. the idea he is taking it from other military spending that needed to be done. that seems to fly in the face of one of his major goals which is to rebuild the military and make us strong. >> jason: when you spend $4 trillion, 600 billion the -- building a wall can be justified as protecting the united states of america. and there is less specificity in that spending that gives the
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president the opportunity to then repurpose those dollars. they just send a in the up to congress. congress can try to override it but they never do and the president is able to do this and it happens a all the time. >> harris: what you're describing, though, is swampy, right? that's what democrats seem to be reacting to. but everybody is doing it as you say. a history of it. if they want to change it that's one thing. but to say that it isn't allowed or it is not right is really disingenuous and hypocritical. >> jason: exactly. if they want to put in the appropriations bill that prohibits the money from being transferred they could but they didn't. >> spending at all. here are the people that oversaw eight years of the weakening of our military which is why you guys had to take the
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controversial budget deal very bloated with a lot of other spending they didn't want to do in order to get the military spending. it is very hypocritical. chuck schumer wrote about we need this money that is going to this military school in new york and west point. but do you think the american people want another building done at west point or do they want their southern border secured away from drug traffickers, human traffickers, and all the other crime that comes over the border? you're right, jason. it is a national security issue and appropriate for the military. >> kennedy: i would have more faith in what chuck schumer said if some of these democrats would start offering solutions and alternatives. one of the things you can say is sure, the wall will keep some people out but not most people out. democrats have a good opportunity to say well maybe we need to look at visa overstays. maybe there are other areas where we can keep the country safe and do a better job of
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vetting people who are coming here. and they have failed miserably there. i actually take exception with something that you said because we vote people into office to represent us and if the feeling is well that's just how it happens and even though you elected me i pivot when it is politically expedient for me and spend that well-intentioned money somewhere else completely. i don't like when republicans or democrats do it. i have to say this is a playbook. a play from the book that democrats will rip and use on day one to say oh, well, great, we can just reappropriate money and the president can decide that unilaterally. fantastic. we'll have federally mandated solar panels and we'll take money from the military and use it exactly where we see fit. they will make the argument that climate change is a national security --
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>> jason: i'm saying congress is wimpish. they give the president too much authority but those the most complicit in making that happen have been chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. so don't suddenly act all exasperated when it is suddenly done by donald trump. >> rachel: if you sat down regular americans and said here is the pot of money going to the military, do you want it go to west point or build a wall that the president was elected to do? i think most people would say that is a national security issue. go ahead and build the wall. >> harris: i think americans are saying we gave you everything, why can't you do it all with our money >> jason: why does it cost so much money? >> kennedy: you took what we had and you were dishonest about your intentions and what you said you were spending the money you took by force.
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>> harris: it is one of the more swamp tastic thing. >> melissa: they've emptied our pockets. the argument that we can do one or the other is ridiculous. he got called out for mashing several war stories together. now joe biden touting support from someone who once wore the uniform. how much does the issue matter to voters? we'll debate. big box retailers making big changes to their policies of guns and the nra hitting back. we'll debate the impact. >> about 14,000 homicides in america last year, one of the things we should ask ourselves where do they happen? they happen in the states, let's see, with the strongest gun laws in america. is that net carbs or total?...
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>> harris: the supermarket giant kroger is following wal-mart and asking shoppers not to openly carry guns in any of its stores in states even where open carry is allowed. unless they are authorized law enforcement officers. wal-mart as you know, the nation's largest private retailer says it will no longer sell certain types of ammunition as well. the changes came amid a wave of deadly shootings in the united states including two at wal-mart stores. senator cory booker joined some other 2020 democratic contenders in praising wal-mart's decision saying this decision by wal-mart only happened because employees and activists have been unrelenting in their fight to combat gun violence at every level. i'm encouraged to see wal-mart doing the right thing and hope the activism proves to politicians that americans want
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better standards for gun ownership in this country. nra going after the move. it has been our free market economy. shameful to see wal-mart succumb to pressure of the wal-mart's actions will not make us any safer. rather than place the blame on the criminal, wal-mart has chosen to victimize law-abiding americans. how do you feel about it? jay >> jason: i believe they have the right to determine what their policies will be, whether or not they allow somebody to carry on their own private property and what they sell. we should always respect that. i don't like the decision. if they choose not to that's their right to do so. i think they're conflating two issues. if wal-mart thinks they have appeased the far radical left i don't think they've done so. i think as a citizen of the united states i have the right
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to carry, i have the right to purchase ammunition, i have five guns, i'm a concealed carry permit holder but open carry in these stores is a policy those stores can determine onto themselves. >> rachel: it is curious they made this decision. i live in rural america, i shop at wal-mart every week. i know their customers. they're my neighbors. i don't think they like this policy. it is interesting they say cory booker who i'm sure doesn't shop at wal-mart says that -- i highly doubt it. >> harris: he is vegan. >> rachel: they have some organic, not a huge vegan place. cory booker says they're listening to their customers. no, they're not. they're listening to the social justice warriors and liberals on their board and their very scared and spineless executives and you are right, jason, they
9:19 am
will not be appeased by this. frankly it is not -- i don't think it's moving the ball forward to make us any safer. i think ultimately that's what we're trying to do. how do we make it safer? is it a great political move for democrats? i think it is. a lot of suburban moms agree with democrats. moms want something to be done. i don't think it will make anyone safer. >> harris: in a broader sense, though, i brain roomed researched this this morning. there are 31 states that allow open carry of a handgun without a license or permit. some states you have to have the gun unloaded if you're on the premises. but that's a lot of markets for kroger, for wal-mart. so i am questioning what are they going to be telling those customers who decide no, we'll stay with what the state has already decided? >> kennedy: i don't think they'll inspire loyalty from
9:20 am
the sjw crowd. those online boycotting will say great decision by wal-mart. i'll shop there. not a lot of cross over. the people who feel their second amendment rights are slowly being chipped away may go no, i'm going to take my voice and dollars and i'm going to cast my consumer vote somewhere else. and i don't have a problem with that, either. you're absolutely right. these stores can determine their own policies. the government shouldn't be telling them what to do. but i do have a feeling that you have a lot more passionate people on the second amendment side of the aisle than you do -- >> rachel: dick's sporting goods did that. a lot of people won't shop at dick's because of their position on guns in my area. >> harris: you have looked at the bottom line of many of these corporations and i think people's hearts are in the right place sometimes, not always, that it really does come down to that. what calculation that kroger, wal-mart or any of these stores do? there are lawsuits involved
9:21 am
because of some of the shootings that have happened. >> melissa: i think it was a p.r. move without question. we're all kind of saying that. they had a horrific shooting in their stores. >> harris: two stores, one in el paso and mississippi like before the one in el paso. >> melissa: they needed to stand up and do something public to change the conversation around wal-mart. if you google wal-mart and guns. they needed to do something that was going to come up and make a larger statement and be the higher headline in the feed. as you talk about wal-mart and guns together. the question is that when are people going to change their shopping habits as a result of this? i hear what you're saying. i feel like these issues whether people say boycott or go to this place because of it, it never sticks. i bet if we went back at looked at soul cycle everything is back to normal. >> harris: do we have senator klobuchar's clip talking about
9:22 am
background checks. let's hear from her. >> the majority of gun owners want to see background checks. the vast majority of trump voters want to see them. these guys are stuck in their old politics and want to use it as a wedge against people. they don't care. >> harris: what we're learning in this latest shooting is that in texas is that the person who perpetrated this according to authorities allegedly actually bought his gun, even though he didn't pass a background check, from a private gun seller. my point in all this was it wasn't that the background system wasn't right, right? there was a goaround in this, maybe the reporting from one agency to the next is something we can look at. the background check system, does it work or not? >> jason: it has gotten better since it was signed the national instant background system. too many of the states and
9:23 am
local municipalities were not populating the system as it could or should have been done. you have more than 300 million guns out there. if you read through the statistics, people that pick them up from crime scenes and steel them and have their girlfriends buy them. it is hard. i wish there was a one size fits all fix. usually the people aren't familiar with guns start talking about guns. what i heard biden and klobuchar and others, it is obvious they don't own or use. >> kennedy: they've made a subtle change. they are no longer talking about assault weapons. they're taking on anything semi automatic and they don't know what either of those terms mean. >> harris: you don't think klobuchar from minnesota -- >> kennedy: i don't think they realize how many guns fall under semi automatics.
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>> harris: hurricane dorian has congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez sounding the alarm on climate change. why some are now saying the issue could hurt democrats in 2020. also new information, huge questions, too, looming over that california boat fire. 34 people dead and in the latest they have now recovered 33 of them passengers. officials are now just beginning to describe the scene and the wreckage. >> appearing as though the people below deck were trapped and unable to exit the vessel and that does appear to be exactly what happened. when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint.
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9:29 am
most concern at this hour for cities in the carolinas still at risk for direct hits. our chief meteorologist is live in the fox news weather center. >> carolina will be the closest we get from the storm. a weakened storm from where it was. hurricane warnings in effect from the georgia/south carolina border through the north carolina border up towards virginia where we'll see significant rain in virginia but nothing that is as bad as we'll see probably along the coastline. a look at the current radar picture. most moisture staying offshore. heavy winds and heavy rain. most of that is just offshore bringing in some storm surge along with it. maybe 3 to 7 feet max which is certainly not that bad compared to what it could have been. the center of the storm is continuing to pull up towards the northwest. the future radar simulation of what the radar will look like over time and it will make this bit of a northeasterly turn and
9:30 am
then by tomorrow morning charleston looks like um owe see the heaviest of the rain along with the storm surge. notice this. the latest model runs bringing the rain farther inland. we'll talk about localized flooding here across the eastern half of north carolina and south carolina and norfolk as well before this is gone out of here by north carolina. the area that saw the incredible flooding from hurricane florence last year. we have more flooding heading in towards that direction. rainfall totals one model putting out numbers like 15 inches along the south carolina coast into the 10 inch range across parts of north carolina. storm surge, flooding and winds probably 60 to 70 miles an hour which will cause damage. be careful with this one. better than what we could have seen had the really strong storm moved a little farther off towards the west. >> kennedy: thank you so much. authorities in california
9:31 am
another fox news alert over there. now saying they've recovered the bodies of 33 victims from monday's deadly boat fire. one is still missing. meanwhile the coast guard releasing new video of the incident which shows clouds of smoke and flames engulfing the 75-foot vessel anchored 20 yards off santa cruz island. those who perished were trapped in sleeping quarters below deck. 39 people were on the charter boat on a three-day diving excursion. all but one of the crew members survived awake on the upper decks and jumped off into an inflatable lifeboat. >> we have statements written by the crew members and the crew members will be interviewed formally today as part of the investigative process. since the investigation is ongoing i'm not at liberty to release any of that information right now. >> kennedy: this is so disturbing jason for those who have spent time on boats, it is
9:32 am
hard to wrap your head around this incredible tragedy. >> jason: what's not equating for me, it's so horrific i can't imagine. the families that are going through that. if you pass the safety check that evidently happened earlier in the year, you would think it would include fire extinguishers and what not. but i don't understand how nobody is able to escape. at the same time the government is telling you yes it's meeting all the safety standards. we better figure that out and fast. that's a lot of people to be in the hull of a boat that's wooden and a fire breaks out and nobody can get out. it doesn't make sense. >> kennedy: there is something missing here. >> melissa: it don't add up. an expert familiar with this vessel and scuba diving trips in this area saying it was a really freak occurrence. they would never even imagine a fire like this going on. it makes me wonder if the people that were on board the boat were trained to deal with
9:33 am
something like this if it is such a freak occurrence, did they know what to do in order to help the others that were on board and help them get out? >> rachel: do they have the obligation to assist the passengers before they rescue themselves or was there no time? it's just really -- i can't imagine being a family member and having all these questions and how slowly the information is coming out. >> kennedy: if you're a family member, there was one family who lost five family members, three daughters, a father and his wife. and you have to be asking yourself okay, how almost the entire crew escape and my family member was left to die horrifically? >> harris: next hour i'll have on a former member of the ntsb and his specialty is human factoring in investigations. what people are doing at the time of a tragedy and what
9:34 am
they're thinking. these are great questions to ask somebody who has talked with both survivors and loved ones who have so many questions. just what would have been going on at the same time. there was a lot happening. it was dark. i have the same question you do, though. there was a lifeboat down below that they could get into. what were the calculations? how much time while they were preparing to do that, that they weren't able to pull anybody out of that below-deck cabin. i think we're a ways away from getting the forensic-type answers but 33 of the 34 who perished have been recovered and doing dna profiles to try to figure people out. that's tough. >> kennedy: we'll look forward to that interview next hour. the person who brought you the green new deal goes on a new climate change rant as hurricane dorian leaves a path of destruction. could congresswoman's alexandria ocasio-cortez timing
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>> harris: ocasio-cortez, co-author of the green new deal retweeted a video of the devastation dorian has left in the bahamas. this is what climate change looks like. hits vulnerable communities first. i can already hear climate deniers saying. this is about science and leadership. we either cut emissions or we don't and let people die. those remarks from ocasio-cortez come as a new piece in "politico" says the issue of climate could be a problem for democrats in 2020. climate change they say, quote, makes republicans look out of the mainstream but as the
9:40 am
demand for massive upheaval on the tight plan -- it's exposing real tensions inside the democratic party between center and left congressional leaders and insurgents. you've seen it firsthand on capitol hill. what do you say about that? >> jason: if you've demonstrated in the bahamas and you have a flippant congresswoman blaming the policy on straws as to the reason why your family got devastated i think you would take high offense to that. i'm a conservative. i really take offense to the idea that the democrats own this issue. their liberal policies don't trump so to speak the way i feel about protecting the air and the sky and the streams that we have. and as a conservative i think i have a much stronger story that doesn't cost trillions of dollars and fundamentally changes everything you do.
9:41 am
the other thing that really bothers me specifically about her and others is the hypocrisy. nothing drives you more crazy than that. if you go out and -- >> harris: are they riding horses, planes, cars? >> rachel: the presidential candidates are flying all over on jets. buttigieg is ahead of everybody spent $300,000 so far from his campaign on private jets. all of these green people who want to lecture us on what we should do on policies that by the way will end up killing jobs in many parts of america, they're not taking personal responsibility. even when meghan markle and prince harry took the five jet rides in the span of a week or something, hollywood came out and defended them. it is this weird thing. we elites can do this. we'll give a carbon tax credit here and we're so important.
9:42 am
and then for the rest of us they want policies that actually kill people's livelihood. >> melissa: speaking of it's good for one and not for the other. when -- she talks about this is what it looks like and it hits vulnerable communities first. abaco island, the place that she is talking about, very wealthy resorts. you have baker's bay, abaco club. they're devastated and my heart goes out to them. she shows her ignorance where she tax on it's a race or class thing. she is showing her ignorance. the paradise destroyed was very affluent. she doesn't know the facts. >> harris: the people who don't actually live in those hotels. >> melissa: there are people who live . there it is a residence. >> kennedy: if you look at places like haiti and parts of this country where people don't
9:43 am
have permanent structures and all of that gets so easily washed away. we saw that in harvey outside of houston and the devastation there. she is right. but you know what helps lift people out of that sort of poverty where they can afford more permanent homes and safer, more sound structures? capitalism. that's the thing that has lifted billions of people out of poverty. if you have massive government programs you're going to limit economic growth and that means fewer people will have choices and mobility. so i actually take offense at the green new deal isn't about the climate. we all want a better, cleaner planet by the green new deal is about destroying the economy, and federal jobs guarantees and universal income that has nothing to do with climate including healthcare. if we won't be around why are you offering people universal basic income and free health if
9:44 am
we aren't going to be here. >> rachel: government policies are encouraging rich people to build their homes in areas of the united states that probably they shouldn't. my husband worked on flood insurance. highly political issue, totally broken. and insolvent. >> harris: real quickly do republicans need to come up with an answer back to the green new deal? is it going to be part of the conversation, climate change going forward? >> jason: republicans need to talk about the pro-growth policies they're in favor of and how to make the world a better place and point out the hypocrisy and the devastation that the green new deal and other things would do to the economy. >> harris: joe biden's democratic rivals have hit the former v.p. for running a campaign based on electability. will the strategy threaten the frontrunner status. going after joe?
9:45 am
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there is human ingenuity. ♪ ♪ every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. >> melissa: democratic presidential joe biden touting support from a former marine in campaign email following criticism over a muddled war
9:49 am
story he told on the campaign trail. former u.s. marine captain kevin penn writing joe biden is a man of character in the age of twitter and per sound bites. people who are most interested in themselves shaping their image, joe biden is a man who after more than 40 years of public service still wants to give. i honestly get chills when i think about his empathy for and dedication to everyone but himself. the former vice president himself weighing in. >> the details are irrelevant in terms of decision making. the fact that i would forget it was rodriguez -- i believe this is in case -- pinning the bronze star on a young man, it's irrelevant to the point. >> melissa: this all comes as presidential candidate bernie sanders takes a jab at the democratic frontrunner for saying he is running for president because he doesn't want donald trump to be
9:50 am
reelected. >> you have to beat trump. that's not enough. you have to transform this country and create a government and economy that works for all of us. >> melissa: former white house deputy chief of staff karl rove says biden is dividing the democratic party. >> they want to win and biden has always performed best against president trump. on the other hand the party is going further left. they would like to have a true believer. that tension is there. >> melissa: jason, a couple big problems with joe biden has done this a couple of times now. there was a story about pinning the medal, which wasn't true and they say was different stories put together and one story not a true story. the sandy hook situation as well. and you have to ask yourself these are all -- i'm just expressing feelings and all these different excuses.
9:51 am
the problem in my mind is when you are campaigning as everyone's moral superior and the voice of truth and you come out with that -- you enter the campaign with the charlottesville thing and say we have a president who isn't honest and you go and do these things. does it undermine who you have set yourself up as? >> jason: yes, in short. but what joe biden is doing is trying to say look at the polls. i'm the best guy for that. it's not really a story about the future, it is not a story about the vision. i think he increasingly has trouble on the fact that barack obama has not endorsed him. i think it gets increasingly awkward. remember, barack obama told us for eight years straight i picked the one person who could fill in at any moment. now he won't even endorse him? i think joe biden has a lot of long-term problems and he is run -- the first time he ran
9:52 am
for president he had to step out because of -- i don't think he will be the nominee. >> harris: off to the right side of your screen we have slid in a picture of the white house there because we're awaiting now remarks by the president of the united states. he was briefed on hurricane dorian and reporters were called into the oval office. i can tell you just from a quick read-out he is talking about the wall today, china and trade and helping farmers. he has just said that the wall is being built close to 500 miles by next year. as the president's remarks become available to play out live we will immediately. >> melissa: the other question on that one. thank you for that. we'll do that. on one hand you put that together with the plagiarism thing and start to wonder about joe biden himself or is it at brit hume says when he said is
9:53 am
senility over taking him? does it paint that picture instead? >> rachel: as somebody who has a terrible memory i empathize with joe biden. i think joe biden's truth telling memory problems next to donald trump's kind of queen's exaggerated stories cancel each other out. i don't think anyone is deciding on that part about biden or not. i do think what they're seeing is an energy level that is very low in joe biden and donald trump, unlike other presidents who seem to be getting, you know, tired along the way, he seems to have more energy and be energized by the challenges of the office. they are almost the same age. one looks full of energy and ready to take on challenges and the other looks kind of tired. >> kennedy: joe biden now has a "new york times" pointed out what they had an expo say that
9:54 am
asked him why does he want to be president? that's a tougher question to answer and that's a deeper question beyond the gaffes. >> melissa: we'll bring you the president's remarks after the break. we'll be right back.
9:55 am
>> melissa: the president and the oval office today. he is speaking on the hurricane. he's participating in a briefing on hurricane dorian and he is also making comments about a host of other issues along the way, as you might imagine.
9:56 am
reporters talking to him and him talking about everything from tariffs to the impact of the hurricane. let's listen and right now as he addresses a host of topics. all right, we are still waiting for that play out right now. i will give you some of the comments as we straighten it out. he says, "we've been asked to help in the bahamas. we are sending people to help there. over the years there have been bigger hurricanes. also talking about on the farmers, "they are warriors, they also know we have to do this." on china, talking about the tariff war. in the price the farmers are paying. "our farmers would have helped, this should have done but presidents before me and not just president obama." a theme he has hit on with trade before he prayed also ask about china, "they want to make a deal, but we will see what happ" >> kennedy: that's a nice thing with the president. he can be faced with a few questions about the hurricane and after the briefing is done
9:57 am
we are talking about president obama and china. it only makes you wonder what else has come up in that exchange. >> melissa: no doubt. we need help on the border. president trump saying the wall has been built very rapidly, he will project 500 miles of portable will be almost complete if not complete by the end of the year, another topic as he talked about moving that money for military spending over to build the wall. taking questions, a lot of things directed at fema, as well. "ready to go, we will follow dorian up the coast until it's not a threat to the u.s.." let's listen in now. we think we have it ready for you as the president speaks. >> president trump: very, very lucky indeed. we had ever original chart that it was going to be hitting florida directly, maybe i could just see that, kevin. it was going to be hitting directly, and it would have affected a lot of other states. but that was the original chart. you see, it was going to hit not
9:58 am
only florida, but georgia. it was going through the gulf. that was what was originally projected. it took a right turn. ultimately -- hopefully we will be lucky. it depends what happens with south carolina and north carolina. but it is heading up the coast, and florida was grazed. mostly win. we want to report on that. we have been sending through the united states coast guard, who have been incredible. they are on the bahamas right now. they are helping with the bahamas. the bahamas was a big section hit like few people have seen before. but we are helping in any but humanitarian way. we've been asked to help by the government of the bahamas. we have numerous helicopters and we are sending some people to give them a hand. they need a big hand and was going on over there. it's incredible. few people have seen anything like that. i must tell you, over the years
9:59 am
there have been some hurricanes that were bigger and stronger and more powerful that hit us very hard, also. i would maybe like to start -- kevin, if you could say a few words about where we are, and i will ask the admiral to talk about what you are doing in the bahamas. then we will get back to south carolina, north carolina, and what we expect. okay? thank you. >> yes, sir, mr. president. we have the acting demonstrator from fema on the line. he's been in florida yesterday, in georgia right now, headed to south carolina. touching base with the emergency managers and all the states on the path of dorian. obviously the hurricane remains a category to turn, very powerful and large storm. we are worried about significant impacts to south carolina, from charleston to millington, as well as the outer banks. it's that triple threat of potential hurricane-force winds, certainly tropical storm force, as well as storm surge 4 to 7 feet. the significant rain event, 10 inches or more in parts of
10:00 am
the carolinas. we have been very well prepared, according fully with the states. a lot of predeployed assets ready to come in and respond after the storm hits. we are also repositioning some of the assets further south in central florida. we are ready for this storm, mr. president. fema and partners supporting the states have been doing a tremendous job. we are on our toes, looking forward to responding effectively. >> president trump: that's great. i think we want to also say we were really well prepared in puerto rico, and we got lucky in puerto rico where it missed it. by quite a bit, actually. we were ready in case. tremendous supplies, people, a lot of things going on in puerto rico. they were very happy. it worked out very well. the optimum. because they didn't get hit. but it took a different path and it hit the bahamas very hard. again, we are working with the government of the bahamas. at the


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