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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 4, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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noticed an american flag being drenched by the rain. those officers took time out and they executed a unique hurricane rest you -- rescue, lowering the flag to safety. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. >> martha: great story. the rest of us, we are all back to work. congress gets another week before they need to get back to work and get back in action. transition time. they return on monday. in 1994, lawmakers came back to work in the middle of the august recess. why do they do that? to pass a bill that included the assault weapons ban. when members return monday after the latest killing in odessa, texas, pressure is going to be on them. on one side to act and on the other not to give into pressure. here is mitch mcconnell putting the ball in the presidents court.
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>> if the president took a position on a bill so that we knew we would actually be making a law and not just having rows, i'd be happy to put it on the floor. >> martha: what will president trump do? >> i support safety for citizens. i support keeping guns out of the hands of sick people, mentally ill people. i will say this. if you look at background checks and if you look at some of even the more severe and comprehensive ideas that are being put forward, it wouldn't have stopped any of the last few years worth of these mass shootings. >> martha: we are going to talk about that and get the taste of what the showdown is going to look like. take a look at this exchange. this happened today between republican dan crenshaw of texas
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and democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez of new york. crenshaw retweeted a story about a domestic violence victim, commenting "situations like this story are why we protect the second amendment with universal background checks, i wouldn't be able to let my friends borrow my handguns when they are traveling alone. "aoc's response, you are a member of congress. wiry lending guns to people unsupervised who can't pass a background check. the people you are giving a gun too, she says, have likely abused their spouse or have a violent criminal record and you may not know that. why would you do it? was quote republican senator john kennedy joins me. good to have you with us tonigh tonight. it's an exchange between texas and new york that illustrates sort of how this conversation is going. what do you expect to see when your colleagues are back and what are you willing to do to do
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something, as everybody wants these days? >> here is my starting point, martha. i believe love is the answer. i also own a handgun just in case. in fact, i own several. shotguns too. that's my right under our bill of rights. the bill of rights is not an a la carte menu. the second amendment is just as important as all the other amendments. some of my colleagues argue that by further curtailing our second amendment rights, they can enhance public safety. fine. the burden of proof is on them. i am willing to have that debate, but i want the bacon without the sizzle. no speculation, no false comfort, no pulling stuff out of your orifices.
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show me causal, scientific evidence that mass shootings are going to be reduced or prevented. >> martha: all right. i'm just curious because you told us that you own guns. do you own an ar-15? >> i don't, but i have the right to. >> martha: do you think -- would you want one or why do you think people would want one? a lot of people like to use them for recreation purposes. not just self-defense. you say they should have the right to do that. >> i don't think it's governments place to ask why. i hope they could governments place to ask why i might say something in a particular sentence in a letter to the editor of the newspaper. that is my constitutional right. we know that our rights are not absolute. our rights can be curtailed in the interest of, for example,
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public safety. but the proponents of the legislation are saying well, public safety will be enhanced if we do x. all i'm saying is okay, we are talking about a constitutional right here, prove it. how many mass shootings -- >> martha: some of those rights have been curtailed, as you put it. this is a look at what it was like during the ban, a graph that shows massive shooting deaths which they defined as more than four people killed. it dipped a little bit after 1983. there we go. the area that's in the middle is the 10-year period during the assault weapons ban and the period after that is 20052017 where it looks like it about triples, may be more than that. what do you say to that? >> i say correlation is not necessarily causation.
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look, here's where i'm starting from and i think in dealing with any constitutional right, you have to start by saying the burden is on the government. when i jihadist blows up a schoe all muslims because of the active one. i'll be with that. i agree with that. how come the same rule doesn't apply to the hundred million people in america who choose to exercise their constitutional right? i think it does. i would also make the point that if you really want to do something for public safety with respect to guns, fix the current database, the current database, do you know where we get the information? from the states. a lot of states don't send in the information. there are holes in the current database that you could drive a humvee through.
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if you extend the database -- >> martha: it's definitely something worth talking about. the shooter in texas fell through the cracks in that regard. there's been moves on the part of the administration to close some of the mynett loopholes. that is something that's worth discussing >> there are no loopholes to close. the states need to turn over the information. part of the reason they don't turn over the information, they are worried about violating federal law. we have a federal law called hipaa which protects medical records. people are worried if they turn over information about mental illness that they will be sued under hipaa. >> martha: the odessa shooter was rejected in the federal background check that already exist on the basis of mental health and then someone sold him
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privately the gun he used to kill in odessa despite the fact that he had severe mental health issues. some people want to close that. they want you to have to produce that paperwork even in private sale. are you against that? >> i listened to the exchange between the two members of congress, ms. ocasio-cortez and i forget -- congressman crenshaw. >> crenshaw, good man. i listened to their exchange. i would remind both of them that just because we passed more laws, that doesn't mean that they're going to be followed and therefore reduce gun violence. let me tell you a secret. criminals will big gun laws like politicians keep promises. you go into the inner city in chicago or new orleans, in my state, and you say well, guns,
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by private sale, you have to check the recipient of the gun purchases and you have to pay a $30 fee. do you think that the criminals are going to abide by that? of course not. >> martha: i get your point. >> all i'm saying is show me the proof. >> martha: all right, senator, good to see you. >> we shouldn't blame this on trump either. this is a congressional decision. i find what the president says to be persuasive but not dispositive. this is congress' decision. >> martha: thank you, senator kennedy. good to see you, as always. also here tonight, karl rove, former deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush. matt bennett, former director of public affairs for gun safety and cofounder of third way. matt, he listened to the center. he's right about the fact that a lot of the things that need to be changed need to be passed
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through congress and is the responsibility primarily. what's your reaction to what he had to say about wanting to see proof with these changes that you want to see made will actually keep americans safer? >> martha, i was struck by a couple things the senator said. he said this is after congress and yet his own leader, mitch mcconnell, has that we've got to wait. the president is going to decide this. >> martha: i think -- i will let you finish. sorry to interrupt. i think what mitch mcconnell is saying is he wants to be sure that the president is on board. it doesn't any sense to get something to go through the senate if it's not something the president will sign. >> generally the way legislation works as you have hearings about things and you unearth details. and then you can get the administration to weigh in. to your broader question about where this whole debate lies, as you pointed out, the odessa shooter was stopped by a background check and then was
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able through private sale to get his hands on the gun. that's a catastrophe. you have to remember there are 34 gun murders every single day in this country. it's not just the mass shootings. it's the epidemic of gun violence that this country and only this country experiences because guns are so easy to obtain. of course it's true. criminals will still be able to get their hands on guns if they are determined, because there are 350 million guns in private hands and not everybody's going to abide by the law. it's also true that 100,000 prohibited buyers were stopped by background checks just last year and the system works. the loopholes are enormous and we've got to close them. >> martha: karl, what do you think? >> i take senator kennedy's point about evidence. last year the rand institute did an exhaustive study on gun policies, they looked at 13
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common gun policies and they looked at thousands of studies, and they found that of all those 13 policies, including things such as banning the so-called assault weapons, that really only three demonstrated strong evidence of having an effect on violence. the strongest evidence was for child access laws which produced not only suicides but injuries to children and accidental deaths. there was moderate evidence them background checks reduced, interestingly enough, suicides, not violent crime but suicide and that mental illness laws reduce violent crime. those were the three gun control policies that were seen to have an effect. stand your ground laws which are supported by second amendment advocates, there's evidence that it may increase mildly homicide rates but the rest of the things were shown to not have an effect. we get in a situation like this, we ought to as a country and actively try and do something. we ought to try to do something that actually will have an effect. >> martha: would you agree
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that what we are doing isn't working? what we're doing is not working. we have an epidemic of shooting in this country, not only in mass shootings that we've seen but also as matt points out and we have covered a lot, the kind of killings in chicago, mostly handguns. >> we have over 30,000 people died by guns each and every year and two-thirds of them are suicide. you think if we are really concerned about stopping the 20000-plus deaths a year by gun violence that are self-inflicted, we would be talking about red flag loss for things it would make it more difficult for people with mental illnesses to get guns. i don't want to diminish the horror of these mass killings about of the people who are killed in mass killings, it's one half of 1% of the totality of gun violence. i think we ought to be focused on what will actually reduce gun violence in america rather than just sort of an existing div,
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knee-jerk reaction. i appreciate matt's candor. needing to reduce the amount of guns available to americans. >> that's not what i said. >> that's what i heard you say earlier. guns were too available. >> martha: you did say that. he said they were too available. please restate. >> i said there are a background check loopholes that allow people who are prohibited from owning guns from getting them. there are so many guns in circulation and no one is talking about banning guns. what we are talking about is prohibiting people who should not have their hands on guns, criminals, the mentally ill, domestic abusers and others, from getting them. the way that we do that is that we shore up the enormous holes in background checks. let me make a point about that. if you go onto, you can find tens of thousands of listings for guns that say no questions asked, no background checks. that's appalling and that's huge
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problem. >> martha: nine people were killed in dayton in under 30 seconds. we can talk about the fact that that's not the largest part of the problem, but for these individuals and i think we have pictures of them on our wall and their families who are wishing this person never had access to the gun. we all know that a person pulls the trigger, not the gun. we've got to find a way to get in between these two things in the situation so people don't have to suffer. thank you so much for a thoughtful conversation. karl rove, matt bennett, good to see a break coming up next, are democrats ready to settle for joe biden? >> compared to trump who thinks frederick douglass is alive and looked directly into the sundering and the clips, this guy is albert einstein. >> martha: brit hume says this. >> the thing that may catch up
4:16 pm
with biden, even among democrats who would otherwise be for him, the idea that senility is overtaking. i think it is. >> martha: he explains next. hottest taqueria? and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? and this is the averys wondering if eating out is eating into saving for their first home. this is jc... (team member) welcome to wells fargo, how may i help? (vo) who's here to help with a free financial health conversation, no strings attached. this is the averys with the support they needed to get back on track. well done guys. (team member) this is wells fargo. when crabe stronger...strong,
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add the sports entertainment package for nfl redzone. click, call, or visit a store today to learn more. >> if you listen to joe talk about it, his main argument is that his election is going to be a restoration of the the obaman administration in essence which is a move literally backwards in time. >> joe biden and i have some disagreements and i believe he hasn't gone far enough on health care. >> joe and i have our differences in terms our vision of the future and our records are very different. joe voted for the war in iraq. joe voted for the wall street bailout.
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>> martha: contrasts starting to happen and what the candidates are saying. obviously he's the primary contender that everybody hopes to take down at this point because he's the front front runner. former vice president joe biden has a lead with 30% in the real clear politics average which puts him ahead by about 13 points but his emergence as the steadfast front runner has shown some points of weakness, putting his electability on a bit more fragile footing these days. here is brit hume, fox news senior political analyst. great to see you. thanks for being here. in the beginning there was a respectful tone from the other candidates towards joe biden. i remember asking bernie sanders in our town hall and he said he's my friend. i'm not going to talk about joe biden. that has changed. >> i think that's because biden's apparently it has proved durable, at least up to a point. it's worth noting, by the way, that while he has a double-digit lead in national polls in the first two states he has single-digit leads and is barely
4:22 pm
leading at all in new hampshire. just buy a point or two. his situation is more precarious than it might seem because if you go into the early stages with a national lead and get bumped off or do poorly in the early states, that usually means you're done. biden has a lot to worry about. one of the other thing is happened is biden has always made a lot of these mistakes where he blurts things out that are impolitic and they get them in trouble and they are embarrassing and we have known that about him but they seem kind of harmless and perhaps they are. a classic one was when he said poor kids, smart kids, white kids. it was a classic biden stumble. you kind of figured what he meant to say and he didn't mean to sound like he was racist or anything like that and i take them at his word on that but in more recent times, you're beginning to see signs that he's making mistakes because his memory is failing him. classic. he said the parkland students had come to see them when he was
4:23 pm
vice president. he was -- he had been out of office for more than a year when they visited him. that is a flat-out memory failure. i am the same age as he is. i have those memory failures. men that age do. i think that's happening to biden. he couldn't remember whether he was in new hampshire or vermont. he's forgetful, it's confusion. >> martha: very unlikely he would be in vermont at this stage. >> exactly. >> martha: new hampshire is where you want to be. it's also worth noting that his team has expressed some lowering of expectations in iowa, saying if he doesn't win guy a while, it's not going to be a big deal. we are looking at the super tuesday, it reminds me of the rudy giuliani strategy which didn't work out so well. >> the other parallel is giuliani had a lead that lasted for a long time that year. and then he never got anywhere. i think biden's situation quite
4:24 pm
precarious. i say this with a certain amount of regret because biden is a nice guy. i've known him a long time and i've always rather liked him and i still do but i think his age is catching up with him and i think in the long, rough-and-tumble of a primary campaign, i think the test may prove to be too much. >> martha: it's interesting, he's had over the weekend or maybe yesterday, he said why do you want to run. he said it's not like i can't die or leave this earth without hearing "hail to the chief" played to me. didn't really plan to run. his response was quite revealing in terms of whether or not he's -- his gut is in it. >> i think he's always wanted to be president. i think he is always thought his moment -- served for eight years with barack obama, never stepped out of line and i think he feels
4:25 pm
like after all he's been through, at least he ought to get the presidency. >> martha: it sounds like the hillary clinton posture. >> it does. out of the get the terribly compelling rationale for running and the thing that we have to be donald trump, that by itself is the main rationale for his candidacy in the main reason people seem to support them is that they think they -- he's kind of a main street guy with a touch for the working class and he could rest back some states trump was able to win in beating hillary clinton. there's a case to be made but i don't know whether he can take the trail. >> martha: newt gingrich said that as biden collapses which he sees happening, the dynamic of the liberal theology and the movement will see warren as mainstream. that's a new editorial from him this evening. do you agree? >> i have thought for some weeks that elizabeth warren is about to have a moment, that she is
4:26 pm
likely to emerge. she's been coming up somewhat in the polls over time and i think bernie, there's now an alternative with bernie with positions every bit as radical and that is she. she is going to have a moment and believe me, on the issues, she is where the heart of the democratic party is. i don't think there's any doubt. the democratic party has swerved sharply left and that's where she is. she is more prominent than some of the other lefties, and i think she's likely to move up and i wouldn't be surprised to see her front runner before long. >> martha: seems to have the mojo. >> remember that it's early and all sentiment is soft. >> martha: brit, thank you. breaking news this evening. sadly, the death toll rises in the bahamas as they continue to sift through the wreckage. there is a look at dorian and the path it's taking.
4:27 pm
also tonight, if a police officer asks you to help, are you legally required to do so in his line of duty? not anymore in the state of california.
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in the unstoppable john deere gator xuv835, because when others take rain checks... we take the wheel. run with us. search "john deere gator" for more. >> martha: back with a fox news alert as we continue to track hurricane dorian. the ap reporting moments ago that the bahamas health minister has now confirmed that the death toll in the country has risen to 20. that's up from seven people earlier today. i mean, just look at this scene. it's heartbreaking, heartbreaking, heartbreaking. we expect that number is likely to go higher but the number stands at 20 this evening. also tonight, police in california are now in their own
4:32 pm
when chasing down hard to catch criminals. democrat governor gavin newsom has reversed in 1872 law requiring "able-bodied persons 18 years of age or older to help an officer if in pursuit he asks for assistance from a nearby citizen." the law has been called by lawmakers a vestige of a bygone era put in place back then impart to catch runaway slaves. joining me now, matt whitaker, former acting attorney general. what do you make of the overturning of that law and why do you think it happened now. >> at a time where support for law enforcement especially in major cities is on the decline, it sends the wrong message to the men and women in blue. as an american, there's many people watching the show that would join me, if i'm asked by a police officer, something that i'm willing and able to do, i would help them. i expect they wouldn't put me in
4:33 pm
harm's way. this is the right thing to do. this is what americans do. police and sheriffs deputies need all the support they can get. if asked, i would encourage, even if it's not illegal to not offer help, i would expect everybody will offer help. >> martha: i think you're right in most cases. another law was changed that says law enforcement can use deadly force only when necessary, the current wording is reasonable. i think these things add up to a situation where not a lot of people are going to be that excited to join the l.a.p.d. their judgment is being infringed upon all the time. >> it is too bad. we put way too many requirements, whether it's having to do with mental health crises issues are having to make very difficult choices in a split second. we give them the best training we possibly can give them but we need to support the men and women in blue and as attorney general, that's what i did on a major the message to the state and locals will loud and clear that we have their
4:34 pm
back. >> martha: very important. i want to get a last question then. lindsey graham has been urging attorney general bill barr to release the documents used in the general investigation, the fisa warrant for carter page and other members of the trump campaign. will the public get to see the documents? >> i expect they will. i agree with lindsey graham. the only way the department of justice ultimately heals himself -- itself from the situation is if they have full transparency. i think bill barr will do as much as he can to give the american people full transparency on the situation regarding the fisa. >> martha: he said he thinks it's going to be ugly and. any idea when that report is going to come out? >> i expected any day and i look forward to coming on your show to talk about. >> martha: next, no more
4:35 pm
harry potter for students at one catholic elementary school in tennessee were a pastor has pulled the fantasy books from the library citing spells and curses that risk conjuring evil spirits into the presence of the person reading the text. that's powerful stuff. rachel campos-duffy coming up next. (door bell rings) it's open! hey. this is amazing. with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, are you okay? even when i was there, i never knew when my symptoms would keep us apart. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira can help get, and keep uc under control when other medications haven't worked well enough. and it helps people achieve control that lasts. so you can experience few or no symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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[ text notification now that you have] new dr. scholl's massaging gel advanced insoles with softer, bouncier gel waves, you'll move over 10% more than before. dr. scholl's. born to move. >> martha: the popular harry potter series band from a bookshelf at a catholic school in tennessee. the pastor, father dan, making the decision after contacting exorcists explaining to parents impart these books present magic as good and evil which is not true. the curses and spells used in the book are actual curses and spells.
4:40 pm
i did not know that. he goes on say which when read by a human being risks conjuring evil spirits into the presence of the person reading the text. here, rachel campos-duffy, author of a great new children's book, a fox news contributor. are you or are you not, as a mom who sent your kids to catholic school, okay with them reading harry potter? >> when it first came out, i was concerned because there was concern about it. harry potter has become mainstream. it's considered a modern-day american children's literature classic and all the kids are reading it and we haven't seen any portals of hell breaking open and we haven't seen any rise in the occult. the catholic church hasn't taken on an official position on this although that priest is definitely within his rights to take that position and so is that school. they are a private school. >> martha: they have the last word on it. it's a private catholic school
4:41 pm
and he has every right to make his decision. i thought it was very odd to suggest that they are actual curses and spells when clearly these books are fiction. they are novels that were created by j.k. rowling as she wrote in a coffee shop in edinburgh making it up in her head and writing it down on legal pads. i always -- i read these books with my kids when they were little. i always felt that harry was somewhat of a christlike figure. he's good, innately good, he's able to get rid of evil and all the situations. characters that go up against this evil snake. i always saw it as sort of a very pure, good versus evil, exciting battle the kids really identify a laugh. >> this isn't the first time we've seen parents get really worried about things that are in the culture that are part of the occult. we remember "dungeons & dragons." there is concern about ouija boards. remember heavy metal bands in
4:42 pm
the eight '80s? everyone thought there was something super demonic. this isn't the first time that's happened and i think what people need to do is calm down a little bit. in the end, we are the parents. whatever we set in our own bookshelves at home are what really matter. >> martha: we want them to read and follow love with books. these books are really well-written and get them off the gross, horrible video games for sure. this is not something a child -- >> the books that are the main concern for books being banned are american classics like laura ingle's books and to kill a mockingbird in huckleberry finn which the pcn social justice crowd. >> martha: that's really scary. i read almost books and every child shed. rachel, thank you so much. good luck with your new book. >> thank you. >> martha: aoc says hurricane dorian is all the evidence we need to take action on climate change. she says just look at it. a green addition, very green.
4:43 pm
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4:47 pm
is growing in size and it has its site sets on new targets. south carolina and georgia. mike tobin joins me from savannah, georgia. hi, mike. >> we are in the outer band of the hurricane. we are seeing periods of intensity. the wind and rain will pick up and then it's kind of a calm period. the real concern is the storm surge, the eye is south and east of where we are. high tide will be 130 this morning.. that times out with the tide, we are expecting a storm surge of five to 8 feet. that virtually guarantees that the roads connecting the coastal areas, those will be underwater and people have elected to write out the storm in their homes by the beach, they will be stuck until the end and that's what got the governor concerned. >> we are worried about the barrier islands getting cut off if we have the storm surges at the same time the hurricane is
4:48 pm
coming through. when the high tides are. i've told folks over the last two days, we can't get medical assistance to you if you get cut off. >> something that's making this hurricane unique is that it's big and it's a creeper. it's going to bring wind. it's going to bring rain. it's going to bring the storm surge. it's going to do what hurricanes do. it's just going to do it for longer period of time. it's going to keep flooding up. the other concern of course and what people will do during this period of time. we have seen a big police presence. the sheriff's department has called in all of the staff, the nonessential staff. the jails, the courthouses. they are doing 12-hour shifts to walk around and make sure no one starts trouble. i saw some guys with the narcotics task force unit and i asked what they were doing and they said they were looking for knuckleheads. >> martha: not someone like mike tobin.
4:49 pm
thank you very much. good work. good to see you in savannah. some democrats appear to be using the hurricane to renew their call for action on climate change. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeted: this is what climate change looks like. hit was vulnerable communities first. i can already hear climate deniers screeching: "it's always been like this! you're dim," etc. no. this is about science and leadership. we either decarbonize and cut emissions, or we don't and let people die." here now for "wednesday with watters," jesse watters, host of "watters' world" and cohost of " "the five." >> ase is not a scientist but she plays one on twitter. you had a real scientist on last night who said there's no correlation between temperature and hurricanes and there's no trend about intensity or ferociousness or numbers. i thought we were supposed to listen to scientists. the scientists are saying you're wrong but it's not about science. it's about socialism. she points to a hurricane and
4:50 pm
she says american capitalism is to blame and we have to institute socialism or we're all going to die. that's the game. >> martha: you talk about the person we had on the other night, roy spencer, you can find scientists who disagree with him but his theory is that the water is warming on the surface but it takes a number of different ingredients to make a hurricane and it's difficult to draw the line from a to b. there was an interesting piece that i read that said there is 1211 weather gauges all around the country that pick up the heat in different parts of the country but that 90% of them, because of the changes in the buildings got up around them are within 100 feet of an artificial heat source, like a radiator or anything that generates heat. it makes it so difficult to draw these conclusions that seem to be drawn completely by some politicians. >> it's also difficult to predict where the storms going to go. a couple days ago it was this way and now it's this way.
4:51 pm
it was a real threat that sea levels were going to rise, why did the obamas buy a nice mansion on the coast of the vineyard? you think of that was a real issue, maybe dave moved to the mountains. >> martha: do you begrudge them buying a nice house? >> no. it's a beautiful island. >> martha: marianne williamson who has been here on our show and we had a really great discussion with her, she tweeted "the bahamas, florida, georgia and the carolinas mail be in our prayers. millions of us have seen dorian turn away from land, it's not a wacky idea. it's the creative use of the power of the mind." she got heat for suggesting that people were coming with their prayers in their minds, pushing dorian off the coast, which i think it's actually probably. she came back again and said i was born and raised in texas and i've seen it. millions of people are praying that dorian turns away from land and reading this people with
4:52 pm
mockery or condescension because they believe it could help is part of how the overly secularized left has lost lots of voters. interesting. >> you cannot pray hurricanes away. you have to nuke them. everyone knows that. in all seriousness, i would disagree little bit. we want to pray for people's safety and well-being but i don't think the power of prayer can shift the hurricane. >> martha: i don't know. >> you believe they do? >> martha: i believe the power of prayer can do anything. >> can you pray for a raise for jesse? >> martha: i think there is other things to pray for. bill de blasio says if he doesn't make it to the october debate, he is going to take it as a sign that being at 0% might need his future is not the presidency. >> now he has discovered he's not going to win the nomination? he went to negative 1 to 0, that
4:53 pm
didn't give them a clue. i hate to admit this, i enjoy him running for president because he's not here in new york city screwing things u up. >> martha: he worked seven hours. it was exhausting. we have breaking news out of the u.k. when we come back. do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> prime minister boris johnson suffering three losses in parliament. amy kellogg reports from london. >> martha, it has been a very bad 24 hours from to for boris johnson. first he lost control of the brexit process and then the enemies to block him leaving the e.u. without a deal and finally settled it was left for him to do was call for fresh elections and even that got shot down by mps in the house. those against johnson including some in his own party just worried that any election would
4:58 pm
end up overturning their motion to stop no deal brexit. >> the offer for the election today is a bit like the offer for an apple from for snow white from their wicked team. queen. >> there's been a lot of acrimony and insults flying with johnson being called "a bully boy." and at that there are who does not want to deliver the results to the referendum three years ago and rather just keep kicking the can down the road. >> i want everybody to know there are no circumstances in which i will ask brussels to delay. we are leaving on the 31st of october, no if's or but's. we will not accept any attempt to go back on our promises or scrub that referendum. >> martha, this saga is still not over and there's plenty of people who believe they're still a chance at johnson and his team
4:59 pm
will seek another way to make that early elections will happen. >> tucker: thank you very much. finally tonight an inspiring story from a very special 6-year-old boy in south carolina. jermaine bell who has a birthday in a few days have been saving up to go to disney world but when he heard about hurricane dorian he decided his savings would be better spent offering free food to evacuees. >> the people who are traveling to go to other places, i want them to have some food to eat. so they can enjoy the ride to the place that they are going to stay at. i want to be generous and live to give. >> martha: that is the story of wednesday september 4, 2019. as always the story goes on. we will see you back here tomorrow night at seven, tucker carlson takes away here next in d.c. good night, everybody. ♪
5:00 pm
♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." hurricane dorian spent today demonstrating the bahamas, if you saw the pictures you know how awful it really was. now the storm is coming here to make landfall in the carolinas. we will be tracking it throughout the night on fox. but first a major shift in policy is that everyone should be paying attention to. yesterday walmart which is the world's largest retailer announced it's not taking sides in the gun debate. the company announced it will no longer sell handgun ammunition and it stores nor will it stop, rifle rounds that can be "also used in large capacity


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