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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 4, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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because of the pressure. the menu talked about, still unknown where he is. >> sean: trace, thank you for that. it is getting stranger by the second. we will never be the destroy, hate range of media mob. thank you for being with us and let not your heart be troubled. there she is, laura ingraham with "the ingraham angle," hi. >> laura: hannity are we thinking the fusion gps story is going to be exposed for what it means to be exposed as completely? fraud perpetrated on the american public. i'm so glad that lawsuit was filed, good. we should get discovering that. >> sean: we will get discovering that. i like what congressman dennis said we need that third branch of government involved. the other thing that will happen i want to know why spent so much time overseas and i would not want to be jim call me tonight. he should have listened to me. he has the right to remain silent introduce at. >> laura: well, he's trying to hide behind the curtains and some office somewhere, shocker.
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that was a great show tonight, thank you so much. all right i'm laura ingraham and "the ingraham angle" from watching tonight, oh, boy are we loaded up. candace owens is here on why african-american voters in detroit or calling out democrats for taking a vote for granted. joe digenova and jason chaffetz sound off disgraced fbi official andrew mccabe's proverbial middle finger to the ig. and to you in the public. an actual scientist will be with us to debunk the top three myths that we heard during cnn's endless claimant propaganda town hall tonight. and "seen and unseen" raymond arroyo the nfl social justice plan for this season's kick off. why johnny depp is being charged with cultural appropriation. but first, the disarming truth, that is the focus of tonight's angle.
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>> the ute reaction that we received two tuesday night's angle compelled me to keep this conversation going. therefore, tonight, we dig further into the democrats plan to affect a radical transformation of america. so over the coming weeks, we are going to show you in great detail how they intend to erode your freedoms. your god-given rights. so reaching for big government utopia is going to require that the citizens ore, listen closely the citizenry be eventually disarmed. the second amendment be. and if liberals don't really trust regular people, they prefer a system where a small set of the leads and watching to make decisions for everybody else. including on issues of self defense. so clinging to guns and religion? bad. clinging to government? very good.
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got it? and after decades of mouthing banalities about how supposedly respect gun rights, democrats are now openly advocating gun buybacks, translation, by the way the road to gun confiscati confiscation. and if we really were paying attention, we would have seen this and what their plan was all along. consider what senator feinstein said nearly a quarter century ago. >> if i could have gotten 51 votes in the senate of the united states for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, mr. and mrs. america, turned them all income i would have done it. i could not do that. the boats weren't here. >> laura: the band, but now they feel like they have momentum, the momentum of tragedy on their side and they aim to use it.
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so if it takes exploiting the pain of victims, so be it. if it takes highlighting certain shootings and ignoring others that don't fit their narrative like chicago this past weekend so be it. law-abiding gun owners are invariably seen as suspicious. their motives, and trustworthy. and then cities teeming with their own problems of homelessness, crime, they try to lecture us on safety? and then they want to divert attention from own failures with stupid stunts. case in point, san francisco democrats, they are now targeting america's largest gun rights group. >> the nra has it coming to them, and i will do everything i possibly can to call them out and what they are which is a domestic terrorist organization. >> laura: okay. so if you believe these lunatics, 5.5 million terrorists
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are what in some type of sleeper cell community and our country today? this is so shameless empathetic that it's not worth responding to. but i will ask a few questions. has the nra ever carried out attacks against against americans? have they advocated such attacks ever? have they conspired with anyone to carry out such a tax? has the nra killed anyone? of course not. it is absurd, but when do facts matter in the anti-semitic? they don't. it's only getting worse. the left is bowling corporations to do its dirty work. on a host of issues they successfully forced week need corporate leaders to fall in line. and including on the antis set -- anti-semitic second agenda. yesterday walmart the biggest retailer in the world curtailing gun sales and it had banned ar-15 weapons the most powerful
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right point -- rifle in the united states and getting out of the business completely and no longer selling barrel rifle ammo. and kroger, they announce for bidding people from openly carrying weapons and their grocery stores even in places where it is completely legal to do so. so you have a situation where retailers are competing with each other and not on products they are offering, but to see who goes to the far left. who wins out in the virtue signaling contest. and no, it doesn't matter, by the way if handguns save lives in the hands of good people. it doesn't matter at all. remember according to the "l.a. times," they stop crimes and save lives more than 67,000 times a year. just this week, a houston woman, she used her handgun to fend off multiple men who tried to rob her.
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>> there is this guy pointing something at me and telling me like, opened the door. i couldn't do anything but keep screaming and at one point someone told me to stop screaming and shut up. he reached his hand inside my car. i shot. i was alone. you know, like, i'm literally screaming in the middle of the street. >> laura: she was terrified. she defended herself. that is what i called the great equalizer. all these feminists talk about girl power, that is girl power. hudgins story by the way moved congressman and disabled worth it dan crenshaw who later tweeted "situations like this story or why we protect the second amendment." side note universal background checks would not be able to let my friends borrow my handgun when they travel alone like this. we would make felons out of people for just defending themselves. well, that tweet was enough to
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trigger unintended renowned firearms expert aoc. and she snapped back with a bizarre accusation saying "you remember congress, why are you limiting guns to people unsupervised who can't pass a basic background check question with the people you give guns to have likely abused their spouse or have a violent criminal record and you may not know it. why on earth would you do that?" it takes your breath away, does it not? when crenshaw pointed out the utter idiocy of her statement, she just kept firing on twitter. domestic abusers can be master manipulators, plus domestic abuse is a huge indicator of gun violence. that is why vouching for a friend isn't a substitute for background checks. you wouldn't land a car to someone without a license to why lend a gun to someone without a
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background check? okay, let that sink in. aoc things people need to prove to the government that they aren't abusive, wife-beating criminals before they can exercise a constitutional right. i must have missed that. the second amendment. that's like cuckoo for cocoa puffs talk. but it is an indicator of how determined the left is to come about rolling back the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. and the most disarming truth about this entire gun debate is that most democrat politicians who are committed to drastic gun control measures, gun buybacks, bands, confiscation or themselves people who never really need to worry about protecting themselves, why? they have and i have to have bodyguards and by the way, they are often paid for by the taxpayers or they have big gates in front of their homes where
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fancy alarm systems, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. the regular folks, ms. hudgins, meanwhile, they will have to depend for themselves and hope a police officer gets there in time. as we saw in france, that terrible club attack, desperate people were left helpless, unarmed of course. with only their own shoes to throw at the murderers. is that where you want to end up? and that is "the angle." joining me with reaction is an attorney and well-known second amendment advocate sir, it's great to have you want but why does the left continue to look down with suspicion, derision and you know utter contempt? on gun owners? >> i think it is twofold. you have the elites who are essentially power hungry and they don't like the idea. and there is kind of inherent
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subconscious that arises when they release the general population of people are armed and able to defend themselves. emphasis don't have to rely on them for their safety. then you have the other side, which is kind of the other i like to call the mass in the middle who are ignorant on the issue. and so they like to talk about these things from an emotional place because they don't have any experience with firearms or knowledge about them so the only thing they can go to is a motion so as a result of that when we try to have conversations that are logical and pragmatic, they either shut down or just get emotional about it or start spouting off hyperbolic statements or tweets like the same way aoc did with respect to whatever regarding the idea of loaning a firearm to somebody. which is ironic because me personally i've had to loan a gun to an ex-girlfriend years ago because someone broke into her apartment. that evening she was uncomfortable sleeping there so i decided to give her a gun at that time.
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meant to have something for protection if something would have happened. but seemingly, these things don't happen in the world. >> laura: again, they have lines of security or handlers or people who can be kind of a ballast protection. most people don't have that luxury. i think as you said though, part of the reasons that conservatives do not trust the left on guns is they don't even know the issue. here is joe biden. >> the idea that we don't have elimination assault type weapons, magazines with multiple bullets in them is absolutely mindless. it is no violation of the second amendment. it is just a valid to the manufacturers and the nra. it's got to stop. >> laura: he's a moderate in the race. the magazine with multiple bullets, he doesn't know the difference between a clip in a magazine. weapons of war, those are
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machine guns and been outlawed for decades and decades versus a semiautomatic rifle, ar-15. the basics of this, but they spout off, colion noir, and they been shooting ranges, their whoe lives. it is embarrassing. >> well might they say those things even though they don't know what they are talking about because they take advantage of the ignorance of the mass of people in the middle trying to make a decision on the issue. but i will take it one step further for me and my perspective and what i've seen i'm glad they are doing these things. i'm glad they are taking it to the extremes they are because for the last several years, he and a lot of people in the gun community have been saying, no, they don't want common sense measures. no, they are not trying to be reasonable. they are trying to take the guns. they do want to ban and confiscate the guns. largely we've been met with this notion we are crazy and don't know what we are talking about. stop saying we are unreasonable. but now look where we are at now. you had beto o'rourke talking
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about forcing a mandatory buybak which is a compensation. if i don't have a choice in the matter it's either ice home icon to the government go to jail, that is a confiscation. i don't care if you went door to door or made me come to instead of going to jail but in 2018, if you bought an ar-1 ar-15, you yu happen ar-15, you can keep it. it was just under a year, completely flipped. so how are we supposed to trust these politician with respect to our constitutional right when they flip-flop back and forth like a fish that landed on land? >> laura: well i think that's the way he felt all along but a little more clever how they discussed it. colion noir great to have you on tonight and we appreciate your perspective. democrats and cronies playing hardball as we sat on gun control and vilifying senate majority leader mitch mcconnell for not caving to leftist demands to immediately bring a gun-control vote to the senate floor. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell once again signaling he will take no action
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to tighten restrictions on gun ownership or firearms purchases. mitch mcconnell needs to figure out who he works for, whether the president, the nra with american people. >> when walmart is doing more than mitch mcconnell commit is pushing us in the right direction. >> joining me dan bongino, fox news contributor and also the forthcoming book exonerated, chris hahn former aide of chuck schumer and aggressive progressive podcast. dan, is mcconnell just working for the nra? or is he trying to protect american second amendment rights and this emotional lurch to enact more big government regulations as we have seen in the past? >> i think mcconnell understands what most sane people understand especially law enforcement professionals like i used to be before i left. criminals don't give a rats about gun laws, can i say that? they don't care. now a lot of people and liberals
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never handled the gun or worked in law enforcement talk out of the wrong end of their body and insist somehow the next law is going to be the ones to do this. i get it. i get their concerns. these are serious tragic incidents that happened. i have not minimized that at all because i have children too. the guy with this recent incident where the guy failed the background check and one procured a gun the other way already broke the law. what he did was illegal. what do you want to make it? extra super illegal with a new law? good for mitch mcconnell to bringing common sense debate and stop putting obstacles in front of legal gun owners because the criminals don't care. they never cared about gun laws. >> laura: chris going back to '95 dianne feinstein spoke openly look and if she had the vote she would go for the all-out ban on a certain class of weapons. she said it. we don't have the votes now. but do you agree the democrats do feel like they have some momentum now to go for more extreme measures? just a few years back they said
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no, no, no, that's not what we are about. >> well come i think the nighties era assault weapon ban actually worked. >> laura: it didn't work. >> it didn't work. assault weapons. and fewer people died of assault weapon. >> laura: is not linked to that van felt that it is the difference. to go different things. but go ahead. >> well, i think absolutely momentum to have stricter rules on background checks in this country. i wonder why moscow put a bill like that before the senate. it would pass the senate right now and i also think we have that common sense solution on guns. market based solutions with insurance with private nra. can offer that insurance instead of buying fancy houses for a ceo. i think it would be something that would be good and they can control who gets it and have personal responsibility for the people who have those guns so some liability on planting guns to willy-nilly and that gun
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malfunctioning dowel malfunction and hurt someone. when i was a kid and took nra class, the one thing i learned handling a gun when not properly trained on it is very, very dangerous. for in crenshaw and prior gas to say they just lent their guns out, lest they know that person is trained on that particular weapon, that is something and then are a member will tell you that is dangerous and unsafe and should not happen. >> laura: well if you are nra and took nra training, dan, learning how to fire a revolver if you are a sense -- since full human being, i don't think dan crenshaw is a and i don't think handing out 214-year-old, that t the kind of people he is. and to say that he was going to get his gun out to a wife abuser, that bizarre aoc tweet, what was that, that made no sense to me whatsoever but
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look -- hold on, dan my dan bongino, look, it is true that democrats feel much more emboldened today. they feel like the public is on their side. why not do expanded background checks? why not walk down the gun shows to make sure everybody has a background check. very popular in opinion polls. this is something you will see movement in the white house? >> well, of course popular with opinion polls. the media knows nothing about guns and lies to the public like chris just did telling you the assault weapons ban worked. >> i didn't. >> chris is unaware of the study you cited florida the department of justice department of justice determined that the assault weapons ban have no significant effect. chris didn't read that and he doesn't know that but that's okay. and then what he does come a liberal homework number 2 in a debate and treats americans like they are dumber than he is. wow, he tells you guns are very dangerous, guys maybe you shouldn't handle and the average american is so stupid that they
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have not figured out shooting rounds of bullets that can harm people. chris, >> laura: timeout. >> would you stop talking? you annoy me when you do this. i'm not going to debate if you talk over me all the time. >> at the firearms can be deadly tools and they don't need a lecture from chris hahn. they will figure it out, i promise you. >> and they are deadly too. [overlapping voices] because the owner should be responsible. in the bill of rights. >> laura: chris hahn -- >> it's the only -- >> laura: you know that. the car and gun comparison, mean there are certain things you need to leave behind. that is a amo comparison. no one as smart as you took an nra class. >> laura, the second amendment regulated it. it is well-regulated amendment.
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>> chris come i can't believe you are a lawyer. turn in your degree. and also, [overlapping voices] >> laura: all right, i've got to go. all right, guys. >> the only bill of rights that says regulate in it, come on. >> laura: guys, all right, guys. my favorite headline, from back in 2009 february 15th come i want to put this up on the screen if we could. christian jehle brand, i keep two guns under my bed. and she becomes this big, she was running for congress. and a big gun person. and then the senate from all different, the big bad nra. so shameless. dan and chris, great to have you both on. coming up black voters in detroit a dire warning for democrats. what is it? candace owens is here to tell us next.
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♪ >> laura: joe biden is leaving and the polls so why is his team acting like it? one of the senior advisors recently told reporters, do i think that we have to win iowa? no. the last four democratic nominees have won the iowa caucuses. what about new hampshire?
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that same senior advisor once again downplayed biden's chances. there is incredible home-field advantage for massachusetts candidate or new englander. and it's not just biden's team slowly sounding the alarm. real clear politics released new betting odds data for the 2020 democratic nomination. and the odds for elizabeth warren. joining me now to explain is tom bevan, cofounder and president of real politics, tom, what do you see that the people right now might be listening? >> well, what we've done is basically the same thing with the polls which is taking aggregation of the nine biggest betting sites and what you see in the data is that joe biden has dropped in elizabeth warren has surged into at least people placing money in thinking she has a better chance of weighing in on the nation. that is a reflection of the effect this race and is wide open and biden is more of a wobbly front runner then some people are saying at least from what they see in the polls.
7:26 pm
>> laura: people today tweeting out photos of like one of his eyes, bloodshot thing going on. that happens sometimes. now, the guy cannot even have a bad eye day. it's like every syllable is amplified. and yet he's running for president. so you will have your missteps and you don't know where you are, what state you are in, that will be added up into the weights fit for office. that is what is resonating, is it not? >> definitely. there is concerns that part of this is joe being job at a tipping point perhaps if he has more of these. if they get more, worst of a situation where flooding a war like previously and can't figure out what state he's in. can't remember stories accurately. those are the kind of things that i think will add to that. again, he is in many ways, while he is considered the front runner and polls, given his past. history and the democratic party is now, it?
7:27 pm
as to weather. >> i remember the betting sites going into september and october and i think i was talking on this network and not all that many people were. and i was watching where the money was going. it was interesting to watch, but they pretty much always have a heavily favorite. hillary clinton not as much as "the new york times" poll, but it was all pretty much weighted towards hillary. and as things gotten through the night, you started saying things like special polling, special beds, but it was a little -- i don't know how revealing this is. this is a snapshot in time just like the polls showing biden up 54-42. you don't want to be down in the polls but none of these polls matter. >> the general match up way too far for the democrats and they don't have a nominee to settle in. in terms of the democratic nominating process, you are right. take a look at the batting averages and it's interesting it
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provides another metric, data point and perspective where this race is. what you see we gathered six months worth of data in the latest graphic which you ruled out -- rolled out. much more volatile in terms of news events, kamala harris urged. she got an uptick in the polls but surged ahead of the betting markets with odds-on favorite after the first debate but drop down. elizabeth warren. >> laura: pete buttigieg on the most magazine covers and the momentum never really came, dominic came. no momentum. >> he had his moment but it seemed to have faded. thanks so much. and for months we have been hearing how democrats will win the black vote in 2020 by a lot despite all of the obvious economic gains for the african-american community. they have benefited undoubtedly because of the policies put in place during the trump presidency. >> black support is going to consolidate around whoever becomes the nominee. i think we need to be realistic
7:29 pm
about that. black votes will not simply, you know, come down to the democratic nominee and donald trump and say come i think we have a choice to make here. they will consolidate around the democratic nominee. they will not pick the white nationalist president. >> laura: white nationalist president, how nice. not so fast. "los angeles times" talking to black voters in detroit in a dire warning for democrats here in the bag. candace owens, the author of the upcoming book blackout, candace, so happy about your wedding, your marriage and beautiful bride, i saw the photos so congratulations come up best wishes on that. what about this, the taking the black vote for granted and this has been going on for many years, something new happening. >> look, laura event on the show with you the last two years telling you that this would happen. the black americans are going to wake up and realize we have been lied to, used and abused by the democratic party. trump had the audacity to stand on stage and asked vladimir what you have to lose by taking a
7:30 pm
chance on me and democrats have taken everything from you. look at the community is, in the ground, crime, gain violence and have the audacity to tell me to look to the border and mexico and we should carry -- care about mexico instead of black america. there is no awakening. >> laura: you think this white nationalist talk, the commentator on one of the other cable networks in the sentence with we will not vote for white nationalist. white nationalist has become what they used to say about halliburton or white nationalist, it trips off their tongue. is that effective long-term short-term? it is effective for republicans because you are seeing black americans tired of it. growing fatigued of it. everyone in america getting tired of racism, sexism but especially white nationalism. look around the corner they never want to talk about what actually is going on and killing our communities. ultimately it is harming them. i encourage keep calling everyone a white supremacist,
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white nationalist but don't be surprised when you wake up and black america standing behind a republican party. >> laura: cnn analysts are saying that black women will choose the democrats nominee, watch. >> the people who will choose the democratic nominee are african-american voters, particularly african-american female voters, period. p. >> laura: what about that? i kind of gave it away. a sound bite. >> look, the same cnn analysts that told us hillary clinton would sit in the oval office and they got that wrong. i would like to see them as people with a bunch of wishes in a box. they don't have a temperature on america anymore. they don't have the temperature on black america anymore but hoping and praying that racism enough times, someone might believe them. >> laura: what about the president going to, i mean, his going to baltimore, l.a., maybe san francisco, maybe st. louis on an urban american renewal
7:32 pm
tour? and just listening to folks, may be calling certain areas like national emergency? because people have been clearly left behind. there is a major health crisis going on with the homeless population. what about that? it is kind of risky, but i think he should do something like that. >> i believe he attempted a few years national guard with chicago and did a lot of work in chicago. he is the democrats tried to block you may call him a racist. i believe he should be putting his focus in black america right now. we are talking the black vote, 5%, five points in the democratic party is finished. this is why they are desperate to call everybody racist because they've never seen this before. the shaking that is happening. people looking at different parties and we are into that midst of black america. >> laura: candace, i think they are so petrified of trump going into these neighborhoods and try to vilify and scare him away. he should be bold, a bold thinker. great to see you tonight. >> great to see you.
7:33 pm
>> laura: tonight, raymond arroyo with "seen and unseen" he "seen and unseen" should there be a size limit for pets on airplanes? you saw it over the weekend of ♪he nfl wondering and the fans would like the social justice lectures from ex-convicts. that and more next.
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do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ♪ >> laura: it is time for "seen and unseen" segment where he exposed the cultural stories of the day. so how big is too big for a service animal? johnny depp charged with
7:36 pm
cultural appropriation and nfl turns an ex-con into a social justice advocate. joining us with all the details, raymond arroyo fox news contributor. all right, raymond we reported some weeks ago the nfl partnering with jay-z come extremely popular and basically a billionaire for a new social justice initiative. what is the latest? the nfl committed $89 million to inspire change. that is their initiative to advocate for criminal justice reform and build community relations with the police. now, remember that. this entire movement came out of colin kaepernick kneeling protest. >> i think we can go past kneeling. i think it is time to go to action. this is the next phase. there are two coare protesting. how you protest and then the company or the individual to say, i hear you. what do we do next? >> laura: next is selling inspire change of apparel. he's releasing a new song each
7:37 pm
month and the nfl, making jay-z a lot of money and a kickoff concert tomorrow night with megan trainer and rapper. the nfl claims they are inspired change advocates. those two singers but an interesting case, laura he's been in and out of jail from gun and drug charges appear in an example criminal justice reform is needed but if you are trying to strengthen relations with law enforcement, why feature a guy who sang a song stay woke, dreams get shattered when scene full of crackers and they charge you with [bleep]. they are trying to bring people together. remember colin kaepernick did not offend the players union. he offended nfl viewers, fans. why didn't they use an inspired change effort to patriotism or salute veterans and cops? a better leader for this then jay-z. i'm very concerned about this and i think nfl viewers will be.
7:38 pm
>> laura: i have a question did mr. mill get his gun legally when he committed those crimes? there's always a road to redemption. >> i agree. i'm for criminal justice reform. he makes a good case. there were a lot of stumbles along the way but my question why are you taking this story when it is supposed to be elevating -- >> laura: you shocked me i didn't know jay-z was making money on any of this. i thought this was all volunteer work. >> and other pun intended, dior withdrew their ad after a ferocious backlash that featured johnny depp intoning a native american dancer. you see him there. we are the land. he said. that was too much for some. ms. dash tweeted i cannot with dior exploiting native culture for -- yes that is savage what the dash and then taylor tweete,
7:39 pm
it don't prop it up native people don't use a slur as representation. now dior did try to get this right. they consulted with an indian group and they were called americans for indians opportunity. this is martinez, watch. >> cultural appropriation is a huge thing because colonization. our president on this project -- project for us to make sure the look in the identity is authentic is important. i don't know what else they could have done, laura. >> laura: isn't he native american? >> he claims he's native american. >> laura: he's more native american than elizabeth warren. elizabeth warren could have done so phage demands fragrance. >> he's claim native american ancestry and he was adopted into a tribe in 2012. >> laura: i can't believe the pirates of caribbean culturally appropriate pirates?
7:40 pm
remember kim kardashian a similar thing for -- she was also inappropriate. we have to move on to service animals laura. this is quite a story before we go. flirty, now the miniature horse, why is this horse walking through the airport? >> laura: where is this horse? >> believe it or not this is a service animal into up american airplanes -- american airlines. the owner claims she is allergic to dogs and the horse soothes her anxiety and reminds her to take her medication so laura i pulled the american airline service animals requirement and it reads "fully trained service animals and emotional support psychiatric service animals may fly in the government no charge. animal must be cat or dog, trained miniature horse may be permitted. service animals" >> laura: my friend has a ferret and the ferret's were support animal. so if it is a horse, this is when you can start begin
7:41 pm
discriminating against animals. >> but laura my wife is allergic to horses. we scan airplanes for peanut does so why are we letting a horse on? god bless this lady and my love service for the blind. >> laura: we have to go or i'm going t to go blind. >> this is terrible. you're not giving my time. i will go get my service animal. >> laura: a boa constrictor next time. >> that's what i'm taking. >> laura: i don't get that, who cleans up after the animal? where does it go to the bathroom. it deserves and i will and you should buy an aisle to have a service animal. >> laura: fox nation. coming up the former fbi official andrew mccabe, he still around? a new side job, the fund-raiser, joe digenova, jason chaffetz is on next. and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok.
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>> laura: former acting fbi director andrew mccabe claiming it isn't political but now the "philadelphia inquirer" recording at the disgraced former fbi official will headline a democratic fund-raiser in pennsylvania later this month. no, not political at all just raising money for the democrats. remember president trump fired him in march 2,018th after this ig report came down saying he
7:45 pm
leaked information to the media. wasn't forthcoming about it and the instructor general investigating things. joining me joseph digenova and jason chaffetz chair of house oversight committee, the brand-new book "power grab! joe, the mask is really off on mccabe. is that not now? >> absolutely. he and comey have done your -- irreversible evidence but this is not surprising a seamless transition from the private partisan political activities he conducted with comey and others especially on behalf of his wife who is running for a senate seat while he was getting hundreds of thousands of dollars for her from client in operative. now, he's just public with this democratic partisan politics. he's a disgrace to the fbi and he's kind of a pajama boy. as you watch him, there is something kind of weekly masculine about him. he's a little strange.
7:46 pm
>> laura: [laughter] doesn't scream. >> those are the kind of people that comey surround himself with, all weird, they are all strange. >> laura: those are odd. jason, the fund-raiser just in case you want to get your ticket to congressman, it is purchased through act blue. they range from 80 to $160. the more expensive sneaker circle jason access to a private reception so if you want to be lied to your face, you can go to the president event. it looks like quite a few tickets left but also one's down to $32.50. get a signed copy of his book for $32.50. what of this? this is so terribly tone-deaf and receiving end of scathing ig reports there has ever been. and at least two comb ig reports that are coming out. we know that mr. durham a u.s. attorney is looking into the details. and he accomplished something
7:47 pm
mr. mccabe did that almost no other federal employee did and that is he got fired. he got fired not because of donald trump or some republican congressmen wanted him to. because his peers looked at his actions. he went to the accountability review board and the office of professional responsibility, i should say, and then a career professional who recommended his firing because he was lying. he was less than candid when being interviewed by federal investigators. it doesn't get any worse than that. >> laura: joe come all these cable outfits hiring these deep stators, brennan, klapper, mccabe, comey. >> it is sad commentary on the state of the fbi under comey because if you look at them to see who they are and what they have done, it is all failure. and it is lying. and it is political corruption in it is deceiving the american people. it is seditious behavior. i mean, what a legacy comey
7:48 pm
left. this is a guy who taught ethics at williams and mary? give me a break. >> laura: and he's also the guy who claims he wasn't political and his wife said he was running for office and they gave a lot of money to the democrats. i want you guys to not forget he was in the room when it happened when rosenstein supposedly talked about wiretapping a sitting president of the united states. he didn't seem that shocked, watch. >> we talked about why the president had insisted on firing the director and whether or not he was thinking about the russian investigation, the deputy attorney general offered to wear a wire into the white house. he said to come i never get searched when i go into the white house. i can easily wear a recording device and they wouldn't know who is they are. now, he was not joking. >> laura: all right, jason, he was not at all in a state of
7:49 pm
shock when he was revealing this, oh, yes. he was basically saying it was justified although the career, the council, the general counsel at the fbi, bridge too far. he would have been fine with it. speak with the thing to me, if hillary clinton had won this election, that guy, he was the acting director of the fbi. he was going to be the senior leadership and between comey, peter strzok, lisa page, mccabe, these are the people with a seniormost law enforcement agency in the world. that is what scares the living daylights out of me. >> you know what is scary about it? that was the picture of a social path. what you saw was the calm, effortless unconstitutional behavior by a sociopath. that is scary. >> laura: i would watch it again. the makeup on, this guy is creepy. all right, joe and jason, cnn
7:50 pm
hosted several hours worth of climate propaganda for the 2020 dems tonight. they just want to bore you to death. forget viewers, they want to bore you to death. we have a scientist to respond on the realize and we expose them. don't move.
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
♪ >> laura: what were you doing today?
7:53 pm
do you know that cnn hosted a grueling seven-hour climate change town hall? didn't you see it? 2020 democrats participated and made some truly wild claims, but at the ingraham angle we believe in finding the truth, so joining out to separate fact from science fiction is gregory whitestone, geologist and author of inconvenient facts. all right, gregory, first let's listen to one of the most common refrains that we heard from the democrats at today's town hall. speak of these hurricanes happening more frequently. >> we actually have to tackle the issue of the climate crisis so that these storms are less likely to happen in the first place. >> that hurricane which we know, a level five, when it hit the bahamas in a way that we've never seen before. >> we have 11 years to avoid the catastrophic consequences. more extreme weather events like hurricane dorian. >> laura: and wolf blitzer for the assist. all right, is any of this true? >> not a bit and in fact there
7:54 pm
were three things that they talked about, that hurricanes will increase in number, they will increase in the intensity and its alleged that hurricanes are moving slower because of climate change. all of those things we can refute with science, facts, and data. spoon go-ahead, sorry. >> the national oceanographic and atmospheric association, their data tells us that hurricane numbers are not increasing. land falling hurricanes in the united states are actually in fairly significant decline, and the intensity, if we look at that, that's not increased either. and again with the speed of the hurricanes slowing to a crawl, granted, dorian was one of the slowest. i just looked today, according to noah, most of the slowest moving hurricanes occurred early in the 20th century. there is no correlation. >> laura: i want to get to something that kamala harris
7:55 pm
said today about fracking. watch. >> we have to just acknowledge that the residual impact, the fracking, is enormous on the terms of all thing and safety. there's no question i'm in favor of banning fracking very >> laura: okay, banning fracking! would that help the climate? >> oh, my goodness. fracking in combination with horizontal drilling is actually led to a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions in united states and its significance. it's because of fracking we are able to do it. it's because of fracking, which is a safe -- there've been many dozens of studies proving the safety and effectiveness of fracking. >> laura: this reminds me of gun debates. facts don't matter at all. it's all driven on emotion. we have 60 seconds here. they also said that cutting carbon emissions in the united states is the key to curbing climate change. is it? we don't need to play the sound bite, is that key, going carbon-neutral or cutting carbon emissions significantly?
7:56 pm
>> absolutely. if the united states cut 100% of its carbon dioxide emission coming here so much temperature rise would be averted by the year 2050. seven hundredths of a degree fahrenheit. how many jobs lost is that wort worth? how much more are we going to have to pay in taxes and have our freedoms restricted for seven hundredths of a degree fahrenheit by the year 2050 if we hot 100% -- >> laura: you're so picky with these facts. that's a big temperature change. gregory, thanks for being with us. just wrapping up any moment there on cnn. the last bite is next, stay tuned. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye!
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>> laura: it's time for the last bite. >> did i hear you correctly say that you have to cut your pills in half for your son? okay. if we could keep that down a little bit, okay, thanks.
8:00 pm
>> laura: keep the baby quiet please. bernie seems to remind me of a movie i saw -- wait, back in a posh man is. what was that? the grumpy old man expect remember when they got him from to tell mick mulvaney to stop coughing? it's distracting bernie -- get the baby to be quiet, please, no. he beats it out with his hands. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team are never grumpy. shannon. i'm sorry, that cracks me up about the baby. >> shannon: absolutely actually literally made me laugh out loud. it was one of those moments. the campaign trail is so much fun. >> laura: have a great show. >> shannon: thank you, laura. would begin tonight with a fox news alert. tonight the death toll in the bahamas rises to 20 as total devastation by hurricane dorian is coming to light. residents say they lost everything as rescue efforts and relief organizations are mobilizing around the clock. the salvation army commander in the bahamas


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