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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 5, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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back here together with you, bill. >> three months since i've seen you. >> good stuff. felt like it. thank you for joining us everybody. we'll be back here tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: knocks fuss alert. let's catch you up on hurricane dorian battering the east coast now. it 200,000 people in the carolinas, now a category two storm that had popped to a three. it is back to a two. it's unleashing torrential rains and hurricane force winds. experts are warning of potential life-threatening storm surge and devastating flooding. charleston already we can see this. people are walking around in hip waders there. in the coming days before the beast moves out to sea we'll watch it as it retained its strength at a category 2.
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the big story is tornadoes that have been spawned by this thing as it moves in. the inland areas are picking up on that wind and that has been a problem. i mentioned the power outages. can we go to charleston, south carolina? the rain is coming down, torrential rains now. flooding in the streets in the city has been pretty bad. we want to give you a look at that. i know we do have video. i'll ask for that right now. look at the track of the storm. it is sitting now over the carolinas. not the prolonged sit in the category five we saw over the bahamas which turned out to be deadly. but it is a wait for people to have this thing move out. charleston, south carolina. look at the flagpole. you can see the seas. as the winds pick up the surf collided with high tide later today i believe in the next hour or two, you will have the collision point of all that
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water hitting coastline. it does damage but it is also risky for people who have chosen not to evacuate the areas where they were told mandatoryly to move out of the way. we're on dorian. a live report from the ground when we can bring it to you in a few minutes. >> harris: fox news alert. as we could be turning a corner in the bitter months' long trade battle with china. the two nations ours and theirs agreeing to resume face-to-face negotiations next month in washington, d.c. the news sent stocks surging today. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today on friday eve melissa francis, kennedy, daig yen mcdowell and in the center seat what? tyrus is outnumbered. we're glad to have you. we have a lot to get to. let's scoot. the decision to renew negligent yaixs is coming in a phone call
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this morning between china's top negotiator and steve mnuchin and trade rep robert lighthizer. the breakthrough comes days after the u.s. imposed more tariffs on $110 billion worth of chinese goods hours after the president insisted beijing will come around. >> president trump: we've taken in tens of billions of dollars in tariffs from china. prices have not gone up. or they've gone up very little. china has paid for most of that. i would say paid for all of it. china has now had the worst year they've had in 57 years. the worst year they've had in 57 years and they want to make a deal. >> harris: president trump also said yesterday the stock market would be 10,000 points higher if he hadn't taken on china. former reagan economic advisor art laffer agrees. >> i think he is right about 10,000 on the dow. that's a pull out of a hat but a huge thing for that.
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it starts having a dynamic consequence with the rest of the world. >> you think if we get a deal with china we could see the market go up to 36,000, 10,000 points on the dow? >> remember i pulled it out of a hat. yes, i do. it will be really positive. >> harris: i think i want that hat. it's up more than 400 points. money sitting next to me. even though we've seen pit falls along the way the numbers are record high. >> melissa: the numbers are huge. what's astonishing is the president revealed a little bit of what could be his strategy here. at some point he declares victory, gets as close to the election as possible and you see the market and economy take off. the trick is it can't turn much lower beforehand to the point where he can't pull it back up. i've never seen a president where you've created a situation where you can yank it
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back and create boom and create a stock market rally. >> harris: reminds me of alan greenspan. just talking about talking is having a profound impact on the market. >> kennedy: you hit on something. when you look at the timeline when the talks resume it is maybe september, october and they can push it a little bit because they know the closer they get to the election the more effect it will have. you can't let things -- you can't toy with people's lives and you can't let things erode to the point. >> harris: i was reading yesterday, tyrus, part of the president's plan is farmers don't worry. they know that we have to do this. i'm quoting him. i've got you. so we're kicking in tax dollars already $15 billion or so to bolster them. do you think most americans are comfortable doing that? it's a subsidy. tyrus: one of those things it
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is a bitter pill to swallow but we need to support our farmers. 9 out of 10 farmers want the ability to work and make their crops and they get it but it is also your life, your family, your land, your property is all on the hinges of negotiation and -- you aren't at the table. tough to defend yourself or be cool with -- i need to negotiate for me. if i can't and i have to wait and see, it's a scary time when you don't know what the other side is going to do. >> harris: daigen, rasmussen put out the president's approval rating. 46%. right at this point in 95 bill clinton was at 46%. the president, this is his sweet spot. >> dagen: approval on the
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economy has been higher. talking is great but you have to have results at this point. where we are in terms of farmers, it's not just farmers getting hurt. it is manufacturing companies in this country. this is another sweet spot. this was president trump's voting base. manufacturing activity has contracted in the month of august. that is the first time since 2016. it was basically ending the 35-month expansion in manufacturing, job growth in manufacturing has slowed this year. ceos and the people who make investment and hiring decisions are sitting down this month to decide what to do next year. the president might want to wait for a big pop in the stock market close to the election but he has to come up with a deal that stops the theft of intellectual property and stops the forced surrender of technology and the espionage. >> harris: not a victory if you don't get those things? >> dagen: it's a wait and see.
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>> melissa: while those things are very important i think he can declare victory and an improvement over where we are now. a little bit like the north american whatever we call the new nafta at this point where it's better than what we had before. tyrus to your point. >> dagen: if you put the livelihood of farmers on the line and you don't get the big deal that's a problem. >> melissa: when we talk about farmers wanting to earn. they're honest people. this idea they would sell to china. almonds and cashews there were different rules. they hate that double ruling. >> kennedy: it's very confusing. i spoke with several farmers in indiana last weekend and they said the same thing that tyrus is saying. we support the president and we've been getting hosed for so long. finally we have a president yes
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it hurts. we don't want long-term pain but we do support this policy. >> harris: they feel like he is fighting for them. i want to get to this now. the wind is on the ground. difficult as we were waiting to see if we could bring our reporter to you. now we can, we're tracking hurricane dorian, of course, it has knocked out electrical power to more than 200,000 people. griff jenkins is on the ground for us. let's go. wow. griff. >> yeah, harris, how are you? it's windy here. we're in one of the barrier islands outside of charleston. the storm downgraded to a 2 you wouldn't know the difference. the water i'm in, the ashley avenue. the main thoroughfare running parallel to the ocean. it is flooding all the way for blocks here. we have a number of trees down. we had some power lines down. if you look down it is typical island structure. just wooden poles, handful of
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them. power outages on the entire island is not out, only a partial one. the wind gusts keep coming and what is significant is that we're getting closer to 2:00 p.m. that is going to be high tide. it will be another king tide. the flooding you're already getting is the culmination of these high winds that are coming down, the rainfall which is upwards of one foot that may come, along with a storm surge upwards of eight feet. we'll find out how people are faring here. fortunately most people listened to the officials and evacuated this area. but you know, whether or not there are other issues. i'm just looking down here to make sure we're clear to go through. there is some blockage. we're fine. there is a lot of patience that the officials are asking for harris. they want people to not come down here. we have had a handful of people that tried to come down and look on the beach to see what's going on. they think because the hurricane is not going the make
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landfall they're out of the woods. they're not. these are dangerous situations still and they want people to heed the officials. wait, ride this out. come out tomorrow when the weather is a little better and they can assess the total damage. but right now it's very fluid and these winds are not dying down and the water continues to rise. harris. >> harris: i want to bring this up. people may not know. you and your camera person, give that person a shout-out. you have to stay tethered together with the one cord. be careful. we appreciate the reporting. you have given warnings to people and we can see it coming in. griff jenkins on the microphone and thanks to his photographer, both of you. san francisco officials are launching a new attack on the nra. this one is whipping up plenty of outrage. plus the 2020 democrats want to tackle climate change head on but can they convince voters that their multi-trillion dollar plans will work?
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>> we're fighting for the survival of planet earth, our only planet. how is this not a major priority? >> day one reenter the paris climate agreement. on that same day make sure we lead the world in going well beyond the paris climate agreement. >> i've been pushing hard for mass transit and for rail. we can take millions of vehicles off the road if we had high speed rail.
9:17 am
>> the hardest thing we will have done certainly in my lifetime as a country on par with winning world war ii and maybe more challenging than that. >> melissa: huh? the 2020 democrats went all out last night pledging the fight for the environment in a cnn on climate change. 10 candidates took the stage touting their plan to reduce carbon emissions. cows are also villains. senator kamala harris came out in support of banning plastic straws and reducing red meat consumption. >> everyone needs to see the images of what plastic bottles and straws are doing to our wildlife and fish to our oceans. to be honest, i love cheeseburgers from time to time. there has to be also what we do in terms of creating incentives that we'll eat in a healthy way and encourage moderation and that we will be educated about the effect of our eating habits
9:18 am
on our environment. >> melissa: don't eat plastic cows. they're really bad for you. later in the evening senator elizabeth warren said the plastic straw and red meat debate is a distraction pushed by special interests. >> this is exactly what the fossil fuel industry hopes we're talking about. they want to stir up a lot of controversy around your light bulbs and straws and your cheeseburgers. when 70% of the pollution, of the carbon we're throwing into the air comes from three industries. >> melissa: the rnc and dnc trading barbs over the feasibility of the candidates' plans. >> limiting red meat and saying you can't have air travel and we're going to get rid of cows and you can't have cheeseburgers is just not the answer. whoever our democratic nominee is would make a better president than donald trump
9:19 am
when it comes to climate change. >> melissa: there was a lot of nonsense and ridiculousness in there. some of the things that struck me the most the talk around this is a bigger challenge than world war ii. that's insulting to a lot of veterans. we need a constitutional amendment was another proposal. >> tyrus: anybody with more than a third grade education, i think talking seems to be the word for the day. we're not looking at this. this is stuff to run on. it's not tangible. we can't touch it. when you talk about plastic straws and look at the statistics america is actually very good in terms of plastic stuff and limiting what we can do. the other nations of this planet are not so much as long as india and china pretty much do what they want with impunity with polluting our oceans. americans need stuff that's tangible. you want to talk about climate? how about a clean water bill act where kids -- we'll go back
9:20 am
to the time you could drink out of your hose on a summer day and clean up water in every state. i would -- i'm into -- that's something tangible i can touch. they try fear mongering but democrats are not as good as republicans are when it comes to fear mongering. republicans fear monger terrorist things like that, tangible things you can think. i'll stop it before it gets here. they try to scare you with the world will end in 12 years. most of us will be call me in three. we don't think in those terms. this stuff is so wide and crazy it's not stuff that we can literally change without the help of everybody. >> melissa: i think they like an enemy that you can fight by spending money as opposed to having weapons. so it's like the perfect villain. cows and cheeseburgers and -- you can just spend a whole bunch of money in your district and you can spend it, give it to companies and pick the best ones but you don't have to go
9:21 am
and do anything really hard or go to war. >> dagen: bernie sanders plan 2.2 trial would be used to help families and receipt refitting. you could confiscate every dime in adjusted gross income reported by the top 1% and still not have enough money to pay for it. that's how off the math is. i want to point one thing out. number one. this was in commentary magazine, co2 emissions are down to where they were in 1985 in this country. a third of a century ago when the gdp is half of what it was and the population was smaller by a quarter. no other industrialized has come close do reducing their emissions by as much because of private industry and fracking and natural gas. bernie sanders wants us to do away with that and drive electric cars.
9:22 am
how do you produce electricity for the automobiles? >> harris: we saw a lot of fracking under the obama administration. there is a little desire for that on the left side of the aisle. i remember the ozone layer and when we stopped using aerosol deodorants. america can lead the way on any issue it chooses. tyrus made an excellent point. it has to be something that touches their lives. it has to be tangible. the water issue is huge. when you go to certain areas in in country and see the sediment in the water and the neighborhoods particularly poor and lower and middle income areas that can't drink their water that's a nonpartisan issue. >> kennedy: elizabeth warren wants to get rid of nuclear. that could be one of the cleanest sources in the world. >> harris: and expensive to replace. >> kennedy: kamala harris is talking about changing your eating habits and the
9:23 am
government is acting like a nanny making personal decisions about what goes in your body. no. by the way, private industry and the impossible burger and beyond burger is a private business. electric cars, those are choices consumers make. >> harris: andrew mccabe set to lend a hand to the democratic party. questions of bias raised once against. a west coast city making serious claims about the nra. what they are and their reaction. >> the nra exists to spread disinformation and puts weapons in the hands of those who would terrorize us. i have fantastic news for veteran homeowners
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perpetuate and create the gun violence epidemic terrorizing our country. they buy off politicians, prevent common sense gun violence education and resource. it is time to rid this country of the nra and call them out for who they really are. a domestic terrorist organization. >> kennedy: the word of the day according to tyrus is -- the san francisco board of supervisor put -- they approved to measure to label the nra as a domestic terror organization. they said this ludicrous stunt by the board of supervisors is an effort to distract from the real problem facing san francisco, rampant homelessness, drug abuse and skyrocketing petty crime. nra will work to continue to --
9:29 am
the same san francisco supervisor who called the nra a terrorist organization in the board meeting urging republican leaders in washington to take swift action on guns when they return to capitol hill next week. >> i want to thank the mayor and other supervisors for joining me. we held that rally to urge majority leaders of the senate, mitch mcconnell, to bring a background check bill to a vote in the senate. one that passed in the house. it has been sitting on his desk for over 200 days. >> kennedy: earlier today senate minority leader chuck schumer said democrats will work as hard as we can to prevail on the majority to finally address the gun violence epidemic. leader mcconnell has repeatedly blocked bipartisan house-passed bills to do just that. tyrus, the nra says san francisco is deflecting.
9:30 am
>> tyrus: 100% deflecting. history tends to always repeat itself. if you go back to j. edgar hoover was going out and anyone against him was a communist. we look how wrong that was. now you do it politely. i called an american institution a terrorist organization because they support the second amendment mental health, getting people help. getting hospitals for a specific mental illnesses, catching the red flags. those are the issues. bad people do bad things. whether it's a gun, car, a knife, disease, your teeth, your hands, they are going to dedicate -- people with bad intentions will do bad things. you take the guns away they'll find some way illegally to do
9:31 am
it. we're not building help in the right area. the second amendment is a fun thing to attack and you get all this attention and -- but it is not dealing with the issue. the people are the issue doing the crimes. not a giant villain, the nra is not dropping rifles in houses all over america. >> kennedy: according to them that's what they're doing. arming bad people and guns have no good purpose. >> harris: what do you think about high capacity weapons? that's part of the discussion now. i'm curious to know, since you grew up with guns, too. i did, too. i was in a military family and had a stalker. i learned how to shoot and owned a weapon. >> tyrus: my thing is this. the second amendment is there for a reason. any time you start making restraints and changes it opens the door for so many other things and why i'm so sensitive to it. you take one thing away, if my military has it, if my government has it, and we get into a situation with all this division and supposed one side
9:32 am
will take over, i don't want to be the venezuela situation. where i can't -- arm a militia to protect myself. >> harris: i'm being the devil's advocate here. >> kennedy: people with guns have the power. it's true. that's one of the foundations of our democracy. but also i look at san francisco and i think they don't just disregard the second amendment. they despise the constitution. >> harris: it seems that way. i don't think the name calling helps. >> melissa: in terms of the situation we're talking about the only way to solve it is chip at it a little bit in a time speaking about the public shootings and feeling safer. when you get into the corners and have this discussion it doesn't help. for people who want to do something the obl way -- no one thing will solve it. >> kennedy: it derails the discussion and the rational discussion melissa is talking. >> dagen: the people who
9:33 am
understand guns and believe in the second amendment when they listen to people like that woman in san francisco hack up the terrorist rhetoric basically every gun owner in this country is a terrorist is the extension of what she is saying. when they go to write legislation about semi automatic rifles the people who are writing it don't know what they're talking about. they don't know guns and they end up basically coming up with something that could ultimately apply to every handgun in this country. that's why gun owners, the tens of millions of gun owners not just nra members. >> harris: it's a huge membership. i will say this quickly. that was some of the concern that the language and the thinking from the left would get into legislation when former president barack obama talked about clinging to your religion and your guns. i'm done. >> kennedy: bombshell development in justice brett
9:34 am
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and we got a great one thanks to a really low mortgage rate from navy federal credit union. pink so she's a princess. you got a problem with that? oorah oorah navy federal credit union. our members, are the mission. >> dagen: bombshell development in the kavanaugh confirmation saga. as first reported in a new book the attorney for his accuser says ford was partly motivated to come forward in order to undermine kavanaugh on any future abortion cases. they uncovered video of attorney debra katz making the remarks back in april at an event billed as a feminist legal theory contest. >> when he takes a scalpel to
9:39 am
roe vs. wade we know who he is. know his character and what motivates him. that's important. it is important that we know and that was part of what motivated christine. >> dagen: the allegations of a decades old sexual assault almost derailed kavanaugh's nomination for the supreme court and a coalition of progressive advocacy groups urging conference to open up the allegations, saying senate republicans did not provide advice and consent on the president's nomination of justice kavanaugh and the american people deserve to know how and why the process was such a sham. melissa. >> melissa: it's really something. during that period in time you want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. a lot of people said we think she is politically motivated. it seems obvious on its face. you can't say that and can't say it out loud. there is something about hearing the attorney actually
9:40 am
say herself that that is part of what motivated christine wanting to have the asterisk next to his name when he took a scalpel to roe versus wade. when she came forward, ford she denounced anyone who said she was politically motivated and she said she wasn't. to have her now have her attorney come forward and contradict that, i thought so. it is nice to hear it straight from your mouth so we can all be honest. >> harris: does anybody else why this attorney has come out now with this information? what else does this attorney know and why is this suddenly the layering that might have been -- i don't want to say helpful to kavanaugh or bad -- i don't know what it could have changed. but it is information about someone's motivation and it might speak to the issue of why she waited so long. the timing. all those questions that were
9:41 am
asked. >> kennedy: a gaps in her story and if that's the motivation it is to undermine his nomination. if it's a political motivation to make haour roe vs. wade stays intact and make sure a conservative jurist doesn't land on the supreme court. if that's your motivation you say whatever you have to in order to derail that. that didn't happen mostly because of michael avenatti but i think what we have to look at is the next supreme court nominee there is under this president, we could see a type of political war we think we can fathom but it is going to get so ugly. >> tyrus: ugly is the word. this is disgusting. to answer your question in my opinion it will sell a lot of books. we're talking about it. if that was the reason why, you have stained a man's reputation forever. there is always going to be people -- >> harris: do you think the
9:42 am
asterisk is really there even though he was confirmed and we moved on. >> tyrus: people in the room will say he probably did it. that's what happens when an accusation goes to that magnitude. america stopped to watch these proceedings and it was everyone was supporting her and her claim. if someone did bash them or made that -- even made the hint that this is political they were shunned took off the air. and now what does the word partly mean? >> melissa: great job protecting your client. >> harris: what is their relationship now. attorney-client privilege? i have a lot of question. >> dagen: if kavanaugh didn't step up with the forceful defense he might not be sitting on the court. a top trump critic, now andrew mccabe making a move that is raising some eyebrows and new
9:43 am
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>> harris: former top f.b.i. deputy andrew mccabe headlining a fundraiser for pennsylvania democrats later this month. he was fired over allegations related to unauthorized leaks to the media and could face indictment. he has emerged as a vocal critic of president trump. among the topics he is expected to address at the fundraising banquet, the firing of f.b.i. director james comey on the list. russian meddling in the 2016 election. mccabe's interactions with president trump. and the mueller investigation report. tickets start at $80 a person. those going up to $160 can get a picture with andy mccabe. they called him in the text between the f.b.i. agents. talking about bias. you say what? >> kennedy: he got fired the day before he was eligible for his pension and he is just trying to make money.
9:48 am
so he wrote a tell-all and now on the speaking tour trying to hawk books. he is doing it at a democratic fundraiser which goes to show he might have been motivated by politics the entire time. >> harris: what can andy mccabe tell us about the mueller investigation report? how long is that speech going to be? >> tyrus: the brother is trying to make some money. he is going to tell us -- there is a lot of money in going against president trump. it has become a platform for anyone who has ever been fired especially if you were fired in a blaze of glory or humiliating. you write a book it's president trump's fault and speaking tour and a certain network will bring you on for a contributor for six to eight months to talk about all things negative about president trump. a lot of money in it. he will be at the democratic party and give them tidbits we
9:49 am
didn't know. the mueller report you can download on your smartphone and read it at any time. it's much to do about nothing but this is -- >> melissa: what i love about this story the most? somebody who has been so high on their sanctimony. they will save the nation from trump and they go cash in. i'm honest about the fact that i think money motivates most people in most things. that's fine. put it out there and be honest about what's driving you. he was so sanctimonyous and all of our moral superior to anyone who may have ever not held his political beliefs and now he is going to go cash in. >> harris: up until the point of indictment maybe? >> dagen: that's still in the cards. guess who would testify against him, jim comey about whether he told the truth. i'll end with this. i would rather hand out free
9:50 am
pedicures at my local bowling alley than listen to that guy any more. >> tyrus: $80 for for a ticket and the going rate for being fired. gross negligence. >> harris: all right. we'll be right back. so i can buy from
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>> harris: we want to bring you up-to-date right now on what's going on with hurricane dorian. reinvigorated and growing into the carolinas on thursday, today, bringing tropical storm conditions here to north and south carolina. you are looking there on the left, we have the flag there as it is flying in cape fear in north carolina. on the right we have myrtle beach south carolina. as of noon, the national hurricane center says dorian is a category to train with maximum winds of 110 miles per hour.
9:55 am
45 miles southeast of charleston, south carolina. right now the main danger, we are seeing a lot of rains, of course. and a lot of tornadoes mixed in there, as well. the emergency management division in south carolina says there are 200,000 power outages in their area. duke energy said on wednesday they expect about 700,000 outages in carolina. so a lot of power out, a lot of wind. some tornadoes kicking up in spots. obviously, seeing a lot of water, as we keep track of this hurricane that seems to never be leaving, and its path >> the reason why i've chosen to walk away from the democratic party as i know it, and walk away from the republican party as i don't know it, something doesn't feel right. if i look at the political lineage of the democratic party over my life, since i was 5, and i'm 55, very little has changed
9:56 am
my community. we are two blocks over right no now. i have questions, i have more than questions. >> melissa: that interview causing quite a stir. that is actor isaiah washington, and he is opening up to our very own tyrus on his fox nation show, about his decision to leave the democratic party. washington, who was fired from the hit show "grey's anatomy" for using a homophobic slur back in 2007 said neither democrats nor republicans do enough of the black community. he explained why he has embraced the walkaway movement. listen. oh, we are not going to listen to that. let's talk to the panel instead. >> tyrus: listen to me, that would be phenomenal. [laughter] >> melissa: what did you think of what he had to say in this interview? >> tyrus: first of all, normally on my show we don't get too political. we talk about life and stuff. his message, i think, was important about not voting based off of your race, your party.
9:57 am
if you feel something is wrong, you have to vote for yourself, not necessarily the party. he was saying, in his opinion -- and i tended to agree with him -- looking up the body of work from the democratic party from the last 50 years, he hasn't seen the reason for the undoting support. >> melissa: for democrats. >> tyrus: for the democratic party. because he hasn't seen real change. but they run on this and they are always -- they want the message, the hyperbole, for the message to be, "we are helping you all." but there is no "you all, close who we are all individuals. >> melissa: do you think more black americans feel that way? >> tyrus: i think more americans in general feel that way. he talked about his experience, but it's not just black americans. white americans, asian. we don't have group meetings are to go to vote not a buildings where me and the brothers get together and go, "how are we going to vote on health care
9:58 am
came close to where all individual. you shouldn't fall into one line of thinking. >> melissa: do you talk about the pushed back his gut as a result of any of this?" >> tyrus: we've all talked about pushback. that he's been black-balled, but he believes his talent can override that. his beliefs being true to himself is important. he's a great talent, he works hard, and he won't let a "no" bother them. >> kennedy: very talented, and a gifted servant surgeon. can do a running whip stitch. unparalleled. [laughter] >> melissa: one thing that resonated with me, supporting the policy over the person. his policy in particular was criminal justice reform. he said they had voted for president obama twice. with president trump, he is working out as you cared about. >> kennedy: that's absolutely right. i think we should demand more,
9:59 am
especially in these areas where people have been so incredibly underserved. i don't encourage people to walk away from the democratic party, i encourage people to walk away from the two-party system. because it's actually broken. you have one that assumes that many people won't vote for them because they don't try, then you have others where people aren't automatically going to vote for them so they don't do anything with those promises. >> dagen: have a quick question for tyrus. this kind of conversation we are having, you can't have among colleagues and even your friends if you work in ali you like hollyweird >> tyrus: there's this stigma. unfortunately, as long as that narrative is out there, it is -- it's unfortunate. it shouldn't matter. >> melissa: if you want to see the whole interview -- and it is compelling -- you can see it on fox nation. it's tyrus' show, i strongly recommend it. thanks to our whole group here.
10:00 am
>> dagen: i say "hollyweird" because i am weird, too. >> melissa: check out fox nation. we are back on the couch at noon eastern tomorrow. in the meantime, keeping track of dorian, here's harris. >> harris: new video, a lot to bring to this hour. hurricane dorian is hitting right now this hour off the coast of south carolina. wins so high, it is spawning tornadoes in london has already knocked out electrical power to a quarter million people. "outnumbered overtime" now, i'm harris faulkner. dorian shifting strength again. it's now category 2 storm. flash flooding. in charleston and other coastal areas, the high tide is coming, the storm surge could top to 10 feet high, creating a wall of water hitting tender coastline. new into fox news, that video. here's one of the possible twisters spotted in north carolina. jeff flock has more from-soaked


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