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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 6, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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you are the best, my friend. thank you for a stellar job with all of this. the fallout from this and the latest we are getting on the bahamas, we are live tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern time to give it to you all. here is "the five." ♪ >> hello, everyone. i am juan williams, along with emily compagno, dagen mcdowell, jesse watters, and brian kilmeade is here toda today. it is 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five" ." the gun control debate set to take over washington, president trump and joe manchin meeting this week to bridge the party is divided. but it looks like both sides are ready to dig in for a fight. trump saying that he is willing to get something done with the democrats, but also insisting that he will defend second amendment rights. this all comes as the justice department has sent a gun legislation proposal, a package
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of ideas to the white house for consideration. the details of the plan are unclear for the moment. for democrats, well, 2020 candidates are taking a much different approach when it comes to gun control. >> the idea that we don't have elimination of assault type weapons, magazines that can hold multiple roles in them is mindless. >> this is [bleep]. we have to change this or it is on all of us. >> we should ban the style and distribution of assault weapons, which is the right thing to do. >> if there was a ban on assault weapons, and a buyback program, people would do the smart thing and they would sell them back. >> juan: the question is, what is a good idea? jesse, do you have any ideas? >> jesse: ever? [laughter] just on this? >> juan: just on this. yes. my criticism would be that i don't see any good ideas that are coming from the trump
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white house. they clearly have been abolished by the nra's refusal to at background checks. >> jesse: a lot of people want to do something, but they don't know what that is. i went to do something, i just want that something to be constitutional, and actually stem the tide of mass shootings, and that is pretty much it. but there is a sweet spot, where you cannot infringe on people second amendment rights, and stop these mass killings. what we are hearing from the left are two things. one, the assault weapons ban. there is no such thing as an assault weapon. all it is is a regular rifle with military features. but it acts as a semiautomatic, you aim, you squeeze, one round goes through. i don't understand, even if you did ban that, which you can't, how that would stop people from mass shootings. it does not. but the buyback and the mandatory compensation. mandatory confiscation is
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illegal. and the buyback, voluntary, i don't have a problem with that. if people want to sell their guns to the feds, that's fine with me. it seems like a waste of money, but that's fine. what i believe we need to do, and dave chapelle talked about this on his special. if your son goes on a mass shooting, and then you are out there in the cameras and you said, i had no idea. johnny was such a great kid. but the kid is going to school looking like a vampire, he is locking his door every night on crazy websites, you don't even go into explore the bedroom. you go and there is an arsenal. and how do you not know? in the school secondarily, if the kid is disruptive and violent and you are just slapping them on the wrist, and the counselors are not getting involved. you are not sharing information with the other agencies, then you guys are at fault. you have to stem the thing at the core and not just throw away the constitution in order to achieve the political agenda. >> juan: emily, in fact, i think there is urgency around this, we have had terrible
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shootings before newtown and -- but in the month of august, 30 americans slain, there is a sense that something needs to be done, but senator mcconnell, the senate majority leader says i'm not doing anything until i hear from president trump. and president trump so far is not doing anything. what would you do? >> emily: i think for senator mcconnell that is strategic in nature that he is trying to get something accomplished. but every single one of those deaths is absolutely tragic. but the issue that i have with all of the proposals coming from the left is the fact that they are all ineffective and reactionary. and they are treating the symptom, not the problem. we have an epidemic of people, especially young people that are killing themselves and killing others because of mental health issues, and to garner social media accolades. and this kind of off-kilter national conversation and skewed
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proposal for confiscation and registries, that just fosters and feeds it. in terms of the buyback and what is the confiscation, for that to work, which in no way would it, and even de blasio says, the vast majority will be taken back. all it takes is one person not working for, and that creates, has the potential for creating depth. but when you get into the specifics, they are so many loopholes. there are 20 million in estimated, semiautomatic large capacity rifles in the country and half a million are produced each year. and only a portion are serialized. if so how do you regulate or account for the rest of it? how do you handle the person-to-person universal background checks? will we include family members like sandy hook? there are so many questions that the entire thing begs, that for me all it does is skirt the real issue, which is the mental health and sickness of this society. it is the symptoms only, and it is because our government is too lazy to address, and the
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legislators are too lazy to address identifying the bad actors before it happens. and instead they are infringing on the constitutional rights. >> juan: what you hear from emily is a focus on mental health paradigm skeptical about this, because i believe that there are lots of people with mental health issues who are not mass shooters and other countries have people with mental health issues and they don't have the mass slaying that we see in this country, but it is coming in large part as president trump is saying, it is a mental health issue. how do you react? >> dagen: one thing that could move forward as at least the lindsey graham proposal, which he has teamed up in terms of red flag laws in the country, and there is a lot of concern about due process with them. but what senator graham wants to do is to simply give a grant to the state that wants to put the laws in place, they have only been around, the first one was implemented in the state of connecticut and still had the sandy hook shooting after it in 1999. there's not a lot of research on how they are implemented and if
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people's rights not only to own a gun, but privacy rights are honored in them, nonetheless, that is one way to give law enforcement and even family members the ability to get a gun, 17 states with them now, get a gun out of a hand of somebody who is a threat to them. but to emily's point, -- they like to basically point the finger, the left does at the nra. the nra represents a small slice of the 55 million plus gun owners in the country. law-abiding citizens. let's point the finger at the mental health lobby. because again, mental health spending has gone up in this country 60 percent in the last decade, has that helped? it is a guaranteed right under obamacare. has that helped? and you look at the counseling. there was a secret service report in july this year. 27 attacks, 91 deaths, 107
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injuries on mass attacks. a 67 more percent, more than two-thirds displayed signs of mental illness or emotional disturbance. in 93% of the incidents of people showed a history of troubling communication. we have not done anything about it. because the left is afraid of the mental health lobby. >> juan: i don't think that is right, but i will grant the point. and i want to move on, brian, what we are seeing is that it is major retailers like walgreens, cvs, walmart, i should say. adjoining walmart and kroger and telling customers not to carry weapons openly. >> brian: yes, bring them in concealed, that is a minor point, most people say, okay, i understand it. >> not minor to the nra, they are up in arms. a >> brian: of his shooter walks into a walmart, they have to know in certain states they can carry, so they will be shot back out. which most of these guys are cowards anyway. in terms of the xs and os
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and politics, here is what trump is looking at, 29 separate proposals, death penalty immediately for a fast track for the mass shooter, release the records of troubled teams and bring them into the adult age so that they will not pass a background check. i like that too, requiring the fbi to notify authorities when somebody fails a background check. you try for a gun, it failed, let's go knock on that guys -- it's usually not women, let's go knock on that guy's story. what i am encouraged by is the president is talking to senator murphy of connecticut, encouraged that he is talking to the president who is talking to lindsey graham. i hope that they will not go into their separate corners like they usually do and start yelling at each other. they can get a few things passed and get it addressed. and see a table like this, maybe a little bit bigger with psychological experts and forensic experts to look at the last 25 shootings, you only have to go back three years, and saved, what happened, what are
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the commonalities? have the politicians in the back row. here's a report. unlike simpson, i want something done out of this report. and when it is done, get experts, not politicians to decide how to keep the kids safe in school, the shoppers say that walmart, and others allowed to go to a bar without being shot at or a movie without being executed. >> dagen: and remind people that owning a gun is a constitutional right in this country which people forget. >> juan: i think that they are too many guns in this country, this is one common element to that there is easy access to firearms. this is a discussion not only at the family table, but now at the white house. we will see if something comes of it. dramatic new details in the tragic california vote fire. so many dead pit how are the owners now trying to fend off losses? and what happened right after that inferno erupted? you will see it here on "the five." ♪ the weather's perfect...
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♪ >> dagen: a new details in that tragic dive vote fire that killed 34 people off the coast of california. to the owners filing a federal lawsuit in an attempt to avoid having to pay the victims families and investigators revealing what happened just moments after the vote burst into flames. william la jeunesse is in santa barbara with the latest. >> well, the dive teams are trying to salvage what is left of the vote to bring it out of the water. and they have the barge here to do it from los angeles, but the winds are kicking up over the weekend, so that could be postponed until monday. also, cause and origin of the fire remain unknown, but an area of concern, the dining area where passengers charge their
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cell phones and their cameras. bad wiring and overloaded circuit, overloaded batteries, we don't know. 33 out of 34 bodies were covered 18 identified so far. >> all of the recovered remains have suffered varying degrees of fire damage, which requires dna analysis to confirm the identities of the victims. >> while the owner defends his crew, he also filed a limited liability claim in court on thursday dining any financial exposure or responsibility. >> captain jerry who remains on the vote as long as he possibly could, trying to get those radio calls in, within 10 minutes they would've been consumed, so they did their best.
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>> so based on crew accounts, officials say that passengers had no chance of surviving, because of the boats layout and design, no one heard a working smoke alarm, and reportedly the vote had no night watchman, which is required by cove. the atf has brought in their national response team to try to determine the cause, bringing up that vote is so important. also the autopsies will tell us because of how long or how long they did not have to live. >> dagen: william la jeunesse in california for us. the fact that the owners of the vote have already filed a lawsuit using a 1851 statute to try to avoid liability in the case, isn't that kind of appalling? >> emily: it does not sit well with the public and not with the victims families, it goes back to the time basically in the shipping industry when they could not obtain insurance, except now the insurance company uses it as a practice that they deploy immediately after catastrophe is to save their own hide and protect their interests, because they are looking at the defenses and payouts, but optically, it is really terrible, and it has only been a few days.
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the owners of the death vote catastrophe, they used it, and we have heard on the news, the titanic. it is a archaic, but it means that instead of going to state suits, it goes to federal court, and they cannot hear what they are arguing, which is zero. that is difficult for the victims to hear that the cost of these lives is just zero. but it is not a fail-safe. the owners would have to prove that their company is not to blame and the victims families are essentially proving that there is a knowing or should have known a negligence for them to prevail and the petition not to work. >> juan: that's what this is about, right? negligence, where they negligent or were they not negligent? and it scares me, by the way, that you would be asleep underneath a vote and there is no exit, that is very scary. but there was a verdict in the ghost case in california, and
2:19 pm
the guy who put on his warehouse of events was limited exits was found not guilty. >> emily: that is state law in california and what prosecutors charge the two defendants with, that it was so reckless, reckless disregard for human life that it was criminal. so they were charging him with criminal negligence, which we are talking about the civil negligence, and you said one was acquitted, and one -- >> the fact that it is worthless means there will be no money to pay out, but did they greet the crew and give the speech of this is what you do in case of a fire. the nightwatchman is one other element, they also say talking to the crew members, one reporter said at 2:35, one went to the bottom and made sure that the stove was cold, somewhere between 2:30 five and 3:15, there was a fire. and they could not get past the second level, so all of the people were basically being suffocated or burned alive on top.
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that's how quick it happen. so as they put this together if they find out all of the things are there, it's hard to believe that these families would not have a case. >> jesse: i think that they have a great case, and the guy who owns the company has to do what he has to do to protect his assets. he might be the victim, but he is just trying to save money so that he can have a retirement and look good, but that's what you would do if that was the situation you are in. they were tested for drugs and alcohol. looks like they were sober, but in my opinion, they were cowards. from what we know, they did not spend as much time as they should have staying with the ship and doing all they could to save one life. not only was there poor planning, but there was poor execution after the fire went down, and from what we heard over those calls, it looked like they got the hill out of there pretty fast. >> dagen: they will have to investigate whether these operations are up to snuff or not. in the meantime, democrats promising to save the planet by
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♪ >> jesse: it's time for the 2020 round up, if you thought that democrats extreme climate agenda could not get any crazier, think again. here is a new one. if you eat meat or use plastic straws, you are to blame for killing the planet. so says mayor pete. >> we think about it through the perspective of guilds, from using a straw to eating a burger, am i part of the problem? in a certain way, yes, but the most exciting thing is we can be a part of the solution. >> jesse: so exciting, and there is new york city's
2:26 pm
disastrous mayor bill de blasio going head-to-head with tucker over his climate hypocrisy. >> how can you take an suv to the gym and back every day and say that you are worried about climate change. i know it is a petty question. >> it is a chrysler pacifica. it is a pacifica. it is a hybrid electric, it is not a good suv. >> jesse: brian, it is a pacifica. >> brian: but the suvs that follow him, unbelievable, i thought it was so interesting to see mayor de blasio. one thing i give him credit for is going on, mayor mack two, he won supporters. i think that number three when i look back at the tape, i think that -- >> jesse: you watch her performance afterwards? >> brian: yes, most of the time i give myself an a+. and i evaluate my appearance. back to my original point, seven hours that, that marathon was probably the best thing that happened to trump 2020, by far, and the people throw things out,
2:27 pm
all of the candidates throw things out, and they have no plan to execute. when he was pushed on his buyback plan, the second that he was asked how you will do it, he said, we don't know how we are going to do it, basically said the same side, i walk into my house and go grab the ak-47. >> jesse: not a great plan. >> dagen: i want the lefties to get called out as immoral to reduce the standard of living for every american by trying to ban fossil fuels in the country. they are part of the problem, not the solution. >> jesse: oh, juan, that is tough talk. are you going to let that stand? >> dagen: it is immoral. >> juan: i'm going to go to church on sunday. >> brian: mehr booted to the edge. >> juan: is here reverend? >> jesse: he talks to god. >> juan: if we can limit consumption, we can limit generating the carbon deaths
2:28 pm
that go into the atmosphere. i don't see anything wrong with that, i just don't see any reels about that from the right, and then the left says, you are trying to control me, president trump is raising astounding amounts of money, buy a trump straw, that is his idea? >> jesse: it does not mean it is good because it is an idea. sometimes they are dumb ideas. and you are full of dumb ideas. making sure that everybody goes vegetarian. >> juan: the worst idea is no idea. >> emily: also half of it is the delivery, when you hand things over, i'm going to retaliate by eating ten burgers. and a poster child for the hollywood elitist double standard, which is essentially i will give lip service to all of these ideas but i will carve out an exception for me and everything in my world.
2:29 pm
>> dagen: and the co2 emissions, we have done a better job than any nation in the world quite frankly. we are back to the '85 level. >> juan: we are the richest -- >> dagen: so stop talking like we are not doing anything. >> jesse: up next, winning a democratic primary, some democrats are being furious after being cut from next week's debate and ripping the dnc over the process. >> setting this requirement that you have to be popular or famous if you are qualified, to me that does a disservice to voters. so, i think that we can raise our voices to call in the dnc to be more transparent and reassess how they are choosing which poles they are using. >> no one has run a poll of the democratic national community would accept for five weeks. i don't have to change anything. >> jesse: so juan, sore losers, complainers? >> juan: they have no point. the dnc has been transparent. the rules were set. you had to get this number, i
2:30 pm
think it was 130,000 small donors, you had to reach 2%, i don't get it. but most people who have dropped out, they don't have a complaint. and the people who remain, they are still in looking to try to meet those requirements to get in the october debate. i think that they are complaining. >> jesse: just like the electoral college, don't complain after. >> juan: let's change the rules. [laughter] >> emily: it is ironic that the billionaire environmental activists is complaining that he can't buy his way onto the dnc debate stage. >> dagen: $320,000 a day, on the retirement. he does not control politics. >> brian: with the time that i have, i would like to say this, the toasted gabbert, she could've got in a muggle again, because the criteria of the
2:31 pm
final two weeks, and she got stationed in indonesia. i think that you should say, clearly you are competent, you have a lot of ideas. you were on a roll, if you have to server two weeks, i would say if i was competing with her, i would say that you are blowing this. >> jesse: they should have made an exception. >> juan: i don't know, that sounds like a cranky baby. >> jesse: we all know, bernie sanders, a little bit of a crotchety socialist guy, but he is taking things to a whole new level, watch. >> i hear you correctly, saying that you have to cut your pills in half yourself? okay. we can keep that down a little bit. okay. [laughter] >> jesse: he is 100% right. >> brian: you cannot bring a screaming baby to a political event. he is trying to be president. >> jesse: you're supposed to kiss that baby. >> brian: quite down, she has to cut her pills in half. >> dagen: i want that dude to be my sidekick at every
2:32 pm
restaurant i go to. >> jesse: the baby or bernie? >> dagen: bernie. >> juan: he is not a i feel your pain type of guy. this is so rude. i don't even know what to say about it. >> jesse: stick a pacifier in his mouth. >> emily: he is such an ebenezer, when is he going to stop being the face of forward progression. it was not even 30 seconds, it was instant that he was like -- >> brian: that's how parents used to be, be quiet and sit in the corner. [laughter] >> jesse: all right, not feeling the burn, liberals targeting and shaming trump supporters, reaching epic proportions. now going after who next? wait until you see this. ♪ e the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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spokesman: fraudsters - they're out to get your medicare number so they can bill fake claims in your good name. don't give them that chance. fraudster: just calling to confirm your medicare number. do you have your card available? spokesman: for example, if a caller says they're from medicare, watch out. it's probably a scam. don't give out your card number. and always check your claim statements for errors. report fraudulent charges to 1-800-medicare. guard your card. learn more at ♪ >> brian: hi, everybody,
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welcome back. a trump supporters are facing an onslaught of shaming, snapping add to debra messing for saying that his donors should be outed. and now we have another outrageous example. you have a deliberate author taking to twitter to tell people to avoid wearing a red hat. "is anybody else uncomfortable these days by anyone wearing any type of red baseball cap, like the st. louis cardinals, maybe they don't wear red caps anymore, normal people. also for the love of god, the clever folks wearing make america read again, or whatever, you're making everybody scared. don't do it." banning red caps, is this an idea of whose time has come. >> jesse: they cannot handle a hat, they get upset when you eat a hamburger. they don't want you to drive somewhere. they want to make sure that your house is properly insulated. stay out of my house in my kitchen and my closet. you know, they are always saying stay out of my bedroom, well, get out of my closet.
2:38 pm
i cannot wear my phillies cap because it will trigger some liberal. >> brian: is this truly over-the-top? bringing people back down to earth and making people realize we are overreacting. >> dagen: they are angry about red hats, so my extension they hate santa claus. and you know, i would not want to make anybody from philadelphia where -- >> jesse: we are already making new scared. >> dagen: who makes me more frightened, red sox fans. do not bring on the wrath of a red sox fan. >> brian: this is what they put out. are you triggered when you see a red cap? >> juan: i am a big washington nationals fan, so we wear red hats. in fact, even the capitals have a thing about get your red on in washington. so this is kind of nuts. do i understand what she is saying? yes, i do, because there are lots of people who like to troll liberals, and i think there are
2:39 pm
people who don't even perceive that that had to, them make america great again hat, what it says to people of color. what it says to immigrants and a lot of women in this country, it is threatening. >> jesse: wait a minute, how is that threatening? it is a hat. spin on the kind of policies and things that we have seen take place in the country, from charlottesville -- >> jesse: we are make an america great again. >> juan: oh, yeah. it's not the politics, it's that you are intentionally sending a very divisive message. but i think that trump people do not even perceive it. >> brian: people do not perceive it the way that juan perceives it. >> emily: clearly that one woman does. to me i am like, keep it up, keep it up, because all this is going to do is galvanize everyone else, because it is now going into the normal fandom of what are you talking about? and the hypocrisy of hollywood, where everyone and all of the
2:40 pm
actors have in their twitter bios i am an activist, and debra messing tweeted out a black vote for trump is mental illness. she later apologized, but if i were to say that, if something was to say that, -- >> jesse: they called kanye west mentally ill. >> emily: and somehow they are self labeling activists. >> brian: has it occurred to you that it says keep america great, that he is talking about the eight years of president obama and the apology tour, and the acquiescence on the world stage and the protection of the american dream and pride, not back to slavery in precivil war talk? >> juan: i think it is back to 1950, women in their place. >> brian: he has never said that. >> juan: that is what it sounds like. >> jesse: that is the '80s, juan. >> juan: we are very american family, we are a community of people. i don't think that we should be intentionally offending people,
2:41 pm
oh, i had some fun. i really gave it to jesse. that is juvenile. >> dagen: that's what you are bringing to the table, you think somebody wearing a maga hat is doing it to offend you. that is a steaming pile of horse who we, and you know it, juan. >> jesse: now that people know that it upsets people when they see a red had to, like you said about the hamburgers, they are just going to wear it more. >> brian: whoopi goldberg was a breaking point, people have to respect people. my hope is that just because we vote differently, we are not going to boycott, it stops here. that's my hope. nobody believes me. 19 minutes before the top of the hour, tom brady tells us if the soccer star at 38 years old can kick in the nfl, why men can't decline marriage rates, and do parents love pets more than their kids, and it will be the
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fastest seven. ♪ limu emu & doug hour 36 in the stakeout. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. [ snoring ] [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> emily: welcome back, time for the fastest seven, first up, carli lloyd's football kicking skills have been igniting conversation if she could play in the nfl, tom brady is finally weighing in. >> i think if you are good
2:46 pm
enough to do it, and if teams want to explore that, i mean, everyone should have an opportunity. it is very highly competitive game, and it is hard to find the players. it is certainly hard to find good kickers. >> emily: so i looked up the stat, and from 2017-through thursday night's game, regular season only, the average is 60% of getting a field goal that was 55 yards and higher. but she took 30 steps, and in a real game you can only take one paired what you think? >> jesse: if she can split the uprights behind 50 yards, i say sign her. but i don't like care what kind of genitalia the leg is attached to, man, woman, if they can put it through the uprights and win the game for the eagles, give it to me. give it to me. if she does not do kick off some of them players will go after her, so stick to field goals and
2:47 pm
extra points. >> juan: are we live? [laughter] >> jesse: i am a woman's rights activists! i am defending women! >> brian: go ahead, sorry. i feel like you were about to talk. >> dagen: i -- >> brian: i know carli lloyd, one of the finest athletes in the country, at 38 years old, still on the world cup team, but my problem is if that cake is blocked or there is a fake, you're going to have 350-pound guy's going after a 135-pound woman, and if you are a guy, i am not hitting her. and i am just saying, it is not fair to her. and at 38 to start taking -- >> juan: there are rules in the game, just like rules that protect tom brady, there are rules that protect kickers. >> brian: not when the ball is live. not when it is blocked. >> jesse: if there is a
2:48 pm
turnover or a run back, she will get smoked. >> juan: where field goal kickers get hurt, and she took this 50 yards, there were not the 350 pounds guys coming at her. but once the way that field goal kickers get hurt is that they get roughed. and there are rules against that. they will protect her. >> brian: as soon as possible ball is blocked, you will knock her out of the way. >> emily: up next, you may be wondering why people are not getting hitched as much, but scientists think that you may be to blame. a new study shows marriage rates are declining because there are not many "economically attractive men for women to meet." my favorite part of the study was synthetic husband and dream husband, and the guy that was in charge of the whole thing was like, it is an economic transaction. i think the whole thing is weird. >> jesse: i don't know what a synthetic husband is, i hope that i'm not one of them. but i think men provide a certain package for women. you can be good-looking. you can be funny. you can be rich.
2:49 pm
it does not have to be all of those things. you can be ugly and rich. women like that. maybe you can be really good looking and broke. women also like that. but if you are not good looking, not funding, and broke, you're not going to go out on any dates. >> dagen: i will take broke and ugly if you can change a tire, rebuild a car engine, fix the dishwasher, and produce stuff that the modern man pays some other dude to do. again, no men -- >> jesse: you would not like me. >> brian: the study reveals that if a guy is wearing cologne, jogging, working out, working his abs, checking himself out in the mirror and trying to be a good person, it does not matter. it is about your wallet. and i find that discouraging. i don't know women that say on your first date how much you are worth, not how much you work out. what kind of person you are. i think the study reveals something very disturbing about america. it is all about the money. >> juan: first of all --
2:50 pm
>> jesse: are you calling women shallow? >> brian: it shows that women only care about money. >> juan: i read this differently, may be in the old days women were looking for somebody that would support them so that they did not have to work their whole lives to support the kids. now with modern women, they want a partner who is not going to drag them down, but they want to support pray to someone who allows them to prosper in their careers, brian. allow them to grow up without feeling that somebody is so economically unstable that they may be a hindrance to their progress. >> dagen: we want to do -- someone who fixes stuff. >> emily: a new study shows 34% of parents prefer their furry friends over their own kids. of course, i like their pets better than their kids too. >> jesse: they are asking which kid do you like, jimmy or nancy, they don't want to choose to create problems and they pick fluffy.
2:51 pm
>> emily: diplomacy. >> dagen: when you spoil the dog, the dog is awesome. when you spoil your kid, you raise debra messing. >> jesse: oh! >> brian: i do agree with jesse, the study is tongue-in-cheek that people are picking their german shepherd over there german child is a little bit disturbing. but i do think that there is one thing charming about pets, when kids get older, they have attitudes, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. the pets are consistent. they are always happy to see you when you are home. they cannot believe that you are there. when they are literal, they are so happy to see you. i have to credit the pet industry for raising good animals. >> jesse: what -- >> juan: what if you raise good kids? i love kids. i have no problem. much more than any animal. let me just tell you. >> jesse: do you have a pet, juan? >> juan: not at the moment. [laughter] i just think it would be
2:52 pm
terrible to say, i love my pet more than my child. >> jesse: you don't tell the kid that. you tell the stranger on the phone. >> emily: "one more thing" is up next.
2:53 pm
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>> juan: welcome back. it's time for "one more thing." jesse and i will get a good chew on them to see who can blow a big, pink bubble. as he can see from my shirt, raising awareness for breast cancer at an event called race for the cure. going to take place in new york monday. our colleague gerri willis will lead the fox news team this yea year. one through eight months of grueling treatment but today very cancer free. 100 people from fox are going to participate. the company is matching contributions from anyone to fight breast cancer and also
2:57 pm
paying for the runners' entrance fee. to support gerri and the fox news team, good luck to all the runners for a very good cause. >> emily: go get boobs checked, ladies. >> jesse: good luck to the boston -- juan and i are going to do one of those things where if the redskins would not, i will buy him a cheese steak and say something nice about liz warren. if the eagles will not, i get crab cakes and you have to say something nice about donald trump. >> dagen: that has never happen. i think the eagles are favorites. do you get points? jesse this is straight up. >> juan: you know the president is going to re-clip it and reach weighted
2:58 pm
retweeted. >> jesse: the saturday night i'm defending my title for the news quiz. we have eric trump and a big shoot-out with anthony scaramucci. >> juan: brian, we've got to go. >> brian: i've got money of time. i want you to meet single camp in the best cat you've ever seen. on a roller coaster i thought he i thought this was fake, he did this at a amusement park and he's on the shambala roller coaster. somebody loses an iphone. he grabs it out of the sky. this guy is an elite athlete. he's a fist baller, he made that catch, that was caught on tape. the best thing i've ever seen.
2:59 pm
>> dagen: police officers call up for a call, cat burglar, someone broken into a house. it was a cat. he was microchip. he was turned over to animal services to reunite him with his owners, and, juan, -- >> juan: i'm all for it. do you know what that means? hail to the red things. >> brian: juan said redskins! >> emily: the robot raced at darlington, such a blast with the kids of number 32 team. i was literally part of the pit crew, i had the outfit and everything, pushing the car, it was incredible. i also got a moment with our fox friends, the local schreiner team. thank you so much. >> jesse: they like that, you can change a tower.
3:00 pm
>> brian: full-circle. >> dagen: i can listen a car based on air pressure. >> juan: maybe you should marry her. we are going to be back here on monday and i want to see you with us but have a great monday, everyone. >> jesse: he won't be chewing gum. >> bret: hurricane dorian pouncing on her optimism over china trade talks fueled president trump celebration of the u.s. economy. true or false, trying to tell reality from fantasy as big tech goes after deep fakes. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. the death toll could be staggering. that from a bahamian official getting a sense of the magnitude of the devastation left by hurricane dorian in the bahamas.


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