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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 7, 2019 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> and a fox news alert as we are getting new video out of the both the united states on the right-hand side of your screen in north carolina, and then the bahamas on the left. it's a scramble as they deal with the aftermath of dorian out to sea. joining you from washington, i'm leland vittert. with happens in the aftermath of the storms, we're seeing the destruction and learning about the acts of bravery risking their own lives to help. >> risking their lives for people, strangers they don't know and we're going to be
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tracking them and sharing them throughout the afternoon. it's great to be with you. i'm gillian turner. we're going to look first at widespread devastation in the bahamas where thousands still could be missing. at the same time 85,000 people here in the u.s. southeast remain without power. we're tracking it all with live team coverage. we've got team har gan. >> i'm in front of a park that suffered at the hand of dorian. a cat 1 with 90 mile per hour wind. you think 90 mile per hour winds wouldn't create that destruction and you would be right, but one of the additional risks in hurricanes is that they can spawn tornados over land and water spouts over sea. this destruction you see here was actually the result of a water spout that came ashore,
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turning over many of these trailers and mobile homes on their sides. a total of 62 residential structures were damaged and five business properties were damaged here in this area. most people chose not to ride out the storm, only a handful remain, and no serious injuries are reported. but look at the power of this wind, this plant over here, a palmetto, ordinarily very hearty, stands up in tropical storms and hurricanes quite well and broken like a toothpick. over here this water park seems it has remained intact during that twister that came through this area. gillian and leland, back to you. gillian: what an incredible landscape there, jonathan. as you point out the water slide in the theme park kind of standing there like a beacon in that region. everything else pretty much totalled. we'll check back with you later. thanks, jonathan. leland: all right. the death toll in the bahamas is
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now up to 43 and search and rescue are attempting to reach them, steve is in nassau as rescuers made a base of sorts. good afternoon, steve. >> leland, in some parts of the northern islands of the bahamas, the destruction appears to be near total. we were on abaco island yesterday. here is what that scene looks li like. this was the entryway to a house that used to exist here, two stone steps are still in place. when you look at just foundation, this might have been an entryway here, maybe the kitchen here, and bedrooms here, but nothing left at all. it's flat. no walls, no roof, and all the neighbors, as far as you can see in every direction, just foundations and broken houses everywhe
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everywhere. rescue operations continue around the clock. you can hear those u.s. coast guard helicopters behind me. they've made more than 200 rescues since the storm began, also a cruise ship bringing more than a thousand evacuees from the bomb mass into-- bahamas into florida. and it stands at 43, the death toll. they're combing the bahamas, that may rise. thousands of people looking for friends and relatives. leland, back to you. leland: as you point out, we don't know how many of missing. quick, steve, do it seem as though the rescue effort and recovery effort to get people in or out has hit its stride yet or logistical issues? >> i think it's ramping up. some airports for fixed wing planes have opened up and i think we are going to see it ramp up in the next hours.
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leland: steve and ellison barber and the team, stay safe. gillian: president trump is touting the united states role in supporting the bahamas as those relief efforts continue to development. lots of different ones underway across the region now. mark meredith is reporting from the white house this morning. you've got all the details on those efforts. what can you tell us, mark? >> hey, gillian, that's right. the president says the u.s. is willing to help the bahamas recover from hurricane dorian. he on twitter praised the prime minister of the bahamas and thanks the coast guard as well as fema to help the people recovering from that horrific storm. the president has also been spending a lot of the weekend talking about the economy on twitter. this is one of the tweets that got a lot of attention late last night. i want to show it to you. quote, china just enacted a major stimulus plan with the tariffs they're paying to the usa, billions and billions of dollars, they need it. in the meantime our federal reserve sits back and does nothing. that tweet came hours only after
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the august jobs report was released. economists expected 158,000. and we are expecting to see chinese and u.s. trade talks continue in october. all of this is going to be happening as lawmakers this week will be returning to work after their summer recess. they've been on break now for the last several weeks. we expect lawmakers will face questions where they stand on the issue of impeachment. two house chairmen sent letters, demanding answers about vice-president mike pence's trip to europe and especially staying at a trump hotel in ireland. potential violations of the foreign and domestic emoluments of the constitution, whether to recommend articles of impeachment. the lawmakers are demanding documents from the white house
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over the vice-president's trip. the president was asked about it earlier this week and he denied having any say in the hotel choice. >> then i heard he was going there, but i didn't-- it wasn't my idea for mike to go there. mike went there because his family is there. that's my understanding of it. >> now, the president has also said recently he was considering hosting the g7 summit in 2020 at his golf resort in florida and this likely added more fuel to the fire. gillian: as if they needed any more fuel. thanks for na, mark. leland: ilhan omar about the activity at or near the president's property. this is insanely corrupt and we don't need mueller report for impeachment. with that we bring in republican from arizona, andy biggs, they've got a couple of things
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on impeachment this week. nice to see you, sir. i hope you enjoyed the recess. >> i did. leland: if democrats want to go down the path, there's not a whole lot that the republicans can do about it in the house, right? >> the democrats sometimes forget that they have all the votes because they have the majority and we have process and procedure on our side, but if this is what they want to do, which they've signaled literally for eight months this is what they want to do maybe they'll take action. leland: it's pretty clear we don't need to ask where you come down on this issue to preview your vote. let's look at this, whether or not the president should be impeached. lookout at it literally. and the president seems to love using ilhan omar or oac as a whip post for this. is it better for him if they go through with impeachment. >> only one third are for impeachment, i would say that's
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the democrat base. and two-thirds, whether they love president trump. leland: the polling is mixed. and if you pars it out, impeachment versus impeachment and removal-- there's concern about what president trump has done. if you're worried that republicans don't look, for example, this conceivable military spending at the president's hotels, the, you know, the g7 at the doral, et cetera, do republicans lose the moral high ground if they don't look into this stuff? >> everybody is looking into this, whether it's republicans or democrats. investigations happen on a routine basis so all of this comes out. what happens, this becomes politicized and becomes a weapon and i think that's where the democrats have their problem. it's one thing to find out information and determine it, but when it's always politically-- if it's always politically motivated. leland: this is washingtons,
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after all. >> i'll grant you that, leland. leland: this is washington. let's button this up quickly. are you okay with the president hosting the g7 at the doral? >> why find that to be entirely offensive to me. leland: if it's not entirely offensive, is it entirely okay? >> i don't have a major problem with it. what i see happening though, leland. leland: okay. >> is a constant-- >> if the president. hold it, if president obama had held a major conference, major international summit at a hotel that he had a financial relationship with or he had-- one of his major donors had a financial relationship with, i have a feeling you would have said something about that, am i wrong? >> it just depends on the circumstances. let me. leland: oh, come on. >> no, no, leland, you have to look at it this way. what are the available facilities, what makes sense, what works. leland: in the whole-- >> that's what we're looking at.
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leland: okay. >> i mean the point is. leland: we won't do the travel agency thing here. we'll move on. i want to get to the issue of immigration, the front page of your local paper today. two major immigration stories on the front page and then on the left-hand corner arizona g.o.p. is thinking of canceling their primary ostensibly to support president trump. let's get this on the immigration issue. you've been home for five weeks or so. is this a point republicans are winning not with your base, but with swing voters? we know arizona is a potentially very key swing state. >> it is winning this. this narrative has changed and turned around, actually. in arizona right now, that's the number one issue na people are concerned about. in fact, nationwide, that's the number one issue. so we're winning the issue on the immigration, we're just not getting enough done to stop the illegal immigration yet. you're going to get a report this week probably that 60,000
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apprehensions this last month, 60,000, leland and people say that's down from nearly 150 a couple months ago, that's right, it's down, but it's exponentially higher than a year ago and what was the normal range. you're still catching 1800 people a day crossing our border. leland: the front page. paper actually talking about just that issue in terms of the numbers and they are indeed down. congressman appreciate it as always. safe travels back and we'll see you back once you get back to work. >> thanks, leland. leland: good to see, your sir. gillian. gillian: live pictures now coming out of manchester, new hampshire. there's kamala harris, she's speaking at the state's democratic party convention. she is just one of 19 democratic hopefuls hitting that stage today across the day. the candidates now fighting to gain whatever traction they possibly can ahead of the next democratic debate which is coming up less than a week. joining us now is one of those
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presidential candidates, he'll be addressing this convention later this in the afternoon. montana governor, steve block. governor, that's quite a crowd you have behind us. thanks for taking time out with us this afternoon. we appreciate it. >> yeah, it's great to be with you, gillian. gillian: governor, political analysts this week are starting to talk about an obscurity gap that's facing the candidates. they're saying the top tier, warren, sanders, biden, kamala harris says she's part of it and then there's everybody else. are you feeling that as you go about your day-to-day wrangling on the campaign trail? are you feeling the lag? >> yeah, what i'm feeling, gillian, like here in new hampshire, 157 days before they actually address their preference. so a long way to go and what i'm hearing, too, is like we've got to get on to that election and
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beat donald trump. but as somebody who actually wanted to bring people together. as a governor outside of washington d.c., i have a lot to add to that, i think at the end of the day voters aren't going to make the fast decision, they're going to make the right decision. gillian: so robert frank, the economist, says that you are so popular in the state of montana, quote, despite the state's deep conservativism, you're the only democrat with a shot at beating the republican incumbent senator next year. are you tempted? are you thinking about getting into that race if you don't go all the way in 2020? >> no, we're going to have good candidates, actually to take on steve gaines. i'll do everything i can to support those candidates, but we have to be talking about awesome places like north dakota, or indiana or missouri, places where democrat senators used to win and we need to make sure we have somebody at the top of the ticket who has won in a red or
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purple state if we want to make the victories across it country and i believe i can do that, but we will have good candidates in montana, it won't be me, it will be everything i can to get him or her elected. gillian: governor, if what you really want to do though going into next year is move the party forward, make sure the momentum stays with democrats, you want to unseat president trump, you have to kind of admit though that angling for a senate seat, especially with your issues, now, the environment, they kind of lend themselves perfectly to a senate seat. >> well, i think from the respect of, look it, if warren or sanders gets a nomination, then the republican governor could be appointing republican senators along the way. so from that perspective, it really it like, i'm in a state where a third of the counties went obama, obama, trump.
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in iowa a third of the counties went obama, obama, trump. we have to have somebody at the top of the ticket that can win back the place that is we lost. gillian: if you're to a certain point, governor, it becomes clear that you're really not going the distance, you're going to have to think about your next step. howard schultz dropped out this week, as you know. he talked a lot about his reasoning being he didn't want to risk becoming a spoiler for whoever the frontrunner is, whether it's biden, sanders, whoever. do you worry about that? >> i missed part of that because the background noise. gillian: yes, well, governor, do you wear about becoming a spoiler? >> and we will have good people in that race. i i'll do all that i can to make sure they're elected. for me it wasn't an either/or
9:17 am
proposition. gillian: governor, why are you focused on ending the trade war with china. you call it president trump's trade war. you think it's kind of destroying the economy. >> well, it is. and i mean, we see it all across states like montana and iowa or anybody that produces. president trump is kind of taking america first and alone, and these are hitting our farmers and ranchers really, really hard and payments from the usda aren't going to change that. now it's hitting all of us. we should be tough on china, but the way he's gone about it, it's hitting the bread basket of america. gillian: we'll let you get back to the convention. thanks for laying it out on the table for us, and hope to see you soon. >> thank you, gillian. leland: we'll check in on a couple of speeches in a minute. in the meantime, we'll learn more about how iran plans to restart its nuclear program, specifically how close it might be getting to a bomb.
9:18 am
lucas tomlinson with us on this. how are you doing. >> hey, how are you doing, leland. iran as stock pile needed to make a nuclear bomb is increasing, according to a speakman for the nuclear agency who wants europe to act quickly to save the landmark agreement which president trump abandoned last year. >> as we move forward, the situation will get more difficult. the european side must realize there's not much time left. if they want to take any action, they must carry it out as soon as possible. >> iran began spinning advanced sixth generation centrifuges today for the first time to enrich uranium ten times faster than the old tubes allowed under the obama-era deal. iran brazenly showed off the secentrifuge centrifuges, the latest of the deal. and one accused them of cheating the deal for a long time. >> they have been violated and
9:19 am
violated the proliferation treaty for years. it's no surprise that the iranians are going to pursue what they've always pursued. >> and one to is smuggle illicit oil in violation of the sanctions. the tanker had been seized off gibralter, but released the tanker after what they said were assurances that the vessel would not go to syria. john bolton says, anyone who says the adrian dorian i is not headed to iran, they'd go for the machine rather than provide for their own people. they're not going to get sanctions relief until it stops lying and spreading terror. today iran also seized a tug boat in the strait of hormuz, the first time tehran has seized a vessel since july. leland: the iranians breaking their word on something, we'll watch this because it's never happened before.
9:20 am
lucas tomlinson with us. thank you very much. later in the show president george w. bush and from the obama administration, pavel is coming up. gillian: secretary esper says while officials are working to negotiate a peace agreement with the taliban, the u.s. will quote, make sure we have a good deal before signing anything and esp esper attempting to reassure afghan officials as well as u.s. allies that any agreement reached would ultimately have to make both countries safer and more secure. at the start of the talks are preparations to withdraw up to 5,000 troops from afghanistan, a move that could end america's 18-year long engagement in the country. leland: so just how safe is it vaping? not only for you, but for your high school-age kids? what's the c.d.c. is saying about new warnings next.
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that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. >> experts are starting to warn people now to put down those e-cigarettes. this after reports that a fifth person has died from a mysterious lung disease that may be linked to vaping.
9:25 am
lauren green has the details on this story, lauren. >> well, gillian, that fifth death is of a man in his 50's. health officials are not sure if there were underlying health issues. regardless, the dangers of alarming as young, healthy people are coming down with debilitating illnesses. there have been reports in 33 states. victims have been young in age and all those who died were mature adults. age ranging from middle age to 65. one identified as older and suffering from chronic health problems. the five deaths occurred in illinois, indiana, minnesota, oregon and the latest in california, where los angeles health officials said there were been 12 reports of vaping related pulmonary injuries. health officials warn that symptoms include coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath, also nausea, vomiting diarrhea,
9:26 am
fatigue, fever and weight loss. >> today we're issuing a warning to all residents about the use of these devices as potentially harmful to proper lung function. >> now, e-cigarettes or vaping have been sold for about a decade and touted as a healthier alternative to nicotine cigarettes, but the illnesses and deaths being linked just became known in the last year. seniors for disease control and food and drug administration have not confirmed that the deaths and sicknesses are vaping related, but indiana health officials can find no other reason. >> vaping is the only common factor to date. many individuals have reported taking thc, the ingredient in marijuana or other substances, but we do not know what else may have been in these products or what is causing these injuries. >> health officials are calling on people to avoid vaping until they figure out why some people
9:27 am
are getting seriously ill. gillian. gillian: lauren, thank you for that report. leland, one of the things that strikes me is lauren just reported e-cigs have only been on the market ten years. if people are already suffering major complications and even dying as a result of this, is yet to be proven, but if that's the case, that's pretty alarming. leland: and the big question is whether this is something from a long-term use of vaping or whether this is something that acutely happened to people, but you think about the biggest company in this in e-cigarettes, which is juul. not a good week for them. there's a member of congress who has called for an investigation into their advertising. and what lauren was talking about, whether or not e-cigarettes are on the road and should be advertised as such to quitting smoking. we will a keep watching and see what the c.d.c. has to say.
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>> turning back now to one of our top stories this afternoon, a spokesman for iran's atomic energy's office say they have the ability to go beyond a 20% enrichment. this coming after tehran announced it will further enrich uranium, something the nuclear inspectors over there on the ground now say they're laser focused on. for more on this we bring in director for strategy and security, senior vice-president at the atlantic council, barry, you say that president trump's maximum pressure campaign on tehran is actually bearing some
9:33 am
fruit and working. tease that out for us. >> that's my view. the purpose of the maximum pressure campaign was to get a better nuclear deal. my own view was the previous deal was better than no deal, but now that we're out, we might as well keep this pressure on and the reason i think it's working is you see a couple of things, you see reporting that the iranian leadership has made a decision it's going to have to negotiation with the trump administration number one and then number two, you see iran grasping for leverage points. ef leverage points for the europeans to give them economic relieve and leverage points for the u.s. and you're seeing the agreement, seeing them breaching 3.67 enrichment threshold. you're seeing them breaching the 300 kilogram stockpile limit and
9:34 am
today see the announcement including the centrifuges on the podium with-- of iran using advanced centrifuges which can get them to a higher level of capability much more quickly which was not allowed under the agreement. barry, you've laid out suscinctly all the bad things that iran is doing. does that not tarnish them in the eyes of the western european allies? i mean, it seems like iran and, for example, france are sort of more on the same page than ever these days. >> well, i think that iran is using these steps to try to threaten the europeans and pressure the u.s. my own view, this is the worst time for the french initiative. now that you're seeing iran trying to misbelieve and thereby pressure us, this is the time to pressure us and maybe we can get a better arrangement. gillian: do you think so it's a
9:35 am
good idea for the french president macron to basically offer this $15 billion payment for iran basically for cooperating with them, for cooperation? >> no, i don't think it's a good idea at all. i think the timing is exactly the worst timing because we're seeing this iranian movement. iranians are expert negotiators, we should be, also. gillian: iran's foreign minister said earlier this week, any talks going forward with the united states are only going to happen if the united states, ie, president trump agrees to commit, recommit to 2015 obama nuclear deal. if you're a betting guy, what are you putting down on the odds of this happening? >> that's not going to happen, but again, iran-- iranian officials are master negotiators, these are various attempts to try to get leverage before they end up getting to a table. whereas the u.s. has said,
9:36 am
various officials said we'll talk without pre-conditions. iran is not there yet. keep the pressure on, they will be there. >> there was a lot of talk in the halls of the west wing this week about the possibility, possibility of president trump meeting face-to-face with president rouhani at the u.n. if you have your advisory hat on again, if you're back there advising president trump on that, would you tell him to go for that or run in the other direction? >> u.s. officials have already said they are ready for talks without pre-conditions. i think president trump's intents on withdrawing from the 2015 deal was to get a stronger deal in a few areas which we can go into. so i think we lose nothing by having those talks. what we need to make sure is that the talks produce the outcomes that we seek to strengthen u.s. and allied interest. gillian: last question for you. president trump puts a lot of
9:37 am
stock in the idea that he can get a better deal on this and so many other things. we're going to throw away the 2015 iranian deal because we could do better. is that in your estimation, the idea of a getting a better deal with iran in the first place like a unicorn or realistically within president trump's grasp? >> that's unknowable. my sense is that it's realistic, but how much better than the 2015 agreement, does it include ballistic missiles? does it include regional behavior? does it include a duration that does not end in 2025? does it include, you know, more stringent limits on enrichment? those are the things that i think the administration was seeking and if you can get even half of those, it's a stronger arrangement than happened before. gillian: all right, so it sounds like there's a lot of questions
9:38 am
out there, but eventually they will become answerable and then the american people can decide for themselves. barry, thanks so much for joining us this afternoon and we hope to get you back on soon. >> my pleasure. gillian: much more on this is coming up tomorrow on fox news sunday. chris wallace is going to talk right here to secretary of state mike pompeo. check your local listings for the time and channel there. leland: noteworthy how many sunday shows pompeo is doing. meantime the u.s. and china back at the negotiating table, allegedly. so, who are the winners and losers? we are going to talk to one small business owner who says this is really going to hurt not only him, but his employees. how, when we come back. ite! ♪ kraft. for the win win.
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>> president trump is touting the u.s. economy. he says there is no economic uncertainty. he doesn't even know what everyone is talking about.
9:43 am
just look at yesterday's jobs report. the u.s. did add 100,000-- 130,000 new jobs in the month of august, but this increase falls below economists' predictions that the u.s. would add about 150,000 new jobs. meantime the unemployment rate is holding steady at 3.7% for the third month in a row. but as some business owners say they're worried about hiring new staff because of the president's tariff war with china, the president says the tariffs are actually helping the economy. >> we want to see results. we would like to see results in the near term. when we don't see results, we take additional actions. america is working. america is producing. our economy is quite strong. things like productivity is rising as well as wages and so forth. president trump is determined to defend american economy and its work force. >> to that point, it's true, the
9:44 am
25% tariff increase on most imported steel is helping the u.s. steel industry. prices and production are up. imports are down. yet, there's still uncertainty in other industries as negotiations between washington and beijing continue to stop and start. leland: winners like the steel plant in granite city, illinois. and others say they're feeling the effects of this firsthand. and bobby, nice to see you again. a couple of weeks you came on and you said things were getting tough. anything change, number one? number two, are you guys at the point where you're going to start laying folks off? >> leland, thank you for having me on and i appreciate everything you guys do. yeah, the last round of tariffs that hit in september were disastrous to our business, but not just our business, millions
9:45 am
of other small businesses. leland: you're a business guy and still doing well, putting food on the table and gas in the car. what does disastrous mean for employees? have you laid people off? cut wages? >> frankly the tariffs are affecting us because we can't hire more. we haven't laid anyone off, but we haven't been able to hire more people to expand our structure which is something we need to do as well. leland: you say you're not able to hire enough people to do the jobs that you need them to do because it costs too much? connect those two for me. >> sorry, leland, i couldn't hear you, got popped out here. leland: connect the two thoughts for me. how are the tariffs meaning you can't hire enough people? you don't have the money to hire, you can't expand? nobody's buying your product? what does it mean? >> it means the fact whenever we have an import and we file a customs entry, we pay the tariffs. the small businesses are the
9:46 am
ones that pay the tariffs which cut into our profit margin. there's only so much we can add to our prices ma make the retail prices realistic. in a way we're kind of subsidizing the retail prices which affect us negatively. leland: you talked to executives at places like home depot and some of the other large box retailers, they'll tell you they're hurting as well. why is it different for small businesses? >> well, i'm not so sure that's very true. you've got fortune 500 countries like apple that haven't been affected by the tariffs. the nuclear option, like what i call the nuclear option, lifts for september. they have literally much smaller room to work than a company like home depot, i'm sure of the comparison. leland: you listen to the president and he will tell you and told the entire country that companies that are complaining that they're having a tough time with the tariffs, it's not because of the tariffs, it's
9:47 am
because they've got bad management. so are you guys bad managers? >> absolutely not. i'm not so sure what he means by that. in addition to that, when he sees tens of billions of dollars of tariffs have been taken from the chinese, that's factually not correct. that's been paid by importers. leland: okay, so in the administration, in fairness, has moved off of the talking point that the chinese are paying for the tariffs, as you points out, but gone onto the point they say look, there's a national security crisis as relates to china. they're bad actors and they've got to be confronted at some point and there might be pain for folks like yourself, but we're essentially in a war, a nonshooting war with the chinese and let's go, we've got to come together as a country. are you in on that? >> leland, our family business has been around for 40 years, i'm america first, i completely
9:48 am
understand china is a bad actor. there are better ways to go about this. such as getting a coalition together not going at a unilaterally. perhaps we could look at our international partners in europe and get together together. we can't do this unilaterally. leland: that's a talking point we've heard from the other side as well. unclear if the president got any commitments for that when he was there for the g7. bobby, enjoy the rest of the weekend out in los angeles. >> thank you, sir. leland: good to see you. gillian. gillian: well, the latest turn in the feud between nfl receiver antonio brown and his now former team. brown prevailed and got what he wanted. we'll tell you how next. great presentation, tim. could you email me the part about geico making it easy to switch and save hundreds? oh yeah, sure. um.
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9:52 am
>> all right, a new update in the antonio brown saga. if fella is a running back, a player, i think a receiver, for the oakland raiders, at least he was. he's now been released from the oakland raiders hours after an instagram post from the star receiver i'm just asking for the freedom to prove them all wrong, release me. and here to discuss this, the
9:53 am
voice of the big easy, he knows a thing about football as well as politics. free antonio brown, it has been done. >> good for the raiders, leland. leland: yeah, and raiders nation. not that i'm a raiders fan, i don't really wish them well, but seems like a good decision. >> he was a problem from day one with the helmet, you know, he said some very disparaging things about the general manager and he's just been a problem. he hasn't gone to practice, hasn't shown up for training camp. leland: my question is if he still has to pay all the fines? he should. >> it is nice though, and you can talk about this. it's nice to have a topic other than politics for everybody to get animated about. i remember when sports was the thing we got the most animated about. >> i tell you, here in new orleans, football is like number one. over politics, over food, it's over everything. football, we're football crazy down here. leland: down there you seem to now have the intersection of football and politics, drew breez, i could say the patron saint of new orleans, the most
9:54 am
loved, the most loved son in new orleans. >> right. leland: he did this video about take your bible to school day and got a lot of flak because the video was attached to focus on the family, focus on the family is at times controversial, such as the lbgtq community. and then he had to post this apology video. take a listen. >> what i did was i filmed a video recently that was encouraging kids to bring their bibles to school for national bring your bible to school day. to bring your bibles to school, to be able to live out your faith with confidence and gave one of my favorite bible verses, it was as simple as that. leland: is it as simple as that or should it be? >> yes, it is, all drew brees was supporting was bring your bible to school. as american as apple pie and the american flag. drew doesn't get into
9:55 am
controversy, a great family man and civic leader. that's all he was doing promoting bringing your bible to school. he's a strong christian and give them credit for being a strong-- >> where does it go in new orleans. he ended up having to be defensive in the locker room. you can't say anything about your personal convictions, and something as relatively as bring your bible to school if you so choose. is anything safe how? >> the response on my show, people have been 100% behind drew brees. there was a liberal columnist that made a big deal about it and got people in the national media concerned about it and that's why drew brees had to issue that statement which said, hey, all i was doing was supporting the right of kids to bring a bible to school and i think everyone agrees, that's okay.
9:56 am
leland: we'll have to see what happens to drew brees jersey sales on this. and back to where we started, antonio brown, according to a wise watcher of football, gary k from orlando writes he took antonio's third round of fantasy league. enjoy fall and talking about brees. >> lets me tell you, drew brees' jerseys are going to go through the roof. leland: we'll talk about it. thanks, jeff, from the big easy today. gillian: well, new worries for at least some of the parents charged in the college admissions scandal. some of those who took plea deals might not be so happy coming up next. want to buy. it's not sexy... oh delicious. or delicious... or fun. ♪ but since you need both car and home insurance, why not bundle them with esurance and save up to 10%.
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10:00 am
>> trust and the bahamas grab welling the fallout of hurricane dorian, residents now beginning to think about working to recover from the storm, leland, you said it nicely last hour, lots of horror stories, of course, coming out of this but also stories about great americans, lots of folks pitching in helping each other, other people -- leland: you always see it in these times, people come together, risk their lives to rescue perfect strangers, whether it's in bahamas in middle of the storm or north carolina, it's inspiring and important to note when it happens because of public discourse we have today, i'm le lant vittert, the death
10:01 am
toll in bahamas is almost certain to rise, thousands of people locking for -- looking for loved ones there, team coverage throughout the zone, steve harrigon in naussea. there's still tens of thousands without power and without a home, hi, jonathan. >> water spout that came ashore as storm was advancing, 62 residential structures destroyed and 5 business properties destroyed, north carolina roy cooper touring the site just moments ago, he says that north carolinians are resilient lot, they will rebuild and they that are getting help from neighbors, people in other parts of the state who saw this area on tv
10:02 am
and wind damage from the twister but up the coast storm surge, first responders sending supplies to remote community with no bridges to mainland. >> estimate about 800 people remain on the island during the storm and if heard reports that it was catastrophic, the coast guard airlifted 79-year-old man who needed medical attention. >> the coast guard and two other residents who were experiencing medical emergencies and transported additional 3 who simply wanted to leave the island and clean-up continues here, owners of the property and mobile homes trying to salvage
10:03 am
what they can over remains to have weekend before the heavy equipment comes in to clear away all of the dye bring on monday, leland, back to you. leland: so many down there still recovering from hurricane florence a year ago, jonathan will remain as cleanup continues, thanks, jonathan. gillian. gillian: search and rescue teams attempting to read isolated parts of the bahamas in the wake of hurricane dorian, so far over 40 people have died there, that number is very sadly expected to rise, steve harrigon on the ground tracking as this unfolds, steve, what can you tell us? >> gillian, some of the hardest-hit areas in northern parts of the bahamas, more than 13,000 houses completely destroyed including this one we visited yesterday. this was the entry way to a house that used to exist right here, two stone steps are still
10:04 am
in place when you look at just foundation, this might have been an entry way here, maybe the kitchen here, bedrooms here but nothing left at all, just flat, no walls, no roof, and all the neighbors as far as you can see in every direction just foundations and broken houses everywhere. >> rescue operations and evacuations are continuing, there's really nothing on parts of those islands especially ovacoa island, coast guard are helping the injured and evacuation of cruise ship, a thousand people taken to florida, death toll officially stands at 43 but still search and rescue teams going through that wreckage and they're expected to find a number of bodies in the days to come, gillian, back to you. >> steve, thanks for being here and covering this for us, we are
10:05 am
hoping and praying it doesn't climb any higher than 43, leland. leland: incredible work by steve and his crew there. antiparliament demonstrators inside london today, this has been going on for a while, live in london with whether this got violent or not, hi, ryan. >> yeah, it's been at least 3 years now, leland, you know, opposition parties normally welcome election boris johnson, he said he would like to see one last week but they said no and the reason for that is because they are concerned that if there's an election next week the conservatives and this prime minister boris johnson could use the mandate to ignore a law that they just passed that would force the prime minister to extend negotiations with the european union if he doesn't reach a temporary trade deal with the uk's biggest trading partner by the deadline of
10:06 am
october the 31st, now, that said boris johnson may ignore the law anyway. in an interview with daily telegraph, paper here, boris johnson said he's only bound by that law, quote n -- in theory, when he became prime minister he said the country would leave eu in june, now boris johnson to meet with eu leaders in 17 of october, 2 weeks before brexit deadline, several members of parliament will go to court ahead of that to force him to follow the new law by the way that's going to be signed into law by the queen on monday at the meeting, if he doesn't he could in theory be held in contempt of court and in theory, at least go to jail, you mentioned the scuffles outside of parliament, groups for and against brexit were out there, a couple on the for side appeared to clash with the police and i
10:07 am
can tell you, i've been following british politics for more than a decade now and that's just the kind of thing that you don't really ever see happening here but it's starting to happen, at least today it happened and that's because brexit is putting a big strain on things. back to you. >> well, we have seen probrexit folks take turn on this 3 years, gillian, has a lot more. gillian: more insight on what all of this means here at home and the united states, let's turn to the director of the heritage foundations margaret thatcher center, former adviser to the late british prime minister neil gardner. bit of chaos across the pond in terms of politicking this week, is he going to survive all of this? >> i think he will, and ultimately this is a battle now between the british people and
10:08 am
parliament, the parliament is vote to go delay brexit to seek an extension of article 50, the goal of the remain mp's in parliament to derail brexit altogether, the british people voted for brexit, 17.4 billion, the will of british people, boris johnson is standing on behalf of the british people saying he would not agree what parliament is wanting to do. >> that's why they referred to as british trump, parliament, aka the congress, you guys don't know what you want, we are here to tell you, we are here to try and help you yourselves and boris is standing as popular feeling? >> he's called for a general election to resolve the current political impasse and the latest polls show support for the conservative party led by boris
10:09 am
johnson absolutely surging at this time and big majority if election were to be held today and this is one, of course, labor party, the opponents of brexit do in the want to see a general election because they know they are going to lose because the will of the british people for britain to leave the eu october 31st. >> october 31st, with or without safety rails in place, we want out. >> with or without a deal is the approach of boris johnson which is absolutely -- absolutely right. >> i was going to ask you for your assessment of that, do you think that leaving without a deal is reckless, do you think it's dangerous or do you think it's really do only politically legitimate path forward. >> the most realistic path forward because the european union has been extremely difficult in terms of the negotiations with the united kingdom, eu has tried to stop brexit, derail brexit and make the conditions of eu agreement extremely tough for the uk and so that hasn't been sort of good will that you would need on the
10:10 am
eu fight and hence a new deal is most realistic likely option. gillian: okay, that's the key here, for our british friends we want them to be okay and want them to survive, if they go forward without a deal, right, are you very worried about the kind of economic consequences they're going to suffer or do you think that too might iron itself out over the coming years. >> i think britain will do just fine, britain is the world's fifth largest economy, the uk working on free trade agreement. gillian: right. >> britain will prosper with or without a deal and the british economy is hugely important to europe and i expect european leaders once britain leaves the european union to look for pragmatic solutions to ensure that trade continues to flow free between the uk and the european union, so i'm not
10:11 am
worried at all, i believe that once the person leaves the european union britain will be hugely successful on the world stage and brexit is all about freedom, sovereignty, self-determination, economic liberty as well and you will see britain doing extremely well in brexit era. gillian: let's talk about optics for a second as much as i loathe that word, president trump met with boris johnson in g7, first time they were meeting as equals, really, as foreign heads of state representing their governments, right? lots of chemistry between them, president trump loves to talk about how they are friends. i mentioned to you a moment ago a lot of americans see a lot of president trump in boris johnson but then this week mike pence over there in london, he sat down with boris johnson for the first time at 10 downing street, i don't know if we have video there for folks at home but a lot of people said, whoa, whoa, whoa, they definitely do not
10:12 am
have the chemistry that trump and johnson has, what was the take on vice president pence in the uk, what did they make of him? >> i thought that vice president pence's visit was very successful and clearly vice president pence is huge supporter of brexit and the special relationship. >> very different, his nature, his disposition, it's very different from boris johnson, you know, he was very diplomatic and official seeming, he spoke to johnson in a way that really, it's just a very different vibe and the mannerism between the both show is very different. >> yeah, very different individuals but only completely in sync and i do think that mike pence's visit in london was successful. i spoke with british mp's who thought that the vice president's visit was a
10:13 am
tremendous boost for britain and great to have the world standing shoulder to shoulder with the british people, britain is great for america as well and that's the message that the vice president strongly reinforcing london absolutely the right signal to be sending. gillian: sounds like prime minister johnson wants to get vice president pence to convince america to be -- your possibility of that happening? >> that may be remote. i think we will have a great u.s.-uk treatment. >> do you think we should try it? >> i wouldn't recommend it myself, actually. gillian: we will take your word. leland. [laughter] >> thanks so much again. leland: investigators still don't know what caused the boat fire last weekend but the company that owned the boat, well, they are saying they are not legally responsible, kristina coleman from west coast
10:14 am
news, they are saying this even before the funerals? >> that's right, leland, the owners to have boat conception filed u.s. district court this week for limited liability for the accident using precivil work provision of maritime law, ntsb and coast guard and fbi all working hard to get to the bottom of this, it's not a criminal investigation at this time, but the big questions officials have right now is how did this awful fire start and how can a tragedy like this be prevented, the coast guard started the process of raise what's left of conception, the dive boat bunks that are 2 feet high, two possible ways out but the fire trapped below deck, investigators want to keep as much as the boat intact as possible for the investigation. >> the vessel is upside down and so we call that inverted and -- and so the first step is to
10:15 am
gently roll over the vessel with the appropriate rigging equipment and then have that stabilize prior to beginning the raise. >> as of now full report with probable cause and findings could take up to 2 years, what do we know, 5 crew members were stationed on the boat's deck and not below it, they were able to jump off the vessel, the crew reportedly says the flames, smoke, intense heat stopped them from reaching people below deck, the victims had signed of smoke inhalation and preliminary examination said they died before burned, memorials held to those who lost their life in tragedy. >> a couple of friends, yeah, it hit me all week. >> the ntsb to release preliminary report in 9 day that
10:16 am
is will cover basic facts of the investigation but not inspect today reveal major conclusions, leland. leland: legal battles begin, kristina coleman there in west coast news, watch this and if there's criminal probe as well in coming weeks, thank you. gillian. gillian: well, as actress felicia faces sentencing for college emission's scandal,famof
10:17 am
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10:20 am
>> that's in california, officials say a lighting strike kick-started the fire that then became blaze on thursday afternoon, that fire now burning more than 7,700 acres and it's less than 10% contained, heavy winds, fanning the flames helping it spread at alarming fast rate. ♪ ♪ leland: actress felicity
10:21 am
huffman facing time in jail, federal prosecutors want her to spend a month, low-end of the sentencing guideline, with that we bring in attorney alex little, former federal prosecutor, partner at burr and foreman, went law the entire investigation, huge amount of government resources expended and they're only asking for a month in jail, the other to ask it is she going to get a month in jail? >> i don't think she will get a month in jail, defendants routinely will almost get probation and probably appropriate circumstance in the case, raises the question why is the federal government getting into this line of work, what were they trying to accomplish here, somehow deter other parents from doing things to get kids in college, the whole situation makes it fruitless. leland: eva longoria writes this, heart and intentions to make sure i was okay that i remember most, i don't know why she always felt like she had to
10:22 am
protect me but young mexican girl who felt like i didn't belong, those gestures meant the world to me, she mattered in everything she did, help along the way mattered. if evan longoria is your character witness, that can go two ways. >> well, doesn't help, they are clearly trying to show that she's particularly wealthy, comes from a status that shouldn't be committing these crimes at the same time, this is an individual who they probably are prosecuting solely because she's famous, you likely wouldn't see them in this prosecution at all. >> in fairness, though, they prosecuted a number of folks who aren't a-list celebrities, not a list celebrities and at least one of them fighting back, wall street journal reporting that they are now saying, hey, look, it's just colleges didn't want any competition in payoff scheme to get kids in and defense is, well, if you donated 10 million-dollar library, your kid gets in automatically and
10:23 am
they now have spreadsheets from usc that show certain kids who are noted that their participants are going to make big pledges, that -- that could be pretty powerful in front of a jury, right? >> it's incredibly compelling argument because the defense can just say, the federal prosecutors are upset because the parents were trying to bribe their way into school, they didn't want to pay 10 million, they were willing to pay half a million. colleges have for years decades been concerned about donations, kids aren't getting into school that aren't qualified because the parents are going to buy a building, is this part of the spectrum, it is, for most folks, the public, doesn't seem fair but a lot out there. >> it's like, in some way it is people who kind of figured out a way around the system, around the system. you don't want to prosecute people for being cheap in a way. [laughter] leland: wall street journal article, the dean of admissions
10:24 am
at usc quoted saying, if i had known that a prospective student's family had donated 500,000 to usc, it would not have affected admission's department to admit the student but in reporting also goes on that if you put in a million dollars or $5 million, then it did. so what makes the bribe legal? just who you give it to? >> that's exactly what the government is going to have to argue because they gave it to the coach or because they bribed the person on the sat side of things that that made illegal, if they had given the money to the university it might not have been. they will have a hard time convicting these folks. leland: where does this go from here, as happy as the colleges might be that they don't have any competition in getting payoffs or donations anymore or the chilling effect it has on that kind of behavior, where does it go from now? if i'm now thinking of donating
10:25 am
to a college, you have to worry that, hey fi donate money and my kid gets in i might be going in for bribery? >> parents will look at the situation and say i don't know what i'd do now, i don't want people to think that i bought my kid's way into school, i think the university, they will see this over a number of years as negative thing. leland: you could just imagine that there's a few college legal departments really taking a hard look at admission's correspondence. >> tens of thousands looking for a few spots, it's not going to reveal pretty things. leland: unique view on how the sausage is made on right side and gray side of the law. >> thank you. take care. leland: good to see you, gillian. gillian: more than a dozen 2020
10:26 am
democratic hopefuls taking the stage at the new hampshire democratic party convention, peter doozy standing by with the latest, hey, peter. >> gillian, we are getting a better idea now about whether or not new hampshire primary polls match new hampshire enthusiasm, we will tell you all about why next. you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. ♪ boom goes the dynamite, club yoko plays ] ♪ feels like i'm taking flight. ♪
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and experience adventure in unexpected places... ♪ who were inspired by different cultures ♪ and found that the past can create new memories... leading them to discover: we're woven together by the moments we share. for everywhere you go, expedia has everything you need, all in one place. leland: ever closer to the debate and first contestant of 2020 candidates taking the stage this mourning in new hampshire, new hampshire democratic party convention, newly minted campaign all star, title by gillian turner, peter doocy live in manchester, new hampshire with the latest, hi, sir. peter: leland a few minutes ago i had a chance to ask cory booker why it is that poll
10:31 am
numbers nationally and early state are not reacting with receptions like this. >> this election is just about finding somebody who can beat donald trump, let me tell you right now, we've got to beat donald trump, but beating donald trump is the floor, it is not the ceiling. peter: booker told me that he would rather have a better reception than other candidates like that and better poll numbers than other candidates at this time because he has since not trying to win, something that elizabeth warren had done surging more than anybody else in early state polls and reflected and her volunteers received her, joe biden one of the first speakers here, he did
10:32 am
have attendees cracking at some point with the slip to have tongue. >> i think they will look at the presidency at average moment in time but if donald hump -- if donald trump is elected -- [laughter] >> if donald trump is reelected, he will forever and opportunity mentally alter the character of this nation. >> and this is an event where even candidates who did not make it to the next debate are trying to catch on anywhere, that's why we are hearing from tim ryan, john delaney and de blasio without participating in show case. >> trying to make the case broader, there we go, peter doocy in new hampshire, thank you, peter, if what happens next on the stage, thank you, sir. gillian. gillian: joining us now to break down the democratic race to the
10:33 am
top is our political panel of democrats hillary clinton early primary communication's director in 2007 and '8 and democratic strategist isaac wright and president of dc young democrats, democratic strategist marcus goodman. thank you for joining us this afternoon. marcus when howard schultz dropped out of the race this week, sent long letter, one to have things he drilled down on was, it's time for people that are not part of the top tier to clear the floor because any -- going any further we run the risk of becoming essentially spoilers in this race handing the election to president trump. >> i think he's right, we have 10 candidates that are going to be in houston on september 12th, we are looking forward to that debate because this is going to come down to 3 issues, the environment, guns and making the economy work for everyone. we have to narrow down the field of candidates from 24 now to 10 which is going to be positive
10:34 am
for the democratic party in chosings and -- choosing and collecting one person. gillian: isaac buzzfeed article with headline that said that biden advised hillary clinton's team in 2016 not to debate with donald trump over the access hollywood tape. if we can rewind here and go back 2 years, do you think that was the right advice to take? >> i don't know, i think democrats need to stop looking in the rear-view mirror, we need to look forward to how we beat donald trump, we have a tremendous opportunity as democrats in the debate, for the candidates not as much this time as in past debates to contrast themselves with each other but to contrast themselves with donald trump. i agree with marcus' comment about the economy is a major issue, we need to talk about especially after the job's report this past week and the not hitting the mark falling short of expectations on jobs with real wages declining in
10:35 am
july, wages overall in trump administration despite his promise to raise them had been stagnant. gillian: i want to stop you right there for a second, i get that you don't want to go back in time and rehash the past, but the biden point is an important one that's not just about what happened, it's about what could ultimately happen just a few months from now if he becomes the candidate and facing off president trump in a general election, this highlight it is idea that he might have to do and say some things that make him uncomfortable, he might have to fight dirty, he doesn't really like to do, he will have to come out of his shell, no? >> i think he has to take the debate to donald trump but i think that's true for every democratic candidate right now who is going to be on the debate stage, biden, the number one thing he can do assort of leading the pack right now, the last rcp poll had him up over the nearest competitor elizabeth warren by 4, over sanders by 12, he's got to stay elevated in the
10:36 am
race, part of that is to take the debate to donald trump on whatever the topic is, the economy is really strong to take it to him right now, other candidates have the same challenge and contrast themselves with trump if they're going to elevate themselves in the primary process, we are going from 21 candidates down to 10 on the debate stage, we have 4 drop out last month, the field is narrowing quickly and this is the time candidates need to seize momentum. gillian: does it worry you that president trump is maintaining 80% approval rating among republicans? >> i think the beauty -- gillian: latest there from fox news quinnipiac, 85%. >> well, i think the beauty of us having such a large field that we have so many people turning on the american public to the democratic party, focusing on the issues that matter, we have a lot of people that are behind banning assault weapons, a lot of people behind
10:37 am
abolishing the death penalty, we are focusing on real issues that are affecting people in their everyday lives, reducing cash bail, now that we have so many people running independent campaigns i love that we are narrowing the field and focusing on a few people that the public should get their love and support behind. i think the energy behind kamala, elizabeth warren and continued support behind bernie show that is we are going to coalesce around someone in being strong and forceful on the issues that are going to be what gets us to choosing one person to be our next democratic nominee. gillian: hurricanes arcus one quick last yes or no question, kamala harris said this week that she's part of the top tier, you know, sanders, biden and warren, is that true? >> no question, she's fierce, she can bring it to donald trump and she contrasts really well. gillian: thanks so much for your time this afternoon. >> thank you. gillian: you bet, beland. leland: scary and disturbing news out of south florida,
10:38 am
american airlines employee accused of sabotaging an airplane, what happened and why he says he did it coming up. gold has stood the test of time. even since 2000, the value of gold has increased by over 400% and owning easy... ...with rosland capital, a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. call rosland capital today at 800-630-8900 to get started. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and our premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth. call rosland capital at 800-630-8900 to receive your free rosland guide to gold, gold & precious metals ira and silver brochures. with rosland, there are no hassles, no gimmicks, and we have the fastest shipping around. time tested. easy to own. make gold your new standard.
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until i almost lost my life. my doctors again ordered me to take aspirin, and i do. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. listen to the doctor. take it seriously. gillian: fox news alert, you are looking at senator bernie sanders, live at new hampshire democratic convention going on in manchester all day today. sanders is speaking, one of over a dozen candidates that will be hitting the very same stage today. ♪ ♪ leland: american air lyons employee now in custody, federal custody after being charged with purposely sabotaging an airplane over a labor union contract negotiation, the mechanic admitted with tampering with the plane in july 2017, he only we wanted to stall the flight, delay it and never wanted to
10:43 am
hurt anybody, here is what american airlines had to say, the aircraft taken out of service, maintenance performed and inspection which showed it was safe, the aircraft return today service, american notified mark, there's the aviation security side of this and then there's the criminal case of mechanic, is that a defense? >> i don't think it's a defense to anything, leland, both the federal prosecution is clearly going to be pursued, if when you read the affidavit of the law enforcement officer, the mechanic admitted to what he did to aircraft and at the same time the faa is certainly going to move against him with respect to
10:44 am
faa certification to what he did. no defense. leland: brings up two points, one you hear about this story, happened back in july, flight from miami to the bahamas, the plane effectively, computers realized it had been tampered with and something wasn't working and that's why they took it back to the gate, it was a 737 800, different airplane, but -- >> right. leland: things worked the way they should have worked, correct? >> exactly right, the system has enough safety nets built into it that the pilots as hay -- they taxied out, got message on computers in the cockpit that the system was not operating properly and they did exactly what they were trained to do, they turned around, went back to the gate, but at the same time and there's a certain irony, what the mechanic wanted to do when he sabotaged the aircraft or allegedly sabotaged it, he we
10:45 am
wanted to delay the flight, at least from that point he was successful. obviously everything went wrong, the system and airline's system and pilot's training worked the way it was supposed to work. leland: transport union statement say, the union is shocked by reported allegations airplane sabotaged by employee, if sabotage are true, indefensible and we condemn such actions, the union seems to be a little worried on this one. >> well, i think -- i'm not so sure i would characterize as worry, i think they have to be outraged. >> they say they are. >> well, they should be and express asking the right thing to do, the aviation system is interlock system, service agents, everything fits together, when the pieces fit
10:46 am
together they work very well. the idea that somebody who has security clearances is on the ramp, is experienced has certification from faa, does this sort of thing, should outrage everybody, it should outrage the airline, it should outrage the mechanics, everybody. leland: there have been questions about mechanics, the mechanic was fired from another airline before american airlines, what happened with that, we appreciate you taking time here on the saturday, enjoy the rest of your weekend and very best to bride and groom whose wedding you are at. >> thank you very much, leland. >> thank you, sir. gillian. gillian: protestors taking to the streets of hong kong again today even as authorities there withdrawal controversial extradition bill, the main goal of the protests in the first place, jonathan on the ground with everything developing live, jonathan.
10:47 am
>> gillian, well, very intense clashes for hour upon hour in the streets of hong kong tonight, we will take you to the middle of those clashes after the break. antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. (door bell rings) it's ohey. this is amazing. with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, are you okay? even when i was there, i never knew when my symptoms would keep us apart. so i talked to my doctor about humira.
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>> hong kong police clashing with prodemocracy protesters again today, demonstrators taking to the streets even after the government said it will suspend the bill that kicked off all of this unrest more than 3 months ago, jonathan hunt live in hong kong, middle of the night there, jonathan, thanks for staying up with us. >> gillian, of course, cameraman james and i were at the heart of some intense clashes on the streets of hong kong tonight, very aggressive tactics used by the police, but very different to what they've done before, no teargas fired tonight at least where we were, no rubber bullets fired, instead they charged the protesters to scatter them, charged very aggressive, very distinct change in tactics and perhaps came about with some outside help, listen here.
10:52 am
>> well, what we just witnessed very well planned, very well organized move by hundreds of riot police flooding from the police station and in squads like this one chasing the protesters, dispersing them to various corners off this neighborhood, now as you can see, they are just holding those corners, making sure that protesters do not gather again and one thing that we should point out that was interesting, we heard one commander clearly in control, clearly not a native hong konger or chinese speaking with a very obvious british accent, we will be checking with the hong kong authorities to see if they've called in outside help. >> now interesting that those brits are involved, gillian, we have reached out to the uk consulate, they told us that there are no new british police here, new was the word they
10:53 am
used, there are holdovers from the hong kong police force from prehandover from britain, that happened in 1997, of course, but we saw several commanders clearly speaking with british accents, clearly giving orders and it would certainly be at best a great irony if the brits having handed hong kong over to china in '97 on promise that certain freedoms and democracy would be allowed are now involved in subduing or even crashing those protesters who are fighting for exactly those freedoms and that democracy, gillian. gillian: amazing, jonathan, the twist and the turns in history like this will take, you've covered pretty much every angling of the story for us, thanks again and we will check back with you later again. >> sure. gillian: nothing for something completely different, there he is, i don't mean leland.
10:54 am
the gorgeous rescue pup rescued from the rafts of hurricane dorian, leland tell us about it. leland: duncan and isabella there, easily distracted, hundreds if not thousands of dogs homeless because of dorian, not only in north carolina but also from the bahamas, how they're going to make their way to forever homes when we come back. imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs.
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10:58 am
leland: new video from lucky rescue, they were down there in north carolina, chain today old cars and left for dead, a number of those dogs have made their way up to washington, d.c., here is duncan, hi, duncan, this is isabella down here, both of whom were rescued out of hurricane dorian, we bring in stephanie, animal rescue, it's countless dogs you guys are dealing with. >> so many dogs, 39 today, they'll make 60 this week in addition to more in the weeks to come. >> what about the dogs from the bahamas? >> they are in quarantine. >> how did you get them here? >> charter flights. >> how much does all of this cost? >> a lot, a lot. we are totally dependent on donors or sponsors, we are 100%
10:59 am
reliable. >> last year we rescued a couple of dogs in hurricane florence, fox news raised close to $25,000 to help and happy to report florence is doing really well, the big one. >> yeah. she's great, she's happy and has 3-year-old brother. leland: that's great. shows how much a little bit and dedicated folks like you guy can go for really nice dogs, if you want to help, this is isabella, this is duncan, there's more dogs to adopt, gillian, it's your birthday and i feel it's only fair that we offer you the ability to let everyone make a donation in your name to support lucky dog animal rescue. legal law school i will be doing it to celebrate your birth. gillian: i will be doing it to celebrate my birthday, i will come right down there to see
11:00 am
those dogs, don't make a move. leland: we won't, isabell abready to roll over and get tummy rub, with that, the news continues from newark, we will see you tomorrow. gillian: that's it for us. eric: tensions between u.s. and iran as regime threatens to throughout the nuclear deal, in fact, they want to chunk it out the window, enrichment technology barred by 2015 agreement, clock is ticking for europe to propose new terms to landmark agreement if the europeans want to still save it, hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm eric sean. arthel: i'm arthel neville, iran claiming today coast guard


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