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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 7, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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celebrate my birthday, i will come right down there to see those dogs, don't make a move. leland: we won't, isabell abready to roll over and get tummy rub, with that, the news continues from newark, we will see you tomorrow. gillian: that's it for us. eric: tensions between u.s. and iran as regime threatens to throughout the nuclear deal, in fact, they want to chunk it out the window, enrichment technology barred by 2015 agreement, clock is ticking for europe to propose new terms to landmark agreement if the europeans want to still save it, hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm eric sean. arthel: i'm arthel neville, iran claiming today coast guard
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seized with filipino crew, hours after white national security adviser john bolton tweeted an apparent photo of iranian oil tanker at syrian receives secretary called on nato allies to step up the fury in the region. >> for us it's about deterring bad behavior in the gulf and more broadly it's about defending the freedom of rights of navigation of commerce in the strait. eric: well, iranians continue to be at it, behaviors haven't changed, hey, lucas. >> need today make a nuclear bomb it's increasing, according to spokesman for iran's nuclear agency who warns europe needs to act quickly to save the landmark nuclear agreement which president trump abandoned last year. >> as we move forward, the situation will get more difficult, the european side must realize that there's not much time lefts.
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-- left. if they want action they must carry it out as soon as possible. >> iran showed off the centrifuges, latest violation of nuclear deal, defense mark accused tehran of cheating on nuclear deal for a long time. >> they have been violating it. they were violating nuclear proliferation treaty for many years, it's no surprise that the iranians will pursue what the iranians always intended to pursue. >> $130 million worth of elicit oil in tanker bound for syria in violation of sanctions. last month authorities released that tanker after what they said were assurances from iran, the
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vessel would not go syria. last night president trump's national security adviser tweeted a photo showing that iranian tanker just at anchor 2 and a half miles from major port in syria, john bolton said, quote, anyone who said the adrienne dorian one wasn't heading to syria is in denial, tehran think it's more important fund assad regime than helping its own people. today iran also claims sees tug boat near the strait of hormuz, first time iran seized ship since july. iranian officials traveled to work out potential loan from the french government to compensate iran for loss oil sales due to u.s. sanctions. critics call the proposal extortion. eric. eric: much more throughout the hour on this, thank you. directly from the administration on iran's defiance tomorrow, secretary of state mike pompeo
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will sit down with chris wallace on fox news sunday, 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. eastern, you can watch it right here on fox news channel or check local listings to see when it airs on fox tv station where you live, arthel. arthel: all right, eric, thank you, president trump weighing in on china's economic strategy with the u.s. and china set to resume trade talks next month at the same time the president also putting more pressure on the federal reserve to cut interest rates, fed chairman jarome powell dismisses fears of recession here at home. >> incoming data for the united states suggests that the most likely outcome outlook for the united states economy is still moderate growth, strong labor market and inflation continuing to move back up. our main expectation is not at all that they'll be a recession, i did mention though, that there are risks and we are monitoring them carefully and conducting policy in a way that will address them. arthel: mark meredith live with more, hey, mark.
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>> hey, arthel, good afternoon to you, the u.s. and china are expected to resume trade talks face to face next month, but as you mentioned president trump is not waiting until then to weigh in, he had a tweet late last night that's been getting some attention, china enacted a plan with all the tariffs they are paying for u.s., billions and billions of dollars, they need it, in the meantime our federal reserve sits back and does nothing, the president -- more tariffs with china are expected to kick in next month, the president's top economic adviser spoke to reporters on friday but refused to speculate phone the count two countries are close to any sort of a deal. >> i'm not here to predict outcomes, i'm just going to say the kudlow better to talk than not to talk. >> the president repeatedly criticized jarome powell, he called the lower interest rates to boost economy, powell says the ongoing trade dispute with china is impacting the global economy. >> i think it is the case that uncertainty around trade policy
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is causing some companies to pull back now on investment and so our obligation to use our tools to support the economy and that's what we will continue to do. >> now, powell's comments come as some of the 2020 democratic presidential candidates see an opening here when it comes to trade and china, here is what new jersey senator cory booker had to say. >> he's taking on china, tough competitors of ours, he has turned to so many allies, i will put tariffs on you and you, he sounds like antioprah, you get a tariff, you get a tariff. something that can come up later on in a few days when democrats have next debate. the white house sees american economy as strong and something the president can run on 2020. arthel: mark meredith, thank you, on sunday morning futures they'll be much more to talk about on the u.s.-china trade showdown with peter navarro, assistant to the president for trade and manufacturing policy,
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exclusively joining maria bartiromo, check it out, that's tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. eric: a lot more on this tomorrow during maria's show, did you hear about economic data, the globals is slowing down it's not driving our country in recession although taking toll. labor department reported that u.s. added 130,000 jobs last month, that is less than analyst had expected, unemployment rate remains unchanged 3.7% and guess what, that happens near a 50-year low. meanwhile analysts say there's good news for your 401(k), charging back to all-time high as u.s. and china have agreed to trade talks next month as we just heard the federal reserve chief says the u.s. economy is in a good place, so what are those fears of possible recession, mitch roschelle joins us, business development leader
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at waterhouse cooper. all the fears, yes, it's slowing a bit, what's the likelihood it will get back? >> economies are reciprocal, they'll be a recession and the question is when and the media had been talking recession because seemed like one or two economic data points that weren't as good as they had been for the last 10 years, but if you look at the job's report, still created 130,000 jobs, this late in recovery, big chunk of that was from the government with the census and then unemployment rate was 3.7%, 50-year low, so if you look at the preponderance of the economic data it's positive and doesn't look like anything is shining red that recession is around the corner. eric: the president said that the economy is great and recession fears that the media rooting against him, is that factual? >> we hit 10 years which was the longest we'd ever had in economic expansion in u.s.
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history, when we got to 10-year mark a couple of months ago people started saying, wow, we've never been this far, what happens next, almost like y2k, nothing happened and we continue today grow but at the same time other economist around the world are slowing, you have uk slowing and germany slowing and there's trade tension globally that's causing that. i think we have analysts to look at half cup full as opposed to half empty as opposed to half full. >> you mentioned the rest of the world, how will that eventually affect us? >> the reality is we all trade with one another, germany, for example, they are slowing, they are not exporting to china because china isn't buying, we trade with germany, how strong the u.s. dollar is relative to all the global currencies, it's a great time to go to fly to london or europe if you're american tourist but you don't
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have inbound tourism, exports are more expensive and slow manufacturing sector and 50% of s&p 500 earnings or revenue rather come from overseas, so that's going to start to depress corporate profits. eric: issue with the trades and the administration saying it is helping and others say it isn't. the washington journal writes about trade policy uncertainty now mentioned tpu, they have a name for everything, tpu was causing uncertainty and here is what the washington editorial today, job creation and goods producing economy has slow today a trickle, mining lost jobs for third month in a row, manufacturing 3,000, this reflects declining demand due in part mr. trump's protectionist shock to global trading system, you just said it that it's -- it's slowing around the world, to what level is the president's tariff policy responsible? >> what's interesting is -- so
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that's the half empty side, they have full side of that, service's sector which is 80% of the u.s. economy is growing perhaps at expense of manufacturing sector, so there's still good news out there. the thing that i worry about is business confidence and if businesses start worrying about the future or just uncertainty as you said in that new acronym, if it starts to weigh on ability to do business, will they stop investing, will they stop hiring, one evening suggests global businesses know if it drags out too long and uncertainty continues, that start to weigh on business confidence and start weighing on investor confidence, one thing investors do not like is uncertainty. eric: finally this week, wednesday, thursday, producer and the consumer price index, what do you think? >> because we have strong dollar we are importing deflation.
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largely manufactured overseas, that's just a lot cheaper, so that's causing deflation perhaps and not inflation, i don't expect to see anything coming out of that number that screams inflation is returning. eric: i failed accounting in college. >> i didn't. eric: d plus, what you said is good news. >> good news although economists don't really like deflation over the long term. eric: okay, all right, mitch, great to see you. thanks for explaining so that even i can understand it. >> hopefully they can all understand it. arthel. arthel: hurricane dorian on the move towards eastern canada and as the storm rushes pass eastern new england tropical storm conditions being reported along the coast, yesterday dorian drenched north carolina with
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torrential rain and left hundreds of thousands of people in the dark. the flooding there being called nothing short of biblical proportions, well, now hard-hit communities are shifting into recovery mode as they assess the damage, jonathan is live in emerald ile, north carolina. >> i'm standing in rv park or what remains of it in the wake of the storm, the damage that you see here did not occur when the center of the storm made landfall but a day ahead of that when one of the feeder bands was responding to tornadoes and in this case water spout came ashore damaging 62 residential structures and 5 business structures, earlier today governor roy cooper toured the damage and offered encouragement for the recovery. >> we are grateful for this community that's reaching out to help each other. people who saw on tv came to
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different parts of the state just to help people put their lives back together. >> further up the coast the main issue was not so much winds but storm surge, you're looking at scenes from ocracoke island, accessible only by boat or air and that's during good weather despite evacuation orders ahead of the storm, officials estimate as many as 800 residents decided to stay behind. the coast guard evacuated 3 people for medical emergencies and they transported 3 additional residents who simply wanted to get back to get off the island, back to our live look at emerald isle and most people were away from rv's when the storm struck a few decided to brave it reported in this section of north carolina. arthel: that part is good news, jonathan, thank you, as we wish
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for the best for residents of north carolina, we are also following all of the developments out of the bahamas and the people living there facing utter devastation, we have a live report with steve harrigon coming up from the bahamas. eric: it's unbelievable what steve is reporting, spectacular. tragedy of water that killed people, scuba diving boat off the island of southern california, most of the crew members escaped after the fire broke out, now the question will criminal charges be filed. >> we want as much video and -- and digital images as we can get before that vessel is moved. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard.
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you must be steven's phone. now you can know who's on your network and control who shouldn't be, only with xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. eric: last night hundreds gathered in park to honor victims of boat fire that occurred in santa cruz island in southern california, 33 passengers and one crew member died in commercial boat fire when it mysteriously caught blaze on labor day morning, officials say it could take 2 years for the exact fire to be determined this as the boat's owner citing maritime law say they shouldn't have to pay the
11:20 am
victims' families and defending crew members. >> captain jerry remained on the boat as possibly as he could, within minutes they could have been consumed, they did their best. eric: kristina coleman with the latest on this tragedy, hi, kristina. >> eric, memorial chaplain all there in support, 5 crew members including the captain manage today escape, they were above deck and able to jump off the burning dive boat, santa barbara county sheriff bill brown says there were two possible ways out but the fire trapped victims below deck, the sheriff says the victims had signs of smoke inhalation and that a preliminary examination shows they died before they burned.
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>> much better than the other option which would be horrific, so, yeah, that's -- that's -- had to be fast anyway because the fact that they were only to get 15-second mayday call, they would have done whatever it took, you know, i know they did, exhausted all possibilities. >> the coast guard started the process of trying to salvage what's left of conception, they want to keep as much of the boat intact as possible for the investigation which also includes the fbi and ntsb, the diver slept in double bunk beds and the owners to have conception filed action in los angeles this week to limit liability of accident using precivil work provision of maritime law, multiple agencies are working around the clock trying to figure out exactly what started the fire, but again
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at this time this is not a criminal investigation and the ntsb is expected to release preliminary report in 9 days they'll cover the basic facts to have investigation but not expected to reveal any major conclusions, eric. eric: horrifying, arthel. before all ten leading democrats head to houston for third hampshire's democratic party convention, live look there. >> we all know that, he lacks moral authority to lead, this president has more in common with george wallace than george washington.
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eric: now to presidential race with the new hampshire democratic party primary convention, well, it's underway right now in manchester, 18 presidential candidates expected
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to woe voters there, you can see right now, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is taking the podium and garnering some cheers, polls show that former vice president joe biden maintains lead in democratic polls, she and other rivals are hope to go pick up the momentum in state and as she speaks we will talk to peter doocy who is live at the event in manchester with the latest. hi, peter. >> and warren campaign went around handing out these inflatable thunder sticks like you would see at stanley cup playoff game or nba playoff game and she has generated the most noise so far, senator warren has, at the convention which is really more of a contest to try to coin the most memorable phrase to get all the influential democratic activists that are here talking about you when they leave, amy klobuchar tried it earlier. >> what's the difference between donald trump and greenland?
11:28 am
greenland is not for sale. [cheers and applause] >> so amy klobuchar earned more applaud than normal for that line. more energized all day for cory booker, he may have had difference in-person reception, booker has 2.6% support so i asked him why there's such a disconnect. >> african american voters at this point, we want to win the first in the nation primary right here in new hampshire. >> right now the poll numbers he referenced all show joe biden in the strongest position and the two pillars of the biden campaign were on display for new hampshire to see today and big
11:29 am
focus on donald trump and occasional slip of the tongue. >> they will look at presidency at moment in time, if donald hump is elected, donald trump is elected. he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. >> biden was one of the first speakers this morning at 9:00 o'clock hour, 9:00 o'clock hour, early 10:00 o'clock hour, so he was more politely received than activist who is are clearly generating much noise for elizabeth warren as they have for anybody if not more for whatever that is worth, eric. eric: all right, they got laughs and laughed with that slip. peter, thank you, arthel. arthel: only 10 candidates made the cut for next week's democratic presidential debate in houston. will they spend more time
11:30 am
attacking president trump or each other? let's bring in new jersey democratic congressman jeff van drew, and the problem solvers caucus, let's jump right in. if the democrats attack each other, do they play into president trump's hand if they tell the country how they can make it work better for the people than perhaps it works out better for them in the polls. so what's it going to be, congressman? >> well, i think you make a good point. so if folks are attacking each other, that's information and sound bites that can be used obviously later on in a general election. so i like to see a little bit of a different kind of primary. i'd like to see a primary and hopefully some of this will happen as we really get to the point that we focus and the number of people who are in the primary narrow down. so many people are speaking right now. it's such a large group of people. quite frankly, you don't get too
11:31 am
much substantive from anybody at this point in time because there isn't time. and i think it has to be more than just attacking another person. i know that's always harder. i would like to hear how we can do better for veterans, social security, medicare, make sure our elections when people vote are really voting for the people who receive the vote and we don't have china or russia doing something to harm our election process. and a host of other issues. let's talk about some real issues as well. arthel: you make a great point, congressman. your party is being criticized as off-course, far left, out of touch. so again, as a blue dog democrat, tell us where your party really stands. you made some good points, as i said. but do you think those who are actually running for the office of president, if they have a cohesive, clear-cut message on how to govern the country, a party as a whole and as
11:32 am
individuals. >> i think they need to make the message more clear, more cohesive, not just as an attack. let's really come up with good ideas and really make our country and our nation function better. we are all americans. this is the issue that i always try to bring out. in order to win an election, you can't only win by winning just your party. you have to win folks from the other party and you have to win folks that are undeclared and just want the best person. the bottom line is not just to be the best democrat or to be the best republican. it is to be the best american and we need some good american know-how and good american ideas to bring us into the future and to make things better. arthel: absolutely. >> as far as a blue dog or -- arthel: i want to move on because i love what you're saying here because you make an excellent point. we're the united states of america, not the united base of america. but i want to move on now to gun
11:33 am
violence. i mean, there's a growing call to do something about these far too frequent mass shootings in our country. you know your chamber lacks votes to pass bans on assault or military style weapons which is up for full debate later in the month. but is there -- do you think, is there common ground on gun legislation as congress heads back to work? >> there has to be. and i'm a gun owner and i believe in the second amendment and i believe it's a right. but i also believe in common sense and there has to be. every gun that is sold and bought in the united states of america should have a background check. the person should have a background check who is buying it. so many of these incidents that happen, there was such a disconnect where lit l rally, for example -- literally, for example in parkland, there were complaints to the fbi, over 100 times people visited this individual's house, he put all
11:34 am
kinds of things up on facebook. the school had complained and was concerned and wouldn't let him bring in a backpack. with all of that information, we weren't making sure that he couldn't get his hands on guns. that's the issue. we should have full and thorough background checks and i believe that everybody agrees on that because, i mean, even if you're a gun owner or not, you want a gun in somebody's hands who is safe and secondly, when we do those full and thorough background checks, you should look what they're posting on the internet. because many of these people are psychologically damaged and are crying out for help and they're letting you know on the internet so often the horror they're going of to reap on people all around them. we need good background checks. that's at least a good start. that's an area we should all agree. arthel: i want to know, congressman, how much concise and consistent guidance from president trump would help and what would you like to hear from the president? >> i'd like to hear from the president a reaffirmation of his
11:35 am
stand on background checks. he seemed very strong on it and then he seems to have moved away from it. that really is common sense. gun owners agree. i think it's 90% or more of gun owners and even nra members agree that you need to have good thorough background checks. these guns should not fall in the hands of criminals. they should not fall in the hands of those that are dangerous people with serious psychiatric problems. that's just common sense. i want to hear his commitment to that. we can pass that bill in a bipartisan way. republicans and democrats together. and then decide what else we want to do. but at least let's show we can do the most basic of bills and that is this. arthel: that is where we will leave it. congressman, thank you very much, sir. eric: there's some you new concerns that vaping could be a potential death sentence. the cdc reports five people have died after contracting a mysterious lung disease that they say is linked to those
11:36 am
e-cigarettes and hundreds of other people have fallen ill. we'll have the latest concerns and new warnings, next. >> he was coughing violently, enough that he was throwing up. >> no parent should walk into a hospital room and see what we saw. it's not a he pretty sight. -- it's not a pretty sight. every american wants their dollars to work as hard as they do. however, since 2000, the buying power of the dollar has dropped by over 31% - that means the dollar is only worth about 68¢ now... compared to 2000. had you owned gold, your value would have increased by over 400%. and owning gold is easy... with rosland capital - a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and our premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth. call rosland capital at 800-630-8900 to receive your free rosland guide to gold, gold & precious metals ira and silver brochures.
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i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. our son is a very healthy 19-year-old. works out all the time. his lungs are in certain areas probably i reparably damaged. smoking wasn't great. we knew that. it seemed to take decades for symptoms, at times, to appear, and the results of it. my son's been vaping for a year and-a-half. and he's already at that point. arthel: well, health officials are raising the alarm over a surge in lung illnesses possibly linked to vaping. the centers of disease control warn the outbreak reaches every corner of the united states as
11:41 am
electronic cigarette usage becomes more popular. as of friday, the number of lung illnesses that the cdc associates with vaping reached 450 cases including five deaths. lauren green is now in our newsroom with more. lauren, this is very serious. >> it's very serious. we're going to repeat some of those numbers. they're very important to understand. vapeing seems to be the common denominator with the five deaths. health officials say they can't say definitively all th definit. e-cigarette use is popular among teens and young adults. the dangers are alarming in that otherwise healthy people are coming down with debilitating lung related illnesses. the family said their once healthy son was in a medically induced he coma after becoming sick and may need a lung transplant. >> no parent should walk into a
11:42 am
hospital room and see what we saw. >> he can squeeze our hand and shake his head yes or no. when he is awake he can't talk or anything since he's on a bypass machine. >> there have been 450 cases of supposed vaping related lung illnesses in 33 states. most of the victims have been young in age. the five deaths occurred in illinois, iowa, minnesota and california. symptoms include coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, fever and weight loss. e-cigarettes or vaping have been sold for about a decade and touted as a healthier alternative to nicotine cigarettes. the illnesses and deaths being linked have become known in the last year. health officials have not confirmed the deaths or sicknesses are vaping related but indiana health officials can
11:43 am
find no other reason. >> vapeing is the only common factor to date. many have reported vaping thc or other substances. we don't know what else may have been in these products or what is causing these injuries. >> health officials are calling on people to avoid vaping until they figure out why some people are getting seriously ill. arthel: i don't let people smoke around me. i don't let people vape around me. lauren, thank you. >> good idea. eric: let's bring in a family and emergency medicine physician on this, also the medical director of city md. this is so alarming. what are doctors seeing? >> it's alarming and heart dark breaking to see young teenagers in hospitals and on ventilators. i'm seeing young patients, teenagers, come in with chest pain and shortness of breath. they are having coughing fits. some of them, their lungs have collapsed where we have to send them to the emergency room.
11:44 am
we have to inflate their lungs by inserting a chest tube so they can breathe because it's life-threatening. all of this is happening because what these kids and teenagers are doing, they're inhaling harmful chemicals and toxins into their lungs which causes inflammation in their lungs. it damages their lungs. their lungs become inflamed. they get filled with fluid. and they go into respiratory distress. thethey can't breathe. eric: why did this suddenly come up in the last few weeks? now there's 450 cases and growing. >> huge vaping companies, for example, juul, targeting and marketing towards children on instagram and social media, with cotton candy flavors, that sort of thing. kids are exposed when they go online, when they talk to their friends, see their friends vaping in the back of the classroom or in the bathrooms because it's odorless. you don't have that fume that you can smell like regular cigarettes. so that's one thing. the other thing is, kids are
11:45 am
getting ahold of these products. they can buy them off the streets. they are counterfeit, bootleg marijuana, mixed with other chemicals. we've seen vitamin e has been linked as one of the chemicals that might be causing harmful effects in the lungs. it's not just one substance. it could be a mixture. it could be a compound of mixtures of the marijuana, of the vitamin e, of the prop lien gliglycol. it can cause severe lung damage. >damage.eric: juul is not hereo defend themselves. there is a warning that's been issued, saying don't vape and especially the doctor said don't add thc or anything to it. here's what the secretary said. >> my warning to people would be first, don't vape. secondly, if you're going to vape, do not alter the product. many of these involved thc
11:46 am
modifications to get the product that intoxicates for marijuana in the product. so please be very, very careful. this could be extremely dangerous. eric: doctor, finally your advice? don't do it and don't add anything to it? >> absolutely. children's lungs aren't fully developed until age 20, 21, nicotine is highly add dick testify. -- highly add dicaddict ve. being a regular cigarette smoker leads to lung disease and other problems. it's important to keep these out of the hands of children. e-cigarettes have been used as a tool for smoking cessation for adults, it needs to be out of the hands of children. we need to protect our youth. eric: a lot of the young people, you heard the heart-breaking case of the 19-year-old who is on a
11:47 am
ventilator in pennsylvania. it's horrific. great advice. good. arwarnings, doctor, thankyou. arthel: unprecedented devastation across the bahamas after hurricane dorian unleashed hits fury on the island. now frantic search and rescue operations are underway and we're live in the bahamas with the very latest, up next. let's be honest, insurance can feel a little outdated. the paperwork... the calling for everything. the searching for id cards... it's like you're stuck in the 90s. that's why esurance makes it simple with an app that has everything you need because that's how we live nowadays. rad. your id card is on a bodacious tiny future tv. wow! you're really committed to this whole 90's thing, aren't ya? no, i'm just saying what's in the script. that's true. everything we're saying's in the script. when insurance is simple, it's surprisingly painless. this is the family who wanted to connect... to go where they could explore and experience adventure in unexpected places...
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arthel: search and rescue crews are working frantically in the bahamas to reach communities trapped by massive flooding in the wake of hurricane dorian. 43 people now confirmed dead there and that number is expected to rise. thousands others are still listed as missing. steve harrigan is live from nass the bahamas with a firsthand look at the devastation. steve. >> reporter: arthel, the destruction on some of the northern islands is just near complete. as far as you can look to the left and the right, everything is just destroyed by the 185-mile-an-hour winds, the infrastructure also shattered as well. gasoline, medicine in short supply. there have been reports of looting and we spoke with a young woman who lives on abaco island who said she has taken part in looting. here's what she had to say. >> i stole.
11:52 am
i went into food stores. i went into the pharmacies. and i got various items that were needed. >> reporter: what kind of things did you take? >> i got food, water, toiletries, i got diapers for children in shelters who needed them and medicine. >> reporter: how do you feel about doing that? >> it was a blow to my conscience because i'm not a that type of person but i did it because it was needed. >> reporter: day in and day out, we've seen the helicopters flying in and out of nassau. u.s. coast guard pilots bringing back the weakest, the most needy, sometimes actually carrying them off those helicopters. as far as the death toll goes, officially it stands at 43. but we've seen police combing through the wreckage on abaco island, still discovering bodies. that number is likely to continue to go up. back to you in new york. arthel: steve, i'm glad you interviewed that young woman who explained why she looted for
11:53 am
basic needs in a desperate situation. steve harrigan, excellent as always. thank you. eric: back here at home, one of the nfl's biggest stars basically dared to let his team let him go. now, he got his wish on the eve of game day. we'll have the latest on the gridiron drama. also, hong kong authorities mounted a security blitz against protesters who don't want beijing to have more influence on hong kong than it has. did the demonstrators have a chance again the mainland chinese government? i had a heart problem.
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arthel: antonio brown's career with the oakland raiders is over before it even begins. the team announcing today they are releasing the veteran wide receiver after several disputes during the preseason. that escalated on thursday when brown got into a heated argument with the general manager. the raiders imposed a hefty fine which voided $29 million guaranteed in brown's contract. he vented his frustration on social media this morning, demanding that the raiders release him so the team said bye-bye. brown played nine seasons with the pittsburgh steelers before asking for a trade at the end of last season. eric: authorities in hong kong launched a massive security operation there, they're trying to he prevent a repeat of
11:58 am
massive demonstrations by pro-democracy protesters. jonathan hunt is live in hong kong with the very latest. hi, jonathan. >> reporter: eric, we were caught up in the middle of some very intense running battles earlier today between police and protesters. but the police on this occasion using some very different tactics. they werthey were very aggressin going after protesters who lit fires outside of a police station. they were also very controlled. on this occasion, there were no rubber bullets fired, no tear gas canisters used. that was a distinct change from what we've seen before and largely a very successful one. watch here. >> what we clearly have just seen was a well-planned and very well-organized movement by hundreds of riot police, coming out in squads from the police
11:59 am
station, forcing protesters back, disbursing them in this neighborhood. they now appear to have achieved what was their goal. and they're heading back towards the police station. >> reporter: interestingly, eric, we also saw and heard two british police commanders organizing the riot police today. it might be ironic at best, if the brits handed over hong kong to the chinese in 1997 on the basis of certain freedoms and democracy being maintained and it is now british police officers who are involved in subduing the protesters seeking to maintain those very freedoms and that democracy. eric. eric: that is democracy, what this is all about. jonathan hunt, thanks so much. jonathan. arthel: that is ironic. all right, so that does it for now. but don't go he anywhere. we're going to be back at 4:00 eastern. hope you can join us then.
12:00 pm
eric: just about an hour from now. we'll have more news and the latest on everything going on this weekend, meanwhile we have "the journal editorial report," that's next right here on the fox news channel. life on earth is as risk. climate change, the single greatest concern for war we are fighting for the survival of the planet earth. >> it is a monumental crisis. >> it's about an existential threat to who we are as you human beings. >> the un told us we have about 12 years to he ge get this righr the consequences could be catastrophic. paul: welcome to the jury tall editorial report. i'm paul gigot. as hurricane dorian affected the
12:01 pm
southeast coast, the


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