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tv   Watters World  FOX News  September 7, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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greg: that was a really good show. and i'm very handsome. thanks for watching. i'm greg gutfeld and i love you america. [♪] jesse: welcome to. "watters' world." a war on meat, plastics, gasoline. those are some of the extreme ideas democrats proposed during cnn's 7-hour town hall on climate change. >> life on earth is at risk. >> we are fighting for the survival of the planet earth. >> this u.n. report says i guess it's 11 years we have left. >> this is on par with winning world war ii, maybe more challenging than that. >> do you ban plastic straws in. >> i think we should yeah.
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>> what about offshore drilling for oil, would you ban it? >> absolutely. we need to take combustup vehicles off the order as quickly as we can. >> they failed to act as president of the united states. i am prepared to get rid of the filibuster to pass a green new deal. jesse: don't nuke the filibuster if you don't believe in nuclear energy. joining me, the son of president trump. eric trump. are you happy the democrats are running on this platform? >> they are going to get rid of oil, frack, that's natural gas. cows, planes, you can't have a carneymore. -- a car any more.
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if you get an electric car you won't be able to charge the select car. how do you charge an electric car if you don't have power plants. jesse: coal powers 27% of the energy in this cowan country. >one, in this country. >> how would the senators get from hawaii to washington, d.c. if they didn't have airplanes. are they going to row a boat? jesse: i think they will do high speed rail underneath the ocean. >> they have gotten so radical people can't take it seriously. my father says i want the cleanest air and water in the world. and there are things you can do to accomplish that that are smart. china is literally pulling up
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trucks to rivers and dumping garbage into rivers. they are dumping loads of garbage in our oceans every day. nobody is saying anything about that. jesse: the trump organize is a green organization. you guys must recycle, i'm sure you have electric-powered golf carts. >> many of the things that are green are smart from a commercial stand point. you have good insulation in buildings. and you spent less money on energy and there is a return associated with it. there are a lot of smart things people can do. but this is radical stuff. >> so radical bernie wants to ban factory farming. they are not thinking about the people affected by their proposals. >> how do you win texas if you
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are against oil and gas. not to mention all of these proposals caught 19 trillion dollars. one of them was more than that. one was $30 trillion. you instantly bankrupt this country. jesse: some of them want to destroy the economic prosperity so they can rebuild it in a socialist image. that's another issue for another day. apparently the red maga hats are so upsetting this one author, she says that not only should you not wear the red maga hats, you shouldn't wear any red hat in this country because it quote scares people. so i can't wear a philly's hat. >> the middle of america does
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not understand this or embrace it. it. we are talking about banning plastic straws and people not being able to wear red hats when my father is trying to protect this country from china and trying to reduce african-american unemployment and hispanic unemployment and female unemployment. they are talking about let's ban red hats and get rid of a plastic straw. these aren't serious issues. jesse: how good are things that they are talking about plastic straws. veganism, the cover your hat. we are not talking about the economy or war. >> they no longer talk about
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isis or died because they don't exist anymore because my father got rid of them because he took the handcuffs off the troops. our country is doing phenomenally well. this is a distraction. and that won't pick up a single vote. jesse: you will lose votes. >> deblasio comes up with crazy propositions all the time. he hasn't had a single person vote for him. so these proposals aren't working. they are not resonating with people. people care about their families. people call about patriotism. carolinas. all right. changing a lot of diapers, eric trump, there he is, diaper duty
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24-7. fake news. fake news. the trade war escalating between the u.s. and china. president trump: we have taken in tens of millions of dollars in tariffs from china. prices have not gone up or gone up very little. china has paid for most of of that. i say paid for all of it. china has had the worst year they have had in 57 years and they want to make a deal. jesse: after playing hardball with america they have agreed to return to the negotiating table and a deal may soon be on the horizon. joining me, larry kudlow. if china has been ripping us off for years and challenging our navy and stealing our technology
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and manufacturing jobs. giving the north koreans the green light. how do we get them to play by the rules if it's in their own best interest to break the rules? >> the question i would rather think it this way. the president has spent the last year and a half or so on this topic. he's defending the american economy. he's defending american workers. across the board manufacturing auto, farmers, technology, you name it. he's also defending american security. and he is also defending human rights which has become increasingly a problem, not just with hong kong but with china's other errant behavior. tough questions. the president is a tough negotiator. he's a determined negotiator. he's willing to use tariffs. we may at some point use other
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means. we banned equipment selling national security sell together huawei phone company and we may have other tricks up our sleeve over a period of time. i don't want to predict. i'm just saying he's determined to protect this country from china's unfair trading practices. jesse: 67% of the american people say it's necessary to confront china over trade practices. this is kind of clouding a lot of the media reporting because now if you turn on the news they say we are on the edge of a recession, larry. do you believe we are on the edge of a recession or is this the media rooting against america for a political outcome? >> one last point on the china story, if i may. i do think it's very important here that we have agreed with china to resume our
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negotiations. their deputies will come here in a couple weeks to meet with our deputies. our principles, secretary mnuchin and lighthizer will meet with them. we have a battle going on to preserve and defend america and try to change china's unfair practices. but it's always better to talk than not to talk. i don't want to predict the outcome of those talks. it gives us some hope maybe some constructive actions will. jesse: the economy, what do you think? >> there is no recession. let's take a look at today's numbers.
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130,000 jobs. a bit of a quirky number. here is my point to you. look under the hood as any good economist should. what you find is absolute blowout number called the household survey. that's where the unemployment rates come from. the household jobs in the month of august increased 590,000. now, i have been doing this kind of work forking a long time, i have never seen a number like that. the two prior months are close to 300,000. those are, jesse, your smaller businesses, your newer businesses and startups and the leading indicator for the economy. the civilian labor force. folks not working have come out of the woodwork. and the increase in the civilian labor force was 571,000.
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in fact the prior two months were strong. what does that tell you? it tells me americans are work and they are getting paid more because the wages the past three months have increased by better than 4% at an annual rate. it's a very good story. it's not a recession story. it's not even remotely close to a recession story. jesse: i hope to juan williams is watching. "watters' world." he doesn't believe me, maybe he will believe you. chess check under the hood. chess check under the hood. scar * .anthony scaramucci when we started our business
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comcast business. beyond fast. jesse: anthony scaramucci used to be a huge trump fan. even had a short stint at the white house as communications director. now a 180. he reerves to him as incompetent. in mental decline, melting down,
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and says the guy is losing it. joining me now, anthony scaramucci. >> i can't believe i was let back in the building. i also said trump-noble like a nuclear meltdown. jesse: i know you are jealous of sean spicer for going on dancing with the stars *. >> i don't know how to dance. jesse: in the beginning of the primary, scott wearing, jeb bush, then you got on the trump train. you are saying you may vote for a democrat in 2020. >> i never said i was going to vote for a democrat. i was at a children's fundraiser where vice president biden came
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and accepted an award. i don't like answering hypotheticals. this guys no longer suitable to be president. he's acting completely nuts. and he's very unstable. let's go over the last two or three weeks. he's attacks the fbi unmercifully since he started. he's going after jerome powell and the federal reserve. he said who's the worst enemy of the people, president xi and jerome powell and the list goes on and on. jesse: i don't think that he's become wayward. he's always punched back hard. >> i know you are defending jesse: i'm not defending him. i'm worried about you. let me show you what you said
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about the president a couple months ago. >> you have to look at the zero to the american presidency the last 11 months. you can't say there was some level of genius in terms of his judgment. he will leave everything on the field no matter house in there with him. people 50 years from now will study what he's doing. the president is 100% right. it's the reason he's going to win. he's a genius, and a few months later you changed completely. >> you are taking a lot of things out of the context. you are in the press so be careful. jesse: we have an hour of your sound bites praising the president. >> yes, i praised the president. i was one of those guys who praised the president.
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went to war for him, gave him money, gave him family time and energy. he turned on me. jesse: didn't you turn on him first? >> of course not. i was on the bill maher show. i am supporting him on these issues. but the racist tropes against the congresswomen. he's a fascist, he's going after vids individuals. the first anything fascist manifesto is going after private citizens use your political power. he attacked my wife on twitter. jesse: he's not a fascist and you know better than that. i think you are -- i'm not in the take. i think he's a good president. i'm a little worried about you.
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you don't have to worry about me, brother. jesse: you are the one month changed. >> this guy moved the goal post. a full-blown crazy. jesse: a week before you turned on the president you said let's raise manny for the president. then a week later -- >> that's more misinformation. don was invault to the salt conference. he couldn't make it as a result of a scheduling conflict. i turned to him and said half the room is democrats, half the room is republicans. if you want to raise money for your father that's fine. that's what i said. now it's convoluted. jesse: one thing -- i am just trying to figure out what happened. >> if you are 9-12 for the guy and not 13-12 for the guy, he's
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going to turn on you. jesse: you are saying he's going to turn on me? >> what do you dislike about the president. jesse: we can't talk about other people's hair. somewhat do you dislike about the president. jesse: do you realize you are getting used by the media, cnn, msnbc. do you realize when they have you on to bash the president. because they hates you. but now they love you because you are hitting the president. >> do you think i care with other people think of me? what other people think of me is none of my business. i think the president has gone crazy and he's getting crazier and crazier. i think he's in full-lone mental decline. >> no, i'm totally the same guy. jesse: are you sure you are the same guy and you are not going
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hollywood? we heard that you have been seen with avenatti. and the reality thing on bravo. >> those are the talking points. if you want to compare me to avenatti. there is a lot of misinformation. but i love the fact you invited me on. i better caution you. you better not say one syllable out of joint for the maniac. if you do he will turn on you. congratulations on your new engagement but he will probably hit your fiance, too. jesse: you wrote the book will how much ingenuity he has and how smart he is. >> you know why president trump never tweeted about the book? it's a very balanced book. i also wrote for the press, the
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press is not the enemy of the people. if the press is the enemy of the people? what is he talking about? you check off all the demagoguery. jesse: not you mooch is never coming back on. "watters' world." you know, we had to prop up anthony's chair. if he stood up -- we love you. i appreciate our friendship despite our political differences. god bless. jesse: dave chappelle's special very politically incorrect. we'll show you what he said. but first, is biden deteriorating?
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smoking e-cigarettes. i'm aishah hasnie. jesse: joe biden may be leading the democratic field. but wherever he goes, gaffes seem to follow. his recent slips of the tongue on the late show. >> any gaffes that i have made,
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and i have made gaffes like every politician i know has, have been not about a substantive issue. but they made a big deal my saying i pinned a medal on two people and the dates. >> they said the branch of the military was wrong and the date was wrong and the act he award for was wrong and the metal was wrong. >> those details are irrelevant when the point i was make was accurate. >> the details are relevant. jesse: here to respond, mike huckabee and rachel campos-duffy. ladies first. i feel like joe is in a gaffe straightjacket. can't get out of it.
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every time he opens his mouth, that's the media narrative. unfortunately for him, he starts delivering more and more gaffes. there is an effort on the part of liberals and the media who can help decide who they want. the reason is, it's not just the gaffes. it's the energy. he's stumbling, he can't take punches. there are 20 dems in the field. you have to get into a huge fight with trump. the media know he can't handle it and they are trying to get him out now. >> even though the polls show he's beating donald trump. if that was true, the media and the left wing would be propping him up. deep down they know joe can't go toe-to-toe with donald trump. they are quietly trying to chop him down to size.
11:32 pm
do you agree? >> i think everybody is a bit too hard on joe biden. let me give you a couple examples. joe and i fought together storming the beaches of normandy on d day. then we stormed the beaches of guadalcanal. them joe played in the first super bowl and he got his head banged around a little bit. cut him some slack. he's had a tough time. i think people are underestimating this guy. >> it looks like he might have been in a fight. if you watch the cnn climate change town hall marathon. he's got this bloody eye going on the whole time. now he's under pressure to release his medical history.
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and he hasn't released his medical injury in 10 years. he had two brain aneurysms in 1988. they removed a pol -- a pollup. there are le jet matter yous regarding joe biden. >> remember when donald trump got asked these questions about his health and his age? what did he do snow went on dr. oz and showed his medical record. jesse: the doctors notes saying he wassed the healthiest men in america. >> donald trump is the only president who doesn't seem to be aging as quickly at other presidents do in this ofltion. he seems energized. he's challenged by the.
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bind looks like he's stumbling and tired. i don't know if he can make it through the primary let alone two years. governor, listen to this question and watch who this questioner is, and here is biden's response. >> i know you signed a no fault money pledge. how can we trust you to hold these corporations and executives accountable when tomorrow you are holding a fundraisered hosted by andrew goldman highs fossil fuel executive. >> he's not a fossil fuel executive. >> there is a fundraiser given by andrew goldman. i has a company called western lng, and their biggest project is a floating liquefied facility for natural gas.
11:35 pm
jesse: that socialist vampire that asked the question, that's what he's up against. that's the kind of person on the left wing fringe that he's up against that believe if you work at a gas station, you are committing crimes against humanity. 30 seconds. >> just remember, you guys are being so hard on joe, he is a fossil. that's chiefly his answer. he mugged the opportunity. jesse: rachel got a great book out. >> if you want a book about loving america and celebrating legal citizenship, this is the book for you. jesse: president trump unloading on hollywood. debra messing in the cross-hairs.
11:36 pm
there is a black list controversy. a hollywood star joins us
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>> the closest person in your life is a mexican-american and the things that donald trump has said about the mexican people is so offensive. >> she is not mexican, she is from el salvador. >> what's the difference? jesse: that's a scene from will and grais starring debra messing. messing is now facing fierce backlash after calling for the names of those in hollywood will be attending a trump fundraiser to be out and apparently black listed. messing was criticized by many, including fellow liberals whoopi goldberg. >> the lastat, thenlded up killg
11:41 pm
themselves. do not encourage people to print out lists. because the next list that comes out your name will be on and people will be coming you have a. in this country people can vote for who they want to. that is one of the great rights of this people. we don't go after people because we don't like who they voted for. we don't printout lists. jesse: president trump called her debra the mess and mccarthyite. joining us, chuck wolry. god bless the day they found you. jesse: even better than ed henry? >> even better than ed henry and i hope his liver is good. jesse: why it's on the mend.
11:42 pm
outing people who donate to an opposing politician. something is going on and a lot of people aren't happy by the. >> it's mccarthyism in reverse. no matter what whoopi goldberg says, this what the democrats do. they destroy people. they don't just disagree with you. i'm look at isaiah washington coming out saying he's walking away from the democrat party for good reasons. all they do is promise things, they don't do anything. he said i am fed up. i can think for myself. i'm going to vote republican because i think there is a chance they will do something for us. where the democrats, all they have done is give us lip service which is probably true. jesse: it's about destruction.
11:43 pm
it's about destroying your reputation. it's about taking he way your job, your livelihood. it's about take away your car, the food you eat. it's about destroying the opposition by any means necessary because they can't persuade enough voters through logic and reason to maybe vote for their own side. >> you left me with nothing to say. jesse: it's my world, check, but go ahead. >> that's how they operate. we get up every morning and disagree. but they get up every morning and they go to war. the end result of wares kill your enemy by any means possible which you are right saying. they will kill your career, they will kill your family, not literally kill them. jesse: they will choice out of a restaurant and try to boycott you. do you think the republicans
11:44 pm
need to wake up and fight fire with fire or do you think the republicans need to just call out the militaristic paramilitary tactics that the left is using and kind of hope for the best? >> i think that the republicans should follow trump's example which they dislike. and that is, number one, he wakes every morning with a fresh face. i don't know how he does it. republicans should stand up to their enemy and face them as an enemy. they say my friend on the left. your friend on the left is not your friend whether you not or not. jesse: i would agree with that. i know how the president wakes up every morning with a fresh face. he's married to melania. i think that helps. >> the guy is so resilient it's unbelievable. jesse: you are resilient, too, check.
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that's why everybody loves you. dave cha pell has a new d dave chappelle has a new netflix special that the audience loves and the critics hate. and the critics hate. why is t
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jesse: comedian dave chappelle just released a new special on netflix it's very politically incorrect. watch. >> david, there is no wedding. you can never say a word [bleep] on our network. why is it i can say the word [bleep] with impunity [bleep] but i can't can't say the word [bleep]. he said because david you are not gay. i said, rene, i am not a [bleep]. jesse: joining me, dr. drew pinsky. one of the main these was there are words you can't say, topics that are too taboo to touch.
11:50 pm
>> it was refreshing. my jaw was on the ground the whole time. i objected to some of the stuff he was saying about the michael jackson victims. but he elevated everyone's game. those victims rather than being victims, they started swinging back. jesse: that was probably the edgiest stuff. saying he doesn't believe the victims. saying if was a pedophile, even i was like, oh, boy. >> it elevated their game. they started swinging back at him. which is what we are supposed to do. i am a huge richard pryor fan. i have been thinking about african-american humor for a long time.
11:51 pm
african-americans have a unique history in our country and as such have a point of view. a very talented man like dave chappelle can take a position that wakes up and makes us see the truth and you can punch up and not down. jesse: he goes after the alphabet people. the -- the lbgtq. he brought you have the transgender issue. >> say le bron james changed his gender. you know what i mean? okay. can he say in the nba or because it's a come and dose have to go to the wnba where he will store 840 points a game?
11:52 pm
jesse: you look at the critics be they are calling that transphobic and homophobic. >> that called comedy. trying to wake us up out of tour stupor. when did being offended become something the average person was deeply involved with. how dare, i'm oh tented. offend is something we engage with. i think chappelle is getting us back engaged. >> we have to remember it's just a joke. >> good comedy should be closer to poetry. the reason we are laughing? there is something true in what he's saying. >> he goes after the jussie smollett, the hoax. this is great you stuff. he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack, apparently when he's walk down
11:53 pm
the street, two white men came out of the shadows with maga hats on and beat him up. for some reason african-americans we were like oddly quiet. we were supporting whim our silence. because we understood that this [bleep] was clearly lying. jesse: before we get to the analysis letting look at one of my favorite punch lines. >> it's minus 16 degrees, right? you are walking. you are walk. all right. and where were you going? >> subway. sandwiches? what did they have on. maga hats? in chicago?
11:54 pm
jesse: everybody knew it was a hoax, but the media pretended it was real. but as he said many people in the african-american community knew from the beginning like anybody with common sense that it was a lie. >> juicy, smollett. there are certain topics you have to go -- it's too serious. the whole time i am say there is something wrong. jesse: everybody was afraid because they didn't want to get called out. >> he wasn't playing fair. he set it up in such a way that nobody could address it. it's sensitive material and i understand that. jesse: . he told jokes about guns and abortion. but no trump jokes. >> that may be coming. but what he does is closer to
11:55 pm
poetry. when i listen to richard pryor, that's two chappelle is going to be. a timeless document about our time. and he opens by. jesse: you would have me fired if you found one thing i said 10 years ago that was offensive. up next, big personal news. very personal in tonight's last call. so i can buy from enterprise car sales and you'll take any trade-in? that's right! great! here you go... well, it does need to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in... enterprise makes it easy.
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jesse: time now for last call. many of you know for me my hard-hitting questions. but recently i asked a very important question a really big question. and she said yes. emma and i are engaged and we couldn't be happier.
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thank you, guys. that's all for tonight. follow me on facebook, disbram m and t t t t t t t t t t t t t t. remember i'm jesse and this is watters' world. judge jeanine: hello, welcome to "justice accounts. thank."thanks for being with uso tonight. no show last night because of the tragic shooting in texas. but we're back tonight ready to cover the biggest political news of the week including congressman devin nunes, sarah sanders, our own friend dan bonn jean no as well as host of the dennis prayinger show, dennis prayinger and much more. "justice" did not air last week because of the breaking news.


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