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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  September 8, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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pete: we want to thank eric, chris and done done o son for being our real stars. have a great sunday! jedediah: see you next week, guys. >> ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning everyone thanks so much for joining us i'm maria bartiromo. joining me exclusively straight ahead right here on "sunday morning futures", senator thom tillis ahead of the armed services committee and how homeland security member committee member congressman john ratcliffe and president trump canceled what was supposed to be a secret meeting at camp david so work on a peace deal today with the taliban and leaders what should we expect next when it comes to america's longest war. democrats on the house judiciary committee planning to vote this upcoming week, on the language defining their impeachment inquiry of the president. we'll hear from the ranking republican on that committee doug collins this morning plus congressman matt cartwright co- chairman of the
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communications committee with us today plus u.s. china talks back on for next month, what are the conditions the president is looking for, to seal a deal between the two nations we'll talk with peter navarro one of the president's trade advisors plus just developing right now, one former republican lawmaker and governor announces plans to challenge president trump, in the gop primary all that and more as we look ahead right now on "sunday morning futures." and the peace deal between the u.s. and taliban to end america 's longest war now in jeopardy just days before september 11. president trump announcing that he canceled today's peace talks with the militant group and afghan leaders at camp david that was supposed to happen it was a secret after the taliban claimed responsibility for a car bombing that killed an american soldier, and 11 others last week the president tweeted this, this morning. "unbeknownst to almost everyone the major taliban leaders and separately the president of
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afghanistan were going to secretly meet with me at camp david on sunday. they were coming to the united states tonight, unfortunately, in order to build false leverage , they admitted to an attack in kabul, that killed one of our great soldiers and 11 other people. i immediately canceled the meeting and called off peace negotiations what kind of so people would kill so many in order to strengthen their bargaining position." joining me is north carolina republican senator thom tillis a member of the senate armed judiciary and banking committees good to have you on the program thanks so much for being here. >> good morning, maria. maria: your reaction to what took place? >> well i think the president was right to cancel the meeting. i think what he's trying to do is fulfill a campaign promise which is to end the war and bring our men and women home but it has to be done in a way that is safe and sustainable and i think that hopefully we'll have an opportunity to realize the president's vision, but right now, it doesn't seem to be the right time. maria: but i mean, even to plan
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these secret meeting, look, you're actually planning a secret meeting and they could not stop the bombings and the killings. what should we expect in terms of the u.s. walking away from afghanistan with these people in charge knowing that there's so many out there that have pushed back saying that this is a big mistake to bring our troops home >> well it raises a very important question about just how much control the taliban has over the threats and afghanistan i've been there. they are very dangerous people. it's not clear to me that any one voice speaks for them but i think that the president is right to try and engage in discussions in afghanistan, with north carolina, iran, he's trying to engage to actually lower the threat to american men and women abroad. maria: i mean, do you find it odd that this happened just a few days before september 11 of o this week, this upcoming week, actually on mornings with maria on the fox business network i'm sitting down with former secretary of state, condoleeza rice and she's going to join me
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on september 11 on wednesday, of this week, on mornings are maria , as we discuss what has changed with this group, and i ask you the same question. going into the anniversary of the worst attack on our country, what has change? >> well, the afghan people are realizing levels of freedom and security that they didn't have before american men and women went there to defend their freedom. there is a lot of work being done. there's a lot of infrastructure and projects that the afghan leadership are working on, but we are far from it being a stable nation. what we don't want to do is repeat the mistake of president obama by withdrawing from iraq, creating a void which gave rise to isis so we have to be very careful about the timeline and the conditions when we ultimately leave afghanistan. maria: are you expecting the president to reschedule this meeting at camp david? >> well he may but i think we have to look into the event that
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occurred where an american soldier, lost his life and determine whether or not we are, they are negotiating in good faith and we're dealing with people who can actually guarantee peace, if we were to leave as part of the term. maria: which puts all of that in question after this most recent -- >> oh, i think it certainly does. maria: have you spoken with the president yet about this? >> i have not. i'll be seeing president testimony and i'm sure that that's among other topics will come up, up to and including the nc9 district race on tuesday. maria: yeah, let's talk about that. the president will visit north carolina ahead of the state special election on tuesday. what are you expecting there, should we look at that as a barometer for 2020? >> i'm not sure that we can look at it as a barometer but i will tell you we want dan bishop to come and represent north carolinians and the congress. we need another allie there to continue the great work that the president has done around job creation, around reducing
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regulations, helping promote conservative judges to the bench we need dan bishop he's a good guy. i know him well and i live in the same community that he does that i'll be do everything i can to get him elected. maria: let me switch gears because the president is coming to visit north carolina not only ahead of the state special election on tuesday but also after this terrible situation with hurricane dorian, we've been watching the impact of course and lives lost in the bahamas. what can you tell us about the impact of north carolina? well we were hit hard. up in the outer banks, we had a number of people who decided to stay there that were trying to help with recovery. it was particularly hit hard with a seven foot surge, our national park was effected. i was briefed on a lot of the infrastructure within our national sea shore in that area was effected, and then of course there's the tornado damage so it
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really spanned the entire coast, whether it was either water involvement, wind, or the tornadoes and we'll be working going back tomorrow to d.c. to make sure that we secure the recovery funds that are going to be necessary for north carolina to get back on track. maria: in the bahamas we've got 43 people, the official count that we know dead, many others missing, 49 people dead already in the bahamas. obviously the bahamas were hit so hard, is there a link there between north carolina and the bahamas that you see? i mean it's just in credible the devastation and destruction that has taken place. >> oh, it's a sad situation. i'm afraid the death toll is going to rise there. you know our hearts go out to everybody who has effected by this storm up and down the american coast and in the bahamas. we're particularly focused on what we need to do to continue our recovery from hurricane matthew and hurricane florence. there is still hundreds of
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millions of dollars yet to be spent to get north carolina back on track, farmers were hard hit by florence, but a lot of the same regions that were touched by dorian were visited by florence and matthew over the last two years so we have a lot of work to do here but we also want to reach out to the bahamas , make sure that we give the support that they need, where the coast guard was already on the ground just after the storm passed through the bahamas to provide relief and we'll continue to do work there. maria: all right senator thanks very much we'll be watching with your meeting upcoming and the special election on tuesday. thanks so much for joining us this morning. thank you maria: senator thom tillis up next a new republican throws his hat in the ring to challenge president trump, meanwhile house democrats are getting ready on next steps of impeachment. we'll talk more about that, and with the ranking republican and the house judiciary committee doug collins about the big week ahead there plus we'll get response from the co-chair of the house democratic strategy and communications committee matt cartwright is with us
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and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. maria: welcome back. new this morning, former south carolina governor mark sanford telling chris wall as on fox news sunday this morning that he will challenge president trump for the republican nomination in 2020. watch. >> i'm here to tell you now that i am going to get in. >> you're going to run for president against donald trump in the republican? >> i am. i am. >> why? >> because i think we need to have a conversation on what it means to be a republican. maria: this as we get an update on another story we've been following democrats on the house judiciary committee led by chairman jerry nadler getting ready to vote on a resolution, that would formally define their impeachment investigation of president trump. they are hoping to vote on this, in the committee. this upcoming week, joining me right now is the ranking republican on that committee,
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georgia congressman doug collins and congressman good to see you thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you maria. maria: first your reaction to governor mark sanford saying he's going to challenge president trump, obviously he served with you for a time. >> well he served with me and i think that this is just another thing going on it doesn't need to happen. if he wants to know what a republican is he looks at what we've done in the last couple of years with the president and that is lowering taxes expanding our economy, moving by regulations, making our presence stronger in the world. look i wish he would get together with all of us who have a big party and say we have a president a strong leader and a very real challenge next year and that is fighting against those who want government control of almost everything. let's all come together and put this president back and reelect him and that's what needs to happen in our party right now. maria: let me move on to this with the developments last night congressman the house judiciary chairman obviously jerry nadler is keeping on with this impeachment push they are
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preparing to vote to now define trump impeachment probe and they want to take this into committee and vote for it on wednesday. your reaction? what's going to go down next week? >> maria this is a go-between just feeling sorry for the democrats at this point. they have portrayed themselves in just a terrible way over the last eight months and they just keep digging their hole and going after things because they hate the president so much that they don't want to have anything happen. but then i also turned to just being infuriated. i am tired of the chairman and the rest of the house democrats on the judiciary committee doing away with our house decorum, our house rules making it up as they go and one minute in june they say the mueller report is everything, and then there's nothing and then the chairman is asking other committee chairman to find impeachment material and then even the other day, well the plim is just a small piece of this. this is really pathetic nothing like this has ever happened in the house before again they are trying to chart new ground when they don't want to do what they know they have to do and if they
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really want to do this they have to bring impeachment to the floor. this is simply a show. it is a travesty and frankly, they should be ashamed. maria: can they, i mean the rules are that you need the whole house to vote right? and nancy pelosi has been saying we're not going this route. is he just ignoring the speaker 's wishes? >> well he's trying to save himself from embarrassment on what they've been doing because they found nothing they promised in the last eight months. they can change committee rules as long as it doesn't violate house rules and some may actually look like they would be void by violating households but there's another part here that's really concerning. they went so far that they actually claimed to the court in some of their filings in the case of mcghan and others they had proper procedures in place for grand jury material, they made a filing in court saying this happened. we made a letter to him and said you don't have this, now this resolution seems to be address ing that issue. i want to know if they go back to court and say sorry, judge, we lied. that's the interesting part. maria: by the way is this the pressure from the progressives,
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the pressure from the left pushing nadler? there's also a report about this new york democratic primary in 2020 that nadler's opponent is capable appearing 35 years old a recent deputy secretary for economic development for new york governor andrew cuomo, is he afraid of his primary challenger he's got to keep pushing this? >> it certainly appears that way because every time we turn he has a chance to do what's right and lead the committee with policies i may disagree with but actually may find solutions on immigration, on the issues of ip and things we can deal within our committee he just simply keeps taking a hard left dealing with the hatred of the president. we've got to understand something here. i believe and i've said this before. my concern now is becoming for the house judiciary committee as a whole, going forward. they have made a mockery of the court cases they've had and what they've asked for. we've seen so many things that it's just i think that he is playing to a political base in citied of realizing he's the
7:17 am
chairman of the committee could actually get some stuff done, work with the republicans and the administration, but he's chose to destroy that and my concern is what has he donald the committee has done for the future of the house judiciary committee in our proper oversight role. maria: i just think it's interesting that boylan has several things going for her she's already raised $250,000, might not sound like a lot but more than triple what nadler's republican challenger raised in 2018 with nine months to go until the primary and you've got this young, energetic progressive moving forward. you know you have to wonder if it's that pressure that's keeping him focused so much on impeachment when the moderates you know are not going to vote for it. >> well that's exactly right. look, there's folks in our committee you look down here in georgia, lucy mcbath is in a district in which 60 plus percent of the respondents said they don't want anything about impeachment. they want to see us move on and do other things this is in a district in which i believe that the republicans can go by next year mainly because the chairman
7:18 am
and others are pushing them this way. maria: congressman stay with us i have to ask you about you about the ig report. we'll get into the legislative priorities as lawmakers return to capitol hill tomorrow after a six week long reaction from the other side as well and the trump impeachment probe that nadler is leading congressman matt cartwright is the co-chairman of the policy and communications committee, so stay with us more with doug collins when we come right back. the weather's perfect... family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich! it only gets better when you switch and save with geico.
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maria: welcome back. congress returns tomorrow from a six-week summer recess topping the agenda, gun reform, immigration, the u.s. mca trade deal, want to bring back republican congressman from georgia doug collins what can you tell us about your priorit ies getting back tomorrow >> there's probably two we'll have the priorities i would like to see and that is we take-up
7:22 am
the canada mexico trade agreement that's something that we need to make happen and finish our spending appropriations now that we have a budget bill it's time for us to do our appropriations and not just do a stopgap as the democrats want to do i think we can make real peoples there. i'm wanting to also look at the intellectual property issues we have in our committee looking at tech and the other things; however unfortunately it looks like more of the same from our committee we'll take-up gun legislation, that was designed to make people feel better about actually doing something but in the end actually won't do anything and we'll take that up as early as tuesday of this week then there's also some other issues that are concerning i know we'll talk more about probably later but arbitration, doing away with arbitration is something that would effect billions of businesses and i think a lot of our system and chaos, and i think what we've got to look at though is where we go in the long term, what is the picture through the end of this year and right now my hope is that we get back to solving problems, one in particular i would love to see us solve the immigration problem and that is on our southern border but also our regular legal immigration,
7:23 am
those are the things i'd like to work on and find bipartisan response but we have to have willing partners on the other side as well. maria: right well will you have a willing partner? there are a lot of things you want to look at for example, look at the abuse you've talked about so much in terms of the doj and fbi during 2016 with the ig report on james comey, and we're expecting to get the fisa report, from the ig. your reaction and anticipation of that? >> i'm very looking anticipated to thatment i think the ig report is something that should concern every american i don't care if you're republican or democrat because then we should have bipartisan support because you don't want a department of justice to use a secret court to spy on americans i don't care who that is, and look james comey has become the ultimate joke. he tweets out i'm not a liar and a leaker and actually you're both so i think the fisa report, the horowitz report comes out further, as mr. durham is continuing to look into this these are things we can agree upon but my problem is i have a chairman in the committee especially in the judiciary
7:24 am
committee and also the house as a whole that would make me become the political arm of the dccc instead of finding the solutions and real issues to go forward and there's no way anyone can say what they are doing in the judiciary committee is proper, this is just an over reach and unfortunately, it takes our mind off what we should be doing. maria: we'll get to the other side of that, congressman good to see you thank you so much. >> thank you, maria take care. maria: we'll see you soon, doug collins joining us there, house judiciary democrats are preparing to vote to define the trump impeachment investigation and hoping this will give them more leverage to compel testimony from witnesses joining me is pennsylvania congressman matt cartwrite, as part of the co-chairman of the policy and communications committee and sits on the house appropriations committee and thanks so much for joining us. nice to hear your voice again maria how are you? maria: i'm great. you just heard from your colleague in the house, doug collins this is not proper what's going on in the judiciary that your colleagues on the left are pursuing things that the
7:25 am
american people are really not interested in. what's your reaction? >> well, i listened to your interview with doug and we came in together and we're pretty good friends. it may come as a shock to many americans that democrats and republicans do get along in the house. we do. you just don't read about it in the headlines, because it's hard to sell ads when the headline is democrats and republicans are getting along this week. maria: i understand but he just said the judiciary committee has become an arm of the democratic party. and not the judiciary committee. >> yeah, look. the democratic caucus is a big tent as you know, maria. we have voices giving opinions, a wide range of ideas and thoughts, the judiciary committee is no exception. here is my approach. first of all you referred to our six darn week recess it's as if we weren't working in that time, almost all members of congress
7:26 am
do work during their recess and what we do is we get around our district and we have town halls and we have coffee with your congressman and i do that a lot because that's why we call it the people's house maria because we listen to the people at home and what i'm hearing is that people care about the kitchen table issues. the things that matter to your family. maria: such as trade. like u.s. mca, congressman so are you going to vote yes for u.s. mca? do you want nancy pelosi to bring it to the floor? >> what i'm talking about is jobs and lower prescription costs, and better available healthcare for everybody, and cleaning up government. these are bills that the democratic house passed already in the first half of this year, and this is something that we're focused on. when you talk about what the judiciary committee is doing, i'm all in favor of transparency i like it when they have
7:27 am
hearings because the more we have the more information comes out and the folks at home can process on it. maria: i think you make a lot of good points the american people care about health care for sure, they care about the kitchen table issues like you're mentioning, jobs, that's know the what i'm hearing from the democrats though. i'm hearing a lot of let's impeach trump, a lot of trump is this and trump is that. and not a lot of let me move the needle for the american people, so that's really what i want to know because i think that the american people watching are see ing you guys getting back to work, getting back to work in washington. i recognize you've been doing your district work and i understand that for sure 100%, but what are you going to be doing in terms of the issues that the american people care about like healthcare, what's the plan? like jobs, what's the plan? like immigration, what's the plan? >> right. you're absolutely right, maria and there's a wide spectrum of opinion, not only the democratic caucus, but along the folks at home and i hear all of -- maria: do you have a plan on any of those things? >> well sure.
7:28 am
for example, on healthcare, what we want to do is continue to expand availability and bring down prices. you no one thing that we're very concerned about is the current administration is trying to in validate the patient protection and affordable care act in court , which would bring 130 million americans who are protected against jacking up insurance rates because they have pre-existing conditions. that act protects them, and if it's declared unconstitutional the way the currency rent administration wants to do, their protections are washed away and they're left hanging in the breeze with nowhere to go for their health insurance, so suring up the aca is a big part of what i'm interested in and looking for ways to expand on that, and to bring down the cost of pharmaceuticals by allowing medicare to negotiate drug prices for example,, right now it's illegal to do and democrats
7:29 am
want to change that. maria: yet when you look on the stage of the democratic hopefuls hoping to take the president trump's job, you're hearing a lot of things like medicare for all, doing away with private health insurance, so let's preview what we're going to see this week this upcoming debate on the stage, you are a support er of former vice president joe biden. what are you expecting are they all going to be saying we want to take down trump or are we actually going to hear real ideas that make sense? do you support medicare for all? >> i do, but i think getting there is a long term project. the main point is covering as many people as we can possibly cover. maria: but if you support medicare for all, congressman, then that means that you support doing away with the private insurance industry. is that what i'm hearing right now, that the private insurance industry which right now ensures 180 million people in america. you want to do away with that so that you could have medicare for
7:30 am
all which costs in the trillions >> that's one option. another thing that i'm on is allowing people to buy into medicare once they hit 50. the point is this. this is coming from the business community, maria. i was an employer myself for 25 years, and looking your employee s in the eye and saying that you can't give them a raise this year because their healthcare went up so much, and this is -- maria: but wages are up as you know, wages are up 3.25% year-over-year so we actually have seen the american people get a raise for the first time in a decade but what i really want to know is about those democratic candidates on the stage next week, what are we going to hear? do you think there are real plans to actually compete with president trump and what he's done economically? >> this is exactly what i want to hear is what is this, what is the replacement plan once aca gets overturned in the courts, because president trump has said that we'll find out about it after the election. that's not acceptable. 130 million americans want to know what's his plan for them,
7:31 am
if he succeeds in in validating the patient protection and affordable care act. maria: okay, so you haven't really given me the plan in terms of what you want to see happen in terms of some of these pocketbook issues you're referring to. like i said there's a lot of take down trump conversation, not a lot of substance so do you think we'll hear substance thursday night from your guy joe biden? >> so it's about infrastructure one thing that doesn't change uranium change about joe biden are his values. he has a set of values that match my own. this is about protecting american workers, and american high-paying jobs. there has been no infrastructure plan. in fact the president walked out of the meeting with speaker pelosi on infrastructure. i was dismayed by that. maria: i think he walked out right before she walked in, she said something about him publicly, and she attacked him so i think that was, again politics rules the day here, and the american people are sitting there waiting to see something happen and it's all politics all
7:32 am
the time. congressman we'll be watching you. >> i was dismayed that that conversation stopped at that point, maria, because we have to focus on infrastructure. we have to make america as competitive with the rest of the world as possible. that's one of the reasons i like biden's bid because that's what he's interested in is rebuilding america in a way that helps everybody across-the-board. maria: you're right and i think that's why the american people are dismayed when they don't hear real plans and just we hate trump. congressman good to see you. thank you, sir. the justice department ig report and alleged fisa abuse targeting the trump campaign is reportedly done. that's next. so i can buy from enterprise car sales and you'll take any trade-in? that's right! great! here you go... well, it does need to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in... enterprise makes it easy.
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and when we knock out this wall imagine the closet space? yes! oh hey, son. yeah, i think they'll be fine. voya. helping you to and through retirement. maria: welcome back we're awaiting a report from the department of justice inspector general michael horowitz unifies a abuse against the trump campaign and that has been completed now and the doj expected to be released within the coming weeks and joining me right now is congressman from texas john ratcliffe a member of the house judiciary and homeland security committees also a former federal prosecutor congressman good to see you this morning thanks so much for being here. always good to be with you maria maria: we got the ig report on james comey and your reaction from that and what should we expect from this upcoming fisa i g report? well the first ig report that you mentioned was just a sliver, how james comey handled the memos he created of his conversations with president trump.
7:37 am
some of which contain classified information, and of course the inspector general found that james comey mishandled that, disclosed it without authorization, much like hillary clinton despite mishandling classified information he was not charged. i know there's been a lot of focus about why that is not the case, but to me the most important takeaway of that first part was that the inspector general found that james comey led his personal desire for a specific outcome against donald trump to influence his official actions. the inspector general and obama- appointed inspector general not a partisan republican, found that james comey had targeted donald trump even before their first meeting, and so i think that's an important takeaway as we look to the second fisa abuse part of the inspector general's report, and i think people should feel good about the fact that you have an inspector general who has criminally referred now both the director of the fbi and the deputy director of the fbi james
7:38 am
comey and andy mccabe, and that's the per issues of fisa abuse. maria: yeah, and so where does that stand though? because we know that the ig has criminal referred criminal action against andrew mccabe and he's just got a job on, you know , another network. he's going about his life, james comey no charges so far, so what are you expecting in terms of this decision that the doj needs to make in terms of a potential indictment of andrew mccabe? >> yeah, i think that's a lot of people, a lot of interest in that and i think that's going to be a decision that has to be made very quickly to remind your viewers it was last year that the inspector general found the deputy director mccabe authorized the disclosure of sensitive investigative information to a reporter, and then, more importantly, repeatedly lied about it to investigators. so as your viewers also know, the department of justice has through the special counsel recently made a cottage industry
7:39 am
out of charging people like general flynn and george papadopoulos for lying to investigators. here, you have the inspector general stating that andrew mccabe did that multiple times, and the magic words did so intentionally and knowingly. i think that the department of justice is going to have to indict andrew mccabe simply because to do otherwise would be to admit that there are separate standards for the people doing the same thing for the same conduct. maria: just to be clear you think the doj will indict andrew mccabe? yeah, i've had this discussion with a lot of really good prosecutors and there is a difference of opinion, but i don't know how you can't indict him when he is engaged in the same conduct that other people have recently been -- maria: that have already been charged. >> charged for at the department of justice particularly when your own watch dog says those lies were done intentionally, and knowing ly, and done repeatedly.
7:40 am
you can't really tell the public look, we're going to treat different, we're going to treat people differently with different standards for the same conduct and i think that's really what the department has to look at and why i think they're ultimately strongly consider bringing those charges against former deputy director mccabe. maria: it seems like your colleagues on the left do not want to touch any of this. you would think that anybody on either side of the aisle would not, you know, agree to something being wiretapped without proper reason, and due process is what this country is built on and yet they're not focused on it and you've got all of these retirements going on in the house. i have to ask you how do you feel about all of these people who we've talked about announcing that they are not going to run for re-election they are retiring this term. it's sort of speaks to the narrative that maybe the republicans feel they can't regain the house. >> well, i know that the narratives that the media wants to push, but if you really looked at the reasons, you have folks like my colleagues, sean d
7:41 am
uffy whose retiring because he's dealing with a family medical issue, you have folks that have been there for four decades and served well so i don't think it has anything to do with republican policies or direction or prospects, i do think that there is an element of washington d.c. is a very toxic environment and a lot of folks just aren't enjoying their time serving in congress and think there are better things they can be doing and i know that from conversations i've had with a lot of my colleagues that have announced their retirement. maria: but you also know that from personal experience. you were nominated by the president to be the director of the dni position, and you had to pull your name out. can you tell us what happened? >> well, it was a great privilege for the president to ask me to serve as the director of national intelligence. not only was i qualified for that position but more importantly, maria i was committed to an intelligence
7:42 am
community that doesn't unmask people for political reasons, or doesn't use garbage like the steele dossier as part of the official intelligence community assessment and i was committed to getting answers to why that had been happening in the obama administration and that made a lot of people nervous, so i certainly expected because of that, a wave of the false media stories that came and i expected there to be a lot of senators saying i was too political. i just didn't expect some of those senators to be republicans who support that i needed so yeah there is a toxic environment that makes it a difficult place to go to work. maria: well look, the democrats are trying to take control of texas. your state. this is an acute issue because the dems are lining up to control texas because if you control texas you control the electoral map. we're going to show that right now. are you worried about that given the fact that people like, you know, others are leaving, and
7:43 am
this toxicity that you mentioned , look, let's talk about who threw you under the bus. your colleagues in the senate, right? was it mitch mcconnell and richard burr, did they go against you so you couldn't get that job? >> well, maria, i made the decision to withdraw from consideration because if your political future comes down to the vote of 100 u.s. senators, and you start out day one down 47-0 because every democrat is against you, my concern was there's not a lot of margin for error there, and some of the most important senators who support that i needed, i went to in july, and was told they couldn't sit down and meet with me until september, so i took that as a sign maybe they weren't as committed to my confirmation as the president was, and i just decided that i was better served in the position that i am where i can ask difficult questions of people like the special counsel
7:44 am
and james comey under oath and shape the investigation that way maria: so just to be clear, richard burr and mitch mcconnell were not there with you because you were too tough on mueller. because you were doing your job. >> well, there were a number of senators that whose support i would have liked that i didn't getterly on. again, i think we need to focus on what's questionable, what's at stake there, maria. maria: yup. >> the priorities moving forward is we've got unfortunately, the socialistic wing of the democratic party controlling the united states house of representatives. we need to change that. maria: i'm talking about the republicans though here, congressman good to see you. thank you so much. congressman john ratcliffe. you bet. maria: meanwhile peter navarro one of the presidents trade advisors will talk about that new meeting on the calendar for the chinese and u.s. legislators back in a moment. ♪
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this is the family who wanted to connect... to go where they could explore and experience adventure in unexpected places... ♪ who were inspired by different cultures ♪ and found that the past can create new memories... leading them to discover: we're woven together by the moments we share. for everywhere you go, expedia has everything you need, all in one place. maria: welcome back new economic data shows as while a global
7:48 am
economic slow down is not driving the u.s. into a recession it would be taking a toll. the department reports the u.s. added 130,000 jobs last month, that was fewer than analysts were looking for. the august unemployment rate, however held steady to a abby: 0 -year low at 3.7% joining me right now is peter navarro, trade advisor to the president, peter navarro it's always a pleasure to see you. >> good morning. maria: so the numbers were out on friday, 130,000 jobs the economy is clearly slowing from what we saw just a year ago and we got a federal reserve meeting happening in a week and a half. how would you characterize things right now? >> so, trump economy just solid as a rock. i actually loved that jobs report. you have 157 million americans at work, 18 straight months of the unemployment rate below 4%, rising wages and my favorite statin there, 1.5 million plus prime age workers off the couch es back into the workforce, thanks to donald trump, and that's great but the other thing
7:49 am
holding us back right now, maria and the difference between a good 2% rate of growth and the 3 % rate of growth is the federal reserve. the federal reserve simply doesn't understand their tight money policy is driving up the dollars, squeezing our exports, squeezing investment, and the fed right now is costing us at least a point of growth. maria: yeah, i know but there's a new op-ed this morning by the editorial board this morning peter in the wall street journal , and it says the trade uncertainty principle and president trump tweeted friday that the economy is great the only thing adding to uncertainty is the fake news. sorry, sir the economy is fair to good. it's no longer as great as it was last year with the major reason the uncertainty caused by mr. trump's trade policy. isn't it true that the trade policy and the uncertainty around china is causing managers , business ceo's to sit on cash and create more uncertainty and slow down? >> a couple things, first of all the wall street journal never saw a job it didn't want to offshore, it spent the last
7:50 am
20 years never writing any editorials about how china steal s their intellectual property and forces technology transfer and kills americans with fentanyl so in my judgment the wall street journal has no credibility on this. there is a narrative out there about trade tensions. it's a false narrative. if you want to have investment certainty bring your investment back to the united states, and we know that the supply chain is leaving china faster than you can say trump terrorist and the longer china goes without making a deal, i think the less likely we'll have supply chain will ever go back to china, and that'll be a good thing for the globe because of the more diversified supply chain is a more resilient one. so, what's going on here with the wall street journal, clearly , they don't like the trade policy, but this president , the more america understands what's going on with china, the more americans are supporting president trump's tough stand on china, and this
7:51 am
is -- maria: that's true. this is about far more than trade, it's about god country, the american worker and a principle. maria: stay with us because i want to ask you about china, more from peter navarro when we come back.
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7:54 am
maria: welcome back and i'm back with peter navarro and peter now we know that we've got talks between the u.s. and china on the books for early october. i want to talk about that and i also want to talk about u.s. mca , but first china what with kevin brady expect from this next meeting in washington? >> so, this would be the 13th meeting, there will be talks about significant structural issues, and market access and if you're trying to hand handicap whether there will be a deal receipt me suggest two rules. first there is the lighthizer rule all negotiations will take place behind closed doors and there will be no leaks to the press. the second is the navarro rule,
7:55 am
anything you hear in the news that doesn't come from lighthizer will be fake news, designed to part a fool from his money and so what i'd say particularly to investors play the long game in the meantime, maria in the next 45 days, it's absolutely critical that we pass the u.s. mexico canada agreement and in the scheme of things in the short run that's more important and i'll tell you why, most of americans probably don't know this but our trade with mexico and canada is almost twice that but more importantly we export almost five times as many products to canada and mexico as we do to china which tells you just how unbalanced things are and u.s. mca, the biggest best most modern deal we've ever seen and it's design ed basically to turn north america into the world's factory floor with the united states of america at the center of that. maria: just to be clear, because congresswoman debbie dingle has
7:56 am
been on this program and she says the same thing every time. i'm not going to sign it until i know that the american worker is not going to compete with the mexico worker making $1.50 an hour. what's the answer? >> the answer is twofold. the heart of this deal for me is the director of the office of trade and manufacturing policy is a provision which guarantees regional content will be in america and the other is the $16 an hour provision will ensure that mexico is not paying slave labor wages. maria: there you go. that's the answer. you put that provision in there. that's the answer. $16 an hour. maria: do you think nancy pelosi brings it to the floor? we just saw the numbers on screen. i want to speak with steven mnuchin on monday morning on fox business by the way asking him about these up upcoming talks that happen in early october because sometimes you feel like there's difference in opinions here between you and him and so we'll talk about that but we just saw the numbers and why u.s. mca is much more important than china but all we talk about is china. will nancy pelosi bring it to
7:57 am
the floor real quick? got to jump peter. >> ambassador lighthizer is doing great working with the leadership there, and i think that if nancy pelosi -- maria: peter thank you so much for joining us this morning. ts"? well, investors business daily did just rank them #1 broker overall and #1 in customer service. and online equity trades are only $4.95? i mean, you can't have low costs and have award-winning service. that's impossible. it's like having your cake, and eating it too. ask your broker if they offer award-winning service, and low costs. how am i going to explain this? if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. >> buzzfeed of this sunday, president trump says primeory opponent in his campaign is, the quote, fake news media and suggest that two washington post reporters who wrote should be barred. during devastation of hurricane dorian ripped the president for playing golf. >> watch hurricane tear through the atlantic and watch the president lose his mind. >> second time he went golfing over labor day weekend and that has drawn criticism. >> east coast prepares to be hammered by hurricane dorian democrats are


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