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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 8, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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arthel: president trump says he was set to hold peace talks today at camp david with the afghan leaders and the taliban days before september 11th but has canceled those talks after the taliban claimed credit for a car bombing that killed an american soldier in the afghan capital. secretary of state mike pompeo shedding light on the decision on fox news sunday. >> we have made real progress but in the end taliban overreached, the american people should know that we will continue to apply appropriate pressure that we are never struck with terror again from afghanistan. >> hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters i'm arthel nfl. eric: thank you for joining us, i'm eric sean, that attack in
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kabul thursday killed 11 other people including romanian soldier, the president tweeting in part, quote, what kind of people would kill so many to strengthen their bargaining position, taliban has been targeting or soldiers and afghan people throughout peace negotiation process. arthel: david is reporting live from the white house with the very latest, david. >> arthel, good afternoon, the president was supposed to be at camp david according to his tweet meeting with those leaders from the taliban and afghanistan talking about removing 5,000 troops from the country instead though, he's golfing at his club in sterling, virginia, the president made announcement in tweet, fairly lengthy tweet, i want to read part of it to you talking about the decision, in order to build false leverage they admitted to attack in kabul that killed soldiers and i immediately canceled the
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meeting, killed army sergeant ortiz from puerto rico, paid respect in delaware, the secretary was in our studio this morning with chris wallace on fox news sunday, listen. >> who thought it was a good idea for the president of the united states to meet with taliban leaders who are the blood of thousands of americans on their hands just 3 days before 9/11? >> yeah, we know the history of camp david, we reflected on that thinking on how to deliver to the american people, as we continue the right path forward, i think that's true, we weren't complete -- >> the taliban put out a statement following the president's cancellation announcement and it's a bold one, quote, the american wills suffer more than anyone else for canceling the talks, speaking of also foreign policy president trump dealing with iran, now, there's talk that they are trying to up their nuclear
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arsenal, also more locally white house aide tells me president trump has his eye on capitol hill, congress returns tomorrow for the first time since the august recess. arthel, eric, back to you. arthel: thank you. eric: more on this republican congressman from illinois adam kissinger, congressman, your reaction. how are you? your reaction of canceled talks? >> you know, it's good that it's canceled, it never should have happened in the first place, it's one thing that every war ends in negotiation, the key is when you're in the position of strength which frankly the united states is what does that negotiation look like? we were going in agreement, the agreement that they have peace with afghan government, ally of ours, by the way and to bring taliban, i was actually quite sickened last night, taliban leaders were coming to the united states of america, not that far away from new york city
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frankly and they have yet to renounce 911 and yet to renounce terror. eric: what about that? the president commanded a lot of criticism to inviting them to camp david, would fdr invite hitler to camp david, would george w. bush would invite mohamed, what about the criticism, the president's view is that this is an effort to sit eye to eye and he canceled on principle because attacks were still coming? >> yeah, cancellation was right, but, again, on the verge of camp david taliban decide today attack, the idea that they will stop attacking after some kind of whatever peace accord is signed at camp david is i think looking at something and not understanding the true nature of the evil people and the taliban, i don't understand this, you know, you look at whether it's north korea, whether it's what's
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going on in ukraine, any of these issues to see the president think that just meeting with the very evil people one-on-one and again it's even different if it's kim jong un, he's the president, the chairman of a country, the taliban is a stateless organization that oppresses women, kill innocent people, blows out people without consideration, children, no matter what religion they are or anything and put them in place of honor of camp david shouldn't have happened, i hope he never reschedules it. eric: they supported 911 and still do, that first plane went over my head that slammed into the world trade center and we will be reporting, of course, this coming wednesday, but this morning on fox news sunday, secretary of state mike pompeo talked with chris wallace about this, the president is someone who, quote, takes risks and that was a potential risk to get peace, here is what the secretary of state also said.
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>> we've got to make sure we get it right and our efforts over the last month have been to do that, president trump has been very clear about our missions, i hope that we get the opportunity to head down the path so we can get the reduction in violence and get the taliban to make commitment and live up to it to break with al-qaeda. eric: can we trust the taliban? >> i don't think so, i have a deal of respect for secretary pompeo and personal friends with him and certainly have been for a long time and in terms of the president's goals you can't trust the taliban, you can't trust al-qaeda, certain and verified regime, i'm open with that, every war ends in negotiation, when you see attack to gain leverage you know that they're not serious about it, so, you know, look, we are not thinking a lot about terrorism lately because we haven't had thank god a major attack on the united states but that has come at the cost of having deployed presence in iraq and afghanistan to kilter risks there, that's why it's not here on our shores, so this idea that it is no longer a concern it is but we
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have very brave men and women that voluntarily decide to go overseas and kill bad guys on behalf of us and we appreciate that and mitigating casualties can't be the end state is keeping america safe. eric: he was 34 year's old from puerto rico, he was based out of fort bragg, he's a father, his father served, he has a wife, two sons and a daughter and he was blown up and killed by the taliban on friday and this is his death is what the president sided for the cancellation for talks, honor and remember him and all the rest of the blood and treasure of our country, our sons and daughter who is have died in afghanistan for this, so congressman, how do you see -- i mean, is there an end game, when there l there be an end game after 18 years? >> i think you have to honor, of course, people who are willing to give up their life and have, it's very tragic but this is what we have a military for, to
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be really tough people that are willing to do what the vast majority of americans are not, and go over and kill america's enemies and sometimes there's terrible things that happen on our side, that doesn't take away the importance of being forward-leaning to destroy the people that would not just kill the sergeant but if had a chance would kill more people and would love to come back to new york city and blow up square blocks of places, these are evil people that we have to be on the front against, we need to mourn every person that's lost in this fight or will be lost and double commitment to destroy the evil people that started this in the beginning and guaranty that we will finish it. eric: vividly and compelling remembered a few days from flow on wednesday on september 11th, congressman, if you stay right there we will get back to you in a second because your colleagues on capitol hill are getting back to work, lots on legislative agenda, we will get your reaction in a moment and have update in the nation's capitol,
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arthel? arthel: congress set to convene tomorrow for the first time since string of mass shootings left dozens dead, making gun control a major priority for democrats, now both parties expected to battle over spending, trade policy, immigration and the border wall, all while setting their sights on the 2020 election, mark mar death -- mark meredith live in washington with more. >> you mentioned with a lot on their plate, democrats to focus heavily on new gun legislation and congress on summer recess during mass shoot negotiation el paso, texas and dayton, ohio, following tragedies lawmakers and president trump appeared to be open to debating new gun control laws, now on tuesday house democrats planned to hold forum on gun violence prevention and some 2020 democratic presidential candidates say they are eager to push one major proposal forward to save lives.
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>> you can't do any of this without that. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to reflect on the subject and potential solutions, it's unclear what legislation gop lawmakers may end up backing. >> we are not going vote on bills on the senate floor that the president is not willing to sign, the president needs to step up here and set some guidelines for what he would do. >> house democrats to ramp up investigation, the house judiciary committee expected to meet this week on how it could move forward with likely impeachment inquiry of the president, democrats demanded documents and testimony of several administration officials, president trump has labeled it presidential harassment. on friday democrats demanded recent overseas trips where taxpayer money was spent at trump properties, arthel, trade
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on agenda, congress continues to ratify usmca, trade deal between u.s., canada and méxico. >> busy week, thank you. eric: let's go back to illinois republican congressman, you seem to be a rare republican that are now supporting universal background checks and raising the timing buy weapon to age 21, what are you calling for? >> well, to mitigate gun violence, universal background check, every gun i've ever bought has gone through background check and right now you have to be 21 to own a pistol and taking ar to 21 will make sense, in the situation the shooting with the garlic festival. my friends on the other side, they don't want to talk about anything short of assault weapon's ban, when i come forward and say let's do with
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universal checks, they say that's not far enough and the other problem is we are not having discussion that there's a broken generation of people right now that have kill a bunch of people because they suicidal and they don't have the guardrails of believing in god and whatever that has happened in society that people think this is okay, this thing multifaceted program and the left wants to focus on taking away guns and we have to focus on the whole approach and nobody is willing to have the conversation because nobody trust it is other. eric: let's have the conversation, what do we do about the culture, what do we do about religion, what do we do about spiritualty and human value that is have guided us all these years and we have broken generation, many white young men sitting in front of video games carrying out demented acts of violence against the innocence? >> that's true, video games have real impact and all you have to
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look back at world war ii and practice circle targets and vietnam with human and increase of soldiers that were able to pull the trigger on human soldier, human person, human being, so many number of things, the other thing kids right now are so disconnected, they are all over instagram and social media but they feel more empty, the number of likes in value and they become suicidal, they get very angry at people around them and in a very rare but obviously very public instance they decided they will take that suicidal tendency and that hate and rage and take it to mass shooting, the answer isn't government, i can't legislate morality because we have a constitution, but i think homes need to, churches need to, reach out and say let's catch this disaffected generation and show them the hope of god and jesus christ and show them the hope that exists out there, when you don't have hope you do outrageous things and when you have hope you have an opportunity to be successful and
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that exists everywhere, that exists with taliban, by the way, eric, you give them hope and opportunity they won't join a radical organization. eric: hope and opportunity as well as more legislation on capitol hill, we will see as this all plays out, it is a crisis, representative adam kinzinger, congressman, thank you for your insights and your thoughts. >> you bet. eric: arthel. arthel: massive effort underway in the bahamas to get rescue teams to tens of thousands left homeless after hurricane dorian devastated the northern island there, at least 43 people now confirmed dead and that number is expected to rise. meantime, thousands of evacuees are crowding airports and docks nearly a week after the storm made landfall, ellison barber is live in nassau with more, ellison. >> blind me is one of the areas
9:15 am
where people are coming to, you can see there's a van just over my shoulder and behind that white tents, this is an whatever what -- area where they are getting to nassau by boat or plane, they are bringing them here on airport on the other side here where they register and process them, they bring them here to help them reunite with families, they have some food in there, water for them to have, inside of those tents and left them in many cases to shelter wherever they can put them to find safety as people come off of the boats or off of the airplanes, however they were able to make their way out, we hear more and more stories about what they have been through, we spent all yesterday on grand bahama and met people who have been trapped in homes with no cell service and no contact with the outside world. in one town we visited at least 17 people are said to be death.
9:16 am
>> they crawled up in here, ceiling over the living room right over here and waited, they said the water was so high the feet touched the water, house that's at least 10 feet tall inside, their feet dang until the water, when morning came after sitting for 8 hours she could hear someone calling her name saying is anyone okay, it was her cousin, the sweetest sound, someone calling her name to see if she was okay in the morning to know that they were alive. the woman who lives in the house, her name is renne cooper, trapped in the home with her husband and her sister to get out of the house once they heard their cousin calling for them, she told me that they had to make a human chain holding hands across the flooded street trying to get to safety. >> yes. really, really strong but --
9:17 am
reality is now setting in and i'm still traumatized. >> we have spoken to so many people who say exactly that, they haven't been able to process what they have been through, they are just still trying to survive and clean up the little they can, arthel. arthel: absolutely, ellison barber, thank you. eric: at this hour four cruise members still missing, details of this straight ahead, plus tragic update on deadly car crash in new mexico that killed this rising country music star. memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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arthel: tragic update in new mexico, emt who responded to deadly car crash learning his teenage daughter was one of the victims, 3-car collision wednesday night, 140 miles of albuquerque killed 30-year-old country singer kylie ray harris, police are investigating but they believe harris clipped the car then veered into oncoming traffic hitting the 16-year-old's vehicle, both died tat scene.
9:22 am
eric: lashing out after president trump's tough sanctions even curving the regime's behavior and now after tehran ramping up uranium enrichment in violation of uranium nuclear deal, meeting with top iranian officials about all of this today, trey yngst in middle east bureau, hi, trey. >> the head of the un nuclear watchdog did meet today in tehran with iran's nuclear director as 2015jcpoa nuclear deal continues to unravel, this meeting does come after iran announced over the weekend that it began to violate a third term of the nuclear agreement by injecting uranium gas into advanced centrifuges, iranian leader say this is step and enrichment levels is reversible if european signatories live up to their end of the bargain,
9:23 am
u.s. sanctions on iran have crippled the country's economy while the french, german and british have had little success in finding ways to relieve the economic pressure, in the past week new sanctions have been added to iran's space agency and oil networks linked to iranian revolutionary guard by the united states further raising the stakes. >> they have put us in complicated an critical situation. of course, the islamic republican has decided that the jcpoa is no longer a one-way road. it was supposed to be a two-way road. >> the nuclear development comes as iran announced today that has sold off of the oil being carried by the adrián dorian 1 oil tanker, tanker detained in strait of buggy -- gibraltar.
9:24 am
tanker has been blacklisted and threatening to sanctioning anyone who purchases oil from iran, amid political standoff there's a chance that iranian president rouhani holds meeting with president trump potentially find a way for two leaders to get a deal. eric: in two weeks the united nation assembly. >> another republican is launching a challenge against president trump. >> this is the beginning of a long walk but that's what i'm announcing here today. arthel: more on the former governor long shot bid to unseat the president and for the first time top democratic candidates will share debate stage, will they aim more shots at president trump or each other but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast...
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plus 0% interest for 24-months on all beds. ends sunday. run with us in the unstoppable john deere gator xuv835, because when others take rain checks... we take the wheel. run with us. search "john deere gator" for more. eric: action-packed weekend on campaign trail, new hampshire's democratic convention in full
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swing, 19 of the democratic hopefuls making their case to the faithful and blasting president trump in the process. this as trump candidate manager tells republicans of california and faces third republican primary challenge, south carolina governor and congressman mark sanford announcing his bid and he did it on fox news sunday. >> i'm here to tell you now that i'm going to get in. chris: you're going to run for president against donald trump in the republican race? >> i am. chris: why? >> because i think we need to have a conversation of what it means to be a republican. >> hey, molly. >> so far nothing from the president on twitter responding to mark sanford getting in, we will keep an eye on that as for the democrats this thursday the top 10 polling democratic presidential candidates will debate in houston on one stage
9:30 am
on the same night, and the latest abc-washington post poll show 3 of them pulling ahead of the pack, former vice president joe biden at 27%, senator bernie sanders 19%, senator elizabeth warren moves up to 17%, 2 points behind sanders, everyone else is in single digits including south bend major pete buttigieg, he's in the process of opening 12 campaign offices in new hampshire, here you see him opening one in berlin, new hampshire this morning and senator sanders in iowa today for several campaign events including rallies at iowa state university and the university of iowa. as for the polls, the chairman of the democratic national committee says they're starting to reflect where democratic voters are heading. >> our field is deep, we are reaching a point where voters are differentiating and that's what it's about and candidates have to demonstrate progress as we get closer and closer to iowa
9:31 am
and new hampshire. >> on the gop side as you were saying, eric, president trump has another challenger, former south carolina governor and former congressman sanford, long-time trump critic, does he really think he can defeat trump who remains popular among republicans? >> i'm saying you never know, i've listed my goals, primary goals to say let's go out and force, try and create a conversation on that which is not being talked about in this presidential cycle. once every 4 years we have a chance to have national debate on where we are going next, republicans and and democrats, as americans and the thing that's been lacking in this debate has been real conversation on debt and deficits and government spending. >> sanford is infamously known for telling his staff that he was hiking the appear -- appalachian trial when he was in
9:32 am
argentina visiting mistress. arthel: now democrats hoping to unseat president trump, they are preparing for thursday's debate in houston for the first time this primary season the top 10 candidates will face off on the same stage, so joining me now is governor ed, former governor of pennsylvania and former chair of the dnc, good to have you. >> my pleasure. arthel: okay, thank you, well, first of all, a lot of eyes will be on former vp biden and senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, if you were to focus on them, on the trio, what would you be looking for? >> well, i think senator sanders and senator warren will not go after joe biden personally, they will point out distinctions between progressive policies and what they say are joe biden's incremental policies, i think they will keep it on that level.
9:33 am
the other 7 candidates who are in single digits have to do something to breakthrough and there i think you might see more criticism, but democrats tell me all of the time, let's focus our fire on president trump, we don't want to attack each other. arthel: right. >> that's something that everybody has to be cognizant of. arthel: of course, not the overlook the rest of top 10 candidates, senator kamala harris, cory booker, amy klobuchar, former hud secretary julian castro, south bend, indiana pete buttigieg, andrew yang, former texas representative beto o'rourke, so in this grouping as you said, governor, they have to make themselves stand out apart from, you know, maybe attacking vp biden or senators sanders and warren, what is it that they really can do in terms of promoting their policy to stand out in thursday's debate? >> well, it's hard, you saw senator booker tat last debate
9:34 am
go after the vice president, he went after him pretty hard but he improved his polling from 2% to 3%, and so that's obviously a strategy that doesn't work, if they have a bold idea that will set them apart and policy way, yeah, they should -- this is time to try bold idea, other than that, the yield of top 3 is fairly fixed, kamala harris breakthrough, maybe, can mayor pete breakthrough, maybe, but it's becoming increasingly unlikely. arthel: let's look at the democratic as a whole, criticized being far left, not in touch with what most americans are looking for, so a, as your party gone too far left and b, do you have a cohesive clear-cut message on how to run the country? >> so, first, i think the party is not as far left as the media
9:35 am
says, if that were the case the vice president, vice president biden wouldn't be getting vote of field, most democrats are moderate slightly left to center, not progressive as progressive candidates are, not that far to the left, that's number one, but number two, there are policy differences between every democrat and president trump and real policy difference on climate change that make huge difference to people's lives, we saw that with recent hurricane and people are going to react to those policy differences, so any one of our candidates, any one in the debate and couple that are not in debate on policy could paint a line of clear distinction on what they would do as president and what president trump is doing. arthel: but if climate change is going to be the -- the major drum-beat for the democratic
9:36 am
candidate, do you think beating president trump is going to be easy or will it be a tough fight for whoever that candidate will be. >> arthel, i don't think climate change is single issue, we've got to run in whole different issues, like gun violence, climate change, economic disparities that are inflicting the country, health care, a ton of the issues and american people on almost every one line solidly on democratic positions, there's plenty to go and talk about during the campaign, well, president trump be easy to beat, no, everyone is looking at the polls should realize that the toughest election for a candidate to win, i ran in 17 elections, the toughest election for a candidate to win is against himself or herself, when you get an opponent it's easier and donald trump is going to try to demonize whoever the democratic nominee is, he's going to try to say that they are going to bring socialism to the country, et cetera, et
9:37 am
cetera, et cetera, so i don't think donald trump is going to be as easy to beat as it appears from the polls, i think we are making a big mistake if we think so as well. arthel: that's a good point as well, finally, governor, you talk about how president trump will demonize whoever that democratic candidate will be, it worked for him before, do you think people are up for that again this time, name calling and kind of pettiness actually? >> well, one, i think people are tired of it, i think people are exhausted, they don't want to hear anymore of it, so you're right, i think that's a key factor but two, in 2016 then president trump had no record of his own to run on so it was easy to deflect all of the attention on hillary clinton, now he has a record of his own to defend so it's not going to be as easy to deflect, he will go pretty hard and he's pretty good at it so democrats be ware, this election
9:38 am
is not over by any means. arthel: great to have governor ed, thank you. >> thanks, arthel, have a good sunday. arthel: you do too. eric: as for the president he's heading to north carolina tomorrow, rally ahead of special election there, some are wondering could the showdown in the tar hill state be to believe barometer for presidential election in 2020, we will take a look at that next as america's news headquarters rolls on for this sunday. who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save
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so shop now. arthel: president trump holding rally in north carolina towrnl to support republican state senator dan bishop, running in special election tuesday against democrat dan for a congressional seat open since january. race many are calling a barometer for 2020 and test of the president's polls with swing
9:43 am
state voters but senator tom is down playing importance of the race on sunday morning futures today. >> i'm not sure that we can look at sort of a barometer, we want dan bishop to come and represent north carolinians in congress, we need another ally on job creation, reducing regulations, helping promote conservative judges to the bench, we need dan bishop, he's a good guy. arthel: let's bring in rod, retired chief political writer for news and observer of raleigh and author of rise and fall of, all right, rob, let's get to it. first of all, explain why this race has taken on national significance, i mean, is it in part because roy cooper was elected in 2016 and democrats as you all know gain seats in legislature? >> yes, in fact, the past decade
9:44 am
has been really good decade for republicans in north carolina but there are some signs of resurgence going on, it's hard to predict special elections because you don't know who will turn out, the early balloting numbers, absentee ballots have favored the democrats which is one reason that the president is coming in to pay yetville and vice president is coming to county to galvanize the republican voters, so this ought to be a republican seat, now the republicans held this seat which is based in charlotte because all the way across the state in southern part of the state, it ought to be a republican seat, republicans held it since 1963, president trump carried it by 12 points in the last election but several reasons why it's become competitive according to all the polls, one is dan has been running for 2 years and got the jump on dan bishop, probably
9:45 am
scandal involving earlier election didn't involve dan bishop but mark harris in terms of absentee ballots and that hurt republicans somewhat and, you know, the charlotte area itself is actually doing pretty well, it's part of the sun belt growth and not one of those areas that generally is really hurting economically where the president has done particularly well. arthel: right, why has president trump made this election a referendum on his leadership, he won the district by 12 points in 2016, but still so hoch of a gamble is it for him to go big and hold a rally in fayetteville in north carolina in the eve of this election? >> it's a very gutsy mover, you have presidents going in, if they go in at all for a house race, they will go in and pretty sure they are going to win.
9:46 am
>> who knows they will show up for special elections and so he is taking a big risk but there could be a big payoff if he wins and this is not only nationally but north carolina could be swing state. that will add significance to it. >> right, you can't play the 25-cent slot machines if you want to win a lot of money, right, so let's talk about the strength of the candidates themselves, the republican dan bishop and democrat dan, so, you know, in terms of their record and what they are campaigning on, how likely is it that bishop will hold onto this seat as you said in ninth district that's been held by a gop since the, what, 1963, what are the chances, though, of an upset by
9:47 am
democrat? >> it's hard to predict, dan bishop try today -- tried to tie himself with the president, running against socialism and nancy pelosi and -- and some of the other figures on the left whereas dan has really tried to localize the race and made it about himself, he has disassociated himself from national party, he said he would not vote for nancy pelosi for speaker, he has returned some contributions from some who are left-wing figures in democrat party, he emphasizes his marine background and service in iraq, the fact that he's a businessman and church connections, so this is kind of race that you will see a lot in all across america in 2020 where the republicans are trying to nationalize it and the democrats are trying to localize it.
9:48 am
arthel: all right, well, we will see how it plays out and we will be watchings, rob thank you very much. >> my pleasure. eric: right now following breaking news out of georgia, massive cargo ship overturn as you can see and caught fire as it leaves port, four crew members remain missing at this hour, we will have latest detais on this next. is that net carbs or total?...
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eric: search underway for four crew member who is remain missing, you're looking at massive 60-foot cargo ship the golden ray, as you can see it capsized and caught fire as it was leaving the port of georgia, kristina coleman following the developing story she's in los angeles which last week there was the horrible dive boat fire that claimed the lives of 34 people, kristina. >> that's right, eric, here we have another cap-sized boat, press conference will take on this very soon and rescue underway in georgia and ntsb is investigating 24 crew members on board the golden ray cargo ship when it capsized and now four of them are unaccounted for, the coast guard released photos of 656-foot vehicle carrier completely on ids size, 2:00 a.m. coast guard watch standards were notified that the
9:53 am
large cargo ship overturned and caught on fire, leaving the port which is major deep water port in georgia, 65 miles of savannah, the vessels master and chief engineer are assisting authorities and 20 members were rescued from the cap-sized ship, port temporarily suspended vessel traffic as emergency crews responds, the cause of the incident unknown at this time, also not clear if there were injuries, emergency safety zone established in and vessels are not allowed within half mile of the cap-size ship and, again, a press conference will be held on this shortly. eric. eric: looking forward to see new details on that, kristina, thank you. arthel. arthel: eric, prodemocracy demonstrators in hong kong trying a new tactic, thousands of them stage peaceful march to consulate, their message to president trump next.
9:54 am
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>> man oh, man, big sports story breaking yesterday, the nfl star making head spin and switching coast just hours after the open raiders cut receiver antonio brown, brown signed a 9 million-dollar deal with new england patriots and posted picture on social media to celebrate. left many fans and former nfl players stunned because it happened so quickly after brown's high-profile feud with the raiders when he said he wanted out.
9:58 am
>> the social media stuff and all about me kind of atmosphere is pushback, the team wouldn't have it and the fact that he gets rewarded for it and goes to patriots it's really unbelievable and, you know, i hope that he can right his career. eric: brown's brief time as raider ended with explosive argument with team general manager, never played a game for the team but he did are 9 standout seasons with pittsburgh steelers before demanding a trade from them at the end of last season, wow, we will see how he will do. arthel: renewed clashes in hong kong as tens of thousands of protesters march in u.s. consulate in plea for help, demonstrators calling for president trump and congress to intervene in the ongoing political crisis there, jonathan hunt is live from hong kong with the very latest, jonathan. >> arthel, it was a turn out that stunned everyone, what expected to be a small rally turning into something else entirely as many as 100,000
9:59 am
turned up outside of u.s. consulate to say they will not go quietly into the night and it is time for the world to help, watch here. >> these protesters as evidenced by the flags generally hold the united states up as a beacon of freedom and dem democracy but ty do want u.s. political leaders to do more to send a strong message to the hong kong authorities and to the chinese government. >> protesters then on what has been peaceful march began attacking subway stations and smashing traffic lights, they were eventually scattered by police firing a handful of teargas, arthel. arthel: jonathan hunt live in hong kong, thank you very much, jonathan. eric: democracy on the line there in hong kong protestors. arthel: that is going to do it for us, we will be back, though,
10:00 am
at 4:00 p.m. eastern, hope you can join us then. eric: meanwhile more news from washington here in fox news channel, thank you for spending some of your sunday with us, we know that you have choices and we ♪ ♪ leland: president trump canceling secret peace talks with the taliban that were set to take place at camp david today, calling them off at the last minute after a car bomb attack killed an american soldier in kabul. there has never been a slow news weekend in washington in the past couple of years, this weekend's no different. i'm leland vittert, welcome to washington. hard to know what would have been the bigger surprise, wake up to news this morning that the talks were canceled or that members of the taliban were at camp david. gillian: i think that people would have been more upset about that. atea


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