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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 8, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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at 4:00 p.m. eastern, hope you can join us then. now you can, with! eric: meanwhile more news from washington here in fox news channel, thank you for spending some of your sunday with us, we having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. know that you have choices and sending your own clubs ahead we with makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. ♪ ♪ with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. leland: president trump canceling secret peace talks saves you time and money. with the taliban that were set to take place at camp david make it simple. make it ship sticks. today, calling them off at the last minute after a car bomb attack killed an american soldier in kabul. there has never been a slow news ♪ ♪ weekend in washington in the gillian: the head of iran's past couple of years, this weekend's no different. nuclear agency said earlier today the european countries i'm leland vittert, welcome to aren't living up to their end of washington. hard to know what would have the nuclear deal they struck been the bigger surprise, wake back in 2015. that deal's still alive even up to news this morning that the though president trump pulled the united states out just about talks were canceled or that one year ago. this comes a day after tehran members of the taliban were at camp david. gillian: i think that people announced it'll speed up its would have been more upset about that. at least this way some people, uranium enrichment process in a
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move that very definitely some republicans are supportive breaches the terms of that deal. of president trump -- leland: sure, we'll get into we now turn to an expert on that. iran's nuclear program who gillian: i'm gillian turner. recently himself became the target of iranian sanctions. secretary pompeo isn't saying just yet when those negotiations the ceo of foundation for the will pick back up or even that defense of democracy. they will, saying it's now up to the taliban to, quote, change mark, the good news here is you've been sanctioned, but it their behavior. david spunt's at the white house also appears you've received a now. he's got the latest. lot of support from the highest david? >> reporter: hi, gillian. kind of echelons of the president trump is still getting administration including a lot of pushback though for secretary of state pompeo, is canceling that meeting, for even that right? having the meeting originally. >> that's correct. the iranian regime has gone that's when he made that after my organization and gone announcement last night. the president was set to meet after me, a guy e who runs a with members of the taliban and think tank, so i think that members of the afghan government underscores the kind of distress at camp david. the regime is feeling -- the original meeting, purpose of that meeting was to talk about gillian: wait, sorry, just to double on that for a second, the withdrawing of 5,000 u.s. troops idea being if they're so sort of from the country. instead that didn't happen, and insecure at the moment that president trump is at his golf they're lashing out against course in northern virginia right now as i speak to you american think tanks that produce policy papers -- instead. i want to read part of this >> that's exactly right. announcement from president trump last night. gillian: -- they've got to be it came in several tweets. pretty upset, right? >> that's exactly right. quote: i immediately canceled they're under immense economic the meeting and called off peace pressure and feeling the weight negotiations. what kind of people would kill of u.s. power.
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so many in order to seemingly we've received support from is secretary pompeo, from strengthen their bargaining position? gillian, there was a suicide car ambassador bolton, former bombing near the u.s. embassy in ambassador of theup, nikki haley, including mr. obama kabul who killed a u.s. soldier and 11 others. administration officials who the taliban put out a statement supported the deal, who are following the president's cancellation announcement. engaged in talks with iran, came it is a bold statement, quote: the americans will suffer more out and blasted the regime for than anyone else for canceling threatening a think tank who the talks. on fox news sunday this morning provides recommendations to with crystal lace, sec -- chris policymakers. of. gillian: despite all this, president trump has said wallace, secretary of state mike multiple times in recent weeks pompeo responded directly to that he would sit down and meet that a statement. listen. face to face with the rouhani >> with those words cooler heads, i hope, will prevail. regime without any preconditions. i didn't see the full statement, secretary of state pompeo i don't know precisely who reiterated that this morning on issued this. tv. do you think that's the right it's the case with the taliban, it's not monolithic. move? >> i think the right move is to chris: they said americans will double down on the pressure on this regime, not give them any suffer more than anyone else and that this will result in the sanctions relief, not give them death of more american troops. any of these credit lines that >> i hope that's not the case. the french are talking about to we don't want any loss of help them. gillian: that $15 billion that american life. >> reporter: democrat new macron is kind of offering? jersey senator bob menendez is >> exactly. the top democrat on the senate i think that would be a really foreign relations committee. stupid move at this point,
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listen. >> the fact is that, yes, the because they're feeling the pressure . to actually throw them a taliban harbored bin laden, lifeline at this point would the perpetrator of september make very little sense. if the president wants to sit 11th as we approach this 18th down and talk to president anniversary. rouhani, then he's got to we don't forget that. but we need to find a pathway reiterate he will only accept a deal that he and secretary forward that includes the pompeo put out last year that taliban. but it has to be the taliban and contains 12 conditions, includes the afghan government. we're not just talking to the nukes and missile, terrorism, taliban, that's only half of the getting back our hostages and equation. >> reporter: now these talks stopping iran's destructive behavior. so if he can get a comprehensive hang in the balance. back in the united states, a deal that addresses a full range white house aide tells me of iran's malign behavior, then president trump closely watching capitol hill as members of the it's worth negotiating. house and senate will return otherwise keep -- tomorrow for the first time gillian: keep going. since the august recess. >> keep doubling down on the also president trump's schedule pressure. gillian: thanks so much for just published, on thursday joining us, we appreciate your night he'll be in baltimore, perspective. >> thank you. maryland. you may remember last month he leland: they were rescued from garnered a lot of criticism for certain death in the path of his criticism of baltimore. hurricane dorian, so how can you that will be happening on help these little guys find a thursday. busy week for the president both forever home? here and what's happening when we come back. ♪ ♪ abroad. we'll inform them that liberty mutual gillian: david summit, thanks for that report. customizes home insurance, leland: with congress returning so they'll only pay for what they need. for summer recess as it has
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your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything. ended now, lawmakers return to capitol hill monday, and they do face a busy agenda backed with [ snoring ] issues such as possible gun legislation and democrats still [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] talking about impeachment. mark meredith with what is on the calendar. >> reporter: never a dull only pay for what you need. moment. recess is almost over, and ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ lawmakers are set to return to capitol hill with several issues to deal with. this week we're expecting to woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c. man 1: mine... hear a lot from congressional man 1: ...caused liver damage. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. democrats on the issue of gun control. this comes in the wake of those recent mass shootings in el paso vo: whatever your type, ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure. and dayton. on tuesday nancy pelosi is woman 2: i had the common type. expected to join fellow democrat at a forum on gun violence, and man 2: mine was rare. vo: epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. one republican house member says man 3: i just found out about my hepatitis c. he has low expectations for his woman 3: i knew for years. committee. >> we're going to take up gun vo: epclusa is only one pill, once a day, taken with legislation that was designed to make people feel better that or without food for 12 weeks. vo: before starting epclusa, your doctor will test they're actually doing something but in the end won't do if you have had hepatitis b, which may flare up, anything, and we'll take that up and could cause serious liver problems during as early as tuesday. >> reporter: congressional and after treatment. republicans want president trump to lay out what potential gun vo: tell your doctor if you have had hepatitis b, laws he may support. other liver or kidney problems,
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trade is another issue congress is expected to focus on, and hiv, or other medical conditions... it's not just about china. vo: ...and all medicines you take, the white house has urged the house to quickly ratify a new including herbal supplements. vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa trade deal between the u.s., canada and mexico, but may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. democratic leaders have not said vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. when a vote will take place amid concern over labor enforcement vo: ask your doctor today, and environmental aspects of the if epclusa is your kind of cure. deal. senate minority leader chuck schumer sent a letter to his senate colleagues detailing his caucus' priorities for the fall, here are just a few. voting on the gun control legislation, reviewing efforts by the white house to make changes to obamacare and voting on bipartisan elections security legislation in the senate. senator schumer says democrats also hope to address multiemployer pension crisis, but a reminder, democrats are in a minority meaning schumer's going to need bipartisan support if he hopes to move the agenda forward. also the house is going to be considering that impeachment inquiry. never a dull moment as a congress gets back to work. leland: normal fall in
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washington. mark maine divot, thanks so much. -- meredith. we pick up where mark left off in a minute. gillian? gillian: new data shows trade e between the u.s. and china is contracting, it's shrinking. this as the tariff war between the world's two largest economies to continues to intensify. china's trade surplus with the u.s. narrowing to just under $27 billion in august. that's down $31 billion from a year earlier. chinese imports of u.s. goods, meanwhile, falling to $10.3 billion in august, that's down 22% from the same time last year. and exports, the u.s. to -- being china's biggest market, dropping to $44.4 billion in august, that's shrinking 16% from one year ago. so all around major, major contraction. leland: congress will be talking about that when they get back and also or certain to talk about those canceled a peace talks between the united states, afghanistan and the taliban. and with that, from california
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part of the show, house armed services committee democrat john garamendi, we appreciate it. before you head back to town, the essential question from the top of the show, would you have been more surprised waking up this morning to news that the peace talks were canceled or more surprised to news that members of the taliban were hanging out at camp david? >> the latter. the peace talks have always been tenuous. the afghan government was on the outside probably not aware of what was going on. that's a very, very real problem that would cause the peace talks ♪ ♪ to at least be delayed, if not leland: well, as congress comes fail. back this week from summer but at camp david? taliban? recess, six more congressmen in the week of 9/11? from districts that president i don't think so. trump won facing new challenge from the dccc. leland: there is the optics of roll call reports one of those this. i didn't remember you being is virginia's fifth. super critical of president we bring in the gentleman from virginia's fifth, congressman obama talking to iranians, a and member of the house group that also has a financial services committee. significant amount of american good to see you, sir. blood on their hands, the blood >> good to be here? of american soldiers on their leland: are you surprised to be hands. so is your issue specifically
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on the list? >> no, they picked me, but had that they were coming to camp david or the idea that there was that happen two years ago in an a deal? open seat. what's the problem? they tried to get me then, >> combination of both of those. they're going to try to get me what is the deal? it's been secret. now. good luck. leland: the fire and brimstone it's been kept from the afghan of the freedom caucus and perhaps some of president trump's feelings on different government, obviously secret and things, they may play well in kept away from congress also although the house foreign certain districts and with his affairs committee has asked for base, they don't play in your a detailed briefing on exactly district. >> especially in the rural parts what this peace or -- well, where the farmers are, you have to understand what's going on let's call it a peace deal is there. i have a district that's 10,000 all about. so that's one piece of it. square miles, bigger than new the other piece of it is this is jersey. we have 29 state representatives the 9/11 week. this is the taliban that had in that huge district, so it's a invited and allowed al-qaeda huge district, and we have to listen to the constituents and to exist and to carry out its not pay attention to facebook and twitter and propaganda -- leland: so where are you going attack from afghanistan. that just seems to be a horrible to distance yourself from the president? >> i'm not going to because affront to the americans and usmca is the number one thing that we have to look at, and i others that were killed in the 9/11 attacks. am so aligned on that because right now we have the biggest bad optics all the way around and, frankly, a bad process. agricultural district. we're 65% rural talking about leland: yeah. well, there are republicans who share your feelings as well. timber, dairy, tobacco. meantime, here's secretary of right now -- state mike pompeo defending the leland: [inaudible] >> i go to danville, so we're
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idea of talking to, as you point out, some bad folks. >> if you're going to negotiate peace, you often have to deal talking a huge swath of area. with some pretty bad actors. while there have often been leland: jerry falwell put that discussions about war at camp david, there have been up on his twitter, praising you discussions about peace there as well. some pretty bad actors have for officiating a same-sex traveled through that place wedding. that doesn't seem like the throughout recorded history. it's an important place, it's a typical republican orthodoxy we place where we thought we could have seen in the past. convince all the leaders of what gives? >> i think it's historic afghanistan. leland: i mean, he's got a point. there have been some relatively republican orthodoxy. unsavory folks there for just this purpose, and at times it's we've always believed in worked out pretty well. >> well, i'm not opposed to the personal liberty. they said some things that i negotiation. i think that's extremely thought were very kind, but we important. i've been calling for have to have a party that united. liberty and freedom really negotiations for, well, over a decade now. doesn't stop at the bedroom but the fact of the matter is door, and if we're worried about the afghan government has been socialism, the green new deal, basically out of the negotiations, and that seems to government encroaching on our be -- leland: well, they were invited to camp david. lives -- leland: that's not typical the afghan president was on his orthodoxy. way. it's even not sort of the conceivably, he'd be here to typical strict the talk about it, so you're upset constructionallist supreme court that the afghan's government not orthodoxy that we hear from the president, so this is a included in something, and they significant difference from you were going to be there at the table. >> no, not at all, leland. and from where the president's
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it was prior to this meeting. base is in alabama and south carolina and states like that. so, okay, they're going to go have a negotiation. >> he came out very pro-lgbtq, i think that's important. my major point here is this as you remember the banner, and we are an inclusive party, and week? leland: got it. >> at camp david? that's what we have to be -- leland: the timing point you make is an important one, and leland: is that what you have to be in virginia? president trump has talked about >> or we're not going to win. right now we're not looking optics and timing before. you guys are going to deal with good -- leland: what about the this when you come back and the statehouse? you've got 29 districts in your president saying the war's going district. >> yeah, 29 delegates. to continue. there's one thing. the other issue's going to be and, you know, when you're talking about that, we have to border funding. really worry about not only the president's been diverting funds from the military, from fundraising, but also again, the pentagon to build the border going out to the con stitch weapons, making sure -- wall. is there a negotiation to be had on this, or is it better for constituents, but also we just don't have enough people running democrats politically, it seems, so it's a real surprise that we to just keep saying no money for just don't have enough people the wall, no money for the wall, engaged -- leland: the republican party's no money for the wall? really dying. >> it's not dying -- >> i think there's something leland: on life support. far, far more important than the >> that's why we started a pac wall here, and that is the way the president has -- in this to fund our candidates. process -- usurped the power of we don't want virginia to become the purse, the constitutional like our congress.ongressman, ad power of congress to appropriate money. it is the responsibility of the to see you. administration, this president we appreciate it. thanks for making the drive up
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and former and future presidents, to carry out the law here before you guys get back to work. and to faithfully enact and >> appreciate it, leland. thank you, buddy. gillian: last night 42 cats and carry out whatever congress has dogs rescued from parts of south decided with regard to appropriations. carolina affected by hurricane the president here, first of dorian and brought here to to all, mexico's not paying for it. the american taxpayers are. and, frankly, our national d.c. meth propoll tan area -- security is seriously jeopardized by the president metropolitan area by an amazing moving $3.6 billion out of organization. volunteers traveled before dorian hit and rescued animals projects that were deemed by the who were chained outside houses, left behind for dead. department of defense, by the they'll be bringing up dozens more dogs from the bam has here various departments -- army, air to the united states -- bahamas force, navy and marines and here to the united states over the coming weeks. congress -- to be critical to our national defense. amazing -- leland: i was talking to the is so there's a real serious director of lucky dog earlier. problem here. we have to push back. if there's one thing that unites leland: all right. we will watch if there's any everybody, it's rescuing dogs. and since we told you about this negotiations that come out of it. yesterday, lucky dog has congressman, always appreciate you being with us. received $15,000 in donations. i know you've got a long trek back to the east here. we called for donations in honor hope you enjoyed the vacation. >> it'll be an early morning of gillian's birthday, and you all responded. gillian: one very important tomorrow. leland: yes, sir. gillian? viewer really responded to the gillian: right now for the republican side we turn to indiana congressman, member of call was carol, leland's mom,
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the house armed services committee, jim banks. who made a very generous he also serves as chairman of the republican study committee's donation. thank you so much. budget and spending task force. leland: lucky dog animal congressman, the perfect person if you'd like to to have join us on this topic. help, we hope you do. you heard your democratic gillian: check you out. colleague essentially say the entire idea of hosting this kind leland: "fox news sunday" next. of a conversation at camp david was inappropriate. he's not giving the president any kudos for cancels it, he says it was an error of judgment to schedule it in the first place. what say you? >> well, we've seen this before. the president, once it was obvious to the president that the taliban won't keep their end of the bargain, he walked away from a bad deal, and we should all be happy about that. i've been skeptical about these negotiations for over a year when they had first begun, i even wrote legislation to get -excuse me. congress more involved to uh... certify any deal that would do you mind...being a mo-tour? occur, but all the while i welcomed that this president will go to extraordinary lengths -what could be better than being a mo-tour? to keep his campaign commitment and the commitment that the american people support to bring our troops home. the real question is...
10:13 am
i served in afghanistan just before i became a congressman. do you mind not being a mo-tour? someone who i served with didn't come home, and for 18 years -i do. we've been doing the same thing for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. every single year, and this president is the president who -- and in the most -i do. responsible way, has been trying to find the best way out, the best path forward to bring our jill jill has entresto, and a na heart failure pill troops home and leave a situation in afghanistan that's that helped keep people alive better than when we found it. and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; gillian: since the president raised the specter of something it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. that could have happened but don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor didn't, we have a little more or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. room here, let's play the scenario out. let's say an american hadn't the most serious side effects are angioedema, died and the president had decided, for whatever reason, to low blood pressure, kidney problems, go forward with the talks, we or high blood potassium. woke up today, they were ask your doctor about entresto. underway. if we came out with a deal, right, on the other end -- let's where to next? say we didn't even come out with a deal but made progress, would it be worth it to hold these talks at camp david just three days before the 9/11 when the memory so fresh in service members' minds? >> let's set the timing and location aside, and for a moment
10:14 am
realize that when we're dealing with the taliban, as dangerous as they are, the deaths that they've been responsible for in afghanistan of american troops, of nato troops, of afghan citizens, what we're dealing with with the taliban is mickey mouse, a mickey mouse operation compared to what we would be dealing with with isis, with -- gillian: today the, right. >> as isis rises up and poses a much more sophisticated threat, this administration, secretary pompeo made very clear the president understands in that we have to bring some -- this that we have to bring some level of agreement with the taliban together so that we can fight the real threat that exists with a rising isis and with still a remaining threat offal tide and other dangerous actors. -- of hi. al-qaeda. any deal that was crafted with the taliban would bring together maria ramirez! the afghan government with taliban entities to try to create more of the civil society there so with we have a better mom! maria! ally and teammate to do what we have to do to destroy isis.
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maria ramirez... gillian: take a listen to your mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars republican colleague, adam in tuition assistance, kinzinger, on our air just less education, and career advising programs... than an hour ago. want to get your reaction to prof: maria ramirez this. mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! >> to bring the taliban, i mean, to help more employees achieve their dreams. i was actually quite sickened to learn that taliban leaders were coming to the united states of america, not that far away from new york city, frankly. and they have yet to renounce 9/11, they have yet to renounce terror. that they would be not only in the united states, but in a place of honor at camp david was quite shocking. gillian: so he says he was sickened by this, and he seems to be making the case that the timing and the location is everything. >> after 18 years we can't keep doing what we've been doing, and that's what i appreciate about president trump. shortly after he was elected, he announced a new strategy in afghanistan. that strategy has evolved to where we are today. chris: i'm chris wallace. president trump cancels a secret meeting with the taliban and we can't move forward and calls off peace negotiations. continue to keep operating in finish we'll talk live with the the same, at the same level with secretary of state. more of a nation-building ♪ strategy in afghanistan that ♪
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hasn't worked and appears will >> we're talking to the taliban, never work. we're talking to the government, that's why we have to bring some we'll see if we can do something. level of agreement together with chris: those talks now in the taliban. question after the president i'm sure that adam has been aware for over a year that these calls off a secret summit days after an agreement in principle negotiations have been taking place. he and i have talked about that with the taliban that would pull thousands of u.s. troops out of before. both of us are skeptical that the taliban will ever keep their afghanistan. and iran taking new steps to word, and i think that's what break out of the nuclear deal bother -- for good reason. i think that's what bothers all while president trump raises the possibility of a meeting with of us about the images that would have come out of any camp iran's president. >> we're going the see what happens. they want to talk, they want to david talks. but what's far more important make a deal. chris: than that is whether we can ever come to agreement with the taliban so we can focus on the greater threat in afghanistan, which is isis and other powerful entities. ville jill very quickly, we're already out of time, kind of yes or no, what do you think about the president's proposal to bring 5,000 more u.s. troops home? >> well, i think that's -- no matter what we do, bringing troops home and away from afghanistan creates a more dangerous situation there as we try to confront a rising isis. i was just back in afghanistan late last year, the troops, the
10:17 am
leaders on the ground are talking about the greater and growing threat of isis there, and we need counterterrorism troops. we need a bigger and better strategy, and that's what the president understands and is trying to get to. gillian: congressman, thanks for joining us. we appreciate your perspective. >> good to be here. leland: thousands in in the bam has are still searching for loved ones. water and food is squares. conditions for those still alive desperate. ellison barber live in nassau where the rescue effort's being coordinated from. hi, ellison. >> reporter: hey, leland. we made it yesterday to grand bahama, that is one of two areas hit hardest by hurricane dorian. we landed in free port, one of the most populated areas in grand bahama, and then we traveled about 45 minutes to the east side of the island, and there we found total devastation. this area is called high rock, grand bahama, said to be one of
10:18 am
the highest points, the highest point on the island are. the people who live here tell us that there used to be about 85 moments, now only 8, maybe 9 are stillen stand thing. for the most part, it looks like this; rubble, homes without roofs, homes without walls. next to this white p tent is where people who live here say 17 people died in a home that collapsed. they say many of them were family members. one person in this small town essentially lost his entire family. seventeen people dead in high rock when hurricane dorian rolled through. people say they had to rescue their neighbors out of trees, grab their hand and try and pull them in as the storm came through, as the winds raged, as the water levels got higher and higher, and some were saved, but here they say 17 people lost their lives, many more lost their homes. >> i heard -- [inaudible] >> go on.
10:19 am
>> 17 person out of my town is dead. that's unprecedented. >> reporter: there are only about 300 people living in that settlement. that man you just heard from, his name is cecil kemp. he said that the deputy prime minister of the bahamas came to their neighborhood a few days ago. the bodies of those 17 people have been moved. for the most part, people are relying on each other, neighbors just helping neighbors. we saw one nonprofit in high rock, it was called reach out worldwide. they were delivering water with the help of the rotary club. they a heard there was a baby somewhere on the east side of the island without formula, a four-month-old baby. they had driven neighborhood to neighborhood looking for that baby. they told me they found it in high rock, and they were able to get that formula as well as other baby supplies they bought the day before to that child. that group, reach out worldwide, they were the only nonprofit we saw on grand bahama in the less
10:20 am
inhasinhabitedded area. smaller communities where they were hit incredibly hard where they still have no cell service, many with little water and food, they're trying to ration their food out for the next week, they were the only people there. other than the deputy prime minister visiting, they haven't seen a whole lot of help, not a lot of nonprofits have been able to make it that far at this point in time because so many roads are blocked off and difficult to travel there. leland: think how many people are also still trying to search for loved ones through all of that. ellison barber from nassau, thank you very much. gillian? gillian: pro-democracy protesters marching to the u.s. consulate in hong kong and calling for international support for their cause. jonathan hunt is tracking it all on the ground. jonathan? >> reporter: gillian, tens of thousands turn out on the streets of hong kong with a
10:21 am
simple message for president trump: please help. we'll show you the march after the break. ♪ but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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because there's always another team looking to punch one in. a spectacular touchdown grab with nfl redzone from nfl network on xfinity, you get every touchdown from every game on sunday afternoons, all season long.
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watch every breakout star, every heart-pounding running attack, and every big time defensive stop. sundays were made for football on xfinity. that's simple, easy, awesome. add the sports entertainment package for nfl redzone. click, call, or visit a store today to learn more. gillian: detectives in el dorado county, california, carrying out a hods investigation after finding the remains of a woman they believe
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is 33-year-old missing mom heather gumina on friday. her mother says, quote: it's the most horrific thing anyone could imagine. her husband was arrested on an outstanding domestic violence warrant. police as of now not commenting on whether they believe he is responsible for her disappearance. that was first reported july 19th. ♪ ♪ leland: new developments in the pro-democratic marches taking place in hock kong. hundreds of thousands in the streets now asking the united states to get involved. jonathan hunt was at the protest today live of in hong kong where it is already monday morning. hi, jonathan. >> reporter: leland, it was an extraordinary day, particularly for the hong kong authorities who may have hoped this protest movement was waning.
10:26 am
what had been expected to be a relatively small rally turning into something else entirely as up to 100,000 protesters took their message directly to the u.s. consulate, asking the u.s. congress to pass the hong kong human rights and democracy act. watch here. this is one of the largest and loudest demonstrations we have seen on the streets of hong kong for several weeks. tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, it's impossible to tell from our haven't aage point here, pleading with the united states to send a much stronger message to the chinese government supporting these protesters and these people are sending their own message to the hong kong chief executive, carrie lam. if she thought she had drawn the sting from these protests by withdrawing the extradition bill, she was very much
10:27 am
mistaken. now, as the sun went down and many of the more moderate protesters went home, the tension and the violence went up. protesters smashing windows at a local subway station in central hong kong, marching through the streets, also smashing traffic lights. they were eventually dispersed as riot police moved in, scattering the protesters with a handful of tear gas canisters. more importantly, the hong kong authorities learned that the withdrawal of that extradition bill clearly will not quell this movement. they want all of their five demands met. they want the united states to put pressure on to get those demands met, and they will not stop -- quite clearly in their minds -- until they get what they want. leland?
10:28 am
leland: you have to wonder if the hong kong authorities will use that that violence as an excuse to crack down even harder. jonathan hunt, live in hong kong. great work, fellas. gillian? gillian: well, a new hollywood controversy has celebrities and politicians all spun up. we'll tell you what one former cheers actress, that's kirstie alley, has to say about it next. ♪ ♪ our members shop a little differently. so we reward every purchase . let's see what kate sent. for you. for all of us. that's for me. navy federal credit union our members, are the mission.
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♪ ♪ gillian: new polling shows how the 020 democratic race to the top is shaping up. presidential candidates are now in full-on preparation mode leading up to thursday's debate. leland: we pause for a fox news alert, live pictures out of brunswick, georgia, where there has been a large cargo ship that overturned. the coast guard now giving a briefing on that. a the president ofarbor. natural resources -- department
10:33 am
of natural resources made several rescues from the vessel at multiple points. 20 of the 24 people onboard have been rescued at this time. as smoke and flames began to appear, our crews along with the glenn county heavy rescue team assessed that the situation was too risky to further go inside the vessel to attempt to locate the four individuals who remain missing at this time. we are working with the coast guard salvage engineering and response team, the surveyor and the company to stabilize the vessel. once salvage professionals have determined the vessel to be stable, we will identify the best option to continue our rescue efforts for the four crew members who remain onboard. i have met with commander norm whit, captain of the port of
10:34 am
brunswick, and he will be here to speak about the ongoing effort with regard to environmental protection, the port and stabilization of the vessel. commander whit. >> good afternoon. in addition to the ongoing search and rescue operations, we also have pollution mitigation efforts in the works. currently, i would say there is no active release of pollution. however, on the potential that there would be, we have established a unified command to put mitigation strategies into effect. unified command consists of united states coast guard, georgia department of natural resources and gallagher marine services representing the responsible party. currently, we're mobilizing resources, activating our area contingency plan and taking all steps necessary to mitigate any potential pollution. in addition to the pollution, we're also looking at the
10:35 am
salvage piece and, again, our strategy -- leland: put up pictures of the boat. >> the same parties to affect salvage as quickly and safely as possible. leland: where a large cargo ship called the golden ray overturned and caught fire. the coast guard reporting they saved about 20 people, 4 crew members still missing during the fire and ensuing smoke that was on that ship that caused the coast guard to abandon their rescue efforts. we'll watch this. back to georgia as more events warrant. meantime this weekend, even traditionally liberal members of the hollywood crew are taking on their own over calls to blacklist conservatives. this is kirstie alley on twitter. she's saying: i refuse to be part of hollywood who can't see that not working with republicans is as stupid and nasty as refusing to do business with with gay people. stop acting above the fray, you
10:36 am
damn hypocrites. this all started with the costars of will and grace appearing to call for the blacklisting of stars in hollywood who attended a fundraiser for trump. we bring in the host of the katie halper show, nice to see you both. john, start with you since you're out there. typically hollywood is this competition of collective wokeness. what's changed, do you think, all of a sudden? >> i don't know, but they need to go to diversity training, both of them, eric mccormack and debra messing. they're -- i know a number of republicans in hollywood, and they do keep quiet. they say it is oppressive, and you don't speak out about it. they actually have private clubs. and there's a lot of republicans in hollywood, way more than you think, they just can't speak out loud. terrible discrimination and oppression. leland: one conservative in
10:37 am
hollywood -- i won't label him a republican or not but certainly someone who is of the conservative mindset, is john o'hurley of "seinfeld" fame. this is what he told me about the will and grace costars as this story began. take a listen. >> i'm embarrassed both of them, and i'll say in the because i know them both, and i've worked with debra before. they do wonderful work, but they're pushing a case that a falls apart from the sheer weight of its lunacy. as though the hollywood community needs to be purged of this social and intellectual hygiene problem called conservative thinking. leland: all right, katie. >> well, i think it's great that everyone on fox news and conservatives are condemning mccarthyism which is, to me, a very bad thing -- leland: hold on. i mean, it's an important point. what you're saying is that attempting the blacklisting of conservatives in hollywood is akin to mccarthyism. >> no, not at all. i'm just happy that you guys are using that as a framing of
10:38 am
something negative. now, part of the reason i know this is because my great uncle was blacklisted. he spent the rest of his life selling medical equipment, is so i understand what it is. this is not blacklisting. saying that you would like to know publicly about who is paying a lot of money to attend a donald trump fundraiser is not blacklisting. these are not marginalized people who are going to lose their livelihood. leland: this is what mccormack said after a number of people came out strongly, he said i absolutely do not support blacklists or discrimination of any kind. he says i am holding myself responsible for making educated and informed decisions that i can morally and ethically stand by, and to do that, transparency's essential. he says decisions that i can morally and ethically stand by, decisions to do what? if he's going to choose not to work with people -- >> well, lee not hiring
10:39 am
people -- leland: he could say whether he would work with them or not. >> that's okay. do you honestly think republicans in hollywood ooh going to -- are going to kill themselves or be unable to make a living? >> you know what he wants to do. >> what? >> he wants to start a blacklisting, of course he does. >> he can't start it -- >> he wants to start a social media mob that will browbeat all the executives -- >> why do you have to -- [inaudible] leland: wait, wait, wait a second. [inaudible conversations] leland: katie -- [inaudible conversations] >> what happens next is these people have all the private information out on the internet on social media, they'll get ugly phone calls and e-mails, and they'll be intimidated -- >> didn't you release the cell phone numbers -- leland: radio hosts know, we're going to have to wrap this up -- >> didn't you --
10:40 am
[inaudible] [inaudible conversations] leland: okay. i don't even know where we're going here. katie, it's a point of fact there have been a number of conservatives who will tell you in hollywood and other places that they've lost gigs or contracts or not gotten certain roles because of their thoughts. we'll leave it there. >> wait, but with yes or no, did you not release the private number of -- leland: gillian? we'll move on. >> on your radio show. leland: i'm not sure where this all went. thank you both. we'll move on now. gillian: iran ratcheting up tensions with the parties of the 2015 nuclear deal not backtracking. we'll talk to one foreign policy expert next who became an actual target of iran's sanctions. ♪ ♪ ere i go again on my own ♪ ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪
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