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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 8, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. we hope to see you right here next week. ♪ eric: the reaction to president trump sadie canceled the afghan peace talks that were set to take place in camp david today. that decision coming in response to the caliban attack that killed an american soldier in kabul. hello, i'm eric shawn and this is a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. arthel: and i'm arthel neville. the president was set to hold a meeting with afghan leaders and the caliban days before september 11. secretary of state mike pompeo not saying when or if negotiations will resume. david blunt joins us live from white house with the very latest. reporter: good afternoon to you. president trump city canceled the meeting because of the violence in afghanistan and supposed to be with members of
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the caliban in the afghan government to talk about withdrawing 5000 u.s. troops. troops have been in afghanistan for almost two decades. it comes a few days before marking the 911, 18 years since 911. according to president trump, this is a tweet he made the announcement to the public canceling this meeting. if they cannot agree to a cease-fire during a very important peace talks and would kill 12 innocent people than they probably don't have the power to negotiate a meaningful agreement anyway. how many more decades are they willing to fight? the suicide car bombing killed 34 -year-old army sergeant and 11 others. the caliban put out a bold statement following the president's cancellation announcement. some say it's threatening and i want to read part of it. americans will suffer more than anyone else for canceling the talks. the president cheap diplomatic,
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mike pompeo, was on fox news sunday with chris wallace this morning. listen. >> chris, there's those words, cooler heads i hope will prevail. i did not see the full statement and don't know it's context or precisely the issue but they are not monolithic. eric: he said americans will suffer more than anyone else and this will result in the death of more american troops. >> i hope that is not the case. we don't want any loss of american life. reporter: many republicans and trump allies essay having a meeting with the teledyne on american soil at camp david is a bad idea. >> the idea they will stop attacking after whatever peace accord is signed at camp david is, i think, looking at something and not understanding the true nature of these evil people in the caliban. i don't understand this. reporter: president trump retreating from 2012 says while barack obama is slashing the
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military is also negotiating with our sworn enemy, the caliban, who facilitated 911. that was january 13, 2012. president trump had a busy week back stateside not just before policy but here because congress is returning after the august recess tomorrow. president trump and vice president vice president pence will be in north carolina for a congressional seat down there. arthel: thank you. eric. eric: congress does get back to business and everyone gets back in town tonight before they begin working after this long august recess. lawmakers facing a broad array of issues that include gun control, spending, immigration and the border wall. what could be passed? mark meredith has more from our washington bureau.
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reporter: lawmakers will return to washington monday with a lot on their plate. democrats are expected to focus heavily a new gun control legislation. congress was on a summer recess during the recent mass shootings in el paso, texas in dayton, ohio. following those tragedies lawmakers president trump appear to be open to debating new gun control laws but on tuesday house democrats plan to hold a forum on gun violence prevention and some 2020 presidential candidates say they are eager to push one major proposal forward to save lives. >> when i support is an immediate assault weapon ban so we can't keep purchasing them. to meet that would be the most immediately smart thing to do. you can't fix any of this without that. reporter: mitch mcconnell said last month he asked select senate committee chairman to reflect on the subject and discuss potential solutions but it's unclear what legislation gop lawmakers may end up backing. >> we will not vote on bills on the senate floor that the president is not willing to sign. the president needs to step up here and set guidelines for what he would do. reporter: house democrats say they ramp up their investigations into president trump and his administration.
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as judiciary committee is expected to meet this week to lay out how we can move forward with impeachment inquiry of the president. democrats have demanded documents and less money from several officials. president trump has labeled it presidential harassment. on friday democrats demanded new information from the white house over recent overseas trips where taxpayer money was spent at trump properties. congress considers ratifying the u.s. mca trade deal between the u.s. and canada and mexico. eric. eric: thank you, mark. more on what gun measures can be passed a little later on in our newscast. arthel: we will show you video of a cargo ship overturning off the georgia coast. u.s. coast guard officials saying it was leaving new brunswick when it drastically leaned to its side. right now there's an active search for several missing crewmembers. christina coleman following the story for us and joins us now. christina. reporter: arthel, 20 of the 24
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crew members were safely rescued from the burning chip but the coast guard says they cannot get to the other four people because of smoke and fire. it was too risky to be on board this cap sized vessel. the coast guard now waiting for salvage professionals to determine when it safe to go back on the large cargo ship again to continue rescue efforts. the 656 foot vehicle carrier completely on its side around 2:00 a.m. coast guard watch were noticed that the large cargo ship overturned and caught on fire. it was leaving the port of brunswick which is a deepwater port in jones georgia, 65 miles south of savannah. ntsb is investigating trying to figure out what could have possibly caused the fire. >> the fire that was observed this morning was coming off the starboard side that look to be about the area of the cargo and it was black smoke. since then the flames have gone out and the black smoke has ceased but we are unable to determine specifically without going inside whether the fire has been completely extinguish
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extinguished. reporter: at this point no word on exactly who the four unaccounted crewmembers are or where they were stationed on the ship when it caught on fire but we are waiting on more details on this rescue mission. arthel. arthel: christina coleman, thank you. eric. eric: hurricanes are leaving parts of the, in total ruin for 20% of the population are now homeless. after the deadly devastating storm killed 43 people. present residence in the heart of the islands are still trying to get out. ellison barber is on the ground with more. reporter: people have lost everything in the grand bahamas as well as the islands. those areas hit the hardest. we made our way to grand bahama yesterday and it was not easy to get there but we made it there early yesterday morning by flying into one of the main
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towns there, freeport. myself and my photographer were there for hours and drove around the island with the help of local bahamians trying to navigate our way around roads that were blocked by piles in mountains of debris i met one family who survived the storm but lost their home. we walked up to the house the little girl was outside sorting through her toys. this is amelia, seven years old, lives in this house and this is where she was when hurricane dorian came through. right now you are telling me you're trying to save or pick which toys you can take to the next home and you said the stall here, angelique, is a big what you're trying to keep. >> yes, and that dollhouse. >> she said she moving to the home down the road with them really members or they can stay. she says her mom told her she could pick them up her toys to keep with her and trying to decide what she can take and what they have room for. this dollhouse is one of her
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favorites but probably too big to take to the other house. no cell service on most of grand bahama and a little bit of service in the more popular the town of freeport. in settlements and eastern part of the island cell service is still nonexistent. we let some people use our satellite phones, people who not been able to contact the family members for days. one woman wanted to call her sister and called her when her sister answered she told her hello and said we lost everything but we are alive. she ended the call telling resistor to tell the family she was alive but did not ask for anything. all she wanted was to tell her sister she was alive and to tell the rest of the family she loves them and they heard her voice and knew they were okay. a simple request, but the call, the most of us will never have to make it they just wanted to let the family members know they were still alive but every thing else absolutely gone. eric. eric: just horrific. it means so much for you to do
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that for the loved ones. thank you so much. arthel. arthel: tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of hong kong and marched to the u.s. consulate. demonstrators are clean clean for support from washington calling on congress to pass a bill supporting democracy. donovan hunt joins us live from hong kong with the latest. jonathan. reporter: arthel, it was a extraordinary day sunday here in hong kong. what had been expected to be a relatively small rally turned into something else entirely. up to 100,000 people turned out on the streets to tell the hong kong authorities this movement will not go quietly into the night and to tell the world it's time to help and to tell the united states congress and president trump it's time to pass and sign the hong kong human rights democracy act.
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look here. these protesters, as evidenced by their blacks generally holding the united states, as a beacon of freedom and democracy but they do want u.s. political leaders to do more to send a strong message to the hong kong authorities and to the chinese government. as the sun went down the tension and the violence went up. protesters began attacking subway stations. we were there as they smashed windows and then started marching through hong kong's central shopping district. riot police largely stood off at a distance. eventually, those riot police and did move in and fired several teargas cans and the protesters ultimately dispersed but what we learn from this violence and quite stunning sunday rally is that these protesters aren't going anywhere but are not satisfied with the
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one concession, the withdrawal of the extradition built the chief executive carrie lamb has given them and they plan to continue with their protest movement and that leaves the ball very much in the court of the hong kong authorities, more specifically and more significantly, the chinese government. arthel. arthel: jonathan hunt, thank you. eric. eric: president trump canceled that plan meeting with the telegram can a peace deal still be made connect what does that mean for our troops, our nation and the future of afghanistan. geico makes it easy to get help when i need it. with licensed agents available 24-7, it's not just easy. it's having-jerome-bettis- on-your-flag-football-team easy. go get 'em, bus! ohhhh! [laughing] c'mon bus, c'mon! hey, wait, wait, wait!
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by a kohler-certified installer. and it's made by kohler- america's leading plumbing brand. we need this bath. yes. yes you do. a kohler walk-in bath provides independence with peace of mind. >> president trump made the decision that i want to talk to the president of afghanistan and the taliban negotiators and see if you can get to the final outcome we needed so we could sign off on the deal so we found that arrangement acceptable to verification was adequate we
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concluded it was a perfectly appropriate place. you know the history of camp david. a lot of bad folks have come to that place with peace negotiating take place. arthel: mike pompeo on with chris wallace, fox news sunday, explain why the president scheduled secret peace talks today at camp david with afghan leaders and the taliban. the president saying that meeting has been canceled after the taliban claimed credit for a car bomb that killed an american soldier in the afghan capital. let's bring in john jordan, former naval intelligence officer and member of the institute. john, your thoughts on present job in inviting the taliban to camp david? >> camp david has a rich history but president case wanted the jimmy carter and what was puzzling is that a present from scott about this. it's in contrast with this approach to iran and north korea. he applied maximum pressure sanctions to give himself leverage and then engaged to position itself for peace discussion or revise the deal but in this case he stated openly that he wants american troops out of afghanistan and
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wants them out by the election. he's given himself a timetable and in this context he has no leverage. these talks were doomed to fail were doomed to blow up for this does not bode well for the regime or government going forward. arthel: that's what president trump has been critical of the four. don't set a timeline publicly saying this is what i want to happen and this is when it will happen. now you think that's what he did in this case and outlaws leverage. what happens now? yet the tell them think americans will suffer more than anyone else and it will result in the killing of more american troops. we hope that does not happen. is this taliban bluster? or is it reason not to negotiate with them? >> well, what will happen here is tell them will simply wait the president out and will chip away at the government. i fear we will go back to pre-
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2001 afghanistan. the president dealt himself out of these negotiations effectively. afghan government will now have to stand alone. the remaining question is how big a military footprint will be keep in afghanistan? imagine we keep some footprint but not enough to effective military control over these outlying provinces even if you do have a beginner footprint to support the afghan government inside of kabul. it's an ugly set of choices now. arthel: couple questions for you. how much do you think or how many troops should be left there? remind us what the pre- 2001 conditions were? >> pre- 2001 was when the taliban was in control of afghanistan. al qaeda was running loose. terrible place for women and just and approaches oppressive awful place. in terms of the footprint a lot of people talk about the number of troops for the way you look at it is what types of capabilities do we want to have their and the troops that follow that. will be have special forces advisors and trainers or will be
1:20 pm
have garrison in kabul and have troops on the ground special forces operators for infantry units or counterinsurgency - those types of people so depends on what capabilities we want to keep their number of troops follows is determined by that. arthel: you line out the possibilities for a contingent that would remain there in afghanistan but you notice we have phenomenal military leaders and are they on a level hamstrung by the presidents who wish to fulfill his campaign promise to get them out of there by a certain time? >> yeah, they can't be happy. this is a mistake obama made in iraq which gave iced ices. when you say you leave a certain time inviting or creating a vacuum and inviting bad folks to fill it. in this case in afghanistan as
1:21 pm
in iraq will have those capabilities and a footprint in the ability to ramp it up to national command decide to insert or troops or buildout were capabilities in the future but it will be able to be scaled up but this is political unflappable. this is an obama - i'm surprised to see president trump who in my view has been issued so far in dealing with these oppressive nasty folks to see him do it this way. arthel: we all want our troops home and that were to be officially over but what happens next quickly? >> what happened next is the military will determine what type of footprint they want to have their and then we will vacate. arthel: no peace deal? john, no peel steel. >> i think there may be a big wave of a peace deal but the talent will talk to the afghan government. these talks were to train us and the taliban and then bring the afghan government in later.
1:22 pm
not looking good. arthel: i stepped on your toes we see you feel the taliban will become more powerful or sinister in the wake of this. >> i'm afraid so. arthel: john jordan, thank you. eric: iran remains defiant with its decisions to use centrifuges to speed up iranian enrichments. even though officials say the move violates the 2015 the theater. iran is trying, they say, to increase pressure on europe to try to find crude oil abroad despite patient. the nuclear program claimed the european union had failed to carry out its commitments under the deal and that promise billions of dollars in relief from trade stations in return for curbing their country's nuclear program. the u.s. pullout of the deal over one year ago and president trumps actions, some observers say, has put new pressure on to run. arthel: progress returned to work as a will there be any progress on new gun legislation. more on that just ahead.
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i will get in. >> you will run for president against donald trump and the republicans? i am. >> why? >> i think we need to conversation about what it means to be public and. arthel: president trump faces a third republic in primary challenge with former south carolina governor, mark sanford announcing on fox news sunday he's running for the oval office. this, as democratic presidential candidate, has qualified for the fourth debate in october. molly hindenburg has more on the campaign trail in washington. reporter: hello. just before thursday night's democratic debate in texas taking it it's qualified but tom stier nine others did not but as you said stier has qualified for
1:28 pm
the october debates. the chairman of the democratic national committee says democratic voters have taken a look at the many democrats running for president "-right-double-quote, we are reaching a point now where voters are differentiating among them. the latest washington post poll says three of the candidates pulling ahead of the pack. former vice president joe biden is at the top of the pole, 27%. senator bernie sanders, 19%. editor elizabeth warren moves up to 17%. she is two points behind sanders but everyone else is in the single digits. senator sanders is on the road today in iowa for several campaign events including rallies at iowa state university and the university of iowa. chairman perez says democrats eventually will coalesce around the winner. >> we need to take our democracy back with our candidates understand the gravity of the moment and understand that whoever wins will be supporting the democrats.
1:29 pm
reporter: today, republicans have another challenger to president trump. former subthalamic governor and congressman, mark sanford, says the republican party has lost its way under the president. remember in 220 - 2009 he then told staff he was hiking the appalachian trail when actually he was in argentina visiting his mistress. here's what he said about that today. >> the mistakes in life and mistakes we make cost us but you can learn from them. for me, i learned a level of humility and empathy i do not have before, a level of judgments. it's something of great regret and i've apologized extensively for and in contrast to the president when he says that not a single thing he regrets or apologizes for i profoundly apologize for that. reporter: president trump who remains popular among republicans already has two other primary challengers, former massachusetts governor,
1:30 pm
bill wells and former illinois representative, joe walsh. arthel. arthel: molly, thank you. >> three bills sitting on mitch mcconnell's desk on gun safety. he does not need to negotiate the those bills because they closed my bill to protect victims of the mystic abuse from gun violence. that passed with 33 republican votes in the house so i would think the easiest path forward is if mcconnell takes that background check and put some up we get them done. eric: them in the democratic presidential candidate calling on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to take action on gun control legislation. congress returns to work tomorrow after the august recess. there were several mass shootings in our country with senator mcconnell saying he is willing to take up the issue of gun control as long as he says president trump supported. >> if the president is in favor of the number of things he has discussed openly and publicly and i know that if we pass it it
1:31 pm
will become law i will put it on the floor. eric: what could that be? senior camping reporter for the washington post joins us. the calls for universal background checks, red flag laws and assault weapon bands where do we start with most likely? >> right now give a number of democrats who are calling for the legislation to be taken up by the senate. remember, after the horrible tragedies we have seen these mass shootings when we see this happening you have to be careful because very often after massive tragedy you see that sometimes bad laws can be passed too quickly. that being said, when we hear democrats call for background checks we have to know what that means exactly picket. background checks happen every single day especially by firearms license deals. let's - as far as back objects
1:32 pm
are burned expanded back contacts they are calling for that means that if you have a private seller who wants to sell to somebody else that means they would have to find a third party to have a transfer happen and a third person to do that particular background check and how much would that cost and what exactly would that entail as far as a ban on quote unquote, assault weapons. how would that enforced and that is something that i asked beto o'rourke this past week and over in new hampshire with that mean door to door knock on people residences so how exactly with a finance that? that something democrats would have to think about you have logistics on enforcement. eric: what did mr. o'rourke say? was his answer? >> he thinks people that are going to comply on their own
1:33 pm
that good, honest people will comply but however i also asked harris the same question and she answered in a roundabout way that i dealt with the same situation in california and i dealt with law enforcement and we sort of - and we had a deal with one person and did not want to answer the question so that's just it but we remember anytime there's a ban on anything, say high-capacity magazines we saw this out in new jersey very recently for people went and hid their magazines of ten capacity or rather ten rounds or more out in the aerated under the ground. eric: that is one of the ideas to ban those high-capacity magazines. as to the president he's talked about universal back contacts
1:34 pm
and supporting and pulling back after they talk at the nra as reported. here's what the president said a couple weeks ago about that issue. >> i respect the nra greatly. they were very nice to me and supported me and i do have great respect for them they love our country but we will do what's right. the nra is to do what's right. i believe that but i think the array wants to do what's right. i hope so. eric: i'm sorry, that was wednesday. if he's taking cues from the nra what realistically will be able to be done because obviously senator mcconnell says he won't support anything was the president gives him a green light? >> both sides of the aisle want to see something get done. both sides of the aisle don't want to see budget happen but ultimately - the president wants to open up some of the institutions that were close down back in the 70s with the institutionalization happen and
1:35 pm
perhaps deal with the mental institutions that perhaps could help people out but ultimately we need to depoliticize this issue so then people can get the help they need because what we are seeing right now is to many people getting bill and iced on both sides of the aisle. eric: there's a carnage going on with the terminus problem and the democrats say if you ban assault weapons that would help stop it but the president is talking about opposing the death penalty on the mass shooters. this situation is still tragically and horribly, for so many innocent people and fellow american citizens, continues. >> absolutely. now what we are hearing is a proposal from republicans to see the death penalty for those mass
1:36 pm
shooters. it be interesting to see with responses from democrats. eric: we will see what happens and what can get past to try to stop this uncontrollable rash of her rent is violence. carrie, thank you. arthel: eric, while we wait to see what happened a growing number of retailers asking their customers to leave their guns at home but how will stores go about enforcing these policies? how should retailers prepare their employees? we discuss that next. there. they give us excellent customer service, every time. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today.
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1:41 pm
not be another victim. eric: america's largest retailers are now rethinking their gun policies. after the string of horrendous mass shootings across country that we suffered the summer and many of those stores and grocery chains are now asking their customers to leave their firearms behind when they go shopping. will this have an effect on the continued carnage that our country has undergone? bernard is a former federal agent and supervisor was extensive experience on this. bernard, do you think these new policies will work? >> is a difficult paradox for these retailers. obviously, the committed to having a customer experience what they intend to have and not - people could be shocked when they see someone in a retail location that is armed openly but are you comfortable with someone that has a large caliber handgun? has that person been drinking or do they have training? at the same time having people not armed, i don't know of an
1:42 pm
active shooter situation yet for someone was shopping for her gel and started opening fire so they're caught between two things. one is the customer experience and to is the reality of being armed in the united states. eric: you make a point of the people would be nervous and upset when they see this and i seen that but at the same time shopping for hair gel, how do you stop a potential master shooter? if you're the walmart greeter what do you do? are they properly trained for this? what security do you have versus someone who has a weapon whether concealed, carry or open carry as would be allowed by law and may not be taking advantage of or obeying what the store wants? >> when you look at some states that offer concealed weapons permit they often require training and qualification in a
1:43 pm
background check for someone to do that. then they carry concealed. it's not in the open and people aren't aware of the fact that they are armed but at the same time it had some modicum of demonstrating the capacity and capability with firearm and then it negates the side tire issue about the retail location because people can't see their armed but there's someone who's gone through some type of training devastated their competency and have had a bad contact with that might be the solution is that states or municipalities go to more of a concealed weapons permit for people to be armed. eric: one of the groups was active on this is mom's demand action and she is a mother of five in colorado and let me give you tweets from that group. they pressured the stores to stop or start this policy. not one, not two, but three of americans retailers grow are rejecting done extremism and say no to open carry of firearms in
1:44 pm
their stores. take some time today to thank walgreens, wegmans, and cbs health for having gun sense! she put the stores on notice "-right-double-quote, looking at you [inaudible], food lion and publix. your customers, mostly women, want you to keep us and our families safe. will you stop allowing open carry in your stores? # groceries not guns. disappointed to see my hometown grocery store banning open carry in their stores. i feel less safe doing my shopping out there before. it opens another door for a potential master shooter. this opens another door for a potential master shooter to rampage at the store without fear of resistance. bring back open carry. >> they are looking for solutions that is not going to come in what they ask for and could make things worse if people are not able to carry. eric: cbs stopped selling
1:45 pm
cigarettes and other stores are taking other measures why can't they take these measures that make sense and satisfy both sides? >> i think a part of the national paralysis on our farms issue is that there's so much niceness when it comes to what really happens with firearms and fire owned ownership and regulation. in this state or in our current thing of preventing retailers or asking retailers to not allow armed patrons to come and it does not tie into people coming in to commit homicide or active shooter events. you're talking apples and oranges unfortunately. there is the potential of a counter assault chance by having someone who's a noncitizen, someone who could react to this and i'm sure that like many of us in law-enforcement from 911 those of us who flew armed wish that one of us was on an aircraft when it happened.
1:46 pm
it might have changed the outcome of these active shooter events could potentially change the outcome if there was someone armed that might not be the solution but i think the overall safety demand is possible but were not necessarily understanding someone being armed does not make them an active shooter and could, in fact, potentially stop one of these. eric: such a controversy. sadly, these events continue and we will see if it can be solved. bernard, thank you speak to eric, residents of the bahamas just starting the long road to recovery after the devastation door and left behind. up next, how you can help out in the relief effort. rimp yeah! red lobster's endless shrimp is back for just $15.99. get all the shrimp you want, any way you want 'em. like new sriracha-honey shrimp, savory grilled teriyaki shrimp, classic shrimp scampi and more! red lobster's endless shrimp is $15.99. hurry in. set yourself free with fleet. gentle constipation relief in minutes.
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arthel: tens of thousands of people in the bahamas are in urgent need of humanitarian relief after hurricane dorian unleashed its fury almost one week ago. many observers now wondering how they can help the victims and where to donate. brian is here very important details from our newsroom we met you can feel so helpful - helpless to see the devastation and people who lost their homes and all their possessions and into many cases, their loved ones as well and to feel there
1:51 pm
is nothing you can do. thankfully, there are organizations on the ground and the bombers that could use your help it usaid says cash donations are the most efficient form of assistance. here are some organizations you can contribute to. grand bahama disaster relief fund, american red cross, hamas red cross, americare's, salvation army and mercy corps. you also contribute or volunteer to help at the world central kitchen which delivers meals after natural disasters. the founder chef says they have cooked and served more than 34000 meals to dozens of locations across the northern bahamas into evacuees and first responders on nassau. >> we will go now, second run of the day, again we only have one helicopter and trying to get another one. we are rolling? city of miami has started the
1:52 pm
bahama strong campaign. go to their website miami got .com urging public to donate goods like water, diapers, batteries, can openers, mosquito spray to drop off locations in the city which will then ship all those items to the bahamas. more than 76000 bahamians are either homeless or in need of your assistance according to usa. our self. arthel: very devastating. good information. eric: so necessary. back here at home the nfl is back in full swing with the shocking move of all-pro wide receiver, antonio brown. he's going to the super bowl champs on the eve of their opener. up next, jim gray will tell us what happened. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost.
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here you go... well, it does need to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in... enterprise makes it easy. arthel: just hours after being released by the oakland raiders, all pro wide receiver antonio brown finds a new home in new england. brown signing a one-year deal with the patriots yesterday, reportedly worth up to 15 million dollars. one year. the raiders released brown after several disputes during the preseason which culminated in an explosive argument with the team's general manager last week. let's bring in jim gray, sportscaster and fox news contributor. jim, did you see the call coming from the patriots to antonio brown? >> well, the actions were so despicable and so atrocious what he did to raiders the way he's behaved, quit on two teams in five or six months.
1:57 pm
threatened the general manager, posted him on social media, calls him a racial slur and says he's going to hit him in the face according to the report and then he talks to the coach, records the call of the coach, john gruden, puts that on social media, that's illegal particularly in the state of california, and then he says he wants to be released because his guaranteed money of 30 million dollars is taken away from him. the raiders did everything right. jon gruden did everything right. the owner mark davis did everything right. and antonio does everything wrong, gets released, and only in professional sports, two hours later he's hired by the patriots. arthel: it is a ridiculous. is this a case of bad behavior getting a hefty financial reward? >> it is not so much a financial reward. the fact that he can pull this off and do this and dictate this and behave in this fashion, and get rewarded to go to the best team in the national football league to play with tom brady and bill belichick?
1:58 pm
perhaps they will have some semblance of control because they will have some respect for that. it is awful, pitiful, atrocious. arthel: will other nfl players and possibly new teammates resent antonio brown? >> i don't know if they will resent him because talent always wins out in professional sports. if you can catch a ball, make a basket, they will overlook the behavior. they won't do this in any other business, but he's a great player. he's a great receiver. he can catch the ball. he can help a team win. the question is can he make it to the field? when he gets to the field, can he perform? he's shown he can do that. the question is, will he do it this time? there will be a honeymoon, five weeks, three weeks, six weeks, maybe the whole year, but it's shown in the past that he is not reliable, particularly if you go on the recent history of what's going on in the past couple of years. arthel: is his one year guaranteed? the nfl salary caps and nonguarantee contracts. is he guaranteed a full year? >> he's guaranteed 9 million
1:59 pm
dollars. the possibility to make up to 15 million dollars. he lost a guaranteed 30 million dollars. so he's going to be down in the hole at least anywhere between 21 to 15 million dollars. but if he plays well this year, he will go out and get another contract and i'm sure somebody perhaps the patriots or another team will give him big money. but he's on a very very tight short leash. arthel: short leash -- >> you do not do this with bill belichick. and you don't do this with the new england patriots because while they have taken some reclamation projects in the past, those people have pretty well shaped up. if they don't shape up, he ships them right out. arthel: i'm sure you will be watching, and how about you come back on with us and we'll talk about it kind of mid season, and see what's happening then. >> absolutely, arthel, good to talk to you. arthel: nice to talk to you. jim gray, see you soon. eric: down in the hole, 20 million dollars, so what, you know, it is only money. arthel: seriously. eric: i know the whole thing. arthel: it is like as long as you've got the talent, catch the ball, run the ball, that's all
2:00 pm
that matters. eric: the patriots playing the steelers tonight? yep, playing the steelers tonight. arthel: does he play? do you know, jeremy, does he play -- not playing tonight. all right, we don't know. he's not playing tonight but gutfeld is, and he's up next. s. greg * i'm greg. i am note sheer but i am somewhere else. i left you some of our favorite stories and a segment that never aired on television. i will be checking in with you throughout hour making sure you are not jumping on the furniture. so enjoy. another week, another wonderful learning experience. the campaign kicked off in orlando where we learned what would happen if trump deleted one email. presidru


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