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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOXNEWSW  September 8, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> couple of final thoughts, that was a really good show and i'm very handsome. thanks for watching. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. a precarious situation off the coast of georgia. rescuers searching frantically for four crewmembers missing after their cargo ship overturned and caught fire. good evening. i'm rob schmidt in for jon scott. this is "the fox report". that ship left disabled and leaning drastically to its side, shortly after it left port. crews have managed to safely rescue 20 of the 24 people on board but a coast guard official says it is too risky to go inside that ship and try to find the remaining four. >> we're still conducting rescue operations. we have assets on the scene. they continue to do what they can. it is a complex situation, so, you know, we're looking not just
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for the safety -- to be able to rescue the people on board but also to be able to provide safety for our crews. >> christina coleman is joining us with the latest. tough situation here. >> it sure is, rob. a large burning cargo ship on its side. that's what the coast guard was up against as they worked to save 20 crewmembers from the vessel early this morning. at this point, four crewmembers are still unaccounted for. the intense smoke and fire made it just too dangerous for rescue crews to stay on board to try and find the four missing crewmembers this morning. once it is safe to go back on the vessel, the search will continue for the missing people on the ship. the 656 foot vehicle carrier is completely on its side. the coast guard was notified that it capsized around 2:00 a.m. the ship was leaving the port of brunswick, which is a major deepwater port in georgia, about 65 miles south of savannah. the ntsb is investigating. they will be working hard to try and figure out what caused the fire and the boat to capsize.
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>> the fire that was observed this morning was coming off of the side, the area of the cargo and it was black smoke. since then, the flames have gone out, and the black smoke has ceased. but we are unable to determine specifically without going inside whether the fire has been completely extinguished. >> at this point, there's no word on exactly who the four unaccounted crewmembers are or where they could have been stationed on the ship when it caught on fire. but the coast guard made it very clear that this is still a rescue mission, not a recovery effort. rob? >> we'll follow it, christina, thank you very much. the white house going on the defense after president trump called off negotiations and cancelled a secret meeting at camp david with the afghan president and taliban leaders. that after the taliban claimed responsibility for a car bombing in kabul last week, killing an american soldier and 11 other
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people. secretary of state pompeo shed light on the decision on "fox news sunday". >> we made real progress, but in the end, the taliban overreached. they forgot that america is always going to protect its interest, the commander, the support, the nato forces there are still. while this isn't a war of attrition, the american people should know we will continue to apply the appropriate pressure to make sure that we're never struck with terror again from afghanistan. >> we are live at the white house with more tonight. >> hey, rob, if president trump stuck with the original plan, he would have been at camp david today meeting with leaders of the afghan government and of the taliban talking about potential troop reductions. about 5,000 u.s. troops leaving the country. instead he cancelled the meeting. he chose to golf at his country club in northern virginia, but he's back at the white house tonight. the reason, rob, he says he cancelled the meeting is because of the violence in afghanistan, namely kabul. there was a suicide car bomb that went off on thursday.
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one american soldier was killed. 11 others were killed. his name army sergeant first class ortiz. president trump tweeted last night, quote, if they cannot agree, meaning the taliban and afghans, to a cease-fire during these very important peace talks and would even kill 12 innocent people, then they probably don't have the power to negotiate a meaningful agreement anyway. how many more decades are they willing to fight? the taliban put out a statement early this morning following the president's cancellation announcement, look at these words, quote, the americans will suffer more than anyone else for cancelling the talks. secretary of state mike pompeo said he hoped quote cooler heads will prevail. he spoke with chris wallace on "fox news sunday" this morning. listen. >> who thought it was a good idea for the president of the united states to meet with taliban leaders who have the blood of thousands of americans on their hands, just three days before 9/11? >> yeah, we know the history of camp david.
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we reflected on that as we were think about how to deliver for the american people. and so as we considered the right path forward, your point about an agreement in principle, i think that's true. we weren't complete -- >> many republicans and democrats say that having the taliban not only on american soil but at camp david is just a bad idea. listen. >> we know what happens. trump wants to do something. no one tells him not to, and inevitably like in north korea, like in europe, it gets messed up. >> and speaking of the taliban, i want you to read this tweet from then just private citizen donald trump back in 2012 while barack obama is slashing the military, he is also negotiating with our sworn enemy, the taliban, who facilitated 9/11. now, back stateside, president trump has an incredibly busy week ahead over the next few days. a white house official told me the president is closely watching capitol hill. both sides of congress, the house and senate will come back after an august recess. both president trump and vice president pence will be at a
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congressional fundraiser rally tomorrow night in north carolina. busy day at the white house. rob, back to you. >> talk about congress coming back here in just a little bit, david, thank you very much. president trump's immigration policy at the southern border appears to be getting results. border arrests dipped to 51,000 last month. that is a 30% drop from july. the administration has implemented several countermeasures to help reduce the illegal border crossings including the migration deal struck with mexico back in june after the president threatened to impose tariffs. congress is back in session tomorrow. and lawmakers have an array of issues on their agenda. gun control may be at the top of the list, though, after a series of mass shootings across the country during the august recess. senate majority leader mcconnell says he is open to bringing a bill to the floor but only if the president backs it. mark meredith has more from our washington bureau. >> lawmakers will return to washington monday with a lot on their plate. democrats are expected to focus
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heavily on new gun control legislation. congress was on its summer recess during the recent mass shootings in el paso, texas, and dayton, ohio. following those tragedies, lawmakers and president trump appear to be open to debating new gun control laws. on tuesday house democrats plan to hold a forum on gun violence prevention and some 2020 democratic presidential candidates say they are eager to push one major proposal forward to save lives. >> what i support is an immediate assault weapon ban so we can't keep purchasing them. to me that would be the most immediately smart thing to do. you can't do any of this without that. >> senate majority leader mcconnell said last month that he asked select senate committee chairman to reflect on the subject and discuss potential solutions. however, it is unclear what legislation g.o.p. lawmakers may end up backing. >> we're not going to vote on bills on the senate floor that the president is not willing to sign. the president needs to step up here and set some guide lines for what he would do. >> house democrats say this fall they will also ramp up their
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investigations into president trump and his administration. the house judiciary committee is expected to meet this week to lay out how it could move forward with impeachment inquiry of the president. democrats have demanded documents and testimony from several administration officials. president trump has labelled it presidential harassment. on friday democrats demanded new information from the white house over recent overseas trips where taxpayer money was spent at trump properties. trade is also on lawmakers' agenda as congress considers ratifying usmca, a trade deal between the u.s., canada and mexico. rob? >> okay, mark, thank you very much. the death toll rises in the bahamas, from hurricane dorian. health officials now say at least 44 people were killed in that storm. the devastation has also left roughly 120% of the bahamas -- 20% of the bahamas population homeless. think about that. tonight survivors are thankful to be alive although there is a long road to recovery ahead. we have fox news team coverage on the aftermath. bryan llenas will explain how you can help with relief efforts. but first ellison barber is live on the ground in nassau.
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ellison? >> hey, rob, bahamian officials just updating the death toll number within the last hour. they now say at least 44 people are dead because of hurricane dorian. they have consistently said they expect the death toll number to rise even more. earlier bahamian officials say 35 of the dead are from the abaco islands. 8 from grand bahama. so far we don't have any details about the latest deaths. survivors, though, they say that the government's number is way off. in an interview with the miami herald, the bahamian minister of health said the numbers they are giving are bodies in the morgue. he went on to tell the miami herald this, quote, i'm actually a bit concerned that the focus has been for some people the body count. it is not the priority. the priority is finding those people for their loved ones who are missing them, to put food in people's bellies, water in their throat. we went to a small settlement in the eastern part of grand bahama, locals call it high
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rock. multiple people told us 17 died in high rock, 17 people in a town of about 300. one man we spoke to, he was the town's pastor, he was able to rattle off every single person's name and their age from memory. he said they were his neighbors. they were his friends. one was his cousin. one was a youth member of his youth group at church. he said he often played basketball with him. he showed us where that court was. he said one of his neighbors lost his entire family. >> i heard his daughter was -- [inaudible] -- gone. 17 person out of my town is dead. and that's unprecedented. two of the persons of that 17 this little 5-year-old named mari. >> for hours we drove around
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that area in grand bahama, we drove all around there, and travel was difficult. the bahamian government as well as rescuers say that is one reason it is taking them a while to get to people who need to be evacuated, who need help and also get a better account of who may have died. cell service outside of fr freeport, the bigger more populated town is nonexistent. people are getting frustrated. some say the bahamian government is not doing enough and accused them of down playing the situation to both bahamians and the world. i spoke to one woman in this area earlier today. she'd come to this tent behind me. you can see some people here. this is an area where they have been bringing evacuees who have been rescued from the hard-hit areas, the abaco islands and grand bahama. they process them here, try to get them shelter, somewhere to stay, load them on those buses or, if possible, take them and move them to an area where they may have family nearby. the woman that we spoke to, she was looking for her family. they were not here.
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she told me dozens of her relatives are still missing. >> my niece in freeport, she went to have the baby, that saturday before the storm. we haven't heard from her yet. who is going to be responsible for the lost souls? who? who is going to replace them? who? who is going to explain to us why we have no plans before? and why we still don't have any plans? >> there are still a lot of questions. so much devastation, and day by day, the people here are getting more and more frustrated. rob? >> the storm is bad enough and now the aftermath, it could get a lot worse. all right, ellison, thank you very much. and tens of thousands of people in the bahamas are still in urgent need of humanitarian aid, nearly a week after dorian decimated that island. you may not be wondering -- you may be wondering how you can help with this. bryan llenas joins us with more on that. a lot of people want to know >> it is hard not to feel helpless watching that
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devastation. the u.s. aid agency says cash donations are the most efficient form of assistance in the immediate aftermath of a storm because unlike the early donations, cash involves no transportation cost shipping delays or customs fees. here are some of the reputable organizations you can donate your money to right now on-line to help the people of bahamas. the grand bahama disaster relief fund. the american red cross. the bahamas red cross. americares, mercy corps and the salvation army. you can also to volunteer for organizations like the world central kitchen which delivers meals after the natural disasters. the wck was founded by a chef. they have cooked, served and delivered more than 34,000 meals to dozens of locations across the northern bahamas and to evacuees and first responders on nassau. tim tibbetts is a local restaurant owner in the bahamas. >> there's a lot of guys around here who do construction. they will deal with the construction stuff. we had guys rescuing people
3:14 pm
through the storm because they are boat captains. that's what they do. for us, we own a restaurant. we want to be involved. >> relief organizations like third wave are pulling together medical and response teams and are calling on volunteers who would like to help out on the ground. a lot of the national, international aid is centered on abaco and bahama i slandz. -- islands. some 76,000 bahamians are either homeless or need some assistance after hurricane dorian. take a listen to some of the volunteers on the island right now. >> we're providing much-needed water, food, baby diapers and wipes and just all around anything that they need. >> -- [inaudible] -- as long as they stick together, all work together, they will be back up and running. >> the city of miami has started the bahama strong campaign go to their website miami, urging the public to donate goods like water, diapers, can
3:15 pm
openers to six drop-off locations in the city all of which will be shipped to the bahamas. so far the u.s. government through u.s. aid has delivered more than 43 tons of supplies including hygiene kits and portable stoves. you can feel helpless but you can actually do something about it right now from your living room. >> maybe take a trip down there, go to the other islands and visit and spend some money there. bryan, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> yep. hong kong demonstrators take to the u.s. consulate. plus another primary challenger for president trump as his potential rivals in the general election stay hot on the trial in early voting states. -- hot on the trail in early voting states. stay tuned. and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich!
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>> i'm here to tell you now that i'm going to get in. >> you are going to run for president against donald trump? >> i am. >> why? >> because i think we need to have a conversation on what it means to be a republican. i think that as the republican party, we have lost our way. rob: there you have it, president trump faces a third republican primary challenger with former south carolina governor mark sanford announcing he is running for the oval office on fox news sunday today joining former illinois congressman joe walsh and former massachusetts governor bill weld. molly henneberg has more on the campaign trail from washington. molly? >> hi, rob. mark sanford has long been a critic of president trump.
3:20 pm
the president endorsed sanford's primary opponent in south carolina in 2018. but can sanford win a primary against a president? sanford says, quote, you never know. >> my primary goal is to say let's go out and force -- or try and create a conversation on that which is not being talked about in this presidential cycle. once every four years we have a chance to have a national debate on where we're going next as republicans and democrats and as americans. the thing that has been lacking in this debate has been an earnest and real conversation on debt and deficits and government spending. >> sanford is infamously known for telling his staff, who told the press, that he was hiking the appalachian trail in 2009, when he was governor of south carolina and married. in fact, he really was in argentina visiting his mistress. sanford said today he has quote apologized extensively for that. rob? rob: that was a story. molly, a new poll of the 2020 democrats, it looks like three
3:21 pm
of them are starting to pull away; right? >> yes, the latest "abc news/washington post poll" taken last week of registered democratic voters and democratic-leaning independents shows former vice president joe biden at the top at 27%. senator bernie sanders 19%. senator elizabeth warren 17%. 2 points behind sanders. everyone else is in single digits. the chairman of the democratic national committee says the polls are starting to reflect where democratic voters are heading. >> our field is deep. but we're reaching a point now where voters are differentiating, and that's what it's about. and candidates have to demonstrate progress as we get closer and closer to iowa and new hampshire. >> senator sanders was in iowa today for several campaign events, including rallies at iowa state university and the university of iowa. he will join nine other of the top polling democrats for a debate in texas on thursday. it will be the first time that the ten of them will be on the
3:22 pm
stage at the same time for a debate. rob? rob: molly, thank you very much. tens of thousands of protesters take to the streets of hong kong and march to the u.s. consulate. demonstrators are pleading for support from washington and calling on congress to pass a bill supporting democracy. jonathan hunt is joining us live from hong kong with the very latest. jonathan? >> rob, it was a sobering day for the hong kong authorities who may have thought and certainly hoped that this protest movement was waning, but what was expected to be a relatively small rally on sunday turned into something else entirely. up to 100,000 protesters taking their message directly to the u.s. consulate, asking president trump to, quote, liberate hong kong and asking that the u.s.
3:23 pm
congress pass the hong kong human rights and democracy act. this is one of the largest and loudest demonstrations we have seen on the streets of hong kong for several weeks. tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, it's impossible to tell, from our vantage point here pleading with the united states to send a much stronger message to the chinese government supporting these protesters and these people ascending their own message to the hong kong chief executive, that if she thought she had drawn the sting from these protests by withdrawing the extradition bill, she was very much mistaken. now as the sun went down, the level of tension and violence went up. protesters began the more radical ones began smashing windows at a subway station. they then marched through hong kong central shopping district, smashing traffic lights at various locations.
3:24 pm
the riot police stood off for a long time before eventually lining up and firing several rounds of tear gas. that had the effect of dispersing the protesters, but the big question tonight, rob, or this morning here in hong kong, where it is monday morning, is how much more patience does the chinese government have? the protesters have demonstrated very clearly now that they aren't going anywhere. they have not got enough concessions from the hong kong authorities. so how long will the chinese government look at this from beijing without deciding to send in the army? rob? rob: that what's the breaking point? that's a good question. jonathan, thank you very much. british prime minister boris johnson has reportedly prepared plans to legally stop any brexit extension. the daily telegraph reports johnson's advisors held a strategy meeting to counter british parliament's attempts at enforcing a three-month brexit
3:25 pm
extension if no now deal is agreed on. the current deadline for the u.k. and eu to reach an agreement is october 31st. all right, gun control may be a hot topic on capitol hill, but congress will have a lot more to do when lawmakers return from recess tomorrow. up next, a look at some of the other legislative issues that are on the plate. stay tuned.
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rob: i'm rob schmidt. this is the fox report. if you are just joining us, a frantic search happening off the atlantic coast in georgia after a cargo ship overturned this morning. coast guard rescued 20 people on board but four crewmembers on the vessel remain unaccounted for. no word yet on what caused the big ship to overturn. i think there's probably two sets of priorities. we will have the priorities i would like to see and that is we take up the canada mexico trade agreement. i think that's something we need to happen. we need to finish our spending
3:30 pm
appropriations now that we have a budget deal. it is time for to us do our appropriations and not just do a stop gap as the democrats are wanting to do. i think we can make some real improvements there. rob: that was ranking house judiciary committee member doug collins. with a preview of what lawmakers' priorities could look like this fall as congress heads back to work tomorrow to face an array of issues, domestic spending, trade policy, immigration, all potential flashpoints. with added pressure from the house, amid reports that democratic-led judiciary committee is preparing to ramp up its impeachment investigation into the president. here to talk about of this is a political correspondent and veteran congressional reporter. thank you for coming on today. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. rob: the first one we're going to talk about they have got to get the money in line. they only have 16 days to deal with spending. what do you think happens here? >> well, i think in the end they are going to postpone the big decisions till november or december. the house majority leader steny hoyer said last week that the house will vote next week on what they call a stop gap, in
3:31 pm
other words, enough to fund the government, probably through november 22nd, which is the week before thanksgiving, possibly till december 12th. the senate has not signalled they will go along but the feeling is it will. rob: let's read a quote from hoyer. the week of september 16th i expect the house to consider a clean continuing resolution to fund the government past september 30th, while the house did its work and sent 10 appropriations bills to the senate, covering 96% of government funding, i'm disappointed that the senate failed to introduce a single appropriations bill for the first time in more than three decades. steny hoyer says it is the senate's fault and so he's saying it is the republicans fall; right? >> -- fault; right? >> this is what you will hear day after day. the budget consists of 12 spending bills each with a different subject area, the house has passed 10. senate 0. but the senate will start working really hard and really intensely on those bills. the house and senate have to
3:32 pm
agree before anything becomes law. there is -- there does appear to be a chance that the bills covering labor, health and human services, education, maybe even the pentagon can get done by october 1st, the start of the fiscal year, but everything it doesn't get done would have to be wrapped up into that temporary funding resolution. rob: let's talk immigration for a second. let's listen to the president. >> we're building the wall, and we're building it on an expedited basis. it's going up fast. and we're putting it where the border patrol most wants it. we will have by the end of next year, close to 500 miles of wall. we're taking money from all over because as you know, the democrats don't want us to build the wall. they are fighting us at every step. rob: so, you know, the president is getting some wall built. he's using different kinds of money to do it. we're 14 months away from an election. do you see the democrats changing their tune at all on immigration? >> this is tricky. this is really tricky, because
3:33 pm
on the one hand, there's a large core of democrats that want nos wall money -- that wants no wall money, but there's also 31 house democrats who represent districts that president trump carried in 2016. and that's the concern. they're not -- many of them are not quite as resolute as the others. so this is going to be tough. the other thing worth noting is that we talk about this temporary funding bill, well, the white house said last week it would like that bill to include something that allows them to build the wall, not just in the rio grande valley but elsewhere. rob: you are talking about the red state democrats, those districts that are a bit trickery, but are there enough of them to get an immigration deal together, do you think? >> it hasn't happened yet. possibly, yeah, possibly. there's a lot of sentiment among democrats and republicans, including most important senate republicans, and there's a lot talking going on, so i wouldn't rule it out. rob: okay. let's talk about the usmca, the
3:34 pm
mexico canada agreement, the trade deal that's been ratified by mexico already and i believe canada as well. does that get through as they come back into session? >> we take about deadlines for a budget. this is an informal deadline. and the feeling is that congress -- or at least supporters of what's called the usmca would like to have this done this month. they're worried as this bleeds closer and closer to the election, it is going to get harder and harder to get done. we're only five months from the iowa caucus. yeah, i think there's going to be serious efforts to try to do something. the flashpoint involves labor standards, environmental standards. they're coming close. i don't know if it will get done, but again, serious talks. rob: let's talk impeachment here for a second. we just had just the other day aoc tweeted out the president must be impeached. only about 14 month ts away from an election here. nancy pelosi, what do you think she does coming back? she's feeling a lot of pressure from the far left.
3:35 pm
>> yeah, but she's been feeling pressure for months. and her feeling is let's let the process run its course. there was a court hearing friday on another aspect of this. on the other hand, the house judiciary committee is arguably doing all the things that would lead to a formal inquiry, and in fact, they are going to take some votes this week that will make it a little easier for them to get testimony and get evidence. we will have to watch speaker pelosi and where she is on this. rob: david, thank you very much sir for coming on today. we appreciate it >> thank you. rob: iran remaining defiant following president trump's tough sanctions aimed at curbing the regime's behavior. the acting director general of the united nations nuclear watchdog met with top iranian officials today after tehran announced it is ramping up its uranium enrichment in violation of the obama era nuclear deal. we have the very latest from our middle east bureau. >> rob, the head of the u.n. nuclear watchdog did meet today in tehran with iran's nuclear
3:36 pm
director as the 2015 jcpoa nuclear deal continues to unravel. the meeting comes after iran announced this weekend it began to violate a third term of the nuclear agreement, by injecting uranium gas into advanced centrifug centrifuges. iranian leadership said this step along with exceeding the uranium stock pile and enrichment levels is reversible if european signatories live up to their end of the bargain. the next stop for iran could be enriching uranium past 20%. u.s. sanctions on iran have crippled the country's economy, while the french, german and british have had little success in finding ways to relieve this economic pressure. in the past week, new sanctions have been added by the u.s. to iran's space agency and an oil network linked to the iranian revolutionary guard for them raising the stakes. >> they have put us in complicated and critical situation. they have decided the jcpoa is no longer a one way road. it was supposed to be a two way
3:37 pm
road. >> iran announced today it has sold all the oil being carried by the oil tanker. it was detained for weeks in the strait of gibraltar this summer as it was suspected of smuggling 2.1 million barrels of crude oil to syria. as reported last week by fox news and confirmed, the tanker is now miles off the coast of syria. the tanker has been blacklisted and the u.s. treasury is threatening to sanction anyone who purchases oil from iran. amid this political stand off between the united states and iran, there still is a chance that iranian president rouhani and president trump could hold a meeting and try to cut a deal. rob? rob: all right, reporting from our middle east bureau, thanks a lot. it was considered a safe alternative to smoking, but it is proving to be anything but. what may be causing a sudden surge in lung illnesses tied to vaping. stay tuned.
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i think what did surprise me a little bit was how severe the reactions were. i mean people dying and ending up in icus and ventilators by the dozens and now hundreds was surprising. >> it is going to be tough for the researchers to really try to figure out if there's a single thing or a couple of different compounds that may be causing these problems. rob: all right. there is a major debate happening about how e-cigarettes affect our bodies. the centers for disease control says that five people have died from vaping-related illnesses. and the agency is investigating more than 450 other cases nationwide. so let's talk about the potential dangers associated with vaping. i'm joined by dr. earnest patty, a senior attending physician of emergency medicine at saint barn bas hospital. thank you for coming on today >> thanks for having me, rob. rob: the great irony was everybody said this was a safe way to smoke and now you have
3:43 pm
five people killed. >> the big unknown is why is this happening and second of all yes, it is supposed to be a safer alternative but part of the problem is yes inhaling cigarette smoke is definitely bad for you. there's like 7,000 poisons and toxins in cigarette smoke. these compounds or these vapes have less, but still, the unknown is what are the chemicals that are in these vapors doing to our lungs? rob: what's happening and we don't know that yet. let's take a look at the symptoms people are reporting. cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, vomiting fatigue and weight loss. >> very many viral illnesses can cause symptoms like that. rob: do you think vaping could end up being worse than cigarette smoking? you don't hear about people start smoking and only a few years later die that fast, generally. >> you know, more research needs to be done, of course. but there's definitely a potential for a lot of bad
3:44 pm
information to come out from this habit of vaping. you know, the problem is kids are starting this much younger. and a lot of the products are produced overseas. some of them are touted as being natural, but it is very difficult to know what natural is. there's no real tight regulations on it. and some of the chemicals and compounds in it, you can ingest them, meaning through your digestive tract but when you inhale these things in the pulmonary area, who knows what they are doing. is it causing inflammation or allergies? you don't know. >> i feel like people are doing this more, using them all the time. >> definitely. the research i have read has shown that the likelihood of young people starting this is very high. rob: yeah. where's the fda in all of this? you know, were they too quick to allow these things into, you know, into our markets to just let this happen? >> you know, i'm not -- i can't really take a stand on that. i know they do investigate all these things, but the problem
3:45 pm
is, especially in medicine, we see -- and we've had it with pharmaceuticals in the past. sometimes these products get used for a while. they seem to be safe, but then in the long-term picture, or or if other confounding issues occur, maybe the people have certain underlying medical conditions that could be contributing to the adverse outcomes. rob: the other thing people seem to think they can vape and it is not harmful to other people. people sitting at home right now their husband vapes, is there a concern there? >> any exposure to second-hand smoke or vapors or aerosols, which these are considered vapors or aerosols, there's definitely some concern there. like we said, these vapors have chemicals and compounds in them. some even have heavy metals, lead -- rob: metal? >> yeah, but in ultra fine particles. they get absorbed into your pulmonary tree, you can't eliminate them. who knows over time how much of a concentration of this can cause disease. nobody really knows right now.
3:46 pm
rob: it is all new and learning about this. the numbers we have seen so far have been kind of scary. >> the take home message, don't start. if you are doing it now, then definitely stop, especially if you are young, adolescent or pregnant. rob: at least until we learn more. >> exactly. rob: we appreciate your time. >> thank you very much for having me. rob: an issue chasing millions of young americans long after their time on campus. we will have a closer look at the staggering amount of debt carried by the country's college students. that's coming up next. forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. and it doesn't cause bloating, cramping, gas, or sudden urgency. miralax. look for the pink cap. ♪ when you have nausea, heartburn, ♪
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we need internet essentials. there's no excuse to not get connected. rob: welcome back. millions of americans working to pay off their student loan debt. the total nationwide has ballooned to 1.6 trillion dollars. think about that. and a new report shows where most people -- where people owe the most, i should say. jackie heinrich has that story. >> it's a reality daniel lloyd is facing along with 44 million americans. student loan debt. >> i may not be able to reach the american dream. >> lloyd is now asking himself if his bachelor's and two master's degrees were worth the 158 grand he owes. a bank just rejected his very first mortgage application. >> i'm a married man with a wife and a newborn baby. i want to be able to provide. i went to school to provide for my family and these are things that makes me feel like i may not be able to do that.
3:51 pm
>> according to the federal reserve of st. louis, student loan debt is at an all-time high. is.6 trillion dollars. -- 1.6 trillion dollars, that's twice what it was a decade ago. financial comparison site analyzed more than a thousand schools and found students in the northeast tend to suffer the most >> the northeast as a whole has a high concentration of private universities and private universities are more expensive. students are asked to borrow more. >> topping the list connecticut with an average burden of 38,000 upon graduation. new hampshire, rhode island, pennsylvania and delaware come next. the average cost above 34 grand. the rising cost come as young people are choosing college at historic rates and with gen z making up 37% of the electorate the crisis is pivotal for 2020. president trump released a 10 point plan to reform the higher education act, which would limit loan borrowing and simplify repayment, but several democrats pitched plans to forgive debt all together.
3:52 pm
former vice president joe biden supporting income-based forgiveness and senator sanders pledges to wipe it all away and offer tuition free college also. for many college grads the changes can't come soon enough. about 10% of student debt is 90 days past due according to the new york fed and the pew research center says about a third of groung waj grats with -- young graduates with bachelor's degrees believes the cost was not worth the benefit. fox news. rob: a programming note for you, we're getting an exclusive look at trump appointed supreme court justice neil gorsuch who spoke with shannon bream for an hour long special. they spoke a great deal about his colleagues on the court and what the court of public opinion thinks of them. >> do you think much about the public perception of this court of u.s. individual justices or is that something that you don't allow to enter into your consideration of what you are doing here? >> i tell my law clerks i have two rules, only two rules, and
3:53 pm
if you follow them, we will be just fine. rule number one, don't make it up. follow the law. rule number two, when everybody else around you is yelling at you, asking you to make it up, or condemning you for not making it up, refer to rule number one. rob: looks like a good interview. you can watch neil gorsuch, justice for the republic in its entirety tonight at 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. a new trend has plenty of pets wagging their tails but many of their vets aren't as high on this fad as you might think. stay tuned. ♪ let's be honest, you need insurance. but it's not really something you want to buy. it's not sexy... oh delicious. or delicious... or fun. ♪ but since you need both car and home insurance,
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robert: a lot of people are turning to cbd oil. and there are concerns for pets. ice it tough for pets? >> no. >> while there are oils, gummies, bath salts and chocolates. some of these treats could have a positive effect for man's best friend. >> it helped with anxiety. osteoarthritis, pain.
3:58 pm
reporter: they come as treats, pills and oils. while the products seem to promise a lot, the big problem, cbd isn't regulated, so it's hard for the consumer to know exactly what they are buying. >> this industry wants to do the right thing and provide a quality product and protect consumers. but we need the fda to set down these regulations. reporter: veterinarians say there needs to be more research. >> i do support its use in veterinarian medicine. but we need laws in place so we don't jeopardize your lie even. there can be signs of not want to go eat. there could be nausea or excessive sedation.
3:59 pm
reporter: veterinarians say cbd can be helpful, but you have to make sure it has no thc, that can make you high. it's important to start low and go slow. >> make sure the brand you are purchasing offers full transparency as to, they are sourcing their cbd. >> from what we know so far, something like cbd will be partner safer than many of the pharmaceuticals prescribed in veterinary offices. reporter: stay in touch with your trusted vet. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. robert: the miracle of life takes on new meaning. a 70-year-old woman has given
4:00 pm
birth to twin girls. she and her husband who is 80 years old said they always wanted kids and threat weren't able to conceive until now. chris: i'm chris wallace. president trump cancels a secret meeting with the taliban and calls off peace negotiations. ♪ >> we're talking to the taliban, we're talking to the government, we'll see if we can do something. chris: those talks now in question after the president calls off a secret summit days after an agreement in principle with the taliban that would pull thousands of u.s. troops out of afghanistan. and iran taking new steps to break out of the nuclear deal while president trump raises the possibility of a meeting with iran's president. >> we're going the see what happens. they want to talk, they want to make a deal.
4:01 pm
chris: we'll discuss all this with secretary of state mike


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