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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 9, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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jerusalem and tel aviv. >> bill: carolina blue. my team lost, too. >> heather: one weekend. things can change. >> bill: great monday. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: brand-new reaction as president trump calls off a face-to-face meeting with the taliban sending afghanistan peace talks into new and uncertain territory. if you are watching on a fine monday come out numbered. here today, melissa francis. fox news contributor lisa boothe. post of the evening edit on fox business network if you haven't seen it, check it out, elizabeth macdonald and in center seat, steven hilton, host of the next evolution, we are glad he's here come out numbered, good to see you. a lot to get to you, happy monday. president trump says he canceled a secret meeting with the tele- bandleaders at camp david after
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the terror groups latest attack. 12 people killed in that attack last thursday including an american service member and after the president tweeted about the planned meeting with the taliban, critics from both political parties taking issue with the timing and the location, secretary of state mike pompeo defending the choice of the venue in the negotiations, watch. >> we found that arrangement acceptable that the verification was adequate and we concluded this was a perfectly appropriate place. you know the history of camp david, lots of bad folks have come through that place and lots of peace negotiation taken place, almost always the case that you don't get to negotiate with good guys. >> harris: 2020 democratic candidate amy klobuchar and julian castro saying this is a foreign policy failure. >> just another example of the president treating foreign policy like it's some kind of game show. this is in a game show, these
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are terrorists. >> the worst president when it comes to negotiating we have had in a very long time, another bizarre episode. it is more of his erratic behavior that people are tired of. >> harris: democratic senator chris coons said that he may have good intention but he needs to rethink his approach. >> i don't have a problem with the trump administration trying to resolve a very long conflict in afghanistan. he through to direct negotiations with the taliban but i disagree with how our president goes about his negotiations. he seems to think that he and he alone individually can negotiate with kim jong un and north korea, xi jinping in china or the taliban. >> harris: in "the new york times" reporting the real reason negotiations between the white house and the taliban fell apart due to disagreements over the terms and announcements of a potential peace deal. if what are the headlines to you? >> steve: i don't know about headlines but i can tell you how i'm feeling which is very angry
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and not perhaps for the reasons that you might predict which is i watch all these people particularly these establishment types saying how can he do this and camp david and whatever, what is president trump trying to do here? he is actually trying to clean up the mess that all these establishment people with their military industrial complex cronies and all their diplomatic moves that they've been doing, he's trying to clean up their mess and now shouldn't do it like this. let's try something new. and please spare us. she talks about death. her father literally was responsible for not just the thousands of deaths that she rightly attributes to the taliban, millions of deaths, billions of dollars wasted going into the company that he was the ceo of.
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the corruption of this military industrial complex, the establishment that supported them led to all these problems that donald trump is trying to clear out. >> harris: tell us how you really feel. if when you look at this in terms of the news that's being reported today in "the new york times" and others reporting that afghanistan now bracing for violence and so on and so forth, we knew where we were going to leave because he said we are going to leave afghanistan and so now he's looking for going to leave without it if that's. >> elizabeth: that's why it's called the graveyard of empires, it so difficult to settle afghanistan. it hits the longest war, longer than the vietnam war. so the criticism is having al qaeda sympathizers and backers at camp david. that was the criticism. so close to the anniversary of 9/11. where do you go from here? where does afghanistan go from here? i hear what you're saying, the
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trump administration tried something new, reports coming in that he oppose this meeting and so did john bolton. where does it go from here? the white house to deny it, but who knows. >> melissa: didn't want to interrupt you. >> elizabeth: it's a stretch to say he's failed to negotiation. saying that he is a failure across the board but you see what he's done with the e.u. and with nato in mexico trying to get nafta 2.0. >> steve: there's a lot of successful negotiations with trade, half of which the congress month talk. >> harris: republican congressman adam kinzinger also a military personnel, we saw him go down to the border recently as he was serving and you've got congressman michael waltz, former colonel, green beret both saying today that the timing of this that you mentioned two days
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from now, 9/11 and what would've been the summit at camp david should never have been planned. if that should never have been happening to bring the taliban to u.s. soil. >> lisa: i think the timing is fair criticism given what this week means to so many americans. that being said, i think we should be appreciative of the president for walking away because what he is doing is showing the tablet band that there are boundaries. if we do do a peace deal with you when there are things we are not going to accept like the bombing that they did that led to the laws of united states soldier. so i think president trump is setting clear boundaries which are important. i also think president trump has demonstrated that he's willing to walk away from a bad deal. we have seen him do this with north korea as well, clearly has an emphasis on that personal diplomacy, he has expressed willingness to sit down with iran, clearly willing to sit down with the taliban as well. i think we should all be appreciative that he walked away and setting boundaries for what
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is unacceptable to the united states. >> harris: one thing that secretary pompeo said is that you see some bad guys at camp david and that would not have been ground shaking or new territory to have somebody like the taliban leadership go there. do you think it is still too soon to talk about this? >> melissa: i don't. a high like the fact that the president will sit down and talk to anyone. i think it has been a huge stupid impediment in the past to say you dignify this person with a meeting. he will sit down and talk to anyone and he will also stand up and walk away and that's how you get deals done. when you see julian castro of all people criticizing the president as a negotiator, what has he ever negotiated? has he even bought a car for himself? what has he ever done and if he did, i bet he paid sticker pric price. it's just amazing >> harris: you see these people sit there and criticize the president and his negotiating skills.
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i wonder from where they're coming. >> harris: we are having kernel waltz on this hour, one thing i wanted to ask our current leadership whether they be military or on capitol hill for both is whether or not when we pulled out, what life is going to be like for those people who are left behind. that's always how it plays out and there's a decision like this that some are reporting making things more dangerous on the ground in afghanistan for our people in particular. if >> steve: we have to remember, it's not the decision here that makes life dangerous, is the behavior of the enemies that we have in the civilized world have there. we have to make sure that we place blame and responsibility where it should live. i think the truth is i think the american people except the bravery of our men and women in uniform, putting themselves in harm's way when they can see that it is the american national interest and they don't see that in this case and that's why i
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think the president is exactly right to try to bring them into it in a different way because the previous ways haven't worke worked. >> harris: i know we talk about rand not sure where that went to. the message and is always to bring people home. that's what he's trying to do now. what do you think about the process and how much it matters to voters? >> elizabeth: election season, that's a great point. i think what steve said earlier is right on target and that is how do we get here? the establishment figures and i've been watching and reading the afghanistan oversight person who watches how the money is spent. they will claim we are building new energy projects, it's like gas stations at some point. we are blowing a lot of money in afghanistan and tens of billions of dollars. >> harris: we will move. new numbers out on illegal border crossings appear to show
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president trump's plan to force mexico to stem the flow of migrants is working. as is a major political victory for president trump? plus, gun reform is a talk of capitol hill with congress back in session today. speaker of the house nancy pelosi and chuck schumer be able to push senate republicans to hold a vote? the debate you don't want to miss. keep watching. >> i think i heard senator schumer say two weeks ago we are not going to do everything, he's not willing willing to do anything. >> we will call his bluff and see if he really means it. >> of the president would let us know what he would sign, would be much more likely to do that. we called and we got $58,800. i called and got $54,200. i called and got $51,300. newday helps veterans get the financial peace of mind they've earned and deserve.
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>> melissa: fox news alert, gun reform is front and center on capitol hill with the lawmakers back from summer recess. the democrats push for gun control coming after three recent mass shootings in texas and ohio. yesterday, to top democrats calling out president trump to defy the nra and bring the house legislation expanding background checks up for a vote. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer telling the president "we implore you to seize this moment when your leadership and influence over republicans in congress on the issue of guns is so critical. we believe you have a unique opportunity to save american lives by giving political cover to your fellow republicans to finally pass meaningful gun safety legislation. in the meantime, g.o.p. senator roy blunt says president trump needs to let lawmakers know what gun reform measures he will sign before the senate calls for a bill for a vote. >> we are not going to vote on bills on the senate floor that the president is not willing to sign. the president needs to step up here and set some guidelines for what he would do.
9:16 am
if >> melissa: democrat senator bob menendez says senate majority leader mitch mcconnell should be to vote on gun reform now. >> i don't know how many more mass shootings have to be in the hands of senator mcconnell before he ultimately gives us a vote. i do not accept this proposition that he says i have to see what the president is willing to sign. that is not the way the founders of the country created the checks and balances. >> melissa: now 2020 democratic presidential candidates cory booker and kamala harris joining beto o'rourke and supporting mandatory assault weapon vivax. i think this is so interesting because everybody is sitting there saying i need a signal from this other person but the president needs a stand up and say this, mitch mcconnell, we need to know what you're going to sign, they are all saying the same thing, step forward and say what you want to do. >> steve: you're right, and i
9:17 am
think you're getting just politics particularly when the democrats -- they are sending signals particularly to presidential candidates but they are out with outlandish proposals that they know i never, ever going to happen. just saying it because they know it goes down well with their base and similarly, i think it's disingenuous because setting it up as this concentration, will he take on the nra is not helpful because it is making a pantomime out of it rather than practical and specific in terms of getting something done. if the most interesting thing i've heard his lieutenant governor of texas saying he was in favor of the background checks being applied for a person to person sales. interesting coming from him in texas. >> melissa: it does feel very fake.
9:18 am
i guess that's what's so annoying about it. it feels like everybody is playing politics, no one is actually really trying to do the incremental changes that would chip away at the problem and make a difference. >> elizabeth: common sense would say there's only 45 working days of the house, only 53 working days of the senate, the house is about to go on a recess again october recess, only works on average three days a week, so you're right, it's the same for the media headlines or green room hopping, most vociferous and just the nastiest kind of headline out there instead of getting the job done. without a potential government shutdown with spending, they have nafta, prescription drugs, a whole host of issues to deal with on top of this and it is an issue. the thing that stops it is the electoral college, not going to get the midwest or the south, the farm belt, people who don't want any gun reform whatsoever.
9:19 am
i understand the pressure absolutely but if you have that, if you have all those obstacles, then why the heated rhetoric? >> lisa: the challenge is when you have the top democratic contenders calling for gun confiscation, it's going to make gun owners in the country really worried and put pressure on congress particularly republicans to pump the brakes and disrupt the democratic counterparts and i think of democrats are truly serious about getting anything done, we will see what they produce in the house. if they don't think they can pass they are. and so the house moves forward with something like red flag laws, something similar to what lindsey graham put forth. if they put forth banning ar-15s, that's not going to happen. it's a nonserious proposal. we will see what ultimately goes down but if you are mitch mcconnell, you are concerned about what can actually get done is not going to put your members in a vulnerable position.
9:20 am
we will see how it all plays ou out. >> harris: this is the last detailed conversation i had on this friday and he says he is part of the process of marking up this bill on wednesday, so 48 hours we are going to know a little bit about it and i said do we know what the president wants and we have a chance to get something done? he said we are going to go forth as if we can get it done and democrats can come along or not, but we are pushing. if mcconnell has that 53 seat majority and he has promised to bring something to the floor so we will have to see. >> melissa: that's another thing i don't believe which is they don't know what the president is going to sign like you haven't had a conversation, i don't believe that. >> lisa: we also don't know what conversations are happening behind the scenes. >> melissa: i think if there are conversations going on, they do have a sense of it. >> elizabeth: he already said what he would support.
9:21 am
to my former south carolina governor throwing his hat into the ring is a primary challenger to president trump. we will debate if any g.o.p. rival stands a chance, why they're doing this. plus, the house judiciary committee releases new details on its impeachment investigation. will the impeachment push help or hurt democrats? >> they have pretrade themselves in a terrible way over the last eight months and they keep digging their hole.
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>> harris: new moves by house democrats and their push to impeach president trump. house judiciary chairman jerry nadler has announced just today at the panel is set to consider procedures for future hearings in the impeachment investigation of the president. he said this in a statement, trumps crimes and corruption extend beyond what is detailed in the mueller report. he is in violation of the emoluments prop causes of the constitution as he works to
9:26 am
enrich himself putting himself in the safety and security of our nation at risk. he has dangled pardons, been involved in campaign finance. steve hilton is already mad. and stonewall congress across the board noting that he will defy all subpoenas. democratic house judiciary member spoke earlier today and agreed with the chairman. watch. >> remember that president trump said if mueller looked at his finances, he would blow up the entire investigation which tells us precisely where we need to go. i think that every american regardless of political party wherever they live understands the president of the united states should not be using the white house in order to get rich. [laughter] >> harris: meanwhile, house speaker nancy pelosi has resisted in impeachment push because she feels the public is not ready for this move. if house judiciary committee
9:27 am
ranking member doug collins blasted house democrats yesterday on sunday morning futures. >> this is really pathetic, nothing like this has ever happened in the house before, trying to chart new ground when they don't want to do what they know they have to do and if they really want to do this, they have to bring impeachment to the floor. if this is simply a show, a travesty and they should be ashamed. won back from the steaming magic cackling. >> steve: there were so many things that set me off. >> harris: you have more emotions on this couch that i have. i do want that one. >> steve: you just think no, it is undead, just keeps going back like a zombie. what is the matter with these people? don't they understand that it's called elections. the election is barely a year away and they still have this
9:28 am
ridiculous undemocratic way of trying to do that. >> harris: how is that undemocratic? >> steve: try to get the president out not through an election, and other people voting but there's some ridiculous bureaucratic prop >> melissa: process and that is not democracy. >> elizabeth: what i'm wondering about is it's always been you don't do impeachment and an election year so this is really the push, these issues should be given in airing. whatever the emoluments clause is indicating here about the use of trunk properties, sure, have hearings but what is the political strategy here? what i think going to swamp this is that doj ig report that's coming out about another plan. >> melissa: i just love how dumb all of these congresspeople are about money.
9:29 am
they just really don't understand. they are financially illiterate. the president has lost so much money by virtue of being president. he has had to give up brands, ripped his name off the side of buildings. anything he had his name on before is worth half what it was before because now he so polarizing, he has lost a fortune. meanwhile, the clintons came into the white house, they couldn't pay their bills before they came in the white house and now they have hundreds of millions of dollars. the obama's just bought an $80 million house on the oceanfront. you have all kinds of power and influence in order to sign netflix deals. he doesn't have it while he is in the light white house. they are still good at breaking down what people are worth that it makes people angry. i don't want them to know how
9:30 am
much, how to think at this level of detail? they are so good at it and they can quantify just how much less the president is worth now that he's in the white house. they are just so stupid when they start making these remarks. >> harris: of the president defends himself in the way that melissa francis just played it out, what does that do politically for him or her to teach is? >> lisa: i'm glad that they conceded. to your point, democrats are doing this because they want to bring down his approval numbers and i think democrats are hurt in the districts that they have more president trump one: 2016 and now going to be on the ballot again, so that puts them in a tough position. i think democrats hope to really bring down the president outside of the 2020 election died the day that robert mueller testified. even "the new york times"
9:31 am
executive editor admitted that in the town hall he did and said their hopes of taking down the president died that day because robert mueller stood there, brought more questions on themselves and then also admitted to the fact that he was able to conduct his investigation and concluded without any interference. >> harris: it so interesting as a back when that was happening, i had described it as people waiting on the left side of the aisle for the smoking gun and it turned out that it was steam from a boiling pot of hot water from the left that was waiting for things to heat up and give them the fact that they needed. do you think that lisa's right? i have to ask him. so that you can hear him say it i think she's right. >> it's unbelievable.
9:32 am
>> steve: they are deranged. >> harris: what does that say to half the country that doesn't feel that way? b3 we will see in 2020. >> harris: brand-new reports suggest that the border crackdown is working. democrats are not going to like that. the news comes as democrats brace for a big battle over funding for the border wall. reply all look own your look... ...with fewer lines. there's only one botox® cosmetic. it's the only one... ...fda approved... temporarily make frown lines... ...crow's feet... ...and forehead lines... ...look better. the effects of botox® cosmetic, may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness may be a sign of a life-threatening condition. do not receive botox® cosmetic if you have a skin infection. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping,
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>> harris: fox news alert breaking just moments ago, federal court judge reinstating a ban on president trump president trump's asylum rule that stops people from entering who came through a third country into the u.s. this in response to an acl lawsuit over the law. in the meantime, suggesting the border policies may be working. the white house stemming migrant flow by forcing them to crackdown on illegal border crossings from central america as well as having tens of
9:37 am
thousands of asylum-seekers stay in mexico while their claims are being processed in the u.s. so far, the strategy seems to be working. political reports a number limited to just 51,000 for the month of august, that is now 60% from its peak in may. but there is concerns this is only temporary. the executive director of the chicago-based program migrant group telling politico i think they're getting exactly what they said they would get by forcing the hand of mexico, but the question is, is it sustainable? in the meantime, house majority leader kevin mccarthy says congress still needs to come together to pass reform in the immigration system. >> can work together and find common ground. want to make sure we have the facts going forward that whatever we do stop this from happening again and protecting the rights of the individuals. >> melissa: political also reporting that congressional democrats are planning to block any request from the white house or additional wall funding.
9:38 am
if talking to anybody who's trying to manage the immigration system, it is so frustrating to them how unclear all of the rules are, what a mess it is, how they are constantly being told one thing and that another thing happens, to watch congress squabble over this and blame each other while they continue to not fix it is very frustrating. if >> steve: has been broken for decades and just as with the previous discussion over what's been going on overseas, he is trying to fix it in a pragmatic way. just a couple of things on this. first of all, it's a perfect example of what we were talking about earlier, the point you made in response to ridiculous julian castro about the president's negotiating abilities. as a direct result of the president negotiating. he said i'm going to put tariffs on unless you start doing something serious about immigration, everybody totally freaked out. he did it and it totally worked,
9:39 am
a direct demonstration. >> melissa: is a temporary? three isn't working for now and he's doing what he can in a pragmatic way. the ruling move we just heard about is another example of the ridiculousness the national immigration policy being determined by one judge sitting where they can know that they're going to get a hearing and to put a stop on all national policy on that basis is completely an abuse of the system. secondly, on the merits of that particular case, this idea that you shouldn't be able to wander through and then get to your ultimate destination coming up to claim asylum is a perfectly reasonable proposition that the trump administration is going to put forth. all these people who praise the e.u., that's what they do. >> lisa: you know what's ironic?
9:40 am
because we have seen border arrests dropped 60% since may, having that kind of success which is a success of president trump and putting that pressure on mexico to enforce more, congress probably won't act because they don't do anything unless it's a dire crisis so the less inclined congress is going to act. >> elizabeth: the numbers were up 338% just two months ago from people crossing that border. they weren't acting anyway. i do want to say quickly something about there were temporary because you asked a great question, is this temporary? everything is temporary. we are temporary. we don't live forever, nothing lives forever. does that mean we shouldn't do anything? does that mean that if this is working, does this give us a window, and by us i mean congress, the politically constipated people on capitol hill, does this give
9:41 am
them a window to get together and do something? can they stem the tide of it and act? >> elizabeth: they want to try to fix what's above but not what's on the ground. what's really striking about he is doing is getting more conservative judges appointed, 99 since the president was elected and starting to reshape the ninth circuit court of appeals. >> melissa: if you look at it, they are fighting right now in court over a manufactured problem because our system is so broken and people think that way they did they did here is to claim asylum so they are fighting over these asylum problems where if they fix the system where you could emigrate for economic reasons which is what so many people are doing, here are the rules for it and here's what we want. if they just made that clear, then people would be making the border. >> lisa: immigration is one of
9:42 am
the clearest juxtaposition between where president trump is and where democrats are, calling for decriminalization and even biden is supposed to be a moderate talking about ending the detention facilities and catch and release. >> melissa: joe biden taking a swing at help hillary clinton handled president trump during one of their debates and her camp hitting right back. that war of words next. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪ that's ensure max protein, with high protein and 1 gram sugar.
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at >> lisa: welcome back. joe biden stirring controversy on the trail by weighing in on what he calls the biggest mistake of hillary clinton's presidential campaign. biden saying that he advised clinton not to get in the gutter over president trump's access hollywood tape right before the second debate, listen to what he had to say. >> i said i respectfully recommend she stand there and say everybody knows who donald trump is. let me tell you what i'm going to do for the country. and not get into the debate because it just drags it down. if >> lisa: that comment drew fire from -- he told buzzfeed is biden suggesting hillary's reaction to the access hollywood tape should have been oh, never mind?
9:47 am
it's a premad men era mentality. in the meantime, biden's camp is trying to clarify the comments -- seems like that's what they're always doing saying he wasn't criticizing hillary, criticizing the media for creating false equivalencies that minimizes trumps atrocious and repugnant behavior. if i don't remember the mcclinton making that big of a deal out of the access hollywood tapes, but why do you think she lost in 2016? >> steve: i think this story, she lost so much, biden giving campaign advice, one person who was a worse candidate than hillary clinton. i think the idea that she somehow shouldn't have a dress that is. it was a huge story. it wasn't the main thing, the election is about real issues and she lost because she didn't have a convincing argument for those people who have been completely let down for decades and the establishment politics
9:48 am
that she represented and that joe biden represents. so this whole thing is ridiculous. to your point, his campaign is entirely dominated now by clearing up his messes. that's what it started off with, now people running around and cleaning it up. >> lisa: the reason why i asked is it seems to me the left still hasn't figured out why hillary clinton loss and what to do about president trump heading into 2020. what do you think? >> melissa: i think joe biden can't decide what kind of candidate he is. it's amazing to see one day he is our moral superior and telling us that hillary clinton got down into the trenches with trump and shouldn't do that and the next day he's saying he's going to go out behind the barn and serves and punches at president trump. he can't decide whether he's taken the high road, the low road, name-calling or not name calling and it just has turned into a disorganized mess. >> harris: i'm just thinking
9:49 am
that you're right, steve. democrats are still focused on why hillary clinton lost, i wonder why joe biden isn't more focused on why he lost the first few times he ran for president. if i were in his shoes, i'd be figuring out how not to do that again. i'm doing it again. and at a time where his party's lynchings of the left, the man in the middle of the mainstream in this party, the moderates is talking more about hillary clinton and i made a mistake and matching bracelets with barack obama, first i need you and then i don't. it is litigating the past. >> steve: the joke is that biden's mistakes are basically the journalist stimulus plan. it's a way to get them covering more but it's interesting that hillary clinton is reportedly advising elizabeth warren. friday, it's going to be put into sharp focus to the contender is for the debate in the next round. >> lisa: one more thing to
9:50 am
say? b3 the same point, which is that he increasingly it will become apparent that he is a totally weak candidate and it's exactly for the reason that you did which is when you said he was moderate, he's not really. he's nothing. he is lurching with them to the left. look at his change on abortion, no embracing extreme climate policy. the weight is all on the left, he's going to end up there too and his weakness as a politician is going to really come to the fore. >> lisa: great point. president trump has a new g.o.p. challenger for his party's nomination. his response and whether it will have any impact on voters at al all. >> trump is going to be the nominee and president trump is going to get reelected because we have the strongest economy in the last 50 years. .
9:51 am
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♪ >> melissa: president trump has a new g.o.p. challenger, former south carolina governor and congressman mark sanford throwing his hat in the ring. sanford, who is known as a fiscal hawk, on why he is running. >> we have lost our way on deficit spending. the president has called himself the king of debt. i'm running because i'm think we need to have a conversation but what it means to be republican. i think we have lost our way as a party. between now groans a current group the republican sake, which includes bill weld and former congressman joe walsh. the president didn't waste time responding, treating -- ready for this, this is a long tweet -- "sanford ran for congress and won only after i treated on his election day. but take heart from his back and run for president of the united states, the three stooges bentley felt the candidate would
9:56 am
give it a go." that was the second part. the first one, he reminded everybody about his trip on the appalachian trail when he was really not on the appalachian trail, and he turned up in argentina. >> steve: something about -- >> melissa: on and on. [laughter] it's funny, because -- i can't believe he is back in politics again. you kind of cringe a little bit and look away. at the same time, everything he is saying is true. no one is standing up on the side of stopping ridiculously spending our money and driving debt through the roof. so he's right about that. but why do this? >> steve: is interesting, he was talking about the party losing its way. i think they are very clear about the way it wants to go. that's following president trum president trump. >> melissa: winning. >> steve: he's got the highest approval within the party, i think of it. 90 odd percent approval within the party. clearly it's a quixotic effort. i don't know why he's doing it. in a waste of time. i've got one point of view, and i'm not sure about it. i would love to know your views.
9:57 am
which is, i think he could be in president trump's interest to have a primary process, to keep and practice. there's an opportunity to debate, there would be more attention for his message. i think you should welcome it even though it's a waste of time. >> melissa: i completely agree with that idea. i think he loves the fight, he loves a battle. why would he not want to be a part of this? you can see what he gets into the tweet, the fact he's putting out these long tweets, he's ver. they are pushing the conversation on fiscal responsibility, something no one is focused on, and should be. what is the downside? >> lisa: you don't ever want to elevate your opponents, especially when there is someone who people don't really know. look at eric cantor in 2014, who in that mistake. he spent millions of dollars in ads. no one knew he was, so he was running millions of dollars in negative ads. i would say nonengagement is probably the best route for president trump to take.
9:58 am
as steve pointed out, 90% approval rating with the republican base. these candidates aren't real. the only ones i think they are real or making the not to be real is the mainstream media. >> melissa: they think they really have a shot at something? with are they trying to create a conversation about their issue? >> elizabeth: i think it's the latter. you have to run for president to have the font done at country focus on the deficit and the debt? i'm curious, as to the reason why each of them are running. today have a prayer? i don't think they do. >> melissa: mark sanford, isn't he kind of embarrassed at this point? >> lisa: he doesn't seem embarrassed, though. which is very surprising. [laughs] >> melissa: i don't know. why is it that we never have a legitimate discussion on the fact that we are spending our way into oblivion? the president -- the one thing, if you want to be critical with him on it, he also has come into office and to spend money like everybody else before him. >> steve: where that goes is to place his people don't want
9:59 am
to confront, which is painful reductions. not in day-to-day spending, but in those structural elements of government spending. entitlements, pensions, and so on. that's a tough conversation that no one wants to have. >> melissa: he did say if he got into his second term he would have the safety to do that. that was a while ago. maybe this forces that conversation. i know i would welcome that. our men in the middle today has a show on their streaming service. it is called "the deep dive." you can start watching for free on your computer or download the app. long on to i love it. >> steve: it's fun. >> melissa: you always have fun. if you are involved, it's fun. we know that. thank you for being on the couch with us. we appreciate it. to our old group here. we will definitely dive into the deep dive as soon as this is over, and we will be back here on the couch at noon eastern tomorrow. now i will hand it off to my partner, harris faulkner.
10:00 am
>> harris: we've got breaking news. it appears the president's plan to halt illegal border crossings is getting the results that he wanted, and you're watching it. this is this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. we are now awaiting the start of a briefing from the acting ad of customs border patrol. a new report that border arrests as a metric of border crossing. that number has plummeted to 51,000 in the month of august. that is down 60%, according to multiple reports. chief white house correspondent john roberts is inside the white house briefing room to talk more about this. actually, you are not there yet, but that's where you're headed. >> i didn't want to risk the chance that they would come out in the middle of all this, because we want to talk about the immigration, and the peace talks with the taliban. first, to the immigration numbers. the peak of this year was back in may, 144,000 people crossing


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