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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 9, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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♪ >> neil: you are looking life at fayetteville, north carolina, where president trump told a big rally tonight ahead of the special election for a how ct hopes to keep in republicans hands. we talked this past weekend of a guy who the president is making his pitch, but there is a bigger worry for the president tonight. what to do about the 16 house republicans who already have an ounce they are making their way to the exit. welcome, everybody i am neil cavuto. the wisconsin governor scott will clear about this involvement. first john roberts at the white house and what to expect from the president tonight. hey, john. >> you can expect a big rally, no question about that in that in fayetteville which really is
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trump territory very heavily military town. but there is some debate, actually, neil, whether this is the last election of the 2,018th cycle or if this is the first election of the 2020 cycle. this is a do over in north cow dome at carolina after nolan void after the original republican candidates in the illegal voting scheme. dan mccready, the democrats lost by 905 votes in the first election and the district of president trump one by 12 points. dan mccready facing north carolina the ambition at the end of august. a small lead, but the president has been pulling out all the stops to try to push bishop over the top, the big rally tonight ahead of that, the department of white house this afternoon. the president said this about fisher. >> president trump: the bishop is a great gentleman, a great man, and i think you will be a great congressman. it was a very close race. i think it is getting less close. if you look at the numbers from
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two weeks ago, and i got involved about two weeks ago. the numbers have gone way up. i think dan has a very good chance of winning the election. >> neil: i asked the president this afternoon, neil if he thought tomorrow's election in the ninth district was a bellwether. he said no. and a lot of republicans will sing indicative of what might happen in 2020. if he loses, you can bet a lot of democrats will be saying it could be indicative of what will happen in 2020. the president also this afternoon, this is the other big story of the day, saying peace talks between the united states and the tele taliban are dead. he was going to bring taliban and the president to camp david yesterday to push a piece deal with the former u.s. ambassador to afghanistan. and almost a done deal but after the tele- band claimed responsibility for that car bombing to the u.s. embassy and cobble on thursday that killed eight native soldier, and ten
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other people, the president said that is it. nobody's coming to camp david. the peace talks are dead. i'm told by other administration officials it is still fluid but at the moment, neil hard to see how you get the taliban back to the table after what they did on thursday. >> neil: i can see that. all right, thank you john, john roberts. a republican as he said running in that special election. he was with me saturday on "kabuto live" and despite it could be an uphill fight. speak of the things that i hear most often is how surprised and even frightened people are by the extraordinary hard left positions you see coming out of the democratic party. people openly embracing socialism. there is a real close choice in the selection between that vision at the trump vision of an economy as you say is roaring alone, lower taxes, border security and continuing american exceptionalism. >> neil: now we did reach out
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to dan mccready for a second time and yet to hear back. and former wisconsin republican governor, presidential candidate scott walker with us now. governor cuomo what do you make of the importance of this particular race and 16 republicans that are announced r retirement in the house? does it make you and the republicans anxious? >> well, it's all about turnout. if you look at this district has mentioned in the report, president trump did well there in the past. i think you so special elections and in particular last fall's elections, the left was more motivated in the 2010 elections, which is not characteristic the incumbent and the other parties, but i think it will be critical in north carolina as it will be going into 2020. that republican right of center voters wake up and realize the left is motivated. we have to be just as motivated. i think dan bishop is going to win and i think the president will be critical. remember his opponent the
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democrats, had a two year head start to come into million head start. he did have the primary so he has a lot of things going in his favor. i think the president will remind people how just incredibly -- incredibly important this election is. >> neil: the district i'm talking about union household nationally, they have been very, very important in deciding some crucial elections and maybe some of those retirements that we will hear from republicans. a lot of money was plowing into eight of the 16 districts whose congressman and government had decided to retire. i'm wondering, you dealt with that and was able in your first election, the the recall election, but it is a constant. the president has made and roads with union households, but it is a very different matter on the house and senate level, right? >> well, it is. there is a big difference between the government buses and a hard working employees. the men and women who go to work every single day, i think they like the president. i think they like a lot of the
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house members, but you can't take it for granted. you look out those stats with you mention retirement all our plus average, plus 14 republican leading districts. the only way you guys heard in his own right having it in the first place, but i think you look at my own state, we have sean duffy spectacular. northwestern wisconsin suburbs and to the middle of the state jim sensenbrenner been there more than four decades. both of those cases, those are strong republican districts. as long as the candidates want to get and tell a convincing story. as you heard from dan bishop i think in each of those races a clear contrast between freedom and free enterprise and those who want to fight for socialism. the more this squad is out front, aoc, omar and others face today socialist democratic party, the better off we will be in the elections in 2020. >> neil: and beginning to wonder. you talk about the passion and this jazz on the other side and it might very well be as we get
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close to the election for the republicans but so far it does not appear to be the case. why do you think that is? >> well i think through 2018, i sort of saw wisconsin. a lot of republican leaned voters took it for granted. a lot thought that there was no way, whether losing in wisconsin or any number of other background states my think they took it for granted. they saw a strong economy and good things happening in the government, republicans common sense reforms working. i think they didn't think that would be enough on the left to have the kind of enthusiasm that they had. now, i think a lot of voters have woken up to the reality that if they don't sit do something about it not only will democrats win, but the most radical democrats embracing ideas like, complete government takeover of the health care system. i don't think people want that. they want their fellow citizens to have access to good, quality affordable health care, but they don't want the federal government running it, taking it over and causing all sorts of
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havoc. that is one of many examples. if we get that story outcome if we get that message outcome of the candidates in the house certainly keeping the senate. and i think the contrast with the president whether joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren or whoever is out of that crazy routine on the left, that is the contrast we win the election. if it's not, the republicans right of center voters take for granted and we are in trouble. but i don't think that will happen. >> neil: thank you very much for taking the time. i appreciate it, sir. >> think you come neil. >> neil: for special election is not a referendum about him. the democrat strategist kevin joins us from a women's forum, and the federalists and malay duchenne ski. you know, i could see that being the case, and all year election, emily, but then it is sort of a sentiment, a party voter, nonparty voter and how they feel about the president. is this more or less the case?
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this go around? >> what you're saying in this race is a dynamic replicated in districts around the country where you have ruled voters favorable to the president and make up his base. you have the suburban voters who may not be part of the republican base, trump base but could vote republican. and are undecided on the president and what you just heard from scott walker amp bishop in your interview saturday is very important. republicans, but they were trying to do is set a binary. so you have a republican candidate and you have a democrat able to depict as a socialist and someone on the hard left to use bishop himself. i recorded this last week from the rnc chairwoman mcdaniel, resonates with suburban women to help republicans come back to the trump site or come back to vote for republican candidates. republicans able to have the binary weather to pick hard left. that is what you should expect from don -- donald trump from the rally tonight. >> neil: you need to focus on a singular, i get that and many in the race to challenge him,
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but, kevin i'm beginning to wonder when a man and woman espousing, getting rid of the president, gets to the wealthy come of that it means we will raise taxes. so how is that going to work in a general election? >> well, i think you will see people go back to the issues most important to them. we know that is always the economy in a presidential race. the economy has been strong, but it has started to slow up a little bit. there are some signs may be a potential recession. we don't want that to happen. even as a democrat. we definitely don't want that, but that could be a problem for donald trump. i think in this north carolina race that we are talking about, a lot will go back to the way they feel about immigration and health care. and i think mccready has been the strong one health care with his position, although he didn't cooperate with ice, that is
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something, the fact that he is moderate in that area may help him in the suburbs because the ninth district is obviously very diverse. the most suburban voters may be open to that. he's a moderate and not a far left like the members of the squalls there squad but more in the middle. this is an important test for donald trump because if he can't can't, the g.o.p. if they can't win this seat where donald trump had success, the seat they've held since 1963, that would be a problem for them. >> neil: no, you raise a good point, he is a different type of candidate supporters of the president's position and i believe the trade battle with china, but given the fact that the democratic challenger is up by four points in the latest poll, obviously, a margin of error i assume, it can happen but the district that the president swamped. you get other reports, in texas
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that might show the republican mock might be more in play than we appreciate. what is your read? >> i think republicans are probably surprised that it's such a close race. what is interesting, neil, you have two additional candidates, and wouldn't it be interesting if enough support from either side? so you will see, we will see what happens there. but the democratic candidate here, he is a veteran. this is someone who is running has a moderate. he is trying his best to run from aoc and the squad in washington because he doesn't want to be connected to the far left. that is his problem nationwide will face which is that all this time the attention focused on aoc and democrats who have been elected have not done anything. they haven't proven there is a reason why they should retain the house. so making that case for 2020 and continue to keep the house and retain or even grab the senate will be a hard case to make.
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>> neil: emily, looking at that, you could make an argument the economy even though the recession, some have been overplayed here. but it is slow from the blistering pace. it is still enviable paste to the rest of the world. i'm wondering if that is an issue for the president. >> i think it depends on how much eventually it slows down. i think it is important and this particular race to zoom into the local level and acknowledge this is happening in the shadow of a lick twirl scandal that frankly hurts republicans. we are trying to figure out a district one by double digits by donald trump four years ago now has the democratic candidate by four points in the latest poll. i think that is important, the question of the economy, so hard to predict what will happen. but when you are looking at three years of blistering pace, i think that hopes republicans because they have seen favorable results. >> neil: very good. and the economy itself, plus and
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minus, so guys we will watch but i apologize for breaking into you some news we are following up from those now collapsed off of the taliban, the fallout in the region entirely. after this drive safely.. . with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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>> neil>> they are dead, they a. as far as i'm concerned, they are dead. they thought they had to kill people in order to put p -- themselves in a better negotiation system. when they did that, they killed 12 people. one happen to be a great american soldier. >> neil: that was that from the president of the united states. it would have been at camp david days around the anniversary of 9/11 attacks for this country, not happening. retired green beret, general, good to have you. are you happy? >> dead in general. not only am i happy that they are dead, neil. but i really can't understand how we could have thought in any
1:18 pm
serious kind of way how we would be able to negotiate with the taliban. frankly, i don't think we should have ever gone down this path to begin with. >> neil: there are those in military, well, talking is better than the alternative. that is you can talk or at least you're not killing each other but what do you say to that? >> neil, i came into the counterterrorism of 1978 we set up the delta force. we already had a long-standing policy that we don't negotiate with terrorists. keep in mind that taliban are terrorists. they are motivated -- motivated by the same ideology that isis, luke ahram are motivated by. they are terrorist. you sit down and talk with them especially when you leave out a legitimate government, like the government of gandhi. and you start talking to them, you are violating come i think a long-standing u.s. policy towards terrorists.
1:19 pm
>> neil: do you think that killed an american soldier in dozens of others was meant to do just that," the talks and stop them i in the path? >> i think that is something to be considered. because what does the pella band taliban get out of this? they claim they wait at the usl and they start taking credit for a big win in the social media. what do they have to gain from this? they are going to do what they want to do regardless of whether u.s. troops are there. we are down to the point now where u.s. -- u.s. troops are considered to be a minimal size and the taliban are still going after our troops and going after innocent civilians with car bombings, attacks. and so i would just say come i don't know if they did it for that reason or not, but if they wanted peace, if they really wanted some kind of an agreement, they would not have been taking a chance on killing
1:20 pm
americans. >> neil: where does this go? jim mattis has a book out board of secretary defense worries had run-ins with the president, not only this but protestant barack obama who fired him from his job. but the one of the two links in common, jim mattis wanted to avoid troop drawdowns in iraq with barack obama in syria with the plan that president trump was looking at. in the president, rather, trump has reconsidered that for the time being. but that we are trying to extricate ourselves from this region. but it is next to impossible. >> neil, look, i think what we have there in afghanistan now is sustainable for an indefinite period of time. i would like to see us get all troops out of there as well, but we have to be realistic. now, even if you decide to draw down, we can draw down and
1:21 pm
offset that was some kind of contract for support. the problem with contractors is they have to be on a tight leash, and they have to be under strict control. but in terms of training and flipping and helping the afghan national forces, helping them to be able to provide their own protection and the court's protection in vietnam, we could certainly do some of that with contractors and reduce our presence here appear the bottom line, there has to be an american military presence in that country, as far as i'm concerned, for an indefinite or mobile - -- indefinite foreseeae period of time. >> neil: remic from a gentleman thank you very much. thank you for your service to this incredible country and that was incredible service at that, general, thank you. in the meantime, i have a little assignment during the break. the political pressure and i bet you the name google actually comes up because don't look now but just about every state attorney general in the united states of america is
1:22 pm
saying google is playing fast and loose with the rules. and now. >> when 50 attorney general's come together, 50 attorney general's send a strong message to google. and i'm not going to quote joe biden, but i will tell you it is a big deal. well, it does need to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in... enterprise makes it easy. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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1:26 pm
investigation into google. the eight teams will decide if the company played fair or if they crossed the line in an effort to crush their competition. the probe is starting with a review of google's ad practices. health consumer data feeds into dominance but it could go be on that, texas ag ken paxton leading the investigation. he says they will go wherever the facts lead. >> that is what our investigation intends to recover and rebuild whether google played by the rules and acted fairly. there is a fine line sometimes between aggressive practices and legal ones. usually the line is very clear. and again our investigation will determine whether google has crossed that line. >> this is not the first day ag probe into google but it is the largest. the 50 strong bipartisan watchdog is a show of force for the company, missouri attorney general eric schmidt tells me there is strength in numbers. >> but ultimately that is the
1:27 pm
force and power of attorney general getting together to get answers and to make sure everybody is held accountable. even the big tech companies are held accountable. when 50 attorney generals come together, 50 attorney generals sent a strong message to google. i will not quote joe biden but i will tell you, it is a big deal. >> paxton saying he will not say today what legal remedies come out of the investigation, whether it would be a sign or restructuring of the company for google so really, google's fate is up in the error, but their stock is not affected by the news today, closing down a little over a point, neil. >> neil: the threat has been out there on the federal, global level for months. hillary, thank you very, very much. here to weigh in on this, so happy to see this guy back here to sorted out. what do you think? where is this going? i will give you two sides, ambiguously -- unambiguously come a set of acts with federal
1:28 pm
law in state law at the same time. there is no impediment to the states investigating the x at the same time the feds are. the fact that the feds have threatened in the past on our threatening google does not stop the state attorney general of doing so. in the states have their own consumer protection laws by how sharp your elbows can be with your competitors. when this case we don't have a competitor, with your customers, the advertisers, and the state have privacy laws. the violation of privacy law by google with inadvertent or an intentional could implicate state laws. that is one side of this. the other side of this is, these 50 state attorney general are the same ones, not the same human beings but the same office that shut down big tobacco. what happened there? $200 billion divvied up by all 50 of them. did it reduce smoking? did it enhance health? of course not. it plugged in the gaps in the budget. >> neil: for money or is there
1:29 pm
something more here? >> that's why i give you both sides of the argument. time will tell. but i don't think they are looking for answers. i think they are looking for dollars, which for google is the easiest secret to provide to. >> neil: when you look at google, it controls 9 out of 10 search you do on your computer. the advertising, the digital advertising parts, and that is about half of the market. facebook, you throw them in and well over half. is there a case to be made that only android operating systems? more than half of the phone sold in this world, youtube itself, the video surface, on and on? >> here are two questions that must be answered just before civil or criminal investigation. has the consumer been harmed? i would suggest the answer is no. >> neil: this is all for free. >> shepard: this is all for free and how can we live pathetic after getting accustomed to it? second, is there anticompetitive activity? that is probably what they are
1:30 pm
looking for. google, anti-competitor, they might say, they might say to their customers, their advertisers, you can't advertising anywhere else. you can only advertise with us because we want all of your advertising dollars. >> neil: by means by which to use that to advertising, right? >> shepard: that would be anticompetitive. on the issue of privacy i'm laughing. one of my laughing at? the state attorney general will go after a company for violating privacy. the 50 of them do more violations than privacy, the people that work for them ten google could ever do. >> neil: what do you think this is about? >> dollars, something larger than $200 billion because that was 20 years ago. >> neil: what about the ftc and justice department sort of stick their noses in here? >> it will be more dollars. but the last thing that google wants is a trial and they will pay dearly to prevent that from happening. 20 years from now success is for these 50 people. >> neil: we will be talking
1:31 pm
about that too. >> i think we will be in the studio. >> neil: absolutely. [laughter] >> you remember this was a chinese restaurant? >> neil: yes, i do. i was a good waiter there. thank you very much, you will google wicked smile right now come i can wait. the judges picture. [laughter] we will be right back.
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>> neil: q know the president is not slated to speak at this
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♪ >> neil: all right, crowds are gathering for an event that is still two and a half plus hours away. the trump campaign rally in fayetteville, north carolina, talking about dealing with a growing field of challenges within the republican party for the presidential nomination. but that is not an issue for him tonight. jonathan at the rally to get everybody's attention. hey, jonathan, how is it looking there? hi, neil, the potential hood -- competitors after mark sanford throwing his hat and the raise, president trump wasted no time attacking him over extramarital affair that made headlines ten years ago, mr. trump took two social media tweeting "the former governor of the great state of south carolina mark sanford reported missing, only
1:36 pm
to say he was hiking on the appalachian trail, then found in argentina with a flaming dancer friend, it seems like his political career was over. it was but then he went only to lose his reelection after i tweeted my endorsement on election day to his opponent. but now take heart, he has back and running for president of the united states. the three stooges all badly failed candidates will give it a go." he has yet to respond to the latest tweets, but he says he's entering the race to foster a national debate on americans debt, deficit and spending before the party can line up president trump. he took a question whether to debate any of the three republicans running against him, listen. >> they are all at less than 1%. i guess this publicity stunt. we just got a little while ago 94% popularity or approval rating within the republican
1:37 pm
party. so to be honest, i'm not looking to give them any credibility. they have no credibility. >> but mark sanford insist the competition helps the nation and ultimately the republican party, neil. >> neil: jonathan i want to be clear the president has criticized sanford for an extramarital affair? >> mark sanford, yes extramarital affair that went public ten years ago. >> neil: okay, i just want to be clear. meanwhile the president says the challenges of the republican party are irrelevant. he is including mark sanford, so that is his view. and given his high approval rate within the republican party, it does not appear he has too much to worry about. let's get to read from karl rove, on this, what do you think? >> i don't think he has much to worry about, look, joe walsh was one term congressman from
1:38 pm
illinois. he endorsed white supremacist who was running in a primary challenge to paul ryan. he was a shock jock on radio. he is not going to go anywhere. mark sanford was a capable governor of south carolina who blew himself up over an affair with an argentinian while he was governor saying he was on the appalachian trail. you know, you've got to contrast yourself when you come in. and on sunday, he was talking about humility and character, and neither one, none of those things talk to her character. bill weld, a wonderful governor of massachusetts did a terrific job, resigned in order to become bill clinton's ambassador to mexico. that was in 1997. and then he ran for vice president on the libertarian party ticket in 2016. and so he had been really, simply come out of republican politics more than two decades. i don't see any of these three being able to put together the resources, the message, and the
1:39 pm
presence to challenge the president in any of these early contests. >> neil: what did you read about someone striking out of the blue are obviously, george sr. did not envision the type of potency, populace? but barring that, what do you see here? >> well, look, you are right. unless there is a dramatic issue that inserts itself into the campaign and some charismatic individual with a record of current involvement in the party and the ability to sort of say hey, i'm different, stronger and better than donald trump, there will not be a serious primary challenge. having said that, i hope the president doesn't take this, i mean from his point he's popular among the republicans, yes, but underneath the surface, a large number of republicans this year and late last year said they were open to a primary challenge. that was an expression of their concern while they like what the president is doing, they would like him to tweet last and act
1:40 pm
more presidential. i catch this as i go around the country. people come up and i was in indianapolis on friday. people said i like what the president is doing but can you get him to treat last? i'm not in charge. sorry. but the president, he's a good political shape within the party. he would be in better shape if he understood there is some disquieting among supporters how often he tweets and sometimes how he asked. >> neil: when we see what's happening in the economy which is good and slow down, but most will say it's unlikely every session would be gripping the country by election but you never know. but that is the wind behind it. >> the crosswinds are these, talking about the fairness of that recovery. are they just whistling dixie here or what is your sense? >> well, i think they are. i think they are tweeting will affect the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. the economy if it is good,
1:41 pm
democrats are in trouble and president trump is in good shape. if it is softer and weaker than today, then the president will face headwinds and if it goes in recession, he's in trouble. the second think the nature of the democratic to dumb it candidate and if the candidate is someone who embraces medicare for all and abolish private insurance, i've got some variant of the green new deal, i've got free college this, free this, free that my freed this, the more the democrats and like that, the worse off they are. but then finally the question is going to be what is the president doing to reassure the suburban republicans and suburban independents who lost in the midterm elections. that's why we lost the house and did not pick up more in the senate. because as we lost straight in the suburbs, you got to do something between now and next summer to reassure those voters. >> neil: karl rove, thank you, good to see you my friend. congress is back in section but guess what he is as well, talks of impeachment after this
1:42 pm
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>> neilmichael cohen when he ret work out, john dean hearing did not work out the way they wanted and the popular hearing and that investigation did not work out the way they want to. that does not stop. they will push this ridiculous impeachment. >> neil: all right, jordan calling out all house democrats as they unveil a plan to pursue the impeachment today. those who are doing that. where is this headed? "washington examiner" mookie. and what i understand the real focus on the judiciary committee wants to do and it seems to be just the beginning of whether it starts, the formal impeachment proceedings. do i have that right? >> right, for months the democrats talking about impeachment, but that is exactly what it's been. all talk. and now, finally getting serious and they will try to do something about it.
1:46 pm
whether republicans or democrats get on board with that, that is something we will find out. >> neil: they say they are 100 votes or so for impeachment come exclusively among democrats. but even allowing for the possibility of 25, it's not as though they will make progress in the senate. if they were to get a vote on an article or impeachment in the house, right? >> right, and it will be interesting to see established democrats like nancy pelosi respond to that because she made it clear she will not get on board with formal impeachment inquiry unless she knows the senate will agree with her. so as of right now, they will go into a divided democratic party especially moving into 2020. >> neil: so where does this go right now? if you talk about how many democrats, i have seen morehouse leadership considering it. if for no other reason than to sort out what committee does
1:47 pm
what, let's say judiciary and other committees to work on issues. dan kelly and others telling us that would be the issues raised on the campaign trail. sort of like having their cake and eat it too. >> right, obviously the word democratic progressives on the house have been pushing for this inquiry for a long time and they would like to see formal impeachment inquiry happen. but what this resolution calls for mates laying out the parameters of what a formal inquiry would look like and regulations that committees need to follow in order to make better reality. >> neil: to follow up what i was saying in the house, he was telling me over the weekend right now, they just need a point of order. i want you to respond to this. >> many of your colleagues in the house or urging moving, you know full steam with impeachment proceedings. how do you feel about that? >> well, i actually think the judiciary committee would do
1:48 pm
everyone a favor if they did provide some order and some structure to these investigations that partly revolve around the potential impeachment and partly just deal with the general oversight responsibilities that commerce has. >> neil: i think what he's saying, we have to make up our minds here. we can't just tease, tease, tease. >> exactly the house democrats if they want to move forward, then they just need to do it. they need to impeach him or move on. what i would like to see is one house democrat provide a definition of what it is when they say that there is concrete evidence of corruption, crimes and wrongdoing. because as of yet we don't have one. without a definition in specific examples to back it up, they are throwing a bone to the progress of owners and hoping it motivates to turn out in 2020. >> neil: kaylee, thank you for showing up, good to see you. in the meantime relief efforts picking up in the bahamas. that is the good news, but something else could be picking up there as well. and that is awful news.
1:49 pm
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♪ >> neil: finally heading out to see but not before wreaking havoc. probably the most severe is in the bahamas where relief efforts are intensifying. steve, in freeport, bahamas with the latest, steve what does it look like there? >> neal, one week after the rain stopped here and the storm you can take a look behind me. this destruction is prominent in many parts of freeport right now. you get no sense they are government trucks, telephone workers, repairmen, bulldozers, nothing is really going on. so the destruction pretty much sits as it was a week ago. instead, people are trying to get out of here and get out of here as quickly as possible. you can see lines for days people trying to get on fairies,
1:53 pm
get on planes. most of them want to go to nassau where the u.s. some are complaining they lost key documents, passports, visas, police records and the destruction of the storm. aid is beginning to pour in. usaid, 3 million, red cross, airline companies, crew companies donating as well but really not making much of a market. the biggest question is the death toll. officially it stands at 45. most bahamians think that is just not accurate at all. there is still thousands of people trying to find relatives, loved ones, neighbors, kneel back to you. >> neil: so we are looking at account worth -- getting substantially higher. >> that is right the bahamian media puts the number around 3,000, but right now the official toll is 45. >> neil: steve, thank you. i know war zones, disasters and this is a unique development here. steve in freeport, the bahamas.
1:54 pm
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>> neil: all right. congress doesn't have a lot of time to get stuff done, including keeping the governmen government. a very tough timeline. what's this all about, chad? >> they have a deadline by the 30th of september. there was a meeting with nancy pelosi. what we are looking at here is some sort of a spending bill that would keep the government funded into late november. we've heard some different dates, but nothing is concrete. again, the senate, they are going to try to move for individual bills. they are going to try to do an intermittent bill to keep the
1:58 pm
lights on. they never know how this is going to be with president trump. is he going to get incensed over impeachment and investigations? he didn't take a question over whether or not they would try to put any gun legislation and attach it to those bills later this year. he didn't want to be sidestepped over that question. that's going to be the key issue here. whether or not there will be restrictions put into these bills may be to keep the president from moving money around willy-nilly for his border. i got a little news here about firearms. there was a press conference about trying to pressure mitch mcconnell to move guns. he did not mention guns and nancy pelosi's of the following quote. "we won't make this issue too hot to handle. mitch mcconnell and republicans will have hell to pay. >> that's her quote, neil. >> neil: so these spending bills, they all need to be done.
1:59 pm
that's not going to do it, right? >> that's right. the house has passed ten of the 12. that's not going to happen. remember this budget that they reached back in july. that doesn't spend any money. that just sets the overall spending parameters for the next two years. you know, you are dealing with live ammo when you are dealing with appropriations. that actually spends the money down to the nickel, and they have to resolve that. the problem is if they don't work out something for the pentagon, they have the most to lose. you know, there was a little bit of a good agreement from both sides there on defense spending. if you do go with the cr and intermittent spending bill. >> neil: the odds of them getting all this done, how would you put that customer >> usually they can come to terms pretty quickly here. mitch mcconnell says they're going to work out the spending bills, but this is probably going to be at the end of the fall.
2:00 pm
that's going to be the problem. >> neil: all right, thank you my friend very, very much. chad in the middle of all of that. we will be monitoring all of that as the battle ensues. that of course, on fox business. much more. here's "the five" ." ♪ >> dana: hello everyone. i'm dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." ♪ >> dana: peace talks with the taliban are canceled. trump canceled. trump, pulling the plug after taliban leaders claim responsibility for an attack that killed a u.s. soldier and 11 others. the tally band, responding to the president's move by threatening more americans will die as a result. let's watch. >> is just another example of the p


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