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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 10, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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by. the show that is the sworn enemy of groupthink. hopefully the cheerful enemy of all groupthink. have a great evening. sean hannity is next to live from new york city. >> sean: all right tucker. great show as always. busy night tonight. welcome to hannity. tonight, we are tracking three huge breaking stories, including in an important special congressional election in north carolina. also, we have huge news surrounding lieutenant general flynn. she is fighting for release of exculpatory material of andrew weissmann. sidney powell will join us with an exclusive interview. that's all coming up. but first, we start with an egregious example of fake phony, fraudulent news as always. just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, well, think again.
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in its ongoing efforts to sneer, slander the president of the united states, well, you have your media mob reporting a completely false story, and in the process, putting people's lives in danger, likely outing the real identity and home address of a spy working for the cia. jim's he is masquerading now ase national correspondent. straight to fake news cnn. oh, likely lying and guilty cnn. it was extracted with russia in 2017. by the way, spying on our behalf for "concerns are president trump and his administration repeatedly mishandling information.
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well, that's a lie. that was fake news again. fake news cnn was contradicted by "the new york times." the times reporting "they said there was no public evidence. other and officials insisted that they were the impetus for the distraction. oh, the media was responsible. reporting from the media. the mob. not donald trump. the media mob all based on leaks from the intel community. that was the reason for the extraction. in fact, in 2016 under obama, the cia first offered to extract this source because of the media's reporting. it doesn't have anything to do with president trump. a gift to the incoming administration. and then, president obama, he
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declassified and publicly released the dni report on russian interference, which alluded to this spy's role in the kremlin. it all happened on obama's watch, now donated. i wonder why that didn't make fake see cnn's headlines. former cia director, mike pompeo, he weighed in, calling this story material inaccurate. let's take a look. >> the reporting is materially inaccurate. you should know, i don't talk about things like this very often. it is only the occasions where it something where i think it puts people at risk or the reporting is so agreed chick egregious. i suffice to say that the reporting is factually wrong.
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>> sean: fake news proud of this political hit job putting an operative's life in danger. does anyone on fakes dominic fake news cnn actually care aboh of anyone anymore? despite all these glaring errors in this reporting, this b.s. reporting, the two networks, the dedicated hours and hours of reckless hysterical coverage once again for what was an outright lie. watch this. >> we've also learned, and this is a cnn exclusive that u.s. intelligence pulled a very high level out of russia. partly because of the way the president mishandled classified intelligence. >> the president of the united states.
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>> the cia extracted the spy, in parts of fears that president trump might leak information. see one of course, some of the very worst coverage by the chief conspiracy theorist, rachel maddow. per usual, her reporting was downright theatrical. by the way. i've got the tax returns. take a look. >> what the cnn report is saying that nbc news and "new york times" is that as president, trumps so egregiously mishandled classified information and so doing, destroyed highly sensitive, highly effective foreign intelligence agents by telling the russians about it.
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>> sean: their obsessive coverage of the story. rachel maddow. they further exposed, think about this, the extracted spy. i wonder if she is going to apologize for putting this man and his family in jeopardy, because, yes, basically and arm of propaganda, they tracked down this guy's home address. they actually knocked on his door. keep in mind, putin has developed a hostile act. the hostile regime. while that guy right there, he has developed quite the reputation for murdering double agents all over the world, including the united kingdom. that doesn't seem to matter to the media mob, now does it? let me make this clear. with this fake news mob, with
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these conspiracy theorists did here, now it's great, it didn't take two and a half years to expose this conspiracy. what they did is put this guy's family and his life in danger. why? well, only they can answer. of course, you have the obama administration that created this disaster. it seems like the predicate is what it always is. every second, every minute, every hour, every year. an important cia asset who is risking his life the whole time, is at much more risk. here is our very own katherine harris. this is not something that happens very often, does it? >> catherine: that's right, sean. there is no harder decision than pulling and intelligence asset, based on two decades of intelligence .
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in responding to the cnn report, landline dominic landing the prs handling of classified information. he has access to each and every day, is inaccurate. cnn reported the president's may exposure. it was a pivotal moment. but the oval office meeting was described as "irrelevant to the cia's decision-making." fox news has learned that the report about rush's election interference as well as media reporting that focused on the russian's proximity to president bottom air pollution, were major factors for the
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agency. it's important to notice that they do not pull an asset on a single factor. once the asset is pulled, they can't go back into play. significantly, the assets remaining, in this case, russia could be retaliated against, sean. see one all right. great reporting as always. we will have the opening monologue coming up. joe concha is with us. what's amazing about this. number one, we had to wait two and a half years to get to the truth. the biggest story of abuse of power and corruption was missed. but in this case, somebody's life is in jeopardy here. with absolutely no fact-checking on their side at all. i mean, they have to have the cia do this, to have this thess
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pull up to try to save his life. fake news cnn, telling a fake story. when do they ever get held accountable, if ever? >> joe: as you said, sean, there are possible deadly ramifications that could be at stake here. as catherine mentioned and you mentioned, for the cia to come out and make a public statement calling it "misguided." because the story was that egregious, i've never seen that before. overall, you've got to look at the big picture here. the sea i their last tire was andrew mccabe who lied three times under oath. that was the reason he was fired. and now, he is hired by a news organization who he may have leaked to? and now there's other cia officials working for the
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network as well? this is living proof that it actually exists. by the way, the name of the reporter's gym shoot-out. he worked in the do you believe the cia and then making a public statement in a situation where they almost never make public statements in debunking a media story? >> sean: they key. we are not done. it's just part of a sick pattern. they go story after story after story. the never apologized. never revise their remarks. never make the correction. never apologized.
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let's move onto the next obsession. impeach. impeach. it never ends. the many monologue is coming up. today, general flynn's attorney, sidney powell, she was in court today. egregious government misconduct. powell is pushing for the release of multiple documents that she believes will exculpatory her clients. while before the appointment of a special counsel. while before fatima mueller turned the screws on general flynn.
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something you'd never do in the obama administration or the bush administration. right-hand man said, no, you don't need an attorney. this is nothing. only braked about what setting up a 33 year veteran. this is mr. super patriot. many of those years in combat. this is how we're going to treat such a man of distinction that served this country customer take a look. it's because you look at this white house now, and it's hard to imagine to fbi agents. how did that happen question or >> i them. [laughter] something i probably wouldn't have done or gotten away with in a more organized administration. in both of those administrations, there was process.
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the fbi wanted to send agents into the white house itself to interview a senior official, you would work through the white house counsel and there would be discussions and approvals. i thought, it's early enough. let's just send a couple guys over. >> sean: probably wouldn't have gotten away with it. there is the fbi director after his deputy said, no, no, no. you don't need a lawyer. breaking that you do something you want to do to other presidents and bragging about a perjury trap. they knew about the phone call that was used against an american war hero. , comey, what we just saw is disgusting and despicable. no character there. here with maurice fox news
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contributor, sara carter. >> i think what so stunning is the january 30th, 2017 memo is that shortly after on february 14th is when james comey met with president donald trump. remember, this is one of the famous memos, that he went after the meeting and basically wrote on the private conversations between he and president trump. that was specifically referring to michael flynn. well, in those conversations, he never once told president trump that the department of justice had exonerated flynn. basically, they had found no evidence that he had either conspired or colluded with the russians. there was nothing to that effect. instead, he went forward with his memos and turned them over so that they could call a special counsel. remember, this is when he leaked the documents to his friend, the professor, and then it went to "the new york times." he stated that this was to call his special counsel on president trump for obstruction.
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why? specifically because president trump said, why don't we just let this go? you know, flynn did nothing wrong. think about this, sean. at that time, during the meeting with president trump, comey new flynn did nothing wrong. there was no evidence whatsoever that flynn had conspired with russia or that there was any kind of conspiracy. this is what's going to turn the tables and blow everything out of the water down to representative adam. trying to get flynn to testify before his committee, specifically on obstruction. according to sidney powell, everything out of the water. >> sean: all right, sara carter, thank you. what is next? michael flynn. joining us now is his attorney, sidney powell. she's outlined all of andrew's horrific tactics.
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sidney, let me be them with you. you said for the time being, let's go over first of all, what did you see with the behavior of jim comey and what he said? to me, that's a simple miranda rights violation, constitutional denial to a 33 year war veteran. >> sidney: that's one of the problems. what's especially egregious is the special counsel view up to 2017, that he had conducted this interview of general flynn. that's just part of the papa terry information that was withheld by government. but when you talk about how the never would have been a plan to
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begin with? what is this exculpatory information that you have? why have they been unwilling to abide by that, and what does it mean in terms of bringing the case before the judge? because basically what you're saying is is they have abused their power and the entire prosecution should be dismissed. that means a special counsel should be dismissed because of your words. egregious government misconduct. >> sidney: yes, the prosecution of flynn should be dismissed because of egregious misconduct. stunning violations from the beginning of their tenure as special counsel. they are still withholding exculpatory evidence from us. we don't have that yet. we only have like a three line summary of that statement. >> sean: you've said that you are not seeking to have his guilty plea for now.
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he's admitted to it himself. clearly, when he said he didn't need an attorney when he did. but you said you are not seeking to have the guilty plea thrown out. my recollection is, sidney powell, that in fact, the fbi agents applied enormous amounts of pressure. i would assume that they would say, either you signed this. if you don't, we are going to after your son who is business with you. >> sidney: we know that mueller got a letter that allowed him to target michael flynn jr. there was tremendous pressure put on general flynn, while they were hiding all the evidence. but the plan, at least right now, anyway, is not to.
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>> sean: so you withhold the exculpatory information. he's going they bankrupt. you lawyers can be very expensive sometimes. you either say you lied or we are going after your kids. i'm just guessing a soldier or a man of honor saying i'm not going to let my kid go down for something identity to do. dive on the sword. why do i imagine that's the scenario? >> sidney: well, when you put together the fact that mr. mueller got the letter, authorizing him to target michael flynn jr. and they obtained michael flynn jr.'s computers and electronics and all those things, it's hard to imagine that that might not have
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happened. more and more will become apparent as we proceed through the litigation. >> sean: if you can't tell me certain things, and my over the target? >> sidney: [laughs] you sure know how to put somebody on the spot, sean. >> sean: i'm a professional. i've been doing this a lot. but seriously, am i close? >> sidney: like i said, there's a lot of information there that people can put the pieces together from. >> jeanine: look, you know, sean, there's no question. we're talking about a constitutional issue. january 30 memo. by the way, sidney, i don't blame you. i wouldn't seek to withdraw the plea. i would move for dismissal of all the charges. it is a totality of circumstances. the fact that you've got the biggest liars and leakers in the fbi. i write about this in my book. the biggest liars and leakers.
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violating protocol, violating white house rules. they've had him in their sense donald trump was elected. to be honest with you, this judge is a good judge as far as i'm concerned. he's got to look at the complexity of this whole thing and allow for the dismissal. this is absurd. >> sean: he has a history in the ted stevens case. this is the same judge that said, no. out. done. and on the same issue. prosecutorial misconduct. oh, let's see, andrew weissmann, same guy in the book. >> sidney: exactly. george sullivan, precisely because of the stevens case and the report he ordered of the investigation itself.
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this is stevens on steroids. >> jeanine: jim comey, based upon what he's been saying, he thinks he would have gotten away with it. why is this guy, why isn't this guy being charged with the same kinds of things that he is charging other people with? lying and leaking? >> sidney: why isn't lying to the president of the united states violation of code 1,001? >> sean: judge emmett sullivan has set this day for the 18th of december for the sentencing. you made very clear that you considered the case far from resolved for the time being. i want to go over this. you are not seeking to have flynn's thrown out. this prosecution team will consist of, oh, this is
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mueller's team. does andrew weissmann have a history of withholding evidence? >> sean: well, he wrote your book on it, because you chronicled it, didn't you? >> sidney: yes, i did. >> sean: the member of mueller's team is denying these accusations. i understand in court today that i got a little bit more heated than what it was telegraphed to be a had a time. right? >> sidney: yes. we did talk about some of the violations. i reported some of them to the court. the motion to hold them in contempt for their failure. they will argue it's october 31st. >> sean: why would they allow him to get away with withholding this information? >> sidney: i don't think they
6:25 pm
will. see one years of this man's life. they can bankrupt him. the fbi never thought he lied to the fbi. >> sidney: yak. they never thought he lied. >> jeanine: the judge is still making the decision. kudos to her for going forward with what is clearly unethical. >> sean: now we get to the issue of how did they get the information? comey arrogantly said, i took advantage of the chaos. when those agents did go in and he did need a lawyer and they knew he needed a lawyer, they took away his miranda rights constitution rights. i'm thinking, they knew the whole conversation, because the
6:26 pm
issue we first got into regarding general flynn had to do was surveillance, illegal unmasking, and leaking of intelligence. do you believe that happened? >> sidney: yeah. one of the things i strongly respect is that they were surveying him. they had a pretextual. i don't know which. there were significant violations going on. maybe from the time he left the defense intelligence agency. >> sean: you specifically talked about this pressure that you had discussed in your briefing to the judge, there was undue pressure put on him. >> sidney: no. i can't discuss that yet. >> sean: well, really. that means there something more there.
6:27 pm
>> jeanine: they are going to lock up his son? look, what happened here was something that is not american justice. this is not justice in america. if he was in their cross hairs, it wasn't just because of donald trump. it was because he was at a rally, and they were yelling "lock her up. lock her up." that's when he got in their cross hairs. >> sean: sad. >> jeanine: very sad. >> sean: it's terrible. sidney, keep up the good work. judge, thank you. also tonight, switching gears a little bit. the president exposed how the democrats and the media mob, they are basically on the same team. an extension of each other. take a look. >> president trump: you know, they tried the russia thing. that didn't work. they tried many other things. i always say, the media and
6:28 pm
their partner, the democrats i wouldn't mind fighting the democrats, but we really have to look at it as the media and the democrats. it's one and the same. >> sean: as we told you in an opening monologue, we have fake news cnn. their latest rush of fantasy. somebody's life is in danger. as a result, many over the last two and a half years. their credibility sinks lower and lower and lower. just when you think it can't get worse, their psychotic rage and hatred against all things donald trump every second of the day. they can't help themselves apparently. you've got fake news cnn, you've got conspiracy msnbc, partisan activists. for them, fake news narratives. that comes first. it's why they are wrong
6:29 pm
constantly paired but don't ever expect that they'll admitted. russia, stormy stormy, impeach impeach. it goes on from there. racist, racist. it just never stops. it's an embarrassment for them every single solitary time. remember, it was just weeks ago that lawrence o'donnell had to retract his bogus trump-russia smear. maddow has higher ratings than him. we decided to put together a small, and i mean small. we may actually count down the top five conspiracy theorist in the country. i would imagine that rachel maddow is up there for the top spot. >> we will have to find out if the president of our country is going to do what russia wants.
6:30 pm
we haven't ever had to reckon with the possibility that someone has ascended to the presidency of the united states to serve the interests of another country rather than our own. what's the corrective to that? how do you remedy that? these are no longer hypothetical questions? this is where we are. it's like negative 50 degrees. what would happen if russia killed the power today? >> sean: are you proud of that that? of course, they have some pretty stiff competition, because perhaps, no one spreads more fake news than fake news cnn. let's take a look. >> trump is as destructive a person in this century as hitler, stalin, and mau were in the last century. >> that sounds like a certain
6:31 pm
leader that killed members of my family and about 6 million other in the 1940s. >> he is a hatemonger. >> the president, former campaign chairman, paid secret visits, multiple ones at the ecuadorian embassy in london. >> he knows how to handle an asset, and that's what he's doing with the president. >> sean: that's why i called them the media mob. their failures don't stop there. he also pushed the false michae michael: story. the bombshell was completely wrong also, reviewed by the special counsel. they were ousted after a fake news story about anthony caro
6:32 pm
moshi and russia. and it goes on and on and on. it will ever lone learn? will they ever take responsibility? journalism is dead. it is buried. by the way, now you are seeing the real consequences of 24/7. every second, minute, hour, every week, every month, every year. psychotic trump derangement syndrome. jeff. you worked at one of those fake news networks. i watched you and disagreed with you. you were the target of pretty much all the conversation all night. >> jeff: they are now. truly, i don't understand this. they're gone from where they were when i was there.
6:33 pm
i mean, this is so mind-boggling. in this particular case, they not only got it wrong, but the media in general are endangering the life of this poor soul who was very brave to do what he did. you have to wonder whether rachel maddow and company are actually agents of disinformation for vladimir putin and doing all of this to stir things up. one of the things that's important to understand here is that i get out here in the middle of pennsylvania to talk to people at a grassroots level. they are furious. this kind of reporting energizes them. they are helping donald trump. i don't think they seem to understand that the more they do this, the more energized donald trump's base becomes. >> sean: in this particular case, what they did was dangerous. and then they took it to another
6:34 pm
level. oh, let's find the guy that was fine for us at a very high level. putin has a history of killing these people. let's find out where he lives. let's tell the city where he lives and pretty much who he is and expose him and his family to danger. >> there's two aspects to this. one, they put this individual who went against his own country to provide the united states with actual intelligence. they put his life in jeopardy. jim, the reporter who served in the obama administration, try to pin responsibility on this operative being taken out on president trump. think about this for a minute. they tried to pin it. it was, my god, the other media outlet who said no. it was not president trump. this asset needed to be extracted. but by the idea that cnn would
6:35 pm
try to pin this on the president of the united states so falsely. and then, instead of admitting they were wrong, sean, what did they do? they said, well now that "the new york times" has reported, we can discuss more of this. they didn't apologize to their viewers. they didn't apologize to president trump. they just sorted pivoted and moved on as if nothing happened. >> sean: well, i've got to tell you, people's lives are in jeopardy. you'd think you would want to be a little more careful. thank you, guys. both. joe 30330 30330 sleepy creepy . elizabeth warren's hypocrisy. that knows no bounds. we are going to preview their look at 2020. that and much more. -recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere.
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>> sean: democrats continue to move further and further to the left. joining us now, former white house chief of staff. as well as deputy chief of staff for the bush white house. >> they don't travel well. you don't have a budget big enough. >> i'm a little bit confused. >> sean: i assume that's the firm you're working for? >> yet. it the law firm i was working at. we have an office in d.c. and all over the place. >> sean: send me the five bucks you promised. that was a brilliant move. i don't know what he's thinking by doing that. but geraldo did it, tucker did
6:41 pm
it. there's an implosion. he has been all over the idea. word now is that hillary's been sort of helping elizabeth moran. when you lose "the new york times" in a single day. i think the handwriting is on the wall. they don't want him. >> well, i'm not sure they want elizabeth warren though. >> i'm not sure they want bernie sanders. so what's left question for >> i think they are in a world of hurt. democrats want to win. biden is showing, on the surface of it, durability. you've got to believe that at some point, all of this negativity hurts. and maybe the fact that it hasn't hurt over the last three or four months. it's not a plurality.
6:42 pm
it's certainly not a majority. but a week pull her polarity. >> sean: even the person they tried to say is moderate, which would be joe 30330, he's got a problem, because he's bought into the radical green new deal. there estimates are anywhere from $3 trillion. >> he's bought into it all. he's bought into getting rid of carbon in the next two decades. he's bought into privatization of health insurance. he's bought into all of it. the bigger problem is that if you look at that poll, the energy of activists for biden,
6:43 pm
it just isn't there. if you look at the good news for the president, some of these media outlets are talking about how terrible this is for president trump. but the reality is, if you look at the energy and the enthusiasm for trump, is through the roof. if you don't have the energy of the activists in iowa and new hampshire that are excited about going to work for you every day and waking up and being excited about their nominee, you can't win that nomination. so i still think -- >> sean: let me throw it to carl. then all thought back to you. is it possible, where wealth taxes and medicare for all. eliminate cars and combustion engines, and everything's for. is it possible that that could ever win in america? open borders and free health care for illegals? >> i think unlikely.
6:44 pm
that cnn climate thing with biden sort of astonished me. i assume he also means federal waters. that would drive energy and gasoline prices through the roo roof. >> sean: people losing their jobs. >> yet, people losing their jobs, not just in the oil and gas industry, but in the steel industry. >> sean: here are some questions. real quick. donald trump, do you think you lost voters from 2016? i don't. >> i don't, but remember, you've got to worry about the people who say i don't like him, but i want an agent of change. >> sean: is he doing a good job? >> yellow, when i travel the country, people say, i like what he's doing. it's, i wish he would tweet less. >> sean: next question. can he get the 20%?
6:45 pm
the biggest job growth has spanned in those two demographics. nearly 5 million jobs. can he get those voters for 6.2 or 2 million people that are on food stamps and not working? >> if that is so dull my calf correct dominic, president trump will win. he's doing a great job. the reality on joe biden though, sean, it is that you know he's going to turn around. degree new deal, the carbon, the oil, the health insurance. he's going to make belief like that never happened.
6:46 pm
>> sean: as of today, who wins the nomination? carl? >> i have no idea, but i think rice is right. i think it's not just biden. if elizabeth warren wins the nomination, run to the left if you are a democrat come around to the right if you are a republican. >> michigan, wisconsin, , and pennsylvania. >> sean: guys, thank you. when we come back, the nra, now fighting back. they are suing the city of san francisco. won. as a lifetime member, i guess that means i'm in trouble. i guess i'll be arrested for showing up in san francisco. not sure i want to go anyway. ♪
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♪ >> sean: he's been hitting the streets. lawrence jones' reporting on the show. trace gallagher joins us live. trace. >> not only does san francisco board of supervisors declared the nra a domestic terrorist organization. now, the nra has filed a federal lawsuit against the supervisor. he accused them of violating the gun lobbyist rights of free speech. you cannot punish those with whom you disagree. the group also claimed that san francisco is trying to blacklist anyone associated with doing business there. president trump is directing officials to crackdown on homelessness by getting people
6:52 pm
off the streets and into government-backed facilities. the california homeless product dull my problem has exploded they have gone to war over the past few years. eric garcetti says the city welcomes the administration's help on the city's crisis. >> sean: fox news correspondent, lawrence, troublemaker. geraldo rivera. horrible governance, not taking care of people. even aiding criminals. and yet, they are going to say that people like me and dan are a part of a domestic terrorist organization because we have
6:53 pm
life memberships in the nra? >> they are tailor-made for each other. they are both in this distraction business. the board of supervisors serves the nra or declares them domestic terrorist from distracting us of . this lawsuit that the nra files in the ninth circuit in california. how much of a chance to think that lawsuit had in the liberal's favorite federal circuit? it won't even survive a motion. >> sean: the president is right to point out that there is homelessness and the failure of the democratic regime to fix this. get these federal authorities and the local authorities working together.
6:54 pm
>> sean: dominic >> i can't believe geraldo just said that. san francisco just declared a group of law-abiding gun owners that defends the second amendment and our bill of rights. you are saying that this is a distraction for them defending themselves? >> if i accused you of being a domestic terrorist, you would be saying that's not true. >> i don't speak for the nra. i never have. i'm just saying you that the nra defending themselves, a group that defends everybody's civil rights. it's utterly absurd. what they did was disgusting and it should be called out in and of itself. it's outrageous to put them on par with each other. it's not a distraction. it simply them defending themselves and their members. these are law-abiding citizens.
6:55 pm
>> what is disgusting is that this organization is leading the fight. everybody in america -- >> no. you don't know what you're talking about. that's total b.s. geraldo, you don't know what you're talking about. >> where my wrong, brother? where am i wrong? the nra is important for background checks? >> the whole background check system was backed by the nra. >> i can sell a phone to -- >> sean: postelection. let's see. north carolina's ninth district. next. vo: whatever your type, ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure. woman 2: i had the common type. man 2: mine was rare.
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[ soft piano music playing ] mm, uh, what do you do for fun? -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool. helps people find coverage options based on their budget. flo has it, i want it, it's a whole thing, and she's right there. -yeah, she's my ride. this date's lame. he has pics of you on his phone. -they're very tasteful. ♪ >> sean: that's all the time we have left. stay with the fox news channel. awaiting results out of north carolina special election. sources telling me the republican will win will be a
7:00 pm
close race. hope they are right. let not your heart be troubled. we will never be the medium mob hate, rage, psychotic people who put lives in danger because they lie. laura ingraham standing by. >> laura: i wish one night you would start with having a whole string of adjectives. and then go, laura ingraham. >> sean: if the shoe fits, wear it. >> laura: hannity, i was thinking about -- >> sean: doesn't meet the criteria. you're going to be rejected outright for the fake thing you pulled the other night. >> laura: this race, we'll see how it turns out north carolina. if the republican pulls it out, bishop, then suddenly all these people -- >> sean: if you want my update, let me give you the latest numbers. >> laura: don't. you are not supposed to. >> sean: why not? >> laura:


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