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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 10, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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judges who have life tenure, no. bravo justice gorsuch. a phenomenal picked by president trump. that's going to be one of the most important parts of his legacy, what is done with the judiciary and all through the judiciary district court, appellate court judges all over the country and mike emanuel is in for shannon bream. he and the "fox news @ night" team have all the news about the north carolina special election. mike, take it away. >> mike: quite a night, thanks very much. multiple breaking stories tonight. raking from north carolina, the results are in from district nine widely touted as a bellwether going into 2020. we are going live with the republican winner, the president was in fayetteville just last night. backyard, speculative and gripping washington on who will president trump's next national security visor. ambassador john bolton abruptly exiting administration today, we will give you the inside scoop. also tonight, the cia goes head-to-head with cnn over a
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report about a high-level intelligence asset who was extracted from russia. cnn says it's president trump's fault, the cia says the report has the potential to put lives in danger. tonight we will separate fact from fiction. congressional democrats are pushing full steam ahead on gun control legislation but are republicans tiptoeing towards gun legislation of their own? we will ask the coauthor of a partisan bill which would expand background checks, senator pat toomey is coming up. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i mike emanuel in for shannon bream. let's start with correspondent gillian turner, who worked on the national security council under the bush and obama administrations. she's working her sources tonight one who could be bolton's for placement good evening. >> good evening. now the race is on to figure out who president trump will tap as bolton's were placement. there are at least five candidates being floated tonight, all of them currently serving in the administration. the big question is will that
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replacement be both 2.0, or will there be president trump's new yes-men? among them are brian, senior advisor to president trump on the iran. ric grenell, the current ambassador to germany, and general keith kellogg, he is the national security advisor to vice president pence. senator lindsey graham says no matter what, the new national security advisor needs to be someone who plays well with others. speak about what are we looking for? somebody that can work with pompeo, can work with his department of defense. get the agency back -- stood back up. >> you can be sure, mike, that pompeo is going to have a big say in the president's choice. >> mike: what are your sources saying about what went down behind the scenes? >> so the he said, she said is continuing even tonight. aides say president trump fire bolton but close was former, close to the former national security advisor are still insisting it was bolton's idea to be first. a source familiar with his
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thinking tells fox news he's completely blindsided by the turn of events over the last 24 hours. they described him as being shocked by the president's decision to deny him a dignified exit. this even after he served in the administration for 17 months. here's bolton's lens ignition letter until, in short, cuts with point and it speaks volumes. he says, "i hereby resign effective immediately as assistant to the president for national security affairs. thanks for having afforded me this opportunity to serve our country." president trump got on twitter. he got there first today saying i informed john bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the white hous white house. i disagree strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the administration. ultimately sources say they are running feud came to i had last night, the two duking it out over hosting the afghan taliban at camp david. tonight president bush's national security advisor and
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secretary of state says it best. >> if the national security advisor and the president are not on the same page, it's not the president was going to go and i'm sure that john understands that. >> mike. >> mike: so you know it's a big job. what does bolton's exit mean for foreign policy hot spots? president trump still has to deal with? >> first off, president trump's path to negotiating with iran is free and clear. secretary of state pompeo trotted out a familiar refrain a little while ago. >> the president has made very clear he is prepared to meet with no preconditions. >> bolton may have left the building, but some of his policy blueprints will remain in full effect. >> the lines on our maximum pressure campaign -- i think you know we've done more sanctions on iran than anybody. and it's absolutely working. >> the senior administration official tells fox news that asked for the remaining troops in afghanistan, his presence bolton had long defended, the president is still laser focused
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now on his promise to wind down the 18 year long engagement. mike buried >> mike: gillian turner leading us off in washington, many thanks. the central intelligence agency issuing a rebuke to cnn assaying its report about the removal of a spy from russia because of the president's handling of classified information is just wrong and potentially put lives in danger. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher on the case tonight. good evening, trace. >> mike, good evening to you. it was cnn correspondent jim schiro first reported on the efforts to extract the top cia informant from russia and pointing the finger directly at president trump saying there was concern about the presidents of mishandling of classified intelligence could result in a high-level source being exposed. in a rare move, the cia, white house, and state department quickly and heavily pushed back saying cnn's narrative was dead wrong and dangerous. watch. >> the reporting is materially inaccurate and you should know
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as former cia director i don't talk about things like this very often, it is only the occasions when there is something that i think puts people at risk or the reporting is so egregious to create an enormous risk to the united states of america that i even comment in the way that i just did. >> congressman doug collins, the highest-ranking republican in the house judiciary committee also weighed in calling for cnn to be investigated, but this was far from just outrage on the right. "the new york times" and "washington post" also came out saying the cnn report was wrong adding there was no public evidence the president trump endangered the informant. while fox news has confirmed the extraction happened in 2017, the decision to extract was apparently made in 2016 prior to trump becoming president. other news outlets also contradicted cnn, but then "the new york times" and nbc were criticized because their continued reporting revealed more information about the source and the mission, including how long the asset had
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been sending secrets to the u.s., details about where the spy actually lives, even information about the home itself. experts say this behavior not only puts sources and methods at risk, it also undermines america's authority, prompting foreign countries to ask if the u.s. government is trustworthy. >> mike: thanks for sorting it out. so there's plenty to discuss on the national security and espionage fronts tonight starting with the cia story. fox news contributor dan hoffman served in moscow as station chief. it lets also bring a former cia operations officer and assistant secretary of defense mary beth long. great to have you both. >> thanks, great to be here. >> mike: honestly very sensitive story,, what are you able to say about this extraction story? >> i'll tell you, it's just disturbing one cia clandestine operations are run through a political meat grinder. like they've been in this case. what really concerns me the most of the fact that there are
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sources who were revealing classified information to cnn. i don't know how anyone could be doing that. vladimir putin deals very ruthlessly with those whom he calls traders. he tried to poison with soviet style nerve agent and kill former fsb officer with polonium 210. so this guy, if the story is true, has a bull's-eye on his head. i don't know how those sources could sleep at night knowing that they've done this for apparently some political purpose. >> mike: it mary beth, "the new york times" making it pretty clear this had nothing to do with president trump. "former intelligence official said there was no public evidence that mr. trump directly endangered the source. is it time for cnn to retract and apologize for the story? >> i think it is and i think not only has "the new york times" -- the cia has been unequivocal. this is a false narrative, this is a false story and it has done tremendous damage. i think cnn not only owes an apology, but they really ought to make amends. they have put not only this
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asset for the selected asset at risk, but everybody else who was in this position now fears that they will be outed by some kind of process that cnn has invented for their own use. >> mike: we saw strong pushback from the people who don't typically talk about this stuff very often from a former cia director and the cia itself. is your bigger concern the media, or the leakers? >> for me it's the leakers. and, you know, those sources behind enemy lines for stealing secrets on our behalf, as marybeth noted, they have to be wondering about whether their secrets will stay secret. and that does cause, ensure them a great deal of concern and it could impact our operations on which we rely for critical intelligence going forward so that's really the concern for m me. >> mike: big high-profile departure, national security advisor, is there any surprise about this departure considering his differing views from the commander in chief? >> i don't think so.
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i think from the beginning everybody knew that the key aspect of the national security advisor is to have to have chemistry with the president and john never really had that. it was very evident as things got on, the chemistry became more and more of an issue, the differences, the gaps became wider. i think the timing was somewhat of a surprise. unfortunately the narrative between the two gentlemen, but it was time to move on. want to lose confidence in your national security advisor you need to have someone with whom you have an instant relationship. >> mike: your thoughts on john bolton's departure? >> i think it does probably elevate, if that's impossible, secretary pompeo, whose will have the greatest influence and i think is the president of the rest of consul neri, not just on foreign policy but i think i'm any other policies domestic as well. >> mike: all all right, well, mary beth long, dan hoffman, thanks so much for your time on this important topic. the boats are in, north carolina's special election said to be a major test of the president's political capital. pam bondi is here with reaction as the republican wins.
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>> mike: for political eyes of the nation focusing on north carolina's ninth congressional district tonight, a special election there is seen by many as potential bellwether for 2020, or perhaps a lingering effect from the midterms. correspondent jonathan serrie is in monroe north carolina tonight. monitoring the results good evening, jonathan. >> hi, mike, i apologize, i can barely hear you over all this noise but i believe we are on. it was a very tight race but ultimately this historically red district will remain under republican control. dan bishop making his victory speech just moments ago, take a listen. >> tonight, the voters of
8:16 pm
north carolina sent a message that shouldn't just be heard within the confines of the ninth district. it should reverberate across this country and in the halls of the capital. the voters said no to the radical liberal policies being pushed by today's democratic party. >> bishop expressed his gratitude to president trump and vice president mike pence, who flew into the district yesterday. they held a rally in fayetteville in hopes of motivating their base to go to the polls and vote for bishop, a strategy which ultimately paid off. bishop promised to go to washington to fight for the president's agenda. tonight's special election was a do over of the 2010 congressional election which democrat dan mccready lost to republican mark harris by just 905 votes but state elections officials refused to certify that result amid allegations of ballot tampering. harris chose not to run again
8:17 pm
and that's when dan bishop jumped in and ultimately that race belatedly has been settled tonight. mike, back to you. >> mike: jonathan serrie live in battleground north carolina, thanks a lot. kevin mccarthy issuing this statement tonight. north carolinians sent a strong message tonight voting to reject democrats' job killing socialist agenda and supporting those who wish to foster a freer, more prosperous nation. our next guest is actually from the ultimate purple state, florida's former attorney general pam bondi and north carolina district nine congressman elect dan bishop will be with us in a moment. first of all, president trump made it pretty clear that he really wanted a win. he put it all on the line last night, take a listen to this. >> democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, and socialism. they are socialists! the republican party is the
8:18 pm
party of the american worker, the american family, and the american dream. >> mike: we have a congressman elect with us. congressman-elect, first of all, congratulations this evening on this huge win in this runoff, your thoughts tonight? >> thank you, mike. you know, it's been a terrific night. we had a fairly resounding win and we owe a great deal to the president of the united states, who has committed himself to this race in a time when it was unclear. i entered this race just six months ago, we had a primary. if the other side had been funded millions and millions of dollars from outside money from the far left and the president saw an opportunity and he committed to this race and he and the vice president, and they committed in a big way and we pulled it out. it's a great night. >> mike: pam, your analysis on the win tonight and how you expect battleground north grill and it will next year's
8:19 pm
presidential? >> i think it will go just as well as it did in the last election. the president won by 12 points in the president and mike pence being there supporting now-congressman bishop is a great thing and don't forget one of the secret weapons, in my opinion, lara trump is from north carolina. and she ran north carolina last time with the president and i think it's going to go just as well this presidential election. this is just a snapshot of what's to come for not only north carolina, but the entire country. >> mike: dan, you spoke with the president tonight, what was his message to you? >> he was very encouraging. he spoke to the gathered folks we had and congratulated all of them on the hard work that they committed to make sure this turned out to be successful, and he told me that when we first met in greenville, he saw something in me, he saw some fight and he was impressed by that and even though some people encouraged him to not get involved, he instead committed
8:20 pm
himself fully and because you know he's a fighter and i think he saw a fighter in me and he understands that i'm going to go to washington and i'm going to stand with him in order to make common sense solutions that improve the lives of americans. >> mike: the good news is you won, the bad news is you're on the ballot again in about 14 months or so. are you ready to start raising money again and get back on the campaign trail as well as learning a new job? >> look, well, we decided we are going to take on the challenges such as they are, whatever comes, we are going to stand up and we are not going to stop fighting for the values of this district and the values of north carolina and the values that make america great. i'm ready to go. whenever we need the rematch, we will get on it. >> mike: sorry to interrupt, sir, pam, you made reference to the president of is daughter-in-law playing a role there. talk about the work to get women voters behind not only this gentleman, but the president to reelect? >> i'm so proud to be cochair of the women's coalition nationally for the president's reelect.
8:21 pm
women -- hispanic, asian american and women media income is at an all-time high. an all-time high. unemployment at a low. that's what not only women are seeing, but men are seeing, families are seeing in the president and vice president for making such a great difference in their lives. we just held a rally, kellyanne conway and i, in tampa, florida, and we thought we would have a couple hundred women, we had almost 2,000 women show up. a couple men, but almost 2,000 women and it was happening all over the country. so, you know, the president is doing a great job, the vp, and now with our new congressman elected, there's no stopping us and people know -- more people are employed. jobs are at an all-time high, unemployment an all-time low. it's tangible things that people can understand what this president has done for them.
8:22 pm
>> mike: dan, looking ahead to 2020, your expectations the president play strong and north carolina? you expected to help them across the finish line as a congressman representing the ninth district? >> welcome you know, i think tonight is testament to the fact that donald trump remains very popular in north carolina. i think is going to do well in 2020 when i'm going to do everything i can to help president trump and also to see to it that republicans regain the majority in the house of representatives. >> mike: all right, congressman-elect dan bishop, see you up on the hill. pam bondi, thanks so much to both of you for your time. >> thanks so much. they were democrats are also focusing the 20/20 vision on another traditionally red state, texas laying out a larger voter registration and turnout effort in the lone star state. also part of the plan, holding the third presidential candidates debate in houston on thursday night, speaking of which, don't forget to tune into "fox news @ night" after the main event, our chief political
8:23 pm
anchor bret baier will head up our special debate coverage live from houston 11:00 p.m. eastern until 1:00 a.m. shocking allegations against new england patriots star antonio brown. plus tonight, he is speaking out. the missing connecticut mom's estranged husband opening up in an intense interview that came before the release of an expose of warrant. what we are learning after the break. ♪ dad: oh, hey guys! mom (on speakerphone): hi! son (on speakerphone): dad, i scored two goals today! dad: oh, that's great! vo: getting to a comfortable retirement doesn't have to be an uncomfortable thought. see how lincoln can help you retire on your terms at if your adventure... keeps turning into unexpected bathroom trips.
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8:28 pm
in a statement, attorney said any interaction between brown and his accuser was entirely consensual. the husband of a missing connecticut mother who has been missing for three and a half months is speaking out. he was interviewed by a national tv magazine show about his possible involvement and his wife jennifer's disappearance. correspondent bryan llenas reports on his side of the story, brian. >> good evening. jennifer was last seen alive nearly four months ago when she dropped her kids off at school in connecticut. the criminal investigations on her disappearance are focused on her estranged husband. and his girlfriend michelle. just last week, police rearrested both of them on another charge of evidence tampering and in last week's 38 page arrest affidavit, police outline for the first time their theory as to how they may have
8:29 pm
killed jennifer. but in an interview taped before this most recent arrest, he was adamant that jennifer is still alive. >> do believe jennifer is still alive? >> i do. >> against all circumstantial evidence or common understandin understanding -- >> i would like not to discuss this. i wish you were here to sort this mess out. and i'm still hoping that she's going to show up. >> she's going to be at your door someday. >> maybe not at my door, but at some door. >> drove to jennifer's home and was waiting to return -- he then attacked her in her garage, drove the body to a nearby park where he moved to the body and evidence into a red toyota truck. he then had the truck clean -- told police that she caught him cleaning which he said was a coffee spill from the truck. he handed her the stained towel she said did not smell the
8:30 pm
coffee. >> i had nothing to hide. i gave the police -- actually went there and gave them my phone willingly. >> they've got a lot of information you know now. >> but nothing that i didn't want them to have. >> no one has been charged with murder and her body has not been found. >> mike: bryan llenas, thanks very much. the manhunt continues tonight for a married couple who overpowered prison guards while being transported to arizona last month. blaine and susan barksdale are wanted for the murder of a tucson man and correspondent william la jeunesse tells us it's believe they are getting by with a little help from their friends. william. >> authority say those friends are likely white supremacist or criminal gang members, the feds put up a total of $40,000 for information leading to blaine and susan barksdale's arrest.
8:31 pm
typically the couple on the run commit new crimes -- that is not happen here which is one reason why officials believe they are getting help to stay off the grid. >> there are people who are assisting in harboring these individuals and it is a felony. and also those local charges for that, could face prison time. >> the added blaine to the most wanted list but his former daughter-in-law says that's not the man that she remembers. >> an extensive criminal background. career criminal, gang affiliations. >> family oriented, gentle. this is not him. this is very strange. 20 years now i've known blaine and this is not the man i know. >> two weeks ago after being extradited by a private security service, susan fichte medical emergency in utah but when the van pulled over, blaine
8:32 pm
overpowered the guards and they have not been seen since. the couple is wanted for an arson, robbery, and murder in tucson in which they took over 100 weapons, only 30 of which were recovered. my enforcement hopes to use informants to catch the couple since the area they are looking and is difficulty was available and if you have a lot of antigovernment types there, outsiders are easily spotted. mike. >> mike: william la jeunesse, thank you very much. ♪ it is time for the real news roundup. federal authorities arrested former officials of the federal emergency management agency and the former president of a major disaster relief contractor accusing them of bribery and fraud. the alleged crimes occurred during recovery from hurricane maria. a cbs reporter in puerto rico tweeting potus has accused the puerto rico government of being corrupt and they are in some ways, and have been, but today's corruption arrest involved three individuals, two of whom for the
8:33 pm
federal government, one who is an energy ceo, all are accused of corruption to the tune of nearly $2 billion. congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez, democrats in new york, member of "the squad." for no reason to make, she was every republican on record because in her words it will be a stain on their careers if they vote against impeaching president trump. democrat john awsat announcing his running for georgia republican senator david perdue and there are reports the campaign is off to a very rough start. if the national republican senatorial committee tonight buying a domain. right on the website links to a "washington examiner" article critical of him. a new frontier and political correctness taking shape with the so-called food activist arguing that teaching our children to eat with utensils is racist. the idea that children need to be corrected when it with her
8:34 pm
fingers fills the author with anger and shame because it reminds her of "european colonial powers looking to tame the wildness out of the people they control." he said president trump 'support is essential to a gun-control vote, but where does the president stand? let's chat with someone who spent much of the august congressional recess talking with the president, joining us next to discuss. ♪ ailored product solutions, expert tech advice and one-on-one partnership. call an advisor today at 877-buy-dell. get up to 45% off on select computers. ♪
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>> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> mike: lawmakers returning from our summer vacation this week to a rather lengthy legislative to-do list, gun reform, border wall funding, and another potential government shutdown all on a very busy agenda. correspondent david spunt breaking it down tonight. >> that brings mounting pressure especially for senate republicans, democrats want them to get moving on gun control especially and now.
8:39 pm
>> several mask shootings taking place. both are facing mandates from constituents and fellow mandate mandates. >> shame on him, there are people who died. shame on him! put the bill on the floor and stop ducking the issue and calling names. shame on him. >> an irritated senate minority leader chuck schumer calling out senate majority leader mitch mcconnell for not making gun-control a senate priority, but mcconnell says he's waiting on the blessing of one man, the president, before he does anything. >> we do in fact await word from the white house about what the president is willing to sign. >> between the name-calling there is a solution gaining traction and it's been mentioned before. mentioned to me, a measure aimed at expanding background checks to all commercial sales failed in 2013 but several senators, including mitt romney, are reportedly warming up to the legislation in 2019. >> i can assure you the bill that would put together has over 85% approval and that's with gun
8:40 pm
owners and everyone else saying if you go to a commercial transaction, gun show on the internet, don't you think you ought to know who wants to buy that gun? for what purpose and what their background is? >> senator ted cruz a strong defender of the second amendment, met with gun control activist and actress alyssa milano to find common ground. we can't solve gun violence by talking only with people who agree with us. i'm grateful for the opportunity to speak to senator cruz. macarthur also putting pressure on republicans to take a vote on the senate floor determine if the president's national emergency used to fund the border wall with mexico. the white house announced last week $3.6 billion will be moved from 127 military projects to construct the wall. >> the president's national emergency declaration was and is an outrageous power grab by a president who refuses to respect the constitutional separation of powers. >> congress is also off the clock to fund the government,
8:41 pm
the deadline at the end of this month. and well placed republicans for the hill told fox news today president trump may actually want a shutdown and use it as politically damaging for the democrats, who will not support that border wall. we will see how this plays out, back to you. >> mike: david savard, live in washington, thanks a lot. majority of republicans in the senate facing a squeeze for minority leader chuck schumer, trying to push a vote on president trump's border emergency and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell pushing ahead with a potential vote on guns. all this as the nation's capital digests the departure of national security advisor john bolton. much to discuss with senator pat toomey, republican from pennsylvania. senator, welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> mike: an issue you're working on very closely in a bipartisan fashion is guns. let me buy something from your colleague chris coons and i will get you to respond. >> i think paul's under the heading of let's enforce the laws we have more thoroughly. i cannot have another month go by where we have more mass shootings as we did in dayton
8:42 pm
and el paso and odessa in just the last few weeks. >> mike: how are your efforts to come together with something that president trump will sign going at this point? >> well, they are going. i have had quite a number of conversations with the president himself, my staff and his staff are engaged. we've been speaking with other members of the senate who are interested, and let me be very clear, the president and i are in complete agreement, we are not interested in infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens. for me, this is all about trying to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have guns on the first place, that is to say violent criminals and people were dangerously mentally ill. so i'd like to see us apply background checks on all commercial sales so that we can identify people who are in one of those two categories that shouldn't have guns and we are trying to see if we can find a place where the president is comfortable, or we can get him a majority in the senate, the discussions are still underway. >> mike: are you convinced
8:43 pm
tightening up background checks will prevent another odessa, texas, attack? >> it's hard -- there are a long list of attacks that might have been prevented had there been a background check, but people purchased their guns in a fashion that didn't require a background check, but i will be the first to say there is no one piece of legislation that's going to end these kinds of appalling, horrific mass attacks. there is no one thing we can do but if we can make it harder for dangerous people to get firearms in the first place, maybe we will save some lives. >> mike: senate democratic leader chuck schumer looking to put you guys on the spot, take a look at this. because the president's national emergency declaration was and is an outrageous power grab by a president who refuses to respect the constitutional separation of powers. >> mike: is there any reason in your mind for the senate to vote again on president trump's national emergency of the border? >> i think that's a pointless exercise. we saw how that went the last time. it's going to go the exact same way this time.
8:44 pm
i actually think the president is right to identify the emergency at our border. i think he's mistaken to reprogram some of the funds that congress has appropriated for military construction and to use it for a different purpose, but this has been adjudicated. this has been litigated, this has been settled. senator schumer just wants to try to score political points and to type the senate so we can't be doing productive things. >> mike: another bombshell headline, john bolton is out of the white house, here's your colleague rand paul's reaction and i will get you to react. >> i think the threat of war around the world is greatly diminished with bolton out of the white house. i think he had a naive point of view for the world that we should topple regimes everywhere and institute democratic governments and we would make the world perfect or remake the world in our image and frankly just doesn't work that way. >> mike: it sounds like bolton and president trump but it has a lot, your thoughts on his departure? >> well, i have a slightly different view than my friend
8:45 pm
and colleague senator paul. i have a lot of respect for john bolton. i think is a very smart, very well-informed, very thoughtful guy. i think he served his country well and we should be grateful for his service. having said that, i think he had a different worldview from the president. i think john bolton was more likely to be an advocate for using power, projecting force, and taking more interventionist approach. i don't think he wanted to have a war everywhere in the world and remake regimes. i think it probably would be more interventionist-leaning than the president and at some point that probably led to this divide. look, the president has to have advisors with whom is comfortable. it's the president's discretion. >> mike: senator pat toomey, the great state of pennsylvania, thanks for your time. >> thanks for having me. >> mike: hardly a banner day for bipartisanship on capitol hill as the senate appropriations committee began work on its first funding billable fall covering the
8:46 pm
pentagon. the negotiations hit an impasse almost immediately as democrats railed against the president's decision to move an additional $3.6 billion for military construction to build his border wall while republicans accused their colleagues of violating the spirit of the current two-year budget deal. president trump feels it's his biggest asset but some pundits are saying not so fast, is campaigning on the trump economy enough to win in 2020? we will hear from miss nevada next, was also running for congress. ♪ (speaking japanese) where am i? (woman speaking french) are you crazy/nuts? cyclist: pip! pip! (woman speaking french) i'm here, look at me. it's completely your fault. (man speaking french) ok? it's me. it's my fault? no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. (pterodactyl screech) believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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♪ >> we have the number one economy anywhere in the world. and every time i meet a foreign leader, almost every time, they say congratulations on what you've done with the economy. i said i didn't do it, i just set a certain path, the people of the united states did it. number one anywhere in the worl world. >> mike: the president touting economic strength again last night at his keep america great rally in north carolina, tonight's candidate republican dan bishop winning that election. for the many republicans hoping to write his electoral coattails, is campaigning on the trump economy enough to win?
8:51 pm
lets discuss with fox news contributor richard fowler and nevada congressional candidate, former miss nevada. great to have you both, let's get to it. median u.s. household income $63,228 in 2018. new data released tuesday reveals the official poverty rate reached its lowest level since at least 2001 dropping to 11.8% of americans or 38.1 million people who are in poverty according to the census bureau measurements. the number of people in poverty in 2018 decreased by 1.4 million people from 2017 levels, that from the "washington examiner." with those numbers, richard, can president trump lose? >> he actually can lose and it's because of how the american people feel about that economy. we've seen recent polls come out from various news shows that the americans feel the economy is moving in the direction and there's some evidence to point at that. short of threatening flattenine
8:52 pm
amount of jobs being graded, flattening in wages. in addition, after we saw the revision of the gdp from the last quarter, we also see a dip in gdp as well, these are all signs that point to the fact that while the trump economy is going well, the american people are still trying to sit at the kitchen table figuring out how ends meet. that report you referred to from the census bureau also found that there are more and more americans that are uninsured. one of the quickest ways for americans to lose their economic prowess or the economic gains is not having health insurance and getting sick and having to go to the hospital and deal with the monstrosity of the hospital bill. >> mike: all right, take a look at this from "the washington post," lisa. historically strong economic numbers have meant positive results for the incumbent president a pessimist party but then strong economic numbers have you also usually meant not getting blown out in midterm elections and thanks in large part to mr. trump's low approval numbers, that's exactly what happened in november. lisa, how how do you respond? >> well, there's no doubt that we've seen great strides under this economy under the
8:53 pm
president's leadership, but most important, we are going out and we are talking to voters in my district here in nevada and we are hearing from them and everyone is very, very optimistic about what the future will hold under this type of leadership and the numbers that we are already seeing. >> mike: richard, do you worry about your candidates running against president trump in 2020, going too far to the left to win some of those swing districts and ultimately win the whole price? >> i think it's going to be a tough race. i don't think any democrat is denying. i think the ideology and the notion of our party has changed from one where we thought we would nominate a centrist and that centrist convinces progressives to vote for him or her to a situation where we might nominate a progressive and a progressive will have -- convince centrist to vote for them. herein lies the crux of this for democrats. we see this donald trump trade war that's going on for two years, he promised he would get us a great deal in china and what we are actually seeing is the opposite. the cbo recently, the congressional budget office recently reported that each american household will lose up
8:54 pm
to $500 because of donald trump's privilege trade war and that doesn't speak to the fact that this trade war has already hurt farmers, already hurt manufacturers, and it's already hurt many american people in states that donald trump won in 2016. >> mike: we will see if he can get a deal, what kind of economic feedback are you hearing for potential voters that your spending time with aaron nevada? >> absolutely. like i mentioned, so many voters are very optimistic, considering how well the economy is doing. they are seeing deregulation, helping small businesses, also putting more money back in america's pockets and in addition to that, going out, meeting voters, seeing where they are at and asking them what are the most important issues to them, in addition to the economy, they are also very concerned, women included, women especially, about how are they going to be able to protect themselves if the left socialists are able to get what they want out of these wild gun reforms that are being measured and offered. >> i'm not sure if that's true. i think all the recent polls
8:55 pm
we've seen is even amongst nra owners, the nra members, they want to see a ban on assault weapons, they want to see better background checks and they want this ideal of mass shootings have been a week after week after week to stop. last month alone we lost 50 people in this country because of mass shootings and i think the americans want real solutions. >> mike: lisa, final thought? >> there's no doubt these atrocities are horrendous and we need to do everything that we can to keep evil people -- to keep firearms out of the hands of the evil people who want to hurt others, but we can't do that at the loss of rights for law-abiding citizens. >> mike: thanks so much for your time. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> mike: about 2500 war and military service dogs are currently active. 700 of them serving overseas and today we want to spotlight four retired pops for earning the canine metal of courage, the highest honor for military dogs.
8:56 pm
members on both sides of the political aisle attended the event on capitol hill to celebrate their extraordinary valor and service to their country. you are are midnight heroes. good night from washington, i'm mike emanuel, see you tomorrow. i was there, just not always where i needed to be. is she alright? i hope so. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores.
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looking good, patrick. i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" ." national security advisor john bolton got fired this morning, as you know doubt n hae heard. it's a major personnel change, but it's more thann that. it is great news for america. especially for the large number of young people who would have been killed and pointless wars if bolton hadto stayed on the jh they may not be celebrating tonight, but they should be. international oil prices, by the way, on the international market, dropped immediately onon the news. investors knew for certain that bolton planned on launching yet another middle eastern conflict that would inevitably spike energy prices. no doubt some energy speculators were disappointed to see bolton go. certainly eo


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