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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 11, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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"outnumbered" starts right now. a step towards the band, you need of things for it to be effective. as a conservative, i don't want >> harris: major the federal government banning breaking news, a major win for or changing things in president trump and his party last night. dan bishop narrowly defeated his or different. >> harris: this isn't just a democratic opponent in thing, this is the second north carolina. you are watching "outnumbered." amendment. that's why it's confiscated cu. i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. you can keep your doctor, you fox business network anchor, can do blah, blah, blah. dagen mcdowell. there's a whole list. former ohio senate democratic this is tied to the second minority leader, capri cafaro. amendment. in the center seat, retired you are right about the fact that once you start to do that, marine corps bomb technician and it can be a slippery slope. that has been the argument. fox news contributor, sergeant my question now is what they can johnny "joey" jones is "outnumbered" today. get done on capitol hill and we will get into the meaning of actually make a difference. the day with you. as always, thank you for because the politics, i think, americans are proving they are everything you've done for the allergic to at this point. >> joey: we can increase nation. >> joey: my pleasure, thank you. resources and do things with >> harris: dan bishop claimed a victory by less than 4,000 background checks it makes votes in a race viewed as a things safer and make more potential 2020 bellwether. sense. red flag laws as an umbrella is the white house pulled out all probably very dangerous. but this elements that have to the stops for bishop coming down do with background checks and the home stretch. where databases communicate to president trump highlighted his impact on the race before the one another, how people -- results were announced, treating >> harris: maybe they can this. negotiate that. let it pass the house judiciary "dan bishop is down three weeks
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ago. he then asked me for help. yesterday. maybe they can adjust she had retention strategies together, it. >> dagen: tole this is and he ran a great race. not a proposal from lindsey graham and big rally last night. richard blumenthal as a federal it looks like he is going to wi law. it is money in grants to be sent win. bishop agrees that his support to a state if they wanted to implement them. was crucial. >> i was only in this race for six months it again someone in it for two years, and we really >> capri: to your point, dagen, and as a former state only were competitive in terms of funding for about six weeks. legislator, i think the inaction on behalf of our federal so the president and the vice president stepping in and lawmakers -- if you want to get anything done, state governments committing the way they did to are much more nimble, closer to this race was tremendous. this issue. they need to be working on this. >> harris: in his concession allowing the federal government to empower the states is speech, dan mccready urged important. supporters to fight for unity. but i also think where there are areas where the federal government can move, they should >> you may not have move. win this campaign, but that does because they need to do something so we are just wasting not mean that we were wrong. tax dollars for them to warm the [applause] bench. >> dagen: i want to point this and as long as there are people out, of all the parts floating around that you can use to who thrived off of our division, assemble a weapon, if you there is still work to be done. assemble a weapon to sell it to someone, you need a license >> harris: democrats have to do that. their spend, their take on it. it's against the law if you don't do that. correct? that it was close in an area if you assemble an assault
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that was so red. what is your take? >> joey: i think dan mccready rifle, a so-called assault rifle come and try to sell it to ran a great race. somebody, you are supposed to everything i read, he ran a have a license and it's against the law if you don't. local race, connecting with people in home. >> joey: to an extent, yes. the whole reason they had the you can self and race was helpful for republican effort. you have two narratives. cell from person-to-person in one, president trump claimed certain states without the victory, but can the republican government having to know about party? probably not. it. >> harris: of the shooter because he was behind until the president stepped in. does this mean trumps populism hadn't passed it back on track is more popular than republican and the system failed because the information didn't get from or conservative values in one agency to the next. but the point is he brought it places where republicans have had a stronghold? >> melissa: that's an privately. >> joey: there are technical interesting point. >> joey: i don't know that layers to this that people are pontificating on and know that's true. nothing about. in the age of iphones and that's what bothers me. instant information, i think elections will look different. >> harris: that's why they i think what urges people to get call it politics! out and vote now is a little >> joey: take the time to learn about it. >> dagen: there are laws we different than it has been in the past. don't enforce time and again. what's impacting your life, more to do with the problem side of >> harris: and force them while. things. >> dagen: a new poll revealing >> harris: that's fascinating. a big gender gap on views of that's the case, democrats have president trump and the economy. a hard road ahead, perhaps, why we are seeing this, and its capri, than they think. >> capri: i would say this -- impact, next. ♪ it and you could lower your monthly payments right away special elections are not bellwethers for pretty much anything. by calling newday now.
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bishop took the house you buy just two percentage points. a sign the party may be losing strength with key constituencies. politico pointed out this way --dash the party occupies far fewer suburban seats than ever before, having lost them in dallas, houston, orange company, new york, pennsylvania, and elsewhere. they have this way to keep those areas outside the burbs of the south. dagen, what say you? >> dagen: the rural voters pulled the suffragan bishop. 60% of registered voters live in the charlotte suburb, so the district runs all the way down to fayetteville, north carolina. it covers every imaginable group in the south. the rural voters pulled this out for bishop. how this might changed, the rural voters, i think of farmers and people who work in rural manufacturing communities. these are the two voter groups that president trump has
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promised to take on china for, but also the groups feeling the pain of that china fight. that could change dramatically in the next year. i really quickly want to point out, this was a quote in "the wall street journal" from a voter. a woman, 43 years of age, works for a family business. she supports the trump agenda if not the man. policy over personality. she said she didn't contemplate voting for a democrat because she opposes the agenda of the progressive wing that seems to be driving the party. is his strategy to make the squad the democratic party working? and will the far-left agenda of taking away private health insurance and basically taking away gasoline-powered cars are these democratic presidential candidates, will that work in his favor? >> harris: that is such an interesting question, also sprayed you don't have to type any of that to the squad. the 2020 democratic candidates are doing it for you. they are leaving so far left they are tipping over in that direction. wit looks like jill heading offe on an adventure. you mentioned the lines. i'll call them the battle lines, around the district.
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jill has entresto, a heart failure medicine it does go into fayetteville. that helps her heart so she can keep on doing what she loves. i know that fort bragg isn't in there, but it is right next to in the largest heart failure study ever, it. you probably have some military people out there, also maybe entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive with a few relatives across the and out of the hospital. line, perhaps. some friends, and they are able it helps improve your heart's ability to influence that. to pump blood to the body. >> joey: if president trump was ever going to have a bad week with iraq and afghanistan don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. veterans, this was the week. nationally, not many of us were happy to find out about the don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren possible meetings at camp david with the tallow band. but still, they showed up for or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. this election. i think really what it shows, president trump may or may not the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, have inspired voters to show up. or high blood potassium. but none of the people on the ticket inspired anyone to show ask your doctor about entresto, for heart failure. it. >> melissa: i think dagen's point might be the best one. the take away of this. where to next? entrust your heart to entresto. the idea that there are the suburban women who are just straight up moderate. could kind of go either way. and those are the women that president trump lost, and he is cleverly winning them back by ♪ highlighting some of the most
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extreme things on the left which >> harris: a new national poll would turn these folks off. that is a great point to take shows a big gender gap, in the away from this. president's approval rating. one more note, real quick -- i 30% of women approve the think this also showed us that president's job performance, 64% all politics is local. it matters what is going on that disapprove. compared to men, who are split district. evenly at 47%. we can't forget that. the poll also shows less than and the candidates matter. this was a really strong democrat. and that mattered a lot. half of women, fewer, are >> harris: a military veteran. >> melissa: he ran a great confident in the economy. while two-thirds of men say it's race. if you put a strong candidate in in good or excellent condition. district, those voters will show dagen, why do you think there is up even if traditionally a gender divide here? according to this poll? that district has not voted that >> dagen: because we are way. >> harris: i want to play better with money and more devil's advocate a little bit on concerned about the economy. that point. you had what happened down in and i mean women. texas with ted cruz and [laughter] beto o'rourke. >> harris: bye, joey! that was fairly close at different points of their race, too. so what is it that is really it was so nice to see you. working in favor of the republicans? is it what dagen has said, that >> dagen: that's why you're which left by democrats? or is there something else going "outnumbered." there's a difference between what people say enable megan poll and what they do in terms on? why can't democrats capitalize of the economy. off of that? when you're talking about consumer confidence translating >> capri: the big challenge into spending, there is that democrats have, i do think it's direct correlation. this -- the way they are being we talk about this all the time.
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painted, and the national agenda i will point to the state of the that is being presented on economy. it's a consumer that is robust. behalf of democrats and then it's a consumer that is strong. being imposed upon individuals i'm not sure if the economy -- with their best efforts and if we have an appointment that their best intentions trying to reflect the views and the values stays at a near-50 year low, it's the lowest on record for of the district they want to represent. the district they are from. and then they are getting black americans, latino dragged down by people who are americans. if we stay where we are right now, we are good to go. just anti-trump. they are not standing for we are going for it -- anything. >> five can i jump in >> harris: that's interesting. >> capri: where we are most here? at least on some of the actual competitive is where we stand for something. poll questions. where we actually reflect the one of them, how concerned are values of the district rather you that the current trade than creating a nationalized dispute with china will raise campaign, which has never really the price of things you and your worked for democrats in the same family buy?" this maybe contributing to way that it's worked for republicans, whether it's been the tea party or on the way back potentially some of the economic to contract with america in concerns from women who -- 1994. >> harris: i want to double done with this -- where is your i'm not saying this to be sexist political party unpacking these or insinuate sinks, but we men candidates? often times are in charge of what comes into the you saw republicans come in with some cash for their side. home. [laughter] >> harris: women are in charge our democrats united enough, of the money! >> joey: how these questions given the fact that those who are asked -- women, for the most will be debating later this week, among the 2020 candidates,
9:09 am
part, have the purchasing power they are going left, too asked in the household today. mike you'll have one moderate and i don't even know if recent family, keeping the house joe biden can check that box. going, keeping the marriage or >> capri: the dccc, they play the relationship together. they are the ones running thing to win, but they look at the poll numbers to see if you are things. >> melissa: they've been told over and over again by the media competitive. they want to see if you can raise the money, so they will that this is going to raise the invest more money in you. price of goods. even the administration has said, "we've taken and all this it's a pro-choice democrat at extra revenue because of the women's organization, emily's list, that place bigger games tariffs," and we say that's and might not be as united to americans paying for it. i want to see those numbers. win an election because they are to marry to election. i'm deeply suspicious about that tariff money that has come in. >> harris: last words? when you go to earnings calls, which is where these companies >> joey: i survived and watch have to be dead honest, because the democratic election in they're talking to shareholders. georgia play out. so much money is pumped into district in the special elections, they will always be closer than with the divide places like walmart have said maybe in the general election. that they've been able to juggle when you look at the midterms, around and not pass along the the republican lost a lot of cost. to change or they are buying seats from retirements. and it was the midterms. things from. maybe that won't last. looking at all these things that maybe prices will go up. happened up until today, as barometers of what might happen as i've watched and substituted, i haven't seen the price of -- i in 2020, i don't think it's a winning strategy. am very price-conscious. >> harris: you think you will have people continue to leave i do all the purchasing for everyone in our house, like a the party? lot of women. on capitol hill? >> joey: i think someone like
9:10 am
i buy everything. so i'm really focused on where darrell issa, who was really prices are going up. fighting to his last tooth in i haven't seen it. california for his very last election and then retired >> dagen: those estimates we hear from jpmorgan chase, a because he couldn't win, that is very possibly were a lot of thousand dollars more. >> melissa: they believe it. others are looking. they think it's coming. so you can call it retirement, >> dagen: but it's not. but he knew he probably wouldn't you're right. >> harris: i want to get another question that was asked. win orange county again. whether or not men or women believe a recession is likely. >> harris: president trump women were for my honoring victims of the 9/11 attacks this morning. likely far more likely to believe it would happen. we look at how americans are there is a spread there. they are at 62%. feeling, 18 years later. men at 57%. plus, democrats quickly decrying you mentioned the media. white house chaos amid news of >> melissa: they are listening, they are hearing john bolton's exit as national prices are going up. security advisor is breaking the fact of the matter is we have a recession on average, this hour yesterday, and know the full story the next day. every ten years. technically, we are due. fair? we will have one at some point. whether it is or not. i just don't know that it's the debate. ♪ coming any time soon. >> harris: quick last word, the man on the couch? >> i think these are corrupt >> joey: i think it's human changeovers in his leadership nature to be cautionary. team. while they might make for great it's been really good for a long television, and they might work time and we just came through well on a tv show where you are eight years of recession, so it's a bit indicative we will be conscious of that. -- it doesn't make for i don't know who the president predictable or steady management.
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♪ >> tech: at safelite autoglass, is will have lots to do with it. the economy is booming at it can't continue forever, but candidates? >> melissa: it wasn't an 8-you recession, but it felt like it. >> joey: true, it years ago -- >> melissa: i just want to make sure -- >> dagen: wages are finally growing the fastest pace in a decade. >> capri: the media is talking about that, too. >> harris: house republicans going after democrats for what they say is a double standard. the democrats are ignoring what we've learned about james comey, the former fbi director. stay with us. ♪
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>> melissa: reaction to john bolton's exit as national >> melissa: reporters in the pool right now in the security advisor, the president saying he will name a oval office, with the president. replacement soon. we are going to bring you those remarks just as soon as we have the list of those who might be considered now taking shape. them. but we know he is talking about meanwhile, republicans generally e-cigarettes in light of six deaths that have happened taking -- thinking bolt and come apart and he, for his service, recently. and we are hearing from reporters that he is talking while acknowledging things got too contentious between the about potentially taking some president and speethirteen. new action on the availability of flavors, perhaps the lindsey graham with this. purchasing age. the first lady is sitting next to him in the oval office, and >> is a personality policy difference that led to a change. she tweeted on the subject earlier in the week. as soon as we have those from my point of view, he served comments, we will bring them to the country well. to give the president good you. advice. the thing you have to remember about president trump, as i've speak of the democrats on the judiciary come to learn, he is committee will not bring him into testify. unconventional in a conventional he refused to do that, and we way. it's okay, i think i'm to talk with the taliban, even in camp david, if there's a reason think that just fundamentally
9:16 am
to believe they are going to shows you their lack of substantive concern for issues that really should matter, when accept peace. the director of the fbi conducts he's gone and there's a lot of good choices. i appreciate what he did for the himself that way. >> every time inside congress country. >> harris: democrats going on when an inspector general has the offense, slamming the brought forth an important white house, claiming kathy of report, it's brought up before administration. congressman adam schiff with committee to actually hear what this today. >> he was a bad fit, i think, they have found. >> dagen: top house from start to finish. republicans slamming jerry nadler, the chair of the but the broader problem is this house judiciary committee, for dysfunction in the administration when it comes national security. refusing to schedule testimony there is no organized process to for michael horowitz, the get to a decision. department of justice's inspector general. this, after horovitz released his report detailing how former even when one candidate leaves, fbi director jim comey flouted you have to wonder whether worse agency rules on his handling of is coming. sensitive information. >> melissa: very positive. they see the snow was due to a and 2020 candidate senator elizabeth warren possibility that horowitz's treating, "the american people testimony could undermine the are better off with john bolton democratic push to impeach the out of the white house. the world will be better off president. when the man who hired him in nadler's office did not believe he respond to fox news' request for comment. the first place is out, too." joey, on this, there's another ig report coming that horowitz joey, i will start with you. could show up after that. "the wall street journal" had a what good would this do? different point of view today,
9:17 am
talking about having that hawk. >> joey: this is politics at having that hard-liner next to its worst, honestly. i don't know that the american the president, as a voice in his ear. people care a lot anymore about that we were safer with that this. i think they are tired of it. person there. there are others who think with that being said, exactly the opposite. what do you think? accountability matters. >> joey: i think if you google if jerry nadler can sit there and justify the things we've "war hawk" you'll probably see seen, the testimonies a mandated, and this report that big burly mustache, john bolton, has gone to nothing from mueller, we have to know -- we pop up on your screen. that's his reputation. have to at least see that they he also has a reputation of care about what being the smartest person in the room. we have that big of a inspector general horowitz -- personality and someone who or, what order with had to say wants that much respect and in his report. a good friend of mine from georgia spent a lot of time commit over issues, right next to the president, you will have sitting beside during other, personality conflict. i think it was a stark contrast representative doug collins, i from those like steve bannon spoke with him. i believe republicans know, when that have been with the it comes to the president, people do care if he's being president before. more isolationist, more attacked in this way. skeptical of these wars. especially his base. it's kept them alive, it has i think john bolton is genuine in his conviction. kept them going. i just don't know if the i appreciate that. i think with the president goes american people at large, the now is when to be towards independent player us, liberals, or democrats that may be keeping campaign promises. undecided on voting for because >> melissa: is he very similar they are uninspired by these to secretary pompeo, bolton? democratic candidates, i don't know that they want to hear in terms of having the same anymore about this. i don't think -- >> harris: i do think perspective? democrats are running the risk of being a hawk? of furthering a narrative that
9:18 am
or is now the point of view gone nobody on capitol hill from either side of the aisle, but for moves with the surrounding a president? how redundant is that, or is that with gone? particularly from their point, if they are pushing impeachment after the mueller report didn't >> joey: we are seeing a side find all the things they were so perched and looking for. of secretary pompeo that is not as hawkish. the risk is that the american much more in line with president trump strategy of public will then see the keeping these campaign promises. narrative reinforce, "we are not first." >> melissa: is not good or bad, in your opinion? >> joey: it depends on how it when you have somebody who is running who says "america works out. that's defining the mission in afghanistan. i have set another shows, as first," as a complicated place to be in. recent as this week, the problem i would just question my democrats would ever think that with afghanistan as we look at this would be a good idea, it as an 18-year war. without the kind of evidentiary it's been five or six words. backing that they were so hungry politics becomes more important for with the mueller report. than the strategy and we almost look, ig horowitz may not give eradicate the taliban, then them what they need and it might politics comes in and there's a backfire and give them a deeper need for a narrative to bring look at the fisa warrant troops back, to calm down process. the origins of the russia -- he could go on the other direction, tensions, and the taliban has half the country again. one thing really interesting to where the finger-pointing is bipartisan or more toward the democrats. me, if president trump was but at the end of the day, what willing to lose matt has come are they hoping to do? a much more popular figure going you in the same page, it doesn't into the election over pulling mean he leaves office. troops over afghanistan, i don't see how john bolton ever ask bill clinton. it's coming politically -- and former speaker gingrich will
9:19 am
tell you -- a politically made stood a chance of arguing with him on something like this. bill clinton stronger. but they are in opposition to america first right now. >> dagen: i felt like with >> capri: a couple things. while he tend to agree that the horowitz's additional report administration turns through coming out on the fisa weren't individuals, and we have a variety of acting officials in abuses -- and that's my word, abuses -- now there could be different capacities and forced to put him in front of the committee. different agencies across the >> capri: he very well may be. administration, i agree with that and i think this is the most recent example. at the end of the day, the i wish on a day like today we chairman of the judiciary committee needs to be consistent in all of this. wouldn't be piling on about the if there is an issue here, it division and chaos that lives in the white house right now. needs to be addressed and we need to hear it. but there's a lot of fatigue. i wish on a day as somber as i'm one of those people that is 9/11, democrats could wait to sharing that fatigue, too. have that conversation maybe >> dagen: and on this day, we until tomorrow. will never forget. remembering 9/11, 18 years while i may disagree with later. john bolton, the one thing he attributes of the site where did bring to the table is a nearly 3,000 americans lost wealth of experience. their someone who was the ambassador lives. ♪ to the united nations, who has lived through a number of these >> the first lady and i are issues, all the way back -- in united with you in grief. we come here and the knowledge the george w. bush administration, in particular. i think it's a reflection of the that we cannot erase the pain
9:20 am
fact that president trump wants people that are going to execute or reverse the evil of that his vision, not challenge it. dark and wretched day. >> melissa: i don't know about that. ♪ biopharmaceutical researchers. he likes to hear all the voices competing in the room. in terms of your first point, on the crisis, sheila jackson lee lee, democrat from texas, really piling on that scene. let's listen to that. dagen, you can respond. >> i know john bolton will end on his feet. as i said, i don't agree with him most of the time. but he has his opinions, but he also has a knowledge about certain ways of the international affairs, international actions. unfortunately, i consider the white house in crisis and the nation in crisis right now. >> dagen: it doesn't matter how the democrats in the house and the senate feel about what's going on in the white house. it doesn't matter if foreign leaders see an administration in disarray, and a president who might be desperate to do a deal
9:21 am
or even a bad deal ahead of the election next year with any host of evil leaders and dictators. putting our national security at risk for, at least on the face of it, a win for america. that's the deal. pursuing life-changing cures in a country that fosters innovation that's the danger. here, they find breakthroughs... >> melissa: do see a lot of like a way to fight cancer evidence that direction? he's willing to talk, but he is by arming a patient's own t-cells... not signing deals. >> dagen: but bolton is the because it's not just about the next breakthrough... one that saved us in part from it's all the ones after that. that bad deal with north korea, during the negotiations in hanoi. you have to point out, the taliban was going to come to camp david the week of the 9/11 anniversary. if john bolton had a hand in putting that off or doing away with that, that's a win for john bolton as he walks out the door. >> harris: just real quickly, i think i'm seeing it shifted democrats. i'm even hearing it a little bit from you, capri. "oh, my gosh, this guy that everybody decried as being so hawkish is suddenly a man with a
9:22 am
dearth of experience. what's next? can you keep the one that we ha had?" sheila jackson lee come with all due respect, what is that? 's eye view of him or he didn't. there's always going to be the next person. this is the third one in this administration. he lasted more than a year. more than most. you can't ask the question what got them to stay. what decisions were there, what policy support to give the president for a period of time. >> melissa: house republicans questioning jerry nadler's motives for not calling james comey to testify after new information from the doj. whether it's a double standard. o♪ ozempic®! ♪ oh! oh! plus, democrats making a new (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes push for gun legislation. are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. but will it ever see a vote in in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults the senate's senate? ♪ gold has stood the test of time. lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7 and maintained it. even since 2000, the value of gold has increased by over 400% oh! under 7? (announcer) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. and owning easy... oh! up to 12 pounds? ...with rosland capital, (announcer) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not
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9:25 am
was surely headed to the nation's capital. what is your reaction to that, what we've seen so far today? how do you feel when you watch all that? >> joey: it's hard to not make it personal, to realize i was a high school sophomore worried about things like football there's brushing and there's oral-b power brushing. practice when it happened. here i am in my 30s haven't oral-b just cleans better. it's the one inspired by dentists... gone to two wars, looking back with the round brush head. and having a renewed perspective oral-b's gentle rounded brush head on this every year when i think about it. removes more plaque along the gumline... the one thing, i always get a for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. lot of praise as a service oral-b. member. brush like a pro. i appreciate it. those guys are my heroes. but the firemen, employees, and enterprise car sales and you'll take any trade-in?rom civilians that ran into those that's right! buildings, that ran into the great! pentagon, that's of the type of here you go... well, it does need to be a vehicle. hear you can't make in boot camp. i believe our country is full of but - i need this out of my house. those people and i'm in all of (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in... that. the speed to a recent gallup enterprise makes it easy. survey finding 60% say they either worry a great deal or a fair amount about a future terror attack. when it comes to whether the trump administration has made the country safer from an attack by islamic terrorists, who
9:26 am
fox poll mack finds a three-way tie among people feeling safer, less safe, and no different. does that surprise you, dagen? >> dagen: no. it doesn't. but i wish it was the other way around, because we are a great deal safer, i feel, then we were 18 years ago. it's very hard to watch these ceremonies, having -- being here in new york on that day. >> melissa: it is. >> dagen: at knowing people who died. trying to get people on the phone who were in those towers. it's very emotional, and i think as upsetting as it is, particularly for those families who lost loved ones, at least we still have that connection and we remember. i will never regret that. >> melissa: along those lines, this is from a really touching op-ed you wrote today that i think at the nail on the head, on the 18th anniversary you wrote, "of 9/11, we turn a >> dagen: this fox news alert, house democrats pushing forward with gun legislation and pushing special page from a generation that experience what was an
9:27 am
the senate to bring it up for unmounted vote. the house judiciary committee advancing measures, including a unimaginable tragedy. this generation isn't consumed ban on high-capacity magazines, with the resentment of seeing a keeping guns away from people horrific tragedy. convicted of hate crimes, and instead, it embodies the helping states and act red flag resilience of surviving it. perhaps for the first time since laws. this comes after republican that solemn moment when the twin leaders met with president trump towers fell. yesterday to gauge which reforms we can call this days of liberty the white house may support. after that meeting, house and justice fyou think about toy minority whip steve scalise spoke about the likelihood of you turned 18 today now has the bipartisanship. >> we talked about some of the deciding vote. everything we do in this things that still need to be country. and they were the people born on done to make the background that day. the way i see it in the way i check system work better. making current laws work better. understand it, i'm happy to take there are a lot of gaps in our a victory lap. as a service member who fought current laws. these wars, knowing we haven't they have a concern, do the democrats actually want to solve had a major incident like that problems? or do they want to just be more on the soil since then, i think that's important. aggressive at taking away we don't celebrate it enough. as a matter fact, we do is people's guns? criticize it because we have >> dagen: senate majority been able to plant a flag in the leader mitch mcconnell has repeatedly said he will not bring a bill to the floor if center of afghanistan and call it safe. >> capri: it's complicated. it's not going to become law. >> joey: but we are safe here. not just because we inspect each of the going onto airplanes, but mcconnell, trading barbs with senate minority leader because of what men and women do chuck schumer, after mcconnell
9:28 am
accused democrats of political all of this world every day to gather intelligence, and for grandstanding. >> let me first address the people's will. not just their plans and stunts yesterday of the speaker intelligence, but there will to come to this country and try and and senator schumer, coming over do something. most important, we just take to the lbj room and calling on care of each other and we care us to pass a bill the president about each other. has already said he's going to >> capri: we think you for your service, everyone like you. veto. working on coming up with a you mentioned the first responders that have also proposal that the president will given their all. this is a solemn day and i think sign. we -- we do the until that happens, all of this his theatrics. #neverforget,close--butwereally can'tforget. >> shame on him. there are people who died. shame on him. thiswholegenerationthatcameafter washashthis day.iwasinwashington, d.c.,onseb put the bill on the floor, and er11th stop ducking the issue and calling names. shame on him. >> dagen: we know it here, >> dagen: joey? >> joey: this is terrible. mitch mcconnell is actually right in some ways on this. but not everywhere. >> melissa: there was a great point about how that brought us it is political grandstanding, to give it. because a ban today does not we had forgotten that lately. hopefully we can find it again. make us safer tomorrow. thank you for your service and that's not an argument against thank you for being here today. the ban, it's an actual fact. we are back here at noon eastern there are 20 millions of these tomorrow. assault-style rifles in this here's harris. country. there are parts and pieces sold on the internet every day to
9:29 am
make 100 more. you're not going to ban these ♪ >> harris: we are now awaiting guns out of existence anymore than you will cut your way into the green on international debt. former president george w. bush what you can do is look at these and defense secretary defense secretary mark esper. they are set to lay a wreath at laws, so that they propose may have some life. the idea of whether you can do the pentagon 9/11 memorial at more to keep guns out of the has any moment. this is just one of the many a bad people, such as those convicted of certain crimes. events happening today to mark that's absolutely worth a 18 years since the 9/11 attacks. we will have much more on how debate. high-capacity magazines are only as useful as the gun you put the the victims, their families, are men, not to mention depending being remembered and how the what that number lands on. nation comes together on this important day. 5, 10, 15. it becomes a more technical issue that none of these lawmakers have an understanding about. we will also begin with a we can do tomorrow is look at how guns are purchased, and are ne redoing what we are supposed to do? if you do a background check for a weapon today, with responsible -- let me tell you, 90% of them are. >> dagen: federal firearms license. >> joey: i'm sorry, yes, and ff l. if you do a background check with them today, three days from now, if they can't go back to them, they have the discretion to go ahead and release that gun
9:30 am
to you. why are we asking them, why are we considering the possibility of them doing these sweeping changes that require tremendous more resources? at the end of the day, a ban does not work without confiscation. i'm sorry, but it's true. it won't work unless you remove these guns from public, and that is a bridge too far for gun owners. >> dagen: well, it's not for some of the democrats running for the nomination. for the presidency. beto o'rourke has come out in favor of confiscation, and his recently good in the last week or so, kamala harris, the senator, and cory booker have basically tipped their hat to confiscating -- >> melissa: i do want to let this get away without -- when you say a ban on these weapons will make a difference because you can make them up so easily about their parts, and those sort of things, then what's the harm? >> joey: the harm it would only affect prices for law-abiding citizens, who use
9:31 am
them for their due lives, hunting, who enjoy this. the point behind it is the truth is a ban would
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