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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 11, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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totally sincere -- and we hope cheerful -- enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. dvr it, if you can figure out how that works. in the meantime, have a great night with the ones you love and stay tuned for sean hannity live from new york city. >> sean: all right, tucker tucker, thank you. welcome to "hannity." it was 18 years ago today, americans faced the worst attack on american soil in the history of our great country. a group of evil islamic terrorists, they turned passenger planes into weapons of war. 2,977 innocent men, women and children were murdered in a single day. the bravest of the brave, the first responders, those firemen, those police men. they went up when everybody else went down. hundreds of brave first responders rushed into those burning towers to battle the flames. they saved the lives of that day. many of them lost their own.
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we must never forget. tonight, we will reflect on the devastation that is 9/11 and the human triumph of the brave men and women who fought back in the face of evil. now, we have put together something that i don't think you are going to want to miss, a very moving, powerful package. and we put it to the michael w smith song "there she stands." also tonight, nicholas harless jr., he will join us. on 9/11/01, he lost his mother. at ground zero, he reminded congresswoman omar just who did what to whom. we are going to play that comment he will join us. we will interview him. but first, we are tracking several major breaking news stories. including the elections wait for republicans in north carolina. both congressional races were big wins for the gop and the president of the united states including that one district that was widely considered to be a bell weather for 2020. president trump put his full support behind both candidates
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and even hosted a massive rally in north carolina. now, some democrats are waking up to the fact that the president's influence means something and crediting the president for the bolstering the outcome of these elections including the chair woman of the democratic campaign committee. by the way, democrats outspent republicans by massive amounts of money. and the house minority leading told the ap these races are an important indicator of things to come. he said "i think it means trump is going to get a second term, republicans will retake the majority." i always think the worst news is seconds away, but it can happen. it will take you, the people, for that to happen. breaking moments ago. more good news for the trump white house. look at this. the united states supreme court just allowed the trump administration's new asylum restrictions to go into effect nationwide while the appeals
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process is unfolding. this new restriction prohibits asylum for anyone traveling through a third country in order to cross our southern border. for example, migrants from, well, honduras, guatemala, el salvador, they can no longer travel through mexico to our southern border and be granted asylum unless they have already been turned on by mexico. now this comes on the heels of the president's huge win just a week ago. and just as we predicted on this program, the president and his emergency order will was successfully able to direct $3.6 billion in emergency funds for the construction wall on the southern border. in other words, reallocating funds because legislatively, the president has authority, and as our commander-in-chief, he had authority. this all happened in the last ten days. nancy pelosi was forced to admit defeat, reportedly saying she was angry she could not stop president trump and vowed to fight him in court where they hope liberal judge friends will help them out.
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let's shift gears and turned to the deep state. we have shocking new developments on multiple fronts tonight. we start with the judicial watch discovery. 14 brand-new pages just released -- newly released government documents -- showing the doj desperately trying to spin a shocking story about the insane levels of bias and anti-trump rage inside the department of justice. according to the documents, the doj worked hard to brush off a report that the deputy attorney general at the time, rod rosenstein, was offering to wear a wire to further spy on the president. that's in addition to all of the other spying that we have exposed on this show. some floating the idea of removing president trump from office under the 25th amendment. this is a blockbuster discovery, and with us now with more is judicial watch president tom fenton. a time, i can't say this enough: the work of judicial watch has been critical in this. you have gotten more information. they actually had a strategy, as
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i read these documents, oh, rod was going to say he was just joking when he said that? what, do deflect from what the truth was that they were talking about? >> exactly right. this is the first official confirmation on mike based on government documents, that allegations took place where there was testimony about it. here you have rod rosenstein steam trying to craft a response, a nondenial denial to the allegations. when you look at the materials, you see rosenstein saying we are hopeful, we are successful in preventing people from talking about it. they changed the statement from a categorical denial. rod rosenstein's direct statement from a categorical denial about discussions of the 25th amendment did not take place, to a less categorical denial. so you have this confirmation that aa, they were talking about
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the 25th amendment. b, quote, he was sarcastically talking about wearing a wire on the president of the united states. and you have to remember, sean, those coup discussions involve three topics: wearing a wire, invoking the 25th amendment, and what else? appointing a special counsel. and we know the special counsel was appointed. >> sean: wow. >> all part of this same scheme, sean. >> sean: unbelievable, federal court unsealed an important filing from michael flynn's legal team. we now know that flynn's lawyer sidney powell, she wrote the book "license to live," that is about prosecutorial abuse and misuse. she is asking the government to turn over multiple pieces of what would be exculpatory evidence, including material surrounding bruce ohr and a memo from the british government warning about christopher steele's credibility. that is huge. why haven't they turned it over?
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legally, they are supposed to turn it over. remember, the dirty dossier author was christopher steele, former am i 65. but that is not all. powell also requesting federal from the one time acting deputy ag sally yates, who apparently voiced concern about the basis of the fbi's investigation into flynn. and the federal judge presiding over flynn's case agreed to schedule a hearing to determine if any of this material will be released. this is a big breaking news story. our own catherine herridge will have a full report tonight. >> thank you, sean, and good evening. according the records unsealed today, flynn's legal team believe there is is a letter from the british embassy. morning about the dossier author's credibility. the defense team motions as they are seeking "a letter delivered by the british embassy to the incoming national security team after donald trump selection and to outgoing national security
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advisor susan rice." the letter reportedly disavows warmer british secret service agent christopher steele and declares him untrustworthy. a warning about christopher steele would be another red flag coming as then-fbi director james comey briefed president-elect trump on the allegations. and bruce ohr told the fbi handler about steele's bias against trump. but the fbi and justice department relied on steele's work to obtain and renew the surveillance once against the former trump campaign aid. fox news contacted the british embassy in washington and an senator for susan rice seeking comment on whether they recall the letter and any action was taken. we will update you on our reporting as we learn more. >> sean: thank you so much for that report. tonight, all over the country, americans took time to pause and reflect on the horrific events that unfolded september 11th,
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2001. 18 years ago today. like most people, i remember exactly where i was, what i was doing when i first learned about the attacks. my son in college, i was taking him to preschool. i got a call from my best friend, john gomez. he said, are you watching this? went home and turned it on with horror, like everybody else. the terrible timeline of that date is forever seared into all of our memories. unfortunately, after 18 years, some have forgotten the horror of that fateful day, while others sadly may never fully comprehend and understand the magnitude, the gravity, the evil of that day and what took place. that would include freshman congresswoman omar. during a speech this year, remember, on the council on american-islamic relations, she referred to the attacks on 9/11 as, well, some people, they did something. watch.
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>> cair was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. >> sean: "some people did something"? no, that's not what happened. and nor was cair founded in 2001. it was actually founded in 1994. you know, the group that was listed in the criminal case in texas surrounding the effort to funnel million dollars to hamas. yeah, that's a terrorist group that has as a goal the destruction of israel. now, i can go on and on. clearly, congresswoman omar's description of 9/11 as "some people did something." that needs to be addressed. really? by the way, today, it was addressed. a hero stood up. nicholas, his mother was murdered that day by some
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people! doing something! on 9/11. he set the record straight. i can't out-do this. take a look. >> some people did something, said a freshman congresswoman from minnesota. today, i am here to respond to you, exactly who did what to whom. [applause] madame, objectively speaking, we know who and what was done. there is no uncertainty about that. why your confusion? on that day, 19 islamic terrorists, members of al qaeda, killed over 3,000 people and caused billions of dollars of economic damage. is that clear? we are here today, congresswoman, to tell you and the squad, just who did what to whom. show respect and honoring them, please. >> sean: some people did something? wow!
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nicholas will join us exclusively right here on the show tonight. his powerful message today: it is such an imperative, important reminder. remember the 9/11 commission report, they were at war with us. we weren't at war with them. we better pay attention. i hope, by the way, the media mob is listening paired some of their 9/11 coverage today was frankly sickening. this morning, "the new york times," the paper of record, they tweeted "18 years have passed since airplanes took aim and brought down the world trade center." the airplanes didn't aim themselves. radical islamic terrorists did this. airplanes didn't take down the towers. radical islamic terrorist data. at the airplanes kill thousands. radical islamic terrorist did, the ones that were at war with us, as the 9/11 commission concluded beer "the new york times" ultimately deleted that tweet after an outrage, thank god, from our
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social media warriors that stand up for truth, and yesterday, they also deleted a tweet heaping praise on the chinese murdering dictator mao, the guy responsible for the starvation and murder of tens of millions of chinese people. meanwhile, over there at fake news cnn, predictable, well, we have some of their terrible coverage today. in fact, they dedicated an entire segment today on 9/11 about how right wing terrorists are more deadly than any other terrorist group. okay. take a look. >> here's a startling to statistic there since 9/11, right wing terrorists have killed more people in the united states than jihadists, some folks would like to keep the focus on just one form of political violence over another. that would be unwise. because we don't have the luxury of choosing which threats we face. >> sean: now, for most of the day, it was just a business as usual among those in the media mob, you know, every second,
10:14 pm
minute, i would've every day hating trump. floating baseless conspiracy theories surrounding trump and even russia. they still can't get over it. former secretary of state condoleezza rice, she shut down the conspiracy theory talk on the conspiracy network, nbc news. well, take a look. good for condoleezza rice. >> do you think it's possible that russia's election interference actually worked and actually elected donald trump? >> i don't think there is any evidence of that. you know, i really don't think that's a good conversation to have. i think that really devalues the people in wisconsin and michigan and others who decided to vote for president trump. let's give the credit to the americans who voted for somebody they thought would bring change. the question is: are we going to be responsive to some of the messages out there in do you hear me now? >> sean: as per usual, nbc looked pretty stupid, per usual. now, the news so-called network
10:15 pm
chief conspiracy theorist ross while rachel maddow, oh, she is getting sued for $10 million by the network known as own. after she sued, she is being sued, accusing them of being paid russia propaganda. i have it right here, the taxes, they are right here, i have them. we paid a $38 million in taxes. whoops. someone should maybe start telling ross while rachel maddow, the conspiracy theorist of all theorists, the gig is up. everyone knows she was spreading a baseless hoax, lies, conspiracy theories. sorry, russell rachel, no collusion, and her debility is forever in the toilet. here is the ranking member of devin nunes. fox news legal analyst, gregg jarrett. there are important issues as we begin tonight, these developments. first, i watched jim jordan and nadler battle it out over whether they even want to have
10:16 pm
the inspector general after the fisa abuse report. congressman, that's a problem for me. >> don't be surprised, sean. the democrats control the house. this is what they want to do. they have been an cover-up mode this entire time. they were in on the hoax, don't forget, the dossier, in 2016, was given by john brennan to harry reid. so we don't know how many of the democrats knew about this hoax, and i'm glad you are talking about the media continually, because we, as republicans, we need to stop talking to these media people. because most of the media that's out there, they are just ask assets of the democratic party. i think republicans need to adjust, you know, if there are fair reporters out there, fine. but "the new york times" and the others that continue to spread these fallacies, just like the other bombshell the other day, talking about these sources that were supposedly blown, which is also fake news. this needs to stop, and republicans need to stop giving
10:17 pm
quotes to these mainstream media outlets. >> sean: all right, i agree with all of that. gregg jarrett, with all of this developing news, what did you think, first of all, katherine's report, and what did you think of tom fenton and this huge development? looks like they were coming up with a story, and the story was it will look like it is kidding, it it is in real. trump has killed millions more than mao, hitler, stalin, but i couldn't hear, a b was in my ear. >> the judicial watch documents demonstrate the extent to which rod rosenstein lied and covered up his scheme to secretly record the president and depose him from office under the 25th amendment, recruiting cabinet members. at first, he tries to shut down all comment, then he carefully craft a nondenial denial that is nothing more than a deflection. then he has friends leak to the media, oh, it was just sarcasm. then, as i recount, in chapter e
10:18 pm
goes on air force one, and he lies to the president of the united states. i interviewed the president about that, and he reveals rod rosenstein's life. as for catherine herridge's report, this is more evidence that james comey and andrew mccabe knew and were warned that bruce or, and especially christopher steele, had been pedaling a phony dossier. they should have run immediately to the fisa court and notified them, that's the law. if they didn't do it. they broke the law. if they need to be held accountable. >> sean: i agree. and what was your reaction, devin nunes? what you see coming next? you know this as well as anybody else in the country. >> well, i want to go back to catherine herridge's report. what general fins lawyers are saying come i want the american people to know, and your audience, we have been looking for that same document. we know that document exists,
10:19 pm
this document that came from the british government. but yet, nobody can seem to find it. i know there are witnesses out there that know this, and i hope the judge in this case will actually get those witnesses that know this document exists, and let them come in and talk to the court, or at least give an affidavit to the court. >> sean: congressman, do you have any ambiguity on this simple, basic question. we expect any day, no later than a week after, so i'm told, that the inspector general report on price abuse will be out. do you have any doubt that he will conclude, based on what we already know, they were warned ahead of time, premeditated about the dirty dossier, that it was political, it was unverified, and christopher steele had an agenda. they were warned multiple times, but they still used it as the bulk of information for the fisa applications, which, of course, we know were granted. and as mccabe said, no dossier, no fisa warrant. do you think that those four fisa applications were obtained
10:20 pm
illegally and the ig will agree with you, me, and gregg? >> so, remember, we were the ones that came out and expose all of this to the american people first, knowing that these were all fraud, because we knew the dossier had been used. and i just have people always take a step back and take a little bit of common sense approach to this. the dossier was so ridiculous. any small police department or small county sheriff would be able to figure out that 90% of that dossier was fake, within a matter of just a few days. the time that others are peddling it, they know. >> sean: the question is where they obtained illegally, and will the ig see the truth and that and we have equal justice in this country? >> yes, of course they were obtained illegally, gregg jarrett has talked a lot about it. but just remember, the ig has a limited scope.
10:21 pm
what this is really about is building blocks. the comey report, the ig report on the fisa abuse, this goes to lindsey graham, and his committee, it ultimately goes to durham and the u.s. attorney. >> sean: that is a great tease for our next seg, lindsey graham is next. will they find all four warrants obtained illegally? ten seconds, gregg. >> absolutely, they were warned not once but four times that it was based on phony evidence, and they lied to the court. that's perjury, and it's also a fraud. >> sean: thank you. all right, thank you both. directly ahead, speaking of the man, lindsey graham. it will be his committee on who in the deep state should be brought to justice over this probe. later, a man who lost his mother in 9/11 speaking out, publicly, earlier today against congresswoman omar. yes, something kind of happened by somebody. yeah, he answered that really well today. ♪ when we started our business
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♪ >> sean: all right come a lot of breaking news about the deep state this week, including explosive developments in the case of michael flynn, his case, and a lot of major questions still looming large, such as when are we going to get the inspector general's report on vice abuse? and is this premeditated fraud on the court? where they illegally obtained? joining us now, for reaction, chairman of the senate judiciary committee, that would be senator lindsey graham. senator, we know that is gregg just had four separate times the fbi and doj were warned not to use the dirt when senator grassley came out with a memo that said the bulk of the application was the dirty, unverified dossier, the russian dossier hillary paid f for. so the question then is: does not mean it was premeditated fraud on the court, and that
10:27 pm
those warrants were illegally obtained? to me, i'm not the ag, but to me, it seems like slam-dunk, easy, easy case, boom. >> well, we will see what mr. horowitz says. i convinced promise you this, sean, the senate judiciary committee will call mr. horowitz, and he will testify under oath about his report, and we are going to pursue this in a transparent fashion. we are going to declassify as much as we can, including the fisa warrant applications. give you all of the information that was in the system about how suspicious people, christopher steele, how biased he was. it let you read it for yourself. transparency and accountability is my goal. >> sean: well, you kind of ducked my question. i'm not trying to put a lot of pressure on you. >> i don't know what he is going to say. >> sean: do you -- you are a lawyer. you are smart, you are a senator. you have followed this case as closely as i have.
10:28 pm
do you believe that it is overwhelming and incontrovertible, and the evidence shows one thing: premeditated fraud on a fisa court, and warrants obtained illegally, denying one american citizen's constitutional rights, and denying the president -- president-elect, his constitutional rights, and allowed spying on him? >> here's what i believe without any doubt. the dossier is unverified to this day. it's a bunch of garbage. and the author of the dossier was on the payroll of the democratic party. he was unreliable. and that the system had a lot of notice about his bias. they obtained a warrant on four different occasions, and they will be held to account for that. mr. durham will make a decision about prosecuting peer my goal is to explain to you and the american public how the system failed, and make sure it never happens again. and i will also make sure that rod rosenstein and mccabe are called before the committee to
10:29 pm
explain what happened regarding conversations about wiretapping president trump after the election. to me, that is a very chilling moment in american history, to have a conversation between the acting attorney general, the acting fbi chief, about wiretapping the president of the united states. >> sean: that was beyond shocking to me. thank goodness for judicial watch, they are doing a great job -- >> amen. >> sean: john solomon on gregg jarrett dans sara. i can't mention everybody. someone will get mad at me. i do appreciate the fact, senator, you have said you will ask about whether it was a rigged investigation into hillary's email. you will find out if the counterintelligence investigation started in the white house of barack obama. what did he know, when did he know it? you will find that autos also? >> let's just look at the moving parts. i want to find out what the clinton email investigation, was it basically rigged in her favor because of political bias?
10:30 pm
was the counterintelligence investigation against papadopoulos based on the desire to get into the trump campaign, versus protecting the trump campaign from russian interference when there was really no evidence of russian interference? was the fisa warrant obtained a based on fraud? was the certification of the court basically perjury? and data, after the election, did they surveil the trump campaign improperly? if there was no reason to believe that michael flynn was a russian agent, why the hill did they talk to him anyway about his conversations? >> sean: how do you feel about the deputy fbi director saying, no, you don't need a lawyer, when flynn asked him -- when he did need a lawyer. and what did you think of the fbi director, comey, super patriots b6, when he said i sent them anyway, i took advantage of the chaos, put all procedure aside, i wouldn't do that in the obama and bush administrations, but i did that. i kind of screwed a 33 military
10:31 pm
that. >> i served when i was a reservist, and he is a patriot. if all the things he said are true, who should be held accountable? did they trick general flynn? that they have a reasonable belief he was working with the russians? and why would the existing administration surveil the incoming administration about conversations -- >> sean: bingo. and i would like to know if they outsourced or subcontracted spying to our western intelligence friends. let me see, i'm just guessing. great britain, italy, australia, canada? >> right. let me just fill in the blanks here. did the person who informed papadopoulos that clinton emails had been hacked, was there somebody known to be working with us, was there any evidence
10:32 pm
at all that papadopoulos was working with the russians? i have not seen one piece of evidence that suggests he was working with the russians. >> sean: i would like to see if there is exculpatory evidence in that case, but again, i am so stupid, what would i know? i have no knowledge of any of this. thank you, senator. >> good job explaining to the american people with -- >> sean: you will see at the end of the show, something people are going to want to dvr and send to their friends beard we captured it, sadly. got to remember. coming up, another disastrous report for the biden campaign. it involves the hostile regime of vladimir putin. later, the son who lost his mother on 9/11, literally calling out congresswoman omar in a way that was beyond powerful. he will join us exclusively. ♪ i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin.
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♪ >> sean: as the democratic primary is now heating up, the two front runners are getting unwanted exposure. "the washington free beacon" reporting "biden tried to reachs campaign for comment. they haven't gotten back to us yet, but we are going to keep trying. even offered a full hour on the show for sleepy, creepy, 3033 joe. i will even throw in three free hours on the biggest talk show radio show in the country. and senator elizabeth warren is celebrating as reports emerge that banks are spooked by, well, heretical promises. here with reaction, author of the book "still winning," charlie hurt. fox news contributor, tammy bruce. i don't blame banks, because actually, i think banks and bankers, they are pretty smart, and they don't like to see crashes, tammy, and the reality
10:38 pm
is the new green deal, you look at the estimates of anywhere up to $16 trillion, 2 to $16 trillion, that alone will destroy the economy within two weeks. >> look, the banks are partners within the economic system, and with every community, right? this is part and parcel of the nature of how our communities grow, and then of course, it's a matter of the stock market. the other things they are promising. anyone of these socialists who get into the white house, who would have that kind of economic collapse just because that is kind of what they want. but in the meantime, families, grandmothers, peoples parents who rely on dividends from that stock market. so when we care about the stock market going up, it is to the benefit of everyone who owns a little bit of a stock, a retired person who is relying on their investments that they made over the decades they were working, so they can live at least a
10:39 pm
decent retired life. so all of these numbers, and this success the president has brought to us, economically, has affected all of us, at every single level. and, of course, banks -- i don't mind, certainly, regulation. we know how big corporations and certainly need to be watched. the government has proven it needs to be watched. but in the meantime, to see the banks and a capitalist system as the enemy is to condemn -- and we have seen, historically, that this condemns people's lives, it condemns nations. it doesn't work. it's a dumb idea. in the american people, i think, will reject it, certainly next year. >> sean: charlie hurt, you are looking at this, and i am looking at this, and saying, okay, well, let's see. how much? oh, that's right, $90 billion, trillion dollars, medicare for all commode illegal immigrants, everybody gets free care, no walls, open borders, no oil and gas, everything is free, housing
10:40 pm
guaranteed, job guaranteed, vacation guaranteed, healthy food is guaranteed, retirement is guaranteed. but goodbye to the lifeblood of our economy, which is oil and gas. i don't know, i wasn't really good in math in school, but i'm just come in my head, i'm thinking the bankers probably have it right, we can't avoid it. >> yeah, you don't have to be all that good in math to understand why the economy is always the most important, overriding issue in any election. what tammy just said is exactly right. everybody benefits from the good economy that we are enjoying right now. but i got to say, deb said this to you before, sean, when i look around at this field, you have these people who are allowed socialists, talking about all of their plans and wanting to destroy the economy, and wanting to destroy the idea of having reasonably priced gasoline, things like that, they are not speaking for regular democrat voters. democrat voters out there are not going to -- >> sean: joe has bought into the new green deal.
10:41 pm
they are all in the new green deal. >> they are all in it. they are all going to go the way of the green deal. >> sean: 70% marginal rates for individuals, 90% for corporations. by the way, what has happened in new york and california, it will be a mass exodus out of the country. see you! >> or voters away from the democratic party. >> sean: thank you both. when we come back, we have an exclusive interview. a man lost his mother on 9/11, like so many others. he directly responds to congresswoman omar's shameful statements about al qaeda. nicholas haros joins us, and a video you might want to tape that we put together, straight-ahead. ♪ billions of mouths. billions of problems. sore gums? bleeding gums? painful flossing?
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♪ >> sean: during the 9/11
10:46 pm
memorial at ground zero today, and remember, 3,000 americans lost their lives 18th anniversary. after a vile attack, an evil attack. well, it took one of the survivor's children, he lost his mother in 9/11, to call out congresswoman omar and her grotesque comment. when she said oh, 9/11, some people did something. an incredibly powerful response to that, which we played earlier. joining us to explain this to congresswoman omar is nicholas haros jr. nicholas, first i want to say to you and to every single family impacted that day -- and i lost personal friends that day -- that we pray for you. i don't think the pain never goes away. there were kids not even born yet, that never met their moms and dads. and i watched you today, and you showed, it's more than some people did something.
10:47 pm
why did you feel compelled to do that. >> well, first of all, sean, thank you for having me on the show tonight. it's a privilege and an honor to meet with you. like all victims, family members of victims, we all hurt. and as we know, to some extent, 9/11, we say never forget, but it's dwindling down a bit. >> sean: not for you -- >> i don't remember when wherei was when i first heard that "some people did something," but it tore my heart apart, and it tore my mom's heart apart. such a great loss of individuals, to be so insensitively expressed. that hurt. i am a victim's son. and i decided to take 9/11 as my one day of, perhaps, credible standing, to make that
10:48 pm
statement, which many people have told me it represented their views. >> sean: nicholas, may i add one thing? you have credible standing on this. you lost your mother. she died that day, and you saw it happen before your eyes. a lot of this makes me angry because this should transcend politics. part of my show is political, obviously. what do you say to congresswoman omar on a human level? she seems to not like israel an awful lot, it's all about the benjamins, israel is evil, you know, makes a lot of concentration camp kind of analogies. what do you want to say to her tonight? >> perhaps i can maybe suggest this, sean. you know, i don't know how you handle the hate mail that you get. i've just had a little taste of it today. >> sean: welcome to the club. >> is not very nice, and may be the worst thing that was said
10:49 pm
about me today, i was a cranky old man with a bad haircut. no, seriously, charges of raci racism. the fact that these people are a woman of color, has nothing to do with it. if she were a martian and were green, it wouldn't make a difference. that she's a woman doesn't make a difference. that she's a muslim doesn't make a difference. these are wikipedia facts. they have to be said, and she needed to respond. >> sean: nicholas, let me say this on behalf of most america americans. we pray for you. we pray for your mom. we pray for the people lost that day, our family members lost, and their families. god bless you, sir. thank you for what you did today. powerful. final thoughts on a powerful video tribute as we remember 18 years ago today. you may want to take this, straight-ahead. ♪ ♪[upbeat music]
10:50 pm
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♪now i'm gonna tell my momma ♪that i'm a traveller ♪i'm gonna follow the sun transitions™ light under control™ new transitions™ gen 8™ lenses ask your eye care professional today and learn more at
10:53 pm
♪ >> sean: some final thoughts on the 18th anniversary, the
10:54 pm
worst attack on american soil. every year, i always find this a hard show to do, because i lost friends that day and many of you did, too. i think back that day and whether you lost friends or not, or people you know, you know where you work, you know what you were doing. you remember every detail. you remember seeing, in real-time, human suffering, human sacrifice at an incredible level with first responders. amazing people. our country attacked by radical islamists. remember, they were at war with us, as the 9/11 commission report said, we were not at war with them, and we missed a lot of signs. i think back to the heroism -- wow. what do you say to people that go up one every bit of common sense goes, get out of here. the heroism of the victims, the amazing resilience and of the brave men and women, the police, firemen, first responders, all hands on deck. that's why we pray for all of these families, all of these
10:55 pm
kids that grew up without their moms and dads. the parents, lost sons and daughters and grandkids -- do you ever get over that? i don't think so. we need to honor them, pray for them, and we need to also file to never let this happen again. that's evil, what we saw that day. we have seen it. we lost 100 million human souls in the last century alone. we saw on 9/11/01. we can't forget. tonight, we reflect on the devastation of 9/11, and also the triumph of the human spirit, the soul, bravery on a level, men and women who fought back on the face of evil, later at war. this timeline, michael w smith, the song he wrote after 9/11 at the request of george w. bush. "there she stands." .
10:56 pm
. . >> we have a very tragic alert for you right now, an incredible plane crashed into the world trade center here the lower tip of manhattan. ♪ when the night seems to stay ♪ >> there is a gaping hole. ♪ all lost, gone away >> it's unbelievable to look at. [sirens] ♪ but you were not alone by the light she stands ♪ ♪ there she waves, faithful friend ♪ ♪ shimmering stars, westward wind ♪
10:57 pm
♪ show the way, carry me ♪ to the place she stands ♪ just when you think it mightb >> there was another one. ♪ just when you think the fire is gone ♪ >> another plane just flew into the second tower. >> this is ridiculous. people are jumping. ♪ someone will risk his life to raise her, there she stands ♪ ♪ there she flies, clear blue skies ♪
10:58 pm
♪ reminds us with red >> another explosion has taken place at the pentagon. ♪ of those who died ♪ wash and white, by the brave ♪ ♪ in their strength, she stands ♪ ♪ when evil calls itself a martyr ♪ >> united 93 still in the center. united 93, do you still hear cleveland? ♪ when all your hopes come crashing down, someone will pull her from the rubble ♪ ♪ there she stands ♪ we've seen s her flying torn
10:59 pm
and tattered, we seen her stand the test of time ♪ ♪ and through it all the fools have fallen ♪ ♪ there she stands >> i can hear you and the rest of the world hears you! and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon. ♪ and through the fight, she stands ♪ >> sean: when evil calls itself a martyr, when all hope comes tumbling and crashing down, someone pulls us from the
11:00 pm
rubble, there she stands. our prayers to all those thats lost their loved ones, all those first responders and their family. they are -- words can't describe.t' laura ingraham from washington. my heart it's kind of troubled after watching that, to be honest. >> laura: i remember we were on tv that day. it brings it all back. it was a wonderful tribute, and i think we have a lot of lessons still unlearned after 9/11. >> sean: sadly, you are right. >> laura: very sadly and we are atat each other's throats on basic issues that we should be


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